Season 22, Episode 7 Transcript



00:01 Hey guys, CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life doing another episode for season 22. This is Episode Seven. What are the cognitive transitions of for ENTPS, my type aka the rohc type. And we’ll be talking a little bit about ropes today and the four sides of the mind and how their transitions work mechanically speaking through chaotic transition versus orderly transition, etc.

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So anyway, rogues, and ENTP is cognitive transitions. Let’s talk about that. So out of find them on the Type grid, they are starter types, which means they have a hard time finishing what they start and end and they’re informative, initiating movement forward of meaning they’re very indirect with what they say. And instead of just being really direct, which means that they’re choosing their own role in the conversation.

If they weren’t direct, but they’re not there in Florida, sort of allowing you to choose the role. Choose your role in the conversation, what that looks like is is that they’re either going to make a brand, like a broad statement and let you come to a conclusion on your own. Instead of someone who’s direct, or they’re just going to make an explicit statement without any implications. NTPs are all about all about implications.

implications are everything to NTPs. Gosh, I really hope the sound is actually good on this. I’m filming again with the Filmic Pro guys. And I believe I’m doing 720 P at 60 frames a second.

And I hope the stereo sound is working well. And again, choosing not to film with my microphone again. So hopefully this works out. I’m really hoping the quality is so much better.

And it’s a $20 app or $50 app, I don’t remember but I was told that like is the de facto gold standard of filming on an iPhone. So that’s what I’m doing. So yeah, also, my wife decided that I needed to wear something other than black and blue and gray all the time. So she got me a white shark shirt.

So I’m wearing a white shark shirt because she wanted me to. And so there you go. Railgun ladies and gentlemen going to wear something different from once. So I love my dear wife.

She’s a fantastic, very wise woman. So anyway, moving forward. So back to start type informative, initiating movement. So NTPs we are initiated, we prefer to go to other people for information instead of having people come to us.

Although when people do come to us, sometimes we can like it because it puts us in the position of power, such as bacon, because of being a responder is a position of power. That’s just how that works. And we’re also very movement, we don’t really care so much about the goal or the outcome, although we wish we did. But we are all about progression.

Meaning that we like to have progress. And if we don’t have progress, we’re going to go crazy. And progress is like everything that we need to be able to get through things. Progress means that you know, hey, at least I have progress.

At least I have this and I think it really comes from the fact that we worry about our own future. Troops have often because we’re worried about actually not getting to the goal, not getting to the outcome. But at least we have progress for at least we have that. And that’s the thing about ENTPs, if you give them an edge, we will take a mile, we will always take a mile.

That’s just kind of how we work. Even even the smallest piece of information, that we could do severe damage, or gain huge amounts of success with the smallest piece of information, it’s fine, you’re having a conversation to the NTP. They’re asking you questions about a variety of different topics, or maybe a specific topic, but the but then trying to get you to say something, then you say something, and that’s the piece of information they wanted from you. But it had nothing to do with the topic that they’re actually talking about, it had something to do with a completely different topic or a different nuance entirely, you can never really tell the NTPs because their line of questioning or you know, their logic if this than that, right? If this and that if this than that constantly in their head, it’s like they’re walking IFTT people.

And based on that it’s really important. You know, just to be aware that just because they’re conversing with your question, or you’re giving them information, the information you give them may not necessarily be relevant to what they’re really talking about. At that moment in time, it might be for something completely different, you know, and that just plays into their advice of insincerity versus sincerity. And that’s how they can also be really, really informative instead of direct with people and their communication style.

So anyway, that’s what makes them a starter type. And that’s how you identify a starter type within the type route to help find yourself broke or EFTPS NTPs also like pressing and black or gray or navy blue, dark colors, dark colors with most comfortable with the higher their turn intuition a person has, the more they dressed in dark colors. So any parents and peace in general, any heroes, we all like dressing in dark colors, dressing for comfort, but also just kind of, you know, as much black as possible, I’m wearing I’m wearing like black pants with this white shirt with with Black Shark science, but it’s still very NTP kind of thing to do also solid white, they can also do the solid white jeans, it just really depends. And you know, NTPs clean up real well, especially when it comes to being in suits, whatnot.

I mean, they are the Tony Stark type. So let’s be honest about that. They clean up pretty great. They’re not be Tony Stark.

So just be aware of that. In terms of like, you know, if you really want to spot and EMTP just look for as much darkness as possible. The whole adage tall, dark and handsome the while they’re talking about an ESTP, Kaddish, male, basically. And TPS are all about being co cats as well as their seductive style.

And I can’t wait to be doing the lecture series on seductive styles in the future. That’s gonna be fantastic. So looking forward to that, as well. Oh, yeah.

And like, I think we have like a regular posting schedule. Now. What I’m doing now is I’m filming all the content for like at the beginning of the month, or trying to get as much content filmed, and then we’re just putting them out on a schedule now. So they should actually be coming out regularly now.

Not something that we’ve really done so much in the past. But now that like I have a lot more control over the systems of the company, and we kind of know what’s happening. Yeah, well, we’re gonna have a better release schedule. Anyway, back on topic, because I’m very tangential, because I’m an intp.

For some reason people think otherwise, but whatever. They are entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to share it. So anyway, with that being said, 09:09 I also want to type in temperament wise and teepees are intellectuals, okay, and teas. And teas are very pragmatic.

So they’re very independent, and tepees will say one thing and do another. Interviews do not ask permission for anything, they only ask for forgiveness. Unless they’re ISFJ. Subconscious focused, then they’ll ask for permission every now and then.

Or they’ll feel a lot of social pressure to ask permission in certain situations, but they need to be a little bit more pragmatic to help them develop their ego, etc. And the biggest way I can recommend that is just to get away from your family. Like seriously just get away from your family DNTPs because if you do that you can be your own person. The faster you can move out and your family if you’re male or female, the better, better off you are because then you can actually like Think for yourself for once.

and not find yourself obligated or loyal to the wrong people, which we’ll talk about a lot in a few minutes here. So how to deal with that? So yeah, moving forward. So very pragmatic, very abstract, all about the constant one F, big picture people EFTPS URL system, missionaries are all about the vision, although it’s hilarious to me how STPs think they’re like, en TPS, because, you know, they get involved in the psychedelics, and they feel like they’re at EA users when the reality situation is they’re not. And I always chuckle myself every time I encounter one of those.

So it’s, it’s hilarious. I mean, it’s no different than the ESTP. You know, a certain ESTP on YouTube, who likes to take a couple of bong hits every now and then and then pretend to be an ESTP on screen. I mean, there’s, there’s no difference.

There’s no difference there. No, oh, no. When he’s like, Sc, hero, whatever, he doesn’t make any s. What if statements to save his life? I mean, I mean, they have to be high, at least to do that to get you know, what, whatever it is what it is.

So, so yeah, pragmatic. And they’re also very systematic. So DNTPs are their method men they’re all about are women all about find the best way to do something all about systems etc. And trying to fit people into systems very hard, but at least they have Extraverted Feeling of child which allows them to navigate the social realm well enough, but that Fe child can be taken advantage of.

One thing about every child that’s like, super annoying, though, is that when Fe child’s like being nice to a member of the opposite sex, that member of the opposite sex automatically believes that the ESTP is like into them and try never relationship with them, which is not actually true. ESTP have this problem all the time as well, Fe child, whoever Fe child is, if Fe child is used towards members of the opposite sex for some reason, the member of the opposite sex just assumes or thinks that the ESTP or the ESTP is going after them, which can be a good or bad thing. I don’t know how many times I used deputy child certain situations with the opposite sex and found myself thrown out of a store or a restaurant, or the reality situation was I was just being nice. I had no desire for that person whatsoever, but they assumed so and that was a lot of drama that I didn’t really need in my life.

And that’s happened to plenty other people like every child that I know, it’s really, really annoying. Every child also can give etps Like this reputation for being hosts and following around when reality situation is we’re not opposed. But for some reason everyone thinks we are you know, okay, granted, ESTP is to have the Nymphomaniac of vice. But, you know, sometimes it’s like, having this attitude of, well, if I’m gonna do the time, I may as well do the crime kind of thing.

When people start spreading rumors about to ESTP then they come to that conclusion. And that’s not actually the case. So yeah, but, but moving on a main systematic NTPs are not really aware of interest things. So like one of the biggest pieces of advice that I can give an ESTP as a result is like, Hey, guys, you know, anytime you encounter any human other human being or anytime you’re involved with another human being or any situation involving another human, you have to ask yourself this question immediately.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your spouse, or your child, or any person. This applies to every human being in her life, en TPS, this is a new system that you need to adopt for yourself and your self discipline and force yourself to do this, every time you encounter another human. So an TPS here it is ask yourself this question, what it is, what is it this person is getting out of the situation? Or is this person getting more out of the situation? If I am? If the answer is yes, then I am automatically by default being manipulated by this person, whether or not this person is aware of percent manipulation or not. That is a fact.

The faster you en teepees figure out that you’re being taken advantage of so easily because of your SI inferior and your Fe child, the better off you’ll be and then hey, by the way, once you figure that out, you can actually be a little bit more sincere to people because like, Hey, you actually were all of a sudden using your ESFP super ego and piping it through your SI inferior self discipline, where you’re literally developing a habit with your SI inferior, it’s a habit of asking yourself, Hey, what is this person getting on the situation? And are they getting more out of it than I am? And if they are getting more out of it than I am, then that means they are manipulating me and I should probably get rid of that person immediately. Get them out of my life. Yes, that’s actually how it works. INTJ is have that figured out for the most part, why can’t en teepees know bowls because there’s subconscious or unconscious and the ego the ESTP are all systematic and it’s Only their super ego that is interest based.

So you can use the interest awareness of your super ego by training your SI inferior through self discipline and forming healthy habits like this one, to have a habit of doing an interest, check with people and then eventually you’ll grow that habit and be doing constant interest checking with every human being you encounter. I don’t know how many people I blocked this year alone from doing that it’s always INTJ women who think for some reason that just because they’re INTJ women, they’re entitled to free stuff from me for some reason. So I just block them and then I laugh at them because you know, or expose them publicly after the after the fact because they’re just, you know, they can be the ones that I’ve encountered have been really sneaky about it. And they’re like they’re thieves and literal thieves.

Always trying to like by you know, I thought we were closer than just a regular customer. So that means I’m entitled to getting some free advice from you right? Now. It’s like really frustrating. And they just do that.

So watch out ENTPS, everyone will try to like prey upon that. And another and another thing regarding that, you know, statistically out of all the types in TPS end up being of sexual relationships with people who are like way older than them or way younger than them. It’s never really somebody’s rarely, if ever, somebody who is in their same age group, it’s very rare that that happens. So and one of the reasons why is because of the lack of being interest based and the fact that an ESTP can just become loyal to just about anyone, which is like really frustrating, because si inferior could do that even ENFPs have at risk, but at least ENFPs have, FYI, parents get in the way.

And FYI parent can kind of protect the infants that is the SI inferior. Ti parent doesn’t really necessarily do that because it has to get in the way and interfere with Fe child and si inferior simultaneously, which leads to a lot more work for TI parents to deal with. Right. And the any heroes just so systems focus, it’s not really focusing on interest.

So do yourself a favor en TPS develop this habit now. Like seriously, do it. Do yourself a big favor, because if you don’t, you’re gonna like have a big problem on your hands. So cool.

So yeah, their aunties and intellectuals of the virtue advisory touched on a little bit sincerity versus in sincerity, sincerity means is that, you know, ATB is not afraid to tell the harsh truth, whether it benefits them or not. One thing you’ll notice about en teepees, they’re very giving people very, very giving people with Effie child. And while they can covert contract and sometimes can caretake NTPs also end up giving a lot to people without expecting anything in return. And it’s so funny that after the ESTP becomes a little bit more interest aware by tapping that interest part of the super ego into their si inferior, that all of a sudden they start to realize just how selfish and entitled people really are.

And then all of a sudden, the intp wisely uses ti parent to do basically turn off Fe child. And that’s one of the reasons why ti parent development is so important is by turning off Fe child because every child just needs to be turned off sometimes. Yeah, you’re gonna feel guilty for doing it, you’re gonna feel heartless for doing it. But you’re gonna have to do it for self protection and TPS, it’s absolutely necessary.

We’re also gonna get manipulated AF and you don’t even realize it. Find yourself obligated the wrong people. That’s not appropriate right? So that that also allows you to be sincere if you want to develop your sincerity virtue. Well guess what? Turn off your Fe child.

Otherwise, if you have your Fe child turned on all the time, you’re going to have to become insincere because you’re going to have to lie in order to get what you want. Instead of like being honest, and get what you want, which is better every time people respect you more for it anyway, let’s be honest. So. So understand that for you know your, your temperament, separatist aunties and intellectual systematic pragmatic construct, very important, and then you virtue advice, sincerity versus insincere.

19:00 That’s kind of where it comes from. So the four sides of the mind to be the NTP, the egos the NTP, the subconscious is the ISFJ, also known as the knight than the unconscious, the INTJ Ranger, and the super ego is the ESF P also known as the duelist. Or in this case, chaotic evil Joker, demon, on crack, etc. But yeah, that is, those are the intp four sides of the mind.

And each side of the mind dislike of all the types has its own cognitive transition. Cognitive transition, is where you are basically in your ego and you can transfer to one of the other side’s mind to become that type. Or you can stretch your own soul out within yourself and become multiple types simultaneously or as you get more and more skilled. You can oscillate between all four sides your mind with insane accuracy at rapid speeds second by second, or like one second your nice FJ vote Then bow here and INTJ moon, and then move your esse mode and back and forth back and forth back and forth constantly as quickly as possible.

Within a certain amount, you know, a small short window of time this is actually attainable. So eventually you can stretch yourself. And actually, these may simultaneously or you could focus on the one cognitive transition is very interested in like that, the more skilled you are, the more neural pathways within your brain that you’ve opened up to be able to access those sides your mind, basically think and feel differently, make decisions differently, perceive information differently, consider other people’s perspectives, and take on their perspectives as your own perspective with the other sides of your mind, you will become so much more capable, so much more intelligent. And ultimately, that is the path to enlightenment, aka cognitive integration, because the four sides of the mind are disintegrated that need to be integrated.

But if you want to find out more about that path to enlightenment, seasoned, it further expands on this at CS, forward slash Patreon, which is like 25 bucks, you get gold to your membership and a gold to your membership, you get access to the private lectures. And there’s a lot of them, I think we have all of season 14, and more than half of season 19 available will end by the way INTJ and INFJ is dropping this month. So you guys might want to get in on that. That’s a very, very fun month for Patreon.

This month, so get in on that ways to camp. So yeah, back to our main topic here. So, four sides of mind, think of him as like a farm, you have four different fields, and like your ego is the main prompt that you that you water, it’s very, very consistent, very expected, very safe, because you know, you’re gonna make, you’re gonna be able to sell that crop and develop it, the subconscious, it, it sucks, it’s an inferior crop, it’s not really that great of a crop. But if you develop it over time and become an even better crop, then your ego crop, and then your unconscious crop, it’s kind of more like, you know, something, yeah, I just kind of have to make it because I have sustained things for the rest.

And I’m not going to be able to have the skills necessary to get to the fourth crop, which is the furthest away crop of your main ego crop to get there. And then sometimes people get foolish and try to go from their ego to their, to their super ego, for some reason, that’s probably a cognitive transitioning with this far models, you have basically the same amount of water that you get to use in the self contained ecosystem. And you can spend all that water all on your ego, or you can spend all that water on any of the other four sides of your mind. Or you can stretch out some of that water between some of the other fields, or two fields, or one field or three fields or four fields, etc.

And you can move that water through irrigation, and pumps throughout, through each of the irrigation gateways, also known as cognitive gateways within your mind to be able to access the various areas of your mind using that substance of your soul, which is basically the water in this particular example. Right. So with that being said, you know, you have to, you’d have to go through cognitive gateways to be able to handle that now, an intp, okay, you know, any hero, we’re basically like water, so using a water example is probably the most, it’s probably the most pertinent. So so that level of permanence is, you know, it’s important.

It goes, it goes pretty far to that end. But like, you know, you have to get the water through the gateway somehow. But if you have like a huge water tank, and you’re emptying it through a gateway, and you’re doing it all at once, with this maximum epic max pressure, it’s just going to go Kofoed co founders gonna come out in a very chaotic manner, it’s not going to flow nicely good, really nice stream frame. Whereas if you have a more controlled, pour of that water into the fields, basically, it’s not going to be calm, it’s not going to be chaotic, just coming out of that tank in a very nice smooth stream.

And that’s an orderly cognitive transition where that water is being moved into that field within this example, so water, so everyone has to basically master therefore, in our cognitive gateways, the four gateways the gateway, the ego, the gateway, the subconscious, this, the gateway to the unconscious, or aka the shadow, the gateway to the super ego, the four sides of the mind, to be able to become their highest self, you know more in that season it but there’s orderly transitions and chaotic transitions and chaotic transitions. Those are the default, going through those irrigation gateways or those gateways in a chaotic manner, in a forced manner, instead of a controlled manner, right? A very movement manner instead of, or very progress oriented manner. You know, it’s like it’s like cutting corners, it’s just, you know, jumping in, right? Very progress oriented instead of outcome focused, you know, order determines outcome. That’s why we need to be going through our cognitive gateways in an orderly manner.

And with our ego, if we’re being chaotic with our egos gateway, well, then we’re going to end up developing irresponsibility irresponsible behavior. If we develop our second gateway, which is our Inferior function, that we’re gonna be giving into fear, that’s a chaotic transition through fear. And then the fourth, the third gateway, which is the Nemesis gateway, or the villain gateway, it’s where a person’s, you know, worry is going to be the chaotic transition there, and then the demon at the end. As basically, you know, someone’s self mastery and whatnot.

But it’s, it’s hatred, it’s a hatred, where, where the final gateway is versus love, right? So love, instead of hatred, love would be the orderly transition into the super ego. Whereas in for like, the third gateway going backwards or going backwards, now the third gateway would be instead of worry, it would be certainty, right? And then, and then fear versus faith for the second for the second to Gateway, and then and then basically, the responsibility being focused on responsibilities, how to use the first gateway effectively. So those are all the chaotic transitions and the orderly transitions, but how does it actually manifest within an ESTP. So remember, during a person’s cognitive development within their ego, their hero function is given to them by default, right? And, you know, and then and then your child function develops second, and then your Inferior function develops third, and then finally, at last, your parent function develops the last, and the parent function, also known as the auxiliary function.

And this is where people start talking about subtypes. Like for example, Dave superpowers, and he goes on and on about subtypes, etc. He’s basically describing people who have developed parent functions and underdeveloped parent functions. That’s literally it talks when he starts talking about people who are like jumpers, etc.

And jumper is somebody who’s like, oh, well, you know, my jumping over my parent function directly to my child function. And really all that is, is that the parent function is just underdeveloped. Right, they’re using, they prefer to use their hero function and their child function, and not necessarily their parent function, because their parent function is underdeveloped into the parent function that runs interference between the hero and the child function. And that’s how that works.

But for some reason, you know, everyone, he presents this, you know, multi type theory, when he’s not really looking at the base cognitive attitudes of the functions themselves, per se. But that being said, the subtype system is interesting, and it is a rational way to explain, you know, the relationships, or at least a rational way to label different kinds of people who are different in various forms of cognitive development, right? Except as they develop, obviously, their subtype would change according to his system, etc. Whereas where I’m trying to say is like, No, you’re in the system is the system, but you’re not going to change. It’s just where are you in your personal cognitive development, that determines, you know, you know, where you’re at, basically.

And it’s not necessarily your type that’s changing, it’s just your level of development, your level of integration that’s changing like where are you in your personal match maturity? How are you maturing person? Are you being more responsible? Are you being more humble? Are you are you being wise? Are you getting Self Mastery, those kinds of things? And are the cognitive functions actually produced those those fruits, those results for yourself as a human being right? And that’s the difference. 29:20 Kind of interesting that I’m talking about that here wasn’t actually until I wasn’t actually planning on that. But now why not? I always like to throw interesting gold nuggets within these lectures. So the hero functions the first gateway and as expert intuition which is aware of everyone’s collective future it’s basically it’s a zero to the algebra or union LM psychology he’ll in analytical psychology cannot exist without awareness of the collective unconscious, which is Extraverted intuition which is awareness of humanity’s collective future.

It’s not so aware of one’s own future although it is aware of one’s own future but it is very limited range but it will but it is aware of everybody Future at that same limited range. Whereas an NI person and ni hero can see one’s own future only that conceal again see very far in the future but for their own selves, not for everybody collectively around them. This is where one of the huge debates with other people have a lot of my critics because they’re like, Oh, you have your definitions wrong. Like no, actually, you all have your definitions of cognitive functions incorrect.

You have the backwards you need to understand expert intuition, the collective unconscious, the collective unconscious, its collective, just like Te is collective thinking. And Fe is collective feeling, you know, collective intuition as expert intuition, intuition, making the unconscious the collective unconscious, it’s not that hard to people, like get a dictionary. It’s not that hard. So but so any heroes the first gateway, and it’s awareness of everyone else’s features this is because that awareness of other people’s features then you have the third gateway, which is Introverted intuition, Nemesis, that’s where the NCP starts to worry about their own future.

And, you know, when they’re really getting into worrying their own future, and to realize just skip to the third gateway here, but I don’t care. Third, Gateway wise, you know, when they’re worrying about their own future, they try to use their any hero to intertwine their own future with other people. So that there is shared mutual destruction basically. So like if someone else is successful, if the ESTP helps someone else get successful, or someone else has a better future, the ESTP gets a good future as well.

So it’s kind of interesting, even though they’re very systematic, at least the NTP basically knows that, you know, having a shared interest of I’m going to attach my future to your future. So if you’re successful, I’m successful. But if you fail, then I fail, basically. So that can backfire.

And that’s why NCP has got to be careful that they allow themselves to be loyal to, because that loyalty will potentially bite them in the rear is because they attach their future to so many other people and have way too many obligations that have become super unsustainable than their entire life implodes. That’s appropriate, right? So yeah, don’t do that. But, you know, going beyond that, like, from an any hero standpoint, you know, back to the first gateway, you know, it’s all about you know, being responsible with it, are you responsibly giving other people better features? Are you having responsible visions? You know, are they fact check? Are they? Is there anything behind you know, the kind of future that you’re striving for? Is there a real substance to it, or you nothing more than a straw man or flimsy charlatan, something that ESTPs are very quick to point out or assume, etc. As many of the ESTP is on, on the YouTube blogosphere have a point out towards me, but too bad, none of their criticisms actually stick.

Unless, of course, they just want to take what I say out of context, then, like, freak people out over nothing. But apparently, that’s just what they want to do. So, I don’t know, at least I’m not the one getting bashed for plagiarism. So that’s another story entirely.

So with that being said, you know, the first gateway is kind of really, you know, it’s by default, but really, you know, getting the ability, you know, it’s all about being responsible, right? You want to make sure that you are actually being responsible with your hero function, and utilizing it to solve actual problems, share it, give other people better features, but don’t do it in such a way where you’re not getting anything out of it, because that’s very irresponsible. And remember what I told you, you guys have to utilize your second gateway to develop the habit of making sure that you are becoming more aware of what other people’s interests are in a given situation or interaction with a fellow human being. This is absolutely required. This is absolutely necessary as an intp.

Otherwise, they’ll just take advantage of you because and teepees get really stupid about this. They believe intp is the same by the way. The NTPs are just trying so hard to find the best way to do something that you know, an interest based person because they’re not systematic. They want to create a win win or a win lose with them getting the win.

They don’t oftentimes I find interest based people not really caring whether or not they take you know, if they are getting a win and another person is taking a lose. So it’s like the they don’t care if the ESTP is taking a loose, they just don’t in some cases because they can be selfish because everyone can be selfish. And the NTP imagines that that lose is they’re just sacrificing themselves for the greater good right going out Gellert Grindelwald here who is also the intp sacrificing oneself for the greater good very Tony Stark as well in terms of Avengers end game. Let’s be honest.

I discussed that more in season 14 with the intp episode of Episode Seven and season 14 But By having that self sacrifice the ESTP is ultimately taking that lose for the sake of the greater good for the sake of the system for the sake of the best way of doing something. And that’s not appropriate for them, because it’s not sustainable and the NTP needs to learn this as soon as possible. So mastering their gateway of the first gateway is basically coming to that conclusion, and then working with their second gateway to make sure that that habit is formed to always ask what a person’s interest is in a situation or interaction, what are they getting out of it. And if we’re getting more out of it than I am, that I’m being manipulated, like, then treat people accordingly.

Call them out, use your TI parent for once, and it forces ti parents to grow. It’s really, really important support to have healthy habits and TPS or you will not be successful. Speaking of healthy habits. So si inferior is the second gateway, and it’s the gateway to the subconscious, you cannot become your best self and TPS, you cannot become the ISFJ Knight, best self amazing martial artist capable fighter for the sake of justice to bring about justice and fairness upon the land.

Basically, being a witcher of sorts, you can’t really even know like the Witcher portrayed in the Netflix show is more of an ESTP. But that’s a whole other approach. And that’s debatable, by the way, that’s really debatable. So I’ll have to watch more of it before it really kind of like conclusion, as the writing changes, episode by episode.

36:30 But with that being said, you know, EMTP Stockholm Syndrome, becoming loyal to the wrong people being obligated and taking on too many obligations or being afraid of the unfamiliar and just that fear that the constant fear and fear of being uncomfortable fear of not having their own personal si needs met other creature comforts, etc. It can be it can be a serious problem, you know, si inferior is a serious problem that came into that fear. And it causes that ISFJ to behave in fear, and it can actually end up exacting justice out of innocent people. And that’s the problem with ISFJ inferior.

You know, when it’s becoming like, what it’s like acting out of fear, because remember, the virtue advice of the INFJ is faith versus fear, if the ISFJ subconscious is not acting in accordance to faith, but it’s actually acting in accordance to fear, it will basically jump to conclusions and correct conclusions about other people. And then it will basically judge the innocent as guilty. And then the I don’t know how many times in my life, I’ve had to apologize to so many innocent people that I judged as guilty, and where I would publicly shame them, or verbally destroy them, or some other dumb abusive behavior from myself where I’ve had to, you know, call out people, because I incorrectly believed that I was on the side of justice when the reality of the situation I was on the side of ignorance and selfishness. And that wasn’t really appropriate at all at that point in time.

And that could be a serious issue for ENTPs to overcome. And that’s what happens when si inferior is just too afraid. And it’s not transitioning appropriately. It’s like it’s a serious issue.

And that’s where that chaotic transition comes out of but, you know, a an orderly transition into the ISFP subconscious, the ISFP subconscious, is somebody who actually verifies all their beliefs, it’s also somebody who becomes very responsible with the people that it helps and this basically is when ti parent and the ego is able to turn off Fe child because the ISF j is like, I don’t have to, like, you know, necessarily caretake for people and I say caretake on purpose, covert contracting people, which is what happens with SI inferior instead of SI aspirational, that chaotic gateway begins that chaotic behavior, that fear within the SI inferior and some covert contracting people. Instead, the ISFJ subconscious knows that it can just do things on its own. The ISFJ’s subconscious is finally allowing the intp to become independent and independent of its own thinking independent have its own justice, have it you know, and independent where, well, it is affiliative but at least is able to verify its own beliefs. It’s not having its head in the sand anymore.

It’s verifying whether or not someone is deserving of their assistance deserving Right. Kind of like that last episode of Star Trek, Picard or Eleanor decided to help Captain Picard or admiral Picard, I guess. And, and they said, well, what’s the requirement of gaining Eleanor’s help? And Picard says well, it has to be a lost cause. And it is a lost cause.

And, you know, but it’s the ISFJ archetype deciding that you know, it’s worthy. So that’s the From the NTPs, if your child just innately believes that everybody is worthy of help, because and then eventually the eye of the ESTP becomes insanely better, because all the people that can TP is actually helped as like, Well, why aren’t they helping me and it’s like, because your covert contracting and your manipulative en TPS is not how the world works. So you have to use drives invasive conscious to turn off your Fe child. So you actually start, you know, helping the right people.

You know, we’re helping people that you know, will help you in for a fact, because you make it over to not covert, you know, you’re actually telling them that you have this expectation, or you know, that when you help people that you aren’t going to get anything back, you are aware of that and you can’t allow yourself to become bitter. And you just have to realize that people are going to be who they are. But you’re Introverted Sensing inferior, and it’s aspirational form allows you to have the ability to endure any hardship and endure literally any suffering. So based on that, you realize that you’re really strong, and you have endured so much in your life, you can endure a lot more and you know, you can so at that point in time, you’re willing to turn off your Fe child when you need to, because it’s like, well, worst case, I’ll just do it myself.

And that oftentimes the some of the things that I’ve had to do like, especially with like this business, CS Joseph, you know, this business that we have, like, it’s, I have so many people trying to sell me these things all the time, like, actually, just the other day, like Facebook Messenger ads, someone messaged me, like, hey, you know, I’ll help you, I’ll help you out with your ads, you know, if you just, you know, click on this link, give me your email, you know, I’ll send you some information on how I can help with your ads and whatnot. And I said, No, thanks. No, like, Well, why not? You’re gonna need to run ads eventually. And I’m like, well, while that may be true, I’m just gonna read a book and figure it out myself.

Because that’s the thing, guys, I don’t want to be obligated. I do not want to be obligated to these people, like an obligated to their way of thinking and their training, I’ve realized that I’ve suffered so much in my life that I just don’t really need those people, I can be my own person. And I’m just going to read a bunch of books, and figure out all the best ways to do things within those books, throw out the trash, and then take all the information that I that will be a benefit to me and the systems that I have, and create a new system baseline information. It’s no different than what Bruce Lee did with Gongfu.

He literally studied all the different martial arts styles throughout the world took the best from each including boxing, and create a new martial art system based off that and it is the ultimate martial art system in the world she couldn’t do. And then combine that with Brazilian Jujitsu, and you just literally have something insanely powerful that is, quite frankly, unmatched. At the end of the day, it gives a human being the absolute capability to be successful in any situation, you know, any martial arts or related combat situation on the ground, you know, it just increases their capability as well as men self mastery and self discipline, right? All because he put in the extra time. And that’s the thing, the INFJ subconscious is aware that it can put in the extra time.

As a thing, NTP is like you have to realize that you keep thinking that you can be the hare when the reality situation is you are the tortoise and need to be okay with being the tortoise and focus all of your energy to be the tortoise, the tortoise, hard work, hardship, you need to seek hard work, you need to seek hardship, you need to seek failure need to seek pain, because it’s only through pain. Only through the crucible of pain and pain of life, will you be successful. This is why I tell EFTPS if you want to develop your SI inferior, if you want to develop your SI inferior gateway and become the greatest ISFJ subconscious, the greatest version of yourself. If you’re afraid of something, if you’re unfamiliar with something, then you have to do it, then you have to familiarize yourself with it.

You have to if afraid, then you have to do it. That is literally how you grow assign theory. That’s really how you handle that gateway. A lot of DNTPs really struggle with that.

But that’s what you have to do to get over that gateway. That way you stop being afraid. And you start being aspirational, because you start to remember, Oh, I’ve suffered through all these things in life, and I can suffer this next thing I can get through this next hardship it’s not a big deal anymore. You know, like, I used to be like really super afraid of things like a car maintenance, or certain forms of homework or divorce or all these stupid things, leaving a church for example, you know, new relationships with people or breaking up with people afraid of the stupidest things that are just pretty basic, you know? And quite honestly, it’s like, oh, this is such a huge complex system and having to do all this and blah, blah, blah.

The thing is, though, is that si inferior becomes Si Si Si aspirational. And you have the ability to trial and error your way through anything and that any additional damage that you take from trial and error in your way through life. NTPs will make you that much more successful, right. It’s really, it’s really what it’s all about, you know Because NTP is we have this problem we don’t learn from other people’s mistakes we learn from our own mistakes.

That’s how it works for us. So we need to allow ourselves to put ourselves in positions to make mistakes. The more mistakes we make as the NTP is more successful we will be you have to understand this fundamental truth about the second gateway to be able to access your eyes FJ subconscious without being in a fearful manner if you do in a fearful manner well then you’re going to destroy people’s lives and destroy their futures because you’re going to be judging the innocent like idiots, and then you’re going to feel guilty about it for the rest of your life. I know I do.

Then the third gateway and I Nemesis as we already talked about a little bit earlier, all about wrapping one’s future around with other people. 45:50 being worried about your own future in TVs essence saying like stop being worried about your own future you need to be certain in your own future. Remember, if you already can endure hardship and be like the tortoise and always be successful through hard work, then what’s the problem? Why are you so worried about your own future? I mean, look at Naruto, right, the show Naruto, my favorite character in art it was Nagato aka pain, pain who has dNTP pain who has suffered the pain of SI inferior and pain of life and learning from his mistakes not other respects and carrying that guilt that he carries for the fact that his friend the ICO has been killed etc. And it was technically his fault and whatnot and how he’s trying to right the wrongs that he ends up sacrificing his life.

You know, to when he gives up his life to Naruto ultimately the INFJ and save the Leaf Village and give his will pass it on the Naruto instead of just like Tony Stark dead right? You know, sacrifices life to so interesting how these en teepees work, you know what I’m saying? It’s kind of it’s kind of the same themes, right? Interesting. outworks but that’s that’s literally what happens. And you know, and I nemesis, you know, being worried for one’s own future, you know, can get us into a lot of trouble. And we have that let that uncertainty constantly.

This is what leads us to be being the largest hypochondriacs of all the types and the chaotic and chaotic transition in the INTJ shadow makes us come off as super mega selfish to the point where we will like literally steal from other people won’t be that like difficult to treasure hunter. This is why the NTP is known as the rope because we’ll use the Ranger side of our mind to plunder and steal. And people don’t even know that we’re that we’re doing it right. And it’s also part of the reason why we’re so insincere with our insincerity advice, because it’s like, wow, I’m taking from other people and they don’t even know that I’m taking it right.

And, and it’s really what causes you know, an INTJ shadow, you know, it’s triple movement, like all INTJ is it’s super speed, right? And it likes taking the quick route. So when the en TPS cutting corners and taking the quick route in life, it’s because they’re worried about their own future and their go, and they’re going to lose out on opportunities. The thing is, is that the intp needs to realize that their ni Nemesis is that they have that capability through any hero to create unlimited opportunities for yourself, literally on limited opportunity. But the IoT, but the NTP would have to have more faith in themselves to realize that that was the case.

And they get more faith in themselves by seeing how much they suffer, just like Jafar said, you’d be surprised what you could leave through. Okay, that’s very EMTP. Be aware of that. And you won’t be surprised what you can live for, and what you live through and what you suffering, life literally gives you power.

The more pain you suffer, the more power you have. So start feeling some pain quick and TPS are also going to become weak losers. But you will end up having the highest strength of character out of anyone you ever meet through the eyes of Jay subconscious as a result of suffering that pain. And because of your ability to withstand and endure and persevere, you will not have to be stealing.

You can earn everything on your own. It’s funny, I just had a family member of mine, actually, like offer to buy me a house and do all this stuff for me recently, and I told them on the phone in front of my wife, like I said, No, no, thanks. I will earn it myself. I will handle everything myself.

I am not interested in any of that. Nope. Well, I appreciate the offer not going to happen. So yeah, I will earn it myself.

And that’s the thing, you know, you have to realize, you know, INTJ shadow has to become self reliant. You know, self reliance is super important to have the self discipline to be self reliant, you have to realize is that your future will be okay. As long as you don’t give up as a thing. Like we get so worried about our own future that we start cutting corners and then cutting corners ends up destroying us and harming our own future.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. NTPs stop cutting corners. Do it right there. First time is probably like, the best lesson My father has ever taught me.

And he’s the NFJ very benevolent foe and a very cruel Fellow at that. But at the end of the day, I still appreciate him being my dad, because he straight up taught me do things right the first time and I never understood the value of that statement until I stopped cutting corners. I haven’t recently cut a corner with my business. It was really rough.

I shouldn’t have done it. I’ll never do it again. You know, I’ve cut corners with my health, stupid of me. Like, it’s so stupid because I get so worried about my health, and I cut corners.

And then in fact, one day I cut cord with my health and it almost cost me my liver. What an idiot. You know, maybe I should have actually spent time doing research first. Oh, wait, wait a minute, that’s te critic, the research function for antibodies antibodies needs a frequent read, like seriously, you need to read need to research.

Your ti parent will pick everything out of what you read and your reading material, what you benefit from, and then throw out the rest. And you can create a new system if you just read a bunch of books on the same subject. And TPS, it’s okay to boil the ocean. I know you probably have that shopkeep at Grocery Outlet, who’s an ENFJ getting in your face about how oblivious you are for you know, and how oblivious you look.

Because you’re just standing there looking at the candy and snacks aisle and not actually moving any boxes. He’s like, Well, why aren’t you doing anything? It’s like, well, I’m planning it all out. And he’s like, Well, no, you’re just standing there. And I’m like, okay, whatever, we’ll ENFJ whatever little se child, you know, I mean, you know, and it’s like, okay, for the job, tell him his face letter.

Hey, by the way, just so you know, I think you’re stupid. Have a nice day. You know, like, come on. If I ever had an opportunity to see that ENFJ again, I might actually tell him that to his face.

Because I probably never met someone more ignorant than him. Someone’s got to say it. Because it’s like, Come on, man. Like you get out of you go out of your way to get everyone else to listen to you.

But you won’t listen to yourself that makes you ignorant, which basically makes you want intelligent. Thank you very much, Mr. anfa shopkeep, who thinks he’s going to be the master of Grocery Outlet one day, thank you very much, because you’re not and I don’t understand how anyone who want to be loyal to you because of your inability to understand people, and that you pride yourself for understanding people because apparently your Fe hero, which automatically gives you all the authority to understand people, and when when you don’t understand people, then you make them conform to a mold that you believe is the right molding as your affiliative and your TI inferior, so you’re too stubborn to listen to anyone else and take on any input. Such a waste, I hope everyone abandons you.

They probably have I don’t know. So, but people can change. Maybe he’s changed by now. Who knows? I’d be fine with that.

Everyone can change, except for some reason. ENFPs don’t believe people can change or actually Templar types, in general, have a hard time believing that people can change, which is really frustrating to me, it’s like, they’re supposed to be so forgiving. And yet they decide to like, arbitrarily not be forgiving. It’s really frustrating.

So third gateway and I Nemesis or the villain, you know, it can become an ally and the ally is is that you actually go out of your way to make sure that you’re not allowing yourself to have like this echo chamber in your head. Because remember, the ignorance of TI parent or the ignorance of TI in general is two things. Having last relying on last known input, so you’re making decisions based on your last known information, or preferred input, which is basically an echo chamber, you’re only listening to thinking or decisions, judgments from other people that you like that that you prefer to listen to. And that’s an echo chamber.

This is why Te users get so frustrated with ti users and often complain that ti users are coming off arrogant, because they’re like, Well, how do you think you know everything? Because you know, you’re just in an echo chamber in your head? Or maybe you’re just rely on last known input, you know what I’m saying? And, and because te users don’t do that, so they automatically assume ti users are being arrogant as a result. And it’s funny because ti users automatically assume teasers are being ignorant. Because it’s like, well, you don’t even verify your stupid beliefs anyway, so why should I listen to you? Right? Everyone is wrong. Everyone is inferior in thinking via TI or te no one’s more correct than the other differences is that you know, it’s just who’s willing to go beyond just their own nose you know what I’m saying he’s willing to go beyond just themselves that’s really the difference guys that’s that’s that’s where the rubber meets the road 54:33 Gosh, what a what a drive.

Anyway, I think I’m like on our sixth driving today. It’s just just insanity. Like literally insanity. Alright, I’m finishing like an audio book immediately after finishing this lecture and starting another one.

Gotta get all this books and you know, because I’m reading right because that’s what Te critic is all about. You need to read because your ni Nemesis will not be able to have your own future. unless you read, Reading helps, because it helps you create good systems so that you can be certain in your future. Why else do you think you’re so systematic, you need to bring certainty to your ni Nemesis and you will not be certain unless you do research to be able to create systems that you are certain of to get rid of your ni, Nemesis, worry, get over your worry.

And then you’re certain and then you have that certainty. Certainty is everything to your nemesis function so you can get over your worry. And then you’re certain, and then all of a sudden that the INTJ shadow was wise, instead of being foolish and cutting corners, it’s wise, and actually guaranteeing that you will give yourself a good future. And you’ll be able to pick the appropriate opportunities and you’ll be able to focus.

Here’s another way to also make yourself certain. You use your Introverted intuition, Nemesis, your INTJ shadow to actually finish things you are a starter type, okay, so what you need to do is cut off all incoming information from other people, shut your door, shut your phone off whatever it is you have to do, and use your SI through self discipline to do it, become self discipline and cut people off for a certain amount of time. So you can actually get work done. For example, my phone is set to do not disturb right now.

So I could film this lecture. And I don’t have any contact with people when I drive because driving time is sacred to me. Because I actually get work done by reading and filming lectures and being a responsible human being while on the road because I do not allow a single moment of my time wasted. Every now and then I’ll listen to music as well.

Because like, I like how Spotify has released radar or discovery playlists, and I listen to those keep my music tastes current, because I’m planning on getting into music and producing music in the near future. But that’s another thing entirely. So yeah. And TPS, that’s what you got to do.

You need to get certainty so that you can have your INTJ shadow working for you instead of against you. Okay, stop cutting corners and do it right the first time you don’t know how to do it right? We’ll find out go research, get off your lazy ass and do it. I’m tired of being lazy. I used to be lazy.

Now I don’t I even got a little bit lazy last year because I got like super focused on my health problems. Instead of actually getting work done, when I should have realized that by reading so much, I would actually get by on my health problems fixed. You know, instead of like being in the situation. And in fact, it’s actually caused me to grow closer to my wife, in my marriage to her because you know, I’m saving all that additional time to be able to read books with her.

And she’s getting smarter as I am getting smarter as well. We’re both growing our TI critic simultaneously. Maybe you guys should figure that out. All right.

And then finally, the fourth gateway, the fourth gateway into the super ego, the ESTP, the super ego, the ESFP super ego, which is where it’s all about hatred. It’s where it’s where a person and en teepees bitterness exists, because that sign fear can remember every single person that’s ever screwed up ever. And this is where it revenge exists within the is the NTP. The NTPs are where we are all about revenge we ever had the opportunity to press the button on somebody we definitely will they ever wronged us in the past, we will have our event we will get ours and it can be very factual and very, it’s all about hatred because those people become permanent se totems within our souls people have screwed us in the past and we remember those people and their faces indefinitely.

Just so that 10 years down the road when they’re not looking because revenge is a dish best served cold, we will serve it to them when they least expect it and deliver a killing blow or some kind of blow that will permanently maimed them. So they never forget us because we will never forget the pain that they have wrought upon us. They will never forget the pain we will rot upon them. This is why you have Ramsay Bolton and gameofthrones cutting off Theon great choice deck because that will be a permanent memory on theon for like the rest of his existence.

And and Ramsay Bolton is very happy and joyful to relieve Theon of his favorite toy, etc. That’s literally se demon folks. That’s how it works. Permanent, memorable damage that will haunt them for the rest of their life.

And it’s because of the bitterness of SI inferior, dripping down to the SE demon because the bitterness that’s there of all the suffering that other people have caused to the NTP and all the injustices that the NTP has suffered. Then it just decides to go to the SE demon hatred and util and take revenge on people and that’s how the hatred comes out with the ESF P. A super ego. However, it’s very important for the SE demon to learn how to love people and recognize that everyone makes mistakes and that maybe revenge shouldn’t be taken but instead show mercy with iossef J subconscious As and forgive people, because guess what, en TPS, you know? We’re, we’re assholes.

Let’s be honest, we’re not that great, but people ourselves and we cause a lot of damage ourselves. And if we want to be shown mercy, maybe we should be showing mercy. So yeah, that’s right en TPS, you need to show mercy. It’s the right thing to do.

It’s the best thing to do. It’s, it’s really what you need to do. You have to show mercy. Because unless you’re going to show mercy, you will not be shown mercy.

Right? So you can’t be taking revenge. You know, there’s a reason why in the Bible it says is, the revenge belongs to God. Revenge is mine. And only mine says the Lord God, not you, not anyone, because, quite frankly, this world will not get better unless we learn how to forgive our fellow man.

So we have to recognize their ISFJs conscious, if we’re able to persevere, if we’re able to take the hits, if we’re able to suffer the injustice of life, if we’re able to be steadfast and you know, and valiant and take all of these, take all this debt and suffer all this pain and still be better for it. We have to still have mercy and take the hits that our fellow men you know Nellis with basically because remember what, what Rocky Balboa said in the most recent rocky film, life is not about the blows you land life is about the blows you can take. It’s all about how many hits you can take in here used to be able to take hits so much that you’d be grown so much stronger for and how about, you appreciate that pain, and the gifts that that pain has given you and forgive your fellow men recognize that their pain is probably what caused them to do that to you in the first place. Or maybe you’ll find out that your TI was actually ignorant because you’re relying on preferred input or last known input because you were ignorant like an idiot.

And maybe you should actually have mercy on those people because you probably might not have been aware of all the information in that situation yet you decided to take out revenge on them. What a moron Don’t be that guy. I will admit that I have been that guy. But yeah, don’t don’t be that guy in TPS learn to love people, you have to forgive them, you have to be merciful towards them.

And you know, that’s literally how the INFJ subconscious can build a can benefit the super ego. You know, and then besides if you’re also learning the super egos interest based awareness and piping that directly and you’re assigned for self discipline, and you’re not allowing other people to take advantage of you even though you triple systematic and not very interest based if you develop that habit for yourself and TPS, less people will manipulate you, which means you’ll be less bitter. Think about that, which means you’ll be more forgiving. Think about that, which means you will be forgiven.

Hmm. So yeah, love people. You know, it’s written, love your neighbor as yourself, but you cannot love anyone else unless you love yourself first. It’s not that hard.

Get a grip in TPS recognize that this is what you need to do for your super ego. And that is the that is the orderly transition. That is you know, through showing love through your orderly transition and not hatred, folks. It’s like it’s not it’s this very basic, this is very basic.

As a result of understanding how your chaotic transitions work at first versus your early transitions, you will basically get closer to the path to enlightenment. If you want to go deeper on that there’s more information about that at CS Joseph dot life forward slash Patreon watch the season 19 episodes INTJ and INFJ comes out this month February 2020, which will be dope and I hope to see you there if you found this lecture useful helpful educational enlightening, please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube also on the podcast CS Joseph dot life forward slash podcast to get on the podcast. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about en TPS and the like. And then please like us as well with like likes likes are dope.

Don’t forget guys, I read like every comment, like I read all of them may not respond to all of them. But I read them and I heart a comment that basically means I’ve read it that doesn’t necessarily mean I liked the comment. That just means that I’ve read it. It’s like me marking it as read so that you guys know.

So I don’t necessarily read replies, but I do fresh comments. So if you guys aren’t seeing me reply to reply as well, you probably might want to make a fresh comment, because then I’ll be able to read that etc. And no, it’s not another member of my team doing it. It’s actually me doing it, so don’t freak out about that.

So 1:04:29 anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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