Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast, I think I’m getting a handle handle on the microphone gain with this new new camera system that I have just had to interface the microphone appropriately. The sound was way off in the last couple of episodes, but I think I’m getting it improved. So which is a good thing. So welcome to the show.

Today’s question is, does ti also known as Introverted Thinking determine intelligence? Which actually pretty complex question and I’m very happy it was asked. So thank you to the acolyte member who asked the question, which is pretty awesome. It’s so interesting to me, because like, you know, oftentimes people talk about INTJ as being part of the master race and but INTJ is actually almost entirely lack Introverted Thinking it’s their critic function, whereas their extroverted thinking which is rationale, which is not TI, which is not logic rationale, it’s their second highest function, psychologically speaking, coming in at about 75 frames a second hitting their brain. So that’s pretty cool.

But is that necessarily what intelligence is? Or is intelligence more related to if then? If This Then That if this than that, if then thinking Boolean thinking is that is that more on intelligence? I don’t I don’t think that’s really like, what the answer is, you know, I understand that, like, when it comes down to it, you know, Introverted Thinking, as I’ve stated many times in the past, ultimately, it’s the closest to the truth out of all of the judgment functions. But that does not necessarily mean it is the truth. It’s the function that can reach the truth, the quickest and the fastest, and is the most likely to reach the truth. But does that necessarily mean intelligence? No, it’s just, it’s just basically true false thinking.

Now, before I get further into this episode, let’s actually like, Give an example is the traditional example of what ti versus ti actually is Extraverted Thinking or Ti, it’s like in your brain, you have like 10 tables with 10 thoughts lined up at each of those tables. And each of those tables is determining each of those individual 10 thoughts per table for a total of 100 thoughts. And they’re going true, false, true false to each of those thoughts at each of those tables. And then a collection of the total true false votes is taken up, and then majority rules, and that’s ends up being.

So if the majority of the thoughts are judged, in the thoughts are very similar, by the way, majority of the thoughts are judged as false, then the decision will be considered false. If the majority of thoughts are considered true, then the decision would be true, basically, whereas the TI user has a table of 100 different thoughts. Basically, they’re not really that similar. They can be similar.

There’s no requirement of it being similar, but they have 100 thoughts. And they’re going true, false, true, false, true false and rapid speed. And that queue of 100 thoughts eventually gets to zero. And they’ve just made what 100 True False decisions super quick.

So that on paper is basically how extroverted thinking and Introverted Thinking actually work inside of the heads of people, like an extroverted thinker is basically trying to weigh things out with their Introverted Feeling, basically. And they look at all of the data points collected by the similar thoughts. And they’re just true false in all of them, and then making like a majority decision based on the way it’s like a weighted decision, where as a TI user is looking at, you know, thinking in terms of case by case basis, or specific use cases, and doing true false per thought on the fly, basically. So it’s one table and it’s a bunch of thoughts, but it’s going through false super quickly and getting through all those thoughts at once.

And that is basically the difference between the two. My question to the audience’s is like, well, how does this mean? Someone is more intelligent than the other? It really doesn’t. Especially when you have ti tricksters out there like ENFPs. Like Like, Tai Lopez, he’s an ENFP.

And he’s in Mensa. He got into Mensa, you know, in Mensa, you have to have like score really high on the IQ test for them to be able to be added into Mensa, etcetera. And I also have an ESTP friend of mine who just recently got into Mensa, it’s mains. Dwayne shout out to you, Dwayne, congratulations on your accomplishment.

You’re a pretty dope dude. And I know some other ti tricksters out there I know and ESFP who’s actually in in Mensa as well, you know, and I’m not here to To say like the IQ test is definitely a good way to determine or measure a person’s intelligence. It’s just basically what we have. And that’s basically all we use, you know, but I don’t, I don’t think that’s really that’s really true.

And then you have people like Tony, who’s on the discord server, especially in the CS verified private area, the discord server, talking about how you know, you have people who are street smart versus people who are booksmart. Right. And that turned into a fascinating discussion that we had, almost to the level of debate that we had, in the general verified chat in the CS verified section of servers, you can only get access to that server, if you like, you can only get access to it if you you’ve paid for your session, and you’ve been verified by me or somebody on our coaching staff based on what your type is. And then you have access to that private chat where all the verified users discuss things and are asked to do things and participate in studies or questions, you know, provided by the staff members of the community and continue their community based contributions.

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And then guess what your Octa gram is there and available to you as a role on the discord server, the only way to get that verified roll for your Okta gram is through that process. So you might want to check that out. That being said, Does ti indicate intelligence? Not necessarily, really not necessarily. That’s not really what intelligence actually is.

It’s just in my opinion, like, it’s easier for TI users to be intelligent than te users. Because te users like for example, ESTJ is an INFP is they struggle with being credulous, credulous, is when you outsource your thinking to people of authority or authorities basically, or what’s socially acceptable, or what’s what’s considered, you know, the authority on a particular subject. So they yield their thinking or outsource their thinking to those authorities basically, that way, they don’t have to spend as much time or effort thinking about things themselves, which is a form of being credulous or credulity as that is one of their polls specific to their temple wheel, which we’ve been discussing temples a lot at CS forward slash members in the members area, you can log into journeyman at the members portal at CS forward slash portal, and actually get into the deadly sin lectures, although we haven’t going in deep on cognitive origins a little bit touching a little bit more on deadly sin and living virtue. But also going in deep on the shadow pole and the aspiration pole of the temple wheels.

We’ve been analyzing the temple wheels, and making that available in our season 18 In our newest episodes of season 18 in the members area. Now we are releasing one episode of season 18 per month right now out there. And that’s cool. And people are liking season 18.

But there’s like two years of season 18 available out there right now. And as we add season 18 into the members area, we’re taking like the oldest episode and releasing the public. So I mean, sure, if you want to wait around two years, yeah, you can, you can see, you can see that content. But until then it’s probably it’s probably not going to happen for a long time.

So if you want to see the entire entirety of season 18 and get up to date, which I highly recommend, because it’s season 18 is cognitive mechanics where we’re going through every single detail of the science in depth, and then putting it together in one place and then releasing it, you’ll have the opportunity to to actually get educated and be ahead of basically anyone else within the ego hacker community, which is pretty awesome. So what does ti does this TI indicate intelligence? Really? The answer is no. But let’s let’s discuss why. Let’s discuss why the answer is no.

And the reason why it’s something called premise. premise. premise is everything. So ti users have a huge weakness.

It’s a huge weakness. And every ti user has this yes, technically they have Boolean thinking yes they do. They think in terms of if this then That’s and because it’s basically logic, they have the best opportunity to arrive at what is true, and they can go about it intelligently. But that’s not to say that they can’t go about it unintelligently.

And I see this consistently, with ti hero, and Ti child, they’re especially they are especially weak to the problem of premise. So in order for logic to actually even be remotely useful as a way of thinking, in order to actually use log logic, you have to have a premise that you make the assumption is true. Because then it’s like, okay, well hold on. If the XYZ thing is true, then that means this other thing could be true or this other thing is true, or this other thing is false, or could be false, basically.

And that’s how a TI user is able to arrive their conclusion, well, what happens to a TI user when the original premise that they are assuming because it’s still based on an assumption at the end of the day, so i ti users have the biggest problem with assumption. So one of the things that really bothers extroverted thinkers about introverted thinkers is because extroverted thinkers have this thing where they go out of their way to not make any assumption. Unless, of course, they’re being credulous, like ESTJs and INFJs. And that’s not to say that the other ti users aren’t credulous as well, they can be credulous, and outsource their thinking to others, because it makes things easier on them.

But ESTJ is an INFP, has had the biggest problem when it comes to being credulous. But the issue is, is that te users extroverted thinkers, you know, the INFP is ESTJ is the ISTJ is the ENFPs, the ESFPs, the INTJ is the ENTJs. And the ISFPs of the world, the eight extroverted thinkers, they really don’t make assumptions. They really don’t, I mean, they, again, they can if they’re being credulous, but if they’re not being credulous, they don’t really make assumptions, whereas ti users make assumptions all the time.

In fact, ti users basically make assumptions 100% of the time. So they’re making assumptions. Does that necessarily mean they’re being intelligent? No, no. And I’m going to be providing my definition of intelligence at the end.

And it’s a little bit different than what most people think. So, let’s discuss how and why that is, right. How and why that is, Oh, I gotta get over to like the fire tonight, I think I’m gonna fill my next episode next to a nice warm cozy fire. So assumption assumption is that becomes a problem, because like, in order for an introverted thinker to actually like, draw conclusions, they have to assume something is true.

And this is where Extraverted Feeling comes in, because expert feeling is on axis with Introverted Thinking, and extroverted feeling. The problem with Ti is, is that a lot of their assumptions oftentimes are based on what is already socially acceptable, because from their perspective, if something is already socially acceptable, then it’s more likely to be true. And because there’s a likelihood with something being true, they’re willing to take the risk, more often than an X rated thinkers, they’re willing to take the risk of assuming XYZ thing, whatever it is, is true. And then they draw additional conclusions by doing comparing and contrasting to individual things on a case by case basis.

If this is true, then that is true. If this is false, then that is false. If this is true, that means that is false. If this is false, then that means that’s true, basically.

And it’s all about that if that first if is ultimately at the end of the day, if an assumption. Well, what happens when that assumption, that initial premise is actually false. That basically means their entire logical chain of thinking of which they’ve drawn the conclusions are all entirely false. They’re completely false.

Which means ti users are at huge risk of being ignorant, based on false premise, huge if they’re if the input that they are being given is bad, you know, that premise is technically a form of input, then ultimately, they’re going to draw really bad conclusions. And we see this all the time. For example, the most recent example that we saw on the ego hacker Discord server, which was excellent. And I kind of feel a little bit bad for picking on blessed the intp in the community, but shout out to her shout out to you blessed.

Blessed without a name or blessed with a name is her name on the discord server. But she started talking about how powerful and how valuable the vote is from a political perspective. And she made the assumption that your vote especially Western society Your vote matters. Well, let’s be honest, that’s that’s actually false.

That’s that’s a false premise. But she was making the assumption as a TI user would, that that is a true premise and that everyone’s vote actually matters. Well, especially doesn’t matter. You know, in the American voting system, we don’t even have voter ID or voter ID registration is something that Americans absolutely have to have.

Because let’s be honest, the American voting system is entirely corrupt. It is, it is so easy to cheat in in American voting. And, you know, voter ID registration would prevent that. And of course, you know, if everyone was required to have a voter ID in order to vote, well, then I guess that would mean a lot of politicians out there would lose their constituency entirely, because there are people out there who don’t have social security numbers that would be required to actually give themselves a voter registration ID, unlike what Europe has.

Now, blessed could argue that because they have voter ID registration, you know, then their votes would matter more. And I would agree with her, that would technically be true. But overall, the voting system is basically inherently corrupt. within Western society, it doesn’t matter where you are, be at Europe, the UK, Canada, or the United States or Australia, New Zealand, anywhere within Western society, and all those locations count as Western society.

It’s just it’s just not the case. And one of the best that one of the best reasons that I can state why that is the case why this is a false premise is because for example, like Americans, Americans have the right to elect somebody, but they do not have the right to select somebody other people actually select the pool of candidates and Americans are forced to choose from that pool of candidates, but Americans have zero say, in terms of who actually becomes a candidate, and that is how the system is rigged. That is how American votes actually truly don’t matter. If Americans had the right of selection, then votes would actually potentially matter.

But then again, you’re getting into the argument 20. Okay. You know, should everything be decided by popular vote yes or no? And the answer is no, not everything should be decided by popular vote. In fact, I think the fewer things decided by popular vote, the better because then you’re leaving yourself open to mob mentality.

And mob mentality is a huge problem. This is described by Gustavo bonds, book, the crowd, and then his protege Edward Bernays, his book propaganda, and then his protege, Douglas Murray and his book, the madness of crowds, which I highly recommend to everyone read to get educated on this particular subject. So that’s a big deal. Very big deal.

But ultimately, like, you know, anyone who has, you know, basic street smarts, for example, will tell you that you shouldn’t be putting your faith into a voting system. So ultimately, you know, her premise, her premise is false. But because she assumed it was true, she’s talking about all the benefits of voting and how, you know, if you didn’t vote, then you know, you’re you’re not in, you’re not taking responsibility, and you can’t you have no right to complain about this particular situation. But then there are people like me out there like, Well, my vote doesn’t actually matter anyway, let’s be honest, it doesn’t.

And because my vote doesn’t matter, then, you know, it doesn’t matter if I complain or not, it really doesn’t matter, you know, like, short of a massive change to the American voting system, for example. And I know that, you know, she’s from Europe, and things a little bit different there. But I’m just, you know, being selfish needs to be my personal or bias, I guess he’s my personal. My personal experience here as an as an SI user, you know, with the premise, you know, hey, well, yeah, sure.

That may be true. And I don’t think it’s true in your situation. And in Europe, it is absolutely not true over here in America. And for you to argue that everyone’s vote matters, regardless of where you are in the on the earth.

And that may not be her intention, but that’s how she came off. But she has expert sensing trickster, so who knows? They’re not really aware of how they come off in conversation. You know, it’s still an issue. And this is what bothers extroverted thinkers about introverted thinkers constantly because when false premise gets in the way, it means all of the TI users conclusions are inherently false.

This is why extra thinkers exist as extroverted thinkers exist to provide valuable input to TI users to make those decisions. And with out without that input without good input. A ti user is always at risk of false premise. Not only that, ti users ti users can end up having additional problems from there that leads to TI ignorance and I’ve talked about this before, especially in the members area.

Where like ti users, you know the ignorance of TI that I think I have an entire cutting edge episode devoted to this. But in summary Um, the ignorance of TI is like, you know, they end up making decisions based on preferred premise or preferred input, which is basically an echo chamber ti users will put themselves in an echo chamber, when you put a bunch of TI users in the same room, then it becomes an echo chamber. And that’s just horrible. It’s one of the reasons we have it’s one of the reasons we have the discord server for the ego hacker community in order to facilitate not having an echo chamber, so that the opinions and the input provided by the TI users are actually considered heavily by the TI users.

And it prevents that phenomenon of an echo chamber from occurring in the first place. And that’s very important. It’s insanely important. You know, most people don’t realize like how important that actually is.

Even though like, anytime, like for example, we had some guy recently, who was spamming in chat, and then our bot automatically muted him on the server because he was spamming, then he sends me a direct message telling me how much of a piece of crap I am, because I’m promoting an echo chamber taking his voice away, and then he left the server. And I’m like, okay, dude, you were spamming, and you got muted for it. That’s not my fault. But you want to blame me for having an echo chamber Anyway, okay, little te user, whatever, I guess your voice really wasn’t that valuable if you lack the patience to see what you did on your own, because that consequence of you getting muted, so I don’t know, you brought it upon yourself, man.

But Te users, it’s their job, it is the job of a te user. Basically. It is their requirement is it is necessary for a te user to be around to provide valuable input. So that ti users can avoid having an echo chamber by making sure that their premise is on track.

Another way that ti users can be ignorant is through relying on old input or outdated information for decision making. And this is a very covert way of ignorance that ti users can be come ignorant. And oftentimes ti users especially if men are around te users enough, especially the TI users that are like, introverted, you know, like ti heroes are both introverted. They’re not around people enough to be to be getting healthy or numerous amounts of input.

So their thinking becomes stale. Ti heroes constantly have this problem of becoming stale thinkers, which also leads to ignorance, which is also ultimately unintelligent, right? Because they’re not being accurate. So this is some of the hang ups that come along with being a TI user. So does ti actually mean like, they’re like, intelligent? No, no, not necessarily.

But here is the definition of intelligence here is how I would say, what is intelligence between an extroverted thinker and an introverted thinker? What is? And I believe, I think, and I think this is true, it’s based on how responsible the extra thinker is and how responsible the introverted thinker is. If the extra thing is constantly serving and taking in data constantly, and weighing out that data, to have a valuable opinion, and they’re doing it in a responsible and unbiased way. They’re on the path to intelligence, if a TI user was going out of their way to listen to multiple forms of input, and avoiding that risk of false premise, avoiding echo chamber avoiding thinking on old information and having stale thinking, they are on the path to intelligence. So that sort of thinker and an introverted thinker both equally have the ability to become very intelligent people, but it’s based on whether or not they themselves are actually going to be responsible in their thinking.

That’s the whole point. So I maintain intelligence isn’t whether or not you’re an extroverted thinker. Intelligence isn’t whether or not you’re an introverted thinker. Intelligence isn’t whether or not you have extra thinking trickster or Introverted Thinking trickster.

That’s not well it is. Intelligence is literally based on whether or not you are responsible with managing your own thinking as an extroverted thinker oriented thinker. It’s even biblical. Solomon said in the book of Proverbs, Proverbs, you know, a wise man is a man who has many counselors, and he was a TI parent, he’s a TI user.

So even he’s saying how important that value is of getting a lot of different input from a lot of different sources in order to make sure that his logic is right and proper, so that he is not at risk of being in an echo chamber, so he is not at risk of having stale thinking. Okay, so let’s take that lesson from the wisest man who walks the earth as ti users and now understand the implication that’s being taught there. That’s super mega important, right? We should be prioritizing that as ti users. So anyway, folks, that’s how I answer that question.

So, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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