The Meaning of life for an INTJ with an SD | UF Octagram? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte member question what is the meaning of life for an Octagram subconscious developed unconscious focused INTJ.


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s question is, what is the meaning of life for an INTJ? With an SD UF, aka gram, as to UF, being subconscious developed, unconscious focused? It’s good question. Loving All the Octagon questions, I wish there would be some more of them.

For sure. But, you know, Oct gram is like the big new, fun thing that we have. So kind of gonna be going at it from here. And, but the more people learn about the octagon, the more that we can all benefit together as a community.

So that’s why the Acolytes are kind of taking the lead on this and asking questions related to you know, what their severity is for their types, etc. And we just did a bunch of SDS F and UD U F. INTJ. related questions.

So let’s get SDU F in there. So before I begin, let’s not forget Lane’s contribution to our understanding of the Okta Graham, with his interpretation of Strauss and how theory, Strauss and how theory comes from the book known as their book known as the fourth turning, which is a great book, and I highly recommend everybody within the community actually read that book. It is really good. So Strauss and Howe theory talks about how there’s these four generational archetypes, you have the joy generation, then you have the decay generation.

And then you have the hope generation and then you had the despair generation. And it turns the octa gram, SDS F type, subconscious, developed subconscious focus types. They’re all about joy. This particular video, we’re gonna be discussing SDU F, which is all about to K.

And then we just did some content on UD SF, which is all about hope. And then we also have UD u f, which is my Octave gram, which is the octave gram related to despair. Okay, so that’s like, that’s the difference. So, anyway, this is a an el suelo today trying out an el suelo.

It’s very, very spicy, very spicy cigar. So Be that as it may, St. UF types are all about to K. Why are they all about to K to gay basically means that they decay things.

They are a source of entropy for humanity. And these entropic types, what they do is that they take people’s ideas where they take people’s feelings, they take the rules, they take the social norms, and they break them, they break them, and they test them whenever possible. I suspect Rollo Tomassi himself is an SD UF INTJ I really think so. Now what does it mean to be su F from an INTJ perspective? Like, what does that even look like? Well, it let’s look at their temporal wheel because you have to go to the temporal wheel in order to determine and Dr.

Graham obviously has to know their type, which is really helpful. But at the end of the day, after understanding type, you guy, you’re deeper. And you do that by looking at their cognitive origin. Once you know their cognitive origin, you know, their temple wheel.

Once you know the temple wheel, you got to see where they fit on the temple wheel in order for you to draw a proper conclusion about their Okta, gram. That’s super important. So I get a lot of weird looks for people today. Let’s see.

Let’s see, see if my se demon can tilt them enough for them to come visit. And I’ll invite them on the show. So anyway, so SD UF. So they have the cognitive origin of reverence, which means deep respect, they want to get deep respect out of life.

So they’re SDU. If they’re really enabled as a child, ultimately, they’re very enabled, but then they’re us because they got to adulthood and they realize that adulthood, the enablement that they received as a child is not really going to help them in adulthood. I’ve noticed in some cases, as To You f Okta gram coms, I’ve noticed this asked oftentimes it’s from children of single mothers, especially if they’re like an only child of a single mother, they end up becoming SDU F, which I find really fascinating. So, but oh consequence to UF is, hey, you’re enabled as a child.

And also you got to adulthood, all of a sudden, nobody in your life is enabling you as good as your mother did or as good as your parents are just because your family or your environment dad growing up. So now all of a sudden, you just got to make Do you got to figure it out, because you realize, oh, crap, I’m actually way more immature than I thought I should probably grow up right now to deal with this new paradigm shift of being an adult. And that’s ultimately what SDU F is all about. That’s ultimately what it means basically, right.

So from that point of view, it’s important to realize like, hey, you know, what direction are you going in your life? Right? Well, that’s why this the unconscious focus going in the direction of maturity, instead of like, doubling down on the immaturity doubling down on the joy that they had in their, in their childhood, because it’s like, they got to adulthood, and they may have been SD SF, and it’s like, Oh, crap, I can’t have any joy anymore. Because me on this gravy train looking for joy is like actually setting me back and give me a lot opportunities. That really sucks for an SD us INTJ. So from an octave gram perspective, the tempo perspective, what they end up looking like is, you know, this person who is very outwardly.

They’re very outward with their living virtue. So they’re outwardly modest, but then internally vainglorious, basically. Or no excuse me, they’re outwardly vainglorious because of us. But internally modest, these INTJ is are actually very modest people for themselves, and they also like it when other people enable their modesty but sometimes being so modest kind of bothers them.

So they like to be around vainglorious people hoping that their Vainglory will rub off on them, hoping that they’ll be able to achieve and be among the high achievers, SDF types are all about trying to be among the high achievers so that they can become a high achiever. Even though deep down, they’re pretty modest, and people that they have sexual relationships with. They really like it when those people enable their modesty. And you know, and help them be more modest help them do more with little basically from a modest perspective, similar to the last type ESTP INFJ.

Type tempo wheel spoke, known as not the poles but the spokes. spokes are poles plus living virtue and deadly sin. If I say the word spoke, but I’m talking about poles I’m only talking about shadow pole or aspiration pole when relating to the to the temple wheels. But the point is the point is that they’re very inwardly modest people, but they’re outwardly vainglorious, and they want to be around people who are vainglorious, they usually end up being are the modest people among the vainglorious people, so that they can, you know, pick those people’s brains delve into those people’s experience so that they can learn how to increase their Vainglory over time.

Right. That’s ultimately that’s ultimately what they do, and they’re internally Manas. And that’s from a deadly sin living virtue perspective, that is our cognitive focus, that is the direction that these INTJ is are going that is like their future and how they are directing how their nurture is directing their future from an unconscious focus perspective. That’s how they’re gaining more maturity.

They’re being around other people who are way more successful than they are and hoping to become more mature because they assume that those people are technically more mature than them, which may or may not actually be true not by a longshot. So then you have their cognitive development, which is egotism versus desecration. Now, if they’re unconscious developed, they’d be outwardly desecrating, definitely taking down everyone else’s egos, but with them being subconscious developed, they know that their ego is already really inflated. So they actually desecrate themselves, they actually desecrate their own egos.

So internal desecration is is that they’re always constantly trying to take their own their own Do their own ego down a notch. And they actually like it. When other people desecrate them, they like it when other people hold them accountable and take down their ego notch because then it actually allows them to connect those people, they actually trust those people. So if you want to get an SD UF INTJ to trust you take down their ego a few notches, you know, challenge them a bit, and then they’ll start to trust you.

And they’ll actually want to keep you around, it’ll actually create desire in them towards you. This is one of the ways that you can ego hack and SDU F, especially into getting into a sexual relationship with you. You just You just just slam their ego into the wall a few times and take it down a couple of notches. Now, if they’re egotism, they’re very actually outward with their egotism.

And they’re, they’re very, they like puffing themselves up making themselves look good. It’s a huge issue. But you can never tell that they’re actually inwardly desecrating that they actually desecrate themselves, that they’re taking down their ego down the notch because outwardly, they’re constantly puffing themselves up. The thing is, though, is that they really only trust people, if you can take them down and trust you, if you could take them down a few notches, or if they, if anyone else could take them down a few notches.

And it’s only at that point, like they’ll start to trust. Because if people are enabling their own puffing them up their own ego, well, that means that person is disingenuous, they want something, they’re probably going to take advantage of me, because they know that they’re being fake. They already know they’re being fake, they already know they’re taking their ego a little too far. So this is actually kind of when that one of the loyalty checks they do.

They actually like test people’s loyalty for this perspective. So anyway, that’s that’s how an SD us INTJ behaves well as their meaning in life, their meaning in life is actually connected to that archetype of decay. Okay. So they behave in such a way where they are testing social norms, they take social norms down, they challenge them, they live by example, against the social norms, they are anti social norm until that social norm can be proven to be okay.

It’s one of the reasons why I maintain Rollo Tomassi, who is an INTJ. And he wrote, the five volumes of the rational male is actually a subconscious developed unconscious focused INTJ because he is decaying gender dynamics intergender dynamics, he is decaying them and trying to see, you know, based on how much entropy that I could place on this, how much damage can I do? How much social damage do I do in this particular case, where I am scientifically testing out the social norms to see if they actually have any value, right? Oh, they don’t have value. And then here’s why has value this is actually how it utilizes Extraverted Feeling trickster to reach extroverted feeling mastery, mastery in terms of intersexual dynamics within his books, it is a praxeology is not an ideology. The information that he provides within his five volumes, is 100% accurate.

My only problem with it is that he projects, the behavior of all women source from his relationship with his own wife, and he thinks that all women, you know, could be an assumption of mine, but that’s what it looks like. He’s coming off like, you know, he’s projecting his wife on all women in their behavior. But you know, his wife being an ENFP, she’s constantly you know, she’s a bit more solipsistic than, than most women out there, because just by virtue of being an NFP, but still though, that high level of solipsism does not necessarily apply. You know, in that context to all women, everyone, every woman is solipsistic in their own way, depending on their own type and their own Okta Graham.

So I think like his, you know, analysis of the data that he provided is not necessarily, I mean, I just think it’s a little incomplete, you should have a little bit more information relating to different anecdotes and different data relating to different types of women at different octave grams of women, I think that would be more appropriate for his books. But that’s why it’s a praxeology. So we can all learn together and improve it over time. It’s not an ideology, even though everyone accused him of saying that it is an ideology, when in reality, it’s not.

So anyway. So what does that mean? Like their meaning life is basically to test the boundaries, test the boundaries, and once they find out which boundaries are broken, they abandon those boundaries. And then once the boundaries that aren’t broken that they test, adopt those boundaries and utilize those boundaries as their own personal principles, just as Rollo Tomassi did within his book. So and yeah, that’s the answer.

All right, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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