Spoiler Alert! Ego Death is Bad | CS Joseph Responds


Spoiler alert, ego death is bad. CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question please explain ego death.


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today’s acolyte question is what is ego death? Or js? Can you please explain ego death? Is it a Good Thing is a bad thing? What does it mean? And I will admit that throughout my tenure here on YouTube and the podcast over the last couple of years, three or four years, etc, I have come to the conclusion that the colloquial interpretation of ego death is absolute bullshit. And it’s something that should be avoided, whenever discussed.

I think that like the concept, ego death is ultimately utilized as a mimetic weapon, from a psychological perspective, to force especially men to like let go themselves and surrender to the feminine. And, you know, the woman is the boss, you know, as the weak man strong woman trope that we see consistently over and over from TV shows like Home Improvement, according to Jim, eight simple rules, who’s the boss, Murphy, brown, all the Seinfeld, even all these stupid TV sitcoms, that the Simpsons Family Guy that portray weak men as leaders of household and ultimately they have to succumb to the women, basically, who are the leaders of the household, which is where we get this BS feministic society that is ultimately destroy the mature masculine and the mature feminine by proxy, which is the number one construct contributor to the lack of these things in society ultimately resulting in fatherlessness, which is the one thing that is rotting away the human race and it’s psyche, as well as the human race is growth due to the lack of the massive mature masculine within the world. Because basically, through propaganda and psychological societal programming and conditioning, we have lost masculinity. And the few of us out there who are still masculine are ultimately challenged and destroyed and utterly completely annihilated from this point of view, which is really sad.

And as a result, it’s, it’s ultimately, it’s ultimately a problem, a big problem. So people also, you know, when I, when they discuss ego deaths, it’s like, you know, hey, you need to let go of the self, you know, to give more to the collective and it’s like this NF is this NF argument like that’s leading to like socio communistic tendencies, which ultimately support the intuitive feeling idealistic, communist worldview, that comes from NF types, basically, because don’t forget, folks, you know, Guardians create oligarchy and the good old boys club, SPS, the artisans create anarchy, which leads to gangs, etc, where everything’s set up a gangs, intellectuals lead to totalitarianism. This is where you get things like National Socialism from and then you have the NF, which ultimately devolve into communism, so nobody has it correct. But the concept of ego death is definitely something that I would lay at NFV you have people like Russell Brand, etc, you know, coming to these conclusions, and talking about them on a regular basis, talking about how the collective needs to, you know, succumb to ego death so that the individual can ultimately surrender to the collective.

And it’s a very collectivist narrative that has no basis in Union psychology. I mean, even here, I’m going to read you the definition of ego death, according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia also seems to attempt to weave in Union psychology but then actually ends up completely failing. So for example, ego death is quote, a complete loss of subjective self identity, oh, household temple of them.

The term is used in various intertwined context with related meanings. Union psychology uses synonymous term, psychic death. That’s, that’s not true. I’m referring to a fundamental transformation of the psyche, which basically is the process of integration, which is what we talked about in season 19.

And how people integrate the different life crises that they go for, that they go towards, with the four sides of the mind, basically, and then how you have you know, select quarterlife crisis, which is your, you know, maturity crisis. Midlife crisis, which is your happiness crisis. And then three quarter life crisis, and then ultimately your final life crisis, which is your death. So these different things all lead to integration release, it’s the mind forcing integration upon the individual throughout their life within these different life stages.

And, you know, that’s that’s major major. The applications are important because that’s what psychic death actually is. And we actually explore this heavily in season 19 content. If you’d like to get season 19, all you got to do is, you know, go take the Bucha test utj dot a PP, and then you end up on a page with like, they’ve explained your type of the video, buy that one thing for 37 bucks and then it gives you a chance for 87 bucks to get all of them and then boom, you have all of season 19 as well season 14 Part One.

Or if you want to fast track that you can go to ego hacking by text.com. Purchase ego hacking by text, of course, which is gonna be releasing in a week or two, and then also upgrade the masterclass and then you’ll have an opportunity to pay 87 bucks for all of season 19 and season 14 part one, that’s another way you can get a hold of it. So yeah, just throwing that out there. But the union psychology term psychic death is definitely not synonymous to what is colloquially understood as ego death, it is not and it is entirely not and so to continue on, in death and rebirth mythology, ego death is a phase of self surrender and transition.

Okay. Yeah, sure. Again, that is cognitive integration. It is not what people like Russell Brand or Teal Swan talk about on a regular basis, those NMFS and then as described, described by Joseph Campbell and his research on the mythology of the hero’s journey, it is a recurrent theme in World Mythology, and is also used as a metaphor, metaphor and some strands of contemporary Western thinking, and descriptions of psychedelic experiences.

The term is used synonymously with ego loss, to refer to temporary loss of one’s sense of self due to the use of psychedelics, which is nothing more than cognitive transition. Utilizing psychedelics, depending if it’s a more stimulant versus more depressant will push you in different sides of your mind as much as drinking alcohol as a depressant. Without combination, combining it with any other substance will put you into your shadow or your unconscious side of your mind, basically, whereas stimulants like caffeine or tobacco, will put you into your subconscious side of your mind. Like that’s ultimately, you know, when it comes to psychedelic experiences, what they’re talking about in relating to ego loss, you know, anyway, that the term was used as such by Timothy Leary, to describe the death of the ego, which again, in the context of psychedelics, it’s just cognitive transition, they’re just going outside their ego has nothing to do with ego death.

It’s, it’s bullshit, like they don’t actually understand what they’re talking about. So, the concept is also used in contemporary New Age spirituality, which is ruled by NF types, and in the modern understanding of Eastern religions to describe it permanent loss of attachment to a separate sense of self and self centeredness. Oh, how how great it is that we must surrender the individual for the sake of the collective that hears that narrative again, this conception is an influential part of Eckhart tolle’s teaching accurate total being an INFP. So yeah, there’s his bias, or ego is presented as an accumulation of thoughts and emotions, continuously identified with which creates the idea and feeling of being a separate entity from oneself and only dis identifying one’s consciousness from it, can one truly be free from suffering? Well, the thing is, though, is that why would you want to be treated free from suffering because if that was the case, he’s actually like Eckhart Tolle, in this particular situation is actually encouraging people to seek out death.

That’s a problem. Okay? Because the only the only way one can truly be from suffering is ultimately suicide, or homicide or regicide. Or, like insert whatever side you want syenite like its deaths, its debt ultimately. So the only way to actually truly, actually engage in real ego death is actual death, one can be truly free from suffering funding coming from Eckhart Tolle, a man who’s completely obsessed with gaining power and authority in his life because that is his cognitive origin.

Yet he hypocritically ends up positioning these teachings as like the good thing to do. No, no, it’s more like, you know, do as I say, not as I do, you know, the typical es TJ INFP approach to the world. You know, it’s like, Hey, I’m gonna make all the rules for y’all. But that’s because you are so stupid or you are so inferior compared to me.

So the rules apply to you, but they don’t actually apply to me. You just came to me and made me your rule maker. So I’m making the rules for you, but because I make the rules for you, that means that they don’t necessarily apply to me as well. Okay.

This is the typical problem we have with ES TJ and INFP. You politicians or politics throughout the world, especially in, in Western society, maybe they should be practicing ego death. Maybe they should. Yeah, whatever, there’s not enough tar and feathers in the world sadly.

But anyway, the point is, is that like this whole, like complete loss of subjective self identity, like, you know, it’s like it’s literally the mind temple trying to like be like the soul temple, their Shadow Temple, that’s literally all that’s happening here. That’s the whole concept of ego death. And honestly, it should be something that is entirely avoided. You know, all these different groups are trying to hijack the definition of ego death, in order to utilize it for its own gains, when it really actually means nothing.

What I recommend is cognitive integration, where you’re integrating your subconscious your unconscious and ultimately your super ego to become a complete human being. If you’re actually going for ego death, you are not becoming a complete human being because complete loss of subjective self identity is the complete opposite of becoming a complete human being or also it is the complete opposite of holiness, it is unholy Ego Death equals on holy because the definition of holiness or to be holy is quote to be complete and lacking nothing. But Ego Death is the complete loss of that the complete loss of subjective self identity, okay, how can you be complete and lacking nothing if you are lacking your self identity? See, the thing is, is it serves the world system, it serves Western society society, if you undergo this process of complete loss of subjective self identity, so that you can continue to be treated like cattle and serve the system serve the matrix serve society, man, woman, whatever. Because I mean, society is structured in a way to prevent you from being born entirely.

And then if you survive, it’s if you if you actually end up becoming conceived, society is organized in such a way so that you will be killed in the womb. And then if for some reason, you survive that way, great, well, then we’re going to have to program you with societal programming, so that you end up going to school, go into college, saddled with debt, debt slave, we need to extract so much value from you. So you can get a job and be a slave for the rest of your life, and then retire in your 60s and then die when your 70s you only get five years of whatever, you know, in like the worst time of your life, basically. And everyone’s supposed to just be okay with that.

And that’s literally how life is structured. Y’all are dumb. Like, that’s not that’s not that’s not how it works. That’s not how that’s not real life, that is slavery, that is slavery.

So like, if you’re really going to, you know, buy into this ego death bullshit, then you’re literally saying, Hi, I would like to be a slave right now, because that’s literally what’s happening. I mean, you know, it’s not like it’s not like children or even around their parents. Parents are required to have so many incomes for their own home that they have to outsource their own parenting to society itself. And as a result, what’s going on there? What’s happening? It’s a big deal.

It’s a big problem, right? So I highly recommend that you folks entirely avoid the concept of ego death and instead go in the opposite direction. And go for ego completeness. Go for holiness, go for cognitive integration. Okay? If anyone starts talking about ego deaths, you can just automatically assumed by default, they are bullshitting you seriously.

And they likely have their own little agenda, be it you know, New Age spirituality, be it their psychedelic experiences with ego loss when they’re actually trying to explain cognitive transition. And that’s all it is. That’s all it is. Right? Or they’re trying to bullshit you into believing that union psychology is synonymous with psychic death.

Psychic death is not the same as ego. It is not, is absolutely not. It’s just a transformation of the psyche as a result of cognitive integration. That is what the union analytical psychology perspective actually is.

It is not this ego that bullshit. So stop listening to these people ignore them, literally Eckert toll is a total whack job, like the guy does not actually know what he’s talking, do, as I say, not as I do. He is making rules for you. But those rules don’t apply to him.

He’s no different than the Medical Medium, who guess what is also an INFP. And he likes to have power and authority because he draws his power and authority from you know, the fate goes to the talks to that gives him suppose it, you know, secrets in terms of health and wellness, when in reality situation is he’s just an amazing researcher with his extroverted thinking inferior and would rather rely on the supernatural or the look of the supernatural to draw his power and authority font because he knows he’d have to work that much harder to gain any actual real power and authority out there. Because what he’s not a real doctor. You see what I’m saying? This is how you could expose these people because that’s what their interest is.

He’s inf peas. So stop listening to them and their bullshit Russell Brand. Same Same problem, same issue, I had the same problem with him. I thought Russell Brand in the same level as Ecuador.

I put him on the same level as the Medical Medium. Like these people are bullshitting, you stop listening to them, and instead, know what the truth is okay? But you know, in order for you to learn the truth, you’d have to actually like, you know, actually sit down and listen, you have to actually pay attention. But it’s kind of hard to pay attention. When you’re saddled with debt.

When you’re saddled with being a slave. We’re treated nothing like nothing more than cattle. And now they expect you to eat bugs, they expect to eat plant based meats. Right, right, right? Is that really it? Like, the elite don’t want you to be happy, they really just want you to be controlled.

So that’s what’s going on. You know, they don’t, they don’t care. They don’t care. Because masculinity can’t be allowed to exist.

Because if it’s allowed to exist, then all of a sudden, natural masculinity will do. The one thing that always does put society underneath its boot and conquer it. And that’s what they’re afraid of. That’s why everything in our life, that’s why they’re fluoride in our water, okay.

That’s why everything in our life is set up the way that it is, folks. Okay? And I mean, if you want to think that you’re doing a good thing, by you know, drinking the Kool Aid and participating in ego death, you go right ahead, but y’all are ignorant. And you’re gonna end up taking down a lot of people with you in the process. How about instead, you focus on what’s actually meaningful holiness, becoming a complete and lacking nothing human being as a result of cognitive integration, as discussed in the season 19 content would hear within the ego hacker community.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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