The Real Reason ESTPs Claim They’re Introverts | CS Joseph Responds


Why ESTPs Claim They’re Introverts. CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, why does an ESTP feel like they’re introverted?Transcript:

Why does an ESTP feel introverted? That is today’s acolyte question here on the CS Joseph podcast. Welcome to the show. I’m your host, CS Joseph, if that’s not obvious, I mean, come on, but like, Hey, we got Sam as our other hosts, we got Chris as our other host. And hopefully we adding in another host in the very near future to just keep things fresh.

And then perhaps one day, these folks will branch off and have their own channels to further continue talking about the science of ego hacking, and all of the awesome that pertains to foresights dynamics. That being said, let’s just get right on to the question while I turn off my Discord client, because notifications are annoying. So. So why does an ESTP feel introverted? So let’s actually like discuss introversion and extraversion real quick, just to remind people within the context of the audience, what exactly does that mean, and why is it important, right? Also, let me know how you guys liked this microphone compared to the other one, the other one seemed like, it might like, have sucked for people.

Just Just keep me in the in the loop on that. But yeah, so it’s a by the way, it’s not extra row version, it is extra version. And it’s because Jung said there’s something extra needed to gain and retain mental energy, right. That’s why it is extra version, because there’s always something extra.

Most people think being extroverted is all about being outgoing. And that really has nothing to do with it at all, like literally nothing. And if you’re going to go to our platform at Bucha Bucha dot app and go to that website. And let’s say you register an account, so you could have access to our interactive type grid, you would see like initiating versus responding, initiating people are extroverts and responding people are introverts and all inch introversion and extraversion means is that initiators.

They go to people first to get information, or exchanged information. They go to other people to loop themselves in basically, it’s kind of like inviting yourself over to your neighbor’s house to a point that is initiation or initiating. And then responding is waiting for other people to come to you to loop you in and it makes you feel special and important cetera. But that’s literally the difference between introversion and extraversion, right? So you kind of need to know that before we can like actually spend time answering the question.

So anyway, let’s talk about why does an ESTP feel introverted then? Well, you know, a lot of types actually often thinks they’re introverts or extroverts when they’re actually the opposite. I one of the reasons why I barely got any sleep I did. I had to take John to the airport this morning. It’s super mega early.

Anyway, one of the reasons why people I mean, I didn’t I thought I was I thought I was responding. I thought I was introverted, right? Because it’s always spending the majority of time by myself. Well, the thing is, though, is that the reason why I spent so much time by myself wasn’t because I was introverted. It’s because I was forced to be by myself.

Something, you know, expert sensors really don’t like the idea of being rejected and expert intuition users. These people don’t really like the idea of being D rejected. Right? So and that’s, let’s see here, I think I’m actually probably going to do Confessions of an intp episode. On that, who knows, that’d be fun.

But, you know, I spent the entire entirety of my life being dejected and dejected basically means like, I’m not even a choice and I’ve been an option in other people’s lives. Whereas extroverts sensors just don’t want to be rejected when they use their ni and they show their ni saying, I want you and then that person rejects them, like, whereas, you know, in any user rejected, it’s like, okay, well, no one even wants us to begin with, we’re not even a choice. We’re not even consideration. We’re Invisible People often like how 80% of men out there who they are rejected because they’re not even a choice.

Like they’re invisible to women. They’re not even a consideration to women like at all. And it’s so funny how women in general think like men are having tons of sex but like men are actually having no sex and women are having a bunch of it, because, and they’re all having sex with that, like the same guy is basically a small pool of guys. So like maybe one out of five men.

And that’s a very generous number, by the way, one out of five, when it could probably be closer to one out of 20 men are the ones that are actually having sex on a regular basis. So like, that’s just kind of the reality. Like, that’s how bad it is one out of five versus one out of 20. That’s pretty big range there of pain, that range.

But the point is, is that like, I wasn’t even choice. I wasn’t even a choice for anyone. So I would often feel feel like I was an introvert, right? Like, as far as fine as always alone. But no, maybe it should be just, you know, the actual 800 pound gorilla in the room, the fact that I was almost 300 pounds, and arrogant and insecure, and just actually a lousy person to be around.

Maybe that’s why I was just not even a choice for anyone. No one wanted me. And I understand. So that’s, that’s one of the main issues, but ESTPs have a different problem.

So like, I felt I was introverted. And it’s one of the reasons why I tied myself INTJ in accurately for a while, and that kind of sucked. But ESTPs have something similar, but it’s like a different approach entirely. And it’s it’s really coming to comes from calling into projection cognate projection, which we’ve talked about in season 18.

I think we’ve also talked about in the cutting edge episodes, podcasts are available at CS Forward slash members become a journeyman member, you get access to all of our premium content. And then if you get an acolyte membership, you get to ask me questions, and then I basically create content for everyone to benefit from, from your questions, you get one question want to get to ask me Plus, you get to accrue coaching credits, which saves a lot of money on coaching, let’s be honest, it does. And then you can turn in those coaching credits and use it on yourself use on anyone you want.

Basically, they accrue over time. And they’re able to earn coaching which is which is pretty amazing to have that opportunity. So but current projection is people projecting one of their four sides their mind onto other people, they’re doing this to find out who they’re compatible with or doing so find out who they have a high camaraderie with, who they can have friendships and relationships with who they can learn from, who they can grow from, etc. Women typically prefer camaraderie, relationships, will men prefer compatible relationships, women have compatible relationships, but they’d like to keep it in terms of like the relationship with their dad, their relationship with their brother relationship with their son and the relationship with their lover.

Ultimately, the father of the children basically. So women save compatibility, compatibility is more sacred to them, it’s more of a want whereas with men compatibility is a need because men don’t really feel unconditional love compared to women who get like unlimited sources of unconditional love throughout their life, and unlimited attention at that, especially in today’s day and age on our Instagram culture. So, that is a huge, you know, huge difference. But ESTP is they have this thing where they are projecting via cognitive projection, their ISTJ side, their ENFP side, their INFJ side on to others, and ESTPs end up projecting themselves now ESTPs they are one of the most external of all the types The other type that is super external, like them as the INFJ the air part of the lust dyad within the soul temple, both of them from a cognitive origin perspective, need connectedness and intimacy, basically.

And the reason for that is because these types yearn for unconditional love the most, and that is what causes them to go all out for intimacy, and connectedness. So sucks to be them really sucks. And that makes ESTP and INFJ men, probably the most lonely, the loneliest of the human race, because men maybe may have just one literally one source of unconditional love in their lives. One and I don’t really have the opportunity to experience it either.

So I’m like insanely starved for Agha paleo or unconditional love. This is oftentimes why men turn to to God you know and get into religions basically, because they’re trying to like seek out an unconditional love relationship with the Creator. And and that too can be an extremely painful process for me and I know because I’m speaking from experience when I say that but So ESTP is often are ending up projecting their need for conditional unconditional love on to others or projecting their cognitive origin on on to others also projecting justification and the need for excuses onto others. And ESTP is like every other human being out there, we’re all projecting ourselves onto other people or parts of ourselves and to other people.

Because human beings are relational creatures, we are only successful unless we have relationships with fellow human beings. That’s the fact we are technically an affiliate of feminine race. That’s just how we work. Now, the thing is, though, is that ESTPs with their behavior is that ultimately, because they’re part of the soul temple, because they’re so external, because they’re obsessed with intimacy and connectedness because of the lack of unconditional love in our lives.

And that was lonely. So all the types, they end up becoming this person who ends up being entirely transactional. And ESTP is being transactional is extremely hard and transactional ism. Like even even my relationship with Railgun has been a struggle between both of us it has been a struggle, she can get insanely transactional with our relationship, she usually has this attitude of oh, hey, you know, if I scratch your back, you better scratch mine.

Or she gets insanely mad if she sees me scratches someone else’s back, and her back hasn’t been scratched in the same way or better. And it causes an insane amount of jealousy, which is basically defined by wanting what other people have another way of defining jealousy is, you know, saying to yourself, well, I deserve this because I performed better than that person. Envy is saying, I deserve this because I put in more effort or more work than the other person. Okay? That’s the difference between jealousy and envy.

And they get conflated all the time, sometimes in an extremely annoying way, let’s be honest, because most people don’t know the difference. So, because of these things, because of their jealousy used to be jealousy, they end up becoming insanely transactional, they ended up like setting up little trades because their interest based their wherever they get on the situation compared to what other people got out situation. And because of that, they end up becoming really, really transactional and INFJs are also very, very transactional. As a result, I kind of think ESTPs are worse because they’re concrete.

And that transactional ism ends up biting them in the butt because they just assume that everyone else is like them, they assume everyone else is transactional. And this ends up causing some serious problems for the ESTP. Because the ESTP, then basically because they’re projecting their own transactional ism onto fellow human beings. They actually don’t want to have anything to do with those fellow human beings because they are disgusted by the idea of other people being transactional, like they are.

This is where you start getting into the whole beta Quadra aka Templar Quadra hypocrisy. If you want to learn more about that, I believe it’s season 17, Episode Six, episode five or six in season 17. But in season 17, I talk about I talk about the quadros and like some of the biggest hang ups and the Templar Quadra or the beta Quadra hang up is hypocrisy. And so ESTPs are hypocritically disgusted with how transactional other human beings are, except it’s their projection of transactional wisdom that they’re putting on to other human beings which is really really crazy.

The other thing ESTP is are projecting on to others is their Introverted Intuition inferior and this is another issue as to why they end up feeling introverted, it’s been it really bothers me. But Introverted Intuition inferior is extremely flimsy. fickle, is extremely fickle, so fickle, you know, actually, I’m going to do everyone a favor here. And I actually going to define fickle because I think it’s really relevant to this discussion right now.

So fickle. It means an adjective it means likely to change especially due to Caprice erosion, or instability, casually changeable, it also means not consistent or loyal, especially in terms of affections, such as a fickle lover or fickle weather. So ni inferior is changing constantly. This is one of the reasons why Introverted Intuition inferiors are so afraid of wanting the wrong thing, but they also don’t even really know what they want.

They don’t even know what options are there. And this is why, for example, ESTP is rely on ISTJ is an INFP is to provide options to them and tell them what their choices are. This is why it’s also so extremely easy to manipulate. ESTP is especially with Zanna toast gambits extremely easy.

The ESTP is the most weak to Zanna toast Gambit, which is basically you provide them choices and it doesn’t matter what choice they pick, you just benefit from whatever choice in the end so and it’s funny that they even at times know they’re being manipulated with the Santos Gambit, but they’re just so excited. They got a choice with their ni inferior, their infant baby inside of their souls. And there’s such babies about their freedom of choice that they get so excited about it like you’re given a new toy to a small child like a little rattle or something or a Hot Wheels car and they’re so excited that they don’t even care that they’re being manipulated. don’t even care that it’s a Santos Gambit.

Because from their perspective, oh, hi, my iCj Chateau doesn’t have to do it alone. As much as ESTP is love to pretend to be the strongest of all the types, they’d love to pretend to be, you know, they they really look and behave super alpha, but really, it’s just a show. They’re really just actually flimsy. They’re often too scared to even talk to strangers or talk to a stranger, like a new stranger, someone they’ve never talked to before behind the counter.

And it’s because of this Introverted intuition, fear. And it’s because they are fickle. They change their minds constantly. And it’s especially bad with ESTP women, they change their mind on a dime, and you just cannot trust when ESTP woman says it doesn’t matter that their ti parent doesn’t matter.

They’re gonna tell you the facts, because they’re gonna change their mind five minutes later about what they just committed to or what they just said previously, so you can’t really trust what they say. And that’s calling them liars. It’s just they’re so fickle that you can’t trust them at all. And you know, women being fickle is a huge problem.

It is a female trait. It all women are fickle, and this is why arranged marriage exists to deal with how fickle they are. But it is in that feminine fickleness, really comes out in ESTP is even ESTP men, but especially is to be women. To the point where I find it utterly annoying, but it is what it is.

That’s just how they are. So what this means is that the freedom of choice or how they use their Ni is ultimately flimsy. It is very flimsy. And I flimsiness is another reason ESTP is feeling introverted, because they know their Ni is flimsy, so they assume everyone else’s choice, they assume everyone else’s ni and desire is just as flimsy as theirs, right.

And then this leads them to believing that no one out there is truly loyal. No one out there is truly consistent, especially because they themselves often are not truly loyal because they are fickle. So these ESTPs are basically projecting their fickleness onto everybody else. And they are assuming that everyone else is just as fickle as they are, which causes them to be really transactional, which causes them to alienate other people, which causes them to be alone.

So then they start feeling introverted, because they’re alone, when the reality situation is, is that they actually just alienated other people, because they’re fickle. And they’re projecting that fickleness onto others. And they’re treating other people as if they’re fickle. Even all those people aren’t, as one of the reasons why ESTP is end up with ISTJ is an INFP.

It’s because they’re playing it safe, because these two types of the most consistent out of the 16 types, and they just need that high level of consistency with their golden ants and, and bronze pair, also known as the affection and natural pair, affection pair in the natural pair of both these two pairs. And they end up being in relationships with these people, because these people are the most consistent, but these people are consistent to a fault. And you know, this is why most people find ISTJ is an INFP is to be entirely boring, because they they’re there. It’s all about consistency.

And it makes the ESTP feel safe, basically. And this is how the ESTP plays it safe by getting in relationships with these two types. And sometimes they also play it safe with the ES TJ or they play it safe with an ENFP. But, you know, regardless, ultimately, this is just kind of how es teepees are and it kind of sucks.

It really, really, really does suck. So there is and there’s another aspect that gets even worse. But before that, just don’t forget folks, our new course ego hacking by text, which will be coming out Black Friday or Cyber Monday, not entirely sure which Day is coming up, but it is coming out at the end of this month, where I will be delivering a course exposing one of my secrets that I don’t really talk about very often. Very rarely, sometimes on the discord but one of my secrets on how to type people and you will be learning how to type people by text as well as learning how to ego hack or social engineer them by text mediums as well text mediums being social media, being email, text messages, whatever any type of text.

You can even read a book and type type the author or the writer basically the book, that kind of thing. So yeah, that course is coming out at the end of the month. I highly, highly recommend you get in on it. It will be going up for preorder.

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And yeah, so check it out. When you have chance And we also might have a masterclass with that as well, where I will be doing a seminar, teaching it with additional examples. We haven’t decided on that either. So, but yeah, we will keep you folks informed as time comes.

So the other issue that makes makes this whole ESTP feeling introverted issue is ultimately what’s known as Templar meter mirroring. And ESTP has often eventually come to figure out especially the TI parent that they know their mirrors do not want to mirror bad or corrupt people because they know they will become them, as well. So if an ESTP is around bad or corrupt people, they will mirror their behavior and become bad and corrupt themselves similar as to what INFJs do, although it’s far worse to the INFJ is because extroverted thinking trickster, at least ESTP is extroverted thinking critic and they can rely on that critic to filter people out of their life a lot better than expert thinking tricks with INFJ. So INFJs have a worst problem when it comes to mirroring.

But from an ESTP perspective, if they are around corrupt people, they will become corrupt themselves. And then they will project their own personal corruption onto others and further alienate people, which will cause them to feel introverted, because they’re so alienated that they’re there, they have no choice but to be alone. This also ends up risking a potential loss of freedom, this actually can destroy their own ni inferior, which is in effect, the only real consequence that an ESTP cares about ESTPs will make decisions like go through life, not caring about the consequences. Because the only consequence an ESTP cares about his loss of freedom, they don’t care about any other consequence.

So from their perspective, it’s like, well, I’m strong, because I can accept any consequence that comes my way I can deal with any consequence that comes my way, except for loss of freedom, which will just cause me to rage, even though they can’t see the sequence of events that would lead up to them being put into jail, for example. And they often do end up in jail because of it. And they just, it’s just, it’s just so ridiculous how they don’t understand that. And by by them caring only about their own personal freedom consequences and knowing of the other consequences, they end up further alienating themselves from other people because they don’t realize how their freedom of choice is causing bad experiences, burdens on fellow human beings that could cause those fellow beings to rise up against the ESTP and basically put the ESTP in jail so that no one has to deal with the bad consequences of their poor decision making their poor choices, which is another OSH often issue.

And then obviously, we already talked about beta Quadra hypocrisy as a result of being a sole temple at Templar. And remember, ese peas are so external and rejects themselves by default, that they end up lacking in substance. And they’re easily hypocritical in their words and actions when they project this onto others. Another way, so what they do with this projection is that they often project their own lack of substance, their own lack of identity onto other people, and they believe and they end up believing that other people don’t have identity.

This is what causes ESTPs to be abusive, because ESTP is have this perspective with people, especially with members of the opposite sex. I remember, I remember my ESTP cousin, having this perspective of well, these women that I have sex with, they are not human to me until they prove it otherwise, basically, which is actually something very common with the soul temple types, the forceful template types, ESTP, INFJ, INTJ, ENFP, but especially less types, ESTP and INFJ, where they have this point of view, like, you know, people in their life, they’re, they’re automatically bad or they’re automatically not human until proven otherwise. Whereas if you were to talk to a mind temple philosopher like INFP, or ESTJ, they actually walk around assuming people are good until proven otherwise. Whereas ESTP and INFJ assume people are bad until proven otherwise.

Welcome to Seoul temple versus Mayan temple relationship. And this is ultimately what creates conflict between these types, especially when they’re in a sexual relationship and they end up thriving on that conflict because the conflict breeds mercy and mercy is how ESTPs and INFJs show love and receive love, ultimately, which in my opinion, is sad and soulless. So anyway, even all these things are mostly projection. ESTP is feeling introverted because they shy away from people due to transactional people, corrupt people, fairweather people, hypocritical people.

And these people are oftentimes just projections of the ESTP own self because the ESTP is transactional. The ESTP is corrupt, the ESTP is fair, weathered, and lacking consistency. The ESTP is a hypocrite and they often are projecting their own flaws on to others because of how external they are. And INFJs do the same, but ESTPs do it like on the edge of violence because they’re so forceful with their extroverted sensing hero, because the only consequence the ESTP cares about is their own personal freedom.

And that’s rough. It’s extremely, extremely rough. It’s extremely sad. I don’t envy this, I don’t envy that behavior.

And as much as I loathe being rejected, I would rather be rejected my entire life than have to be, what ESTPs are and do to people with their cognitive projection. Sure, I have cognitive projection issues by projecting your way. And I’d rather projecting that way instead of how they project onto others. Because I find that reprehensible, I find that unconscionable.

And I’m very thankful that I am not an ESTP. There’s a lot of people out there who are envious or jealous of ESTPs. I’m not one of them. It really sucks to be them.

And now some of the best ESTPs I’ve met are people who have admitted all this to themselves, and they’ve admitted this audibly to other people. UCB is believed that if they don’t admit to anything, that they never have to do anything about it, which is really frustrating and not true and false belief. But they end up doing that, and the ones who are actually able to admit it and actually able to take responsibility, those become some of the best ESTPs if not the best people who walk the earth, and they even dry it. They even draw their sense of identity from admitting fault.

Because how can they receive mercy from somebody and actually feel loved, unless they’re willing to admit fault first? That is, after all the secret to ESTP happiness. So anyway, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Later


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