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00:03 Hey guys, it’s Chase with CS Joseph dot life do another episode for season 22. This is episode 12. What are the cognitive transitions for the INFJ? archetype according to Union analytical psychology or four sides dynamics is specifically referring to the four sides of the mind. What a mouthful.

So caring transitions, what are cognitive transitions? Well, cognitive transitions basically are that same that allows you to go into the different sides of your mind, we have, we know the four sides of mind exists because of various evidence that we see in our interactions with people in our lives. For example, when we’re interacting with other human beings, or like having an argument we can be like, okay, hey, you know, one part of me says this, but another side of me says this, and it’s kind of like, you know, you have that the angel or the demon, you know, on your shoulder talking to you want to, that’s evidence of multiple sides of the mind, you basically have four personas living within your skull at all times. And you have your ego, your subconscious, your unconscious, and your super ego, etc. And they develop differently in different areas.

And they actually control this, this is your mind basically for an INFJ. And it controls the entire direction, and development of your life as we know it. And by the way, if you want to learn more about that, we go into super in depth about this entire process. In season 19, Episode 13, which is available at CS Joseph dot life for slash members.

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So coding and transitions of INFJ inf j’s are pretty awesome. They are quite frankly, the most important of all the types of stuff maybe inf peas in my humble opinion, especially since humanity just can’t really move forward without an INFJ they have to move forward with them. And this is kind of exemplified between since they are the finishers is why Jesus said what he’s dying on the cross quote, It is finished because it is finished. And then as a result of being finished, he is the grand archetype the logos archetypes as attached to the finisher archetype for the human race as the INFJ.

So in order for the in order for the age to close, and Dawn of a New Age, a new way of thinking a new everything to occur. Well, the INFJ is the tip of the spear that leads humanity to that form, which is why they’re so crucial. And it’s interesting because they end up being so while they are the most valuable, they also can be the most worthless of all the types as well and they just end up oscillating between the two. They can be completely novel and completely worthless.

That they’re literally like doing nothing with their life is that playing World of Warcraft of League of Legends and sitting on their ass not really doing anything or caring because they want so badly to get recognition, more recognition on the keyboard right or the leaderboard. That’s all they really care about at the end of day to prove to other people that they actually have skill because of their se inferior performance since I Yeah, okay, what a complete total waste kind of sounds like my you know, INFJ mentor because he ended up becoming I mean, when I knew him, I he he hit platinum for a while, I think he actually made diamond and he was beating challengers on one by one on a regular basis playing Attack Damage carry with Caitlin, or Jinx as well as some other ADCs because AC is the only role that he played. I dabbled a little bit League of Legends and did support and jungle I like jungle the best and definitely Trundle is my favorite character. But at the end of the day, it probably is not really something I should be spending my time on.

So I gave it up as much as I gave up EVE Online or World of Warcraft and all these other dopamine creating things because I didn’t really want to get to a point where I was being, you know, addicted to these games and spending time on that. So is that I decided to spend time on you guys and actually like create something and share this knowledge with you folks knowledge that luckily my INFJ mentor conferred upon me which I’m very thankful for But to a point, I’ve been able to develop the science a lot since since his influence, and we are moving forward as a result of this presentation. So cognitive transitions. So how to identify an INFJ on a type read, they’re direct, they’re responding there, their progression directly say what they mean me what they say they’re responding, they prefer to be kept in the loop on things, instead of being the person that loops other people in on things.

Finally, learn more about that watch season 15, and talks about how to type people that’s hybrids that are also watched season two, so Season Two and season 15 playlist in this channels, explains like all of that, so you guys know. So just so silly like you do that. Other than that. They’re also very interest based, they’re aware of what they get out of situations are trying to work for the mutual benefit of themselves and other people, though, sometimes they can actually manipulate systematic people, and allows us to map people to take a lose, well, they get a win, while the systematic people are oblivious to win lose situations, this is especially true with triple systematic types, which are NTPs.

And oftentimes INFJs end up taking full advantage of NTPs because of that situation, so please be aware of that. Also very abstract and committed to what if thinking and possibilities, instead of instead of, you know, the what is kind of like the INFJ, wife of my ENFP mentor who constantly accuses him of cheating on him on her, even though he doesn’t actually do that. And he’s actually super loyal. But she’s so worried about him, you know, choosing somebody else over her or valuing somebody else over her that she ends up spinning these crazy ideas like, Oh, this is out of the normal, you know, your home a little bit later, who are you sleeping with, et cetera.

And she literally makes these statements to him to his face like she did 10 years ago. And that’s like, a really scary and heavy business experience. But I’ve seen with my own eyes. Wow.

Yeah, like, stop being so worried that, you know, your man’s not going to choose you. And you know, the same thing goes for INFJ. Man, I’ve seen INFJ man get really, really bad. So is that they end up assuming that their lover has betrayed them.

So they ended up going sleeping with somebody else be like, Ah, see, it’s fair for you to sleep round because I went and slept around too. And then they find out that the lover never actually did to begin with, and they’re actually getting them a present or something in secret for their anniversary. And then the INFJ is like, Oh, wow, yeah, I’ve done screwed up. Yeah, yeah, well, that’s a thing that often happens with INFJs.

And I personally happened to me with my former INFJ girlfriend, one of them at least. So anyway, that could be a serious issue. In that particular situation, I think Rogan is just taking the dog outside. So with that being said, four sides of the mind INFJs have the INFJ ego ni that’s how you know what your type is the type of your ego, then you have your ESTP, subconscious, ENFP unconscious and ISTJ super ego.

Do not forget folks, that just because, you know, it’s like who you are with your litter dichotomies, you know, it’s like, I don’t know, I’m an INFJ. And I’m feeling like really perceiving today. So like, that must mean like, I’m an INFP. Or guys, you know, I’m really extroverted right now.

So I’m probably an ENFJ right now. No, that’s not how the me The MBTI. Litter dichotomies are crap. Like they don’t they’re not like actually legit.

I made another lecture called The MBTI letter dichotomies debunked word for word, look it up here on YouTube on this channel. Watch it. So you can understand how the MBTI letter to Congress in typing someone like Oh, that guy’s really i right now. And he’s so and he is definitely a thinker.

08:41 i So perceiving, so he’s an intp. Don’t ever type someone that way that like that’s, that’s actually stupid. Don’t do it. There’s there you can’t type anyone using that method.

The only tried and true method that is 100% accurate every single time provided you actually know how to use the tool is the type grid, which is what we’ve been talking about. If you want to get a copy of this hybrid, go to https colon Whack whack CS forward slash hybrid. To get yourself a copy that type of email to you for free. The type grades is the tiger 2.0, the 3.0 version is out and available at ultimate messaging

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All right, so four sides of the mind. So these are the four sides. And the thing is, is the reality situation is is that while your letters, you know, don’t change, because some people, everyone always asked me, Do I do my letters change? Am I always been high entry forever? Yes, the answer is yes, you will, the difference is you can actually become an ENFP, you can become an ESTP, you can become an ISTJ. And there’s proof that this exists, because you make these arguments were like, oh, you know, I’m on I’m like, no side of me is like this.

But not actually, this is my opinion, I but one side of me has this opinion right now. And it’s kind of like having an age on the demon on your shoulder, that whole trope, etc, it comes from the four sides of the mind, you just have, some of them are more active than others, for example, right. And in order to gain access to the four sides, mind, you have to cognitive transition into the other four sides of mind. And you could call it a transition into two different ways.

You could do it chaotically, or in an orderly fashion, if you’re doing it chaotically, it’s your ego, you’re an irresponsible for your ego, if you’re doing it chaotically and your subconscious, you are a fearful, insecure version of your subconscious. If you’re if you’re going into a chaotically unconscious, you’re very uncertain and full of worry, right. And if you go chaotically in your super ego, which is basically the default and very common, in fact, it’s extremely common. In fact, it’s the norm, you end up harboring hatred within your super ego.

How do you like that? INFJ is knowing that you are so capable of so much hatred, especially when someone betrays you? Or maybe Have you considered that you actually deserve that betrayal? Have you ever thought about that? Are you really that great of a person that you didn’t deserve that betrayal, you might want to consider that for a second, you really, you really might want to, we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into that though, trust me, don’t worry, we’re gonna get there. So chaos versus order, that’s how you could go into the different sides of mind. But when you’re doing orderly to you’re very responsible, they end up being very secure in themselves. And, and then they end up getting humility, instead of covering up with pride, and then their unconscious of very certain themselves that helps them gain grasping on wisdom.

And then, by doing things in a loving manner, after achieving an orderly transitions from all this, the super ego actually becomes a vehicle for love instead of a vehicle for hatred, which is consistent amongst iron INFJs on a regular basis. So let’s chaos versus order. We’re just jumping around here, because why not? I mean, you think I actually plan these lectures for the most part, no, I don’t actually know. I just kind of let it fly.

Know what I’m saying. And I usually just spend a little on one taking notes is technically my second take on this video right now, right now, because I heard earlier, like, my wife was like, actually, like screaming or something, or making being very loud as ESTPs can get, especially with our dogs. So I had refilm. But no matter, she’s handling it, and I love my wife dearly, and I just had to restart this lecture to this to this and so, but anyway, so here’s the four sides of the mind.

And like whenever you’re feeling extroverted, INFJs you’re actually in your ESTP, subconscious, or you are in your ENFP, unconscious, etc. Usually, if you’re going to ENFP unconscious, it’s just you trying to save face, or if you’re in your ESTP subconscious, it’s you trying to strengthen other people, or get some Wolfpack going on. Are you enforcing somebody else’s loyalty? Right? Just just to give you a couple examples, you know what I’m saying? So these are the four sides of mine. And that’s kind of showing you the different transitions.

Now, how chaos versus order, how, why do we have the why is it worth pick this was because of these gateways, the gateway functions are the first function, the fourth function, the fifth function, and the eighth function. And the gateways are doorways into each of the four sides of the mind, if you want to get to your subconscious and become the ESTP, you have to go through your Inferior function to gain access to it, if you want to. It’s kind of like an irrigation system. Imagine this is like a farm.

And these are like different rows in these farms, right? And you’re trying and each of these are four fields, but you have to have the proper irrigation system to move the water in the water is basically your soul, you know what I’m saying? So you spend a lot of time watering your ego, or you want to water your subconscious or you split the water between the two or you split the water between the three or split the water here or you focus all your water here, you focus all of it here, you split it here, et cetera. There’s lots of options that I have goes through these irrigation channels, also known as the cognate gateways, which is the first function, the fourth function, the fifth function and the eighth function. And that gives you access to each of these four sides, your mind and you can use them in a chaotic or orderly manner, which is absolutely necessary to your own personal growth. For example, if you’re not meeting your personal growth goals as a human being, life will actually throw a specific crisis at you so that you end up growing one of these four sides of the mind.

You ever hear a quarter life crisis? quarter life crisis is one your ego does not become developed and you and you’re still using your hero irresponsibly, you’re still using your hero chaotically right, then that’s what quarterlife crisis is for midlife crisis. Midlife crisis is all about your subconscious. That’s what midlife crisis is for three quarter life crisis is all about your unconscious, and final life crisis, also known as death, that’s actually for your super ego. And these crises will get thrown at you, regardless of your development.

And you have to prove to your mind basically prove to the four sides your mind because it’s they’re actually four separate entities, four separate people, four separate souls actually living inside of your head, making up your spirit, et cetera, right? This is your spirit. This is like the structure of your spirit, right? These four souls coming together in this yin and yang equilibrium balance four dimensional you don’t I’m saying, right. And because of this, you end up becoming a complete person. Well, the problem is, these sides of mind are actually disjointed.

And by bringing them together in a form of integration, which I talked about heavily in season 19, if you want to watch season 19, especially the INFJ episode, which is episode 13, you can see at CS, forward slash members, we asked you to go to your member, I think that’s like 25 bucks a month, check that out, there is so much content available, just letting you guys know that season, it will actually be disappearing from memberships on June 1, but you get to keep it if you’re still a member on June 1, because you’ll be grandfathered in to actually keep it keep that in mind. So be advised. 16:30 So the point is, is that you decide your mind are very disjointed, and you have to bring them together and I’ll explain how that works in season 19. That’s not relevant for here.

But regardless, the four stages of life, which is quarterlife crisis, midlife crisis, three quarter life crisis and final life crisis are all exemplified for each side of the line, and every side of mine ends up getting his day in court, right? You’re supposed to be taught by your parents in adolescence, personal responsibility. And that’s how you start using your hero function in orderly manner, personal responsibility, right. And then as a result of that, you ended up going through your quarter life crisis during adolescence, that’s what it’s supposed to be. But nowadays, it just doesn’t really happen until like, like mine, mine didn’t happen.

I’m gonna complete mine. My personal rite of passage, which is what quarter life crisis is, I didn’t complete mine until 27 years old, sadly. And I’m 33. So I’ve only been out of that for like five years.

And I already see my midlife crisis coming around, I could feel the pressure building up the back of my head, and it’s literally bothering me every single day, every single day. So I have to work on my subconscious because I have such a subconscious, which is forcing me to read Dr. Eric Berg and Thomas de Lauer in all these different sources, et cetera, Mark, Rippetoe, etc, as well as learning martial arts styles, like combat fighter, or G KUNDO, and Bruce Lee, and his philosophy, all these types of things that really helps develop the ISFJ side of my mind, because if I don’t do that, I’m going to have a midlife crisis. And I’m going to freak out.

And I would like to avoid midlife crisis by prioritizing those things now, so that I can actually meet all those goals before the crisis actually takes place. So that when the crisis actually comes, I pass it with flying colors, my mind is cool, and I can move on to the next level. So be advised three quarter life crisis. And finally, that crisis actually talked about heavily and how to parent each type in season 23, which is also gold to your lecture.

And we’re doing how to parent all the types right now. So if you want to check that out, I highly recommend you become a member, a Gold member to be able to watch season 23 season 23 is only available behind our paywall. So awesome. So with that being said, these are the four sides mind those are the cognitive transitions, right? But why why is this necessary? Well, it really comes down to the purpose of life for the INFJ it all comes down to purpose of life and the purpose of life of the INFJ is to make other people stronger, to make other people better to improve their fellow human beings to create a wolf pack of strong people who are loyal to the INFJ, even to the point of being willing to take a bullet for the INFJ.

So the INFJ could utilize themselves and their Wolfpack to provide a world change some capacity. Best example out there, Jesus Christ and His 12 disciples the 12 disciples were his wolf pack INFJ so let me ask you Who out there are your disciples who out there are your wolf pack? Wait a minute, are you actually even strong enough to take on a disciple? A disciple is somebody who comes and learns you. I am a disciple of my INFJ mentor, right? My former INFJ mentor, I was his disciple, and I’m no longer disciple. I’m now a master.

I started out with him. I was his apprentice. So INFJs Are you taking on people to apprentice? Are you taking people to the gym and helping them get stronger and healthier? Are you are you are you helping people on a project computer Programming, right? And writing code and managing code and helping create an amazing software system that will change the world for the better INFJs? Are you going out of your way to fill out every single cracks that and problem that you see with inside of an organization via business? Or 501? C three? Are you spending time volunteering? What are you doing? What are you doing to improve other people, it’s one thing for you to go out there and help people. But it’s a completely other thing to you know, get over your own performance anxiety, it gets to a point where you’re performing.

And so as such top shape for yourself, that you’re able to actually confer that knowledge of how to perform that know how that how to onto other people, so that they themselves are becoming stronger themselves. That is the purpose of your life, such that as you begin to improve on their people, and you improve your disciples, they start improving other people. There’s all sudden, you’re actually helping hundreds, if not 1000s of people through this pyramid scheme of health through all of your disciples underneath you, all the members of your Wolfpack underneath you that the entire world is changing rapidly over time. This is where Christianity came from, right.

That’s how that works. You know what I’m saying? That’s the entire process. That’s what the INFJ is for. That’s your purpose in life.

But how the hell are you actually going to fulfill that when you’re actually so broken? Because you people are broken. It’s funny, actually, society itself is structured in a way that’s pretty anti INFJ. But it’s also interesting, because INFJ is our point 5% of the population, the planet. So one out of every 200 People are inf js.

So it kind of makes sense that things will be stacked against them by default anyway, because they’re so rare. And they’re so rare, because they’re so important. They’re so rare, because they’re so critical to humanity as we know it. Like that’s, that’s reality, they are very critical, because humanity cannot advance forward, and it’s on future to the next epic or epoch, et cetera, within within the life, the lifespan of humanity than the next new age.

They can’t do it without the INFJ leading the way. But most of the INFJs out there are policies. And that’s because they’re afraid of performing badly. This is why I constantly criticize INFJs for not driving, because it’s like they’re too scared or drive or too scared.

Recently, one of my coaching clients, he’s a 33 year old man, he just recently passed his CDL license test after going on it for an entire year because he was so insecure. He passed the written test, the rate test is really hard. Like it’s hard. He passed a written test on his first try.

Nailed it. But he failed driving test after driving test ever driving test, average driving test after driving test, I’ve dragged us because of his performance anxiety. He couldn’t get over it. Right? Because he was afraid, right? But, and I hero, he was responsible.

And he never gave up. And he kept going. Right? See, that’s what’s really great about INFJs, what’s really great about and I hear, they just don’t let go of people. It can also be the downfall, another INFJ that I coached.

He was in a relationship with an ENFP woman, this ENFP woman would play video games with him. She’d tell him nice things all the time to him and whatnot. But she was just stringing him along. And she was a cock Hopper, quite frankly, and to the level of like, oh, there’s this guy that has a lot more status than this guy that I play video games with, I’m going to go have sex with him, I’m going to hope that he chooses me when the INFJ she was with was not good enough.

And he just couldn’t let go over. That’s the thing about anime hero, and I hear oh, just can’t let go. And especially when it’s irresponsible, it just cannot let go. And he could not let go over.

And he I had to sit down and criticize him and tell him over and over and over. She’s just using you. She doesn’t actually she’s not actually loyal to you, she will dump you on your head because you’re a man who lacks status entirely. You still live with your parents, you don’t even have your own place.

You don’t even have a job right now What makes you so special. So she’s obviously going to throw herself at the nearest special guy so that she herself can feel wanted and feel special and feel comfortable so that she can gain more status, because status is all that she actually ever cares about. But you don’t bring status, you actually bring your status down, you’re around her. So explain to me why you’re remotely important.

Why you’re good enough, right? Why is it you can’t let go? Hmm, have you ever thought of that? Well, the reality situation is he was being irresponsible, right? Just like my other INFJ friend was being afraid, afraid and performing badly. It created a self fulfilling prophecy where he kept on failing his driver’s test over and over and over and over and it was super annoying. It’s really hard to coach somebody in that situation and they keep failing over and over and over and over again. It’s like wow, should I just give up? You know what I’m saying? But no, he didn’t give up.

So there’s a balance there. Same thing here. We already talked about Have the villain being worried about other people about not being chosen anymore worried that, you know, someone else is gonna like your lovers going to abandon you are going to betray you. And this worry is not just in terms of relationships is worry exists.

If business worried about being passed up for promotion, I’m not going to be wanting to have to be, you know, have this promotion, I’m not gonna be wanted by my family, I’m not gonna be wanted by this. And they’re, they’re so worried because they’re so afraid that they’re performing well. And because there’s worry that makes it performance anxiety worse such that INFJs end up believing that they have to trade performance for loyalty. It’s annoying.

It’s not true. But they’d leave it. And then when someone actually ends up a banning them, probably because they’re being alienating, because they probably deserved in that moment, the INFJ gets all butthurt and blames them and then it creates hatred and the Introverted Sensing demon, and the only memories they remember about that person is bad. You know, that person probably saved their life.

It doesn’t matter. They still abandon me. They still abandon me. I hate them.

Wow. Arrogant, conceited, worthless. 26:08 Yeah, that’s effective. Right? How does as an INFJ, get over that? You know, why I thought the INFJ is a template type is one of the most forgiving of all the types.

That’s another way to identify an INFJ. And the type grid, they are Templars Templars all have these four functions is in their ego, they’re just in a different order, et cetera. That’s what a 10 four type is. And they are consistently the most forgiving of all the types.

They’re also the biggest hypocrites of all types. Why? Because they tell everybody else around them to be responsible and to be strong, but they themselves are the most irresponsible and the weakest. And they know it. hypocrites, sets times where they even sell themselves in this idea of well, as long as we don’t say anything.

That means I could be irresponsible. As long as I’m not criticizing anyone, I could be irresponsible, Wow, way to live out your purpose, right? So instead, because you’re being irresponsible, not saying anything that criticize anything with your TI child, you’re actually enabling other people with your little Fe child inside of your ESTP subconscious, such that you’re actually causing other people to be weak. So you’re actually doing the opposite of your purpose in life, the absolute polar opposite, right? And you’re actually making other people weak, because you’re weak too. It’s known as the reverse mirror, right? Where you’re mirroring other people’s behaviors.

But when people mimic you not mirror, when they mimic you, you’re actually making them weaker, because you’re enabling them. INFJs I challenge you to read the book when helping hurts. Stop enabling losers, stop choosing losers for your wolf pack. Because if you have a wolf pack, sure, obviously, naturally, you’re going to feel secure with your performance.

It’s either those people in your wolf pack wolf pack are actually weaker than you are right? And then you can be the leader because you’re strengthening everyone. Okay? Yeah, sure. I get that kind of nice kind of convenient for Will Hunting and Goodwill Hunting who’s like an INFJ to actually be like, you know, and then for the Robin Williams INFP character be like, well, he behaves the way he does because he wants loyalty. You can’t find that loyalty because any of those friends would take a bullet for him.

You can’t find loyalty like that. And you’re telling him that he’s become this math whiz to work on this company with you. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about the loyalty with friends because loyalty is all he ever wanted.

Well, the INFP knows that I don’t know why those other schlubs that ESC J schlub in that movie trying to get well hunting to do this math thing with him this ISTJ guy as well or woman, I forget. But regardless, he was had anything to do with it. These loyalties, everything but I have to as you not understand how responsible you are for the personal growth of other people around you. Say there is an INFJ out there who doesn’t understand that his name is Simon Sinek or cynic Simon Sinek.

That guy, he is an INFJ. And he is he knows that he’s very responsible for the personal growth and the strengthening of other people around him. Such that he walks apart, talks apart, lives apart, breaks apart is the part in every single way. He is not fake.

He may feel fake because he didn’t FP subconscious always makes the INFJ feel fake. But the reality situation is he knows that if he continues to perform, he knows that if he continues to practice, he will be able to perfect his capability and making other people strong. Ah. Right.

So he decides that he’s not uncertain of people in his life, betraying him or not wanting him anymore, ultimately leading to abandonment. He’s not afraid of performing badly in front of other people. He’s actually very responsible with the decisions he Nate’s very responsible for things that he wants in his life. And he preaches a message of love and not of hatred.

How is this possible? How is this possible for an INFJ? How? How indeed? Well, again, chaos versus order, are you a person living in chaos are you living in order, order begets order, chaos begets chaos. order does not come from chaos. That’s a lie. Okay? That’s not true.

order does not come from chaos order comes from order. So you need to set the order. You need to change your mind, you need to change your mindset. The Bible says, For example, be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can test and approve what God’s will is his good, perfect and pleasing will.

Good and perfect, pleasing well, such that you can fulfill the purpose of your life, you know, to strengthen others, to improve your health fellow human beings, to set the course of change, and execute the vision and a better vision for a better future for a better tomorrow for humanity, because you have the guts to tell the truth. regardless of the consequences, you have the guts to tell the truth, and he’s your fiery sword, your fiery sword of truth that cuts other people as much as it cuts yourself at the same time, because you’re making sure you’re not being a hypocrite in the process. Right? In the fiery sword, your sword is your TI child, the flames come from the NI hero and it just coats your TI child. And your tongue is a literal, double edged sword that comes out and cuts people down as it should.

No one has cut me more than the TI child, the fiery sword of truth from my INFJ mentor, he absolutely obliterated me he destroyed all the comforting lies in my life. He made me strong for you people because he wouldn’t let up because he didn’t care how I felt about anything. He didn’t care about my little bullshit beliefs, or my little feelings, my feelings, my titles, my status, because I was like doing that with my INTJ shadow went not but he was gonna have that he was just telling me the truth straight up because he saw me as weak. Because he knew I was weak.

He knew that my beliefs were flimsy. INFJs. Why do you put up with everyone around you being okay with comforting lines? Why do you allow yourselves to not verify your own beliefs? Hmm, why are you doing this? Oh, because I don’t feel good enough. It doesn’t matter how you feel.

Stop making decisions based on how you feel and start making decisions based on what’s true or what’s false. It’s ti child. It’s where your divinity exists. Get out of the critic who cares how you feel about anything? Do you think Simon Sinek doesn’t feel worthless every day? Of course he does.

But he makes a decision every morning a decision with his ni hero to get out of bed and make it happen. Not for his sake, but for others because he has to be responsible and take responsibility for how other people are feeling how other people are doing in their life, how other organizations are running organizations, how other human resources departments are doing their thing, whether or not people are workers are being valued by the companies that employ them. That’s what gets him up during the morning because it keeps him up at night. Why? Because he was in that situation.

And he saw the suffering of other people when he was working in corporate America, even in the suffering was own company. And he went out of his way to prevent it. And that’s what he does every single day. He found his purpose.

And he is strengthening other people is strengthening businesses, strengthening organizations. He’s strengthening everybody. Individuals, anyone who is an entrepreneur, he’s also strengthening millennials. Everyone’s getting all pissed off at millennials.

And he’s like, millennials, I’m the problem. You older folks have the problem. He’s not wrong. millennials aren’t the problem.

Do you know how I know? Because Millennials are the hero function of the world right now. Baby Boomers have the parent function, right? Gen X there they have the Inferior function, right? Actually, excuse me. Baby Boomers or the child function. Gen X is the Inferior function.

The parent function are the people who are dying right now. Those are the people who fought World War Two and the new parent function is actually Generation Z. Good luck trying to convince Generation Z anything. They are so pessimistic.

They’re so skeptical. There’s reason why they’re the parent function. That’s their purpose. That’s generation C’s purpose.

Don’t cross them you will lose. You will lose the hero function. We are here and we raised Generation Z such that we gave them that pessimism and rightfully so also be believing, you know A crappy, untrue narratives from, you know, government, for example. But hey, you know, to be surrounded, right? Whatever makes you safe, right? You know, how about having dangerous freedom instead of you know the safety of slavery? Why don’t you think about that? Maybe you INFJ is to figure it out because the ESTP subconscious represents that thing that’s supposed to tear down the bullshit systems and bring about a time of healing for everyone.

Maybe you should consider that for yourself. Hmm. Well, you have to give into like you know, the order. 35:33 So kind of transitions.

We’ve already explained how you could chaotically be transitioning as the other side of your mind where you end up making people weaker, or you end up making irresponsible decisions based on what you want, right? Or you end up being so uncertain about other people around you. And then that uncertainty of because I’m not good enough, and if only I was good enough, people would want me if only I had an A status, people would want me and this is where you INFJs end up believing the lie where you think that education and credentials actually matter. Your credibility actually matters. The truth is, credibility is worthless.

Credibility is nothing more than ad hominem. It is a logical fallacy. Credibility is a lie. Oh, but you want to have your little comforting lies for your ENFP subconscious.

Okay. Okay. That’s effective. That’s effective.

INFJs how about you start telling people those unpleasant truth because by telling people unpleasant truths, you’re making people strong? What business you have, I have to as being so afraid of telling the truth. Why else does Jesus say that I’m a way that truth and the life no one can come to the Father except through me. I’ve never considered why they say why he says that. Because ti child is the truth.

pure, unadulterated truth. The Divine child’s whoever’s divinity exists, don’t believe me read energies and patterns of psychological type by Dr. John Beebe, he explains this cognitive attitude. Or if you want the Fast Track version, watch episode three or four, which is the child function episode of season 16.

playlist here on this YouTube channel, you might learn something, right? Well, who knows? You have to you have to apply yourself for a second you want it? But anyway. INFJ ego? Okay, great. We got our ego. So in comes the opportunity for you to grow because you got those those crises coming? You probably should grow, huh? How is it you can utilize your transitions for the better? Well, you do in an orderly way.

chaotic way, you take a big jug of water, you just pour that water on, it’s gonna come out Catholic, but you take that that bottled water, you slowly carefully let the water come out carefully. And it’s just a nice, smooth little stream, right? right onto your little crop cereal fields inside the farmland of your mind. Right? You know, orderly transitions, you’re orally irrigation systems, right? Maybe that would be important, right? We go way more into this and season it. But I’m just going to talk about just the transitions here.

By being responsible with your INFJ ego, you’re making right decisions, you’re making decisions based on what you want, your parent function starts to develop. And it’s getting in between you making decisions based on Well, it’s true that I want this girl so I’m gonna have sex with her. Well, it’s true. I want to eat this.

So I’m gonna go eat this. It’s true that I want this. It’s true. I want that is true.

I want that. And you’re actually just being selfish, such that your decisions are actually making other people around you unsafe, uncomfortable. Have you ever thought of that idea of you realize i Well, it’s true that I want this it’s true. I want to say this is true.

I want to do that. It’s true. I want it’s true. I want it’s true.

I want this is called cognitive looping. You know Dave superpowers that calls it jumping? No, it’s not true. Jumping is not true at all is is underdeveloped Fe parent, that’s all it is. It just means you’re immature.

Okay, if you’re a jumper, you’re immature. Okay. So the reality situation is, is that, oh, you know, my freedom of choice is actually making other people feel unsafe and just printing on safety. You’re just creating alienation.

You’re just animating people and no wonder you’re so alone all the time. You know, and it’s like, wow, okay. You just hint at people. And then you’re like, Oh, no one was me.

No one wants to be loyal to me. No one’s there for me. So I’m just gonna commit suicide right now. And it’s like, but you’re the cause of that.

Have you ever considered that? Have you ever considered that, you know, because I have days I’ve been I’ve actually saved a lot of INFJs in their lives in terms of, you know, committing suicide and I have prevented suicide after suicide. I’ve said, My INFJ ex girlfriend, for example. I you know, she was cutting herself like, I’ve read it. That is crazy.

What a horrible situation. But the point is, is that, in that, in that situation is that the INFJ often doesn’t even understand they don’t even know how alienating they actually are. Coming off, because they their performance is it that fear consumes them so much that they end up getting to this point where it’s like, Oh, I’m just alienating people. Oh, I’m just going to cover up with pride because obviously I’m a top performer, I have to believe I’m a top performer to be a top performer.

When they have getting too lazy and too afraid to perform. They don’t even bother practicing for that performance, right? because practice makes perfect. No other type except INTJ is benefits more from practice than INFJs. an INFJ says practice going to the gym, striking themselves teaching the truth to people telling people unpleasant truths, debating them, having all their research back up knowing that the truth is and spitting facts at the facts that the facts are facts are facts, because that might alienate right? Because they’re actually strengthening people.

Because when an INFJ has the guts to tell an unpleasant truth, people around them end up becoming strengthened. This is why Jesus says He who has an ear, let him hear. What that means is, is that why I’m going to tell you an unpleasant truth you might want, you might not want to hear it, which means you’re just going to abandon me and go elsewhere on your way and be ignorant, okay, but for those of you that stick around, those of you that are strengthen for me telling you the unpleasant truths that at that moment, you are part of my Wolfpack because you’re listening to my message, and you are becoming someone who I can disciple someone who will follow me is when Jesus tells these disciples follow me when the rabbi comes around, choosing you follow me, Do you guys understand the significance of that? Do you know how hard it is to get chosen by Rabbi? There’s in the affiliative way, you have to choose so much time and effort and be in a school and sponsored and going to university and get the degree saying you know, the Torah, you know, the Bible, you know, all this stuff, you know, and then you might be chosen by a rabbi, but No, Jesus, he’s the rabbi. He is an autodidact.

He ain’t got no official training. He never went to school. You didn’t do that. He started teaching at the temple as a child, you don’t need that crap.

He don’t need no diploma. He only no degree. The Dude did you know Jesus got tattoos on his leg. You might want to look that up.

But the point is, he’s so badass. He don’t need any of those credentials must ask nothing because he was an autodidact. You know, just like, well, hunting was an autodidact. Watch that, okay.

He’s not like that. And he’s an autodidact, Rabbi, and it’s like, Whoa, oh, Mr. Jesus, how come you have like, how could you be a rabbi? What’s your credentials? And it’s like, well, I know more than all of you people combined. So and you asked me questions, and I answered them, and you’re so astonished.

It’s like, yeah, that’s why I’m teaching in the temple. Get over it. Who cares? You your little bullshit credentials don’t mean anything. Who cares? Right? Well, it goes on.

So Jesus around he sees these retinas tasks like the correct dude, right? Maybe it was me and SP maybe it’s an ISTJ. Correct. We’ll do. Come follow me be my little wolf pack all to be chosen by Rabbi the highest honor, the highest honor in the land.

Of course, you’re gonna immediately leave what you’re doing. Because I mean, the rabbi’s. They got all the status, and I’m saying they got the most money. I mean, they have their own little private Federal Reserve central banking system and the temple.

It’s no wonder Jesus pulled out his weapon, start beating the crap out of them and flipping their tables, you know what I’m saying? Because he even knew that usury were the worst sins that possibly exist, you know, loans with interest, right? It’s horrible. It’s a form of slavery, and he was going to have an ESTP subconscious exist to break the chains, right. So wonder generis Targaryen. an INFJ was known as The Breaker of Chains.

She was fulfilling our purpose in the story of Game of Thrones, pay attention people. So it goes on. But you know, Jeezy? Not you you’re not afraid, not afraid. Because he knows the truth.

I’m the way truth and life right. He knows the truth. Now, it doesn’t matter how anyone feels about the truth does matter how he feels all the truth. The truth is, the truth is The truth is truth is the truth, Absolute Truth.

And this Tom has a double edged sword and it cuts him as much as it cuts other people but he’s not being a hypocrite, so doesn’t have to worry about that. INFJs you could choose to not be hypocrites, okay? As long as you focused on practice, Jesus was practicing his craft at all time, practicing being uncovered. Practicing being a rabbi, practice, practice, practice, you have to practice your craft, okay? Because the more you practice, the stronger you personally become as an INFJ such that you could use your ESTP subconscious and then make other people strong as is also the practice because you invite people to practice with you and you confer upon them. You and initiate them into your line of thinking or into your training into your tutelage.

You are the master. They are the apprentice. Why else was Jesus referred to his master all the time by his disciples? Have you guys even thought of that? You don’t have to say, but that’s the point folks. Understand the 45:16 difference, please.

Okay. So get over your fear. Be responsible, get over your fear and have faith in yourself. Have faith in the process, folks, why do you guys get so arrogant that you won’t allow yourself to practice because you’re afraid of failing while you practice? That’s actually a form of arrogance.

That’s why the lesson of the subconscious is humility. When you actually accept you’re not that strong, when you actually realize you’re pretty weak. And you say, okay, yeah, I’m weak, but I’m going to practice every single day to get strong. And then once you’ve earned your stripes, once you put in the time, and practice concepts, so that you’re so strong in mind, and body such that at that point, you’re able to strengthen other people through your subconscious.

And as you have your disciples and the other Wolfpack and things start to change the world as we know it. Why aren’t you doing this? Oh, boy, oh, I’m afraid of failure. Wow. If you’re afraid of being from the Caribbean, from the camera, until it gets burned in your soul, who cares? If you’re afraid to go to school, go to school, if you’re afraid of going to the gym, go to the gym and fail over and over and over again, even if you’re not getting results until you figure it out.

You have to practice because practice makes perfect, aren’t you INFJs born perfectionist. It’s so funny. You’re the perfectionist that wanting to bother practicing because you’re afraid of failure. Who Wow, how pathetic.

Who thought of that? You might want to think of that. You benefit from practice more than anyone else, you can get stronger from practice more than anyone else. You can make other human beings stronger and live out your purpose of life. Because of practice, perhaps you should be practicing.

Maybe you should be responsible when you’re practicing, because maybe you shouldn’t be practicing major things instead of minor things. Because if you’re irresponsible, you’re going to major and minor things, you know, like my INFJ mentor did when he became a master of League of Legends when he became a master of World of Warcraft, majoring in minor things, huh? Well, Jesus, he didn’t major in minor things. We’re still talking about him. 2000 years later, think about that.

Think of the impact of his extroverted sensing inferior, gone full aspirational, because of his factor in his lack of fear that his ESTP subconscious makes such a permanent impact on the world. We’re still discussing him 2000 years later. That’s the power of the INFJ. That’s the level of strength and impact that can happen on the INFJ.

How many years are people gonna be talking about the principles espoused by Simon Sinek, right? Think about that very long time, such that many organizations have actually adopted his principles, adopted his practices into their organizations, and people are having better lives for people are being strengthened, people are being improved, because people actually matter in your organization that adopts the teachings of Simon Sinek, you might want to consider that INFJs you can have that too. Or there’s the INFJs out there who are really good in the gym and teaching other people how to lose body fat and actually be healthy, right? Or there’s INFJs who are like sticking into to the man like the doctor man, for example, and becoming holistic nutritionist, right? Those are pretty dope people, you know what I’m saying? But then, you know, you have to worry, you know, Oh, I’m so uncertain that they are going to want me I’m so uncertain. So I’m not going to I’m not going to go after that promotion, because I’m so uncertain, they’re not gonna want me then you get passed up, then you complain later that you got passed up when reality situation is you didn’t have the guts to go for it because you were too uncertain because you were too worried. That’s on you.

That’s actually on you. INFJs you need to understand, you need to get to the mental points in your life where you have literally nothing to lose. You need to get to that point. You have to get to the point where you are okay, having everything taken away from you to the point where you are left for dead, in a ditch in the rain, naked with nothing and understanding that no one else out there actually cares.

No one actually cares. And you absolutely have nothing and nothing to lose. The faster you get to that point in your mind, the faster you will become strong enough to help others and you will be certain at that point because if you live your life like every single day is your last like you have nothing to lose You will be able to obtain all things, nothing will be impossible for you. Right? Just as nothing was impossible for Jesus, Jesus took down the central banking system as time their version of the Federal Reserve, here when there and he handled it automatically on his own, he handled it.

He brought the world logos, logos, he finished logos, he fulfilled logos, people started thinking about logos, don’t believe me, even the occultist teach that Jesus was the source of logos for the world, you might want to check that out, okay? Like it’s, it’s, it’s a thing, okay? Because logos wasn’t really popularized until Jesus came about right, then, you know, the Greek philosophers and the light etc, and, and whatnot, but it was completed through Jesus’s time on the earth, etc. So but the point is, is that this uncertainty will get in your way. Don’t let it get your way. What business you have being uncertain when you know that if you just practice, it’s always going to work out.

Right? What business you have being uncertain, because eventually, your performance is so high, and your responsibility is gonna get so high. What business you have being so worried, What business do you have being so uncertain about things? Who cares? Who cares? If everything falls apart? Who cares if you lose everything INFJs it’s like you’re holding on to things holding on that people so hard, and you’re squeezing them and they literally pop in your hands. Like they all the sand, you’re squeezing so hard, and the sand just comes out of your fingers. That’s literally Extraverted intuition, Nemesis, the harder you squeezed up more than want to leave, and then all sudden, you have MPs in your face telling you well, if I’m going to do the time, I may as well do the crime, and then they betray you anyway, because you deserved it.

Because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. That’s what it is, right? And then imagine how you feel afterwards. Imagine the guilt, right? So the guilt. If you feel guilty, it’s because you’re probably being irresponsible.

This is your parent function telling you I should be more responsible, you shouldn’t be making decisions. Well, I think I want this and I think I want this and I think I want this, I think I want this, I think I want this, the parent function wakes up and it’s like, oh, well, no one’s gonna value that if I end up making this decision, because it’s gonna put other people at risk. It’s gonna make other people on safe, it’s gonna give other people a bad experience. So yeah, that’s not really acceptable.

So I’m not going to do that. And all of a sudden, you become responsible for your decision making, right? Oh, responsibility, then all of a sudden, you stop being afraid because you’re performing better because you’re being responsible in your decision making. Hmm. I wonder how that works.

And then you’re very certain, you become so certain that it just causes people to wish they were Your disciples to wish they were annual facts such that those people end up listening to your disciples, they end up listening and learning from your Wolfpack and you’re helping people to this huge pyramid scheme of help that ends up encompassing the entire world. Wow, you end up giving other people a better future. Because you are certain of your own future you are certain about your performance, you are certain in the truth that you teach that you are certain that you are actually helping people by subjecting them to the fiery sword of truth, you’re actually healing them by presenting them with unpleasant truths. Instead of fomenting and supporting comforting lies.

I don’t know how many times over the last three weeks that I personally have been held accountable for, for what for, for shaming people publicly who deserve it, and being told by inf J’s, that I’m very hateful, that I’m a horrible person for exposing these people for who they really are. Really, really, guys. Why are you using your Fe parent is not very parental, not very responsible. Why are you out there supporting comforting lies, when you should be burning, comforting lies away and teaching unpleasant truths to make a better today? You are the reason why the world is remaining ignorance when you could be the reason why the world is becoming wise.

That could be what you could be doing. But instead No. 54:32 Well, I need to be there for other people’s feelings because I don’t feel good about myself. And I really need other people to recognize me and feel good about me so I can feel good about myself.

Who cares? Who cares? Maybe you should just tell the truth. Maybe you should just be practicing and practicing telling the truth. Because eventually the people that are still willing to have an ear and hear you right? Those people are strong enough to handle your message of truth, they’re strong enough to handle those unpleasant truths. Those people become your true Wolfpack Don’t you want those people around you, so that you have the highest integrity possible, because if not, you’re gonna get people who love to hear those comforting lies.

And you might be the person telling them those comforting lies, because you’re too busy supporting their feelings instead of telling them the truth, and then you end up mirroring them, then you lose integrity, and then you become corrupt, and you become the very thing you swore to protect against. You became the very thing that you swore never to be hypocrites. That’s your future INFJs unless you understand your cognitive transition, so transition in orderly manner. It goes on.

Think of all the people in your life who have abandoned you. Think of all the people in your life who have abandoned you who have moved on from you. Maybe it’s because you’re alienating them, but you didn’t see it that way. They abandoned me.

I did all this work. Did you really do that much for them? Were you I supported their comforting wise and they still abandoned me? Wow, they probably would have stuck around if you’ve had the guts to tell him the unpleasant truths. He who has an ear let him hear. The apostle Paul says in Second Timothy chapter four, verse three and four, I believe.

He says, The day is coming when people will turn away from sound teaching. And they will they will abandon sound teach and they will gather up for themselves teachers, news media, pundits are talking heads, television programs, movies, documentaries that teach them what their itching ears want to hear. And people will abandon all truth and logic and turn their way towards myths. That’s the world we live in right now.

The prophecy of Second Timothy chapter four is come true. But then you’re out there supporting the comforting lies great. And you’re wondering why these people are abandoning you. Maybe you should have the guts to tell the unpleasant truths to get even more people away from you because Jesus said, I have not come to you knights, I’ve come to bring a sword I have come to divide and divide families.

That’s what ti does. That’s what the fiery sword of truth does. Why aren’t you dividing people? It’s your job to divide because dividing and who can handle that division. They’re the ones that are it separates the weak from the strong and you find that people who are willing to be strong are willing to feel the fire of your fiery sword of truth as a paladin INFJ is so that they can come to you me partner Wolfpack and become stronger as a result of your direct influence and truth within your in their lives.

What the hell this way you should be doing right but why can’t you do that? Hmm. Instead, you want to be better. You want to be better with your SID and better all they abandoned me and then you hate these people when it was actually your fault to begin with? Have you ever thought of that? Why is it you expect everybody else to take full responsibility for their actions but you yourselves refuse to take responsibility? Have you ever thought of that? Have you thought of that? When are you actually responsible? How many people have you actually alienated maybe you had his performance anxiety and you had ti child god complex or maybe ICS child sex god complex on your thought of that and then as a result of that you alienate other people you don’t even know you any other people this INFJ who used to be a coaching client of mine he’s like well, you know, I’m cool because I make more money and chase and obviously more importantly I’m so we’re gonna listen to me because I’m obviously wastewater and because I make more money than he does. I was super appalled.

I heard that one of my closest friends. Wow, so Eleni, of course, I abandoned him. Absolutely. But then he blames me to this day for abandoning him as like Wow, nice hatred.

He got there for me, bro. But one day, you’re going to realize hopefully, that you are actually being alien the entire time. Because if you push a loyal person too far to the point where they no longer give a damn, that’s a meme. By the way, look it up.

If you push a loyal person so far, that they no longer care. Is that on them for vanity? Or is that on you? You for some reason believe that top performance if I perform well that I could trade that for loyalty. If I lower my muscles, if I got the six pack if I’m working on pumping iron that makes me more of a man right? That means you as my woman shouldn’t abandon me, right? Because I put all that work into that. Women don’t care about that.

Are you kidding? They care about whether or not you’re a strong character. They care about whether or not you produce more than you consume. They care about whether or not you are self sufficient. You have your own car, your own job, your own home that you are your own man your own purpose.

They care about whether or not you are going to take responsibility for your actions that care about your character. Dammit. Pay attention. Oh, but you know, your attention span is all the way down here and wonder how that works out for you? Well, over time, as you have developed a responsibility and your faith in yourself and faith in practicing, and practice makes perfect, as you develop your certainty, you start to realize over time, that all those people that abandon you are justified in doing so.

And then instead of door slamming them, like you have your entire life, oh, you’re out of my life up, you’re out of my life, I’ve cut you out, you start to realize that you unjustly cut people out. And then maybe you should go out of your way, maybe you actually want to go out of your way to talk to those people again, and take full responsibility for your actions, at least for the part of it. That’s your responsibility. Sure, I’m sure you’d love to use your Fe parents, maybe if it’s behaving like a child, for some reason to hold people responsible for the bad things they did.

But you still have to take responsibility for your actions you expect everybody else to do with your ESTP subconscious. But why can’t you yourself? Do it? Hmm, very considered that INFJs Why can’t you Why can’t you take responsibility for your actions? Oh, because that would mean that you’d have to admit that you did something wrong. Oh, and then you’re gonna feel guilty about that, oh, we can’t have that we can’t feel guilty. And if I have to take responsibility for that, you know, all you know, I’m a I’m I feel, I feel suicidal, like, right, if I credit, thank you for being super selfish.

Thank you, thank you, You’re so selfish, if I credit, when it should be wise about self worth, and realize that by taking responsibility for your actions, you’re end up loving people. Because you’re no longer using ti child God Complex. You’re no longer judging people, a judge, jury and executioner cutting them out of your life, on a whim, you’re actually going out of your way to understand people, and understand that you are weak. And when you were weak, you alienated them.

But now you’re strong, and you’re capable of improving them and making them strong. But you can’t do that until you forgive them. And you can’t do that until you forgive yourself. So forgive yourself, so you could forgive them so that you can love them.

I tell you the truth. The reason I am here talking to you right now, and actually getting my precious time to you and this community is specifically because of this right here. I teach this psychology so that you can understand yourself so that you can forgive yourself so that you can love yourself, finally, such that because you understand yourself, you can understand others and teach them so they can understand themselves and love themselves and forgive themselves. And y’all can forgive each other and it will make a better world.

That is my purpose here. But instead, I got people like you out there telling me that, you know, oh, you’re hurting too many people’s feelings because you’re you’re telling the harsh truths. And I’m like, I’m sorry. But the man when the man comes around, you know, on highway 61 Might want to listen to that song I recommend the Johnny Cash version is at the end of the movie.

Notice the hunted with Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones, one of my favorite films, by the way. 1:03:16 But the point is, when a man comes around, you might want to pay attention. You might want to love your neighbor as yourself, you might want to recognize that maybe you actually did alienate those people, maybe you may have actually been the problem. You’re so self righteous, you’re so holier than thou that you don’t even realize it.

That’s the problem, folks. You need to humble yourself. You need to have wisdom, you need to have personal responsibility. So at last, you could forgive yourself and love yourself so that you can forgive and love others so that you can actually master yourself for once and actually have sober judgment.

Instead of Judge jury and executioner where you actually follow due process. Instead of just taking the sword and laughing off their head and being done with it. You know better than to Neris Targaryen taking drug on and burning down the red keep burning down King’s Landing. Wow.

It’s honestly it’s pathetic, but you could do better. You could be responsible. You can practice and have have any fear a man of no fear a woman or no fear you can be certain that regardless of anyone no longer choosing you it doesn’t matter because you’re still moving forward. You have your purpose, you have your mission, you’re making the right decisions.

You are practicing every single day and you are taking full responsibility for your actions so that you can love your fellow man because it is up to you to love your neighbor as yourself. What business you have INFJ is loving others and caring for others if you will not care and love for yourself first. Explain that. Sadly, some of you can’t What’s good though is that eventually some of you will.

If you found this lecture useful, helpful, educational or enlightening, please like the channel like this video and subscribe. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about cognitive transitions or inf Jays. Thank you very much for watching a little fiery tonight hopefully the sound is not too bad. If you have any questions about the sound, please leave it below as well i We’re using different sound system for this.

So hopefully it works out. And it’s all in one take. So I hope it’s a lot not too quiet, not too loud. And it actually worked out pretty well.

So So anyway, with that being said, Folks, I will see you guys actually I think I’ll actually really see you guys tonight because I’m gonna be filming for CSJ response as well. See you then

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