Te Nemesis For The Win! ISTP and ENTP | CS Joseph Responds


Te Nemesis For The Win! ISTP and ENTP. CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an ISTP take care of Si Inferior of an ENTP.


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, because I’m not Sam and I’m not Chris. And we’re joined by the live studio audience known as John Bodeen. For this evening’s broadcast, or, or recording or whatever, because it’s not like it is a broadcast because it’s not live, which I may actually just decide to go live in a few minutes anyway, because I have hair at my ass.

That being said, today’s question, how does an ISTP woman care for an ESTP? Si inferior? I kind of feel like I’ve been asked this question before. But given that I am Si inferior, and we all know at, you know, within the ego hacker community, how much see as Joseph just loves to talk about himself, like constantly. So and this is like, you know, an ESTP? Male question. So why not? Or at least the question is about ESTP males or men, or, potentially me, I have no idea.

So I’m very happy to have the opportunity here to spend the next few minutes talking about myself, because what person out there in their right mind does not enjoy talking about themselves. I mean, come on. This is like literally one of the pillar premises of the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, all you have to do is just get people to talk about themselves. And then all of a sudden, they’ll tell you how much of a great conversationalist you are.

So thank you, my dear audience of the ego hacker community for being such a great conversationalist with me today on this particular episode. But how does an ISTP woman care for the intp? Si inferior? And I totally understand why this question is being asked. And by the way, like, I have, like the game turned all the way down on this microphone, and I’ve been playing a lot with the sound. So new microphone again, thank you all, who were complaining about the other headset that I had and how horrible it was, I’m definitely trying to do better.

I understand that as a podcaster. And as a YouTuber, I usually just plain suck when it comes to the multimedia things. And if ever you want to give me advice, do not hesitate to do so or criticism. As long as you provide a solution with your criticism, email us at support at CS Joseph dot life, it will open a ticket and it will help the support staff get that information to me so that I can suck less, you know, as a content creator.

Thanks. Anyway. So ISTP woman ESTP. Man, this is an intrigue relationship.

We’ve talked heavily about intrigue relationships in the past and actually relating to ISTP and en teepees together. And I think this particular question, these types of questions ends up coming from the same acolyte member, which I personally don’t mind that, because I don’t think there is enough information out there on intrigue relationships, and whenever I have the opportunity to talk about them, I mean, it’s great, but But yeah, how does an ISTP woman care for an ESTP? Si inferior I mean, there’s a lot of ways and there’s a lot of pitfalls. But really the main way, the main thing that needs to be woman can actually offer si inferior is consideration. But another way of putting it in more acceptable or layman’s terms, that would be thoughtfulness, really, just being thoughtful, and openly thoughtful, not like hidden, thoughtful, that kind of thing.

But like, one of the challenges that you know, I have had and having sexual relationships, or even observed sexual relationships between NTPs and STPs is that thoughtfulness you know, this is basically intrigue and, and kindred relationships. Basically, thoughtfulness ends up becoming a huge issue with now it’s not as big of an issue in an intimate relationship because at least one of the TI functions is optimistic, whereas the other one is pessimistic, which means that the via cognitive orbit, the extroverted thinking function, one of those extroverted thinking functions will actually be optimistic. So, at least there’s that advantage and the intrigue relationship is not as bad as like when it isn’t a kindred relationship where they’re exactly the same and you have pests, you have so much pessimism and so much cynicism present within the relationship that it can actually cause a breakdown and, and like like for example, in the Kindred the breakdown is that you know, hey, I and you know, the ESTP ends up being very inconsiderate towards the ENTP and si inferior does not have its needs met whereas you know, expert intuition hero is definitely meeting the needs of the NI inferior you know, now when it comes to To the NTP, ISTP intrigue relationship expert intuition hero is absolutely there for ni child is definitely meeting the needs and the wants and the desires of the NI child so it’s more of what wants to desires because expert intuition hero, but expert sensing parent because it is pessimistic in that regard it ends up it ends up you know, providing a decent experience for the SI inferior, which you know, whereas the expert sensing hero like we’re gonna look at a kindred relationship would have some difficulty doing that because expert intuition hero can get pretty lazy and pretty prideful on his own and like the rest of his laurels because of Introverted Sensing Nemesis getting in the way, and then thus the SI inferior is not able to have its needs met so an extroverted sensing parent is technically better. That being said, though, is that the child function the NI child function of the ISTP woman is definitely getting what it wants out of the relationship.

However, the Extraverted Feeling child on part of the intp man is not getting what it’s looking for out of the relationship. And it’s like all of a sudden the Extraverted Feeling child is supposed to be happy with what an Introverted Feeling demon and that’s really something that’s gonna be super long term for the intp to handle especially emotionally, not really, it’s going to end up causing a lot of problems. However, there’s one thing that the ISTP woman can do on a regular basis to actually prevent this problem and that is healthy proper use of extroverted thinking nemesis. Now oftentimes, I’ve had extra thinking Nemesis just be really combative with me personally, and question my intelligence question my thinking constantly, instead of actually doing what it’s supposed to be doing, you know, be useful, and doing plenty of research on its own for my own personal benefit as a man so when I started thinking nemesis, like what like, for some reason I don’t understand why like ISTP women just have this thing where they’re not actually willing to sit down at a computer and prevent their Introverted Thinking from either becoming an echo chamber or from becoming outdated echo chamber Introverted Thinking is formed ti ignorance as we’ve discussed before, where the TI user is making decisions based on preferred input what it wants to hear this the echo chamber versus the other side of Introverted Thinking ignorance, which is when the TI user starts making decisions based on outdated or old information.

And since ISTP is our extroverted sensing, they live in the moment their Introverted Sensing critic often ends up creating an environment internally within their minds that lead to how do you say, they often end up making decisions based on old information. So it’s more likely an ISTP woman if she’s being ignorant with her Introverted Thinking, she will be making decisions based on old information which, which can be really, really frustrating. That’s not to say that Essiac parent and ESTP doesn’t do that. However, given that Introverted Thinking hero and expert intuition, Nemesis, both of those two functions on a cognitive orbit with each other, they’re both optimistic.

And because of that optimism, they assume that they actually already know things, which actually inhibits their ability to be truly thoughtful. So if I’m in a sexual relationship with an ISTP woman, and she’s not doing enough research, she’s not gathering up enough input for herself. Because honestly, in the relationship, she has the responsibility of being the resident extroverted thinker for the both of us, because her extra thinking is higher than mine. And it’s optimistic, right? Therefore, she would have the responsibility of being the extroverted thinker in the relationship.

But if she’s not spending regular time researching her ability to be thoughtful towards me and thoughtful towards my Introverted Sensing inferior, it’s just going to stop, it’s going to be it’s gonna, it’s gonna be a shitshow seriously, it’s gonna be a ridiculous horrible relationship. And this is one of the reasons why ISTPs especially ICP women struggle with pride, because they are making decisions making the assumption that they already know what is needed for them to know. Or more accurately when their ti hero starts cognitive looping with their because their, their parent function is absent cognitive looping with their ni child, it’s like, it’s like, well, I already know everything I want to know. And because of that, that’s good enough for me.

The thing is, though, is that the ICP woman in that context needs to realize that that’s not good enough for her ESTP lover. It’s not good enough. Because STPs and en TPS, they really, really have a hard time being considerate. Now if the expert sensing parent is actually around doing its job, and making sure that the Introverted Sensing inferiors getting a good experience and always being comfy and always had his needs handled and his diaper changed, and it’s bottle being done.

And you know, laid down for sleep when it’s nap time. And all those things that an SI inferior is going to eat that infant that infantile part of CS Josephs soul, si inferior. You know, the ISTP would be thoughtful and considerate and some examples what thoughtful and considerate looks like is that in relationships with women, whenever I complain, you know about, you know, complain to them about things that I don’t like that they do, it’s usually because I accused them that they’re taking me for granted, or they’re taking advantage of me not giving back to me when I’m giving a lot to them when I’m there, not honoring their cilia and taking taking my effort for granted is more accurately it’s like, it’s like they have this expectation that I’m always going to be putting in a lot of effort towards them, but like, there’s no return on my, on my investment, there’s no appreciation for the amount of effort that I invest into, you know, these women in my life, etc, which causes the relationship to break down because they’re ultimately being inconsiderate, right? It’s like, it’s like I’m not top of mind for them. It means that I’m not the most important thing to them in their life.

And remember it NTP. You know, when it comes to, you know, any ENTP man who’s in a relationship with a woman, the things that he is going to have a problem with are four main things which is not feeling wanted, not feeling listened to not being the number one priority in this woman’s life. And then she’s being inconsiderate of him. And thus, you know, is basically taking his effort for granted, which, honestly, let’s be fair, most women do that, because society enables their innate female entitlement, also an assault system, which solipsism again is not a bad thing.

It is a survival instinct that women have, it’s not a bad thing, it helps continue the longevity of the race. But it’s definitely something that men have to contend with. And because of that, women end up prioritizing themselves putting themselves above their men, putting their children above their men, and their men end up being like third class citizens, if not fourth class citizens, especially if they have animals, etc, underneath their own roof. Whereas like, I have the expectation that, you know, if I’m in a relationship with a woman, I’m number one, number one number one number above the children above her with animals, above everything, there’s nothing more important to her in her life than me, period, end of story.

And if that’s not how it is, I will not be in that relationship, like I am number one, period, end of story. And one of the ways that she is able to concretely prove this to me is by being considerate of my si inferior. So a way that an ICP woman can be considerate towards my si inferior is making sure that she is thoughtful, and keeping my Introverted Sensing, keeping my comfort, keeping my safety, keeping, providing relief to me, because I want to be able to come home and get a get relief. I want to be able to come home to woman and knowing full well that I’m going to get relief after being out, you know, slaying dragons and taking over the world and whatever EMTP things that I do, you know, in my in my career, I mean, who knows what that is, I mean, obviously, it’s robbing, you know, the nearest Kay Jewelers, you know, of their dignity, just by, you know, being there with my presence naturally.

But but the point is, is that thoughtfulness matters, but the only way that an ISTP woman is going to be thoughtful is if she actually uses her Extraverted Thinking Nemesis to find input, because if she’s in a relationship with an extroverted thinker, like she’s supposed to be with an extroverted thinker would naturally provide her enough input in order to for her to be thoughtful towards him. The differences though, is that I’m an intp. I’m not an extroverted thinker, and it’s not my job to providing her input. Therefore, she has to find that input on her own, which makes the intriguing relationship more difficult.

It already is difficult, but it’s additionally difficult just on top of that, so anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. And I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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