What are the god Functions of the Heart Temple? (ENTP, INTJ, ESFP, ISFJ)? Season 35 | CS Joseph

CS Joseph discusses what are the god Functions of the Heart Temple (ENTP, INTJ, ESFP, ISFJ). Season 35.


We’re gonna see it’s just the podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. This is season 35 Episode Three, what are the God functions of the heart, Temple? Gold heart, Temple, this is my temple. And no, I won’t be going off about how great my temple is.

Because it’s not my temple is just as screwed up as all the other temples and it’s just as great as all the other temples, but it still matters. And heart Temple is known as the unconscious for humanity. It is also the process for humanity. Whereas soul temples, the input and thus the ego of humanity, but heart Temple is the process of heart temple cares about passion, right.

Before I learn more about the four temples, please become a journeyman member at CS joseph.ly forward slash members and go to the premium lectures section. And you can learn about the temples within season 18 You can also learned them in cutting edge podcast area as well and as well as anything Akhter Graham related because the octave gram is based on the four temples ultimately, so for temples the heart temple sort of loud, little, like dang, you hear that all the way from over here. So yeah, that’s it that’s all about the heart temple. So passion actually got this new cigar recently called the posse on which I really enjoyed.

It’s really good cigar. It’s got notes of graham cracker and butter. I really enjoyed that cigar. Anyway.

So hard temple types, that is the ESFP, the ISFJ, the INTJ and yours truly, the ENTP? archetype, right? All about passion, right? But what are God functions are God functions are introverted intuition, which is attached to what I want. Also attached to personal freedom. So what it’s all about, it’s all about personal freedom, right? Personal freedom being ultimately everything to the heart temple, right? And then extroverted feeling which is all about acceptance, or levels of acceptability. acceptability is everything to the heart tempo and being acceptable.

Some of the greatest pain in my life that I have suffered is because I knew intrinsically deep down to the level of being entirely self conscious, was directly as a result of knowing that I was unacceptable, especially, especially from the perspective of you know, being 300 pounds, being insanely obese. As a child, I weighed 287 pounds, when I went into high school as a 14 year old. It was really horrible. And weighing so much, and being so abused, obese, I knew deep down just how unacceptable of a human being I was.

I, I’ve had to deal with some of the worst depression in my life. Because I just knew how unacceptable I was so interesting, because like Railgun, for example. She, she would tell me like how I was, you know, such a unaccepting person, you know, in my life, basically. And it’s fascinating because that’s like a direct attack on my god function of extroverted feeling.

Well, that’s the thing about heart Temple is that heart temple assesses everybody’s acceptability. And this can lead us to being the most accepting of all the types, but also the least accepting of all the types, which means we are the most shallow of all of the types. Sad to say, but it is true. Heart Temple is the most shallow because of our God, function, expert feeling.

We can even be so shallow that we actually can reduce the acceptability of our fellow human beings. And by reducing their acceptability, then all of a sudden, we become more acceptable, because we’ve reduced those acceptability. How many times have we seen INTJ females for example? Used as this character trope in movies, and media and shows about how they compete with other girls. And then they reduce the acceptability of the other girls on the show, or on or on, you know, in the movie, basically.

And the only reason they would do that is because they’re actually trying to increase their own level of acceptability by reducing everyone else’s acceptability instead of working hard to increase their own. Because it’s so much easier to destroy than it is to build. This is one of the ways that heart temple types. They all do this destroy other people by reducing other people’s acceptability, or even going so far as entirely neglecting or ignoring another person’s acceptability.

And that’s more on the Crusader side, you know, Crusader abuse, Hart temple Crusaders, ISFJ ENTP. Crusader abuse is more of a story of neglect, right, and negligence, and being negligent of other people’s acceptability. And then assuming we’re actually presuming that they themselves are the only people who are actually acceptable, right? That’s when it becomes a serious problem, ultimately, which is pretty sad. But yeah, acceptability wars, welcome to the heart temple, promoting the acceptability of others or reducing the acceptability of others.

You can actually look at how it works out with me directly. If you join the ego, hacker, Discord discord.gg, for slash ego, hackers, the men’s group and the women’s group that we have there is literally all about my god function of extroverted feeling. Literally, me serving at the feet of extroverted feeling, because what am I doing, I am increasing the acceptability of the people within my community. For the men, we do it in the men’s group.

And for the women, we do it with the women’s group as seen by Stephanie, whereas each of the women are interfacing with her directly. And she’s helping them each individually. But regardless of man or woman, what we are doing within the ego hacker community is that we are working hard to increase their level of acceptability, right? Where, for example, an INFP woman can lose 20 pounds, and get a new wardrobe and be taught how to speak with feminine energy instead of masculine energy. And then all of a sudden her acceptability to men has skyrocketed.

And all of a sudden, she went from being a low value woman to a high value woman, by people externally, she went from being a woman of low acceptance to a woman of high acceptance, right? Same thing goes with men, helping them lose body fat, helping them get strong combat trained, as well as jobs production producing more than they consume, all these different things. All these different things apply, specifically to the men. And that’s where it is important. That’s why it matters, right? And that’s how it’s going to ultimately work.

Right? So accessibility is everything to the heart temple. ESFPs, an INTJ is really shallow about acceptability, because they hold themselves to the highest levels of acceptability, right? iossef J’s, and Auntie peas can be ignorant of acceptability. Because sometimes it’s just better to bury your head in the sand and assume or presume that you are the only acceptable person in the room, instead of realizing that you’re not thus forcing you to put in the effort to actually raise your personal level of acceptability, which I did for many, many years. So one of the reasons why my extroverted sensing demon hates me so much.

It’s one of the reasons why my Archigram is unconscious, developed unconscious focus, because of my inability to take responsibility, according to my own guide function of Extraverted Feeling, which is entirely true. Sometimes, we just rather put our heads in the sand and not take action and just have some kind of fools hope that one day will just become acceptable without actually having to put in any effort, right, which actually causes INTJ is an ESFP used to hate us because we’re not putting in enough effort. And then what that ends up doing is that ends up enabling the ESFPs and the INTJs, shallow nails are shallow because people like us exist, that ends up reinforcing their desire to be shallow, ultimately, which is pretty sad. And I regret that I regret being that person I regret dealing with that.

I honestly, I honestly regret all of it. I regret all of it. You know, I’ve had to, over the past year or so, really look at my life, and reevaluate it, you know. And then there’s the other god function of introverted intuition, which is all about personal freedom, it’s about what I want.

That’s the stuff dreams are made of, where ESFPs INTJ is an intp is and iossef J’s really very much care about what they want. And the heart temple crusaders in teepees, iossef. JS, you know, when they get what they want, they feel satisfied, right? This is why calling of origin of satisfaction is attached to Introverted intuition, right. And then the cognitive origin of reverence is attached to extroverted feeling.

That’s why acceptability is such a big deal. That’s why acceptability on a person’s level of acceptability is directly attached to deep respect is directly attached to reference basically, but it’s for intuition is all about getting what I want out of life. And just because Introverted Intuition is not in the top four functions of the function stack of is attaining NTP, it does not mean that they do not care about what they want. They probably care about what they want too much, too much so that we have to learn stoicism two point.

Learning the words of Marcus Aurelius and meditations are the words of Miyamoto Musashi. In Docker, though, or learn the philosophy of Bruce Lee, which is outlined in the book The Warrior Within by John Little, check that out, it’s on Audible, it’s a great read. So, and then, obviously, you know ESF peas and INTJ is is so achievement oriented life is all about getting their own treasure, what they want, and achieving what they want for themselves. Then afterwards, they will decide who to share with, but it’s all about what they personally want.

And if you take away the personal freedom from any of these four types, you will have heart tempo rage on your hands, very Rayji. But as soon as you give them what they want, the rage goes away, instantly, instantly. The problem is, is that heart tempo has this issue where they may not exactly they may not exactly know what they want, or they think they know what they want. And then when they finally get it So exactly what they want.

And that too can be a problem that too, can end up creating some very, very bad circumstances. Out of all the 16 types. These types, fear imprisonment, the most, and really struggle with imprisonment. ISFJs, however, can somewhat handle it, but after a while it will get to them when they will eventually succumb.

This is why, you know, my theory is that prison related suicide has highest amount heart temple than any of the 16 types, ultimately, because it just kills your heart. Not like that gunship like gunship song. When you get older, your heart dies. And it’s right.

It really does your heart does die when you get older. That’s where passion comes from passion is all about passion isn’t even possible without personal freedom of choice about having that freedom. Yeah, it’s hard temple out of all of the 16 types that are willing to sacrifice the moment for a better tomorrow. They are willing to sacrifice more than anyone else, in order to have a better future in order to have more freedom later.

And that’s the lesson that heart temple brings through their god function of introverted intuition to the rest of humanity specifically because they care so much about what they want, they end up leading in that area for the sake of others every single day, every single week, it is ultimately who they are and why they are you know. So level of acceptability meets freedom level of freedom, basically saying As to is that heart Temple has the same that as it goes through life, seeking its passions. It’s all about what it wants, and it ends up making these decisions, decisions that ultimately create messes for other people, which can be a problem. Because once Introverted Intuition makes a choice, extroverted sensing comes into play via cognitive access and creates a mess, basically.

That’s the thing about heart temples at heart Temple has to realize that there’s no such thing as unlimited freedom of choice, and exercising, unlimited freedom of choice, could actually end up creating a huge mess for other human beings, which would then actually reduce their level of acceptability. And that’s something that people just have to realize. They have to realize that because acceptability keeps personal freedom in check, and personal freedom keeps acceptability in check. Same thing applies to the sole temple with expert intuition, desirability keeps their self worth in check.

And, you know, because here’s the thing, they’re not desirable, if they’re a person of low self worth. That’s a fact. Right? It’ll always be that way. They’ll always be that way.

And it’s very hard, oftentimes, very, very hard, very difficult for these types to accept that. And that can be, you know, a really big deal. You know, it’s very, very hard for them to accept it. So.

But yeah, heart, Temple, all about their passion, all about their god functions, personal freedom, to get what I want, sometimes at the cost of other people, which is really sad, and level of acceptability, always trying to increase and optimize their own personal acceptability. If you want to ego hack heart, Temple members, increase their acceptability, and crease their personal freedom, give them freedom of choice. You know, it’s really crazy, because one of the love languages of submission comes from the heart temple comes from the ESFP and INTJ side. And it’s so fascinating.

When someone chooses to submit to somebody else, they’re giving up the Introverted intuition guide function basically, for that submission. But in doing so, they gain even more freedom as a result of submission. And that’s the secret of the submission, love language. And that is all a part of the heart temple.

And as a result of the introvert intuition guide function. So yeah, those are the guide functions for the heart temple. INTJ has may not be aware of social norms, but they work so hard to increase their personal acceptability. Why do you think Rollo Tomassi wrote the rational male volumes one through five? It’s literally to increase his own acceptability and the acceptability of other men in his life.

That’s the point. That’s where his extroverted feeling mastery came from right. Now, or you look at, you look at ISFJs with expert intuition, demon, right. Personal freedom.

Personal freedom is, you’d think that, you know, they’re very risk averse, but they love taking risks, they love exercising personal freedom, they just don’t want to do it by themselves. They just want to do it with other people. They want to be passionate with someone, they don’t want to be passionate alone. And trust me as an intp.

I know what it’s like. Probably more than anyone I’ve ever met, to know what it’s like to be passionate alone, such as the way of Dakka Dakka. As I’ve learned, the way of walking alone, because that’s just my lot in life. That’s what I’ve done.

That’s what I do. As has been necessary. I don’t regret it. It’s just part of who I am.

And in a lot of ways without suffering that pain, it would have become entirely impossible for me to even have a shot at removing fatherlessness from the face of this earth and to bring about a better future for my children, for my family, for all of our families for all of our future, and that folks is my passion. That’s what I choose to spend my personal freedom on. That’s why I do it. So me folks, thanks for watching and listening.

And I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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