CS Joseph draws a distinction between adultery vs. cheating and when cheating may be justified in the next lecture on Jungian Sexuality.


Good morning. Welcome to the newest episode of season 31. I’m your host, CS Joseph, this is the CS Joseph podcast. And today, we’re going to be discussing cheating.

And invariably, I’ll be making an argument for cheating when it is a good thing, and when it is a bad thing, and all of the ethics involved with cheating, and then I’m going to put a union spin on it, where I’ll be talking about certain types, certain types, and individuals who are really sensitive to cheating. People that don’t allow them this don’t allow themselves to cheat when they should be cheating, for example, types who are the most likely to cheat the types that will be facilitating cheating, etc. and what to look out for, I think this will be a very useful episode for everyone out there. And also, it will also it will be just as controversial, as the two episodes before it, like, you know, the 10 commandments of sexuality, which I got a lot of crap for that, but I don’t care because I’m telling the truth, so get over yourselves.

That being said, I think it’s a little bit necessary to have these types of discussions. Because from a human nurture point of view, we need to see how it impacts our nature. And when we’re talking about nature, we’re talking about the union 16 personality archetypes and how this affects that how these decisions are reached, and how their perceptions end up taking information, etc. And over time, it can really change the narrative, at least in terms of someone’s life, when it comes to relationships, they’re up.

And don’t worry, there’s still one more insanely controversial episode after this one. And then after today’s and the next one, we’re going to be discussing some more practical application with the final four episodes, which will, which may be two episodes, I’m not sure, but they might get really, really long. So it just kind of depends, or I might just keep them short. But we’re gonna be discussing how to get a boyfriend how to get a husband, those are two different episodes, and then how to get a girlfriend, how to get a wife, etc, those are gonna be two different episodes.

And that will essentially complete season 31 as we have it, and we’re gonna be moving on to some more back to human nature lectures, because we’ve been doing human nurture for a long time now, but we’re gonna get back in the saddle for human nature. And we’re here discussing union analytical psychology. That being said, I do would like to tell people that if you are a paid member, and you have not watched the cutting edge episode in the members portal for October 2021, I highly encourage you to do so. The reason why is because I shed a bit of light on cognitive focus and how cognitive focus works, and actually show a difference, or a comparative difference between two people the same type, but they have different cognitive focus, and how their behavior changes and how different it is.

I don’t want you to miss this episode, we talk a lot about cognitive focus. And we also have some episodes dedicated to it. Somewhat dedicated to it in season 18, which is also available on the members portal. If for some reason you missed it, or you got your email on our system.

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And oh my gosh, what’s the what’s the other one? ISTJ ENFP ESTP INFJ? That’s correct. So that’s the soul temple and based on the soul temple, I do talk a little bit about in the INIA gram and about cognitive focus there. So you might want to watch that episode too. So to help you get more familiar with the concept of cognitive focus These watch those episodes, they are available in the members area, you can’t get season 18 for free.

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Because I’m being a responsible, responsible person. So yeah. Anyway Yeah, all right. Yeah, people like let’s go, let’s do it.

Well, you know, kind of take a swig of some kombucha right. Yes, I’m back. I know I’ve been gone. I injured myself actually.

And been recuperating my injuries. I’m still injured, but at least I can walk now. So that’s nice. Walking is very good.

So, so recovering, but at least I can walk and I’m happy to be playing commander tonight at Magic the Gathering. And I got a really nice deck set up for that. I’m gonna be playing mono blue control with Brawl chief of compliance as my commander. And just so I could be a dick.

And for no other reason. Not not none whatsoever, just just to be a dick. Anyway, onto the episode. So before we like really get into it, like we need to actually, like define what cheating technically is.

And I think a lot of people don’t really understand the definition or how it works or what it even means. So that’s just kind of, it’s important to talk about. It’s not like I could just go to like a and you know, look up the word cheating because it has its own you know, dictionary definition when in reality, cheating in terms of relationships within the context of relationships is nothing more than a colloquialism. So we have to go to the colloquial dictionary known as urban

So I will now define it. According to Urban Dictionary, quote, someone who is in a committed relationship, and breaks the trust of his or her partner by getting physically or emotionally involved with another person. Common forms of cheating include kissing, feeling each other up vaginal, anal, oral sex, or any other contact that involves the lips, hands and genitalia. emotional cheating involves forming a close bond with someone of your preferred gender, and basically forming a second relationship.

This may or may not include physical cheating. Okay, fair enough. It provides some examples. One, Shelly broke up with rich after she found him making out and filling up some other girl at a party.

He claims he was drunk, but she didn’t care. She does not tolerate cheating. Example to mark was always so busy and he wasn’t getting the attention she wanted for him. So she started hanging out with Dave Yeah, because she’s a hypergamy.

His whole, he was giving her the attention she had wanted from March, she may not have realized it, but she was emotionally cheating. Okay. So that in depth that is the colloquial or generally accepted within Western society definition of cheating. But and we’re all aware of that, you know, the last two episodes, I spent a significant amount of effort talking about the biblical approach to relationships, and defining what exactly is sexual sin versus what is not sexual sin? I find I know that this is very frustrating for a lot of people in the audience is like, Why do you even care to talk about biblical principles? When it comes to relationships, and I get it I get It’s a.

It’s, I know that the Bible is not people’s belief system, as much as I understand that the Qur’an is not someone’s belief system, and certainly not Hadith, or Joseph Smith, might I add, but but the reality of the situation is that all these religious texts still have some aspect of sexual rules or some type of sexual expectations within families, etc. And that’s just, you know, kind of how it is. 09:19 I’m just using the Bible as an example because I was raised in and I was raised by a pastor, I’m a pastor’s kid, and raised by a family who I do love but at the same time, I was used to my family, getting to a point where they were so busy, I don’t know, not using critical thinking in terms of their belief system. And I found that very limiting on my life, my own happiness as a person and anything there have.

So it’s Ness. The thing is, is to is that like, you know, based on the struggles in my own life, especially you know, when I announced Do my family when I was 25 years old, that I was no longer going to participate in monogamous relationships. But I was basically a poly person, they threw me out of my family, I was basically kicked out of my community, and definitely removed from the church. But the reason the reason why I did that is because I just decided to be, you know, honest with myself about my life at that point in time.

And, and I could make all the arguments with it, it’s just the thing is, is that the Bible, and people’s acceptance of sola scriptura, which is, the Bible is the infallible Holy Word of God, which I don’t believe that I don’t believe that at all. But because everyone else in my life did, I have had to, you know, struggle with my own sexuality with my own masculinity within that church like environment. And the thing is, is that I know that I’m not alone. And I know that Christianity has basically dominated Western society more than any other belief system in terms of how cultural norms, social norms, political norms, et cetera, are set up basically, every all of our socialized expectations, you know, in terms of relationships, is actually dominated, influenced by the Bible, whether or not you people in Western society agree with me or not.

That’s a fact. That is a fact. So, and the thing is, is that there are people like me who I’m an intp, right? I’m a crusader, right? Crusaders have this problem where we have to give ourselves permission to do something we have to give ourselves. We have to have justification, like some kind of ethical, social Fe justification before we allow ourselves to live on the fringe basically, and living on the fringe.

For me, it was me deciding to be poly when I was 25 years old, for example, that’s what living on the fringe was. But I had to have justification for it. So many people who watch me or listen to me, this is why I spend so much time on the Bible, to basically reach out to people who have suffered in the same way I have. And whether or not you are aware of or not, the Bible is influenced directly affects your life.

I don’t care if you don’t believe it or not. Because the fact of the matter is, other people believe it, other people see it, or treat it as the infallible Holy Word of God. And because they do that their belief systems directly impact you on a daily basis. And that’s just reality.

You don’t know if that girl that you’re planning on banging, is a hardcore Christian or, or was raised Christian, you don’t know if that guy believes in traditional Christian marriage, for example, you just don’t know. But these things are going to affect you. So my recommendation is Stop complaining about me talking about the Bible, on this channel, or on this podcast seriously, because whether or not you could admit it or not, it directly affects you. So get over yourself grow up and realize the reality of this society we live in.

Okay, it’s not all about you. There are other people who it directly affects. And if I am not directly addressing those people, and if I’m not providing them with biblical justification for their sexuality, then society is not going to change for the better. You have to understand this, this is just consequential.

So my request is is that this audience continues to tolerate the Christianese, or the Christian overtones, or the biblical influence when it comes to things that I teach. Because whether or not you care or not is irrelevant. To me, what is relevant is that other people’s belief systems directly affect you. That’s relevant, and I’d suggest you pay attention.

So let’s continue. So we’ve just defined what cheating actually means someone who’s in a committed relationship and breaks the trust of his or her partner by getting physically or emotionally involved with another person. This is what cheating is. This is the colloquial definition of cheating, but it is not the biblical definition of cheating.

Actually, there is no biblical definition of cheating. It doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as cheating in terms of the Bible for those Christian folk watching that need justification, right? That’s, that’s just reality. That’s normal.

That’s just how it is. Okay. Why? Well, because most people assume that cheating and adultery are the same thing in the church and people at church actually teach it it that it is the same thing but the thing is, is that it’s not it’s really not because according to this definition here in urban, someone who is in a committed relationship and Breaks the trust of his or her partner by getting physically or emotionally involved in the person. Here’s one thing the Bible doesn’t give a damn about anyone getting emotionally involved with another person, first of all, so already, that doesn’t matter.

And from the biblical perspective in terms of breakups, and how the Bible handles breakups, for example, well, breakups are, you could do whatever you want. And you can never break up with a person. Unless, of course, they’re having unless, of course, that person is a woman who is having sex with another man without your permission, you being a man, and then there is no such requirement put on men whatsoever. This is in effect a double standard.

And yeah, but it is a double standard. But it’s also not a double standard if you reject gender equality like I do, because there’s no such thing as gender equality. So it isn’t a double standard, because the genders are different. This is why men are not harshly judged for having sex with multiple women.

And women are very harshly judged for having sex with multiple men. Okay? So it’s because like their own sexual market value is reduced based on how many more men that they’ve had sex with. There’s even studies recently saying about how women retain the DNA of all of their previous sex partners. There is some arguments for and there’s some arguments against that.

But it especially becomes accurate or true when you look at a woman who is pregnant, who has sexual relations and sexual contact with men who are not the original father of that baby because their, their their sperm and their semen actually, from an epigenetic process actually adjusts or adds genetic traits to the baby. And if you don’t believe me, you should look that up. There’s arguments made for that by Dr. Catherine Shanahan.

There’s arguments made by that by Christopher Ryan, for example. There’s tons of sources out there, please look up epi genetics, it is a thing. An example of epi genetics and popular culture would be the the show C, which is S E with Jason Momoa. In it on Apple Plus, they talk about how the village needs new blood in order to keep the monsters away because their babies are being deformed due to multiple inbreeding and lack of biodiversity within their village.

If you want to learn more about that concept, watch that show. But then also do additional research when considering Dr. Catherine Shanahan or Christopher Ryan and other sources out there. So no, Serious Sam fornication there is actually a mis mis translation and fornication is not something for men.

So you’re actually incorrect about that. If you’re just joining me on this episode, I suggest you go backwards two episodes in season 31, where I actually break down scripturally how that is the case. So if you disagree with me right now, you’re literally wasting your time watching this, I suggest you stop watching this, go watch the previous two episodes in this playlist for season 31 Then come back to this and you’ll see my actual position because arguing with me about here is a waste of time. So anyway, so.

So in general, that’s basically the biblical position. And from the biblical position, there is no such thing as cheating. There is no such thing as emotional cheating or anything like that. There’s there’s none of that at all.

It’s bullshit. And if people and I know the Church teaches this, and that’s also bullshit. The only thing that is there is adultery. But women can only commit adultery.

Men can commit adultery too, but only if a woman is first and adulterous. If a woman is not an adulterous meaning she doesn’t belong to another man. And a man is having extramarital sex with her or having premarital sex with her he’s not in sin. And I in the last two episodes, I define how that is the case.

So please check that source out. Caitlin, I’m getting there, you’re gonna have to be patient with me. I gotta continue dropping the foundation for this. 19:17 So because most people assume cheating is adultery colloquially, you can make the argument that women cheat more often than men do, basically, due to masculine idealism that men have masculine idealism is this thing where men basically are if the true romantics, not women, women are not the true romantics.

Men are due to masculine idealism. Masculine idealism is what men are born with. And it’s this innate instinct to put tribe above self basically. And then through rite of passage and learn behavior.

They have to learn masculinity, which is putting self above tribe, it’s the complete opposite for women when they’re first Born they are given female solipsism, which is fake female entitlement. Women are more entitled than men. It’s because their default is to put self above tribe when they’re born, and then to become feminine later in life, they need to be conditioned or have learned behavior. So they themselves can become tribe above self.

That is what it is to be feminine and deferential, etc. Tribe above self. Okay, so those are the two different ways of defining masculinity versus femininity, if anyone wants to, like ask you like, what the what the definition is about those literally itself about tribe versus tribe of self. That’s it.

Okay. Notice how they’re not equal, right? So the point is, is that due to innate female solipsism, and then also their sexual strategy known as hypergamy, which is a woman’s desire for a man with beta traits, and then a man with alpha traits, ideally, they’d like it to be in the same man. But that’s just not how men are in society. Men used to be that way.

They used to be that way, because men were conditioned to make sure that they cover both the beta and the Alpha sides simultaneously. But they’re no longer conditioned that way in modern society. Due to that lack of conditioning men are 80% of men fall on the beta traits side, which is providing parenting, provisioning, protection, etc. That’s what beta males provide.

Whereas Alpha traits, which is 20% of men out there, provide fitness, really good genetics, health, etc, those types of things, they got the abs, they’re very athletic, very capable in that regard, and super sexy men, etc. And the ideal man is able to combine both those traits in one and that’s like less than 1% of men out there. And I like to use the term sigma male to basically define that. But honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.

It’s not really that important. Those labels are very subjective. Anyway, so like, don’t get hung up on them, as most people do, because they do. So because of female solipsism, or self above tribe, that innate entitlement throughout history, it’s you know, and even right from the book of Genesis, you can see how you know, women cheat more than men do, even though men are polygynous polygynous, meaning that men prefer quantity of women over quality of women, whereas women prefer a quality man over a quantity of men, etc.

Even Even with that, even with a man being polygynous, naturally, etc. Women, men are still accused of cheating more often than women are when the reality is women cheat more often than men do. And it’s because hypergamy causes a woman to optimize her relationships at all times. The reason why is because every woman will have in the back of her head, this question, can I do better? Can I do better than this? Man? Can I get a better man than him? That question is always in their heads, at multiple times in their life, especially when they’re shifting between life phases between break phase, party years, epiphany phase, transition phase, security phase, development phase, etc, post development phase, and all those phases happen in her life based on her age, essentially, epiphany phase is just before a woman expires, her fertility expires, security phase is right as it’s expiring, or has expired development phase is post exploration trying to go back and relive her party years if she can, etc.

Those kinds of things. But the reality situation is is that a woman is always instinctually, biologically supposed to be optimizing the kinds of relationships that she has. And that optimization is ultimately leads to good survival survival, the fittest women are the masters of natural selection within human society. And based on that pluralistic dualistic sexual strategy, we as human beings survive.

As I’ve talked about many times, it’s really just survival. And due to the pension for a female solipsism, solipsism within women is ultimately their survival instinct. I’m not saying that feminine entitlement is a bad thing. I’m just saying that it needs to be managed.

But it’s also a very, very good thing because it ensures the survival of our race, which is very important. Why do you think the baby boomers are called the baby boomers? Think about that. That’s because there was a baby boom, post World War Two. That’s why even though the baby boomers have basically destroyed society as we know it, or whatever.

So anyway, well, I get asked a lot of questions like, you know, is cheating sin and the reality of situation is it’s not sin. What is in is adultery. And a man can only commit adultery if he’s having sex with an adulterous if he’s having sex with non adulterous that he’s not committing adultery, and a woman who has sex with a man that is not who is not her man that she is committed to, and she does it without permission, then she has an adulterous that’s what it said. But it’s not cheating.

So cheating technically, is not sin, except unless you violate Matthew chapter five verses 31 through 37, specifically, verse 37, which talks about, let your yes be yes and your no be No. Which means it’s not really. So cheating in the Bible is really just breaking that it’s just being dishonest. You’re just being a liar.

It has nothing to do with adultery. It has everything to do with you lying. That’s all it is. And this whole idea that cheating is adultery.

It’s just not accurate, but it is lying. It’s still a sin in that regard. But it’s not the same as adultery. So please understand the difference.

Forgive me if I sound confusing, because I said earlier in this episode, that Cheating is not sin. I mean that Cheating is not sin in terms of the context in the context of adultery. That’s, that’s what I’m saying. Cheating is sin in terms of breaking Matthew five, verse 37, which is lying.

You’re lying. Basically. That’s all it is. You’re lying.

But the thing is, everybody lies. And the other thing is, is that a lot of people just don’t understand the complexity, or, or really the simplicity of Matthew five, verse 37, when it comes to sexuality when it comes to cheating, because oftentimes, like there is justification for cheating, there’s absolutely is justification for cheating. And I think Rolla, Tomasi, in Rational male volume, three positive masculinity, talks about a certain intp man who ends up lighting himself on fire in the US Capitol committing suicide, because his wife cheated on him because his wife committed adultery. Actually, you see what I’m saying? So, that’s a problem.

That’s a big problem. And it comes from it comes from a saying and the rational male Volume One, which says, you know, a woman’s hypergamy doesn’t give a damn about your relationship investment. And that’s really painful, especially for someone like me, because I’m a crusader type and Crusader men, which I’m actually going to define something I’m gonna pull up Bucha right now, I’m gonna log in to Bucha and actually read the tooltip for the Cuadras for you. Hopefully it actually opens Yeah, it’s opening great and turn on the tooltips.

And let’s go to houses and Crusaders. So the Crusader types which are SF j’s and NTPs. Their life is the following. Life is about sacrifice and enduring hardship for the sake of fostering justice and fairness.

Out of all the 16 types these four type of men these crusaders wouldn’t Crusaders, Crusader men are very feminine. We’re default feminine, we have to learn masculinity, whereas Templar men, for example, they can be default, masculine, or at least half of them are default masculine, just like half of Wayfarer is our default masculine and TJ is our default masculine STPs are default masculine men. These make up the 20% of alpha males out there psychologically speaking, whereas crusaders by default, SF Jey, and NTP men, like myself, are automatically beta, etc. My INTJ side is making lots of noise all of a sudden in anticipation for eating.

29:00 He’s really cute, at least at least he’s cute. So, um, but the point is, is that like, when Tomasi starts talking about relationship investment, they call it relationship equity, right. And Crusader types SF j’s and NTPs really believe in relationship equity. And one of the ways this is played out is especially when you consider the ESF J.

The ESF J. What do you call it? It’s the need for covert contracting or their or their strategy to covert contract, not a need. It’s more like a strategy to covert contract people. It’s like hey, I’m going to do all this nice stuff for you.

Which means I get to arbitrarily decide that you owe me later, essentially, right. That’s covert contracting, and Crusaders and wafers do it a lot but crusaders do it the most they covert contract everyone. It’s actually a very feminine strategy. If you think Think about it, hey, I’m going to serve you and do all these things.

But then now I’m going to arbitrarily decide that you have to serve me even though I did told you that serving me was not in in exchange for me serving you to begin with. This is covert contracting. So this form of covert contracting, combined with relationship equity, Crusader men really care about relationship equity, they care the most. They think that their provisioning, their protection, and their parental investment counts for something, that it really really counts for something in their relationship.

And they’ve invested so much time, so much resources that they think that they’re owed, they think that their women owe them really good sex that their women should not be letting their bodies go, that they’re owed, good frequency and sex, good quality, sex, etc. Relationship equity, and Crusader men by default buy into the idea of relationship equity, and somewhat so do philosopher men, but not as bad as Crusader men. And the reason why is due to Introverted Sensing, Introverted Sensing makes the man aware of everything that he’s done for his woman, basically. And then as a result, he feels that he’s owed a performance or top performance from his woman as a result of that.

But the problem is due to the female sexual strategy known as hypergamy. Women don’t care. Women don’t care about your relationship investment, women don’t care about your equity as much as they would claim otherwise. And you could never believe a woman claiming that to begin with.

For example, I got a nice quote from a very popular movie known as Princess Bride. And this comes from Wesley talking to his one true love Buttercup. And he starts laughing at her saying, quote, and what’s that worth the word of a woman, you’re very funny Highness is mocking her using his ESFP super ego, mocking her and stating like, hey, you know, I really don’t care about what you have to say. Because men should not be judging women by what they say they should be judging women by their actions and only their actions.

The problem is, is that Crusader men often buy into what their women tell them. And they also buy into this myth that there are women that will actually reward them as a result of their relationship equity, or their relationship investment they put into the relationship. The reality of the situation is is that hypergamy, the feminine female, the female sexual strategy, doesn’t care. It really doesn’t care.

And this is why I admonish men in season 31 previously talking about how men have to be in a state of continuous improvement, and how it’s very important. If you’re not in a state of continuous improvement, eventually your woman she’s going to lose respect for you, and then optimize her hypergamy and cheat on you, or commit adultery, basically, and become an adulterous and go after a man who does who does live his life by continuous improvement, which is the burden of male performance, continuous improvement. Because to her, that man is more masculine, the new a woman just wants masculinity, they don’t care about your relationship equity, they don’t care about your relationship investment. So to men out there, especially Crusader men like myself, I encourage them to understand that before they allow themselves to get into a committed relationship.

So instead of investing in their woman, they invest in themselves, which is a more masculine behavior. It’s just insanely hard to get a crusader man to do this, like intp they’re so afraid of not being accepted or iossef J’s there are so afraid of not being wanted or en TPS so afraid of being weak. Or ESF j so afraid of being stupid, okay. Those four fears within these types make it very difficult for these men to realize that they they should not have relationship equity and instead put it all on themselves and be a masculine man as a result.

Thank you. Food. She makes really good breakfast tacos, you know, I’m saying. So let me ask you something, men.

How many of your wives or girlfriends serve you food like that? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So, are you women out there? Do you think you’re a high value woman huh? No. Anyway, so the point is now I got one. So the point is, is that like Chris airmen struggle with this idea the most.

And then when they’re ultimately inevitably cheated on, because, like, I try to tell men, you know, like, yes, it’s important for you to not like, just assume that your woman is going to cheat on you. But you have to be aware of the risk of her committing adultery of her cheating on you, her not being honest with you at anytime, you just have to be aware that that is a thing. And the risk goes up the the more that you are shirking your male burden of performance, the more that you are not in the path of continuous improvement, the more that risk goes up. So, I’m not saying it’s justified, I’m just saying, that’s what’s going to happen.

I’m just telling you, this is how women are going to behave, this is how they behave. This is hypergamy, they’re going to optimize their sexual strategy. They’re on the hunt for a better man, because they always will have in the back of their minds that question, Hey, can I do better than this guy. Now, luckily, women expire.

Luckily, women age and they can’t compete with younger women, for higher quality men. So typically, as they get older, their options or sexual options actually go down. Which means it’s not really much of a risk anymore. But when they’re early age, especially from 20 to 26, the risk is extremely high.

But the risk goes down steadily after that. So you can always count on, you know, their, their age, their them hitting the wall as a hedge against that risk when it comes to you having committed relationship. So be advised. But the thing is, is that okay, well, case 611 person’s pretty is another person’s garbage.

So I don’t know what you want me to say? Like, it’s not beauty in the eye of the beholder? I mean, if you have a, if you have an attitude like that, I mean, I’m sure. I’m sure you’re the most amazing person out there and hopefully not made of plastic. 37:02 So. So yeah, like, that’s the thing.

Yeah. And because of that, you know, you just as a man have to get to the point mentally, where you can count on, you know, your woman, not really going to keep her promises, and they typically don’t keep their promises due to hypergamy. And that’s the thing because it’s always so funny to me how the actual double standard is out there where you agree to be in a committed relationship, you say till death, do us part, etc. Even though women initiate divorce 80% of the time compared to men, men only initiate 20% of divorce, women initiate 80% of divorce out there, which is pretty bad.

It’s getting closer and closer to 90%. At this point, especially since women get all of the benefit and none of the responsibility in the society as a result of divorce. But due to hypergamy, due to female solipsism, putting self above tribe and that nature that they have, they just they don’t really keep their promises. And you as a man, especially a crusader man, you can count on her not to keep her promise to you, even though the double standard exists, that even though they break their promises to you, they expect you to keep your promises anyway.

And then they tell you that you’re weak, or they tell you that you’re stupid, or they tell you you’re not desirable, or they tell you that you’re not accepted or not acceptable, you know, they prey upon the weaknesses of Crusader Inferior functions as a result. And due to the Introverted Sensing nature of crusaders due to the fact that their life is about sacrifice and during hardship for the sake of fostering justice and fairness. Because crusaders naturally tried to keep everything fair, et cetera. They ended up allowing the women in their lives to take advantage of them, because for some reason, that Crusader male believes in the concept of relationship equity, because they’re technically covert contracting their wives and girlfriends, which is technically manipulative on the part of the Crusader, man, it is a form of manipulation.

Don’t believe me? Read no more Mr. Nice Guy, but Dr. Robert Glover, who has been a guest on this podcast multiple times. Okay, so, so check that out.

Okay. And if you haven’t, if you haven’t watched the episodes where I’m interviewing Dr. Robert Glover, what the hell are you doing? I also interviewed him on another podcast called grime America. I also recommend you check that as well or gr America or whatever that podcast is.

Okay. Dr. Robert Glover, check that out. Okay, we’ve been talking about these things for a very long time.

But because you know, Crusader men gotta keep it fair. We got to keep it there guys. They allow themselves to be taken advantage of and then they end up take their women they end up taking their women at their word while believing in relationship equity and relationship investment. And then all of a sudden, their woman has an adulterous all of a sudden their woman has sexual relations with another man behind his back.

Because instead of being on the path to continuous improvement, like you should have been, he was resting on his relationship laurels, resting on his laurels, look at everything I’ve ever done for her, and look at all this relationship, equity that I’ve built up all this relationship investment, I’m doing a return on investment. And because of this investment, I don’t have to work as hard in a relationship and build my masculinity. I don’t have to, I don’t have to continuously improve, I get to shirk my burden of male performance. No, you don’t.

Last thing, that’s the thing, that inevitably is actually what causes women to cheat. That’s what causes women to cheat more than anything. That’s what causes women to cheat, actually, because we’re men lead women follow. Now, I’m not saying that women should be absolved of cheating or adultery.

I’m not saying that at all. But I am saying because at the end of the day, it’s still their decision. But if you want to make sure that there’s no risk of it, you need to be on the path to improving your masculinity, you need to be on the path to continuous improvement on a consistent basis 41:27 and have the self discipline to do so. If you can’t do that, well, then what the hell are you in a relationship to begin with 41:36 anyway? And don’t worry, the women who cheat the women who become adults or sis, they’ll get there do? Don’t worry.

They’ll get there do. You gotta judge women by their actions. They’re certainly, you know, like, because women know, you know, they could take men at their word, but they know that they can’t take fellow women at their word. Women know that.

Why do men not know that? It’s all about the feminine mystique, right? Man, you have to understand that you can take fellow men at their word, you can’t take women at their word. And all of a sudden, you have all this relationship, equity and whatnot. And you’re resting on your laurels thinking that your relationship your relationship, equity actually means something, when it really doesn’t. You have to be in a state of continuous improvement, which means you should be spending your relationship investment and your equity on yourself.

And not her, spend it on herself. Because that’s the masculine thing to do. Okay, like, if I went to the store, went to REI, and I was going to buy a jacket, I’m going to buy that jacket for my woman, or I’m gonna buy it for myself, I’m gonna buy it for myself showing the prospective anymore. Anyway, if I get a new iPhone, I’m buying the iPhone for myself and not buying for her.

She’s getting my old ones. For my new computer, she’s getting my old one. You see what I’m saying? That’s masculine. Don’t put her on a pedestal.

And this is what women are trying to teach men about. And this is what encourages them and pressures them in cheating. Not that they shouldn’t cheat, not that they shouldn’t commit adultery, they will and they will be held accountable for it. But you still have to take your responsibility as a man to make sure that you are a masculine man in your relationships at all time.

And if you’re not going to do that you’re failing as a man. Grow up. Realize relationship equity and relationship investment doesn’t really matter in terms of a woman. And I know it matters to you.

And I will say that to you as a man. Yeah, your relationship investment and your relationship equity absolutely does matter. But it only matters to you. It does not matter to her.

It will never matter to her as much as she would claim otherwise, it really doesn’t matter. But because it matters to you. This gives you some opportunities. So poor little man think he’s hungry.

So then it goes. It goes in a different direction. It’s a healthy thing for a man to operate under the knowledge that it is a woman’s proclivity to cheat or commit adultery due to her sexual strategy hypergamy especially if that man is relying on relationship equity and investment instead of the male burden of performance instead of continuous improvement which we’ve talked about earlier in season 31. Chivalry is worthless.

Chivalry is an absolute worthless thing you don’t if you don’t believe me read chapter six of the rational male volume four it explains how chivalry is complete BS and then read chapter seven and go along with it because chivalry has been kosher arised and thanks They’re kosher, or not exactly kosher. So you might want to check that out. Um, so obviously, you know, men are naturally polygynous. And that doesn’t mean you know, but that doesn’t mean that men will cheat.

You know, most women assume that because men are polygynous, they will cheat, but due to masculine idealism, they actually don’t. And since Crusader men care about justice and fairness, more than all the other 16 types, Crusader men are the least likely of all the types to cheat. They are the least likely to cheat Crusader men? Absolutely. The men that were most likely to cheat are temperament.

Templar men just in general, not all for them, they’re the most likely to cheat, with second most likely being wayfarers and third most likely to be philosophers with the least likely being Crusaders, Crusader, man, just don’t there don’t cheat and the introverted Crusaders, the most, the SI hero and the SI child loyalty because it’s optimistic. They will, they’re the, they’re the least likely of all the types, especially because their conflict types close the door. And that’s, and that’s also you know, a problem. So keep that in mind.

So, okay, so Kevin asks, Is it okay for men to cheat? In certain circumstances? Yes, it is. It is. Okay. Now, let me break that down.

Let me break that down to when it is okay for a man to cheat. Is it ever okay for a woman to cheat? No, no, it’s not adultery? No. Because they’re having sex with somebody else. And it’s with sexual contact, right? The line is actually sexual contact.

It’s not emotional, whatever. Unless, of course, you previously agreed to it. You know, based on Matthew chapter five, verse 37. That agreement is like your USPS.

You know, we know which means you talk about all of your relationship boundaries up front, and what those boundaries actually are, right. So if you know what those boundaries are, okay, that’s fine, you can be held accountable to those boundaries. But most high value men, they’re going to exercise their sexual options anyway. And they’re not going to agree to that commitment.

They’re not going to agree to it. And if a woman pushes for commitment, he’s just going to move on. She’s probably not worth committing to. I mean, if she’s not a sexy virgin, for example, not really worth making the mother of your children, statistically, a woman with two or more sex partners other than you, is 70% more likely to divorce you and get half of everything you own anyway.

So she’s not really worth statistically This is she’s not really worth committing to. And she’s a lovely woman. And if you’re listening to this, and you’re a woman, and you’re like, Oh, crap, does that mean I’m low value? Well, there’s still hope for you. And there’s actually an episode in Season 31, that talks about how there’s still hope for the low value woman.

This was taken out of the book of Hosea in the Bible, New Testament, where explains that where the biggest horror of the area was still redeemed by her husband, the prophet might want to check that out. But the point is, is that women shouldn’t cheat. But the thing is, is that due to hypergamy, you could basically kind of assume they’re going to cheat anyway, especially if you’re shirking your masculinity, they’re gonna cheat anyway, because it’s their nature, it is their nature. This is why female sexuality has been controlled by society and religious institutions since like, forever, because women have a proclivity for cheating.

Men do not even though men are polygynous. Because you could take a man first at his word, but you can’t really take a woman at her word. So invariably, women break promises. And that right there is the linchpin as to what ethically allows a man to fairly and ethically and justifiably so cheat on his wife, or his girlfriend, basically.

Because this is where, for example, from the perspective of a crusader, man, that a Crusader is relationship equity and relationship investment matters. It matters to him, but he’s going out of his way to improve himself. The thing is, though, is that when you say your marriage vows, or you say what you’re agreeing to to your relationship, you’re never a man is never saying, oh, yeah, you know, we have this commitment to each other, but she gets to break that commitment. If I stop behaving, if I stop behaving masculine.

No, it’s never in the agreement. It’s never there. But women will see that you’re shirking your masculinity. They’re gonna cheat on you anyway, even though that was a promise that they made.

Women break promises for the sake of their sexual strategy, and they change the rules of their sexual strategy all the time. It’s all about moving the goalpost, right? That’s what they do they move the goalposts. So It’s a it’s a problem. No, I don’t say men are polygamous pay attention.

The actual words I’m saying. It’s not what I’m saying Mr. Reaper saying they’re polygynous it’s different. Look it up.

50:16 Okay. So here’s, here’s the bottom line. When is it okay for a man to cheat? Well, if she breaks her commitments if she breaks her promises, even from a Matthew 537 point of view from a marriage vows set point of view, which I just proved in previous lectures that marriage vows are technically sin. They’re actually wrong.

Don’t do it. marriage vows are wrong. marriage vows are evil. They’re technically evil, whilst the Jesus bash them in Matthew chapter five on the server of the mount, because he did starting at verse 31.

Okay, and which is leading up to his final point at verse 37, let your yes be yes. And you know, we know everything by agreement, et cetera. The thing is, is that due to female hypergamy, you can almost always bet on the fact that they’re going to break their promises. Obviously, you shouldn’t take any actions until you verify that they did break their promise to you.

And it could be because you were being less masculine. But she didn’t agree to that you didn’t agree to that you never agreed with your woman that, oh, if I’m less masculine, that means you get to cheat on me. You never agreed to that, obviously. But they’re going to do it anyway.

Okay, that’s the issue. So the point is, is that if your woman breaks, her promise to you in any way, shape, or form, breaks her promise, and breaks any promises, because if you had like, like, for example, like within my marriage, and in my relationship with my wife, on day two, for example, I basically explained what I expect of her. And these expectations happened as a result of bad experiences that I had in my life previously. They’re just expectations that I put on.

And I listed out what those expectations were. And that was an aspect of her promise her relationship commitment to me, right. So those promises are super important their promises to any man, for example, like, like, for example, I told you that I told that it is not okay for her to ever let her body go in a relationship with me at all, like at all that, like that’s, I do expect that that is a boundary, if you let your body go, you’re done. You know that that’s one example.

Right? Men don’t really get that much out of marriage. In fact, they get nothing out of marriage. So because and when a man and a woman gets married, frequency of sex goes down quality of sex goes down to because she doesn’t have to compete on the marketplace anymore, because she’s secure, etc. She just lets it all fly her body, she lets her body go, she ends up getting fatter, etc, made more unhealthy becomes a physical health burden on the family and a financial burden on the family.

Statistically, this is true of most women, I’d say at least 80% of women out there this way, using Pareto principle, we can make that assumption. So based on that, you know, you got to watch yourself. So it’s fine to like, put up these boundaries right at the beginning of the relationship and actually outline what your expectations are. The thing is, is that if you’re a woman, during the context of your relationship breaks any of these promises, or any of these boundaries that you set up.

Okay, well, she broke a promise. And if you had let your Yes be Yes, and your no be no agreement, or if you had a marriage vow agreement, or if you had both, none of those matters anymore. Because she broke her promise, she made that action. She took that action, which means you as a man are justified cheat on her right then and there.

Because she broke a promise, not because of relationship equity, not because of relationship investment. Not because of that. It’s because she’s not keeping up her end of the bargain, which she’s naturally inclined not to do to hypergamy. Right.

But then that risk goes down if you are being a masculine man, as you should be. Broken Promises are the justification for cheating. So, for example, if you’re breaking your promises, you can expect to be cheated on. Because a man’s a real man, a high value man is going to exercise the sexual options anyway.

And why should he not be exercising his sexual options when you’re incapable of keeping your promises to him? Promises are everything. You as a woman need to understand like, keeping promises is a big deal. It’s necessary for you to even have a family and trust especially with Crusader man Trust is everything because Crusader men want to be seen as trustworthy. Okay? And if you treat them like they’re not trustworthy, well then they’re going to have the motto Well, if I’m gonna do the time, I may as well do the crime.

Because a real man is not just going to end the relationship with his woman right there, if she’s breaking promises, he’s not going to do that. A real man is going to have self respect, and keep his relationship investment and keep his relationship equity knowing full well, she doesn’t care about it. But knowing full well he cares about it. And so what he’s going to do is he’s just going to get additional women.

That’s what’s going to happen. That’s what should happen. This whole idea, like, oh, you broke your promise. So now I’m going to divorce you so you could take half of everything I owed and then maybe pay child support and alimony.

No, that’s not how it works. It’s not how it works, girls. No, no. What’s fair, as you broke your promises, and you’re not meeting my needs, you’re not meeting my boundaries that I set out for you within the relationship.

So as a result of that, I’m not going to chase a woman, I’m not going to chase you. I’m not going to try to extract you make you keep your promises to me. Instead, I’m just going to get an additional woman. Well, shouldn’t you break up with her? Shouldn’t you divorce her? No.

The Bible condemns that, for example. Do you do not divorce your wife for any other reason other than her having sex with another man without your permission, that’s the line. So you don’t divorce her. You don’t divorce her your masculine idealism is there so that you wouldn’t divorce her anyway.

So you don’t divorce her, you just get an additional woman, and you make her make the choice to become an adulterous because if any man divorces his wife, he is making her an adulterous because a woman’s agency, her only agency is her sexuality. That’s why she has a lot more sexual responsibilities than men. Men have way less sexual responsibility, because to men sexually, their sexuality is no different than taking a piss just an itch, they gotta scratch. Whereas the woman is a lot more consequences on the table.

When it comes to their sexuality, they could get pregnant, they can be extremely vulnerable. Giving birth is a life threatening situation. There’s a huge risk involved with it. Which is why women have to be even more responsible with their sexuality than men do.

That’s just the reality of the world we live in. Don’t talk to me about gender equality, because you would in effect be full of shit. So the point is, the point is, is that like, if she breaks her promises, that’s not grounds enough to divorce her is not grounds at all. But it is grounds for you to take on another woman.

And if she don’t like it, that’s fine e percent of divorces initiated by women anyway, she can divorce you. But the older that she is, the less likely she’s going to divorce you anyway. Because it’s not like she has better prospects. And you’re all of a sudden being a masculine man by taking on another woman anyway.

Because you care about your relationship investment, you care about your relationship equity, you care about the house that you worked hard for, you care about the fact that you want your children in your life every single day. You even care about still having sexual access to your your wife, even though you’re banging another girl on the side. And guess what? It’s all justified. Why? Because she broke her promises.

It’s completely justified. As long as you’re not violating the 10 commandments of sexuality from the previous episode and season 31 As long as you’re not violating those rules, and you’re keeping your promises. That’s fine. Well, Mr.

CS Joseph, what if I promised exclusivity at the beginning? Well, sure. But she broke her promises, which means you don’t owe her exclusivity anymore. This is why you know, as Marvin Gaye and says, You don’t chase women, you replace them. But I like to change that and say, Don’t chase a woman just get a different one.

AD is addition, not subtraction. Add more, basically. And that’s the thing and if she wants to choose to be an adulterous by divorcing, you find statistically she’s going to anyway, especially she said more than two sex partners other than you. And 80% of divorces are initiated by women anyway, this is the harsh reality of the world, guys.

This is the truth. So be careful. You have to understand like these are the risks. These are the relationship risks.

This is the reality of the world we live in. So especially you know, you Crusader men who work your asses off and build up so much relationship equity, sometimes to the point of shirking your own masculinity. Well, the thing is, is that no one cares about that effort except you. You’re the only one who cares about that effort.

You’re the only one that cares about that investment. So the whole idea that she broke her promises to me, and now I need to divorce her because she broke her promises. That’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous.

Now if she if she had sex with a man without your permission, okay, yeah, sure, that’s fine. That’s fine. You’d be justified, but even then this society is still stacked against you such that you’re going to lose half of everything you own, you’re still gonna have to pay alimony, you still have to pay child support, and you’re basically financially screwed for the rest of your life. And there’s nothing you or anyone else could do about it.

Literally nothing. 1:00:13 You may as well be homeless, a huge punishment on men, for keeping their promises for caring about their relationship, equity in the relationship investment. If your woman breaks her promise, in any way, shape or form, don’t chase her. Just go get additional woman, let her commit the sin of becoming an adulterous.

Let her commit the sin of being adultery. Unless you already did commit adultery, then sure, definitely divorced her get rid of her. But if she didn’t commit adultery, but still broke her promises, ah, no reason for you to keep your promises. None whatsoever.

And you’d be a man by having self respect, a man who also cares about your relationship investment and relationship equity because she doesn’t, her hypergamy doesn’t. So go ahead take on another woman. And she’s a little bit older, she’s not likely to leave you, but she’s a little bit younger and she has a child, she might leave you and she might find some beta cook that she’ll never be happy with will raise your child for you. Great.

So that’s the thing. The bottom line is is where men lead women follow. If, if you’re wise, you can have you can have this situation where it’s like, okay, well, she broke her promises. So I’m just going to take another woman, and then all of a sudden she asked to compete with this other woman, all sudden frequency of sex goes up, she’s letting her body’s not being let go of anymore.

All of a sudden quality of sex is going up, or she’ll choose to be an adulterous. Either way you win is my point. Either way, you win. And that’s how to be masculine situation, especially if you’re a crusader man, and I’m providing an example for all men, but it’s Crusader men who really struggle this area because there’s so ethical and so loyal that they have a hard time having self respect when considering these truths.

Huge problem, to the point where they ended up keeping their promises to their women, even other women break their promises to them over and over and over because women tell Crusader, man how weak they are. And Crusader man gotta be strong, right? Gotta be strong. Oh, wait. So me being strong is is me bending over and you screw me in the ass over and over? Really? Is that really how life should be? No, that is not how life should be.

That’s not the reality of situation. Like I said, Men. In summary, if you don’t want that to happen, she’s more likely to keep her promises to you. She’s more likely to not commit adultery, she’s more likely not to cheat on you.

If you are being masculine. If you’re not shirking your male burden of performance, if you’re going out of your way for continuous improvement, and becoming a better man, every single day. It’s not really the risk is insanely low. And then combine that with the fact that your woman is aging.

The risk gets even lower. So you’re gonna win. But if for some reason she commits adultery on you have sex with another man without your without your permission, well, get rid of her, you can divorce her. But if she breaks her promises, but does not commit adultery, what business is there for you to keep your promises to her? Go get another woman.

It’s okay. And it’s justified and she can get over yourself. Doesn’t matter. That’s the real that is the reality.

That is the harsh reality of the world we live in. That’s it. I know that you guys don’t like it. Someone told me this morning and a little post.

You know, hey, when you tell people the truth, if you don’t make them laugh, they’ll kill you. Huh? How long will it be till that happens to me? Because I definitely am not making anyone laugh. Metaphysical alicorn you seem to be incapable of deductive reasoning and make decisions completely by inductive reasoning. So like, if you want to have some answers to questions, watch the first six episodes of the season 17 playlist.

I’m sure that’ll help 1:04:27 so yeah. Yeah, I mean, yeah, guys, that’s just the reality situation. You can’t take a woman at her word. Statistically, a woman is always going to break her promise anyway.

And we’re going to be talking about like how this gets even worse in the next episode. And the next episode is gonna be far more controversial and far more painful for everybody, both genders. And I think I think I think it will be basically the crux of the message within season 31 And then we’re gonna get into the practicality like how to get a girlfriend how to get a wife how to get a boyfriend, how to get a husband etcetera. How to use masculine idealism to your advantage, how do you solve system to your advantage, those types of things, social engineering aspects, but in a positive way, we’re gonna be helping improve people’s lives after we’ve dug this huge trench and pour this huge foundation on how sexuality actually psychologically works within humanity.

And why while also freeing humanity from the shackles of colloquial sexuality interpretation, 1:05:37 which is bullshit so that’s a problem Hey, Billy McGuire, who said I care about believing in the Bible I say I already said that is not the infallible Holy Word of God. So what’s your problem? Dude? 1:05:58 Are you like not paying attention? Maybe you should pay attention. Maybe you should actually watch every minute of every video. Okay, so you actually know where I’m coming from instead of just cherry picking and looking like the way you look you know on the internet Come on.

Alright so anyway, yes, Admins group is around CS Forward slash growth. Go ahead and sign up. Anyway, thank you all for watching.

Definitely more to come. I got a lot of acolyte questions that I need to answer. We’re gonna get that posted. And definitely more episodes about five more episodes left of season 31.

And then we’re gonna be going into other aspects of union analytical psychology, bring it back to cognitive functions and type etcetera, and moving forward. So, anyway, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.


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