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Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology or four sides dynamics. And today’s question comes also from Quora. What are ideal jobs for an ESTP? So let’s take a look at this question real quick.

This is an excellent question that anyone answered. Let’s see. Oh, it looks like we have F. Enberg and our pair career nanny, behavioral emphasis ABA.

My good to be behavioral emphasis A B, C. I mean, that would make sense, right? Children need to learn ABCs right? Oh no. My ignorance is showing anyway. possible career paths for an ESTP and she is citing her source from personality page.com and facilitator, sales representatives, marketing personnel, police detective work probation officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician, PC technicians, or network K blurs computer technical support entrepreneurs and athlete.

Okay, that’s that’s an interesting lesson. And I actually do agree with some of those. So thank you f Enberg AuPair, for stating these answers for us. So yeah, this is actually that’s moderately useful information.

But there’s a lot of other potential ideal jobs for an ESTP that a lot of people don’t even realize. In my opinion, the biggest bar best job for an ESTP that where they can actually get a really like a ton of fulfillment out of is bartending, actually, bartending is very just dominated by STPs. In general, especially ESTPs. And the reason why is because ESTPs are amazing at operations.

And if you think in the terms of context of a restaurant, if an ESTP is running the bar A lot of people don’t understand like the bar is basically in control of the restaurant. Because drinks are the first thing handled the orders coming in, than the majority of the attention is on the drinks, drinks needs to be refilled drinks need to be provided, it’s a really big deal. And it also produces the most dishes the fastest, and has the highest demand for dishes, etc. This is why you know, when you have when you run, when you own a restaurant, for example, you’d want an ESTP running your bar because the ESTP is able to you know, because they are structure type, they are in charge, they take charge, they’re direct, they initiate with people, direct is nice, because then they don’t leave a lot of interpretation.

And you want someone who’s a leader being direct in that situation, when it comes to like, you know, managing people, etcetera, especially operationally speaking, right. They also have this huge obsession with wearing aviators for some reason, like they all do it. In fact, all Templar types like doing especially ESTPs and INFJs, if you want to learn more about Templar types, check out my other YouTube channel, CS Joseph, and go to season 17. And watch the it’s a playlist and watch the Templar episode.

But anyway, the point is, is that you want them to be directly initiate with people the very outcome focused, which means they do a lot of planning to make sure that there is one outcome for one attempt to basically a lot of planning for one attempt, instead of just doing multiple times with zero planning, which would really suck if you know, they’re running a bar because think of all the drinks that they’d create, you know, doing it incorrectly, et cetera, in that process, thank you, beauty. Oddly enough, you know, she mixes me to drink and she’s also an ESTP. So Be that as it may, bartending is excellent. And they’re also very creative.

They’re in the moments they can, they’re very tactical. So you want ESTPs in positions in tactile positions, not really strategic, where they have to put in a lot of planning, because here’s the bottom line is TPS, they don’t have an imagination. They’re not aware of like what could happen, they’re also not aware of the consequences of their actions, either. So they’re really only aware of what’s in front of them, which means you want them in a super fast paced, high demanding in the moment environment.

This could be like being like, like someone at Starbucks, you know, running running Starbucks and doing drinks or, or a bartender in that regard. Or even an assembly line where it’s just super high demand in the moment, have requires a lot of attention to detail, but really quick, because they’re very tactical. This is why they have the highest reaction time for all the types. That’s why if the building is going to spontaneously explode, the ESTP is going to immediately spring to action and save the SI users like myself, because we have this problem called normalcy bias.

And then on the building expose, we’re like, oh, the building is on fire. I wonder why. And then all of a sudden, you just see this giant arm just come out out of the side and just grab you like, ah, you know, and then you know, you’re being rescued to safety. And because the normalcy bias of Introverted Sensing, we’re so stuck in our comfort zone that even if the building spontaneously explodes, we’re not really going to be able to get ourselves to safety.

Thank God for STPs. Speaking of which, STPs make excellent firefighters, although typically, SJ types are more firefighters than STPs SCPs, because they’re actually feeling into their child, they’re very ethical people, they like to give back in some capacity. And sometimes they really get involved in Fire and Rescue, I’ve noticed them being EMTs, my ESTP cousin, he’s a nurse. Nursing is also a big deal.

Nurse Practitioner is also pretty well for ESTPs. The problem with ESTPs is that they end up especially when they’re in the medical situation, they see a lot of the medical rules is arbitrary, which is like completely triggers them. So unless they can, unless they’re ISTJ, focused with their, with their unconscious side of their mind, they’re probably just going to be like super hyper triggered by all the arbitrary rules and medical establishment, but a few of them can get through it and get into nursing. And they’re actually amazing at nursing.

And especially since they don’t put up with a BS of any of the patients either, you know, and like, and not only that, they have that ability to be super direct and tell the, you know, God’s honest truth at a moment where, you know, it’s probably not ideal. And as SDP is constantly telling me Never underestimate the power of stating the obvious. And they can tell that patient what for and then they might actually change for the better. So, also ESTPs are amazing at social media, social media marketing, they’re amazing marketers, they’re also amazing at sales.

A really good example, I actually know, I know, an ESTP is named Shane, fantastic fellow, he’s into real estate, and comparing comparing him to like an ENFP, for example, who’s in the real estate ENFPs when they do their sales pitch, it’s all about, oh, you know, I’m gonna, like, help you to sell your home. And, you know, we’re gonna flip homes together, and we’re gonna make a lot of money, guys, you know, and I’ll show you how to maximize your profits. And I’m like, a giant sleaze bag, you know, because it’s all about money. Whereas an ESTP realtor, what they’re going to do there aren’t even going to talk about the home, they’re not going to talk about the price.

They’re going to talk about any that they’re going to talk to you about the community, they’re going to talk to you about the quality of the schools, and where’s the nearest parks? Do you have a dog? What you know, they’re gonna actually talk to you about the reality of living there first, and causing the person to fall in love with the community. See, that’s what they’re going to do. So what’s better? Hmm, the ESTP way of doing it, or the ENFP way of doing it when it comes to home sales, right? Well, I mean, some people are only in it to make a buck. So obviously, they just naturally gravitate to the ENFP side.

And then for the ESTP side, people that are like actually looking for a place to live, they go to the ESTP It just all depends. Also es teepees are amazing. It my ESTP mentor, Mr. Robert Bryant, God bless him.

He taught me a lot about it. He taught me virtualization, I taught me about VMware, he taught me about Veeam, fantastic fellow. And they are amazing at introvert at information technology as well. Which is which is also really fantastic.

I’m very thankful for him and his influence on my life, because I literally went from, you know, going, being a minimum wage worker to making six figures specifically as a result of his tutelage, for which I’m very thankful for. So, but regardless, you know, this is just some general general jobs for ESTP is there’s many, many more out there, but I definitely recommend they look into sales, marketing and sales. And by the way, guys, as an ESTP. If you’re like, Well, I don’t want to be sleazy.

You know, I don’t want to be like an ENFP guy. Yeah, because it’s your super ego. And I totally get that. But here’s the bottom line.

You are amazing at marketing and sales. As long as you know that what you’re selling is actually going to benefit your customer sell from the point of creating a win win, where your customer wins, if your customers always winning, if you’re going out of your way to care about your customer, that what business do you have being afraid of coming off, like some ginormous sleazebag? You already mean, so please be open to sales and marketing. You’re naturally amazing at social media or any kind of marketing content anyway, so like why not go for it? So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. Please subscribe to the channel leave a like below and a comment you have any questions about ESTPs we’ll be happy to answer them.

I read every comment. With that being said guys, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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