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In this video, I’ll be answering the question with Steve Jobs and ENTJ, before I can get into that, I need you to subscribe to the channel and also hit the alert bell so you can get notifications on anytime we upload which is daily. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host Chase, here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind, also known as four sides dynamics. And the source of today’s question is none other than Cora.

And here we go. We have Nicolas pimpinella account executive From Software as a Service Cloud software, which is kind of like redundant, and he says, quote, not at all he is the epitome of an ISTP Okay, he’s half right. He’s definitely is not an INTJ but then his guys like oh, he’s an ISTP I am an ENTJ. I mean, how do we know you’re an INTJ he was solely focused of the sleekness and design of products and putting a perfect product on the market.

He made Apple product easy to use and broken down to be the most user friendly This is Ti thinking. Okay. Okay, let’s compare Bill Gates who was 100% End J. No, he’s not Bill Gates is actually an intp dude.

Anyone first thinking bill in an introvert sense does not watch his interviews. He loves interviewing expressing himself he routinely he routinely seeks attention it’s also bill with Microsoft use a trial and error method for Microsoft. He put out clunky products like Microsoft Office and then fix bugs and functions as the market demanded Yeah, because minimum viable product is definitely the best approach to software development. His main goal was to be the first to market and seal as much market share than update features as he learned this is T thinking not necessarily it was actually Extraverted Feeling of inferior taking on the feedback of customers that his expert intuition parent could actually give his customers what they valued and what they wanted had nothing to do with market share.

Okay, everyone thinks Bill Gates is like this master financier and master of money when reality situation he’s not he actually takes a very Fe approach and I people need to stop thinking Bill Gates is the and TJ because he’s absolutely not. Bill’s great business sucks at design is also better salesman than people realize. Okay, I don’t necessarily believe that he sucks and design is just as design principles are based on what he is experiencing as expert sensing trickster. So if he’s the one left with making design decisions for other people, of course, it’s going to suck.

Again, you are relying on stereotypes here that are not even relevant. Sir. Jobs is also a salesman, but the design is first focus is crucial and in distinctions, that’s the only accurate sentence you said this entire response. I see you only got three up votes.

Hopefully it stays that way. But why is that accurate? It’s because to Steve Jobs is real tight design is the most important thing concept and design is most important. Development, not so much execution, not so much design is everything to Steve Jobs. And then we have Navneet Gupta, a software developer.

There is no doubt he was an extrovert definitely an E. Oh gross. We have somebody here who starts to typing somebody with the MBTI letter dichotomies. If you are one of those people that uses the MBTI letter dichotomies to type people.

I would like to tell you to your face right now that you are ignorant and behind the times, I highly recommend you go to my other YouTube channel and watch the video titled exactly MBTI letter dichotomies debunked, so you can understand that they’re actually total BS and fake and fake news and not actually something that’s useful. But if you’re one of those ignorant people, we’re using the letter dichotomies to live your life and typing yourself and topre typing other people based on the letter dichotomies, my heart goes out to you. Please save yourself from your ignorance, and instead become wise and educated and understand the type grid which you can understand more about at CS joseph.ly forward slash type grid, where you can understand that there is an actual tool out there that you can type people with 100% accuracy. If you wanna learn more to how to use that, then I suggest you watch season two and season 15 playlist on my other YouTube channel, which explains to you how you could use the Type grid and then we all collectively can abandon the crap that is the MBTI letter dichotomies, so we can be freed from it so that we don’t have to listen or read answers like this on Quora, which are absolutely terrible, because they’re completely wrong and a waste of time, and just adding more to the confusion of the world.

Because people think that the letter dichotomies are actually a thing when the reality situation is they’re just actually garbage that is worthy of being in a burning dumpster thrown down the hill and wants to get plunged into the ocean, never to be seen again. So I mean, you know, that’s, that’s just reality, folks. Check it out. So anyway, and then he’s like He Himself mentioned how his intuition has helped them on his life.

During his commencement speech at Stanford University. He never cared much about others, and it was often seen as a rebel of the tech industry. Okay, this is total BS saying that Steve Jobs uncaring other people, are you kidding me? His entire design philosophy is about caring for the needs of the customers. And yeah, that sometimes meant that he would have to take away certain things from technologies like Flash, for example, in order for him to make better products.

It’s just the customers didn’t know that they would want that yet. But then after a while customers did want them. And he proved it time and time again. Good thing he didn’t listen to anyone else, including the people on his team who were not yes men, but he still knew that he was right.

And he was because guess what, we have these nowadays. So honestly, this opinion doesn’t mean anything. I am guessing that traits of both thinker and feeler Oh, gross. But my take is that the thinker and him was more dominant.

My take is T here. Oh, I’m so intelligent because I’m using the MBTI litter dichotomy system, even though I’m like a software developer who you know, probably write software using the letter dichotomies system. When you know, anything anyone’s going to adopt it? No, because it will be 100% inaccurate at all times. Please, sir, do not do not talk about these things.

Letter dichotomies are is a lie. It is not accurate. And you’re doing nothing more than deceiving people. Oh, he was always in judging mode.

He had opinions about everything. And he was not a very patient guy and makes him a J. Yeah, actually, he was very patient. The reason why he appeared to be impatient is because his patients had ran out, doesn’t mean he didn’t have lacked patience.

It’s just that he got tired of having to put his patience or his faith into people around him who were either incompetent, which for the most part, he doesn’t surround himself by incompetent people. But in the moment, he would react negatively. why? It’s because people were giving him a bad experience. And it’s not his job to give other people a good experience.

It’s his job to give people a better future. That’s the difference. Okay. And then we have John Luke, or John, UK or UK or I have no idea.

Serial passionist. What does that mean? Does that mean you’re like literally that guy who has to read a romance novel every single day? Do you have your Audible account and you got those steamy romance novels to go in at 1% of time? Is that what it means to be a serial passionist? I have no idea, sir. But you provided this answer on July 19 2013. I had no idea core was even around back then.

So he says yes, it looks it’s best to look beyond the letters at the meat of the functions. Okay, this guy’s on something. Except he’s wrong. Is dominant te made him obsessive about optimization.

Minimalist features clean design. No, no, no, no, it’s ti caring about the details. It’s about his Introverted Sensing caring about his experience. His ni made him an accurate visionary.

No vision comes from expert intuition, not Introverted intuition, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Once again, this is an example of people having backwards definitions of the actual functions, the true definition of the functions follow the book energies and patterns of psychological type according to Dr. John Beebe, maybe you should read that book. So you can come to a better understanding of the actual definition of the functions.

Instead of relying on the dumb colloquial definitions that everyone shares within the MBTI blogosphere, as well as those interesting people, those armchair psychologists on Reddit who actually think they know anything about this when the reality situation is they don’t know a damn thing about it. His FY was poorly developed. Of course, it was poorly developed because it was practically non existent. Okay.

In his last one, she is what made him a douchebag. He didn’t care about anybody but himself. No, he actually cared about a lot of people who just get really cranky when no one cared about making him more comfortable. That was his issue.

not acknowledging his child is child’s parents and yelling at people. Okay. Again, this is ridiculous. You only got three up votes for that the guy before you got 15 For some reason, but yeah, no, no, no, no, this is terrible.

Guys, here’s the reality of this situation with Steve Jobs in the INTJ. Hell no, he was not he was actually an EN TP. And a lot of people struggle accepting this, but this is the this is the reality situation. He is a starter type.

Starter types have this problem where they can’t really finish things that they start, but they pour all their energy into concept and design. And they give that to the engineers who are responsible for development. And then it gives it the operations people who are responsible for execution hashtag Tim Cook because like he’s an INTJ. You see what I’m saying? He’s all about execution.

That’s why Steve Jobs hired him. That’s also why Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak hired John Sculley, who was also an INTJ. Before John Sculley was ultimately let go from Apple. When Steve went after he fired Steve Jobs.

And then all of a sudden, the vision had left Apple because Steve Jobs has gone because the NTP provides vision and that’s why it’s written in the Bible. When there is no vision the people will perish, and that’s why Apple almost died as a company, but you bring Steve Jobs back in all of a sudden their vision is back and all of a sudden, you got these things come Turn around, you know what I’m saying? Like, there’s a reason for that guys. It was all about concept and design, he learned calligraphy so that he could understand the experience of clear calligraphy because calligraphy was beautiful to him. And he wanted to create beautiful products.

But the thing is, is that and TJs, they have to see something preexisting for them to manipulate it. That’s how they work. Whereas Steve Jobs, what he came up with were not pre existing, they’re actually original ideas that he came up with himself, and with people around him, and taking all that collective brain trust. And just like Bruce Lee, researching all of the martial arts in the world, and creating his own martial arts system, a superior martial arts system, known as jeet kune Doe, the best form of Gongfu in the world, it all came from all that collection of other systems and creating a Master System.

That’s literally what Steve Jobs did. And that is the source of his vision, giving his customers a better future, giving them what they want. The thing is, is that E and TJ is focused on giving customers what they want right now, what’s relevant right now. And actually, that’s one of their biggest weaknesses.

Because NT J’s lack originality, the reality situation is, is that Steve Jobs gave customers what they would want later, and they did not know that they wanted it now, they didn’t know that they’d want this, you know, waterproof without a headphone jack, for example, even though that technically happened, you know, after Steve Jobs, death, etc. Or the fact that he didn’t want no stupid ass stylus going on with his phones, et cetera, you know what I’m saying? Because styluses are stupid. I agree. I’m an intp, as well, they are stupid.

And then all sudden, you have Tim Cook the auntie J’s little se child, making a Steve Jobs rolling in his grave, because it’s like, oh, we’re gonna bring on the Apple stylus and they finally have a stylus again, because look at the ENTJ given what’s relevant in the moment, instead of like actually having, you know, a source of vision because they don’t, okay, NT j’s are all about execution and operations and changing something that pre exists. Whereas an intp is about bringing something into existence that doesn’t exist. Okay. That’s the point.

Very original, is all about expert intuition. You’re giving people what they want. Giving them a better future. He’s He’s ti parent.

That’s why you basically came off an asshole just like I do. Because I have ti parent, I come off the people like a douchebag. And the same way Steve Jobs does, and there’s a reason for it. We’re harsh.

Get over it. Were harsh for your benefit. Get over it. I don’t care how you feel when compared to telling you the truth because your feelings are subjective compared to non subjective things which are true, unless you’re one of those people out there really? Ooh, Hi, I am an ENFP.

And I have t i trickster and anything can be true. Anything can be false. No, that’s not actually the case. Just like I am Steve Jobs could say well, anything can be good.

And anything could be bad. Right? So like, this whole thing will lead to your truth. Like, again, that’s BS. I mean, if that was the case, then I guess there’s like no such thing as a rock or there’s no such thing as a snowflake that has that’s different.

Every single individual snowflake apparently, that’s like not a thing, or are you denying the existence of reality? I mean, come on. Oh, but reality can be completely subjective. Okay, yeah, sure. Until you’re like, put into a pit and then all of a sudden, someone’s pouring concrete into your pit.

Are you going to survive? I mean, I mean, that kind of seems like reality to me, you know, are you are you gonna live or are you not? I mean, like, you can’t, like you can’t even make a single hair grow or stop growing on your head? What business do you have thinking that you can make that claim? You know what I’m saying? Anyway, Steve Jobs is an NTP. He cared about what other people felt constantly. He was always talking up members of the team talking about the people at Apple. He’s even talking about people at Microsoft.

It never was about the numbers, NTJ’s are all about numbers. Show me a single interview, where Steve Jobs only cares about numbers. He’s constantly talking about what people want. He’s constantly talking about the future.

He’s constantly talking about how people value his products and what people value within the market. It has nothing to do with numbers and growth and and statistics and sales. He doesn’t care about that Auntie Jays care about that, you know, I’m saying and it’s all about his comfort. Anyone that would get in the way and not make him feel comfortable or make him feel safe in a situation especially the last minute for presentation, of course, is going to blow up in a big ball of rage.

That’s what en teepees Do you think ENTJ’s do that? They may get a little bit Rayji for a little bit, but no, because they plan everything through to the end, they have a lot more planning, they’re better executing which means they’re not going to have that stress come upon them at the last minute before a presentation. But whereas the progression is like like an MTV absolutely would guys stop drinking the stupid E and TJ Kool Aid about Steve Jobs. He actually is an ESTP it’s the truth. Okay, go figure it out.

Use the Type grid that type of CS joseph.ly forward slash type grid. Watch season two, watch season three. playlists on my other YouTube channel learn how to use the Type grid. And then you will clearly see that Steve Jobs is actually the intp and not an ENTJ, and maybe all those people out there who can’t even remotely be consistent in their typing of CS Joseph, because, for example, the last interview I went on, you have the interviewer type in me as an ENFP.

You have people in within the comments of this section saying, oh, you know, he typed you, you know, he’s obviously an ESF J or Oh, he’s obviously an ES TJ or Oh, he’s obviously an ENT TJ. I mean, I bet these people who think Steve Jobs being an ENTJ would probably type meanie and TJ as well, but it’s not my fault. The majority of people out there ignorant. It’s not my fault at all.

But that’s why I exist, you know, to tell you the truth. That way, you stop confusing everybody. And then people can actually understand the science for once and actually apply it to the lives and change the world for the better. But no, we have to, you know, like focus on our own ignorance and stay in our comfort zone and have our heads in the sand for some reason.

And even though we’re on Quora, gosh, someone has to seriously pull his heads on the sand. But again, that’s why I’m making this video after all. Anyway, if you’d like a chance to your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a Silver member at CS joseph.ly forward slash members and post a question as a comment on our silver membership, where I’m answering all your questions on a private livestream each month.

So anyway, folks, with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.


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