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In this video, I’ll be answering the question, what are some life tips for ENTPs? But before I get into that, I need you to subscribe to the channel and also hit the little alert bell so you can see every video that I upload, that would be nice. That being said, welcome to CS Joseph Responds, I’m your host Chase, here to answer your questions on everything Jungian analytical psychology, the four sides of the mind, also known as four-sides dynamics. And obviously today’s question is what are some tips for ENTPs? And this question is naturally sourced from Quora. So we have Marina Zimmerman, who studied at UWC Robert Bosch College, and she offers some of her advice. And it’s been upvoted by Steve Henkel, ENTP who wrote four books and many magazine articles on this subject apparently. I have no idea if that’s true. So the first bullet point she offers is, “Find a way to deal with your personality-type preferences “and way of behavior that does not harm others or yourself.” Okay, I think that’s self-evident. “Learn to deal with rules and restrictions, “as well as with authorities. “This is hard for an ENTP because we tend to break the rules “for the sake of being different than the norm. “We often get in trouble because of that.” Yeah, that’s kind of true. Although I don’t break the rules, I am an ENTP. I don’t break the rules to be different from the norm. I just break the rules because I think that rules are dumb or worthless or arbitrary, but that’s a whole other point of view, I guess. “Whenever I told myself not to do something “because it is B.S., bad, insane, makes no sense, “will harm others, me, is unhealthy, impossible, “I now instead prefer to tell myself that it’s boring “and it will turn out to be boring, lacks originality, “or it’s a waste of time compared “to what I could do instead.” Okay, yeah, but I prefer the previous way, ’cause it sounds more moral to me. “It works so much better for me.” I’m sure it does. “Even if it’s basically tricking myself into doing “what I should do by making me want to do it,” okay, “by stopping me from wanting to do other things. “Also, the way I think, it’s the way I think “so I do not do drugs, “will never get addicted to anything “so that I have a free mind, “which is more important than being able “to act as I please and do not complete M.” Okay, fair enough, I mean, it’s kind of there, but not the best response. Next bullet point, “And there we go to my second life tip, “learn to focus and find a strategy to succeed in “what you want to accomplish in life personally, “but do not lose track of the potential, “all the ideas you have in your head either. “You do not need to stick to a fixed plan “or you’ll never be able to do it that way anyway. “And we all know that one of our best traits is “to be able to adapt in any given situation, “and that future holds an abundance “of unexplored possibilities we will not be able to seize “is if we try to focus on one straight path.” So true, this, she actually knows what she’s talking about. That’s excellent. It’s because it comes from the interaction style of being a starter type. Starter types are notorious for not finishing things that they start. Although most people would tell ENTPs, “Hey, you need to focus on something.” Yeah, definitely focus on something, but the thing is, is that always have multiple irons in the fire. And never be ashamed if you’re trying to do three things at once, because honestly we have to trial and error our way through everything and be, given that we’re triple systematic, triple systematic means three sides of our mind out of the four sides of mind are actually systematic, and systematic means we’re focusing on finding the best way of doing something, the best methodology to do something, the most efficient methodology of doing something, finding the best system, the best process, et cetera, and which allows us to find the best way to do something. And this technology was created, inspired by a triple systematic ENTP, also known as Steve Jobs. And triple systematic definitely has its place in the world. And that’s where it is, to create, you know, the best or find the best way to do something. That’s the whole point behind it. But the problem is is that we get so stuck on that sometimes, in that focusing on it, that we end up losing focus, and then having a diverted focus or divergent foci, basically on multiple things simultaneously, is actually how we’re able to move forward better. So don’t let anyone criticize you of having different foci throughout your life. She finishes off by saying, “Do not force others to get your work done “or make them do it either. “If you already are a procrastinating slacky ENTP “who doesn’t care at all about changing something about it “or other people think of you, do not force it on others “to make up for your unfitting behavior in your place. “There are times when admitting that you’re at fault “to yourself and others is what will gain you “the most respect and true self-esteem.” Very accurate. It’s very hard for a lot of ENTPs out there to actually really admit fault because from their Ti parent point of view, especially if it’s immature or underdeveloped, they just think that they’re right at all times. And this leads to a very unhealthy form of stubbornness. An ENTP needs to really engage in humility because if you don’t, people will naturally want to tear down the ENTP. Whereas if you have humility, people will naturally want to raise you up. And it, it really, it means a lot. “So there are times when you…” okay, “So it’s better for you to first recognize “the incorrectness and speak out loud.” Yeah, so if you’re actually incorrect about something, publicly proclaim that you are wrong and take responsibility for it, it goes a long way. I do it all the time on my YouTube channel, if I’m actually wrong about something later, I actually make sure people know about it. You know, it is what it is. “So this is what ENTPs are the best at “and should be also doing in regard “of their own behavior and big talk, “manipulating others, laziness, “lies to detract from inconvenient truths, “not acknowledging other’s efforts “in order to help you with your schemes.” That’s true. ENTPs often times do not acknowledge other people’s efforts, which is really, really frustrating. And ENTPs are constantly scheming all the time. Not a bad thing. It’s what makes them inherently entrepreneurial. However, not acknowledging other people’s contributions is a serious, serious problem. And just have a habit, a really good habit because ENTPs are all about being habitual. Have the habit of giving credit where it’s due. Even if you disagree with somebody, you still give them credit where it’s due anyway, even if you don’t like them. You have to keep that chaotic, neutral approach as much as you can. “So these are all things that will lead you away “from the path of the curious unarming honesty, “which will interfere with your realization of your goals “and destroy your relationships.” ENTPs are actually like the best liars of all the types. Even though I maintain ENFPs are actually far more manipulative and selfish and depraved than ENTPs, ENTPs are the most skilled liars and are insanely insincere, so it’s a huge problem. Lena Kari says, “Courage, your cerebral cortex “is more developed, active as compared “to your limbic system, which makes you oblivious “to the primal preservation instinct. “But at a time when everyone gets scared, “you are acting like no big deal, dude, “your frontal cortex was pressing amygdala response. “There’s no magic there. “It’s all about the physiology in your brain. “What is good about it? “You don’t waiver in the face of a challenge. “People look to you when you, “and for your leadership ability. “Even when you feel fear, you don’t ever show it “in the situation when everyone is freaking out, “act like the person who’s at this image, “simply because you can.” Yeah, that’s true. I mean, ENTPs, are infamous for improvisation. You know, much like Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean” as played by Johnny Depp who was actually an ENTP. So, I mean, that makes a lot of sense, but you know, it’s like you, “You think he plans it all “or do you think he makes it up as he goes?” And it’s like, we really make it up as we go, constantly. And it’s excellent, and the Ti parent allows us to have that precision as we do it. But fair enough. Some of these answers are kind of weak, and I don’t wanna really waste so much time on these, So I’m just going to get down to my answer right now. So one of the best tips for an ENTP, the number one best tip that I can give is get over your fear of the unknown, like immediately. Force yourself to do things through self-discipline to do things that you don’t want to do. You have to do this on a consistent basis. You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations over and over and over and over, and get over your fear of the unfamiliar. Also accept that you don’t really actually have any real talent, but you do have the capability to outwork everybody else. And remember the parable of the rabbit versus the tortoise and they’re racing and whatnot. You wanna be the tortoise and ENTPs can be the tortoise. The INTJ however is forever cursed to be the rabbit because they’re all about natural talent and being able to run super quick ’cause they’re triple progression, triple movement within three sides of their mind, but we’re a triple systematic. We also have introverted sensing inferior, which when it turns into its aspirational mode, when we go in our ISFJ subconscious side of our mind, we’re actually able to literally outlast anyone and we’re able to outwork anyone, and endure, and persevere through any adversity better than anybody else. And this is, this is absolutely consistent and really necessary. If you do not master that capability, you’ll be a terrible ENTP. And you will have to rely on being a shyster and a con artist to get through life instead of actually doing hard work and reaping the rewards of the hard work that you do, which is absolutely necessary. You have to do this and that’s the first thing. The other thing is recognize that you should never be like initiating with the opposite sex. It is the opposite sex’s job to initiate with you. It is not your job to initiate with the opposite sex. And when you’re trying to have a relationship with somebody, it’s a really bad idea. You just come off super creepy, like an ax murderer when you do that. And I wouldn’t want you to do that. So like definitely don’t. Also make sure that you’re not being ignorant with your introverted thinking within your logic, make sure you’re actually researching and getting multiple sources of input before you allow your introverted thinking processor. Because if you don’t, to go off of, because if you don’t, you’re gonna find yourself potentially having an internal echo chamber in your head and believing your own lies if you’re not careful. And it gets even worse, you can also, you can also end up making decisions based on last known information or last known input, which also puts you down the path to ignorance as well. That’s a waste. Also, know when to turn off your extroverted feeling child. You sound, you come off super caring to other people and that’s awesome, but they’ll take advantage of you. ENTPs are so easily taken advantage of, even though they’re often the ones taking advantage of everybody else, quite frankly, ’cause they’re such skilled manipulators, second to the ENFP, but the reason why is because an interest-based person will see how self-sacrificing the ENTP can get and they can actually leverage Stockholm Syndrome against the ENTP, such that the ENTP ends up, you know, becoming like a slave for this other person. And an interest-based person is aware of the win-win, but they will create win-loses where they get the win and the ENTP gets the lose, but the ENTP thinks it’s okay to self-sacrifice themselves because for the sake of the best way of doing something, and they’re just manipulated like that and are completely taken advantage of, it’s really absolutely dumb. Also ENTPs can be insanely judgmental and have this insane justice complex. If not careful they’ll end up writing books like “Mein Kampf” because, that’s right, Adolf Hitler is an ENTP. You might wanna consider that for a moment. But also, don’t forget Malcolm X was also an ENTP. You can do some comparisons, Steve Jobs is an ENTP. Benjamin Franklin is an ENTP. Again, compare all these men, read their books and just come to a general idea of kinda how they lived their lives for better or worse so that you could take the good from that and take and learn from the good and the bad. Another ENTP that you should also pay attention to, Bruce Lee. Again, when you’re developing your self-discipline, I highly recommend you get over your fear and get into martial arts as soon as possible. Learn JKD, Jeet Kune Do, it’s the most complex and direct and ideal form of Kung Fu out there that exists. And that’s especially necessary from the point of view when you’re developing your self-discipline to become the best ENTP you could possibly be. So keep these things in mind. Also, the more you work to strengthen yourself and strengthen your self-discipline, the more successful person you will be the entire time. Also stop worrying about your own future, because then you end up becoming like this huge hypochondriac and it’s super annoying. So stop doing that. Either have faith. You have to live your life through faith, not necessarily what you want, because if you’re always focusing on your own future, you’ll end up taking more from people because you’re not sure when the next time you’re going to take from et cetera. Also, please remain critical of statistics and data and make sure that that is heavily fact-checked before you allow yourself to believe that it’s actually true and make sure that you are constantly doing if, this, then that thinking and logically verify every single thing in your life, including your belief systems, including those traditional belief systems that you were raised within. Because if you don’t, they will eat your life up and you’ll have literally nothing left, I promise you. Make sure you get that figured out. Also, you’re unaware of how you feel and you’re kind of an amoral person? That’s okay, don’t let people judge you for that either. And also sometimes it’s necessary to expose other people and their stupid for their own benefit. And sometimes you get accused of being harsh by others, but you know what? Be okay with that because someone’s gotta have the guts to tell the truth. And most of the time it’s actually the ENTPs who actually do. So, anyway, if you would like a chance of your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a member at csjoseph.life/members. And then you could post your question on the private Q and A channel on our Discord server. And I answer all those questions in a private livestream for silver members each month. So anyway, with that being said, folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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