Welcome to the CSS podcast. And today’s question that we are going to answer is, which types should avoid getting tattoos? I think this is a very silly question. very silly question. But I’m going to answer it to the best of my ability.

There’s a ton of factors when it comes to considering tattoos, namely the consequences of the tattoos. But one thing that I have noticed missing from the type of sphere or the MBTI blogosphere, anyone talking on YouTube or whatever podcasts relating to Union analytical psychology, I haven’t really seen anybody spend much time discussing tattoos and what they’re all about, and why people do get tattoos and which types should avoid tattoos. So this is going to be somewhat of a complex answer with a simple premise. So let’s get started with the premise.

So why do people even get tattoos to begin with? So let’s talk about expert sensors. Extroverted sensors are all about totemic memory. That means they use physical objects to provide them reminders of things. It’s like a form of psychometry it is psychometry actually, where they pick up a physical object, and they are reminded of everywhere the physical object has been, where is that kind of thing is one of the reasons why lust types also known as soul temple, Templars, ESTPs, and INFJs.

Their aspiration pole is the pole of objectification because they have an almost entirely totemic memory. Basically, their memory is based on memory totems entirely, and that’s one of the reasons why they struggle so much with memory access, because if you take away their totems, they literally can’t remember anything. And it’s really frustrating. And it’s also makes it very easy for them to erase people from their lives, because they just delete all the photos or any reminder or get a word of any physical object that would remind me of the person and then they can forget afterwards.

So I really enjoy messing with those people and sticking physical objects around them that do remind them of people in their past people that particularly trigger them. My expert sensing demon gets a huge kick from doing this to soul temple Templars I draw so much joy from torturing these people in this way, of course. So with that, expert sensors, they get tattoos, basically to remind them of good times or bad times. I don’t know how many times I see expert sensors, especially women have like little rest in peace memorials towards children that have died and like dates, etc.

Or put names of their children that Nether never made it to full bore birth or were stillborn etc. They often are wearing their tattoos like memorials tattooed experts exported sensor is a memorial it could be like, for example, my ex wife, she has an Eclipse based tattoo of wind her and her now husband went to go view the big solar eclipse a few years back in North America and they drove all the way up to Oregon to do so. So that entire experience, she didn’t want to forget it. So she had a tattoo created and it’s on her back basically to commemorate that that trip basically with her now husband.

So yeah, like again, that’s, that’s typically why expert centers get tattoos. It’s literally just memory totems memorials to commemorate some kind of memories so that they do not forget it basically. Another reason also, maybe it’s just like do something fun and artistic, but for the most part, it’s to the tattoos serve as artistic reminders of times in the past, be it good or bad. It doesn’t matter but that’s ultimately what an extroverted sensor gets a tattoo.

Now, expert intuitive users also known as si users, they get tattoos for a completely different reason. And that reason is for representation and symbology for the purpose of meaning. They basically will cover their body in tattoos and those tattoos ultimately are symbols that carry hidden meanings basically, it’s like it’s like the same reason why you’d see an ENFP wearing a Nike logo or have or wear designer clothing with seeable logos basically because they’re trying to represent something. Well.

It’s the same thing when it comes to tattoos expert intuitive because expert intuition is the function that is related to symbolic De or symbols are hidden meanings. And they end up getting tattoos that convey a hidden meaning some kind. And when you are around in any user who has tattoos, and then people in their life are actually able to interpret the hidden meaning of those tattoos, it often leads to a very high amount of attraction that the any user has to the SE user, who actually is able to interpret those meanings. So that’s, that’s pretty, pretty fantastic if you think about it.

So yeah, it’s again, it’s all about just covering their body and symbols and symbols with hidden meanings, and then trying to interpret what those hidden meanings actually mean. That is why an SI user or an end user does or the same, would actually get a tattoo. So this that that represents the premise of the foundation as to why people get tattoos in the first place, right there. It’s all about perception functions, it’s not really about judgment functions at all is perception functions.

Expert sensors do it for their totemic memory, and expert intuitive users do it for the purpose of conveying hidden meaning, ultimately, right. So but you know, the next question that one would probably ask related to this is like, well, which types typically get tattoos and ultimately, any and all types get tattoos, there are some types that get tattoos the most, I would say ENFPs probably get the tattoos the most out of everybody followed by ISFPs ISFP is because they’re very artistic in nature. And then also ISTPs expert sensing parents are really big on tattoos. And and then also in my opinion, expert sensing pessimistic in general, are also really big on tattoos and ENFPs are expert at sensing pessimistic because their expert sensing is a demon function, it is naturally pessimistic.

So I’ve noticed se pessimistic are the people who end up having tattoos, the most an expert sensing optimistic end up having tattoos, the least that’s not to say that they do not still get tattoos. Now, if they’re extroverted, sensing, optimistic, but also pragmatic at the same time, they’re more likely to get tattoos as well. Now, I have said in the past, that person has that has tattoos is more than likely pragmatic. But given that ENFPs, who are actually affiliative ended up having the most tattoos out of all of the 16 types, I no longer have that position.

So this would basically be me issuing a retraction right now, I no longer have that belief. After getting a lot more life experience and anecdote and anecdotal evidence when it comes to tattoos. This is basically my current thinking right now. Now types that, that are kind of disgusted by other people having tattoos, that is an interesting concept.

Now, I can’t say for sure that this is actually an issue. From a tight perspective. I think this is actually an Okta gram perspective. For example, I’ve had a few INTJ x’s in my life, who all all of them refused to allow me to get tattoos, they just, they wouldn’t have anything to do with it, while they themselves actually did have tattoos.

So that was kind of interesting. And yeah, you could argue that they’re being hypocritical, but the thing is, is that you guys just don’t understand sexual relationships, because sexual relationships, you know, within the relationship, people end up having their own castle, their own throne that they sit on. And each throne has different things, and they’re very complimentary. I really low it’s when people are in relationships, and they end up using the excuse of, well, you did it, so I get to do it, too.

And I’m like, okay, so other people’s behavior is your main justification for your own behavior? Why can’t you actually be an original person or actually take any responsibility? For some reason? Well, you know, most people can’t. And at least those those people that do that, and the types that do that the most are actually less types. ESTP and INFJs do that the most, which is really frustrating. And that’s one that would be one of the reasons why I would shy away from less types is literally that I literally hate it when they use other people’s behaviors, justification for their own behavior, positive or negative.

It really pisses me off, I just, I have no patience for that. So, but ultimately, like, you know, all types could get tattoos, but I think you know, what motivates them to get tattoos is literally their nurture more so than their nature. And if they ended up deciding to get a tattoo, it would fit the model of se users do it from every totems and as an end users do it for symbols that convey hidden meaning, okay? So that’s why they get tattoos. Well, well, that’s how they get tattoos I guess.

But the why is based on ultimately their nurture, you know, and if their subconscious developed versus unconscious developed, whether or not that fits between their ego and whether and where their development is, that could potentially get them a tattoo but then also calling into focus comes into play when you consider life crises. quarterlife crisis, midlife crisis especially, can also lead to tattoos I used to like my ENTJ X, for example. She didn’t have any tattoos when we were lovers and then after multiple suicidal attempts after she broke her back and basically lost her purpose in her life, because her cognitive origin has purpose. She ended up going to midlife crisis went hardcore into her ISFP subconscious, because she was subconscious developed, essentially.

And she just went right to her development hardcore. And then she became a tattoo artist in a tattoo shop after that, and okay, yeah, sure. Makes a lot of sense, you know, from that perspective, but yeah, ultimately, like, what what can I say about which type should avoid tattoos? Well, let me let me go a little bit further let’s let’s actually examine the consequences of getting tattoos. You know, I’m Si inferior, and si inferior, especially si inferior out of all of the 16 types really knows what grosses it out.

And the out of all the 16 types, the one type that ends up appreciating and understanding art the most is actually the intp archetype, which is my ego, that is my nature, I am an ESTP. So when it comes to tattoos, I am extremely critical towards tattoos. And I can find tattoos to be very elegant, very beautiful, I can also find them entirely disgusting. Here’s an example of them being disgusting.

Can you imagine yourself being elderly and having a tattoo? Like, let’s be honest, there’s nothing grosser than seeing an elderly person with a tattoo. And I’m not trying to beg on elderly people. But like, it just, it just kind of is. And it’s so interesting to me, because a lot of elderly folk actually elect to end up having surgery to remove their tattoos after a while, which I find very fascinating.

But I’m sure most of us can all agree that an elderly person with a very colorful tattoo or very greyed out tattoo over time is just kind of like yeah, whatever, it’s, it’s not really attractive. Who wants that, that kind of a thing. So, like, that’s just like a basic nine nature non neutral example, that’s just, you know, hey, I’m just being grossed out by those people. Naturally, it’s not like I’m trying to discriminate against them, it’s more of just like, I don’t like it.

I don’t want anything to do with it. Not really my thing, you know, and so, but that kind of visceral reaction, I noticed that like, you know, like, INTJ women in my life, it’s also been like, Okay, you can’t you can’t get tattoos, you shouldn’t get tattoos, you know, and they’re all very opinionated, but some of their opinions really Max. Like, for example, all of them can’t stand me having like a really long beard, for example, because they don’t want to, like be kissing this giant Bush, you know what I’m saying? So, they always want me to keep my beard short from that perspective. And that’s also fascinating as well.

But really, at the end of the day, like, why, why does this matter? Why, like, you know, at the end of the day, like se users have their method, any users have their method for, like, why they get tattoos or how they get tattoos for themselves. But like, all types should get tattoos but you know, to answer the question, which types should avoid tattoos? Well, it really just depends. It depends. Like, like, if you’re a woman and you’re getting a tattoo, it depends if the man you’re with is okay with you having a tattoo or if you are planning on being with a high value man one day, what would that man think? Right? Like you’re making a huge commitment there, you know, and I maintain like, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but you know, I’m kind of biased because I’m an intp is FJ subconscious.

And even though my INFJ subconscious is severely underdeveloped, because I have an unconscious developed, unconscious focused, aka Graham, you really have to take what I’m saying here for a grain of salt, but like, you know, just stick with what God gave you is probably the safest bet in the long term. But if you really, really, really want to get a tattoo, go ahead and get one. I mean, there’s enough people under the sun that some people would actually appreciate your tattoos or love your tattoos. And as much as there’s just about probably the same amount of people who would loathe or hate your tattoos as well.

I particularly enjoy tattoos, especially tattoos on my women, I particularly enjoy them. But they have to be very artistic. They have to be like something that has some kind of meaning, like they actually tried. I’m so tired of hearing about STP women, for example, walking into a tattoo parlor and just choosing something out of it because it’s like, Hey, I got a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo and it’s just like, wow, I just want to slap them because I’m like, wow, really? Really, you just you just want to get a tattoo for the sake of tattoo you don’t actually like understand or care to have or like even know what you want.

Oh my god, se heroes do that constantly. I’m very thankful for example, that Railgun never made that mistake Genie. even allow her friends to peer pressure her into that. Because the reality is if you’re gonna get like some kind of lifelong commitment, like a tattoo, you better actually put some effort into it.

So all the SE heroes and maybe even the SE child’s out there because SEO is an SE child definitely have this problem where they just walk into a tattoo parlor having no idea what they want. And then they have to choose something out of the binder. And I’m just like, Y’all just piss me off. And I know a few ISTPs that do that as well.

It’s just, it’s just gross to me, how people will just disrespect themselves and also disrespect their current sexual partner or their future sexual partners, by making that decision for everybody really pisses me off? And it’s just like, wow, okay, are you actually going to like, get some input? Are you actually gonna get some feedback? What are you actually going to do? Like, like, are you gonna get some output from somebody? What What would other people think you know, like, Now granted, ultimately, I’m all about freedom of choice. Y’all could do whatever you want. You can go get whatever tattoo you want. It’s your life, do whatever you want.

And I am fine with that. All I’m saying is consider the consequences when you’re like seven years old, and an old folks home potentially, or 75 years old, or 80 years old. Like, consider the consequences, like seriously understand where it’s at, you know, and obviously, there’s tons of stories out there that have like, you know, very bad situations. Like I remember the famous tattoo on the show Nip Tuck property of Christian Troy, for example, Christian Troy being an intp in that story, and it’s just like, wow, okay, do we really, do we really want to deal with something like that? I mean, come on, but of course, it’s the SPS who make that decision because SPS have no awareness or they choose to not be aware of the consequences of their actions, right.

And those should be the types that should avoid tattoos people with lack of consequential awareness. So I would say this would be the N E tricksters and the any demons probably should avoid tattoos the most. This is just an opinion of mine. It’s not me telling the truth.

This is just an opinion here. It’s not factual. This is just opinion. Okay.

And II Nemesis and above. I mean, you guys can choose tattoos appropriately, I think pretty well. Any critic, and I don’t know, I’ve had so many bad experiences with en J’s just screwing it up. But I don’t know.

I mean, I’m open to it. But again, this is just my personal preference here. Y’all can do what you want. Like I said, at the end the day extra sensors do it for commemoration or a memorial of some kind, or memoriam of some kind, or is expert intuitives do it for conveying a hidden meaning through symbols that matter to them.

That’s, that’s, that’s literally the only reason these people get tattoos is to do that. So is that really worth a lifetime commitment? Or is it not I mean, it’s up to you guys. Granted, I’ll be getting some tattoos in the near future. But they are very important to me, personally, very important.

And we’ll be we’ll be making those decisions accordingly. Right. And, and I am, you know, fully aware of the consequences, especially through ni Nemesis and expert intuition here on cognitive orbit, you know, in terms of what it’s going to look like, if I actually do make it to 80 plus years of age and those kinds of things because you know, that that matters to me, right? My INTJ unconscious is shallow enough to actually be aware of those consequences or care about those consequences, I guess is more of what I’m saying. So but yeah, folks, like just just keep that in mind.

Also, like if you want a question answered by me become an acolyte member CS Joseph dot life forward slash members become a journeyman then upgrade your account to act like they’re going to CS forward slash portal if you already are a journeyman member, and access the acolyte section and then upgrade your account from there as well. If you’re already a journeyman member, you get one question per month to ask me and I will turn it into a YouTube video and or a podcast episode so that we all can learn together so and we folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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