Season 22, Episode 16 Transcript



00:00 Hey, what’s up ego hackers? It’s Chase with CS Joseph dot life do another episode for season 22. This is episode 16. What are the cognitive transitions of INFPs. So be my final lecture that I do public lecture that I do on this channel are going to be taking the channel in a completely new content direction, doing like little questions, reviews of various MBTI groups out there, also going to potentially get a daily show with an entire panel talking about current events, and how psychology is impacting all these current events, etc.

Like, for example, I believe, a new show that we’ll be doing will be Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith as well. So we’ll see how that goes. But regardless, things are changing. And just wanted you all to know that.

And don’t worry, the public lectures that are already up on the channel will remain there, I will not be taking those down. But all new lectures will be coming out about two to four episodes a month, specifically for our membership. So keep that in mind, that is a thing. And also the test is being released, hopefully this month, we just had another focus group, the results were amazing.

We’ve made some a lot of changes that’s been submitted to the graphic artists and some of our developers, and we are getting in a better position to release the tests. So a lot of work to do. But we’re getting there. And just wanted to make you all aware of that with what’s coming.

So I’m really excited about having that opportunity. And it seems like since my last live stream, where I actually demoed a few pieces of the tests, the the feedback that we’ve gotten, has been overwhelmingly positive, which has been pretty fantastic. So anyway, folks, I just wanted you to understand that. So anyway, onto the show.

So what are the cognitive transitions of inf peas? So INFP is, you know, the daintiest of all the types, right? You know what I’m saying? Now, just getting all about being behind the scenes background silently judging everybody around them as often as they possibly can. Because why not? Right? No, I’m just kidding. But not really. The point is, gosh, I hope I don’t like drop my phone into this, like creek that’s like down here.

Kind of like show you guys what I got here. You guys see that? Zach? Great. Check out all this amazing foliage, you know. So as part of my continued cross country tour, to check out really cool things and get as much sunlight as possible, because that just makes me healthier.

And I feel a lot better because of it. And fasting alive, keeping my beta ketone levels between 1.1 and 1.5 1.7. Yesterday, so fat burning optimized, doing lots of exercises can be dope. So anyway, that has nothing to do with this lecture.

Let’s get on to it. So kind of transitions. Why are Congo transitions important cognitive transitions. A person’s ability to master their cognitive transitions is really important because it really helps show at least externally when you’re looking at a person, how it sets them apart from other people of their same type.

Now, granted, we also can say the same thing for cognitive focus, we have that same issue. Gosh, oh, my phone isn’t like decide to like randomly overheat, etc. But the point is, cognitive focus. While we’ve explored this and season 17, if you haven’t seen the calling of focus episode yet, like what are you doing with your life, like, go get educated, it’s amazing.

It’s one of my best episodes. But so, but kind of transitions, based on how people use the four sides of the mind, they can use them in a immature way, or mature way or an expedient way, or a meaningful way, for example. And based on that, you can actually judge how well developed a person is mentally and where they are in their mental journey of life and all their life phases, specifically based on how they cognitive transition. And this is really important.

In a cognitive transition. It’s like, okay, okay, yo, I’m an INFP. But like, all of a sudden, I’m an ES TJ, or all of a sudden, I’m like this ENFJ person, you and I’m saying, it’s so weird that Myers Briggs, like has no concept of this. And it’s like, really annoying, but that’s okay, we can talk about it.

But the point is that, how well you’re able to transition to the other side of your mind. It’s important transitions and transitional theory is also important, because then you realize that there’s no such thing as Oh, you know, I’m an INFP. But you know, I feel really j right now. So I’m like an INFJ, which is basically what Frank James does every single day of the week.

You know, it’s like, okay, thank you, Mr. INFP, who’s just nothing more than an imposter for actual inf J’s. And based on that he just does nothing but create a ton of confusion, but hey, man, you know, If I just focus on one of the 16 types, you know, all of the traffic relating to that one of the 16 it’s just gonna go to me. I was like, okay, yeah, that’s fine.

Am I jealous of that? No. But the thing is, though, the reality situation is I’m not doing this for views. I’m not even doing it for subs. I’m doing it.

Because somebody has to be out there to kind of write the wrongs and correct the things when it comes to understanding the science. The speed, I mean, I just get so triggered when I see people like Tai Lopez, you know, who’s like, Ali MBTI is cramped when he’s not wrong. But he absolutely bashes union analytical psychology in favor of what the hexaco test. Wow.

Like, get out, bro. Like, seriously, get out. Check out this VISTA behind me, you know, I’m saying check out that river. paddleboarders down there as dope.

That’s a golf course. You know. So, I like me some river canyons. So yeah, but these things, you know, people gotta be aware of, you know, it’s like, oh, you know, I’m, you know, I’m feeling really J today.

So I’m an INFJ. And it’s like, okay, yeah, I NF peas. Guess what your first function is a J function, you may be a p type, according to the MBTI letter dichotomies, which is crap. By the way, don’t pay attention to letter dichotomies.

But you are technically a j, because you have FY Hiro, and FY here is all about judging things. It’s all about weighing things out, right? This is literally like, everything that you do as an INFP. It’s important to understand that, you know, the differences is that you don’t have an external judging function like extroverted feeling or extroverted thinking, sticking in your top two slots, and that’s why the MBTI lottery dichotomy system tells you that you’re actually a p type, because you still let your day happen to you, you do not happen to your day. And you know, and that’s because you don’t have any external judging functions.

And you’re taught to slots of your calling functions, that INFJs also have similar confusion, because, for example, they’re seen as a J type, because they have Extraverted Feeling and their tops two slots of their function stack. But it’s like, okay, is that even useful? Is that even important? Well, no, because they have, and I hear well, that’s a perception, hero, and perception hero, you know, but they still have to plan out their day, even though INFJs are notorious for being terrible at planning. So when they come to you, the INFP is nasty. You guys plan for them.

You guys create a plan for the INFJs. And then they’ll run and execute your plan. But then you don’t want to follow your own plan that you make for yourself, which I find is so hilarious. And just another one of those built in hypocrisy is that every single person out there has everyone has some kind of hypocrisy.

This is just yours. So yeah, I own a piece. most brilliant of all the types. Don’t tell them don’t don’t tell anyone I said that.

Just kidding. You know, if he’s like, Robert Greene, as I keep saying his name over and over and over again, but there’s so many more out there think John Locke might be an INFP. Not sure though. Pretty sure.

Might be an INFP. As you know, reading his work and whatnot. So nice to be in the shade again. So nice.

So yeah. So kind of transition. So how do they work? Basically, due to neuroplasticity, neuroplasticity is what gives the brain to adapt over time, and rebuild or build new neural pathways. So rebuild neural pathways that were there before.

It’s easy for them to build because when taking on a task or a certain skill, that the INFP, for example, or anyone for that matter, has performed before the the brain can rapidly rebuild those neural pathways again, and to be able to relearn that skill as faster, more effective. But then beyond that, you also have 09:24 the ability to create new neural pathways when you’ve never learned a skill before. And you know how extroverted sensors do it they see what other people are doing and through observation, those neural pathways are built si users have to do it themselves. Regardless what other people are doing.

They have to have the experience themselves like an INFP would. And then the brain starts building those neural pathways. This is why if you’re raising like an SI user, you kind of want to force them to do things they’ve never done before. That way it builds more neural pathways in their head.

And due to that neuroplasticity, they’re always constantly building and rebuilding neural pathways and using them all the time. Well, From a cognitive function standpoint, cognitive functions directly impact neural pathways and neuroplasticity as well, because of cognitive gateways, common gateways is your hero function, which can turn into a warrior function once it’s matured. And then you have your inferior infant function, which can turn into royalty or a king later, as it grows up, essentially, that’s the second gateway. And then you have the third gateway, which is, you know, it’s like the Nemesis function of a certain versus uncertainty function, basically.

And then you have the final function, which is the demon gateway, the demon function, which can become very angelic. So yeah, keep that keep that in mind. So what are these gateways represent? Well, the first gateway is all about unlocking a person’s responsibility. The second gateway is all about unlocking someone’s courage, that gateway represents courage, how they deal with fear, the third gateways about unlocking a person’s certainty and a person’s confidence, essentially certainty.

And then the final gateway is unlocking a person’s ability to show true love and true compassion for themselves or other people, etc. And kind of lead in that direction, right. So like an FYI demon would have like the most angelic form of sympathy out there, right? The greatest form of sympathy, even though their sympathy often has is full of hatred, oftentimes, because people who haven’t valued them or valued their help, and have refused their health, it’s like, well, fine, I’m not going to help you ever again. And then they just pull the chair out from under and then they fall on their ass.

You know, I’ve been FIDM before, but like, a former team member of mine, which is pretty sad, but there’s not much I could have done about that, because I wasn’t going to tell her what exactly what was going on. Because if she saw things my way, she probably would have made decisions differently. But she was loyal to the wrong person, the wrong thing. So she kind of made that decision.

And FYI, demon me. That’s all right, it happens. So these are, these are, the kinds of gateways is where you have these neural pathways being built in your head, as you use the cognitive gateways and kind of gateways are necessary for us, because through the cognitive gateways, you take like your, your mental energy, or your spirit energy, or who you are, as a person, it’s kind of like water, or electricity, or whatever. And you can send it as a current down those neural pathways into the other sides of your mind, kind of like an irrigation system for a farm, right? Well, or your brain, I guess.

And you’re able to send down information, sometimes, you know, you got to build that irrigation system, you got to make it more effective, you got to make sure that you know, information is going in and out, you don’t I’m saying properly, or it’s not going in too much too quickly. Or, you know, what if air is trying to escape with all that liquid moving through, you know what I’m saying. And based on that, that can cause a lot of problems. So, building those neural pathways are absolutely critical.

But you can do this in two different ways. You do it the expedient way, or you do it the meaningful way, building these neural pathways. And when you’re doing it the expedient way, the fast way, you’re not really going to get anywhere in life, quite frankly, other than just repeating the same mistakes over and over and being honest, endless, Crazy Cycle for your life, including your relationships, etc. And you’re really just you’re immature, you will be immature.

So in order for you to really unlock maturity, or get any form of maturity whatsoever, you have to cognitive transition in a responsible manner or a mature manner. Because you have a very wide part of your gateway and you’re sending your mental energy down that gateway to get access to the other side of your mind, which creates a very chaotic response, a chaotic transition. What’s an example of an INFP chaotically transitioning? Well, they end up hiding and go self preservation mode, because they’re afraid about what other people think of them and they’re afraid of losing status and their reputation. The problem is, they get so paralyzed by this fear when they’re transitioning in this very immature, chaotic way.

And all their mental energy is flowing through their soul. And it’s going glug glug, glug, glug, kind of like you have a big water container and you’re trying to dump all the water out. There’s not enough air in the container. Wow.

I’m like literally looking at a kitten that seems to have had his tail. Cut off. That’s weird. Random kitten.

Okay, I guess that’s why I saw a mama cat there the other day. As a little Little litter of kittens down there might go check those out when I’m done with this video. So, you know, and the water is coming out of his bottle, you know, very chaotically. And it causes collateral damage and the collateral damage has caused to an INFP, who’s paralyzed by the fear of people thinking less of them, because I care so much about what other people think it’s ridiculous.

But because they care so much in this manner, it causes, you know, it causes an action, total paralysis, and then they end up losing the status that they’ve already gained end up losing their reputation for what they already gained, because people around them are seeing them as lazy, or inept, or incapable. And they’re stuck in their comfort zone, because they’re going to the comfort zone to try to save themselves from the fear. Because what if this person thinks less of me because of something I say? Or because of my opinion, what if my opinion is not valuable enough? I better not say anything. This is why inf peas are quiet, loud inf peas or inf peas who know their opinion is very valuable, if not the most valuable around.

And because of that, they’re not afraid to speak. They’re not afraid to speak their mind. They’re not afraid to be authentic, or at least look authentic. For you FYI, users out there that think that because you’re an FYI, user, you’re authentic.

lol Nope. INFP is a perfect example of why it’s not authentic because I NF peas have this thing where they manage everyone else’s perceptions of them at all times. Tell me? How is that authentic? Oh, wait, it’s not. Let me show you some authenticity from a TI user.

That’s some authenticity. You see what I’m saying? Because I don’t give a damn what you people think of me. Even if I spit on my videos or whatever, I really don’t care. I live my life.

I’m comfortable spitting on the road, don’t care, even if it’s in front of people, again, don’t care, don’t care what people think of me. I NFE they do care. They want to do the good thing, or they want to look good, right? Such that, you know, it’s like, okay, well, I’m not going to spend in front of people, especially when I’m filming a video on YouTube, et cetera. You won’t ever see Frank James do anything like that.

So you know, I’m saying. But the point is, is that they get paralyzed by this fear. And they end up like doing nothing, they they end up being paralyzed. And they end up losing status and losing reputation.

So the thing that they’re trying to avoid becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, they are creating the very thing they’re avoiding because they’re giving into their fear. And that is a chaotic transition into ES TJ subconscious. Because that subconscious ESC j is so underdeveloped. It’s so scared of taking charge, it’s so scared of sharing his opinion, it’s so scared of, you know, running the show, when it knows it needs to and people are looking to this INFP to do it.

But no MFI or no Mustad is matar titles, I don’t have the proper title for people to respect me if I do this, so I’m not going to do it, then all sudden, everything falls apart because they didn’t do their duty. Whereas from, 18:15 you know, from a reality point of view, titles, and status and achievements don’t really mean that much. They don’t. They, they really don’t just like ethics kind of don’t really mean that much either.

You know, you could say it for both sides. But they don’t mean much. And, you know, it’s so funny to watch INFP spend so much time on their education has spent so much time on academia, only to find out that their $100,000 bachelor’s degree is nothing more than a checkbox on a resume. You know, I’m saying, what actual value is there? Nothing.

It’s all theoretical anyway, right. But for some reason, they think it’s valuable, for some reason, they think is a thing. And it’s just like, really, really, you spent all your life doing that. It’s no wonder INFP women, you know, they freak out because they haven’t consolidated on a man, by the time they’ve gotten to a certain age, when I hit 2627 It’s like, oh, maybe I should be in a relationship.

Maybe I should consider you know, getting a monogamous relationship so I can have a baby and because I’m losing status, you know? And like, I got so focused on my career, I got so focused on all these meaningless achievements that I didn’t even take care of the thing that would make me happiest the most potentially, right? Well, many women get stuck with that. Society sells them this bill of goods where hey, you know, you know, if you go to school, go to college, get a job, you’ll be happy, right? It’s not about building families. Family don’t mean anything anymore. It just doesn’t.

So Which is pretty sad. But that’s just the reality. So family means something, if you make it mean something, don’t expect society, the thing is, you know, INFP is because they’re so afraid of having their own opinions and sharing their own opinions, they end up outsourcing their opinions and outsourcing their thinking to other people. And thinking that it’s, you know, hey, it’s a safe thing to do, you know, we’re just playing it safe.

And I think they’re gonna get somewhere in their life. And then all of a sudden, you have this, you know, 37 year old INFP woman who hasn’t had a kid who hasn’t had a dedicated relationship, a committed relationship. And she’s, like, so worried and so afraid, and so upset to the point where she’s just given up because it’s like, well, I’m expired. That’s not a future I recommend, but you know, and I critic, and I critic is so critical decisions, it makes that an eye critical, push everything so far, because hey, if I make a decision, I’m gonna have the consequences of people thinking better of me, or thinking less of me, and I can’t make a decision, because I don’t want to risk people thinking less of me.

But because they’re not willing to take that risk. You know, because they’re not willing to take that risk. They don’t go anywhere in life. They absolutely don’t go anywhere.

They’re not able to contribute. No one thinks highly of them, everyone actually, surely thinks less of them. And guess what? You have for yourself a self fulfilling prophecy, again. So you go your transitions really matter, you probably would want to, you know, develop those neural pathways now, wouldn’t you? Especially when you get to a situation where it’s like, okay, I’m doing this right now.

I got this handled. And could you imagine an INFP? For example? Could you imagine an INFP? Who doesn’t care about what other people think of them? Imagine how powerful that person would be. Imagine their insanely valuable opinion. They know, their pain is so valuable, that anyone would stop and listen.

You know, that’s, that’s kind of like how it works. Has any you guys ever like actually figure that out? Have ever like, you know, understand, again, this is the value of cognitive transitions, right. So the first gateway, you know, responsibility versus irresponsibility. INFP is like, how does it work? Like, FYI, hero, you know, it’s all about responsibly weighing decisions out, right? You gotta weigh things out.

Which means if you’re not doing enough research to back up, you know, you weighing out certain decisions, you realize that you have to make a decision, you should, you shouldn’t like avoid making decisions, like every INFP does, because if you avoid making decisions, you’re all just gonna get judged, and it was gonna think less of you. And that’s what you deserve. At that moment. Because you’re ineffective, you’re stagnant.

INFP is at the greatest risk of being the most stagnant, both types. Just like they can also be like, really super entitled and depraved. And if an FYI hero, you’re transitioning into your own ego in an irresponsible manner, guess what happens? The INFP starts to believe that they are entitled to things that they should not be entitled to, regardless of if it’s if it’s affiliative or not. I’ve actually, in my coaching practice, in situations that I’ve dealt with throughout my life, inf peas seem to have the largest sexual issues, you know, in terms of like sexual sin, or sexual deviancy of some kind.

inf peas seem to have like, the worst. And it’s because they become entitled, I’ve even seen inf peas actually believe that they are entitled to other people’s bodies, for example, which literally can create some of the worst or most heinous forms of rape out there. I’m not saying that all inf peas are rapists. But I’m saying is that they have the mental capacity of becoming so depraved and so entitled, that they end up over weighing themselves in favor themselves.

They don’t consider the value or worth of other people. This is very irresponsible, right? And it can be a huge issue. They have to learn the consequences to their actions. They also have to look up what the rules are, they have to research because an INFP is always going to get to a point in life where they’re like, Okay, what exactly can I get away with? I ENFPs are the masters of creating loopholes and finding loopholes, as well as leveraging loopholes to their own advantage.

This is why they’re amazing at being lawyers, for example, amazing at being day traders. There They’re there. They’re really great in that area. They also can find social loopholes, and leverage those social loopholes for their own benefit, regardless of if it benefits anyone else.

And in responsible FY hero, because they’re so interest based, because both FYI hero types are interest based, they’re aware of what they are getting out of a situation versus what someone else is getting out situation. But an INFP FYI heroes even is a piece of this problem. It gets to the point where the ISFP is like you know, both of them are like, you know, hey, I should probably, you know, pay attention to what other people are getting out of it, not just myself, because again, they end up over valuing themselves and not even realize that they’re doing it INFP is especially the problem is they have expert sensing trickster, and they do not even see anyone at the impact to anyone else. They are only aware of their own impact, the impact that happens to them, but they have no concept of impact to other people.

And that’s really frustrating, because it’s really hard. And this is another reason why they can see they can get so depraved and super entitled. And it’s because they are chaotically transitioning, and so ego. And they have to realize that because of that entitlement, that sense of entitlement, it is making them undesirable.

That’s why you have like these memes about involuntary celibates out there. It’s literally an underdeveloped Extraverted Intuition parent with an entitled FY hero. That’s an involuntary celibate, let’s be honest, so. And this, this meme constantly plagues.

INFP is on a regular basis. It’s really lame, it sucks. But this is literally what happens, folks, this is what happens. So keep that.

Keep that in mind, it’s it’s really important to be aware of those consequences if you’re not using your hero function properly. If you are using your hero function properly, you gotta go a little bit further, you know. So 27:05 regardless, it’s all about properly weighing things out and the INFP you know, with his ego, well researched, but also realizing that they shouldn’t be as entitled to certain things and understand the value of things and then seek to you know, make their opinion valuable, which is the second gateway. We’ve already talked about it somewhat at length, so I’m only going to lightly touch on it.

Fear of other people and what they think fear that your opinion is not good enough fear that people think you’re stupid. I mean, every FYI hero out there walks around like afraid that people think they’re Airheads, but who cares what people think about you, it doesn’t matter if you are well researched, if you have the most valuable opinion out there than ever, and people are gonna listen to you. And it doesn’t matter what they think if you’ve know that if you know that you have put in the time and the effort and figured those things out. If you’ve actually done that, What business do you have to concern yourself with the thoughts and judgments of you by other people? Like who cares? It’s not important.

That way, you can just ignore that. And then you know, you’re no longer being infantile about that and no longer paralyzing yourself but you’re actually able to execute in your life and get things done ESDA subconscious while when it’s when it’s when it’s afraid, it gets super controlling has to control the environment, it has to have the Zen the paralysis Zen for the SI child to protect the SI child, but But when it’s aspirational when the INFP is like look, I put in all the time and effort in my opinion is super mega valuable and I don’t care what you think I’m taking control this project, I’m taking control of the situation and I’m handling it because obviously you won’t be able to be is there any parent is aware of that then the any parent is able to be developed, right. But that’s ESC J subconscious. You know, it’s amazing, it’s super organized, I ENFPs are amazing, amazing project managers, for example, because they can plan and control for the sake of other people even being like a controller or controller etc.

Like they are fantastic at that INFP czar and even and having the patience of the saint to be able to do like day trading, etc. That’s also really necessary from an INFP standpoint. So third gateways where persons worry exists and where they’re uncertain. And so INFP is are kind of uncertain about the value systems other people have and to the point where it’s like okay, these are my values as FYI here are going to be squelched by the values of other people.

So they always usually have a negative slant towards value systems that other people have. This can cause a lot of problems. This can actually cause the INFP to come off as someone who’s not sympathetic or completely uncaring, and extremely selfish. And this is why inf peas worry about, you know the value that other people place on thing games because they care so deeply about their own values and their own principles and the principles other people, oftentimes, they have to compete with those principles, and they don’t like competing with its principles or those principles may actually become obstacles for them in their own life, which is also something that is really, really frustrating.

And they can come off as a super uncaring person. Or conversely, they can end up forcing their own value systems on other people with their E NFJ. Shadow. And they force their value systems on others, and even to the point where they will go so far as to shun people who don’t share their value systems.

And then they just end up alienating themselves even more, which ends up lending them the reputation, and making their te inferior Extraverted Thinking inferior, even more insecure? Because it’s like, wow, I’m at this point now, where people like, are questioning whether or not, you know, I’m even valuable to begin with, because I’m shunning people, right. And it’s another reason why because, again, other people’s value systems, other people’s principles may be obstacles, for the values and principles that the INFP has, which can be pretty sad, not gonna lie. Oh, it’s one of the reasons why NFP is such shut ins. The thing is, though, is that an INFP need to get to a point realize that their own value system, their own principles are their own.

And they don’t have any right to force other people to, you know, adopt their value systems or their principles, no matter how idealistic those are. I don’t know, I recently got into a huge fight with my aunt on Facebook, over a discussion concerning suicide, and she’s an INFP. And she got so entitled to her own principles, that she was completely ignoring any principles that I was putting forward and forcing her principles down my throat, because that’s what INFJs do, they enforce this, and they use their cruel ENFJ shadow, especially in the areas of reputation, because you can harm an INFP the most by attacking their status and attacking their reputation. So they think that because it hurts them the most, that hurts other people the most.

So that’s why they attack people on their reputation. Of course, my aunt is attacking me in public like this before I blocked her. I’m just like, Okay, I don’t care what other people think of me. So you’re wasting your time, like, seriously, just getting the dumpster where you belong.

That’s not really going to help you. And I’m saying, and I even told and I even said publicly, I’m like, Your opinion is invalid. Like, I’m sorry. I don’t care what your beliefs are the truth and the facts.

Say this, the statistics say this. I don’t care about your idealistic beliefs. I don’t care how they make you feel. I’m sure they make you feel good, but I’m sure ignorance feels good, because ignorance is bliss.

And least that’s what INFJs claim. But to me, a ti parent ignorance is absolute hell. So like, Why are you forcing me to be like, ignorant, because you’re happier that way? Okay, that’s, that’s, that’s for you. I mean, if you want to be ignorant, and have no success in your life, and be sucking off the government tit at every opportunity, sure, go ahead and be entitled, go be entitled, no one thinks highly of you anyway, no one values you anyway.

And everyone knows that your principles are based on bullshit beliefs that don’t actually make any sense to anybody. Okay. That’s how I treat that INFP, who is not willing to actually listen, and they get so butthurt trying to shove their input down everyone else’s throats, but they’re not willing to take the time and actually do the research themselves. They’re not willing to take the time to actually to actually verify because it’s like you better cite your sources, because I don’t have to listen to you.

And it’s like, Well, you never cite your sources anyway, you just keep, you just keep expanding and expanding upon your bullshit belief system that are just causing you to have bullshit values, instead of actually looking at the data and the actual research to come to those conclusions on your own. This is why a well researched INFP has those Bible opinion in the world. There’s a reason why a book like the 48 Laws of Power is the most read book in the world. Second to the Bible is written by the INFP Robert Greene because he did the research.

It’s not that hard. I FPS, you want to be successful in life, do the freakin research and stop. Stop seeing other people’s value systems as obstacles, actually see them as an opportunity for you to personally grow. What happens if you actually experiment with other people’s value systems and try them out and see if they’re actually valuable? What if you actually give your ePHI hero an opportunity to not play it safe and actually weigh things out? Right? Maybe you might like actually be wanted.

Every now and then. Maybe people would actually think highly of you. That would be nice, right? But until until that happens, well then you’re basically stagnant and you know, you’re nothing more More than a burden and a liability and other people around you. And it’s no wonder, you isolate yourself, but everyone around you is happy that you isolate yourself because they don’t want anything to do with you to begin with.

When you actually think everyone’s talking about you behind your back, no one actually cares enough about you to talk about you behind your back anyway, it’s so hilarious, and the self fulfilling prophecy keeps perpetuating itself over and over and over. And I gotta say, it’s the most annoying thing in the world. Just watch some of Frank James videos. He’s literally that way, he gets so upset anytime you take us potshots at his status, or his you know, or how he looks.

He very, very much cares about his perception and his image to other people. Classic INFP style. But you know, you know, oh, you know, I’m an INFJ because I’ve had to label INFJ you know, because that makes me feel better. And I’m like, Okay, thank you, Mr.

Ignorant. Thank you very much. Oh, you know, but I learned from Dave Powers. He’s my he’s my mentor and insight.

Okay, that’s cool. Dave Powers cool. But it’s still inaccurate. I mean, look at the result, right? What’s the result? What’s the action here? So funny inf peas gets so butthurt over other people’s intentions.

So like, well, I didn’t intend for that to happen. And I’m like, no one cares about your attentions. attentions are paved. That’s, you know, they’re like intentions are, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Your intentions don’t matter. What’s the results of your actions. That’s what actually matters. INFJs.

Right. But you don’t know the consequences of your own actions and how they impact other people because you have expert sensing trickster. So anyway, you know, if someone’s getting angry at you, and giving you blowback, because of your irresponsibility, because you’re so uncertain about other people’s principles, and other people’s value systems, that we’d rather shelter yourself. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard INFP is out there complaining about how their family sheltered them.

When the reality situation is the INFP always had the choice with ni critic to unsheltered themselves at all times. 37:03 They always had the choice. Why don’t My eyes hurt? Because you’ve never used them before. There is a reason why Keanu Reeves, who is an INFP played Neo in the Matrix, there is a reason.

That’s what it’s all about. Pay attention, guys. Pay attention. By the way, I NF peas are amazing martial artists.

So you guys might want to like take a look at that. So realize, folks, realize that all these differences, all these things are happening, you know, around you, you need to be certain, certain enough in your own principles that you recognize that you have the freedom of choice with your ni critic, to choose which principles you adopt and which ones you don’t adopt. But if you are also not going to allow yourself to use your ni critic to take the risk to adopt certain new principles and new value systems, you will remain vanilla, you will remain stagnant. No one will respect if you’re a man, no woman would ever respect you at all.

And never give you unconditional respect. And that’s what you deserve. If you’re a woman, no man could give you unconditional love in that situation. Because you’re stagnant because you’re nothing more than a burden.

And when someone is a burden, they should be abandoned. They should be not wanted anymore. There’s nothing desirable about you people when you are burdens. So stop being a burden.

And thus be certain about your principles. First and foremost, and experiments, be willing to experiment with the principles of other people. And then determine for yourself with your ePHI hero. Whether or not it’s worth it to you to adopt that principle or not.

I NFPs, for example, read the book sex at dawn by Christopher Ryan, there’s some principles in there, you might want to consider. Maybe you should adopt them, maybe you shouldn’t. Go find out for yourself, force yourself out of your comfort zone and give yourself new experiences. And don’t rely on se users to do it.

Because as users just get so frustrated with you that you don’t do it on your own. Get yourself and taste things, experience things, experience new values, develop new values. That way, you’re gonna have a better word world instead of just spending all your time complaining that the world is not already good. It’s not already good because not willing to get off your ass because you’re lazy, and actually go out there and experiment with new values and new value systems and new ways of doing things and new principles, right? Your Rules for Living Right? Like the 48 Laws of Power, and how many times I’ve heard if he’s complained about the 40 Laws of Power and say Robert Greene is evil.

He’s not like can you not understand the neutrality the wisdom of neutrality there, but apparently you guys are so biased and you are the most biased all the times that you complain about bias the most. You hypocrites. I’m so tired of it. So tired of it.

You guys can be better than this. Robert Greene, he, he adopted other people’s principles, and it was amazing, you know, Keanu Reeves as well. He’s also adopted a bunch of different principles, especially, you know, in his acting career, going outside of his comfort zone, he’s had to go even further than that. He’s also one of the most sympathetic people that have like ever existed.

His level of sympathy is amazing. His level of sympathy is something that is, you know, honorable. And, you know, like, there’s rumors of him giving money to poor people, or people working on staff or entire movies that he’s funded. And he didn’t actually get anything like these, these rumors about him, you know what I’m saying? And he has that reputation and be able to wield that sympathy.

Sympathy is also a willingness to adopt other people’s principles and value systems and try them out. Because at least those other people end up being validated because you the great and good INFP with all your size and reputation, are willing to try them out. Because then it means you’re not being judgmental. But if you don’t, you are being judgmental.

You’re judging people with your uncertain worried Fe nemesis? Because it’s like, well, that’s that principle is not the right way of doing something. How do you know you’ve never done it before? How do you know you haven’t tried it yourself before? You’re so judgmental for things that you’ve never even done? That’s your problem. INFJs wake up. And then the fourth gateway to transition? You guys get so upset, and you get so bitter over everyone else who has trashed your reputation, and destroyed your status, so much that you end up hating people? I’m sure Frank James hates my guts right now.

Because he’s like, Oh, he’s bad mouthing me all the time. Isn’t that the baton off me? And like, No, dude, I’m just exposing you for the fake person that you are, I’m just exposing you for fake, you can choose to not be fake. If you were to actually admit that you actually are an INFP instead of an INFJ, you’d have a whole new opportunity to create whole new content for your channel. And the level of humility that you will be showing to your audience with cause them to want you more, it will make you more desirable.

And I share the subscriber count your channel with like, literally double overnight. Humility is powerful. And no one can wield a humility, humility, like an INFP. Can, he has a huge opportunity here, but instead, you know, he could be hateful and he can be bitter towards me or whatever.

Okay, sure. You can be hateful and bitter towards me, even though he’s like being a charlatan? He doesn’t even know or maybe he does. I don’t know. But the point is, is that that is a problem.

You know, like, but he can engage in humility. And people tell me Oh, Mr. CS Joseph, you don’t you don’t engage in humility at all. And I’m like, dude, like, if I miss type someone, I admit it, and then I fix it.

It’s not hard. I miss type Drake. You know, that’s the thing, right? I did not miss that. And Post Malone, though.

Okay, like, for all you out there who say otherwise, like, yeah, no, I didn’t. And I even get, like, people like, within my coaching practice, I’ll type people, you know, and I will, you know, it’s so funny and members of the audience, like, no, they’re not that type. They’re not that type. And then like, when I actually sit down with them and explain my reasoning, they’re like, Okay, yeah, you’re right.

Like, yeah, I know, I’m right. Okay. I don’t have to prove it to you guys. You know what I’m saying? It’s just really annoying that, like, I end up getting forced to over and over and over again, you know? So yeah, just like, understand guys, like the world works a lot different.

But an INFP is not going to know unless they’re willing to take the time to actually go and discover that, you know, saying, You guys get so hateful of all the people in your life, who have trashed your status and trashed your reputation and made other people think that you’re stupid, when you may have actually been behaving stupidly to begin with? Are you guys willing to take responsibility that perhaps those people that you hate, were actually right about you? Are you actually willing to consider that because maybe if you’re able to do that, you’d actually be able to, like, you know, love them, and then get into your super ego in a very healthy angelic way, instead of very hateful demonic way, which is like your, what you’re what you’re so used to doing what you’re so inclined to do, because you’re still stuck in your stagnant comfort zone, that you’re just going to keep repeating the same mental routines over and over and over again. You can’t do that, guys, you can’t do that. I NFPs, you guys are like the most brilliant of all the times, you have the power to change the world, just like Robert Greene has literally changed the world. And it because of the principles and the philosophies that you’re able to create and carry with you.

People like Gandhi, adopt them, people like Plato, adopt them, and really, really bring them to fruition. I think Pythagoras may have actually been an INFP. And he trained Socrates and ENFP, who trained Plato and INFJ is that amazing? Life rule number one, according to Pythagoras is as follows. And I quote, above all else, respect thyself.

You see what I’m saying, guys? I NFPs you could be so much better than this. And you’re only going to get better if you start us. In your cognitive transitions and a very meaningful way, and so the expedient way, because the expedient way is really just to live as a hermit in your turtle shell without actually experiencing what the world has to offer, you will not be able to change the world for the better until you experience the world, the good and the bad. And until you’re willing to do that, nothing’s gonna get better for anybody.

And it’s going to be your fault, and you will be held responsible, you will be held accountable. When that comes to pass, mark my words, therefore, as Jesus said, Pick up your mat. Get up, pick up your mat, and walk, you know, at the pool Bethesda, I think that guy’s an INFP. Let’s be honest, take your mat, get up and walk.

Because then the world will change for the better because of your valuable opinion, 45:53 and your very powerful voice, such that people actually have a far better future, because you contain within you a painful past of suffering. And you’re able to derive the wisdom of all the suffering in your life, because you tried out other value systems, you tried out other principles, you went out of your way to sample what life has to offer, which created suffering in your life, because you’re so afraid of suffering, you are so foolish. But if you take on the suffering of your life, you then gain the benefit of suffering, which is wisdom and suffering is the only way to gain wisdom. And then you take that wisdom and you create amazing principles and amazing philosophies that changed people’s lives forever and ever.

Such as, like, for example, the 48 Laws of Power. And that wisdom is your legacy to the world. And this is who you really truly actually are. Otherwise, you can just decide to have your foolish head in the sand for the rest of existence.

Because you’re afraid of pain, you’re afraid of suffering, you’re afraid of adopting other people’s value systems, other people’s principles, when the reality situation is you might want to go try that out. Make that decision, take a risk I NFPs you will learn so much from you’ll be able to extract so much from any risk that you take such that after taking the risk, you’d look back in your life and not have any regret and realize, yes, I lived Yes, I suffered. But I gained all the wisdom in the world for it. And what that was the my creative philosophy that I know that tomorrow for humanity, it will be a better day.

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So with that being said, Folks, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys tonight.

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