Please enjoy the public release of this Episode from Season 18 Cognitive Mechanics The 4th Axis (Ti & Fe).


Hey guys, CS Joseph, and welcome to season 18 cognitive mechanics. This is the 4x at the fourth axis episode. And let me know if you guys can actually hear me because I’m not entirely sure you can. So hopefully, we’ll figure that out appropriately.

and whatnot. So yeah, please tell me if you can hear me. And please also tell me who won the bet. I I’d like to know who won the bet.

So, oh, yeah, we win. Okay. Yeah, that’s, that’s nice. And you can hear me okay, that’s cool.

I had to make adjustments. I hope my mouth matches the sound too, by the way. So if that’s let me know if it goes out of sync. Because I’m piping my video through a different source while not using the audio in that source at all.

So I might have to adjust my settings a little bit as I’m getting more skilled with XSplit, etc. So yeah. Scribble your names on a whiteboard. Hmm.

So Elliot one. All right. Congratulations, Elliot. What am I eating? I am having a Pellegrino and I was actually putting down in my notebook on the floor.

So that’s basically about it. So it does meaning it is synced. Okay, cool. Well, I’m glad that’s the case.

Trying to do a new setup right now. And Tiny bit later. Okay. Fair enough.

Tiny, tiny bit later. Okay. So what’s anarchistic? Mean? Tanya? I like what do you mean by that? Dinner before cat? That’s right. If I’m going to consume the cat, I eat dinner first.

Apparently, that is the thing. So So yeah, had to the test broke had to fix it. Apparently, the amount of people taking the test is a lot and the server was not able to keep up. So we had to fix that.

And also, we noticed we’re getting a ton of fake emails. So we made it so that you can’t do fake emails anymore. Which is awesome. I like that.

No more fake emails. So anyone takes a test, they have to give us a valid email address now, and I don’t care and justice is served. And I’m very happy about that. So all you people who are out there enjoying that, that’s gone away.

That goes Bye, bye. But that being said, being able to retake the test without emails is something we are going to be releasing later for our mobile app. So just keep an eye on that. That is a thing.

So I still have to interview and hire a dev or two for that project. But it is something that is underway. And yes, I am back to black. So yeah, awesome.

Thank you, Tanya, for making people take the test. And yes, I finally do have a green screen. It is finally green. Yes, it’s very green behind me.

decided that it was necessary to have one again, just to increase production quality, and I have a new sound system. So hopefully the hopefully I sound a lot better than I usually do. So yeah, this is new sound system, this new video system, everything is new, like, and I’m streaming at 1080 p at 60 frames a second, which is really good. Okay, so this is like, the highest quality of stuff that I’ve done.

And you guys get in there on that. So yeah. But yeah, the mobile app, you guys don’t have to worry about emails or any of that crap at the mobile app, the mobile app will take care of that. So yeah, you won’t have to worry about it and the mobile app will be completely free.

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So you don’t have to worry about all of that at all. So yeah, and thank you, Jay. I’ve been working really hard to get the sound better. Also shout out to Andrus Marcos and just Marcos has been my sound console wouldn’t, and he’s been providing me a lot of research and recommendations.

And I maintain this gentleman is a true audiophile. I also got to give a shout out to Courtland Graham as well for his assistance in the audio areas, while both these gentlemen have definitely improved my audio capabilities for this, and, and also Courtland helped me get better video as well. So I am glad that it worked out. Yes, there is a community aspect with the app.

Yes, it will be a full on community oriented thing. It will be a form of social media, basically. So yes, it’s very community. The first version won’t be very community though version one won’t.

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And it’d be awesome. So hey, nerds rule the world, bro. What’s up every year max. That’s awesome.

That’s amazing. So yeah, yeah, so unique for social media. I’ve had this design for yours. It’s a thing.

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I’m so used to my audience stalking me all the time. And that was my turn to stock y’all. That’s right. That’s right.

You know? That’s what I’m gonna be doing. So come on. I don’t want to meet the Queen. She’s not that cool.

I’d rather go down for that really amazing fish and chips joint. That’s like down the street from the market. You know what I’m saying? You know that one? I want to go that one. 09:52 That’d be cool.

When should we move from apprentice to journeyman basically as soon as possible after Hey, I do it like right away, like straight up. If you have an issue, if you think you’re getting double charged or whatever, just open a ticket, we’ll get you handled, it’s no issue. But get switched over to the new journeyman CS forward slash members. It’s the new journeyman.

So like, make sure you guys are doing this. So you get in on that shit. Also, I don’t know if it’s released yet, but how to parent ENFJ is should have already released or is releasing. So like, watch out for that.

And we’re also be doing how to parent ESF J’s very soon before the month is out. And I just did a very controversial CSJ response video today, because I kind of gotten to someone’s Facebook a little bit. And I answered their question for them. Except in a recording.

That’s not 20 minutes long. And they might think I’m an asshole. I don’t know. But it’s good.

It’s really good. I actually like in this particular episode that’s about to come out. It’s a little bit longer for CSA response. But I’m actually gonna be walking you guys through visual typing a little bit.

I’m actually gonna show you an example of visual typing. It’s fun, it’s real fun. And then I’m also gonna talk about sexuality and other things a little bit of hypergamy you know, so it’s gonna be really good. I just found some random NTJ woman who ended up on my feed and I got triggered by a question she asked why decide to make a video about it? It’s good times.

So yes, I’m down for fish and chips, bro. Yeah. Yeah, new parenting vids. It’s yeah, fish and chips.

railguns down for fish and chips. Were down. I do extract your soul. It’s amazing.

Oh, so Victoria Pollack just decided to leave because she’s saying See y’all later tonight. Or she or she making fun of me? is probably what she’s doing. Yeah. Yeah.

Visual typing. It’s gonna be great. I’m, I’m very excited about the whole visual typing thing. So yes, while y’all are basking in the glow of those things.

I just need your phone number guys. I want to give money away and whatnot. And like, I need two more pieces of gear. And I think I’m ready for all of my travel needs.

When I go on my intercontinental pilgrimage, you know, Railgun tonight, going out and around hanging out seeing people and whatnot. Maybe go into various meetup groups in certain areas? Don’t know, but we’ll be around. And who knows we might be coming a city near you. And randomly invite you to dinner and stuff.

Definitely. So that could be like a thing. So yeah. curious to hear you talk about demisexuality.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. voice sound typing it.

Okay. Maybe one day. Okay. One day, I’ve been practicing visual typing enough.

So I just want to do a little bit more. Can you answer your phone number through the members portal? No, you can’t just open Kevin just open a ticket with support to make sure that they have your phone number. If not, I think they can, like manually entered it in just one real thing, guys. If you cancel your apprentice membership, and then get a journeyman one, we have it set up that if you were grandfathered in for the legacy lectures, you still keep all of the legacy lectures so that season 14 and season 19.

You keep all that so you don’t lose that by making the switch. Okay? So don’t worry, you’re still grandfathered in on that if you had it before. Alright, so don’t worry about that. Okay, we got you.

We’ve got you. Okay. I mean, sure if you guys want to invite us to dinner, it better be sushi though. I’m just saying, you know, sushi, right? Yeah.

Sushi. Yeah. Yeah, I want sushi. Yeah.

I don’t want to talk about fish and chips. sexuality. This is not this is not an appropriate use of my time. I’m not sure about this.

I’m not sure at all. All right, we got our lovely thing here. So we have the fourth axis. Also known as sword and mace.

Guys, like you guys like the season. You guys like season 18 It’s pretty dope, isn’t it? It’s, it’s pretty awesome. I’m happy for it. I’m definitely happy.

Yeah. Okay, so you’re like you want to take us to dinner but you’re the one that wants to. Okay, yeah, you know, and is that where you live? I thought you live in California. Okay, yeah, the lightboard coming back to you Do you identify as a bass? I mean, are you are you playing like, Megaman you know? Rockman and forte, right? MegaMan and bass bass.

I call it bass. It’s not a fish. It’s like weird. You’d rate the season seven out of five 7.5 out of 10 Okay, thank you for the vote of confidence there.

I got to see plus guys Elliot give me a c plus for this great All right. So like I’ve been talking about this whiteboard for 18 days what what why Cynthia? What? The wave four and the season reminds me that all right, that’s cool. play bass in your band. Oh Ellie I didn’t know you’re having a band maybe I didn’t know that.

I just realized what I needed one moment in Nashville, Tennessee, by the way. Dope. Okay. The streams current bid rate is okay, increase your bid rate it’s telling me so it wants me to increase my bid rate.

Apparently I don’t have a good bid right Hold on. Why? So it was 4600 Huh? Settings Okay, well apparently it doesn’t like my bit right. I really don’t know what to do about this. Okay, well, we’ll figure that later because apparently that’s not relevant now.

Okay, so forth. Cognitive access guys sorted may starting at 16 minutes and 30 seconds because hashtag announcements are long enough when it comes to CS Joseph, for some reason, but I have no idea. So what is sort of mace? Alright, so why is it called sorted mais? Well, the reason why is because Ti is a bloody sword. Okay.

Where does this come from? I was actually asked recently, like, why is Ti a sword? And someone mentioned to me, I think it was actually Andrus. Anders Marcos actually said it to me and I’m actually going to read you his interpretation right now. Congratulations, Andrus. You’ve just made content.

So he’s saying like, I was thinking about why you called ti the sword. Then I realize every time you counselor a claim, it’s like pairing with a sword arguments or like a sword dance. And I said yes. But also, it’s just because Jesus called the tongue a sword.

And he’s like, that’s cool. So yeah, that’s uh, but yes, it’s really like you’re pairing it’s a criticism you’re cutting people right? So this is why Ti is a sword okay? Now it really confuses people. They’re like well wait a minute why is extroverted feeling a mace? Like why is that? Well, the reason why is because a mace you know, it’s it’s a blunt instruments a blunt object. You can definitely shame people with a mace.

It’s kind of like when you’re exposing somebody’s values, like you’re exposing like a depraved NFP, for example, in front of everybody that they respect or everybody that they know. And it can be quite painful. And it’s a very blunt object because it hits a larger surface area, where as Ti is very precise, it’s very specific, a specific cut, you know, and my mentor, he told me a concept called Elijah lente, Elijah lenta. And Elijah lent a is like a very specific cuts or swath of a sword.

Right? And this is why ultimately, he plays the class Paladin on World of Warcraft, and also why the INFJ archetype is known as the Paladin, according to this community, so understand how that goes. 19:05 So yeah, Extraverted Feeling however, it hits a wart a larger surface area, it actually can harm the tea or harm the reputation of somebody. This is why an FE hero has a TI demon, te demon exists to destroy the reputation or credibility of other people. It’s because extroverted feeling is a mace and that mace when it’s swung around, it hits multiple targets at once instead of a specific target, okay? And that’s why it is a mace because Effie can be used as a weapon.

Fe can also be used for healing or defending. That means can hit a bunch of people for the sake of others. Okay? That’s why extroverted feeling is like it can have it as healing properties, right. Another way of looking at this hashtag enemy when you look at no Yahshua Okay, he’s looking at it this way.

Check it out, you know, Yasha style. This is the 10th Saiga. Oh, yeah, this is the 10 Saiga. Okay.

These are the two different sides of the same sword effectively or, you know, two sides the same coin. You know, you have the Tet Saiga, which leads to like death. You know, yeah, the 10 Sega, which leads to healing. Okay, it’s a healing sword.

It literally heals people. You see what I’m saying? So, if you ever watched Yahshua, which I don’t recommend you ever watch you to Yahshua the anime because I could literally sum up the anime like this. Hey, do we Asha? Coco me? Ito Yaksha cook OB Yoshua could go me over and over and over again, like every episode, so I just I’ve just literally told you the entire plot of the anime right there. I sort of dead set Saiga a sword of feeling 10 Sega and a woman screaming out any Asha and a and a man screaming out kick me.

That’s literally the entire enemy. So you don’t have to watch it anymore. Congratulations. Okay.

So based on that these are the different aspects with these weapons, okay. So ti represents oops. Logic, logic. And then Fe equals ethics of course, right.

So we have the ethics. Logic and ethics. Ah, yes. All right.

So, let me actually open up. Gosh, okay, cool. It opened where I wanted to open. And then.

Okay, and then. And then let’s do another one. To parent out on. Good.

Okay. So looking at my notes here, cool. All right. So logic, and then we have a SD with facts.

Right. And then they filter. They’re very canvas, like Canvas auto, right? candour, Canvas auto, from Star Wars. Knights, The Old Republic, right? Or candor from divergent.

If you’ve read the books, or watch the movies, the first two movies were great. The rest of it sucks for some reason. I don’t know why. And then from there, um, let’s see here.

Oh, yeah. They also separate things separate, you know, like, like a bra lift and separate. And then we have separate, we have cutting, you know, murder with your mouth, right? Murder with your mouth. That’s another good biblical way of saying it.

Right. Ti, right. So that’s the thing. And then ethics.

Ethics is different ethics is all about what other people feel right. You know? how others feel? Yeah. how others feel awesome. Okay.

And then we have and then we have empathy. Yeah. Which is how others feel is the same thing synonymous. And then these people care about fairness.

is careful. Even though si Fe users care about fairness more? These people very much care about integrity. Or at least these people need integrity, and they expect integrity and others but they have a hard time producing integrity in themselves. That’s a thing.

Okay. So lift and separate folks lift and separate. Good Old Candy risotto. Yes, I play video games.

I don’t care. I haven’t played very many very long. Although I was really disappointed to see that reach zero stopped midway. during that season.

I have to wait till next year to watch it. But then I started watching the first episode of Star Trek Discovery. And then I realized that it’s an entire retelling of a story we’ve already been told in Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. And they literally took all that intellectual property and they’re just retelling it from a Star Trek point of view.

Hashtag Chase is triggered, because I am like, wow, that’s what you that’s all you guys could come up with. Like literally stop. Stop ruining Star Trek. Stop ruining Star Wars stop ruining all the cool things.

People I don’t know apparently like the next generation is eating it up. I have no idea. So Ti and FE. So there’s two different ways to kind of interpret like why like why do ti Why does ti do it this way? So you have ti first and then Fe in the sequence.

But then pipe symbol, you have Fe and Then going to TI in this sequence, right? So let’s look at an ENFJ. ENFJ is like I’m going to help you so that you listen. You listen to me, right? I’m going to help you so that you listen to me. Over here, the ISTP Okay, so yeah, let’s, let’s actually put that in here.

We’re gonna have a little rainbow ENFJ right here. All right, we got a rainbow ENFJ we’re gonna have a rainbow ISTP over here, okay. And then it’s going to be like, Okay, so I’m going to criticize you 25:42 in order to help you. But reality that it’s teach.

Or he’ll, okay. So people who have ti in their top two slots, okay, so TI, top two slots, top two slots. They end up doing this more. So they lead with criticism.

But it’s for the sake of helping others. People with Fe and they’re taught two slots over here, top two slots. They lead with helping so that they get people to listen to them. Because from an Effie, parent and FE hero point of view, for some reason, because I’m not one, thank God.

But for some reason, they all think that no one’s gonna listen to them unless they help out first. Oh, so cute. Right? Why? Because they’re interest based, or they’re systematic, right? Because to the systematic versions, which are SF J’s SF J’s think that the best way to get someone to listen to you is to do something nice for them first. Yeah, that always works.

Or then there’s the NFJ approach. You know, hey, you know, it’s, it’s in my best interest to get listened to or it’s in their best interest to beats that they listened to me. So I’m going to do something nice to them so that it you know, kind of pads their interest a little bit to kind of open them up to allowing me to listen to them, because hey, if I’m being really nice, you know, that means they’ll stick around, they’ll be more willing more open to listen to me, right? There’ll be there’ll be more open to criticism because I’m helping them first right. Ah, oh, you f j’s are so funny.

Oh, you’re so funny. That’s not always true. Why the hell do you f J’s judge us teepees about that? You judge us like we’re assholes. When in reality, you guys are just doormats.

Yeah, don’t do that. Yeah, seriously, don’t do that. Please. Stop judging us.

Please don’t. Oh, but you think I’m letting tepees off the hook? Nope. You guys are a bunch of dicks. Right? Because you’re just inviting yourself and this is why those fit users call us so arrogant.

UTI parents, UTI heroes, you’re so arrogant. Because you just invite yourself in my life. You just invite yourself in my life and you just criticize me. You don’t even know when you’re criticizing me.

What? How dare you? You don’t even have report with me? I can’t get my nose higher. I can’t. I can’t. I’m a philosopher, and I can’t get my nose any higher.

I can’t get my nose higher because I’m a wayfare. You see what I’m saying? How dare you? How dare you criticize me? You don’t even know me? You don’t know who I am. You don’t know how I’ve learned or you don’t know my achievements. You don’t know my accomplishments? How dare you criticize me? Yeah.

So yeah, they’re a dick, or your mat. You know, I’m saying. So like. That’s the difference.

Because ti heroes a TI parents, they lead with criticism first, but they’re always criticizing you or anyone for the sake of helping them. Because from their point of view, they’re not often helped. And if they do get help, they appreciate it because it literally comes down to a biblical concept. Okay.

It really comes down to a biblical concept and I have to mention that biblical concept right here to help you guys bring this into perspective. Okay. What happens if you correct a fool? What happens correct the fool He hates you. He hates you.

What happens if you correct? A wise man? He loves you. Okay, this is a biblical concept that comes from the book of Proverbs. Check it out. Okay.

So, yes, I am slapping that base. Damn straight. So, correct the fool he hates you correct a wise man, he loves you. Who? What happens? I wonder if statistically, I wonder if this statistically, if I’m correcting an FIA user, they’re more likely to hate me.

If I correct the TI user, they’re more likely to love me. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh my gosh, really? Guys, like this is like society. This is like the world as we know it. This is mass cultural hypnosis.

This is mass ignorance. Oh, my gosh. Flap it good. You know, or as the INFP Michael Jackson would say just beat it.

Just beat it. So anyway, correct the fool and he hates you. Now, I’m not saying that that statement always applies to an F i user. Actually, that applies to me most of the time, especially in my younger self, I definitely was a fool.

And honestly, I’m very thankful that I had a TI parent and ESTP and a TI child and INFJ in my face while I was homeless with an infant. And they gave me the Type grid. I’m very thankful for both of those people. And they definitely corrected me and I ended up loving them for it.

Because of all of all that works. You know, I’m saying so. And it’s, it’s super important. So like a TI user who’s a TP they can take criticism very well.

And after a while, they may even get butthurt a little bit. You know, like sometimes I criticize Railgun. And she gets super upset. But then after a while, she’s like, okay, yeah, you’re right.

And she criticizes me and I get super upset. But then I’m like, yeah, actually, you’re right. I can’t deny that. And then I apologized.

And I take responsibility for it. You see what I’m saying? It’s because high ti users which are ti parents or TI heroes, they need criticism. And they see criticism towards them because they’re trying so hard to be correct. They’re trying so hard to be true.

As one of the greatest gifts that they have ever received from other people. Being able to learn and upgrade yourself. It’s like my ESTP mentor to always say, oh, yeah, Chase, upgrade complete, you know, or whenever you criticize my ass about something he’d be like, Yeah, see, upgrade complete, because he loves StarCraft, like he’s a total StarCraft junkie. In fact, just to punish his, his son he and an INFJ for a sign 33:01 to punish his INFJ son he had, he’d go after his son’s se inferior, and he’d make his son play Starcraft with him over and over again, just to beat him at StarCraft over and over again, while at the same time telling him how bad at the game he was the entire time, and how we should improve now, how he should do better and how he’s not competitive enough.

This is an SE hero raising an SE inferior. I’m not saying that’s a good thing. I just think it’s very, very fascinating to watch a father utilize yoga and analytical psychology and his parenting routine. Instead of doing what he probably would have used to do, which is like, you know, I don’t take a giant wooden paddle and beat his son’s asked with it.

Instead, he just forces them to play Starcraft and you just watch his INFJ son get beaten by him over and over and over again. You know what I’m saying? So that’s like a thing. But yeah, like so ti parents and ti heroes. They hate not having criticism.

They need criticism, but they’re always judged by the FE parents and the FE heroes all the time. You’re too critical. You’re hypercritical you’re not helping anyone. Which is so disrespectful to TI parents and ti heroes.

It’s extremely disrespectful. And I absolutely hate it. When f J’s do this to me. I hate it when there’s this crazy Fj.

Oh, I’m morally superior than you are. Because I’m affiliative. And because I’m going out of my way to do the right thing all the time. That means I am entitled to having authority, and I should go out of my way to take away all of your authority because you’re too critical.

You’re too much of a dick. And I’m like, wow. And yet I’m smarter than you. And yet I’m criticizing people for their own sake.

And yet I see all you INFJ counselors out there with my formal education Yeah, I’m doing way the fuck better than you are when I’m trying to teach people shit when I’m helping them out in my coaching practice. Okay, yeah, you want to compare dicks Let’s fucking do it right now. Let’s seriously let’s pull out your dick. I want to see which ones Bigger you think your coaching practice you think your counselor ship with all my credentials is so good because you have to like have some kind of proof out there for your little shadow NFP to be able to prove to other people that you’re smart, but then you have an autodidact like me, who works my ass off on a regular basis, you know what I’m saying? And actually read the books and actually care enough.

I didn’t have no frickin formal education, but you want to tell me that I do a shitty job. I’m sorry. Let’s compare the testimonials. Oh, I have hundreds of testimonials of people thanking me.

And you have what? Five? Okay, so seriously, get off your stupid affiliative Fe parent Fe hero hoarse and realize that criticism matters. And it’s not my fault that you don’t have the guts to criticize people and the way that they need, you know, because maybe if you had the guts to do it, they might learn something they might actually stick around. They might actually come back to you. But you don’t have the guts because, Oh, I’m so afraid that they’re not going to stick around.

Or I’m so afraid of rejection, or Oh, I’m so afraid that, you know, they’re not gonna give me attention anymore. No one’s gonna give me attention anymore. I’m so afraid of having that one really bad testimonial. Were my te critic.

And I’m sure that T nemeses out there would be like, I don’t give a flying fuck about what y’all think. I’m going to do my job, and you’re gonna give me a testimonial, good or bad, but I don’t care. Because I’m telling you the truth. Okay.

And it’s not my fault that you have bad feeling reactions to the truth. You see what I’m saying? It’s so annoying. Okay. So so yeah, like, it’s, it’s, it’s just like, ridiculous.

I’m so tired of being judged by F J’s. And I especially am judged the most by ESF J’s like my sister, oh my gosh. And yet she’s the one cussing me out and yelling at me on the phone. Whereas I’m just not listening.

I’m not listening to her as she hypocritically goes out of way to get me to listen to her, even though even though she won’t listen to anybody. So like, I’m not down. Like, seriously, I am so not down. Now.

Let’s talk about it from the FE side. Fe heroes like they see they from their point of view, they constantly see us TPS, alienating everybody. Es TPS are especially good at alienating people if CPS are especially good at alienating people. And it’s like, wow, how can you do that your son? Wow, how can you do that to your daughter? Wow, why are you so mean to everybody all the time? Why are you so alienating? You? You wonder why people don’t stick around for you either.

You wonder why people don’t want you either. You know, it’s like, I’m going away to be as attractive to people because I got my credentials. You know, I’m all affiliative. I got I got the authority here.

And I’m an authority. And I worked really hard to get to this point, I worked really hard to get my credentials, but you little hotshot who think you can just come in here and just tell everyone and criticize them. People that you don’t even know I as an FJ go out of my way, and put all the effort that I possibly can into figuring out people and I spend time with them. I understand them.

I put in way more effort than you you just walk into this room and you start spouting out your crap because you’re just being a dick and you don’t actually care. But the TPS do care. And FJs do care. But then the FJ is you know that the teepees tell the FJ is Oh yeah, well, you guys aren’t criticizing enough.

You guys think for some reason you f J’s think for some reason that you can comfort somebody into wisdom, you actually think that? Wow, no, that’s not true. You can’t comfort anybody into wisdom, you have to subject them to the full fire of the Sword of Truth, the full fire of TI. You have to cut them so deep that they never forget it for the rest of their life. That’s why I cut so hard I combined it’s called the demonic parent.

I combined my se demon with ti parent. So when I find those inf J’s, I think my sword into their si demon, and I cut them so deep that it leaves a permanent scar on their souls for the rest of their lives such that they will never be able to forget me so long as they live, but it’s for their benefit, because then they can grow and they can be a better person. Right? You got to understand that. But here’s the thing though.

Those TPS TPS often look at those F J’s. We look at those F J’s. And sometimes those TPS can be jealous or envious. I get that way but not all TPS in that way.

And they’d be like, Wow, those TPS, they sure have a lot of people Well that really likes them. They have a lot of people who feel good about them I want I want people to feel good about me I want people to value me. But they have a lot of people going after they have a lot of people following them. People like them more those NF J’s, those F J’s those those SF J’s they’re way way more likable than me.

Well, I feel really bad I feel like a bad person. And then those teepees gets super depressed because then they start comparing themselves to the F J’s because naturally people people like those doormat F J’s naturally people like being comforted into wisdom. People like to hear what their itching ears want to hear. You see, people like that affiliative do the right thing approach to criticism.

Right? Being a teepee is definitely the path to loneliness, the thing is oftentimes FJ is don’t even realize how lonely they really are, because of how helpful they are. They don’t even realize that doormats, other people that don’t even realize people are taking advantage of them. For example, my ENFJ father in law recently had a Russian woman move into his home with two kids. And he gave her a lot of money.

And somehow, someway, she’s buying her own house, and she moved out completely and totally used him. Wow. You know, but and then he still tells us what he did is is the right thing to do compared to like what I’m saying like, no, throw her ass out because she’s taking advantage of you, bro. You see what I’m saying? Like, come on, come on.

It gets even worse. It gets even worse than this. How do the Fit users see the T I fe users don’t forget, there’s still the problem of ignorance. Ignorance is still a problem.

The ignorance is basically, you know, like, oh my gosh, why is the auto white balance on that? Like needs to stop now? Thank you. That was really annoying. 41:53 Okay. So let’s let’s let’s look at how the Fit users feel.

Okay? It doesn’t matter. Like if you’re a TI user, you’re automatically seen as somebody who is arrogant, okay? And conceited. By default by and fit user, they’re going to see you that way. They’re going to judge you this way.

And they judge you because they see how ti can be absolutely ignorant. And two ways. When a TI user makes decisions based on last known input makes decisions on old information. That’s like their ignorance.

Or the worst one, the echo chamber. And this is what really pisses off fit users is when they see a TI user having an echo chamber in their head where they’re only listening to information that they want to listen to. They only want to listen to information but they’re itching ears want to hear, which is like prophesied the New Testament of the Bible. But that’s another story.

Check out this alone is or is it second Timothy chapter four, verse three, I don’t remember. But it’s like in the last days, people will turn away from sound doctrine and sound teaching and they will gather up themselves teachers to teach them what their itching ears want to hear. And they will bounce they will abandon truth. Okay.

That’s where that comes from. Right? And it’s because te users see ti users as ignorant when they have echo chambers and making decisions based on preferred input. So ti users are at risk of making decisions based on last known input or preferred input, which leads to ignorance. But of course, the TI users see the FYI users as people have superiority complexes with flashing their achievements all around, look at my achievements, my titles, oh, yes, my status, my reputation, you know what I’m saying? And like, It just pisses off the TI is just because it’s like, oh, my Fe just wants to come out, take the mace and take it to your face, because you’re not really that superior.

This is why Templarios especially ESTP is high ESTP over there. Especially she pulls out her mais and she’s like, see, I can do better than you and they get super mega competitive. INFJs do this too. They get super competitive with those fit users just to expose them to show that they’re not actually as good as they’re making themselves out to be.

It’s amazing thing to watch. It’s one of my favorite things. railguns very good at it. She does it to the Fit users all the time in this community.

It’s amazing. And very funny. So she does that. It’s all about exposing them.

This is how we expose each other. The ti users expose the TI users for being ignorant, expose them for being echo chambers and last known input. And the TI users expose the TI users for their superiority complex. That’s what it is.

So it’s an arrogance complex and ti versus a superiority complex. In FYI, for fit users. See what I’m saying? You know, it’s it’s it’s reason, um, you know, how, how can I be loyal to somebody He’s gonna comfort me into wisdom. Oh, I love asking NF J’s that question, you know, or here’s nothing.

Here’s what you did SF J’s, how can I want somebody who is just going to be a doormat and do whatever I say? Without challenge? What about that? Right? Where’s the challenge? Are you just gonna bend over to me every time? You know? Are you strong? Do you have strength of character? Are you gonna let me walk all over you? But they’re affiliative. Right? That’s the better way of doing something. Right? And they call me the dick. Because, you know, I criticize people too much, right? So, Fe heroes, and FE parents, they all see it as in like, Hey, I’m going to fpu I’m going to fpu hard.

So that Oh, yeah. You laughing Okay, all your INTJ starts snickering so, I mean, Rogen snickering Yeah, they’re gonna they’re gonna Fe they’re gonna FES are being Fe doubt now. Fe Fe you gonna fpu so hard. So good.

I know. So, anyway, oh, yeah, definitely. The experience definitely covers their entire worldview. It’s kind of like an INFJ, who had a girlfriend in high school, their only girlfriend is INFJ guy.

And then all sudden, she breaks up with him because she’s a high Pergamus hoe and she’s in her break phase. And then all of a sudden, at the end, the INFJ is like, oh, you know, I’m so depressed. I shouldn’t be rejected by women like this. I’m not good enough.

Bla bla bla bla, okay, I’m just gonna choose to be gay for the rest of my life. Yeah, that’s the INFJ version of that. Whereas what you pointed out was the world view the, the INTJ version of that. Hmm.

Love it. Love it. All right. Never not be snickering.

Okay. expose what exposing the superiority complex and FYI users and exposing the arrogance complex in in, or conceitedness, or the ignorance basically, the ignorance or the pride of TI users. That’s what two users do. So everyone’s exposing everybody, but in these different ways, okay.

Does that make sense? That answer your question. Guess who’s back wifey wife? Who’s the man lmao dope. All right. This is a really fun lecture, I’m down.

I’m so down for this. And like, I’m even like cussing in it. I’m like, turning into Gary Vaynerchuk. And I don’t fucking care.

Anyway. So with that being said, Fe users back to Fe users. Remember, it’s all about generating rapport, because they’re they have these ISFP or INTJ. Or no, they have these SFP shadows, where they have these NFP shadows, right, these F J’s, okay.

And those wished that they were comforted into wisdom themselves, and they are all about having rapport with people, because, for example, an iossef J and an ESF J, in order to have a good relationship because of cognitive projection. Remember what cognitive projection is, cognitive projection is when you yourself are projecting the types that are way opposite to you, or the types that are just like you, or the types that are highest compatible with you onto other people, hoping that you would find someone to fulfill those roles. So you can identify people that you can have sex with, or be in a relationship with or be friends with, or people that you can learn from. It’s called cognitive projection.

We all do this all the time. This is why every single human being has an internal bias as a result of cognitive projection. Because every person that we meet, we’re trying to put them in those boxes. So we know what kind of relationship that we can have with those people.

Well, when f J’s do that, because they have NFP and SFP hashtag F p shadows, because they have F p shadows, they all maintain that in order for them to be listened to which they want so desperate, those ISF j’s and those inf J’s wants to be so useful and contribute with their ti child. And then those ESF jays, those NF J’s, they want to not be afraid that they’re not stupid, and by other people coming to them and asking them advice, it shows those people that they value them so much, and it makes them feel so smart. And they want to feel smart so much that they’re like okay, I have to develop rapport and generate rapport and other people so that I can earn myself a position to be listened to you Then they criticize the TPS, you haven’t earned a position to be listened to. You are not affiliative you are too pragmatic.

You just barge into people’s lives you dicks? Well, yeah, they’re being dicks. I’ll be honest. I’m not trying to be like, super biased against NF J’s, when I say that, although I am a little bit, I’ll admit, because I am a TP. But I will admit that as a TP, there have been times where I have criticized people or I have spoken into their lives, or I’ve offered advice, and it was completely socially inappropriate for me to do so.

And in those situations, I actually do regret it. And in those situations, the F JS will be right about me, because I literally just invited myself into that person’s life and getting into their privacy and making their business my business, which teepees have a serious problem with it is a problem. I admit it. That is absolutely a valid criticism that F J’s have of TPS, that’s real.

So I’m not saying that TPS are the good guys here. We have some problems too. And when we invite ourselves, we make things our business that are not our business, we end up being foolish, we look like fools. Don’t argue with a fool lest you become one.

Do not throw your pearls before swine. These concepts are things that ti users regardless of where your TI is, and your top four slots all have to deal with. We all have to deal with this. Okay? So it’s super important.

It’s, it’s really, it’s really important. Because they’re like, you know, F j’s are right. You can’t invite yourself into someone’s life like that you have to generate report, you have to earn the right to speak. But TPS don’t see it that way.

Because TPS are like they’re all pragmatic for one, whereas f j’s are all affiliative. And teepees are like, well, here’s the situation, though. There are situations in my life where people have not had the right to speak in my life. And they never earned that, right.

But they told me anyway, and it was absolutely everything I needed to hear. And it literally saved my life. And I know because I know the truth. And I technically have a better handle on the facts than you do F js, that I because of that, I have to take responsibility sometimes and actually be selfish and responsibly selfish, and talk and other people’s lives.

Even if I don’t have report, even if I don’t have a right to speak, because it just needs to be done. I’m just doing what works. I find the best way. And I’m not going to wait around six months to a year to finally get this person to listen to me.

I just need to say it now. Because if I don’t say it now, especially as an intuitive, they’re going to harm other people. 53:01 So I’m not going to allow that to happen. Right? Or an SCP is like they’re manipulating others, or they’re going to take advantage of others, or they’re going to shy so the people or they’re being charlatans, I have to expose them now.

So the pragmatic is not necessarily it’s not. So it ends up becoming given take the pragmatic approach the TP approach, they’re justified in inviting themselves in other people’s lives. But the F j’s are justified in creating rapport with other people. why? It’s because there are people out there who don’t respond to me as a teepee.

Like inf peas, for example. They don’t respond well, to me coming out of nowhere and not even knowing them and criticizing them to their face. They don’t. But that’s why F J’s exist.

So F J’s can generate rapport with the INFP to make the INFP receptive. But then there are those people out there who are so pigheaded it doesn’t matter how much rapport you generate with them. And they end up having that take take taking FP bullshit, right? They end up getting super selfish, and they have to be exposed, because that’s the only anatomy shamed because it doesn’t matter how much rapport you generate with them. All you could do is criticize.

So the point is our Creator, put this into our psyches, so that the FJs can handle those people who will not respond to the, quote, harsh criticism of the TPS because they need more report. Right? Or there are those people out there where report doesn’t do any good. And the TPS handle those people because there’s different people with different types. Okay.

This is literally how it works. This is why TI and FE is useful in this case. If a TI He is criticizing you. It’s because they know you’re desperate or they know you’re harming other people.

And they know that they’re that you’re a lost cause and that it’s no choice. And they’re going to tell you because it’s the only thing they have left. They see it’s all they got. Right? If an FJ is helping you, they’re really just working hard to earn the right to be able to tell you specifically what your problem is.

But from both sides of the spectrum, it they are here specifically to help you. They are here to improve you. They are here to protect you. They are here to make sure that you are operating with proper character.

And they do this to each other. It’s just so funny watching how they accuse each other of being a doormat or alienating people. They need to stop accusing each other of anything. Hypocrites.

Stop. There’s no point move on. It’s not necessary. Let them be who they are live and let live.

Love your neighbor as yourself. The FJ approach is valid. The TP approach is valid. Guess what, though? I will have to say and my experience and what I’ve observed.

The FJ is because they’re affiliative and entitled to authority are far more criticisms are far more critical of TPS than TPS are of F J’s. Just so you know, there is a bias there. Because Muffy relative, okay, so please be aware of that. All right.

Super important. can fit users be arrogant and ignorant? If they know correct about if they know they’re correct about something? Well, it’s more of like, it’s a feeling of superiority. It’s not so much arrogance. And te can be ignorant because data doesn’t mean facts, dude, just because it walks like a duck talks like a duck looks like a duck sounds like a duck does not mean it’s a duck.

You have all of those little qualifications to say this equals a duck. That’s not necessarily true and nice data you have there, but your data is not the truth. Correlation is not causation. That’s how TE is not always correct.

And can lead to ignorance. Okay. So, yeah. So that’s the thing.

Yeah, te heroes report isn’t exactly really work for Te heroes. They just need to have someone tell them the straight facts like right in their face. Okay. So let’s move on.

I think in general, I have explained how this goes. You know, the F j’s are accusing the teepees have their fiery sword being too hot. The teepees are accusing the FJ is that their fiery sword is not hot enough. You guys understand? You guys see what I’m saying.

So the TP approach is more exposing it’s harsher. It’s hotter, it’s more painful, it cuts deeper. But it’s memorable. And more likely, in the long run, people are willing to learn and learn from those mistakes.

Hopefully they’re willing to listen, the FJ approach, it’s a longer process to get that truth in, but to those people who are really really really pigheaded like NFPs, for example, specially, especially inf peas. They realize that by generating all that report, after a while, the NFP will open up and listen. And then they will allow themselves to be criticized by the INFJ. For example, right? Both ways are valid, stop criticizing each other.

It’s a waste of time, love your neighbor as yourself, realize that both ways are valid. And just realize that you apply to other people, you as a TI user, and the truth that you hold is not always going to be useful to every person on the planet. Make sure you know that. All right.

Now, granted, you can learn type. And you could do something called cognitive downshifting, which we’ll be talking later about in season 18, where you can emulate lower versions. So if I’m a TI parent, I can emulate a TI child or I can emulate a TI inferior basically, like I could downshift it to certain levels for emulation purposes, just to be able to reach other people, but it costs a lot of mental energy to do and I’m not really going to do that. And after awhile, I’m just going to get frustrated, impatient, I’m just going to tell them what for to their face and ti parent them.

See what I’m saying. So please keep that in mind like that can happen. So And now everyone’s favorite part of these lectures. Let us move on to sentences.

Let’s move on to sentences. All right. So I think you are a good To person. Right.

I think you’re a good person. Wow, this is pretty thoughtful. You know, being thoughtful. thoughtfulness is everything right? I think oops, I don’t think so.

I think you are supposed to be a TI cynically ti se statement but ti a good person. Okay. Well guess what? That’s an FE label. Fe ti fe.

I think you’re a good person. All right 1:00:39 okay 1:00:43 all right. So then there is okay, let’s see here okay 1:01:01 that’s bullshit. No one values that that’s bullshit.

No one values that Okay, so this is Ti statement. 1:01:18 And then you have no one values that as an FE statement. Okay. Okay, so here’s another one.

You always do a great job. But I think you can be a lazy ass. Okay, this is another example. You always do a great job.

So a great job is Ti. But I think or No, excuse me. It’s not ti sorry. You always do a great job.

That’s Fe recognition. But I think you can be lazy. Yes. I think you can be.

I think some so as TI and now we’re gonna get so interesting. You can be an E, a lazy ass. Now this could actually be an FE statement. But it could also be a te statement.

Depending on the context. You always do a right. You always do. This could be an SE statement.

So you can see how with our sentences, cognitive functions just come out directly. Okay. So oh yeah, coated in sugar. That’s why F J’s do they sugarcoat everything? Ti heroes Ti is parents don’t sugarcoat.

Then they judge us for not sugarcoating like them. They’re judging us because they want us to be like them. That’s wrong. We shouldn’t be judging the F J’s, because we don’t want them to be like us either.

So so there you go. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s more of an FE label.

That’s correct. Andrus. 1:03:42 Alchemist, that’s not true, because you can type them super quickly because their ego still bleeds through, regardless of cognitive transition, regardless of stress level. It’s not binary, you need to see the science as dynamics and not binaries.

They’re not static. This is not a static science. This is a dynamic science. You got to keep it you got to understand the difference between yin and yang equilibrium, and as well as the difference between primary and secondary relationships.

Okay, so hopefully that makes sense. I don’t know why Melissa is saying that. But okay. 1:04:24 So you do such an amazing job, but you’re the worst.

Yeah, that’s a TI Fe statement. Yeah. Well, you’re the worst is actually more of a te statement, I guess. So it again, primary and secondary.

Let’s do another sentence. So here’s one. I think it would be something like an NTP would say. I think it would be great 1:05:00 If you would be more helpful Okay, that’s one if they need help you should help them.

So check out this sentence, this one’s a little weird. If they need help, you should help them. Okay. So if they need help, you should help them.

1:05:46 You should help them. This is a TI statement. But it’s also an SE statement at the same time TI Plus se simultaneously see, sometimes they’re calling the functions combined. All right.

All right. Yeah, well, that happens. Sarah, it’s fine. Eventually they’ll figure it out.

Okay. I think it would be great. So right here would be great, which is technically an N E plus F e statement. And then I think it this is a TI statement.

If you will be more helpful. Okay. Would be more helpful. This is also another N E plus Fe but still Fe basically because it’s the primary you should is se Yeah.

No, no, well, it can’t be an FYI thing, Elliot if it’s helpful for you. Or if it’s helpful towards a certain standard that you care about 1:07:06 it’s again, it all depends on context. Context is everything how do you know if you’re stuck in your shadow? Because if you were stuck in your subconscious, you would be having a double helping of the same exact functions and your behavior on a regular basis and your subconscious and your ego if you are more balanced if you’re stuck in your shadow basically and it’s much harder to tie people who are stuck in their shadow right 1:07:34 so okay 1:07:54 they value the right to vote to vote on all they value the right to vote on all decisions. But I think they they shouldn’t be able to I think they shouldn’t be able to on every decision 1:08:38 okay 1:08:45 so that’s ti they value the right to vote on all decisions.

That’s Fe Okay. Ti a few statements right all right. So this just gives you guys an idea of how all this works you know sentence wise so that y’all know in general what that’s for how that works. So have you done a series of some kind about getting out of the shadow or discussed it in certain season? Yes, it’s season 19 Oh well, and depending on what type you are just do CS Joseph dot life forward slash whatever type and then pay the 37 bucks and then you get access to season 19 for your type basically, and just watched that episode.

It’s like the top episode in the list and then you’re good to go. Alright, right if you want me to show you goofy card games, and e si. T label for goofy card games. I have a Super simple setup for you that’s extroverted sensing that’s basically mostly te and fi but yeah.

Okay, so and you now begins this part of the live lecture the Q and A. So what questions do you guys have relating to this content 1:10:24 gotta love stream delays. So I want to have me some Pellegrino oh yeah I could play a little bit of music over the stream I can do it right now I’m bringing it up. Let’s see here media open open files let’s see add files.

1:10:55 Elevator Music Yeah. This is Microsoft whiteboard play when applying to TI Fe statement Kenobi. Can you play some stand up? Standby emo music? No. 1:11:42 All right.

This is off topic. But when let’s not do off topic, please. When you going to transition? Does the type you transition to momentarily take the place of the ego. Not really take the place of the ego.

It’s more of you’re just expanding your soul across a circuit board and going into other areas. What was the most effective way to raise a criticism? But TP TCP being arrogant with a question mark? Why do you think you know everything? That’s a good one. Alchemist? Do we not naturally make connections with people outside of our cognitive circle? Is that something we need to work on? Develop? Absolutely, yes. Naturally, we are just seeking people that we could fuck and people that we can learn from.

And then people that can be friends or people that benefit us in certain ways. Ultimately, cognitive projection is internally selfish, but it can be responsibly selfish. But we need to learn to love our neighbors as ourselves. And thus allow other people to be who they are and learn who they are and meet their mental needs and teach them how to meet our mental needs.

So we can be a better cohesive race that allows us to be more tribal. So yeah, all right. Best way for sort of mace users to teach coach spear and bow so they hear you It depends if they are high fit users, like if I parent and if I hear then they’re just gonna cherry pick ideas and you got to slam them for cherry picking. If they’re te or TI hero te parent you have to allow them to survey and you just make sure that that they’re surveying correctly right so that both both ways approach 1:13:32 so I own the rights all right, I did tips for dealing with a TI hero who won’t expose an F fi user because their te Nemesis is afraid of damaging their own reputation.

It’s more of a fear of rejection thing. And also it might be Fe inferior who’s just like I don’t want to hurt them. So yeah, and it’s because and if they’re doing that Marcelino it’s because they really really care about that person that are giving that person special treatment for some reason. So keep that in mind.

But types of is the more susceptible to being the pools that will only respond to harsh criticism if any ti heroes te parents 1:14:36 That’s dope music. I am enjoying myself. Can you guys hear me now? How would you differentiate between they want they value any fe? You got to make it look, is it about what people like? Or is it about what people desire? That’s the difference. Okay, if you take notes while in class because something tells you you will need them, but in the end, they’re so messy and you never read them back, because you actually didn’t need them ti parent te critic, it’s probably because you have Introverted Sensing.

Sarah says, I told an INTJ recently, when I hit a little level of understanding, like OMG, you’re a failure. If you use FYI, child, I understand. He looked at me and said, God, I love you. Oh, that’s so funny.

Good story. Would it be accurate to say that INFJs at least strive to have a system of set true beliefs that they have developed and verify themselves? Or is that considered too systematic? It’s kind of systematic, because INFJs, we have te trickster, and they have a tendency of believing just about anything. And there’s not really much they can do to verify really bad input in their own heads. So they have to have they have to have a lot of counselors and wise people around them, just like anyone.

Let’s have a good time tonight. That is, I think it’s se fe, honestly. Yes, I suck at showing my feelings. But I’m more frustrated that it feels like every time we talk, you try and put me down to make us even.

Well, that’s what you feel like. But that’s not what’s actually happening, Tanya, just because you feel that way doesn’t mean it’s true. And it doesn’t give you a right to make actions or judgments to do that, because it’s not verified. Therefore, you need to use the critic more often.

But then you can’t be lazy about that either. You have to be patient enough to use ti critic otherwise, you’re at risk of jumping to conclusions with your expert intuition nemesis. You don’t want to do systematic TPS or not didn’t really care about getting even as much as I think that STPs do because SCPs mirror. That’s not to say that NTPs don’t get revenge because they do.

But the thing is, though, is that in terms of getting even getting even is more an STP thing. Because it’s interest based, it’s not really systematic, because after a while, the NCP will realize that revenge is not the best system, and they’ll just abandon it. 1:17:28 The song is called can’t feel it. Okay, did I not understand you? Tanya, I don’t know.

Have you ever explored the concept of the cycle of enlightenment? I think it’s a philosophy centered on ti users. So they continuously reach a new step in alignment. Yeah, it’s continuous improvement, also known as Kaizen according to the Japanese. Alright, so is that a TI and FE statement? By the way, that quote is from someone I think, is a TI and FE.

Person. Well, yeah, fit users often put other people’s down because they don’t they want to have the same status as the other person or something like that really don’t want to lose status. That can happen. All right.

Do INFJs get Lozi paranoid like INTJ? is absolutely they do. James Morgan? When is that CSJ response video dropping? I can’t wait to see. I don’t know, hopefully tomorrow? I honestly don’t know. Well, INTJ and story was just whenever the editor is done with it, really? How can a GI user be prone to believing anything? Because they don’t have the patience to verify and they don’t have the patience to verify because they forget that they needed to verify it to begin with.

Welcome to INFJs te trickster they can believe just about anything. They’re always the ones telling you that stones have magical powers. Have you ever noticed that they’re really into Reiki too? Anyway? Okay. Is it possible to be a pragmatic Fe user and still not want to do things the majority of people do well, yeah, because a pragmatic Fe user is are literally just teepees and their independence and they’re not going to do the things that majority people do.

Okay. Okay, when a person expresses a struggle and then wants to quickly hop off that subjects and yes, yeah, I guess patience is a virtue or something. What functions? I don’t know it’s I don’t see how that is. Like patients are virtuous and adage that anyone can use it’s not enough information.

Not gonna work. Briana Gardner can an ENFJ learn to be more truthful upfront and come off as pragmatic as they get older. Absolutely the candidate developed the ISTP subconscious Yes, I found myself favoring truth over others feelings more often despite being affiliative Yes, and that’s one thing about TPS eventually TPS will take on FJ traits later in life and F J’s will take on TP traits later in life because of their pragmatic versus affiliative egos etc. Because each TP has an affiliative subconscious and each FJ has a pragmatic subconscious okay.

That was can’t feel it. That’s what it was. It’s got another one of my favorites Alright, so hopefully you guys can still hear me though. Alright.

Let’s see here. Okay, get get get us Cynthia pain. Is there a functions Association? Okay, again, guys keep this on topic, please. Is there a function association with a preference for first person versus third person point of view? Writing? Okay, that’s a good question.

Usually first person, people, they use their ego. But I’ve noticed that third person writing people use the introverted or the extroverted variants are their own side. So the hero of the story of iron Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is knee and teepee, but she’s an INTJ. And the heroine is dag tagger who’s actually en TJ the INTJ writer Ayn Rand.

Want it to be like her basically. You know, same thing approach to JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books. The quote I wrote down was from someone else. Me, I want to know if it was a TI Fe statements.

Yeah, yeah, exact definitely can be for sure. I prefer NTP ti to STP ti because of my experience an NTP will systematically tell me the whole truth. But STP will only tell me as much as the truth is their interest deems fit. Is that a thing? Absolutely.

It is. Absolutely. It is Marcelino? That’s correct. If it doesn’t benefit them to tell you the whole story, they’re not going to tell you the whole story.

Joe older like you said at the elements that they like to be around the ones that fit in them because that’s the same thing with CI users loving CI use a sword video games. Yes, it is. What is the biggest difference between wayfarers exemplars again this is not relevant, bro. Stop, stop, please.

But tempt Lars are a bit more caring and exposing wayfarers are like treasure hunters. You can you can watch all about that in season 17 playlist. I should FJ is reprimand teepees for their harsh criticism? How should TVs criticize F J’s for being doormats properly, use specific examples and point out the consequences of their actions, concrete consequences of actions and specific examples. Okay, is it possible for me to be able to make music for your channel? Yeah, as long as it’s good 1:23:39 using is three times louder than him? Okay, well, you should have said that.

Here you go. Is that better? No. Cynthia, is it easier to type with off the cuff writing or after an edited writing it’s easier to type off of off the cuff that’s why I like looking at text messages or social media better than books. Honestly.

It’s a lot better and there is some functional diluting through through editing Yes. What’s the I is alienating? All of them? Music is cool but doesn’t fit the vibe cannot hear you. Well, thank you, Helen. I appreciate you sharing your opinion.

I feels like we are all draining this super valued energy source. Okay. Yeah, it happens. Okay, why does it feel like INFJs seem fake in regards to Fe and ti dynamic? It’s, it’s because oftentimes, their help can be very self serving.

The other time is, is that they often pretend to know what they’re talking about where they don’t really know what they’re talking about, or they actually do believe that they think they know what they’re talking about, but it’s their ENFP shadow that’s really get in The way the beliefs of the ENFP shadow often drive the facts that they’re talking about, because it’s incorrect input. And that’s how they can come up there. So not sword maze, but still in the same season. What if someone relates to Earth and fire, but hates water and air and reality and cognitive functions and spiritual booms? I honestly it just just doesn’t really happen that much, or they lack experience.

Maybe they are an SI user with not enough experience. And they’re kind of afraid of being on a mountain. That that’s really all it is. They have to get to a point where they’re comfortable.

They reach their level of Zen with that. So yeah. Alright, cool. What does it mean when ti alienate seven someone, when someone a TI user criticizes someone so harshly that they don’t want to have that anything to do with that ti user anymore? Anywho.

That’s all for tonight, folks. Thank you all for coming. And I hope you enjoyed this next episode for season 18 cognitive mechanics, the fourth axis, sword and mace. And the next lecture will be really fun.

And then after that, we’re going to be going into cognitive orbits, which is going to be pretty dope, et cetera. So anywho folks, with all that being said, see you guys tonight. Later

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