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In this video I’ll be answering the question, what are es TJ teenagers like, but before I can get into that, I need you to subscribe to the channel hit the alert bell so you know, when we’re uploading additional videos are going live. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. My name is Chase and I’m here to answer your questions on anything Jungian analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind also known as four sides dynamics. And like I said, today’s question is what are es TJ teenagers like and a sorcerer? Today’s question is none other than Korra.

So here’s the question. We have Ashton J. Carter. ASPI ESTJ Leo Baptists Star Wars fan High School teen who answered this question on September 9 to 2018 and I kind of with him putting all his achievements in a row he’s definitely an expert thinker.

And he says quote, as an ESTJ teenager okay. I believe this question is for me, okay. I guess that sounds very ESTJ if he asked me strengths, outgoing says we are extroverts. We are very friendly and humorous.

Okay. ESTJ is are actually really boring and have a huge reputation of being boring. In a lot of cases, unless of course, they’re like competing or going all out and athletics, whatnot. But typically, they often have a reputation stereotypically speaking of being boring just like ISTJ is, even though ISTJ is far more boring, and probably considered to be the most boring of all the types.

Again, those are just stereotypes, your results will vary. I believe you have an ESTJ friend, do you ever ride or died but you have a ride or die, buddy? That’s true. That’s very true. Honest, we live by the cliche motto honesty is the best quality not always the case.

Because the ECG honesty is actually based on what they feel is true is not based on what is actually true. So they may be honest with their feelings, but their feelings may not actually have anything to do with what is true or false. It has a lot to do with belief. ESD j’s are more about being believers, not truth tellers.

They’re honest with their beliefs, but they often pass off their beliefs as truth. And that’s a serious problem. We are straightforward and we have a tendency to be open about our thoughts, you mean your feelings, but we expect the same in return. That’s not true.

They don’t always expect same in return. Sometimes it’s just good enough for them to give their input and then move on without even allowing any response. This is why ESTJs especially when their professors academics often engage in sophistry, sophistry, meaning they’ll deliver the lecture they’ll deliver the message, but they’re not willing to listen to feedback whatsoever, which makes sense because the expert feeling demon doesn’t care about anyone else’s feedback, because an ES TJ really only cares about their own feedback at the end of the day, in the long run, hard working, you know, straight A’s students Well, chances are that is none other than any ISTJ we find commitment and important aspects in life and we’ll pour all of our efforts into our work. Very true.

George Washington, for example, was an ESTJ, strong willed, we’re the people with strong shoulders, we not give up and we stay true to ourselves, okay? It has nothing to do with willpower. It has everything to do with discipline, you mean strong discipline, okay. You’re able to endure doesn’t mean that you can will yourself to do things, you actually don’t know what you want. So you don’t really you’re actually your biggest weakness is willpower.

But the rally situation as you’d rather have someone tell you what they want, instead of you make a decision based on what you want. So it’s not exactly accurate. Weaknesses, being controlling. I hate to say this, but we are control freaks, not because we’re trying to be hateful, but because we’re doing what is right for our loved ones.

That’s actually true. They are very controlling, oftentimes, they think it’s like their divine right to be controlling because their purpose in life is to bring order to chaos. And if they see things that disorderly or being chaotic, they believe that they’re doing everyone else a favor by setting that order. Whether or not those people actually agree with the direction or how they’re setting that order, or why they’re setting order.

They don’t care what those people believe because they think and believe that they themselves are the ones who can set the best order and no one else can which actually in the long run is technically true. judgmental, we often have strong values on right and wrong in society. We tend to express our displeasure openly Yes, they are very judgmental, but so is all deal with 16 types. apathetic.

We’re not intentionally hurting people. We do not click easily with how other people feel, obviously, because you don’t care. How about any how anyone else feels. When someone else is in a crisis.

We take it and say something like, why didn’t you do this instead of I’m so sorry to hear. That’s fair. And that’s very true. So Ashton, kudos to you for having a half more than half decent answer.

I’m very happy about your answer. Then we have you on Xiang, an NTP, a guy who claims to be in the NTP finds and BTi charming, and he says in November 2 2016, or maybe this is a woman, I can’t tell my bad. I got an ESTJ friend, so maybe I can answer this. But please notice I’m talking about a Chinese ESTJ girl, so there may be cultural differences, but sure, as a teen Answer ESTJ friend is much more mature.

That means she’s more independent, more organized, and is able to live in the school dorm on her own when I still need parents to wash clothes for me effective because of T and J Oh my gosh, this guy cares this person is all about the letter dichotomies, excuse me, a Lago barfing a corner ESTJ’s are able to have a clear plan and make full use of their time. That’s true. As a teenager they may finish schoolwork quickly and move on to the next task. Although in China, we have much homework Okay, I think that’s for everywhere because the government wants people controlled because the children have more time available to spend with their parents than the parents and to parenting their children instead of the state parenting their children.

And that would be a huge threat to the system. So obviously they have a lot of homework. I mean, come on is China and move on to the next step Allah Okay, so usually the first my friends use the first one to finish it and spare time for her mon conference. Okay.

Responsible ESTJ is likely to be a good leader in student groups, even if they’re the young ESTJ teenagers may show interest in social problems. It’s also why they ended up being elected class president when anyone sometimes controls too much love to be a leader and gives orders so maybe make others uncomfortable. That’s true, but fair, conservative. Of course, my mind I’m an intp.

Almost every other type is conservative. But that’s not true at all. By the way, that’s a horrible stereotype. But s j’s are the most conservative ones.

Even if they’re teenagers, they may not accept some new ideas. That’s not true. I’d say STJ’s are more social justice warrior oriented and not necessarily true concern. That being said, I do know a Randian objectivist who is an ESTJ so I can go either way.

That’s all pardon me for having some grammar mistakes, if any. Okay, fair answer. I’m not really going to complain too much about that. So these people generally know what they’re talking about.

Let’s have my answer in terms of what are es TJ teenagers like? So ESC J teenagers usually are the most popular kids in school, they usually have the highest grades. The reason why is because school or academia is built specifically with the bias in minds and support es TJ is over all the other 16 types. That’s right, folks, ESC Jays have the easiest time in school compared to everyone else that also includes athletic programs, also includes the military because the military is also built culturally, to adhere to the needs and the whims of an ES TJ. Whereas, you know, because the SDGs are all about duty and honor and achievement, etc.

This is why yes, teachers in school become super high achievers. This is also why is TJs often claim that they’re living life backwards because they have all their fun and their youth and they end up being no fun later. It’s because as they develop their INFP subconscious, they rather than be this philosopher on a mountaintop, or someone who’s levitating over a lake contemplating the meaning of life and existential existence, instead of actually getting their hands dirty anymore. This is also why is TJs for some reason, when they become super high up and companies that they work for, they end up resting on their loyal their laurels, and they believe that time served is actually more important than doing a good job, which is also extremely frustrating.

Luckily ESTJ teenagers don’t usually have this problem. They’re actually all about getting the job done and getting those tasks done right away. Also, they’re very affiliative and more open to actually obeying authority because they hope to become an authority themselves later. And they do become an authority of themselves later because ESTJs are actually the most successful in politics.

Out of all the types Mitt Romney isn’t he is TJ Brock Obama is an ES TJ, they’re everywhere. But then you got George W. Bush. He’s an ESFJ.

Ronald Reagan. He’s an ESFJ. So it’s kind of interesting seeing how there’s this huge ESJ bias when it comes to when it comes to these things. Joe Biden himself is also an ESTJ, they’re just super mega common within politics, they’re also very easily blackmailed.

So you can actually tell them how to vote for you in Congress by blackmailing them. And it’s so easy to do you want to learn more about that watch how to social engineer ESTJs my season 21 Episode Two on my other YouTube channel on YouTube and learn how to manipulate an ESTJ and bend them to your will. Or you as an ISTJ can learn how to prevent people from bending You to Your will because you’re like super open being blackmailed. You know why? Because you all care about your reputational too much and this is also what ESTJ teens are like because ESTJ teens often have to deal when they allow themselves to be an irresponsible situations when they become when they are in.

They’re usually rarely irresponsible, quite frankly, they become irresponsible, they mimic the wrong people, or if they take on bad habits, but as long as they keep their habits clean. They usually don’t mimic those bad people but in the situation they allow themselves to be irresponsible, while things can fall apart. And like I said they take on those bad habits and out goes their achievement and then it all becomes about their self aggrandizement and their status is TJs. They care very much about the reputation and their status because they’re often afraid of being Being a bad person, they’re also and that means if they don’t perform well in athletics or academia, it can usually cause a problem.

And so yeah, and yes, TJ is often have super high marks, he got the valedictorians going on there, like they have that they’re also extremely common accountants of firefighters, military folks, lawyers, etc, doctors, so any of the traditional even nurses Believe it or not, even that trip, just the traditional forms of career paths, you know, they would benefit going to those four year schools like Harvard and spending the insane amounts of money and then having all the connections with the guy from Harvard, Harvard, because they’d be able to leverage those connections because EFT j is all about leveraging their Rolodex effectively. Whereas other types, I wouldn’t recommend that and actually say stay away from school. But for ESD jays, yeah, definitely get college education because you’ll actually benefit from it. Because you’re more used to following the bouncing ball, instead of doing something creative, because is TJs they just have to follow the beaten path.

And luckily, the academic system as is the beaten path, so they follow that beaten path, and they’ll definitely be successful traditionally, etc. Also, I’d like to meet I was like to mention that the former husband who is basically dead and disappeared, who was married to Carole Baskin, and the tire in the tiger King documentary was also an ESTJ, keep that in mind. She’s an ENFJ by the way, you know, their super ego relationship, they’re just be advised. So anyway, with that being said, they’re very focused on achievement.

They’re very focused on being proper doing the right thing to take on the leadership roles, etc. They’re usually insanely responsible class president, kind of a person valedictorian, really high marks at least they should have really high marks very good athletics. My ISTJ friend used to be on the Olympic National Team for cycling, etc. I’ve been told a story about him recently in the season 23 Episode Two, which is how to parent ESTJ is which is available at CS joseph.ly For slash members under the gold tier membership.

But either way, raising an ESTJ teen and Western society, especially the SJ society, that is the United States of America, it’s super easy to really having a hard time chances are it’s actually the problem is usually with you the parent, and not actually the child in this particular case, something for you to figure out. So anyway, folks, if you want a chance to your question being answered like leaving a comment below or put up on on Quora and tag me, if you want a guaranteed answered your question, join us at CS joseph.ly. Forward slash members get a silver membership. Post your question on Discord and maybe even in the comment section for the next live stream going out.

We might actually adjust our systems for that in the future. You’ll get your question answered in a private live stream that you can watch or you can watch later whenever it’s convenient for you so and with that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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