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What are some mannerisms or quirks that ESFPs have? But before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel. So we can have a marathon of dots poetry corner, replace the US presidential election and hit the alert Bell. So you can get notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego hackers? IMCs.

Joseph on the CSJ podcast, and here to respond to all things union analytical psychology questions that is, or the four sides of the mind. And the source of today’s question is lily flower. Yet another fake pseudonym on the internet whose core a question was deleted? Serves them right? Because people who have pseudonyms on the internet, I find them just really frustrating. Thank you i n J’s of the world for doing that.

Yeah, I understand that you like privacy, but I think so. Does everybody just so you know, just just maybe, I think everyone likes that. You know, I mean, it’s covered by the Bill of Rights, is it not? Maybe, maybe. So yeah, I wish I could actually show you the question.

But the question actually truly was deleted. See, you could tell it was deleted, probably because they had a fake name. And Cora was not down for that. So but I’ll still answer the question anyway, about mannerisms and quirks that ESFPs have.

The first one that comes to mind is their horrendous spending habits. I have known more ESFPs to run up more credit cards than any of the 16 types, maybe even the 16 types combined. Oh, wait, no, wait, the ISFP is a nice close second. SFPs have these insane spending habits.

And it’s so funny because ESFPs are amazing at managing other people’s money. But when it comes to managing their money, not so bad, of course, this is kind of a Wayfair issue. That being said, the T parents of the INTJ archetype who is a Wayfarer as well, they can actually manage their own money pretty pretty well. But ESFPs are terrible.

And it’s because their lack of attention span, they don’t pay attention, they don’t pay enough attention to their bank account, or their transactions over 30 ad period. And oftentimes, they just flat out forget or doesn’t even come to mind doesn’t even occur to them, that they would probably even want to do that. So as to not screw them over later. It’s because ESFPs just are not in generally they’re just not aware of their of the consequences of their actions.

In general. They’re just not. They just lack that awareness. So they end up spending away and racking up their credit cards.

And it’s like, Ooh, well, they’re gonna sail and but and honestly, ESFPs are suckers for sales. They are suckers for the sale ends tomorrow, you gotta get this deal now on and they’re NIHR Oh, and I have various like, Oh, my choice is gonna get taken away my freedom of choice. And my choice of getting this thing on sales can be wrong. And I don’t know if I want it now.

But I definitely want the sale. So I’m going to buy it now. So I don’t want my choice taken away. And they keep racking up their credit card again.

And then they ended up paying triple for it later after all the after all the interest. And it’s like, okay, well, did they actually accomplish anything there? No, not really, it’s really frustrating. That’s one of the negative quirks. One of the positive quirks, randomly cracking jokes just to change the mood.

If there’s like an awkward silence, there’s never a such thing as an awkward silence around the SFP. They really just don’t do awkward silence. Unless of course, they end up cognate transitioning into their ISFJ side of their mind. And then they’ll go super behind the scenes and see if no one notices them.

And that’s really how ENFPs are, they either are completely in your face and in the center of attention, or they are completely out of attention. Like way out of attention. ESFPs live and die by attention, and they live and die by credit. Those two things are super mega important.

And that’s another thing about them. Now, if you’re asking about mannerisms, and quirks, you’re talking about how they’re walking and whatnot. Look, I’m an I’m an SI user, I’m an SE demon. I don’t have the time, the mental space to pay attention to how people walk on the street.

If I’m around them a lot, I could recognize them and recognize that for that person. But if I’m not around them, probably not going to be able to tell you that in general. That’s more of a visual typing guide approach and I’d recommend checking out other resources for that. Until such time we get our visual typing released to the public very soon.

Even though I am technically practicing with it on a consistent basis. I just set my foot on my cat. Anyway, she’s purring, shocking. Not really she’s an INFP doesn’t really respond that much is a PS Yeah, they is.

One of their big quirks is their horrible spending habits. They’d potential horrible spending habits. Eventually as they get older, they develop their INTJ subconscious and that doesn’t really become as big of an issue, which is cool, which is pretty fantastic. Do that.

Yeah, make it Joe Another mannerism, another mannerism they have, they’re always, or Quark they owe they’re always late. And sometimes, they actually choose to be late because if they show up on time, and sometimes they may be obligated, in the same way that people are obligated for the people that show up on time, but sometimes showing up late is how an SE hero, especially in ESFP on obligates themselves for the proceedings, and whatnot, and if they and it allows them to use their ISFJ, shadow or unconscious to walk in the area, unnoticed basically sneaking in, essentially, because they don’t want to be the center of attention because they showed up late and they know they can have that ability. And it’s also how they can use their ISFJ shadow to absolve themselves of obligations even though oftentimes their eyes have to shadow can be obligated do things as well. It’s a very interesting dichotomy.

It’s kind of hypocritical, but at the same time, it just shows you that they are being choosy with what they’re looking for, you know, in a particular social situation of whatever kind that is. Remember, because they’re an FYI, parents, FYI, parents and heroes are very choosy about the ideas are choosy about the values that they want to look at, versus a TI parent or a te hero, where they’re not so choosy. They’re more of like, okay, yeah, hey, I’m just going to survey everyone to get everyone’s collective opinions. Whereas, you know, the FYI, parents and the FYI, here’s the world like ESFPs end up just cherry picking, what surveys are, what people think about certain things, etc, for them to create their own value system.

That’s another quirk or mannerism, I guess. Now, the thing is ESFP. Men, they really like having big full beards or longer beards, etc. They kind of have like this biker look, tattoos, that kind of a thing.

They can look like that as well, very into the moment, they really need someone to stick around, oftentimes, and a lot of people just aren’t really aware of that need that they have. Obviously, they need freedom of choice, and they’ll become very Rayji when they have their freedom of choice taken away. And it’s because that need for freedom of choice, they’re very easily taken advantage of with scarcity sales, you can easily social engineer, an NI inferior like an ENFP. With scarcity.

It’s extremely easy to the most weak to scarcity, because it’s like, Ooh, I don’t want to make a choice. Another quirk that they have, they end up sometimes not making a choice because if they make a choice, they realized that some of their options will be taken away. And that can be another issue as well. That they usually have but mannerisms like what does mannerism even mean? Yes, I’m literally actually looking up the word mannerism in the middle of this video and I don’t care a habitual or characteristic characteristic manner, mode or way of doing something distinctive quality, or style, such as behavior of speech.

One thing I have noticed about ESFPs that’s really, really consistent is that they seem to have the biggest smile all the times probably out of all the types. They’re also usually the fastest out of all the types to smile. They really react with that FYI, parent happiness or they react, how they feel. So when they smile, FYI, parents push that smile really far.

And they have like literally the biggest smiles out of all the types hands down, hands down. They do and very jovial, very, very charming. They’re very charming people. ESFPs are extremely charming, especially ESFP men, they got charm, charm.

Being the charmer is part of their seductive style. It’s pretty awesome. It’s like a mixture of charmer and a mixture of the siren. Basically, we’re mostly charmer, I would say which, which is cool.

It’s pretty cool. It’s like it’s not. It’s not so because they’re very informative. So they’re not so directly the other se or the ESTP was more of a rake.

But the ESF P is more of a charmer as a result, which I find I find is very fascinating. They’re constantly giving a constant good experience of people always smiling at people you know, shaking people’s hands always being nice or at least looking nice, etc. All about the reputation, my status, my titles, etc. And I think that really comes off in their smile, but honestly, I’m not the best person to ask for mannerisms.

I’m just I’m just not I can tell you quirks but mannerisms I’ve sed even guys I’ve just that’s that’s just not me. I really can’t do that. You know, so like let’s refrain from asking more questions about mannerisms because this is just not my strength. Anyway, if you’d like a chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below.

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And then we’ll have just one tier, journeyman and we will also have another tier Acolyte. And we’re gonna have like, huge giveaways going on every month as well if you are a member, so more on that later. I’ll spend more time talking about later. I’m not going to do that in a shorter video like this.

So anyway, folks, well, that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.


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