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CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question what are good role models for an INTJ?

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What are some good role models for an INTJ? In fiction or in real life? I’m CS Joseph, and welcome to the CS Joseph podcast, where we discuss union analytical psychology in order to improve your life and the life of others around you. Hashtag new intros all the time. You never know what it’s going to be. So yeah, this is an acolyte question from our acolyte members that gets sent in every month, we do YouTube videos related to their questions who’d like to become an acolyte member, you need to first become a journeyman member, which is at CS joseph.ly For slash members, or CS joseph.ly, forward slash portal.

That being said, let’s get into the question. So i NT J’s end up having a difficulty actually picking up role models, and I could kind of see why the question was actually asked initially, it makes a lot of sense. And the reason why I think the reason why is because they get so focused on what they themselves want to do that it’s really hard for them to find a general role model standard, and their te parent is trying to, like come up with like a one size fits all solution, because the INTJ is the you Well, one of the 16 types and not the one of the 16 types, that likes to take shortcuts the most, whenever a shortcut is available, they will take it period in a story because the triple movement, will they want it now and they want it fast, and they’re not going to wait. And patience is definitely not anything an INTJ like it is not in an INTJ whatsoever si demon just like many patients, what is that? What value is there in it for me.

But INTJ is, you know, really, you have to understand that you have to concern yourself with how to pick a role model, before you actually find a role model first, and it really comes down to like your purpose in life. And the purpose in life of an INTJ is to master any skill. And it’s basically to have like this legacy of mastery or skill mastery have some kind of top performance to a point, you know, as a result of skill based mastery. And the thing is, is that you’re going to have to look at other masters, you’re gonna have to identify other masters of those skills in order for you to have the best skills for yourself as a result, right.

And that’s, that’s really the crux of how to find it, you really just go find other people who have mastery and skills, and then just find out what they did. And see if you can mirror that with your extroverted sensing inferior, and then eventually turn that into expert sensing, aspirational, then you end up creating, on top of what these people have already done based on what you actually want to do, which which is healthy, which is good. The thing is, though, is that because INTJ is ended up, you know, mastering, they realize in life that they have to focus on one skill, because if they don’t focus on one skill, they will lose it. So, really, so INTJ is listening to this, like when it comes to you know, having a role model in your life, you really have to make sure you’re picking a role model based on what are the actual skills in life that you intend to, you actually intend to make a priority.

And this can also be especially difficult for INTJ women because INTJ women, they struggle on areas if they’re being very career focused. They’re not exactly going to be readily accepted in the workplace. They’re so pragmatic because they’re triple pragmatic, they’re also tripled movements. So they’re super fast.

And they end up steamrolling people in the workplace. And this can cause them to become social pariahs, you know, in the workplace, you know, women basically and they’re just not as readily accepted. And this is where you get a lot of those people like claiming that oh, you know, men are sexist in the workplace while they’re actually just, you know, let’s be honest, triple pragmatic INTJ masculine women who just bulldoze people and that’s why they have a bad rap and a bad reputation. And their Fe Trickster is too weak to tell them that they’re committing social faux pas in the workplace consistently, but then because they’re completely unaware of those social faux pas they just gotta blame you know, sexism on it, instead of actually taking any responsibility themselves for some frickin reason.

My solipsism but if my child superiority complex, but But it becomes an issue and you know, because INTJ is very prone to taking shortcuts. This is one of the reasons why INTJ women end up you know, becoming strippers, maybe even pimps in some capacity. They’re not often the ones who are like in the porno films with the ones arranging the porno films or making arrangements thereof or doing some kind of facilitation, kind of like ENTJ mme, etc You know, from a pimping point of view, but the point is I’m trying to make is that INTJ women have it actually a lot harder when it comes to finding good role models in their life because they are masculine. And anytime they actually are trying to be feminine and want to be feminine, they are shat on by society for being feminine because guess what folks, women are shat on for being feminine.

Everyone’s trying to condition and train women to be more masculine. And then they do and then that kind of plays into the ego of the INTJ woman and their natural salts ism, which is self above tribe because they are very inwardly self focused as a result, that can cause a major issue. In fact, actually, I have a fantastic quote that I would like to share that was posted on CSJ discord earlier, if you want to get on the CSJ discord, I highly recommend you actually join I think the link is in the description of this video down below. So check that out, get in there.

And please realize it can be a little difficult getting onto the discord server because we require verification. OUR DISCORD gets people tried to attempt to write it and cause a lot of drama and issues over time. So we have a very nice security system installed, to keep the bad people out and keep the community safe. So anyway, I would like to share a nice little quote that is relevant to this particular video.

For the INTJ women watching it, it comes from Florence Nightingale. And this is comes from something written by Florence Nightingale in some times in her life, she was born 1820 and she died in 1910. And it is quote, women aren’t capable of love. women crave for being loved, not for loving, they scream out at you for sympathy all day long.

They are incapable of giving any sympathy in return for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so. They cannot state a fact accurately to one another. Nor can that other woman attend to it accurately enough for it to become information. Now is not all this the result of the wants of sympathy.

I am sick with indignation at what wives and mothers will do of the most shocking selfishness. And people call it all maternal or conjugal affection. And think it pretty to say so. No, no, let each person tell the truth from their own experience.

They really don’t have sympathy or the ability to empathize because they are always judging everyone in everything as a product on a social value scale that relates to their own egos and bounces off of themselves. There is no capability for genuine feeling. This is what I have experienced with women. There is no capability for genuine feeling for other humans, or really in general, except when those feelings are for themselves.

And the other people are just proxies to bounce ideas off of. Wow, thank you, Florence Nightingale for exposing female solipsism. And female solipsism is, quite frankly, some of the absolute worst in the INTJ woman within Western society because they are the type that is the most enabled with their si child superiority complex. Sorry, INTJ women, I continue to beg on you on this area.

But I’m so sorry, I have to do it because you are just so unaware of your own hypocrisy and your own entitlement. And it is disgusting. To the point where I have broken up with many INTJ women throughout my my life, because I just can’t deal with the entitlement. It’s funny, interesting.

an INTJ ex girlfriend recently emailed me saying yeah, sorry about being entitled. And I’m like, Well, okay, your spouse is still entitled right now and you want me to pretend like you changed? No, no, you didn’t know you didn’t, you know, especially you who are supposedly in a long term relationship and yet somehow find the reason find the time to just you know, email your ex, okay. While in a relationship. What does that say about your character, you might want to check yourself there.

Gotta love that FYI, child superiority complex. So. So finding role models is extremely difficult, especially for INTJ women they have an extremely, extremely hard because society enables their masculinity enables their solipsism. And if they’re going to look for other female role models, honestly, INTJ women, especially in Western society, they’re just not going to find it.

I think INTJ women will be better served, looking for role models in the Middle East. That sounds crazy. Or Southeast Asia. I basically non western society places, and also non Russian China, because Russia and China has become very all about this new world order this new world economic order, basically where everything’s based on debt, and it’s not about life, etc.

And whereas, you know, the Middle East is still largely about family, so also is Southeast Asia, like in Indonesia, etc. I think finding role models in there for, you know, female role models who are INTJ, there are pretty good, but the thing is, is that, again, as an INTJ, woman, you need to make it about the skill that you’re trying to master. And, you know, a lot of INTJ women in Western society end up getting caught up in mastering masculine skills, and don’t even master their feminine skills whatsoever. And this is one of the reasons why they end up you know, spinsters dog moms, cat moms, by the time you know, they’re 40, et cetera, they’re alone, they know, they’re childless, they don’t have any family.

And they just had this huge amount of bitterness within which doesn’t actually make them have, you know, remotely qualify or valuable enough to be a mate. And you don’t want to be an SI child person, with an SI demon, living your life that way, because it will just lead to self destructive tendencies, and potentially even suicide, because of the nihilism that that INTJ woman would actually experience which would be terrible, and horrible and unjustified. And quite frankly, because all of this could have been easily avoided. So like a good female role model for an INTJ woman would be another INTJ woman who’s potentially matron archetype who chose to become a mother and have children before she went through her career.

And then she mastered the skills of being a wife and master the skills of being a mother before she mastered any skills relating to a career. Now for the INTJ men, obviously, the complete opposite is necessary, obviously, like not mastering being a woman or being a mother, but be all about their career initially, get their king archetype set up and make it a round there one skill they need to like, just like, for example, says the Old Testament, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might, right? So INTJ, man, whatever your hand finds to do do to all your might. And no, I’m not making a masturbation joke. When I say that you’d snickering people Oh, my goodness.

So with that being said, make sure that you make that a priority, you have to find somebody else who is mastering the skills you’re interested in, and then just do what they do. The final, the final role model that I’d recommend would be male or female, e and t, or ENFPs. Because ENFPs are your pedagogic type. And I would also recommend you getting to know iossef, J’s, because they’re your super ego.

So have your super ego type relationships male and female, and your pedagogue type relationships, male and female, these relationships will help you grow. And over time, while they may not be a role model for you, now, they’ll become a role model. And you would basically become a role model for them over time. And that’s where you can actually get some personal growth, especially as you’re on your quest to pick up skills and master skills throughout your life.

So you can have your legacy of mastery, mastery performance that you are looking for. But at the end of the day, you know, you really are going to learn from fellow INTJ is the best. You just gotta be like, okay, you know, if I’m an INTJ woman, am I prioritizing my career, then go emulate I mean, if you don’t want to be a mom, you don’t want to have children, even though you’re likely to change your mind later anyway, and just get screwed over by feminism, but whatever. But let’s say you really do want to be career minded and do all that.

Go go find a successful INTJ woman who doesn’t care about being a mother or having a family either, and do what she did, then that’s pretty much all you have to do. Good luck finding the INTJ woman who prefer to be a wife and a mother from the get go and then worked on your career after that was done after she was in a committed relationship with a high value man, et cetera, like, good, good luck finding that I’m sure it exists somewhere likely the Middle East, but not really in Western society. And then after that, you know, men basically the same kind of advice. Focus on finding INTJ men who are focused on your skill or your craft basically, and learn from them.

You can go with authors, etc. But that’s really how you develop role models overall, like as an INTJ. So anyway, folks, thank you very much for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.


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