Season 22, Episode 14 Transcript



00:00 Hey, guys, CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life, do another episode for season 22. This is Episode 14, what are the cognitive transitions for ISFPs, also known as the druid, also known as the artist. These people live in the moment about what they feel what they value, principals, etc, trying to get other people’s attention. Sometimes they could be referred to as attention, whores, let’s be honest.

Also all about what they want and making their own decisions that are keeping their options open. It’s kind of like an ISFP I talked to recently who, for some reason, thought it was an okay thing to, you know, well, you know, I do kind of like my x, and you know, we can get back together because he still loves me, but I want to see who else I can be with. I want to see, I want to see if there’s anyone better, you know, and it’s like, Okay, wow. So you’re doing that thing that people that you’re criticizing other people for? Because you expect them to be loyal to you.

But then you’re trying to keep your options as well. And it’s like, well, wait a minute, maybe all those crusaders out there all of a sudden, are really justified and keeping their options open to because it’s like, Okay, if that’s what you’re gonna do, then, you know, and it’s usually because you’re assuming that other people do it when they don’t actually weigh I mean, what is expert intuition trickster for right, you assume that you know, the intentions and desires of other people, because you project your own desires on other people, which is not true. I mean, welcome to Expert intuition, child folks, it’s a child behaves like a child that needs to be punished like a child, like, you know, taking away their freedom, or taking away their choice, taking away their options, right? Well, you know, that’s the, that’s the ISFP way. So anyway, is what it is.

So yeah, they’re background types of behind the scenes. So they’re very informative. So they’re very indirect in their speech, they’re very vague people. Not so direct.

Sometimes they avoid conflict, oftentimes, they do this very outcome focused, they’re not going to do anything unless they get something out of it, which can honestly really make ISFP some of the more selfish of all the types. So you kind of got to be careful around them. But ISFPs are insanely artistic, in a managerial position, they can, they can increase productivity, production efficiency. And, quite frankly, ISFPs are also really amazing at you know, operations like business operations and whatnot.

Also being leaders of bands and, or any type of creative situation. But you know, the dark side of that is that they’re also really good at being camps. And oftentimes, it’s pretty common for ISFPs and ENTJs to camp, and pimp out people basically, a lot of people don’t know this about Wayfarer types, but it’s actually a thing. It’s pretty it’s kind of, it’s kind of common for them to pimp out.

Fact, the, the former girlfriend or cohorts of Jeffrey Epstein, a known pedophile, and sex trafficker. His girlfriend’s name was slain Maxwell, and she’s a Wayfair type, you might want to think about that, folks. Because I understand that, you know, people like to be pretty evil and as well as they can be pretty good at times. And it’s necessary that you folks out there identify with villains, so that you can see just how bad your personality can get.

That way you’re not walking around, being like those wayfarers who value themselves a little too much, if you know what I mean, because they do and ISFPs are no different. ISFPs can be very delicate people very precise, very artistic, and very creative. Very nice, very caring individuals. But they can also like, sell people downriver at the same time, you know? And it’s usually because they’re ESFJ shadow ends up believing that they deserve it that they deserve good things.

And it’s because I Okay, well, no one thinks highly of me. When I constantly do the good thing. I’m not going to do the good thing anymore. I’m going to do what I think is right for me.

And that just becomes this giant, selfish you know, this giant selfishness situation, which can lead to a series of problems, especially for ISFPs. And then even more, they can’t deal with the reality of what they’ve become. And ISFP is probably more than anyone else in all of the types ISFPs live in denial the most. And that’s a huge weakness that they have.

And we’ll talk about that during this lecture as to why they’re so heavily in denial. I’ll give you a hint, they live so much in the moment that oftentimes because they lack ti entirely, they don’t understand the truth of the extroverted sensing reality within their heads. So they end up believing with their te inferior beliefs, that as long as they all talk about it, as long as they don’t admit it, then it’s not real. And then they can just shove it under the rug.

This can actually lead to a form of depravity where they ended up committing heinous acts of evil, or evil in general, right, heinous or not. They can be evil people, because it’s like, Hey, as long as I don’t talk about it, it’s not real. It’s literally, you know, ISFPs are those people that are like, Hey, I can’t see you. You can’t see me.

It’s really annoying. And honestly, it’s really sad. That’s probably gonna fall gara my fault? Who knows? Let’s try to fix that year. Okay, I think it’s better.

So yeah, probably gonna have to get like a super glue or something, or some new glue for this camera mount. But we’ll see what we can do. So yeah, bio transitions. ISFPs.

So, so yeah, the background types. They’re also they’re also artists and types of which is a temperament. And I’ll learn more about temperaments. Watch season 15 playlist here on this YouTube channel, we deleted a lot of the playlist to make it easier for people to find stuff.

So check out the playlist they’ve been trimmed down, I hope it’s a lot easier for people to navigate in this channel, because it’s been so difficult. But check that out. Artisans live in the moment, the very interest base ISFPs are kind of those people that like they’re not really going to do anything unless they get theirs. And it’s really, really hard to find an ISFP that’s willing to be self sacrificing either for the greater good, or because it’s the right thing to do.

Because their Introverted Intuition child’s combines their fi hero, and they become insanely selfish with their choice, which causes which, which puts other people at risk. An example of an ISFP being selfish, their choices when an ISFP gets their paycheck, and they end up going to the bar, and they end up pissing out their entire paycheck and one night, because they just get so drunk and spend their entire paycheck on alcohol, and they end up just passing it out. And they wonder where all that went, you know, trying to be the high roller trying to have the high life which can happen, you know, for ISFPs. And, or, or they’re that ISFP that goes to the casino because I said he’s love casinos in general.

They like to say that they’re lucky slot machine and they’re there for hours pressing the same button thinking that something good is going to happen. And it doesn’t and they end up squandering all their money. So oftentimes ISFPs they squander the money after put in charge of someone else’s money, their end J subconscious, they can generally do a pretty good job but when it comes to their own money, it’s a problem. And in my coaching practice, especially with I MEAN IT departments definitely there with ISFP women you know, they spend a lot of money, you know, on clothes or things they don’t even need, man, it’s the same they spend money on toys, Aaron is all about toys, and I said these they love their toys, trust me, as much as I as much as NFPs love their toys too, but ISFPs are ESFPs but SFPs ISFPs especially love their toys.

It’s all about toys. And the thing is, is that toys, them give them status and they draw their status from having toys. That’s why you have television shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Why is it named that? Well, because the mother of the Kardashians is a Wayfair.

Kim Kardashian is a Wayfair. The idea of keeping up with somebody is that is a colloquialism. Or you’re trying to match somebody else’s status or have greater status in them. And I set these get constantly, constantly caught up in that.

Just like that movie, A Star Is Born, you know, where you have Bradley Cooper competing with 09:44 his lover, Lady Gaga in this film, and they’re both wayfarers in this film. And it’s just leading to a serious, you know, bad relationship that’s very toxic and can exist Apple have a relationship that I would recommend because it’s Wayfarer on Wayfair. You know what I’m saying? So, based on that, like, you don’t want to go down these paths. And yes, if he’s I’m letting you know that you guys can exhibit these back years and 10:15 really don’t swap you struggling a morning.

Father, yeah. You know 10:41 was raped. And she was, and he wasn’t down. And because if he had to accept that for what it was, you know, to the point where he still denies it to this day, or no, that’s not true, he denied it for many years.

And then he actually blamed her for it. Because he didn’t want to take responsibility as a father for it. Because if he admitted that, he would have to do something about it, because that’s what si critic does, to ISFPs, it forces them to take responsibility and forces them to take action. And he didn’t want to do that, which is a problem.

So with that being said, like guys just understand, you know, these are a lot of the problems are that fruit that can come as a result of being an ISFP, especially in our Western society. And that’s why you need to learn about cognitive transitions, because cognitive transitions will help you get, you know, closer to the path to enlightenment or integration. More on that in season 19. Although I will admit season 19 is no longer available to people anymore, unless you were a Gold member on June 1 2020.

Okay, fair enough. But don’t worry, folks, it will be rereleased very soon, probably in July, or August, but in a different format. So also, the eight rules for love lectures also be rereleased a different format, we had to change things up for the sake of the business, etc. So we’ll make that available in the near future.

So, but the point is, is that cognitive transitions is, you know, you gotta you gotta keep track of those wise, because whenever you’re taking the MBTI tests, you’re like, Oh, I’m this type, I’m an ISFP. Or it says, I’m an intp, or I’m this or, or it says, I’m an INFJ, today, or whatever. And people think that these letters are changing, no, they don’t change. You’re an ISFP.

Your ego is an ISFP. Well, your subconscious is ni and TJ, your unconscious and ESFJ, your super ego is an intp. And these are the four sides of the mind of an ISFP. Literally a four people, four personas for spirits basically, living inside of your head that make up you.

And your cognitive energy can shift between each of those different personas, and you can be like a completely different person. This is why, you know, sometimes in your life, you’re like, Oh, hey, you know, I really want to do this, but one side of me is like this, and other side is like they’re not sure. Or another side is like, yeah, I really want to do this, I’m not sure I really want to do this, you know. And that’s where that comes from folks.

That’s honestly, you know, the difference. But a lot of people you know, don’t, they’re not really cognizant or understanding what it means because no one’s provided them with the way to define it. And we define that by the four sides of the mind, that’s how it’s defined. So regarding the transitions, you can go into a chaotic transition or an orderly transition, or simply so is up for you is if he’s up there, a good transition, or a bad transition.

That’s simple, right? So a good transition is very orderly. And you want to have as many good transition as possible, because that builds physical neural pathways in your brain, to allow you to transition in that good manner in that orderly manner, instead of neural pathways that cause your brain to be predisposed to transitioning between the four sides of your mind in a bad way. And, you know, there’s four cognitive gateways in your head. And they represent four the cognitive functions, your hero function, your Inferior function, your nemesis function, and your demon function.

And these are the gateway functions into each of the four sides of the mind. And you gotta like, be careful with that. Because hey, those cognitive functions, you know, you want the proper neural pathways built. And if you’re constantly drinking alcohol and passed out your paycheck every weekend of there’s my puppy dog.

If you’re constantly doing that, then you’re gonna find yourself in a situation where you have bad neural pathways, which is just going to lead to even more bad behavior later, and you’re always going to be in a rut If you’re not going to have any joy in your life, you’re going to be super unhappy. And no one’s going to want to be loyal to you, no one’s going to think highly of you, you will have only fake status because you’re just trying to put out this bullshit perception in front of other people, because you’re so afraid of people thinking you’re stupid, and just putting out this perception, but everyone sees it. And no one’s willing to tell it to you because you’re so sensitive because you have an fi hero. And in reality, everyone around you actually just thinks really less of you, and doesn’t actually want to be around you.

Because you’re, you’re so selfish and whatnot. So a puppy likes. He likes old Starbucks cups, apparently. He’s pretty cute.

Yes. Really nice to him right now, all of a sudden, now he just woke up from a nap. That’s why. So, buddy.

So anyway, these are the kind of transitions and in order to reach enlightenment, the four sides of your mind have to be brought together in order for you to become whole in order for you to become holy, which means complete, lacking nothing. In order for you to become the best person you are to have a truly meaningful life as an ISFP, you have to be able to bring all four sides of your mind together and work in unison. This is who you are, this is why you are this is absolutely necessary for your own personal growth. You can’t you can’t live life without having that.

Otherwise, you’re gonna find yourself you know, underdeveloped, and then you’re gonna have quarterlife crisis because you’re irresponsible AF, or you’re going to have a midlife crisis, which means you’re prideful, AF, where you have three quarter life crisis, and you’re still a fool, and three quarters of your life, you know, like, it’s terrible. And then you’re gonna have final life crisis, where you die and meaningless existence because you, you ended up dying in a drunk driving accident, it was your fault. Congratulations, you played yourself. But you know, such slay the ISFP ISFPs are not aware of the consequences of their actions, at least the ESPs are honest about it, they have no clue, no clue what the consequences of their actions are.

But for some reason, you ISP ISFPs, including ISTPs, both you tied for some reason, pretend that you know the consequences of your actions, and you really don’t actually hear really don’t. And you guys need to understand you have that weakness, and you just end up becoming hyper reactive, and not proactive, which causes other people to think you’re stupid, basically, they think less of you, and they don’t want to be loyal to you, and your performance goes down, your performance goes down, because you’re not aware of consequences. Because you are very impulsive. And you don’t ask other people advice, for decisions that you make, you’re super impulsive.

And that causes your honestly, it causes your freedom of choice to give other people bad experiences that makes them unsafe. And that’s why we have to take away your freedom of choice and put you in jail. So that your freedom of choice no longer harms or puts other safety at risk, or it takes away their freedom. Because you know, everyone knows ISFPs are some of the most controlling of all the types.

While you’re also the most in denial of all the types, dangerous combination, don’t you think? Maybe you guys should, like have self respect and figure that out? Maybe it might be worth it. Just saying, you know, but you know, ISFPs? They’re super great, right? Yeah, sure they can. They’re great when they’re super nice, when they’re really righteous people, when, when they’re not being super lazy and idle, when they’re out working everybody else, when they actually care about what it is they’re actually doing in their life, what they’re actually producing when they actually care. And then they’re rewarded for it, you know, but I get it ISFPs you know, they have to deal with people taking advantage of sometimes, like in a work situation.

The thing is, is the ISFPs realize they made the choice to work for that person to begin with. And you will always have the choice at least in our country, to walk out on the job away. That actually happens often with ISFPs. You know, so just understand that that’s a that’s a huge, that’s just something that happens.

You guys gotta be aware of that you need to be open to that, you know, you got to become self sufficient. You know, you have to do that. But hey, you know, 19:40 that’s not that’s not be pirates. And that’s another thing ISFPs really struggle with because your guys’s minds are so disjointed like everybody else’s, because the four sides you end up leaving you end up stealing.

It’s so interesting to see an ISFP woman for example, keep her options open when she has a dedicated EMTP man Who has his own car, has his own job has his own place. He’s got his life together. He’s actually brilliant. And he’s a martial artist, really fantastic fellow.

But I’m not sure I want him because I want to see what else I can get, you know, I’m saying, and it’s like, wow, wow. And then not only that, she sees somebody else’s boyfriend that she wants. And then she ends up being the other woman in the relationship, because I just want to try it out, I just want to see if I can get him. And she doesn’t even realize that she’s being a Wayfarer thief the entire time, literally being away for a thief, literally using other people, which is really sad.

It’s really, really sad, they do this. And no, and then she starts complaining about how no one thinks highly of her. And then she has to move across the country because her reputation is so bad, she spent all of her reputation and the other place and she’s worried about people not burying her anymore. She She’s afraid that people don’t think highly of her anymore at all, she constantly has to put up a facade or a mask, or has to lie consistently to people put up a perception and just be fake.

Because I’m sorry, guys, but ISFPs are some of the most fake of all the types. Absolutely some of the most fake all the types. You know, philosopher types, they got some serious fakeness going on, the Wayfarers have some really serious fakeness going on. And that’s what happens when you when you have you lack Si, and you lack TI, because when you’ve combined te and se together, it’s like it’s mostly facade and ISFPs oftentimes live their life in facades because they’re like, Hey, as long as people think I’m cool, I can get away with whatever I want.

And then they end up becoming like thieves. And they end up stealing from other people, even including in relationships, including IT jobs, plagiarizing whatnot. Although plagiarism is more of an INTJ problem, and not so much an ISFP problem. An ISFP is more likely to just cut class, you know, then than a than an INTJ would.

Although I don’t really know many ISFPs that do cut class, but it does happen, that’s more of an STP thing, quite frankly. So. So with that being said, you know, kind of transitions, guys, the stuff is important, because if you don’t learn how to master your functions, you’re going to start exhibiting these really bad behaviors. And these behaviors are going to be semi permanent in your life, because you have neural pathways pre built your brains.

Because you’ve been transitioning and correctly, you’ve been transitioning with bad transitions, transitioning with chaotic transitions, you can’t do this. So let’s talk about why that’s necessary, and why that’s important, shall we? So the first gateway is the hero function. And the hero functions, the first function to develop. second function is the child function everyone thinks is the auxiliary function, everyone thinks, which is also known as the parent function.

That’s wrong. That’s fundamentally incorrect. Like, that’s just not going to happen. Because you don’t develop your parent function until adolescence, you first develop your hero, then you develop your child function, and then your Inferior function, Inferior function happens, the Inferior function developing whereas the child is kind of like, you know, some teenage girl getting pregnant having a baby when she’s 1415 years old.

That’s literally what is going on in our heads. Right? I wonder if that sounds familiar to some of you ISFPs out there. Anyway, the point is, due to that lack of responsibility, that mental teenage pregnancy is happening, right? It’s because the parent function isn’t there, to have that, you know, role of responsibility to exert itself upon the rest of the functions in the head, it’s got a child to take care of, it’s got an infant to take care of, it’s trying to come in and handle things to set the house in order. And the heroes too busy out there saving the world.

And being a bad example to the child function and the infant function. With the parent function only develops later. It involves in adolescence, Inferior function develops third. And that’s why when we’re raising children, parents need to focus on developing, you know, when raising a child in their childhood, to developing their Inferior function than in adolescence, stop raising the child and instead start teaching the child.

And then they need to help them develop their parent function. Then when the parent function is developed, that’s when you could start transitioning into your ego through your hero function, and a good transition in a responsible manner. So you can be personally responsible. That way you stop being idle and lazy and wasting your life on World of Warcraft for six years, and instead, go get a nice paying job.

Have your own place and your own vehicle, run over a woman with a forklift and then all of a sudden three nights later start banging You are, and you’re still in a fantastic relationship with that woman, eight months later, and I’m actually talking about an ISFP that I know and that’s a true story. But the point is, he got his shit together. Okay? You got to sit together so well. And he started out working everyone.

So well, then he made a name for himself at the warehouse. So he’s working, such that the Secretary of the warehouse and management decided that she wanted to have a relationship with him. Well, he actually decided he wanted a relationship with her. And he initiated with her, and she did not reject Him.

So that’s how awesome ISFPs can be. Because they don’t have to worry about fear of rejection anymore. Because, you know, he’s got status that he earned, not status that he took from other people. Why? Because he’s being personally responsible.

Why? Because his parents function is developed. Right? Why is it developed because he’s focusing on becoming responsible, everyone needs to earn queen, everyone has learned King, you know, King, Warrior, magician, lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Jillette, check that book out. Everybody’s a word king. And for men that is at your own home, after no car, have your own job in Western society.

That is, it’s all about being self sufficient. Now, granted, I recommend people at multi generational families, and it’s different in the Middle East. And I understand that, but the Western societal version of that is you are 100% self sufficient. And that’s what women want.

And that’s what women respect. Women want to be with you in your own castle. So they can decorate and change their your castle to their liking and make it better. And that’s fine.

My wife does a fantastic job in our castle, it’s great. I really impressed with her what she does, what she does in the kitchen was just delivering what she does, and everything. She literally threw a pool party for our animals recently. That was really cool.

You know, 26:56 that’s awesome. But the point is, you got to have the ability to develop personal responsibility. So you’re having positive good transitions in your mind. Otherwise, you’re going to be irresponsible for the rest of your life, and then pissing away your your your paycheck every weekend, as you’re trying to go out there and make yourself look good.

ISFPs stop being irresponsible, and trying to make yourself look good. How about actually being good? Get off your ass, because you folks are typically the most idle of us all. And actually start producing and producing more than you consume, so that you have a reputation for actually being good. Instead of trying to look good, then you wouldn’t have to go and press strangers at a bar.

Personally your paycheck every every time payday comes around. Wow. Stop being hedonists. It’s not so much you’re being a hedonist.

As much as you are being an attention whore, quite frankly, you’re being an attention or you’re trying to gather all this attention from strangers, and not actually real people that you have relationships with. Do you know what that means? I selfies, that means if you do that, you are pathetic. That’s what that means. Wake up.

Don’t be those people. Instead, be somebody who is effective. Be somebody who can outwork anyone, be somebody who is diligent, be someone who is actually good. Not just trying to make people look good, so that people truly think highly of you.

And so because when you actually try to be fake and have this facade and make yourself look good, guess what your te inferior is so insecure, people pick up on it right away. And your any trickster doesn’t even tell you that they know what you’re up to. And you’re just trying to look good. That’s why these women don’t have any respect for you.

That’s why men don’t love you. That’s why men would cheat on you or abandon you and move on to somebody else, because they know that you’re just trying to put on a face. And it’s not real, you aren’t real. That’s the problem.

You want to be real. You have to earn it as a difference. But instead, you want to just look good, or you want to rob somebody else, or steal it from somebody else for yourself instead of actually earning it. That’s a problem.

ISFPs you can’t do that. You can’t do that. But if you’re living your life, responsible, producing more than you’re consumed, very diligent with your virtue, instead of being so idle, and trying to take the easy route trying to cut corners, because that’s what you guys do. You try corners.

You know, I know an ISFP you built his house. He didn’t cut any corners on his house, but he built houses for other people and he cut corners on them all the time. Wow. And everyone knew he did.

He used to say his home building business went under. Thank God too. And then he had to pay the price. He is his wife almost divorced them because he wasn’t bringing any money.

And she actually they actually separated for a while she completely abandoned him. She was the ESF J. They had a golden pair and everything. She’s still abandoned him.

But he finally got his shit together, he realized that he needs to take full responsibility, he needs to admit to himself and say it actually said out loud, that he screwed up, and that he’s fix it needs to stop being denial and have his head in the sand and he actually made it work. And then he was able to perfect his craft. And no one does what he does does better than him now. It’s almost perfection, and everything that his hands touches, because he realized, hey, you know, my name is on this.

And if someone’s gonna buy this or use this, my name is on it, because he realized the value of his reputation. All you ISFPs out there putting up a facade. Let’s talk about the second transition real quick. The Inferior function, you guys so afraid of what other people think on you.

And that’s why you put up these facades that’s why you guys are so fake. That’s why you guys you know it. It’s so ridiculous. You want to be seen as the leader, you want to be the leader, you want to be the Polian you want to be the you want to be the star, you want to be the center of attention.

That’s what you want. But are you earning it? No, you’re usually taking it or you’re usually faking it, stop justifying NFJ behavior with their bullshit, fake it until you make it because you are a bad example to the NF J’s out there who think they can do that. It’s so terrible. That that like that, that that negative bullshit camaraderie is passing on from you guys over to the to the NF j’s and the NF j’s are failing in their life because you guys are being fake.

And they’re mirroring your fakeness because they see you guys looking like you’re successful. And faking it until you make it such that they mirror that behavior and thinking that they could do it too, which just destroys their lives, and it’s destroying your life. Wow, thank you for perpetuating the cycle of abuse out there. You know, don’t even get me started about pimping because I could go on and on and on about that.

The point is, you guys get so prideful. You guys get so prideful, you find you you go out there you research something, you hear something somebody says and it makes you feel special. You think that you have special knowledge that no one else has. And you feel so special about it.

You get such a huge grant and you guys feel so special. And make yourself look so special about this and people around. You’re just like, Bro, that’s not that important. You think it’s important? It’s not, you know, bro, it’s not really important, or that’s not that special.

Or, you know, or as, or as my wife says, Oh, you think you think you’re that good to get with that guy and sleep with him? Yeah, well, guess what? Anyone can have sex. Yeah, that’s, that’s what a nice achievement look at all those matches of your bedpost. But you know, that’s nice. Congratulations.

Anyone can do that. And you think you’re you think you’re special? You know, just like what the angel said to Adam in Paradise Lost when Adam goes, and Eve you know, she’s of course naked and smokin hot and in Adam’s eyes and, and then she walks out of the dwelling and he turns to Angel and he’s like, Wow, man, is she so beautiful? She’s so smokin I am tapping that as an angel so repulsive. He’s like, Dude, you do realize the cows do it. Right? Did you realize that? You’re no different than cattle? Right? You do you realize that if you carry on like that, you’re a woman, your wife will never respect you.

Adam freaked out. And he’s like, Well, what do I do, I don’t want I don’t want Eve to not respect me. The angel looked him right in the eye. And he said, well, as long as you constantly esteem yourself for the rest of your days, she will never lose respect for you.

All of a sudden, Adam started being a little bit more diligent, something you ISFPs need to start figuring out, you need to be diligent, you have to earn your weight success, you guys just have to know you have as a parent, you guys can perform pretty well. So you can perform so well. And then with precise precision of performance, that if you guys don’t give up and you guys actually practice, you will be successful, it’s guaranteed guaranteed success for you. You just have to get off your ass.

You got to stop looking the part and actually be in the part. You’re saying. Otherwise, you just cover up er, you cover up your insecurity with the fact that you’re so afraid of people thinking that you’re stupid, but because you’re actually doing it creates a self fulfilling prophecy. Your facade, your fakeness causes people to believe that you’re stupid that actually causes what you’re trying to avoid.

And not that you’re any trickster configure that x is completely unaware of what other people are getting at from out with the decisions that they’re going to make because of you, you know. But then you start being responsible and realizing that they’re having a bad experience from you. And that your freedom of choice is putting them at risk. So you stop being so fake, and then they actually start respecting you, then they actually start thinking that you’re smart, because they realize that you’re not being fake.

Because it because the smart thing is, it’s smarter to earn your way instead of steal your way or fake your way. That’s when you look smart. That’s when you actually are smart. And then people start treating you that way.

Right? That way, people aren’t talking about you behind your back, you know, saying how much of an airhead you are, right. Or usually they’re not talking about you at all, because you’re completely irrelevant to them, because you’re so fake. 35:50 So annoying. Stop it.

You played yourself. Anyway. Beyond that, then you have your guyses worry. You’re worrying about your worry about other people about you being uncaring towards other people, it’s usually because you’re so selfish and so inward focused on yourself, and how you feel that you’re not taking care of what other people feel.

So this is pretty easy. You start caring about other people, chapter nine, a book called Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk. Someone who was a bronze bear with you, folks, you might want to consider his words, and it goes like this. And I quote, care.

If you care with people, if you care for people while you’re performing for others, if you mix care with your performance, you will double your success, triple your success. And you won’t have to, and then and then you will become wise. Because ultimately, it’s really foolish for you to be selfish. Just like it’s very prideful for you to put on a facade.

If you guys let go of your facade, and you just be real with people, people won’t think less of you anymore, you won’t have to be so afraid anymore. And it will give you confidence, you will have fear of rejection anymore. Because you’re just straight up real with people, even about your own failures. Imagine an ISFP, who’s able to admit that they’re not that great.

Able to admit their flaws, audibly to other people on a regular basis, when they’re able to admit these things. So powerful. It causes people to be loyal to them. They think highly of them.

Wow, that guy’s so super real. He ain’t fake by anything. And he’s super diligent in what he does. Because he knows he has to practice.

Because he’s being he’s being honest with everyone that he’s not that great, but he’s gonna be great one day, because he’s practicing. He fake it till you make it. He’s the real deal, man. He’s the real deal.

And that’s what people say about you. And they’ll actually talk about you because all sudden, you’re irrelevant, because your real. No one out there who’s a star, no one out there who’s famous because I know how much you crave fame. No one out there who’s famous didn’t did not work hard for it.

Every one of them out there worked hard. All of them. All of them. If you don’t believe me, you ISFPs are always buying your stupid lottery tickets all the time, every now and then when you ISFPs gets your lottery ticket and you win.

And then you go blow it on hookers and blow and you lose all that money, because you didn’t work hard for it. Right? You see what I’m saying? All those people out there who did work hard for it. You know, they didn’t fake it till they make it. And it’s no wonder they’re famous.

It’s because people regard them a lot higher than you. Get over your worry. Get over that it leads to foolishness, where you are worried about other people valuing you, how about you just start caring. And if you make sure that you have the self discipline, through Introverted Sensing critic, to do what you should do.

And if you care for people at the same time that you’re performing, wow, you will be literally the greatest ISFP that walks the earth. Amazing. Everyone will come to you. Everyone will want to hear your valuable opinion.

Because you’re not fake, you’re real. And the fact that you’re real, that makes your opinion more valuable than anybody else. Because it’s f5, arrow, and T aspirational. Like, go have your pride, guys, the goal of your pride and engage in humility and recognize that you’re not that great.

And you don’t really have that much status, that but you tell people you’re going to earn that status, because you’re honest about not having status, but you’re going to earn your work hard and you’re going to not be idle, and you’re going to be diligent, and then you’re going to earn your way so there’s still your way or fake your way. Right? This is who you are. And then you want to have to cover up with pride anymore and fake everything. You could actually be honest with everybody.

You can be authentic as those FYI users claim to be you I’m saying you can actually be authentic for one’s awesome. That’s amazing. You’d be a good example other people and then you won’t be foolish anymore because you’re giving over you’re worried getting over your worry because You have concrete proof to show for your work at the end of the day, that you are a very caring person. You don’t have to worry about that anymore.

And then at that point, you are responsible. You’re humble, you’re wise. And then you have, at the end of it, the fourth transition, the fourth transition, which is where your hatred is, and everyone that’s given you crap, and attacked your status and your life, instead of hating them, you’ll start loving them, because you realize that you are fake to them to begin with. And it actually is your fault.

And you’re not afraid to admit your mistakes mistakes anymore. 40:37 And you’re actually like a human being. For once, oh, hi. Yes, yes, on the show, on the show.

All right, here, I’ll hold this and you can pull now I got it. Thank you for holding it. 40:53 So T aspirational. We’ll start aspiring, and then you’ll realize you know, all those people that you know, didn’t really want to hear your input didn’t want to hear your opinion, and you got like, Screw it, I’m gonna do what I think I want to do.

And then you end up destroying your life in the process and you know, personal your paycheck, for example, because you weren’t getting status and you get so upset about it. And then you become so idle and just like, I don’t care anymore. Well, then you realize it was kind of actually your own fault to begin with new recruiting a self fulfilling prophecy, and then you stop hating people, and you start forgiving, you start forgiving them, you start loving them, because you realize that you know, maybe they weren’t so bad. After all, maybe you are the one who was bad.

Maybe you were the one that needs to fix that. You know what I’m saying folks, like you need to do this guy’s ISFPs you are some of the most special people out there. Like I love your type your My bronze pair i But I see you guys get so selfish. I see you guys being so fake.

I see you guys stealing each other’s boyfriends or girlfriends or other people’s, you know, stealing fame copying things, plagiarizing music at times from other people. And it’s just absolutely ridiculous. And I gotta be honest, it’s just, it’s really sad. It saddens me to see this from you guys.

You guys produce some of the most amazing art in the world. And as well as some of the most amazing music, but you guys can get so selfish and so self centered. And you know, and then you keep your options open. And you’re you get you expect everyone to be loyal to you, but you decide to not be loyal to anybody.

It’s literally a double standard. You’re being a hypocrite and a thief at the same time, or you’re being fake. And you wonder why no one is loyalty. You wonder why everyone thinks you’re an airhead.

You wonder why it’s because all these things are happening to you. And you don’t have to do this, your intp super ego will be out there and engineer ways to harm other people. And you will literally plan out how to create outcomes of harm towards other people because you hate them because they don’t want to hear your input. They don’t want to hear your opinion.

The problem is your opinion 43:07 is fake. That’s the problem. It’s fake. 43:12 So what business you have been butthurt when no one will listen to your bullshit opinion.

Have you ever thought of that? Think about that. It’s not real. No one wants to listen to something that’s not real. And yet, then you blame them for not caring about your opinion.

And you say that they’re stupid, or that they’re bad people, or that only hurt my feelings. Wow, that’s so wrong. It’s your own fault, guys, you can’t do that. So instead, forgive them realize that they’re just protecting themselves from your fake opinion and your fake status.

And instead, realize that now that you have real status, because you earned it, and you worked hard, and you’re the most diligent of all the types, and you’re no longer in denial, and that you’re this better person. And like every single way, because of that, all of a sudden, you realize, you know what, maybe those people weren’t so bad, it was actually my fault. And then you can take responsibility for your actions. And those people son do think highly of you, and they forgive you, and they are loyal to you.

And they speak highly of you to other people. And you have an amazing status and amazing reputation and where you’re even famous among people. Isn’t that amazing? Guys, that’s what you could have. You could have that.

You just have to wake up guys, you just have to understand the truth about who you are mastering your cognitive transitions. Build the neural pathways you can for good behavior in your life. And I promise you, you will be successful and it will be a great life. No matter how bad things get out there.

It will be a great life. You have my word. So anyway, folks, if you found this lecture useful, helpful educate Additional enlightening, please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube. Also leave a like while you’re at it.

If you have any comments or questions about ISFPs please please leave them below I read all of the comments just so you guys know, and a little bit shorter lecture but it’s cool. It’s and it’s driving and hopefully the sound is better. I’ve been adjusting the game and I think the sound is better. It looks like it’s better at least from my end.

So, but yeah, folks, awesome. Only two more episodes left for season 22 And with that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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