Season 22, Episode 09 Transcript



00:00 Hey guys, it’s Chase with CS Joseph that life to another episode for season 22. This is episode nine cognitive transitions of ISTJ’s. And it was taken a long time for me to even release this episode much less actually perform it. Well, one of the reasons why for that is because I moved, my doctor informed me that given that I have a pre existing condition that it would probably be wise for me to make myself scarce.

And I did. So I have moved to a new location, a very rural location where there’s very few people and very few anything whatsoever. In order to further isolate myself as much as possible. The condition that I have is the same exact condition that caused me or inspired, we just started this YouTube channel.

I was I became afraid of not having a legacy, at least a legacy for my, for my son to take on. Most people like okay, well, why are you being biased against your daughter, the reason why my son’s an INFJ, and he would benefit far more from knowing this, and being able to teach it to other people, then my ENFP daughter, however, I’m sure she could definitely find some value out of it. And I definitely hope she does. But let’s be honest Templar types are just more suited for this science than than other types.

And philosopher types, like my daughter like to be taught by Templar types, this kind of content, B, that doesn’t mean I did move. And because I have moved, and I’m in my state of basically exile or isolation, given the situation, all I can do now is produced content. And the entire moving process took like literally forever. And I would have had this out a lot sooner today as promised, but you know, I had people arrive today to drop off some appliances, because I had to get a washer and dryer.

I’ve never owned my own washer and dryer before. So it’s kind of like a big step for me. But definitely something that I had to do it as it may, I really missed the community, I missed the channel, I miss everyone. And I have been able to be there for the patrons.

But I would like to be here for the rest of the community at large. So thank you for the opportunity for continuing to speak in your lives, as well as produce really good content. In the future, we are going to be adjusting the kind of content that we provide. I know that I have a lot of long form lectures, I’ve been receiving some training, and going to be experimenting with other kinds of lectures in the near future.

My recent live stream with Jay, regarding the royal family, it was one of those experiments where squee doing some experiments a little bit more to kind of see or fine tune the types of content that we’re going to be releasing. That being said, long form lectures are probably going to not be as common after the completion of season 1819 and 20. To be advised we only have one more episode left for season 19. And that will be coming up this month.

We have a whole bunch of episodes do for season 18, which I’m looking forward to. If you want to get involved on season 18, I suggest you go to CS Joseph dot life Ford slash Ty grid and give us your email address so you can gain those lectures. The only way to get access to the email lectures is to be on our email list. We may or may not decide to release them again in the future, just so you guys know.

But anyway, I think that’s enough announcements for now. I’m here I’m safe, I’m back. This is probably should the third fourth time I’ve rebuilt my studio in the last year, which is really frustrating. But this time I’m using my optimal camera system, my optimal sound system.

Hopefully I don’t get too loud and too crazy. But again, and better lighting. So I’m happy to be here complete with painting and painting. By the way I like really like these kinds of paintings.

So if you guys like have some canvas paintings that really speak to me, I’d be happy to hang them on my wall for you. So anyway, onto the lecture kind of transitions of ICs. So what are cognitive transitions? Covenant transitions is basically the process by which somebody moves from the ego which is on here to the subconscious with the unconscious or the super ego. The reason why is because people have four sides of their mind.

And this basically means we have four different people or four different personas within our heads at all times. Basically, an ISTJ is are no exception. How to find out for an ISTJ remember you gotta use the Type grid and note that you are direct you’re responding you are progression progression. We Do you care more about the journey instead of the outcome, whereas if you’re outcome focused, you care more about planning as much as you can to make one really good attempt and hit.

Whereas someone who’s movement like an ISTJ, they’re not going to plan as much, they’re just going to hit it, they’re going to do multiple attempts, until they finally get it working. It’s kind of more of a trial and error approach, which is very ISTJ, even though I know they are a J type. However, please note, they are a perceiving hero, even though they are a J type. So just be aware of that that can actually cause some confusion with a lot of the MBTI tests out there.

And this is what lends to MBTI test to be one out of five accurate, however, I will admit that if you have a licensed professional administering the MBTI test, and they sit with you for an hour to two hours, after you’ve taken the exam, to make sure that you understand what you’re getting into, that could probably increase to one out of seven, our seven out of 10 accuracy instead of a one out of five accuracy. So just just be aware of that. That being said, our test, I hope to have it released literally this month. Again, I would have had it released last month.

But given the COVID-19 drama, I needed to make sure that I was taking care of myself and that I was isolating and exiling myself, it’s not that I’m living in fear, it’s just that I have to be responsible. Because the condition that impacted my liver negatively has basically come back, it is no longer in remission. So and I started this channel, because I was afraid that I was going to lose my liver essentially. So I just wanted to upload my brain to the internet to have something to leave behind.

But But anyway, that’s neither here nor there, at least I’m here now. So I’m going to do my best to push out as much content as I can, just in case, so don’t worry about me, my wife is taking care of me and I have various medical professionals and other experts who are administering treatment and so far I seem to be responding well to the treatment. So anyway, is TJ so is TJs are known as the archivists. Their purpose in life is to be that walking library of exam, Alexandria there, it’s their job to like literally know everything.

They pride themselves on learning as much as they can, and also having with their ENFP subconscious, the ability to have this insanely large Rolodex, because they think that their self worth or their FYI child, it’s actually based on how many social connections they have with their te parent because these two are linked. Now a lot of people think that when I say social connections, I’m talking about Extraverted Feeling. And that’s not necessarily the case, that is not the case at all. And the reason why is because they believe that the more quantity because T is all about quantity, whereas f is more about quality.

t is zero because of the quantity of people that they know, they actually feel themselves more valuable, basically. And that’s where that comes from. So an ISTJ you know, their director, spine movement, they’re a finisher, they have a hard time starting things. But when they get on to something, they will finish it they will see it through because they’re all about seeing things through.

They’re also a guardian, which is there a disposition or temperament according to David Keirsey, for example, or Stephen Montgomery or Dr. Linda Behrens, etc. But temperament or disposition as we call it here within the CSJ community, they’re very concrete. So they’re really down to earth, you probably won’t find anyone more earthy than like an SI hero ISTJ or ISFJ.

Let’s be honest, there is also 08:41 they are also affiliative focused on doing the right thing, which can make ISTJ ‘s insanely authoritarian, which can be like really frustrating. I mean, Robert Mueller, I mean, that guy’s an ISTJ. It’s like, like, come on, you know, like extremely authoritarian, which is funny, because given how authoritarian they are, their ESTP shadow was actually very rebellious and anti authority. So they’re kind of like a walking mishmash, or walking conflict at all times and that conflict with themselves because sometimes for the sake of comfort, they’re willing to adhere more so on the side of safety until they realize it is their duty to protect freedom of choice, their expert intuition inferior.

And when they do that, then they end up penning and authoring things like civil disobedience, which I highly recommend you read that essay by Henry David Thoreau. Henry David Thoreau is an ISTJ and in my opinion, the most famous ISTJ he’s absolutely fantastic. Please read his books. Please read civil disobedience, especially right now, given the COVID 19 crisis and the potential risks that everyone around the world faces in terms of governments taking advantage of the crisis to limit civil liberties of regular people like you and I, that would be a concern.

Now. ISTJ is those people want to come As a civil liberties, they’re either the ones who are cracking the whip on people, or they’re the ones potentially supporting or getting on their soapbox, and basically starting the rebellion or or or preventing the government and reducing the size of government and providing limited government for the sake of civil liberties, which I find absolutely fantastic. Because even then, you know, Rationally speaking, and ISTJ would be aware of the fact that, hey, guess what, people have died for far less than what, you know, they the American people, for example, put up with today. Remember, the American colonies basically revolted over a 2% sales tax? Think about that for a second, you see what I’m saying? So I think a lot of people have been kind of lulled, you know, from that point of view, to be able to make that distinction, etc.

So anyway, going to transitions, why are cognitive transitions important? They’re important, because people on the internet are always doing this thing where it’s like, oh, you know, I’m an ISTJ today, but sometimes I’m an ISTP. Or, you know, I’m an ISTJ, you know, but sometimes I’m ESTP. Or they take their tests, and they get different results, because the test one out of five accurate, or they’re constantly having this point of view, where it’s like, you know, their letters can change, no, your letters cannot change. That’s not how it works.

If you want to learn more about that, watch my season 15 Episode, The MBTI letter dichotomies debunked, where I basically prove that the lettering system with the MBTI is absolutely fundamentally flawed. The only reason I use it is for SEO, otherwise, I’d completely abandon the lettering system entirely, because there’s really no reason to use it, once you understand the type grid, but, and you can get the type grid, the older version of it, at least at CS, forward slash type with the new one was leaked publicly, by the way. And we will be making a release to the public in the future, but not till after our test has made it. So hang in there, guys, we will be getting that to you for free, don’t worry about it, it is coming.

Thank you for your patience, it is coming, we’re just not ready to make that decision yet. We want to make sure we have a nice little foundation laid first before we get into that direction. So the cognitive transitioning is where you actually can change your type, but only for like, small periods of time, right? And the reason why is because you have like a bunch of energy, right? And these are like little four little fields with this total farm, right, different fields with different different crops, et cetera. And based on that, you know, there’s a lot of irrigation that goes into, you know, like moving water, for example, to get to different cognitive functions to be able to get them to work, right? Because if you don’t have water in a crop, everything is going to die, right.

So think of this as like some kind of psycho, you know, like neural energy and cognitive functions are like neural pathways, right? Where different kinds of neural pathways and energy is entered into four different locations, through cognitive gateways, which are like irrigation channels, or irrigation gateways, little doors that open up with the water through to water the field, basically. And this is what happens with SI hero and Ian Ferrier se nemesis, which is spelled wrong for some reason, and an eye demon. So those are the four cognitive gateways, these things here. And you utilize these gateways to gain access to each of these different fields, or these different sides of your mind.

Where you effectively for unlimited amount of time could become a completely different person. This is why sometimes people make the argument like well, you know, sometimes like, I’m like this, but then sometimes I feel like this and, you know, but it’s complete opposition. They almost sound like they’re being hypocrite, well, guess what? Everybody’s emigrate including me. And not sure if you knew that, but it’s true.

Oh, by the way, I got my certifiable Neck Beard going on right now. You know, just kind of like how ISTJ is would do because hashtag lazy for si user know what I’m saying? No, just kidding. Not all ISTJ is lazy. Actually, someone can be insanely studious and insanely diligent, provided they have a cause with their ENFP subconscious, such as the cars that Henry David Thoreau had when he wrote civil disobedience.

I want to keep track of that. Otherwise iossef j’s are ISTJ is at least could be kind of, they’re kind of like the quintessential lazy person if you think about it. They’re the ones who often take time off work probably more than anybody else with INFP is probably being second place to an ISTJ taking off work. I wonder I find it really, really interesting.

And it’s always funny to me when I hear about ISTJ women complaining about you know how, because no one complains more than an ISTJ let’s be honest, no one complains better than an ISTJ. The reason why is because their golden pair the ESTP the ESTP can’t solve any problem or know what to do without someone could planing to them about it to begin with. That’s why I see Jays are very good complainers. It’s specific to help Templar types actually, you know, value themselves by fixing the complaints of an ISTJ, who then gives that temple or type gratitude in return.

If you want to learn more about Templars, and philosopher types, like is TJs, I recommend you watch season 17 playlist here on this YouTube channel. So anyway, they get this on just like all over the place today. So maybe you have ATD or ADHD, I wonder how many ISTJ is actually like believe that because they kind of like believe in those arbitrary labels, you know what I’m saying? Oh, and it’s not to say AD D and ADHD are arbitrary labels, but they are used arbitrarily. Trust me.

Many people are misdiagnosed, because their personality, you know, is the definition of their personality is also the definition of add, like, how fair is that? You know, we’re literally saying how they’re supposed to behave is abnormal. Yeah, that’s not fair. That’s not right. That’s ISTJ is we’re about doing the right thing, you know, what I’m saying maybe ISTJ should help people think better about those things with an inner library of Alexandria, because aren’t they supposed to know everything right? To be able to make sure that people are thinking about things correctly, so that none of that happens.

That way, they can be a guardian to those innocent people, right. So you have your cognitive gateways, and you can use your gateways in a chaotic manner or an orderly manner. And when you open up your gateway, for the first time, there’s a lot of water, a lot of pressure that water just rushes in, it’s very chaotic, it causes a lot of problems, right? And what or if you let the water in slow controlled, very orderly, the water pours out through the irrigation channel, for example, in the Inferior function to gain access to the subconscious side of your mind, in a very orderly manner, and then it’s able to fill up and then as a result, people are able to use their subconscious, sometimes you have a limited supply of water. And usually people have it focused here in this field, sometimes you could separate half of that water between this field and this field, and maybe three quarters here, or 25% Here, or maybe you could separate it out evenly amongst all the fields, or have it concentrated down here or concentrated up here, or completely spread out.

You have those options as you’re develop those neural pathways within your brain to use your cognitive gateways to gain access to the other sides of your mind and unlock those personas. And it’s very necessary to unlock those personas because you gain better mental abilities and mental faculties that you did not have before. It’s also a sign of maturity, it’s a sign of cognitive integration, because the four sides of the mind are actually disintegrated. And it also causes your ability to become smarter, more intelligent, more capable, more mature, far more responsible, humble, wiser, and ultimately reach a level of self mastery that other people don’t typically get within their entire lifetime.

As long as human beings are aware that this works, they could utilize this to you know, solve this issue and become something far more something far greater, right. 18:05 So anyway, cognitive gateways. So the first gateway, which is kind of get at birth is Introverted Sensing hero Introverted Sensing heroes, like the ISTJ is awareness of duty, right. And to use their hero in a chaotic manner, it causes the ISTJ to be very irresponsible, so they only make decisions based on what they experience and what they want to experience and how they feel, which can lead the ISTJ basically into an endless cycle of hedonism, if they’re not careful, as well as laziness and inaction.

As a result, the ISTJ is at risk of becoming an insanely huge burden on others, whether or not they’re aware of it or not. This can also lead especially in men, especially men in Western society, failure to launch syndrome, when they’re out situation is they benefit the most just by like studying and keeping track of everything. The problem is, is that from a virtue advice standpoint, if you don’t understand virtue advice, please watch season seven playlist as I think it’s season seven, Episode Nine, where we talk about, you know, essentially how this is episode nine. And then season seven, it’s episode nine might be a pattern.

But the point is, is that is TJs can their their their virtue is gathering all this knowledge and all these facts, but their advice is that they end up knowing trivial worthless facts that factoids that really don’t mean anything at all, or actually have no use as they end up collecting a lot of garbage as much as they collect valuable useful information as well within their internal library of Alexandria. So why is that the reason why is because I see Jays are kind of predisposed to either be lazy, or, or inactive, or reactive instead of proactive and because of that, they end up not going very far because they are irresponsible. So So what they want to do with their ISTJ ego basically, is learn that sense of responsibility to get there, which we talked, we talked way more in depth about this since season 19. So anyway, the ISTJ ego once one has access to it, and then they start developing the other sides of their mind.

The reason why they do this is because as you get older, your cognitive function start forming. Remember, the hero function forms first, but as the child function that form second, because those are the two optimistic functions, and then you have the Inferior function that does third, why because the Inferior function is connected to the hero and an access, they’re on an access, they turn on one another, et cetera. And that access gives the ISTJ you know, the fear of being unwanted, basically, all ISTJ is are afraid of being unwanted, they’re also don’t like that they don’t have very good status. And they figure by having more status, or a higher reputation or higher regard or higher respect of other people, that would cause them to become more desirable, because every ISTJ in the entire world wants so desperately to become more desired by the right kind of people.

And not necessarily just anyone per se, but by the people that they would prefer to receive an experience from because they want to feel wanted. And sometimes they don’t feel wanted, which can be a serious, serious problem for them. Because they end up making decisions where they can end up through their fear of being unwanted, they can end up becoming loyal to the wrong thing, the wrong idea, the wrong system with the wrong person, kind of like an ISTJ school teacher that I’m technically technically related to, who tried to explain to me that Common Core is the absolute best education system ever for children, and could not be possibly better. There’s no better system of education other than common core within and there could never be better one within the United States of America, or basically, within Western society as we know it.

I think this is fundamentally ridiculous. But she was very stringent on her descriptions of it, and the amount of loyalty and though and the lengths from which she’s willing to defend that point of view, I just thought it was amazing, because I realized that no point during any of the arguments she was making, did she actually bother to verify any of that information, also, my pens for the blackboard, I really really suck a lot. And it’s really frustrating, honestly. So So you know, it’s important, you know, you develop your your, your ISTJ ego, you know, as a result, two are far more responsible.

And then as a result of that, you basically are become less ignorance, because ignorance is the result of you focusing on the trivial instead of like the useful information, usable data. So I kind of find interesting because INFJ super ego sitting here, and INFJ, super ego and INFJ is supposed to be the most useful the types. So it’s interesting when they’re trying to fulfill out their life’s purpose. They’re going back and forth in terms of knowledge that they’ve collected with their te parent, they’re going back and forth between like, okay, knowledge, it’s absolutely worthless, or knowledge is actually useful because the INFJ archetype itself is the most worthless of all the types, or it is most useful of all the types.

So it’s kind of interesting to see the super ego expressed within the ISTJ ego as a result. But ISTJ is they’re there to be in the know about literally everything, they’re there to soak up like all this information like a sponge, they’re there to have a moral standard with an Introverted Feeling child, and they are there to be wanted they so desperately wants to be wanted. And sometimes they get so afraid of being unwanted, that they end up becoming loyal to the wrong person and fall into the wrong crowd. And then that can also cause the ISTJ to become very greedy, it can also cause them to become ungrateful, and they’re willing to take more than they give.

However, recently, I did meet an ISTJ at an auto parts shop recently cool guy, and he basically gave me something off the shelf because I was in a predicament and I left my wallet at home and it was very charitable with him he did not have to do that and I actually really liked this community because it’s extremely neighborly out here. Everyone out here is a good neighbor Plus there’s the social expectation of being a good neighbor. He understood that moral standards as if our child he decided to help me and then as a result of that, when this you know quarantine or shelter in place, order is over, I’m gonna go hand in my card and then I’m gonna go buy him a drink, you know, although I won’t be drinking because my liver won’t handle it but I’m sure he’d enjoy that regardless. Fantastic fellow.

And he was very charitable. And that’s what happens when ISTJ is not afraid of being unwanted. They become very charitable with the information, the knowledge and the know how that they Have this is why ISTJ is, for example, are some of the best accountants, they’re very good at being like a Chief Financial Officer, I want an ISTJ to be a chief financial officer, for example. 25:13 They’re, they’re very good with money, but they can be very, very greedy.

And so it’s kind of like a toss up, are they really, really that giving, it’s because they’re very grateful. Now ISTJ is because they have si hero, they can actually lend themselves to being insanely better. And the more better they are, the less giving the R which means the more greedy they become. So it’s really, really important that you understand the ISTJ is are very, very sensitive.

And you do not want to allow them to get into a situation where they’re being better, or where they’re not verifying their own beliefs. Because if they’re not verifying their own beliefs, well guess what, they’re not really going to. I mean, they’ll become those ignorant of all the types, and defend the most stupid, small, stupid ideas that you’ve ever heard. Like, like even even on a far worse level than conspiracy theories, because at least conspiracy theories, you know, have to like, not contradict, and as my ESTP friend would say, and conspiracy theory is a story without evidence or evidence without a story, right? Whereas the ISTJ, whose job is to actually connect the both of them? Well, if they’re being irresponsible, well, then you’re gonna find yourself in a situation where that’s not the case.

So when I call it a transition, the ENFP there, the cognitive functions flip upside down, it’s called inversing. Lookup inverse theory, if you want to learn more about that it’s called inversing. And when the inverse into their ENFP, subconscious is the best part of them, they become very charitable, when they’re actually feeling wanted when they’re actually focused on making themselves desirable, instead of trying to put one over on people, because sometimes ISTJ is can be very manipulative. Sometimes they’ll change their loyalty like that.

And they’ll end up having conflicting loyalties. So when they’re talking to one group of people, like yeah, that other group of people sucks, and then we’ll go talk to this other group of people, they’re like, yeah, that group of people over there sucks. I’ve actually personally have been the victim of that multiple times, I’ve actually had multiple relationships in my life, and within this community been ripped away from me, all because an ISTJ or two, were talking, talking mad smack about me behind my back, without ever having the guts to actually come to me to my face and criticize me to my face and give me the opportunity, or the right to remedy the situation, probably because they never had faith in me to begin with, I have no idea. Which is really sad to me that that happened.

But I understand, you know, sometimes, you know, as a hero as a hero is so afraid, because they’re really afraid of the consequences of actions, because they’re super hyper aware of the consequences of actions, which is why they’re super hyper aware, aware of whether or not they’re being wanted or desired other people, this can cause ISTJ is to be really fake. And this is what happens, they get afraid with their ENFP subconscious, because they end up being fake, because they end up starting believing the ENFP adage, which is, you know, in the absence of communication or explanation, perceptions become reality. And they but that can be a strength though, because they could see the perceptions, the fake perceptions that other people, especially politicians, that they put up, and they can easily be like, Ah, you’re being fake. I see Jays are amazing fake detectors, especially with their ESTP shadow, just like ESTPs are also amazing fake detectors, if you’re going to be in a negotiation with somebody, and you’re probably gonna have millions and millions of dollars at stake, or even more than that, or maybe you’re trading something far more valuable than money, I would recommend having an ISTJ and an ESTP.

With you present, when you make that decision, because those two will absolutely guarantee that you’re getting the best possible deal for yourself, or that you’re not going to get screwed. It’s just it’s just one of the huge advantages of ISTJ is that they themselves can be insanely good negotiators, provided they have that ESTP support because sometimes they can get to the metaphysical, unreal world, which is, you know, lends them at risk of potentially cooking the books, whereas the ESTP, holds them and provides the accountability to them to keep everything real, while the ISTJ is effectively keeping you accountable, because accountability and responsibility is the ISTJ. Out of all the types. The one type that has the that looks the most responsible is the ISTJ the type that has the capacity becoming the most responsible for all the types it is the ISTJ but they become really irresponsible, when they’re so afraid of being unwanted.

So instead they just put up this perception and make them look desirable when the reality is they’re literally just a paper straw man instead of actually someone who has any real substance, which can be a serious problem with is TJs. So I’m but when they’re in their ENFP, subconscious, they become very charitable people probably more than most people. And they also, they also realize that when they’re gathering all this information within themselves because of their library of Alexandria provided by their ego, they start to see a pattern within the information that they’re coming. And they can expose conspiracies, they can expose collusion, they can expose unfair standards and unfair principles, or principles that shouldn’t even be principles.

They can expose dumb laws, they use their ESTP shadow just started exposing things, and they let other people know with ENFPs. This is a reason why I as TJs are journalists, typically journalism is one of the most important jobs and ISTJ can actually do. However, given that if they do, they’re so afraid of being wanted. ISTJ is severely at risk of potentially writing or printing propaganda, because they’re afraid of not being wanted by their editor anymore.

So be careful. And as much as an ISTJ. And an INFP, may accuse you of being biased, guess what, they’re kind of the most biased of all the types actually, they expect everybody else to have bias. But the Templar side of their mind that ESTPs shadow side of their mind, still comes with it, the aspect of hypocrisy.

And this is one of the areas in which the ISTJ is very hypocritical. reason why is because they worry so much about the experience, or they worry so much about their own personal performance in the eyes of other people, like an editor, for example, that they will actually decide to not verify what the editor saying or what their is writing about for the sake of making sure that they’re performing or looking like they’re performing well in front of their superiors do to their loyalty factor, but also because they want to make sure that they are as desirable as possible remain as desirable as possible, because they’re so afraid of being let go. They’re so afraid to be unwanted. It also happens within sexual relationships as well, which is why ISTJ men oftentimes end up not being respected at all, by their golden ParaType, or even their silver paratypes.

And women in terms of STPs. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard STP women complain about SDJ men on a consistent basis. My wife included she’s an STP. But before I met her, it was always that way as well.

And one of the reasons why is because of this conflicting loyalty factor. And because an ISTJ is willing to be a sellout, the best. The best example of ISTJ sell out, probably comes from the book Confessions of an economic hitman by Perkins, I highly recommend that book, especially if you’re an ISTJ. You could see like how bad it can get for an ISTJ compared to how good it can get for an ISTJ, which is in Henry David Thoreau.

Civil disobedience. And civil disobedience really marks what an ENFP subconscious, when an ISTJ gets over their fear. And they’re using an orderly transition the waters going in through or orderly to water this field and build a crop, a crop of the ENFP subconscious, when they’re in their ENFPs aspirational mode, they’re actually stronger than a regular ENFP, more charitable, more focused on the ideal of the situation, trying to be able to pick up patterns that not even an ENFP ego would be able to detect with a particular subject or thing because the ICJ can get so specialized in a certain areas of knowledge. Like, for example, I know this one is TJ, who is an amazing political analyst, such that he even claims that he knows the identity of Q Anon, for example, and no, I’m not a supporter of Q or anything like that.

In fact, I don’t even go on 4chan or HN, et cetera. I just know about Q. And I maintain that Q is more than likely a council for national policy propaganda piece instead of like, actually a person that cares, and it’s probably manned by multiple people. As you know, as Neo would put it, it’s all just another level of control.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. But the point is, is that his level of analysis is so great, especially in political area, that he can literally cite anything from like, I don’t know, 20 plus years ago, to show people and expose their true agenda. And that’s what’s amazing about ENFP subconscious is its ability to expose people’s agendas, their hidden agendas, so that his ISTJ ego can provide those people with additional accountability, all as a result of research, and it’s absolutely amazing to see. So props to my ISTJ friend if you’re watching this, I am still impressed with your abilities to to this day, and I’m very thankful that you are my friend, even though sometimes You have admitted that you have conflicted loyalties.

But that doesn’t cause me to still not think less of you actually do think very highly of you, sir. I just wish that you would feel the same way about me in certain circumstances. So, but that’s for another day. He’s still a good man.

And I know that he tries. 35:22 So with that being said, then you have the ESTP subconscious. Remember, the ESTP is all about being rebel and my brother in law, he’s an ESTP, focused ISTJ cognitive focus is when you start to favor or sign from last church, human, like, nature. Versus human are some of human.

Yeah, okay. So you get from you, your brain is going to adapt to that situation, and allow you to think more in that direction, right. And that’s what can happen all the time with ISTJ, or anyone for that matter. And that’s what cognitive focus is, right? So ISTJ is in that situation.

You know, they have their ESTP side and like my brother in law, you know, he’s very ESTP focused one of the reasons why is because, quite frankly, his father, my my father in law, my father in law, his father in law is extremely critical with ti inferior and let’s be honest, an ENFJ, who is my father in law ENFJ is their vice is cruelty. And he utilizes that vise of cruelty so much on his son, and but he’s usually criticizing and being cruel to his son because his son ends up majoring in minor things or paying attention to the trivial or, or his father sees him as irresponsible due to the lack of achievement because his father sees his son as a hedonist, a hedonist who focuses on his own experiences and what his moods he only makes it you know, is that it’s like you want to make decisions based on your mood, you only make decisions based on your experience, right. And that’s not that’s not really true, per se. And then it just causes his son to feel bad about himself, because his father is like, you’re not achieving anything, and Te parent is all about achievement.

And when it’s in the parents section, it just causes his son to feel irresponsible all the time, such that his son ends up being disloyal to his father abandons his father. But in the process of abandoning his father, he actually becomes his own man in the process, and has his own car, his own job, his own home, all by himself with just a high school education. And he’s making more money than most people do whenever they graduate college, for example, but his father, still to this day, gives him a ton of crap for never actually finishing a degree, right? Even wood. So it’s an interesting dichotomy to watch.

But he’s very ESTP focused in order for him to cope with the fact that his father had nothing to do there. So as an ESTP, he’s having to be a little bit wiser. He’s having to verify things that he knows. Because the reality situation, it says that while he understands that a degree may look good in the eyes of his father, he knows the truth, that a degree itself could actually be pretty arbitrary.

And let me tell you something, it’s very powerful to see an ISTJ, who oftentimes rules entire social circles, or, or even institutions to the power of arbitrary rules. It’s all about creating arbitrary rules and an effort to control other people so that they can remain comfortable or so they can remain wanted. The idea of being tenured at a job, which makes you unviable was literally created by is TJs. Because it’s like, Hey, I put in my time here.

So and I’ve achieved X amount of time, and I’ve put in my time here, and I’ve been loyal to you. So you have no choice, you always have to want me you could never fire me, for example. And it’s because of expert intuition inferior. This is why the concept of tenure actually exists.

And this is why ISTJ is and of staying working at the same place for the longest time so that they can gain that tenure, so they can gain that pension. Right. So they can have that retirement it means everything to them. It’s funny because they’re also one of the more common in most of the types and yet the American economy is heavily centered around the idea of retirement and social security and tenure, etc.

Which is a very traditionalist point of view. And it’s specifically because of extroverted, intuitive inferior types, which just so happened to be the more common of all the types si inferior, or SI hero types are, I’m sorry, I’ve been saying inferior my bad si hero types are the most common of all the types. So it makes sense that their preferences kind of dominate certain aspects of our culture, right, especially this this is an SJ focused society and they themselves are s J’s. So my brother in law, he worries often about his performance all the time.

So he’s always trying to show everyone up all the time. Hey, look at me Look what I’ve done, which kind of makes him look bad sometimes, but I completely understand why he does it. Also, he’s starting to treat people because of his because he shot a focus is Fe Trickster is developing a little bit because he’s realizing that he needs to treat people like an investment portfolio, hey, I’m going to spend time with you, I’m going to give you some of my loyalty, my si hero loyalty as an investment. So I can see if I’m going to get a return on investment from having a relationship or friendship with you.

And as soon as he realizes he’s getting less out of it than what he puts in, which is known as a curse. By the way, a curse equals getting less out of something than you put in as a curse. A blessing is when you get more out of something than what you put in, that’s a huge return on investment. So he understands that he’s investing in those relationships where he’s getting return on investment, even though he has no clue how social tonight dynamics work.

But as long as he maintains that principle of treating relationships, like an investment portfolio, he will always be socially acceptable. And he will always be wanted by the right people. And he will always make sure that he’s putting his loyalty in the right place. And this also includes with ideas, gentlemen, and ladies, when you’re putting your loyalty into ideas, or systems, because this type of systematic, they’re focused on the best way to do something, not necessarily what they get out of the situation are more focused on what the best way to do something.

Because there’s so systematically put your faith in a system or ideas, is it really paying off for you? Is it really actually helping you? Or are you actually causing yourself more damage than not? And this is one of the reasons why I think ISTJ is typically don’t go to church, because they kind of end up having that realization that a church system is not actually very beneficial to someone as rational as they are, right. And this is why is TJs ended up becoming the biggest proponents of, for example, the theory of evolution, as well as creationism, actually, my friend, Eric POGIL, he’s an ISTJ, he runs the creationism and the evolution subreddits on Reddit, and can easily argue both sides. It’s absolutely fantastic. And he’s an example of him using his library of Alexandria of all the knowledge that he’s gained within his life, to be able to provide the ability, so specialized, that he can argue both sides, he can take both sides, and get people thinking about these ideas related to the law.

So thanks for letting me Command C, read it, please, leave. Your CO, T, C. E. P, don’t know that I’m not getting paid the said that, but hey, are pogos cool.

So I figured I’d say something. But anyway ESTPs. So, so So when in our in our ESTP mode, you know, they worry about their performance, sometimes they overcompensate with their performance. But here’s one say, you know, ISTJ is they have a tendency of being absolutely lazy, or ignorant, they really need to learn that it is wise to verify all their beliefs, because te parent is all about belief.

And if they’re not verifying their beliefs, they have a risk of putting their loyalty into fake things, fake perceptions, because remembering the absence of communication or explanation, perceptions can can become a reality. And that’s a problem because this is why ICS can detect people just putting up a facade or persona, or or, you know, or being fake, because they’ll look for those contradictions consistently because their ESTP shadow forces them to look for those contradictions, because they know it’s wise they have to verify what other people’s have said, because they themselves have become so burned by putting their faith in the wrong people and the wrong ideas, even their own moods so many times in their life, that they end up having incorrect belief systems. And it’s bit them in the butt so many times they remember with their si hero every time that’s bitten them in the butt. So they end up realizing that it’s wise for them to verify all the things with additional research, bouncing ideas off of other people, and verify, verify, verify, verify.

Now one thing with ISTJ so if they feel unwanted, then they’re just going to do whatever they want. And trust me you don’t want an ISTJ doing what they want, because then it becomes even far worse level of hedonism than you’ve ever seen. ISTJ is like, you know, I know that like for example SFPs especially Eisah Pease have a really bad time at gambling. But if you want to know people that are all about snort and cook snorting coke off of a hookers ask, it’s definitely an eye demon.

And I demon is willing to go that far. Because it’s like, well, why am I even loyal? This situation, if I’m not even wanting here, you know, fine, 45:20 I’m just going to do what I want. Because what you want, you obviously don’t want me so I’m just gonna do what I want. And it becomes this insane quest for self aggrandizement such that, you know, hey, if I’m not wanted by this woman, I’m gonna go pay a woman.

You see what I’m saying? It’s a serious, serious problem. It’s like the the worst form of hedonism as a result of their INFJ demon coming out. And that’s what happens here. For this cognate gateway, when they transition into their super ego, they become very demonic, you know, they can actually turn this into an angelic function, because a person’s hatred exists within their demon, but their person’s love also exists within their demon, where the ISTJ could realize that something is bad, and they will sacrifice themselves similar as to how Jesus Christ sacrificed himself right on the cross, for example.

This is where you get amazing whistleblowers ISTJ whistleblowers, and what is the best example of an iCj whistleblower in today’s day and age? It’s Edward Snowden, Edward Snowden is an ISTJ. He’s an ISTJ, who’s using his super ego, angelic way, by whistleblowing and sacrificing himself and taking on all the risk on his si hero doing his duty and no longer be being wanted by anyone, because he is exposing people’s dark agendas against everyone else. And he, like Henry David Thoreau, for example, are performing civil disobedience for the benefits of other people and sacrificing themselves for the sake of their ideals. And for the benefit of others.

It’s absolutely astounding, those men should be revered, because they had the courage to do that, when typically I see Jays are some of the most afraid people of us all and lack courage. But when they have the courage, the courage of their and I Angel bring out their INFJ angelic site, it’s absolutely exquisite when their cognitive transitioning becoming as INFJ approach. So just understand that these are the differences. They need to make sure that they’re verifying whether ESTP subconscious or unconscious, etc.

But yeah, so it really comes down to you know, person’s responsibility irresponsibility with this gateway, a person’s of fear versus faith in themselves with this gateway, which is the N E, Inferior function, the Nemesis is where they’re worried versus they’re certain the ICJ becoming certain in their performance, instead of being worried about their performance, and then also trading their hatred for love, right, and love for their fellow man. As a result of conquering these gateways, they’ll be able to healthfully transition to the other side of their mind. But regardless, either way, they can go into either side of their mind with a fearful approach, right? Or a faithful approach, right? A responsible approach, or an irresponsible approach, right? Or for the shadow, right, foolish approach or wise approach, or, for example, a certain approach versus a worried approach, or a hateful approach with their super ego, versus a loving approach to their super ego. And that’s literally the cognitive transitions of ISTJ s.

If you found this lecture, useful, helpful, educational, enlightening, please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube, maybe also on the podcast as well. If you have any questions about ice jays, please leave in the comments below. I go out of my way to read every single comment, like literally every single one of them. I may not always reply, you know that your comment has been right if I put a little heart on it, because that’s basically been marking them as red essentially.

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