UD vs. SD Octagram | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question regarding the difference between Unconscious Development and Subconscious Development within the Octagram.


Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s question for this podcast episode is, please tell me what the difference is between unconscious development and subconscious development within the Okta, gram. This is a great question.

A lot of people out there don’t really know what Okta gram is we have a lot of octagon content right now, behind the paywall at CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal where you can log in. If you’d like to become a journeyman member, just go to CS joseph.ly forward slash members. So what’s the difference between unconscious development and subconscious development within the octave, Graham, basically, it all goes down to if you guys can, and hopefully, you know, we have a card showing up here in the video for you folks to click on. There’s a particular article at CS joseph.ly forward slash blog, or it might be for slash content, I don’t remember off the top of my head.

But John Bodeen, recently wrote an article about the temple wheels. So go to or you just go to CS Joseph dot life, go to the blog area, go to search, and then search for temporal wheels, right search the temporal wheels, and read the article or all of the article content on temporal wheels, you can actually understand what they’re for and what they mean. But basically, it’s about the shadow pole and the aspiration pole, right. You know, it’s kind of like a spectrum.

And this particular acolyte who asked this question. They’re asking it from the perspective of like, is it really a spectrum? Yes, it is. It’s a spectrum between which pole which of the poles within your Octo gram Are you leaning towards? And guys, I know we haven’t really talked about Oxfam, as much as we talked about human nature and Oxfam has literally human nurturance they nurture component right from yoga and analytical psychology, four sides of the mind. The Arctic gram is absolutely critical.

It is critical. The Arctic gram is literally everything it It permeates nurture permeates everything in life because like remember, human beings are a Venn diagram. First Circle is their nature. The second circle is their nurture, nature being who they are, and the Type grid nurturer being where they are on the Instagram, put them together.

And then the piece in the middle between the two circles. That’s the human being that’s the particular person, right. And Instagram means everything you get with your golden pair. But if you have an incompatible Archigram, it’s not going to work out.

So like, like, so I’m an intp, UT UF. So I want to be with an INTJ woman, who is also ut UF, you want to have the same aka Graham, as your golden pair. The reason why is because we’re not competing for the same origins. Because I’m ut UF, I care about two parts.

I’m two parts reverence I care about reverence twice as much as I care about satisfaction, versus a UT UF INTJ. woman, she cares. She’s She’s two parts satisfaction, she cares about being satisfied, twice as much as she cares about her main origin, which is reverence also known as deep respect. So her being ut UF and me being UTF, we have the lowest chances of are nurturers stepping on each other’s toes, basically, to facilitate the relationship, right.

So the relationship is all about. And that’s how you know off the gram related compatibility actually matters. It’s not enough to be through golden pair. It’s not enough to be with your natural pair.

There’s so many different kinds, so many different combinations that you got to be aware of, you gotta you got to concern yourself with Okta, Graham compatibility, as much as you have to concern yourself with individual types. And right now we’re actually going in deep on the 16 types right now, in the journeyman section behind the paywall. We’re discussing what exactly do the four different variants of octave gram for each of the 16 types actually look like? You guys could check it out. I already have two episodes out and another two episodes are about to release before the month is over.

I highly recommend it and definitely check it out. But the point is, was a really good, really good one. Very flavorful. Thank you.

Thank you for this one. This is one that was given to me as a gift. This particular member of the audience who did gift me these and they’ve been they’ve been really fantastic. I’m really enjoying them shocked as to how good they were actually.

So Be that as it may. So, unconscious development basically means you are much closer to your shadow pole from a temple will perspective and subconscious development means you’re a lot closer to your aspiration pole. And this literally shows up in terms of your specific behavior as a person. That’s literally what it’s all about.

It’s all about your specific behavior. So my shadow pole is malevolence. But my, my aspiration pole is fanaticism. And a fanatical NTP, is somebody who like, is a fan of some person, and they just hop from being a fan of this person to this person to this person, this person, this person, this person, and they’re always trying to get other people to become fans of that particular person, place or thing or XYZ now, and hey, I had this really good experience, or hey, this person knows what they’re talking about, go check them out.

They’re like this. It’s kind of like that cheerleader II intp kind of thing. And you can kind of see my fanaticism open, you know, rear its ugly head sometimes, when you’re talking about when I’m talking about like, hey, go read Robert Greene, or go read Matthew Hussey or XYZ author that we have available at CS joseph.ly, forward slash reading, right? All those are there, and definitely available. Right.

So the point is, you know, my fast ism is there, but it’s just not as strong, I’m far more malevolent, and malevolent means is that I have this thing where I actually cause other people to suffer for their benefit. That means I’m basically kind of a dick, or an asshole. Basically, I really am. As because I’m malevolent, I’m malevolent.

I am causing other people to feel the same suffering that I suffered. Why? Because I have heavily benefited from my suffering. And so sometimes I make other human beings suffer as well for their benefit. So they can learn lessons so that they can get stronger because the lessons that I learned from my suffering and my pain in my life have made me stronger.

And that’s what a malevolent EMTP looks like. Therefore, because I’m closer to the malevolent shadow pole, of my aka gram, instead of my fanaticism, aspiration pole of my Octave gram, that means I am unconscious developed, that means I have developed my INTJ shadow throughout my life, more so than I have with my subconscious development. How this happens, childhood, childhood is where and potentially adolescence but mostly childhood, is where a person’s cognitive development, if they’re unconscious, developed or subconscious developed, actually comes from this is literally how Octa gram works. Okay.

Maybe we need to rename this episode, how cognitive development in the Oxfam actually works, I’d probably be a much better name for this episode, let’s be honest, but be that as it may. Well, it’s getting called the fix. Give me a second year. Much better, that is really high.

I should probably move that down. Give me a second. Sorry about this, folks. It’s kind of annoying, I know.

But I get this down, because it’s like way up there. Maybe we’ll edit this out of the video for you all, is ridiculous. And all right. So hopefully it doesn’t move too much ought to pay attention to it.

My poor my microphone right? Much better now that I have my hood up my goodness. So. So childhood is ultimately where a person’s cognitive development is decided. And if I was, you know, if the environment that I grew up with as a child was very disabling to me, I had to basically develop my INTJ shadow.

If I’m more enabled, my ego is more enabled by the environment that I was brought up in, then I would have ended up becoming more subconscious development, I would have had room for aspiration. This is why someone like Taylor Swift, who has been hella enabled as a child within her childhood, she became subconscious developed, she would have been unconscious while she was more disabled, but because I was entirely disabled as a child, you know, like being brought up in a family who put the church above me, which is sad, but I get it, it happens. You know, my parents were just trying to do the right thing. I don’t necessarily, like, judge them for it.

I just I understand why they did it. And I understand that it happened and it sucked for me, but you know, it’s fine. Like, I’m okay with how I turned out. And I do love my parents, even though my parents are not exactly.

Fans of me. You know, that’s that’s another issue entirely, but especially since my father made it very clear to me that I’m a very unpleasant person to be around. No shit. I am a very unpleasant person to be around, let’s be honest.

But it’s because of my childhood. And most firstborns off Didn’t aren’t disabled because the parents are making most of their mistakes with their firstborn. This is why traditionally, firstborns would inherit everything. Because they had to deal with their parents, you know, making a lot of mistakes, right? That ended up becoming a huge, huge problem.

So yeah, like, it’s really important to just be aware of that dichotomy. What’s happening, but yes, cognitive development. It’s basically a spectrum between whether or not someone’s closer to their shadow pole, or their aspiration pole. And that’s how you basically measure cognitive development within Oct gram.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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