season 31 Episode 6-2 Submissive or Doormat? (They’re Not the Same!) | Jungian Sexuality | CS Joseph


Season 31 Episode 6-2 Submissive or Doormat? (They’re Not the Same!) | Jungian Sexuality | CS Joseph 

Hey, what’s up Ico hackers. This is the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host seus. Joseph, and this is season 31.

Episode Seven and a half? Or is it episode eight and a half actually think it’s actually maybe episode eight. But I had a hard time keeping track of these episode numbers, sometimes there’s just so much content to go through. So this particular episode is in response to some comments that I got in the who should women submit to episode. And I felt it necessary to highlight these specific or this specific comment because I think it really exposes an irrational fear that a lot of women have.

And it’s not necessarily because the mature feminine isn’t around to teach them how to deal with this fear, it’s more so that the mature masculine isn’t around to set the environment properly with men in their life, so that they can know for a fact that they don’t have this or have to deal with this irrational fear. So and that’s effectively what I’m gonna be talking about tonight. But first things first, I would like to dedicate this specific episode to my little girl, my seven year old who I love very dearly. She’s so cute, and she’s so sweet.

And she likes to send me unicorn emoji bonds, which is very awesome to have that opportunity from my little girl. And I do love her dearly. And I often think about her future as a father, and what kind of world that she has inherited. I don’t want her to have an only fans profile, I don’t want her to be on a stripper pole.

I don’t want her to be selling her body for money. I don’t, I don’t want her to ever have an abortion and essentially kill my grandchild. Or any grandchildren thereof. I don’t want her to end up committed to a low value, man.

I don’t want her to be a doormat, treated like a doormat by a low value man or any man for that matter. I don’t want her sexually assaulted, I don’t want her to be a slave to the world system, I don’t want her to be so stressed out about money and acquiring money. Because you can’t survive without money. Apparently, that’s how everything is set up.

That’s why, you know, they can violate your bodily autonomy. You know, because, you know, they take away your ability to buy or sell or have a job or do any of those things, which we’re all very dependent upon society for our own livelihood, then society has the power to take away our bodily autonomy and ultimately take away our most precious human right, basically, it’s no different than, you know, facehugger from Alien, you know, attaching himself to your face and punching an egg down your throat, which is basically a form of alien rape, and how I maintain it’s no different than sexual assault, except on anyone because my body my choice, right? But you know, we can’t, we can’t really have or accept that level of hypocrisy on these things. So we just played pretty lame if you think about it. So yeah.

I am constantly thinking about my little girl’s future in this society. And as a father, I will admit that I’m oftentimes very afraid for her and very worried about her. And I’m also worried that there won’t be other women there for her, you know, matrons to help lead her, et cetera. And that when it comes down to it, that men would ultimately seek to use her for their own gain, instead of understanding what she really is.

And what she really is, is treasure. It is written, where your treasure is, your heart will be there also. I like to remind the audience that there is One thing that you can take with you when you die, and that is the relationships that you have with other people. It is also written store for yourself treasures in heaven.

What that really means is, is that treasures in Heaven is not necessarily gold, or jewels, or property or anything like that at all. treasures in heaven is all about people. It’s all about people. It’s all about your relationships to other people.

People are the treasure. And quite honestly, that’s a fact. Especially when you watch generation wealth. And you here you see Florian hom, a man who has a half a billion dollars, taken 300 to 500 phone calls a day.

And then he tells you his greatest regret in life is the fact that it took him a long time to realize that you can’t buy a smile on your daughter’s face. Now hit me really hard, because I mean, I’ve been thinking a lot about my little girl recently, and the kind of woman that she’s going to be going up to, and this kind of culture. It’s so interesting to me, because a lot of the people in this audience, a lot of people, not even in the audience, they like to say that I’m just some misogynistic, sexist prick who doesn’t care and just wants to use women and force women to, you know, only the birth mothers. And that’s all they do in their whole life, which isn’t true.

I’m not here to take away women’s choice away. Women can go after career, they don’t have to be mothers, they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. Same for men, then obviously doing things they don’t want to do. I’m not here to take away anyone’s choice.

But what I am here to do is be a father. And that means that as a father, I’m going to tell people that, hey, these are going to be the consequences of your choice. If you go make yourself a high value, man or woman, great, here’s the consequences of those choices. If you’re gonna be low value, here’s the consequences of your choice.

You’re gonna be a career managers, the consequences are choices we make for a woman, here’s the consequences of choice, if you’re not going to be a career, and when here’s the consequence, if you’re not going to be career, man, here’s the consequence. That’s the point. That’s my purpose here. Everyone thinks that I’m just some hassle.

And that’s fine, you can think that, but I’m sure everyone is called their father, an asshole. At some point in time in their life, when their father is just telling them straight up, hey, this is what’s going to happen if you make that bad decision. Because like I said, fathers exists to provide criticism, above all, criticism for their children. Mothers are very caring and nurturing.

And they are there to enable children. But fathers are there to criticize and to sharpen their children to make their children better. And that’s a fact. And a lot of people don’t really understand that, that simplicity.

And they don’t appreciate it either. And that’s one of the worst things about a world is they don’t appreciate it, as that many people out there who have either never known their father, or their father left their fathers absent from their life. And they just wish that they knew their dad. And they knew that if their dad like what their dad would say, and how they could have potentially been a better person if they had their dad in their face, telling them the consequences of their actions before they made those decisions.

And folks, I’m no different. This is ultimately my purpose. My purpose is to turn the hearts of fathers to their sons, and turn the hearts of sons, the fathers, because I see the great disaster that is on the precipice. And the disaster has started.

It’s ongoing right now. We’ve reached our peak of society, and now we are falling. We are in in collapse right now. And pretty soon we’re going to take the land with us.

And I am trying desperately to avoid the decree of utter destruction upon the land upon the world, if we don’t change our ways, it is really important that we repent as a society so that our children and our children’s children can actually have a future because right now, I am concerned about whether or not even my daughter has a future right now. It’s so interesting, because I’m kind of like being weird right now. I’m literally sitting down in a street 09:58 right now. To be alone, to record this, as I ponder these crazy things of life, all the while, I have hundreds, if not 1000s, people telling me how much of a piece of crap a person I am.

Well, comes with the territory comes with the territory telling the truth, it comes into the territory of saying same things that your daddy may say to you, or his daddy would have said to him, and so on and so forth. We like to think of our progressive culture or progressive society, as the pentire ultimate, or, as something that’s evolved with something that’s enlightened is something of a higher power. The reality of the situation is, is that the society is corrupt. And it’s lost all morals, all ethics, all rationale, all logic.

I mean, they can’t even, they can’t even keep anything straight anymore. You know, the same principle by which they, they claim that abortion is okay, you know, bodily autonomy, they’re attacking that same bodily autonomy in other ways right now, the hypocrisy of the corruption and the decadence of the West, and ultimately, the east, and the Middle East or the entire world, as we know it is atrocious. And unless we, all of us men and women are willing to assert our personal sovereignty in such a way. So that we can actually have a few connections that we can ever feature where their bodily autonomy is not going to be.

It’s not going to be removed, or taken away. I just, I just sincerely hope that we can have that feature. And I’m very confident we can have that feature. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be putting the effort to make this video right now.

So this leads up to a question that I was asked a woman who watched the last lecture involving, you know, who women should submit to. She’s like, Hey, I know a lot of humble woman women out there, and they’re really awesome. I’d like to continue to humble myself and really have this awesome beauty. You know that as a result of being a humble woman, but what, what happens? What happens to those of us who are being humble? Does that make us doormats? What do we do if we’re being treated like a doormat? How do we prevent that? What do we do? And this is a great question.

Most people in the YouTube comments, or the podcast comments, or the comments on social media, most of the people what they like to do is just make statements and judgments. But this one person, one of the very few decided to ask a question, which is awesome. So I will answer the question. A high value man will not treat you like a doormat.

And that’s a fact. It is written. Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church, He who gave Himself up for her. Don’t forget, as part of the burden of male performance, men are still expected to die for their wives and their families.

They are expected to give up their life and men out there as the expendable, disposable sex absolutely would lay down their lives for their families. Without question, absolute without question. You will find no such expectation on women at all, many women would claim that but a woman’s prerogative biologically is survival above all. This is why they can easily detach themselves emotionally from men, in times of war, or in any situation basically, and move on to the next man a lot more a lot easier.

It’s a lot easier for them than it is for men to do so many could take years after the loss of a lover or spouse for example. But that’s the main difference. Men are expected to die for their wife or their children for their family. And they’d be happy to do so when it comes down to it.

Now there are a few men out there who don’t. But those aren’t men those are man children. There’s a honestly even the beta men out there I would suspect would still especially beta men lay down their life for their beloved, because it is written. There is no greater love than when a man places lays down his life for his beloved This is why women are expected to be respectful to men, because of the cost of their male burden of performance.

The cost of being in a state of continuous improvement is ultimately their life, where there is no such expectation of women. And this is why submission, respect, humility, is so integral to a woman’s beauty. Does that carry a risk of being a doormat? Not really. A lot of people disagree with me on that, but no, not really.

Because if the mature feminine is around to teach women how, who they submit to, right, and and who is a high value, man, and how do you figure out who a high value man is? Well, then it’s pretty easy for them, right? They would know. But that’s the problem. We don’t really have the mature feminine anymore, we don’t have the mature feminine. And because we don’t have the mature masculine.

And until the mature masculine returns, the mature feminine will not return. There’s no point for the mature feminine to return because women have to survive. And when there is a lack and that sort of solipsistic survival instinct that keeps the race going, and without the mature masculine present. Why should the women have anything to do with the mature feminine and if the men have already sharped, the mature masculine.

Sometimes even, you know women contribute to that. I would say now, actually, most of the time, but wasn’t always that way. But the difference is, is that the mature feminine is not going to be around. So I will do my best right now, to describe what a high value man looks like what the mature feminine should be teaching women, about men, so that they can hold men to these standards, so that they know who they can safely submit to.

Because as I said, these high value men will love their wives as Christ loves the church who gave Himself up for her, they will subscribe to no greater love and be willing to give up his life for you. The high value woman, the humble woman. So there’s there’s a couple, there’s a couple of qualities or attributes to look for. The first is the most important one.

And that’s a man’s ability to change his circumstances, on a whim, at any time, at any moment, he could literally change his entire life circumstances on a whim, that means he could spontaneously decide like, Oh, I’m just gonna go to Miami, or, Oh, we’re gonna move over here, or, Oh, we’re gonna go over there, or I’m gonna go over here, or I’m leaving, or I’m back, or I’m gonna get myself a sandwich, I’m gonna go to the movies today. Just on a whim, he can make a decision and change his life circumstances, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop him. That is the first mark of a high value, man. The second one is does he put himself above others, that is self above tribe.

That is the other aspect, he he doesn’t orbit anyone, everyone orbits around him. Basically, his life you as a woman would be in his life, not him being in your life. And I would especially hope that my daughter is with a high value man who does this. And she doesn’t expect especially since she’s ENFP expect him to be in her life, but the other way around.

She doesn’t have those feminist expectations. So and then, by putting himself above tribe, that’s the second quality third quality would be like something like does he take care of himself? Can he take care of himself? That’s really important. Another one is, is he 100% self sufficient? Even if society collapses? Will him and his family be okay, no matter what. Does he have the skills? Does he have the strength? Does he have the resources? And if society collapses, that he’s alright.

That is important. That is very key. A lot of people don’t understand that as well. But that’s also a huge difference between a high value man and a man who is not so high value.

So let’s see what else was there. Hi resent self sufficient, takes care of himself, Billy to change his circumstances when it comes to women, the high value man now Have her chases women effort. 20:02 And if they upset him, he will replace them. But he doesn’t chase after women, they ultimately chase him.

That’s another. That’s That’s how you know you got a really, really good one on your hands. So these are just some basic principles or features or qualities or attributes of a high value man that the mature feminine should be teaching young girls or women in general, to seek out and to prepare themselves for those high value men. And the mature feminine would also be teaching young girls how to be a high value woman.

And like I said, you know, highest value women is that really sexy, humble woman, and the highest highest of the highest value woman, sexing humble mixed with the fact that she’s also a virgin. You know, and that woman is so incredibly rare, especially in Western societies. So incredibly rare. I guarantee you, any man would lay down his life for such a woman, I guarantee you any man would never treat her like a doormat.

I tell you the truth. All men, if that woman was his woman, would treat her like a treasure, an absolute treasure, the kind of treasure that you’d find in the kingdom of heaven, for example, treasure for where your treasure is, your heart will be also. And his heart will be with you. His treasure.

I treasure my wife, I treasure my wife dearly. She is my treasure. And I’ve had to refine her. You know, oftentimes people are like, you know, oh, you know, you must be really, you know, really abusive to your wife or whatever.

Like, no, I’m refining her. And she’s become a much better woman. Her father was not exactly the most capable father in her life. And oftentimes, you know, it’s really ridiculous that me as her husband would have to take on the role of father in her life, and complete that fatherhood process, and make it very known what I expect from her as a woman.

But unlike the other women in my life, she delivered, she delivered and is delivering on a daily basis, there is no as arrived, there is no there is none of that. And that’s true of both genders. Don’t forget, men are born without value, which is why they have to prove their masculinity by creating value their whole life. Women are born with value right off the bat.

That’s why they’re so valuable biologically and in so many other other ways. Remember, the model of 100 men and one woman could not repopulate the earth, but one man and a woman could they could repopulate the earth. Well, that makes women more important ultimately. And, you know, biblically, they are the apex of creation, because women were the final thing that was created.

And that’s why they are the most beautiful, the best was saved for last. And that’s a fact. They are the best, they are the best thing in creation. So based on that, they are treasured.

They are treasure. And if you as a high value woman, you will always be treasured. You would never be a doormat, never not to the high value, man. The high value man doesn’t do this.

By lot of people think that the Alpha Man is the high value man. No, he’s not. That’s actually a lie. And I completely disagree with that.

Beta men, their lower value men least in terms of sexuality, in terms of women, but in the long run, they get their day in court because in the long run, women will want security over you know, quality of fitness or seed or you know them being alphas etc. They’ll want the beta provisioning in the long run. But not in their earliest fertile years. But with that being said, alpha is still not good enough.

Alpha, an Alpha Man may actually treat a high value woman like a doormat it could happen. But with a mature masculine job was supposed to do when it exists, if it exists. What it’s supposed to do is create the ideal man. We talked about the idea woman earlier a few minutes ago, we’ll start with what the ideal man looks like.

The ideal man, which is now less than 1% of the population of the planet, I would say it’s probably less than half a percent. Or even even rarer than that, it’s a man who can provide those that alpha seed and beta need simultaneously to a woman to satisfy her hypergamy simultaneously. The thing is, is that most women don’t believe that this man exists. And as a result of that lack of belief, they think he’s fake, and he’s just taking it.

So then they end up ruining their own relationship. And then moving on. If a man undergoes the rite of passage in his life, in some capacity, like I had to when I was 2627, and homeless on the street, living out of my car, for example, trying to get a job desperately for the third time in my life, homelessness. At that moment, I had my rite of passage, and I realized that society wasn’t going to be there for me anymore, it was really just going to be just mean, it always will be just me.

This is why I have personal sovereignty, because I know, no one will be there. For me, it’s only me. And when a man has that realization, he, he’s able to have learned behavior that will take him out of his beta male thinking and move them towards his alpha male thinking. And he’ll need to hold on to that as a senator.

Well, the thing is, is that oftentimes, also men become more beta in their lives, as we’ve talked about psychologically. And then beta men become more alpha in their life, as well. And the end result ultimately, is a balance of balance between nature and nurture. So whatever they’re naturally inclined to, they’re either naturally inclined to Alpha traits.

So they’re naturally inclined to beta traits, like an S ESTP. Man who becomes more INFJ. as he gets older, because of his subconscious, while he’s the most mascot of all the types kind of ends pretty beta towards the end of his life. And it’s because he’s becoming more balanced, because he’s becoming closer to the ideal man, the one you can provide both the Alpha fitness, the alpha dominance, the alpha seed, combined with the beta provisioning, the beta, parental investment, etc, the beta security all at once.

And if the mature masculine exists, then the ideal man, all men could turn into the ideal man. And if all men suffer that rite of passage, all men can become that ideal man, that you’re looking for that high value man that you women, that you, my daughter, are looking for or will be looking for in the future. And this is why I highly, highly recommend you ladies out there, go out of your way to save yourself, for such men. Save yourself Self for these and go out of your way to prepare yourself for that eventualities.

But you don’t have to do you want to be a career woman? If you don’t want to have a child? That’s fine. Just realize that all you may think that now is a 1718 1920 year old right now. You may change your mind as women do women change their minds is why you can’t take a woman at her word, you can only judge her by her actions because women are cyclical. Even their menstruation cycle proves how cyclical they are.

And their desires and moods change constantly. So they often change their mind. And I’m just telling you, especially you and TJ and STP, masculine women out there, go ahead be a career woman. But don’t forget, there’s always the risk that you may change your mind.

And if you do change your mind, and you’re in your late 30s, and you’ve changed your mind, you actually want to be a mother. You might end up lonely cat or dog mom. So I don’t recommend it. So if there is any chance that you want to be a mother, please, please find that prepare for that prepare to be that high value woman for the high value man.

And if you’re not sure where to find him, that’s okay. He will find you he is a high value man as for all he will find you. So hold yourself accordingly. And don’t let go of that accordingly.

29:51 All and because remember, you know, men, we are here to create value, but women must preserve their value, preserve theirs value as a woman for the high value man, the woman who first begins to preserve her value from the second that she starts bleeding and having a period, to the time that she’s in her marriage bed for the first time, that’s important. But if you’re going to be a mother, I highly recommend that between age 18 and age 26, you become a mother and focus on motherhood first, and then your career after the fact. That way, you are not lacking in any fulfillment in your life, that there is no risk of you being unfulfilled in your life. But if you do it the other way, there’s a great risk.

And then, you know, like, I have an INTJ ex, she’s like turning 40, or just has turned 40, childless has been less and constantly trying to distract herself. So that she doesn’t have to accept the pain, that she’s alone and lonely, and wishes that she was something more. And instead, she’s a cat mom, I can understand that pain. And because I’ve seen so many of my of my clients with that pain, and me trying to coach them through that and help them out, trying to get them focused, and trying to help them somehow solve that problem.

I’ve even had to advise people to consider adoption to a point. And this is very sad each time. But no, you don’t have to live your life like this. All I’m saying, Folks, all I’m saying, ladies, is that if you want to have a fulfilled life, be thinking about these things be thinking about these consequences.

You may tell me I’m sexist, you may tell me I’m misogynist. No, I’m a realist. I’m just aware of the consequences. My any hero sees all of the consequences, and actually care about all of you ladies out there being happy and having fulfilled lives.

You know, yes, that means we all have to accept that human beings are shallow. Men see women as sex objects. That’s reality. Women see men as success objects.

That’s reality. That’s the truth. Who can accept that? Because the labels hurt so much. Yeah, I get the hurt.

But, you know, our interest based English language is so limited after all, and it’s still a fact. It’s still the truth. You know, please understand that my purpose here is to give you a better future. For it is written.

I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and to give you a future and hope you found this lecture useful helpful educational, enlightening, please subscribe the channel or leave a like and leave a comment. I read all the comments. If you’d like to know when I go live. Please hit the notification bell.

And awesome, folks. Thank you for watching. This is been season 31 episode. I think it might be seven and a half.

I really think it’s seven and a half. Or might be episode eight and a half. I don’t know one of those two. But I’m sure we’ll have the correct episode number on the next one.

So, la folks, thanks for watching. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow night.

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