Unconscious Developed INFP and INFJ Love? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question how can an INFJ and INFP succeed at love if both of them are unconscious developed?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. And this is CS Joseph, and let’s just get into it, because it’s probably going to be maybe a longer episode for this particular question. So, today’s question is how an INFJ and an INFP succeed at love if both of them are unconscious developed, which is a bit of a complex questions. So, this is another octave gram question relating to both these types.

So, this is assuming that both of them are you d types, which is you know, 50% of their Oct grande variant, they could both be subconscious focus, or they could both be unconscious focused, or they could be either one of the other, but this question is basically asking what if they are both you d types also known as unconscious develop types. So, and an INFJ, who is unconscious developed is closer to their shadow pole of idealization, also known as idolatry. And the INFP unconscious develop also closer to their shadow pole, which is definitely manifestation where they’re literally trying to attempt to bring their dreams into reality. Now, from a cognitive origin perspective, the INFJ, who is unconscious veil, because their unconscious developed, they are definitely looking for justification more often than intimacy and connectedness, just from an octagon perspective, while their egos looking for intimacy and connectedness, their unconscious developed shadow is definitely increasing the demand for justification as their cognitive origin.

Just you know, this is basically where you see an INFJ, who is just trying to see what they can get away with, or maybe they’re thriving on basically having excuses, especially when it comes to dealing with their own personal failure and seeking out excuses for that failure. So they don’t end up feeling so useless or worthless all the time. The INFP version of that, when they’re being all about manifestation, the cognitive origin that they’re typically looking for, is they’re looking for more validation, instead of what they would typically go for, which is power and authority, which is the cognitive origin of their ego. Now, the current origin of validation for the INFP, they gain more validation when they are focusing a lot of their effort, if not most of their effort on manifesting their dreams into reality, because, hey, I literally pulled off a miracle here.

And because it’s such a big accomplishment to manifest a dream into reality, an INFP ends up basically gaining a huge amount of validation, especially external validation from other people. And sure, their ego definitely wants power and authority, but they get the opportunity to go beyond that, which is something that they heavily enjoy as a result, which you know, is that external validation. So now, because of this thing, you know, inf, j’s and inf, peas, you know, looking for these collagen origins, they end up it ends up adjusting the relationship. Now, don’t forget, like, they are in one of the eight sexually compatible relationships, your INFJ and INFP, is known as the silver pair, also known as the respect relationship.

Now, these two getting into a relationship, it’s basically because people have been disrespecting them their whole life, essentially, and there is a lack of respect for their egos, a lack of respect for who they are as people. So these two types are actually drawn to each other because they end up showing each other respect. And because of that, they are able to have a relationship because what was lacking in their life they’re seeking from other people they’re seeking from their lovers. They’re seeking from the people they’re most intimate with.

And that’s what allows these two types actually come together. It’s all about, you know, a higher level of mutual respect. Now, recently, I actually did have an INFJ in my life, who almost had the opportunity to begin a silver pair relationship. The problem is, is that she did not have that higher level of interest and the reason why is because there wasn’t enough respect, you know, to help actually succeed in maintaining or even holding the silver pair together, while the initial traction was absolutely there and there is definitely opportunity for go Going forward, the INFP woman in this particular case, just ended up not being interested because from her point of view, although albeit quite shallow, in my opinion, and also, the opinion of a few others in my life is that, you know, misjudging the INFJ in question, Miss judging him as a person that she would not be able to draw respect from much less be able to provide him respect, even though on paper, he’s definitely far more advanced and way more capable than she probably ever will be in her entire life, let’s be honest.

And she just is just so used to like her normalcy bias that as a result of that normalcy bias, she actually isn’t not able to see through her extroverted sensing trickster that this particular INFJ that is in front of her is at a much higher level than she is typically used to. And as a result, this normalcy bias, she ends up using her Introverted Feeling hero in a very prideful manner. And this prideful manner basically leads to miss judgment. So she’s basically blinded from the fact that she has more than just a diamond in the rough in front of her, where she would actually end up being far more respectable as a result of being in a relationship with him and being respected by him.

Thus, she would be able to respect him as a result. But again, because of that normalcy bias, she was not able to actually come to that conclusion, and she missed out on a huge opportunity. And that really sucks. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re dealing with an expert sensing trickster who’s just not really actually aware of what’s in front of them.

And it’s not unless it actually hits them in the face and experience it for themselves ahead of time before even the attraction takes place. Because then there’s that familiarity that has you know, developed. But this can actually prove challenging, especially when you’re looking at from the perspective of an unconscious developed INFJ versus an unconscious developed INFP. Because you remember, the INFJ is ultimately going for idealization and the origin that they are looking for, is not their primary origin is their secondary one origin of justification.

So when you and the thing is, too is that like the INFJ, oftentimes, like, while the INFJ does actually know that idolatry is a big thing, you know, and like, and, you know, worshiping things on a consistent basis is not bad. Or, you know, it could be a bad thing, actually. And that could lead to INFJ corruption. The origin of justification is important here, because then the INFJ ends up feeling justified in actually providing that worship.

And one of the ways that the INFJ can feel justified, and idolizing the INFP, in that particular moment is because the INFP would respect the INFJ they’re getting respect out of it, that is what the respect relationship is all about. And also the INFP is honoring the same high level of respect that the INFJ is conferring upon them provide, they don’t have their extroverted sensing trickster blinders on. But you know, I mean, hey, normalcy bias is a thing. And that really, really sucks, especially for an INFP who’s very slothful, because if they’re really slothful, that normalcy bias can become a serious, serious problem because they’re too lazy to even change or verify, or at least be aware of the fact that they might be biased and thus Miss judging a golden opportunity in front of them, which sadly, is extremely common, especially among ePHI hero women, it’s it’s really frustrating I I literally I literally can’t even it just it just it just grinds grinds my gears as to how that works.

But you know, looking at the origin side of the INFP, who’s unconscious as well, two highly values, that manifestation pole, the shadow pole of manifestation, as we were talking about the origin that they end up going for is also validation and validation as an origin for this INFP, whose unconscious developed is actually extremely important, because the more the INFJ within the relationship is actually able to confer that respect upon the INFP. And also the INFP sees that respect is valuable, because remember, the INFP is still interest base, and needs to know that that INFJ is not just going to be showing that high level of respect to just about anyone the INFP has to be has to feel special or regarded at a higher level than other people in the INFJs life. And this is especially important. The reason why is that INFJ is because they’re lust types.

Typically, they are soul temple Templars because of that and they end up rejecting themselves rejecting their identity and they need to be able to tack their identity on us. don’t think they have this problem sometimes where they end up treating everybody in their life the same actually, Templars in general as a quadra actually have this bomb Templars or NF, j’s and STPs. Those are all Templar types. Templar types have this issue where they treat people especially the extroverted Templars, the NF J’s needs DBS are terrible with this where they treat people who are closest to them like crap and treat the new people in their life the best basically, well, that doesn’t mean that INFJs can’t do that.

And they are at risk of doing this. So if the INFP sees the INFJ, treating other people with a higher level of respect in the INFP, at any particular moment, it destroys their need for additional validation, because the INFP is tacking on their unconscious developed desire for the cognitive origin of validation on to the level and the quality of the respect that the INFJ actually shows them. Okay. And this can lead to some really big conflict or some problems, or, you know, these types could just do the opposite of that.

And then the INFJ needs to understand that their F fi critic, which it’s actually easy for an unconscious developed INFJ, to understand that, because they understand that their fi critic that they have to make sure that they’re prioritizing the INFP with the level of respect that they show. Okay, that’s, that’s pretty, that’s pretty standard, right? And the INFP needs to actually utilize their Extraverted Thinking to provide reasons why it’s okay for the INFJ to idolize them to the level required, it’s for the INFJ, to show or give that high amount of high quality respect to the INFP over everybody else. And it’s just because the INFJ just needs reasons, they just need reasons. And this is one of the reasons why INFJs are so unreasonable because they are not a source of reason, they are a consumer of reason.

Whereas the INFP is a source of reason, right. And that’s, that’s ultimately why you know, they need, they need that source of reason to be able to continue. And as long as these things are being exchanged within the context of their sexual relationship, then, you know, all of the justification required by the INFJ. And all of the validation required by the INFP will be fairly exchanged between one another provided that the amount and the quality of respect exchanged between both because the respect basically becomes the vehicle that contains the bucket that contains the justification that contains the validation that they’re actually looking for, within the context of the relationship.

And this basically allows for the INFJ, to feel idolized, as well as allows them to show their idealization for themselves, but also idolize the INFP in the process. And then this also gives the INFP the opportunity, it gives them the man, the manifestation ends up allowing them to develop the motivation required to continue their work to manifest their dreams into reality. And the dreams that they are able to do as they’re manifesting, they’re actually going out of their way to include the INFJ within those dreams, as they are manifested. Now there’s a lot of inf peas out there that this used their manifestation where they have dreams in their life, but their dreams only are for themselves.

And they spend those dreams on themselves. And when they manifest into reality, they’re not thinking about, for example, their INFJ lover in the process. But if the INFP is truly loyal, not being treacherous, and feeding off the respect the idealization that is in the cart of respect from their INFJ lover, the INFP would make sure that the INFJ is included in every single one of the dreams that they’re able to manifest into reality, every single one of the miracles that the INFP is able to perform, basically, and the INFJ is included, if not the centerpiece of those miracles, or of those dreams that are manifested into reality, right. So, so basically, the INFJ ends up idolizing the dreams of the INFP as the INFP, shares those dreams, the intp and works to help bring them into reality.

Whereas the INFP manifests a better future for both the INFJ and the INFP simultaneously, instead of just, you know manifesting a better future for themselves. And then the INFJ ends up allowing the INFP to have power over this new epic for their lives. You know, as after the miracle has been performed, the INFJ ends up then giving the cognitive origin of authority and power via their idealization through to the INFP to actually be able to continue manifesting and keeping this bright future for both of them as a result. And then guess what the INFP never leaves the INFJ behind as the manifestation continues as the miracles keep going, and always has the INFJ in mind for every single new level of dream that has manifested into reality.

And as a result, it can rates an engine of success. The thing is, though is that like, you got to be careful because INFJs have this problem where they just feel so worthless or they feel so bad because they all of a sudden, you know, they crave they’re jealous of the INFPs ability to achieve and be able to accomplish and manifest dreams into reality. And the INFJ becomes jealous of them over time, which can ultimately lend itself to disrespectful behavior and cause the relationship to break up as a result. However, what the INFJ needs to understand is that that’s not their job, that’s not their purpose.

Their job is to be a galvanizers. It’s their job to empower the INFP in order to accomplish those tasks. And it is the INF peas job to express gratitude and bring the INFJ along with them along with them for the ride. Because the INFJ has basically been a power source that the INFP was able to tap in order to manifest their dreams into reality, basically.

And this is literally how the inner workings go for this particular silver pair, when they you know, especially if they are unconscious developed because again, you’re dealing with idealization, and you’re for the INFJ for the shadow pool, and you’re dealing with manifestation for the INFP with their shadow pool. And they’re both and the INFJ is craving more justification. And the INFP is craving more validation instead of their, you know, their home origins as their ego origins as we will say. But as a result, this keeps that engine of respect, which is ultimately the purpose and the reason for the relationship to begin with.

You know, if there’s a lack of respect in these people’s lives, they seek each other out in order to bring respect to each other. But then that can lead to this amazing life, you know, where the the INFJ is empowering that which it worships, which is the INFP. And the INFP is never going to leave the INFJ behind. It is always bringing them to new levels and tapping the INFJ as a power source.

So the INFJ is consistently feeling useful for the entire duration of the relationship. It’s absolutely fantastic. So if you guys want to have like questions like these answered, become an acolyte member CS joseph.ly forward slash members become a journeyman member first, then upgrade to acolyte, or you can or if you’re already Argentinian member, go to Seychelles to die for slash portal, and then go to the the acolyte section there and then upgrade your account. From there, you get to ask me one question a month, which I will turn into a podcast episode, which will be released on our podcast also on YouTube, so that we all can learn together.

So just remember, like, you know, the eight sexual compatibilities, the each of them are solving a problem. This particular you know, this one is the respect relationship or the silverbear. And it is solving the problem of a lack of respect, it’s pretty obvious. It’s pretty, pretty normal.

But like I said, you know, Okta, gram really comes in, and it definitely impacts you know, nurture matters, folks, it matters big, big time. And it really impacts this silver pair in this direction, when you both have to unconscious develop types in a relationship, you still have to, you still have to be cognizant of what the point of this sexual compatibility is. And the point of the silver pair is respect. And if that’s the case, how can we use respect as a way to transmit or to communicate or give the cognitive origins that the other person is looking for? Right? That’s always the question that needs to be top of mind for any of these people who are participating in this particular relationship.

And there’s similar questions or similar ways of doing things or similar methodologies that need to be top of mind for the other eight, sexual compatibilities. As well, it’s major, it’s majorly important. And because the octo gram we have so many different perspectives, and so many different ways of doing things. And so many of the things that need to be kept track of, in order to maintain these relationships, which can be easily done if you have that fundamental understanding of the arc gram and as much as having the fundamental understanding of the type grid as well and all the associated vectors.

So anyway, folks, there’s plenty more content like this to come and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to share it with you. So thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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