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CS Joseph continues Season 35 (god functions) with the Soul Temple (ISTJ, ENFP, INFJ, ESTP).


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS justice podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s episode is season 35 Episode Two, what are the God functions of the soul temple? Pretty cool. Finally got to the soul temple.

Finally getting back into the season, we had a nice introduction, but getting knocked down to business. So the soul temple, the soul temple, also known as the ego, of humanity. This is the ESTP, the INFJ, the ISTJ and the ENFP. These are the soul temple people.

These people care so much about character, right? They care so much about desirability, they care so much about connection, justification. These are the people who make excuses for themselves and make excuses for everyone else, to not do something or to do something basically. This is humanity’s source of excuses. If you ever heard of an excuse, well guess what it came from Soul temple.

If you ever heard of a desire to be intimate or connected with your fellow man, it came from the soul temple. And the reason why is ultimately the god functions of the soul temple. So remember, what what are exactly God functions God functions are cognitive functions that exist, ultimately, to bring forth a cognitive origin within the confines of a temple. A temple basically is these four types representing a four sides of the mind, a specific configuration of a mind with these as therefore size.

And every member type of the soul Temple has all four of these other two of these types within their, within their skulls basically, within their brains, it’s pretty awesome. It’s pretty cool. And that’s why these people all care about the same thing. And then oddly enough, you know, their golden pears are there with them, you know, throughout that process, INFJ ENFP ISTJ with the ESTP.

And they go, they go well together because of that. So that’s where their highest compatible relationships come from, is actually within their own temple, basically. And also their challenge relationship, which is the relationship with their super ego as well, which would be ENFP, ESTP, and INFJ and ISTJ, basically, respectively. So.

So yeah, but the guide functions of the soul temple, basically, our Extraverted intuition, which is the perception function of all possibilities, vision, future, basically, all that has happened before will happen again. It’s also desirability or man’s sense of desirability, what is desire, what is wanted by others. It’s also the unique desire to be chosen, not unlike the World of Warcraft guild, ran by an ESTP by the name of flatfeet. And his guild, which is on fire tree us.

He called it chosen, because it’s actually him paying homage to his God function of extroverted intuition. Because all members of the soul temple want to feel chosen. They all want to feel chosen. And it’s really important that they feel chosen, if they don’t feel chosen, if they don’t feel wanted, life for them is just going to fall apart.

And then you have Introverted Feeling, which is self worth. It’s a judging function. And they’re all about their self worth. They’re all about their own personal value.

They’re all about character, and whether or not they themselves have intrinsic value as a person. Because as they are looking to build character in others, and build character in themselves, it’s because they are in effect, putting all of their time and attention towards Introverted Feeling overall. That includes even an ESTP and ESTP who’s like, oh, yeah, I have Introverted Feeling trickster. I don’t know how I feel.

That’s nice. But you are like the Soul Eater who likes to eat the souls of introverted feelers out there. And you want to find introverted feelers you want to Find people that you can build Introverted feeling inside of. Same thing goes with INFJs.

They want to do the same thing. The number one export of an INFJ is to improve other people. What exactly are the INFJ is trying to improve. They’re trying to improve the Introverted Feeling they are trying to improve the value system, they’re trying to improve the principles held inside of other human beings, right? It’s because their god function of Introverted Feeling is a thing, okay? Even though their Introverted Feeling is a critic, they’re very critical towards their own Introverted Feeling, they’re very critical towards their own self worth.

This is why INFJs are very self deprecating. And, you know, as a result of being so self deprecating, it ends up causing so many problems, so many issues, ultimately. Which, you know, is not exactly something that, you know, most people would think about, most people even deny the existence of God functions, basically. But it’s still there.

You can even ego hack people, from the perspective of God functions, making a soul temple type feel wanted, oh, making a soul time Hold tight, believe that they’re actually a good person all very well to do that. Their panties will drop. That’s just who they are. They can’t help it.

They absolutely can’t help it. Well, let’s look at the ISTJ and the ENFP. So the ISTJ, you know, using their, their cognitive origin of justification, which is attached to introverted, Introverted Feeling. Basically, they’re calling an origin justification where they absolve other people, or they absolve themselves when they create justifications for themselves versus others.

ENFPs an ISTJ is literally walk around looking at the world from a fascinating perspective. And this perspective is ultimately based on the following thing, which is how should I put it? When they make excuses for themselves, they also make excuses for other people. The reason why is because they see the world from this from the perspective of, hey, I can get away with this, or hey, you can get away with this. Everything in their life is structured around who can get away with what when it’s all about getting away with something, almost as if they’re inherently bad people, because they’re just trying to get away with something.

So they won’t even act unless they have justification in their life. They won’t even act unless they have this Introverted Feeling God functions like where it’s like, Hey, I know my worth, I know the worth of other people. And if people with lower worse are able to pull that off, then I’m obviously justified to pull that off to I’m obviously it’s obviously Okay, for me to get away with that privilege to. So from every perspective that they have, it’s all it’s all centered around like whether or not these people have, you know, what, what they can and cannot get away with, basically, this is why INFJs and ESTPs are mirrors.

No one mirrors more than these two types, the and especially the ESTP, they mirror so much, because, from their perspective, if anyone else believes they are justified to do something that means by automatically that the ESTP and the INFJ are justified to do the same thing. This is why ESTP is and INFJs are the most indignant of the types. My ESTP mentor called it giving license or getting license. He’s like, hey, you know, if, if you if this person behaves poorly, that means I automatically have license to behave poorly, too.

And I’m like, no, no, you don’t. That was my response. But he would argue that ti parent that for like, weeks and weeks and weeks, he would not let go of that. And it was so frustrating.

So frustrating. But you know, eventually, eventually he was no longer in my life. And I didn’t have to worry about that anymore. So oh, well, I moved on.

No big deal. Ever was a big deal to begin with, right? Well, the problem is though, is that that is indignance, then directness is, you know, reacting negatively to something to perceived maltreatment. Because what if my ESTP mentor was giving himself license to behave poorly, because he perceived someone else’s behaving poorly. And then ti parent was being too arrogant.

And assuming that that person was behaving poorly, when the reality of situation is they don’t know what’s on that person’s heart, they don’t know that person’s intent, especially because they’re ignorant of their intent, where they are willfully negligent towards the intention of the other person, because they have expert intuition demon. So why is it the ESTP is justified in the first place? To say, I’m justified in being an ass, because you are being an ass? But what if that person wasn’t actually being an ass, and it’s just an assumption. I’ve been beaten by many an ESTP in my life, because they made that assumption about me. Many times growing up, I remember all of them every time because of these stupid assumptions that they would make.

Because they literally believed they were justified in beating me. Pork very badly to as a child, because apparently, they got licensed to do that, right? Some character they have, right, some Introverted Feeling God function they have, right, great, great, I’d love to go into that temple and just desecrate it, like it deserves, oh, my God. Because the reality of situation is, is that, you know, all the soul temple sees things from the perspective of who gets to get away with what when. That’s literally it.

And they are the tit for tat. They’re the tit for tat temple. I hate the tit for tat. It’s really frustrating.

You know, and then and then as a result, they’re, they’re the most transactional temple because everything is so tit for tat, you know, some character, they have some god function, they have Introverted feeling. Because the thing is, is that Introverted Feeling as a god function represents identity? And they have to tack their identity, on to something bad to attack their identity on something? And who knows? Who knows? Talk about identity? Are they attacking it all through their job and talking about their relationship? Are they tacking it on to whether or not they’re a father or a mother, they got to tack their identity on something, because that’s the things in their life change. They have to tack their identity on to other things, which too, is also very frustrating. So oftentimes, these people don’t even know what their identity is.

This is why they can be so hypocritical. On a regular basis, there are two Templars within the soul temple and Templar types are all about hypocrisy. Because, you know, where’s the character, where’s the value? So, thing is, is that soul temple has to see other people of higher value, in order for them to be motivated to be of higher value, or if they see other people of behaving with lower value than they allow themselves to reduce their value to those people. It’s really frustrating.

But the thing is, is at the end of the day, they really really care about character. No problem with assaulting someone else’s character. This is why they have the deadly sin of wrath within this temple, they have no problem assaulting other people’s character if you want to learn more about deadly sins and living virtues, become a member at CS Joseph dot life forward slash members become a journeyman member. And then watch the series that we have on the deadly sins.

The Eight Deadly Sins. Yes, there are eight of them not seven. You can blame Pope Gregory for taking Vainglory and rolling it into pride like an idiot. He was just trying to hide and conceal the Vainglory of the church basically.

So, yes, it’s conspiracy, and I don’t care. So anyway, they very much care about worth, they very much care about value, they very much care about their own worth and other people’s value. And they see the world based on value, the value of a human basically. And then so easily.

Are they willing to reduce other humans value, they’re so easily willing to reduce their own value in the process, which is horrible. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the other temples because the other temples are just as effed up. So that ends up becoming a A big issue. Thing is it same thing goes with their desirability with expert intuition.

They often go out of their way to reduce the desirability of other people increase the desirability for themselves, even extracting desirability from other people and claiming it for themselves. That’s pretty rough. And sometimes they start walking around acting like they’re the most desirable persons, and because of how desirable they believe they are, they also sometimes tack their sense of self worth through Introverted Feeling God function on to their expert intuition God function. Because from their perspective, it’s like, Well, hey, if I’m desirable, that means I have value.

That means I’m automatically a good person, because not everybody is as desirable as I am. So said the ESTP, with the 650 names in his little black book of all the women that he’s slayed, basically, great. So you can walk around, thinking that he’s all awesome, thinking that he is a good person, but you and I both know, he’s not really that good of a person. You and I both know that.

But hey, you know, it’s not like he’s able to actually judge his own character properly, FYI, trickster, but the fact that his god function is not being used properly. That’s a huge problem. So that’s the thing about God functions, folks, expert intuition, and Introverted feeling for the soul temple. And you can treat any one of these four types.

And regardless of what type they are, and assume that they have these God functions that sit above their eight function stack, and you could still interact with those God functions, make them feel wanted, or make them feel unwanted, make them feel good about themselves, or make them feel bad about themselves, all of which will create results, you know, it works the best with these four types of the soul temple compared to the other temples, the other temples will not respond differently, or they will respond differently, because they have different God functions naturally. But just understand that personality type are personality types and the four personality types of the soul temple literally only exist to express interaction with the god functions of the soul Temple itself ESTP, the INFJ, the ISTJ and the ENFP only exist as expressions of the god functions of extrovert intuition and Introverted feeling for the rest of humanity right. That is the entire point is really feeling. Another aspect of Introverted Feeling is integrity ESTPs test and decay integrity to see if there is integrity INFJs build integrity and other people basically, I see Chase keep track of what has been, what has what is integral, basically, an ENFP is act in integrity, right? The containers of integrity, and then desirability, right? ENFPs obviously working really hard to become the most desirable, that ESTP is trying to be objectified as most desirable, sometimes so desirable, that they get treated like someone’s idol, or treated like an object, same thing with INFJs, they do the same.

Right? So these are the God functions. These are some of the behaviors of these two God functions specific to the soul temple. And that’s why it ultimately it always matters. It always matters God functions, you always have to keep God functions in the back of your mind.

Because every decision that a person makes in their life, every decision that soul temple makes in their lives, literally is based on whether or not they are increasing more ePHI in their life, or reducing it or increasing or reducing expert intuition and E desirability in their life. Every single thing they do is broken down to those two God functions as ultimately their purpose. Sure, again, they have very function stack. Yes, that matters.

You can still ego hack them from that perspective. Sure. Cosmic Origins matter sure, as called origins are actually attached to God functions. But the point still remains every that they use their eight function stack specifically to serve at the feet of Introverted Feeling and extroverted intuition regardless, so Alright folks, thanks for watching and listening.

And I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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