Wait, Gluttony is a Good Thing? | CS Joseph Responds


Wait, gluttony is a good thing? CS Joseph answers an Acolyte question about the INTP & ESFJ Dyad’s Deadly Sin.


Are you? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph don’t know why I keep saying that. But why not? Because I’m hoping gonna have some new hosts in the near future doing this. So maybe I’m just projecting, you know what I’m saying? Anyway, today’s episode, how can the deadly sin of gluttony which is the deadly sin that’s attached to ESFJ’s and INTPS be a good thing? It’s a very complex question.

And I’m actually honestly thankful for such a question to be asked. Especially since I filmed the deadly sin, the gluttony episode yesterday, and it’s actually already been posted as of today, which is pretty, it’s pretty awesome. Pretty awesome that it has been and it’s, it’s great, it’s one of the best lectures have ever shot. Honestly, the deadly sins lectures, really probably just might be my best work.

Or at least best body of work in terms of like a season, that season seven, part two. Before you check out the deadly sins, lectures, please make sure that you watch or listen to season seven, part one which is available here on the YouTube channel, or on the podcast, basically, that’s like, super important. Gotta have all that virtue advice, background information available to you, before you really sink your teeth into the deadly sins. So yeah, check it out.

Go find out the secrets to change your life and the lives of those around you. To do that CS Joseph dot life forward slash members become a journeyman member. It’s like 29 bucks a month. Good luck binging it all.

I think we’ve probably surpassed the eight weeks mark that it would take someone to watch every single piece of content in the members area if they were to binge it all the way through. So that’s a huge accomplishment for myself, looking forward to making that 12 weeks. And then 18 weeks, and so on and so forth. So definitely, definitely going to continue the huge glut of content.

So yeah, it’s been it’s gonna be really fantastic. When that day comes, but yeah, deadly sin of gluttony, how can it actually be a good thing? First thing is, it’s like, why do you ESF j is an intp need to be gluttonous at all? What is it they’re seeking out of life more than anything. And that’s their calling and fortune, everyone is seeking out their cognitive origin more than anything. And cognitive origins are so important.

They’re again, they’re the most important vector when considering using the Type grid because cognitive origin, regardless of where you’re at, in your life, what stage of life and you’re in what stage of focus or development you’re in, regardless of your Octo gram regardless or nurture, regardless of your nature. I mean, you have a cognitive origin that’s attached to your ego. And regardless, if your shadow developed subconscious, developed shadow focused, subconscious focus, it doesn’t matter. It absolutely doesn’t matter, like at all, because your cognitive origin never changes.

It’s always the same. Always, throughout your whole life. Everyone has this thing that they’re seeking out the most. And the thing that ESF j’s and intp are seeking out the most is discovery, or ultimately, exploration, maybe of a new frontier, maybe a frontier that they created.

Just like they have to explore every aspect of a candy bar. Or maybe it’s coffee cake that they decided to bake. The Wonder ESF j’s and intp are typically great cooks because they’re trying to discover every possible molecule and whatever dessert it is that they’ve made. And sometimes they’ll share it for other people.

But really, when they’re cooking, they’re cooking with their tastes in mind, more so than anyone else’s tastes in mind. Especially they’re an intp not a bad thing. Because the reality is ESF Jays and I NTPs really honestly have good taste. They have good taste.

So why not? Why not trust them? Why not trust them with that? So because they have good taste. It’s a big deal. It’s a very big deal. So yeah, just having a smoke here.

In downtown quarter lane. It’s probably the was beautiful place the United States of America. Absolutely fantastic here amazing town amazing city. Absolutely love it here.

love it so much. Got all of the benefits of a small town with all the benefits of a big town all one place. l even Rumor has it that shack himself owns a couple of the bars down here and and a club. So who knows.

And one of my friends spotted him recently at the local clubs, so good times. So, but discovery discovery for ESF j is an intp. That’s what they’re seeking the most in life. And one of the ways that they’re able to gain discovery, or utilize or seek discovery in life is by being gluttonous.

Okay. Yeah, it can have a lot to do with food. But it doesn’t have to do with food, it can be video games, or anything that creates dopamine, right? Of course, the greatest dopamine they’ll ever have is discovering something new, or embarking out on a new frontier. This is ultimately what Elon Musk is trying to do, creating a new frontier of space exploration up into the upper atmosphere, and then eventually to the moon, eventually to our solar system and Mars, and potentially the planets beyond.

I’m quoting John F. Kennedy when I say that, of course. Never not ever, not quote John F. Kennedy.

It’s one of my I liked that President. It’s too bad, he was murdered. It’s too bad, his brother was murdered. It’s too bad.

The other brother probably wasn’t murdered. I don’t know. The guy seemed like a total dick and a fraud to me. So the point is, let me as an avenue with which they’re able to discover the world.

And if there’s nothing less left to discover, they’re going to lean into gluttony, they’re going to get very, very hedonistic because there’s no other purpose except consumption in life. They get very hedonistic and kind of go in that direction. That kind of sucks, sucks a lot, honestly, when they’re in that direction. That’s why it’s so hard for ESF j’s and intp to let go of addiction.

Because without purpose, they end up just going all hedonistic mode and that’s how they live their life or like the rest of their life, that could be a problem. So So with that, gluttony ends up becoming one of the few avenues that they can walk, you’re gonna learn more gotta watch the gluttony episode. But seriously, though, gluttony is not always necessarily a bad thing, because here’s the thing. In order for them to discover, they need to first consume, it’s really important that intp is and ESF JS consume and everything in their life is literally centered around consumption.

They even have really good relationships, other people based on similar consumption, for other people consume some of the things that they like consuming anime consuming an MMO RPG, consuming movies consuming media, consuming food, consuming sexuality, if they have similar tastes to other people, it’s literally taste by which they relate to other people. And in fact, the majority of their relationships in their life is based upon shared taste. That’s literally how they work. Which is awesome.

It’s awesome. If you think about it. Really awesome. And, you know, having that opportunity for shared taste, you know, they have to consume and figure out what their tastes are in order to have those relationships with people in order for them to have a semblance of connection.

You know, it’s not unlike, you know, the lust, the lust types ESTP. an ENFP, or an INFJ is always seeking out connectedness with other people. It’s just the Avenue with which the ESF j and the intp connect with other people is literally comes down to shared taste. And how can they discover you know, discover what their tastes are, unless they’re a bit gluttonous.

First, they have to consume to discover those tastes, so they know which tastes are good, which tastes are bad to them, and then share that taste with other people so that those people can have common taste with them. And then they could establish friendships or even sexual relationships with people based on shared taste. That’s why oftentimes ESF j’s and intp s end up getting the reputation for being the most tasteful out of all of the 16 types, which you may consider is like There’s no way that’s true when you’re considering like an extroverted sensing trickster of an intp. But let me tell you something, there’s something about their si child that just really absolutely knows what it’s talking about.

Like for example, if you’re a chef like if you hear what’s that ENTJ chef’s name, Gordon Ramsay, if you’re Gordon Ramsay, you’re definitely going to need an intp or an ESFJ in your life, to share their tastes with you so that you can become a better chef. Yeah, it’s no wonder that the ENTJ is golden pear, or affection relationship or their bronze bear, also known as the natural are both the gluttony types. And ENTJ’s love being chefs. They love cooking as well.

They see cooking as an art and knowing what the tastes are of their ESFJ and intp lover really benefits them on a big in a big way. So granted, there are other applications for which gluttony can be a good thing. And that’s further discussed in the gluttony lecture at CS Joseph dot life for slash members, and the journeyman section under season seven, part two, but taste tastes is something I kind of saved. Shared taste is something I say for this particular episode.

So just keep that in mind, folks. Gluttony is not always a bad thing. If it’s an excess, absolutely, if it’s a bad thing that leads to obesity, it’s a bad thing. If it leads to addiction.

It’s a bad thing. Like being a sugar addict. For example, imagine that, right? Sugar addicts have a really hard life. So, so based on that, like, you just got to be aware of that you got to be aware of that phenomenon.

It’s all about shared taste. And if you really want to connect to it ESF J, or an intp, find out what their tastes are, bring them those tastes, bring them different tastes, and create a shared experience with them. Maybe you have a taste that they haven’t tasted yet. Bring it to them.

And I can set it could be anything could be a movie doesn’t have to be food. It really doesn’t just anything that could be consumed, right? Anything that would have a flavor, not just to the mouth, but also to the mind or maybe a flavor to the heart. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about shared taste.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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