CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question ranking soul temple forgiveness.


Are you welcome to the CS Joseph podcast I’m your host CS Joseph as usual and probably going to be this way for a very long time still waiting to get Chris set up to be able to do some more videos but I think I’m going to be perpetually taking over content creation for the channel basically indefinitely at this time while it was great to have Sam and some of the others think for right now we’re probably just going to move them over to the other channel and we’re just going to make this the main thing mean channel is named CS Joseph after all the podcast is name CS Joseph so CS Joseph will be doing a like all the appearances I imagine so I’m enjoying a laranja scuro today very nice stick very high quality so today’s episode we’re going to be discussing the soul temple we’re going to be discussing which types are the most forgiving and which types are the least and guess what? When it comes to forgiveness and mercy that is basically the soul temples main value add to the entire world without the sole temple honestly humanity’s basically entirely screwed. Which sucks. And I kind of don’t really want to be around for the moment that humanity actually needs to have soul temple about but you guys like my little mittens, fingerless gloves that transform into mittens. Yeah, you can thank Railgun for that she got him for me.

God bless her. It’s nice to have someone you know, attentive to my comfort as an SI inferior, something. Many people in my life have yet to figure out. So yeah, but she figured it out.

And then they’re pretty nice. She would actually got me two pairs to just in case makes it a lot easier on me to film while I’m out here in the cold winter in the frozen north, south Canada basically, as Robert calls it. So because it mean, which types are the most forgiving and which types of lease and really, it just has everything to do with soul temple soul Temple being ESTPs and INFJs and ENFPs and ISTJ is these four types basically utilize forgiveness and mercy as some kind of currency exchange from within Seoul temple. And it really comes down to like, what is the difference between justification and you know, and intimacy and connectedness, right, because intimacy and connectedness, ESTPs and INFJs do not really actually allow themselves to feel connected to other people, or at least even attempt to connect with other people, unless they feel justified in doing so.

Right. And you know, conversely, when it comes to ISTJ ENFP, they don’t ever feel justified unless first that they are actually you know, connected to another person. And vice versa is also true for both types when you consider ego versus shadow interpretations and usages of the soul Temple itself. Because the soul temple represents these four sides of the mind these four psychological archetypes according to union, analytical psychology, and four sides dynamics.

We’re basically in a situation where these types are all about justification. They’re all about connectedness, also known as intimacy, basically, from a cognitive origin point of view. And it’s the relationship between justification and intimacy has cognitive origins, that literally determines results and outcome that is wielded by the soul temple every single day. I think I think it was Elaine Elaine who said on the discord server.

I think it was Elaine who said and he pointed out you know like you know everyone cares about character but it’s the soul temple that complaints about it. And it’s so interesting, like especially like when conversing with Railgun just how much she’ll judge everyone by their character and in any action a person takes even though she has no idea, the state of their heart. She has no idea their intention. She has no idea the backstory for the action that they’re taking, and she has no clue what the consequences are, she will just judge that person entirely based on her own personal projected template of what character would be.

It’s just so interesting to me to watch INFJs and ESTPs, especially ESTPs judge other people, based on projecting themselves onto others, or even projecting their golden pair onto others. And it’s, it’s really frustrating. And when they’re projecting their golden period, they’re actually projecting their unconscious or their shadow basically. Because they don’t really want their unconscious where their shadow in their life unless that person is like better than them.

You know, it’s kind of like, you know, the National parallel, we talked about the test or the critic, we talked about the test the parent, which you want to learn more about natural pair relationships, I recommend you guys go to CS joseph.ly, forward slash members and become a journeyman member. And season 14. Part three is an eight episode season, talking about natural pairs. So like the natural prayer for ESTP would be INFP, the National pair for INFJ would be es TJ natural pair for ENFP, the ISTP natural pair for ISTJ would be ENFJ.

Right? So you have to learn about those natural pairs, and it kind of goes in conjunction with this episode. So go check it out. So Be that as it may. These types live and die by justification, they live and die by judging character, basically, especially INFJs, and ESTPs.

Because they are the most external of all the types, it’s everything to them is basically based on whether or not like whether or not a person’s character is good. And that’s the only reason they’ll keep them in their life. And naturally to an ESTP. The person who would have the best character would be an ISTJ, naturally to an ENFP.

Or to an INFJ. Naturally, the person who would have the best character would actually be an ENFP, which is funny to me, you know, being a heart temple, because the heart Temple is the shadow of the soul temple. I find that absolutely hilarious, because, in general, I just have this thing where I’m like ISTJ is and ENFPs are not people of good character. They may look like they’re people of good character, but in general, if someone was to ask me, Hey, Chase, do you actually think ISTJ is and ENFPs are examples of the best character out of the 16 types? I would say absolutely not far from it insanely far from it, you know, much less the ESTPS and the INFJ’s you know, like so.

So really, you know, just just a quote, lay and you know, Soul temple people like everyone, everyone, no one likes a person with bad character, but soul tempo, the only people that complain about it, and I entirely agree with that assessment entirely agree with that, you know, so it’s just, you can find that conversation on the discord if you want discord.gg forward slash ego, hackers join it. We’re about to break 1500 active users, that’s pretty nice. And we have a great team, great community, you can use it for learning, maybe have people practice typing on you, and all sorts of other things. But like, seriously, get involved in the community.

There are a bunch of people who are there and work really hard. And we just we just help people, you know. You know, there’s, there’s even children that are being born as a result of the existence of our Discord server, which is pretty cool. So but anyway, the point is, is that like, character matters, and basically this assessment, self assessment and external assessment of character is ultimately what the soul Temple is about.

And this assessment of character basically leads to, hey, I need to forgive others, which is the ESTP INFJ way, or hey, I need to be able to forgive myself, which is ISTJ ENFP. But basically, when these people are in relationships with each other, they’re able to do that for one another. This is one of the reasons why, you know, Templars have such a hypocrisy problem, the hypocrisy ENFPs and ISTPs faces from the mind temple, their hypocrisy is about whether or not they’re actually correct whether or not their thinking is accurate, and whatnot, or whether or not they’re making rules for other people, instead of abiding by those rules themselves, right? Because naturally mind temple likes to think of itself as kind of like the rulers of other people. This is why the ISTP archetype out of all the 16 types, is the one that ultimately determines whether or not something is socially acceptable and should be a social norm or not.

That is their purpose after all. But ESTPs an INFJ is it’s more of like coming to a point where they actually can forgive other people. It’s about forgiveness. And it’s so funny because they’re constantly judging other people and they’re so insanely judgmental towards other people’s character on a regular basis.

And they’re so external that they rarely hypocritically actually turn that criticism inwardly. And that’s really frustrating. And this This even includes the INFJ, who is FYI, critic. They’re so external that they na and they’re so forgetful that they often forget their own errors.

That’s a huge problem. The ESTP has that even worse, because expert sensing hero is so powerful. It’s constantly taking in new information. And because of that, you know, this is like Grand Theft Auto, like I would like totally take that car.

Like because I’m in a car, it’s like that four wheeler, big buggy. I forgot what it’s called. This is playing Vice City A while back, like by half a year ago, and I took one of those and stuck in my garage. It was good times.

Love that. Thing. Gosh, I’m trying to remember what that car’s name is that vehicles Davis and I can’t remember, it’s probably not that important. But whatever.

It’s pretty cool to see one, including it being in blue plant, blue paint and everything just driving by like that. Yeah, it’s like, oh, BF injection. I think that’s what it’s called. BF injection.

Yeah, IBF injection just literally drove by, it was great. Anyway, so forgiveness, forgiveness matters. And, you know, INFJs ESTPs, handle the concept of forgiveness. Wrong.

And they’re consumers of forgiveness. They’re not producers of forgiveness. So they’re always judging about whether or not you know, when they forgive other people constantly, but they avoid forgiving themselves. They actually are the people out of all the 16 types that require the most forgiveness out of everybody, which is so interesting, because Jesus Christ being an INFJ constantly talks about forgiveness on a regular basis, and, you know, helping other people or at least requiring other people pressuring other people to forgive others.

Because his archetype is the archetype that requires forgiveness the most, along with the ESTP. Forgiveness is a really, really big deal. You know, there’s even people who like, argue that God the Father, you know, from the Judeo Christian point of view, or the Christian point of view, really, that, you know, he’s an ESTP, basically. And there’s, there’s actually some really good arguments about that.

And so interesting, like thinking that the ESTP would probably need forgiveness the most out of all the 16 types, which it makes sense. And it makes sense because the ENFP, who is actually the greatest source of forgiveness, and they often spend that source of forgiveness on themselves, and then hypocritically don’t spend enough on other people, right? Well, that’s their super ego. That’s the ESTP super ego. So really, the answer this question is like, you know, hey, es TPS are the least forgiving ENFPs are the most forgiving.

And you can say ISTJ is the second most forgiving, right? And then INFJs are the second least forgiving, actually, you could rank them that way. But here’s the thing, these sources of forgiveness within the ISTJ and the ENFP will guess what? How much do they actually forgive other people, they often spend it on themselves, they spend their source of forgiveness on themselves. They spend the mercy that they are supposed to be generating for others on themselves. Eric goes, yep.

Told you B F injection. So anyway, guys, just take it out for a joyride, you don’t care. Just like kind of interesting, looking at that study, where, actually, I’m not going to mention that it’s just so ridiculous. If you want to learn more about that, crazy studies, just join the discord.

But anyway. ESTP is an INFJ is need that forgiveness constantly constant forgiveness, because you know, out of all the 16 types, they’re the most likely to fail. Like they they struggle with failure more than everyone like they are walking failures. They need that forgiveness and just watch ENFPs and ISTJ spend all their forgiveness on themselves.

It’s just absolutely egregious. To me, it really is horrible. And it’s one of the biggest things that I loathe about those two types because there are ESTPs out there. There are INFJs out there who need that forgiveness, for example, Railgun my ESTP woman has that issue.

She needs constant forgiveness constant. And the thing is, is that unless like I absolve myself or come up with excuses to forgive myself, then she will mirror that. And then she will feel forgiven and she’ll be like, Oh, okay, well, if Chase can get away with that, that means I can get away with it too. Right.

But that That’s not how I work. That’s I’m hard temple. That’s just not how I see it. You know, I see people as individuals who have their own level of forgiveness each for themselves, but for some reason soul temple thinks that there’s the standard of forgiveness that is available to everyone, which I maintain is actually entirely untrue.

But I’m biased because I’m hard temple. The thing is, is that while I have that bias, that bias is also extremely dangerous, because I have heartlessness, which means from a heart temple point of view, and iossef J’s have this problem, especially they have it the worst of the 16 types. iossef, J’s will, will end up finding the majority of people guilty and then throwing away like trash and like burning them. And like as it would be akin to sending them to hell, basically, for eternity.

And ISFJ’s would be completely okay with doing that. Because like ISTJ, is this huge source of justification? And do they do they apply it to a standard? No, what they do is they look at each individual person and judge each individual person by their merit, and then decide to judge the problem is that nobody out there in the world is going to meet that standard. This is why my ESTP mentor would often say, you know, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind basically. So from that point of view, their hands up, there ends up becoming a lot of problems.

A lot of problems. Basically, in the hands, and the hands of an ISFJ, much less than end up in the hands of a hard temple Crusader, when it comes to justification when it comes to forgiveness. Like, honestly, we’d throw most if not all of humanity away, like trash, because you know, it sort of truth, where you have the fiery sword of truth, you know, wielded by the ESTP is and the INFJ’s. And they don’t see it that way.

They think that there is a soul tempo believes that there’s a standard of forgiveness. And that standard forgiveness is so high that humanity could ultimately all of humanity could be resolved. And it’s literally because of that concept there that humanity always has a future always has hope. And it would never be entirely condemned, it would never be entirely thrown away, it would never be, you know, tossed in the pits of hell for eternity, basically.

And that’s the entire point. You know, that is the entire point. So because there exists standards of forgiveness instead of individual forgiveness, from the soul template point of view, there’s always hope for humanity. Because like, for example, I’m of the personal belief that what is said in the apocalypse of Peter is actually true.

And the epoch is a Peter being that, you know, like, eventually, all humanity will be united together in the kingdom of heaven, and not burn for eternity, regardless of what anyone did, because humanity would miss those people. And then the people who did make it to the kingdom would end up forgiving the people who didn’t make it into the kingdom. And then at last, the creator, God will bring everyone together, and everyone will actually have a great future together in the kingdom, and it’s over. Everyone has been forgiven.

Because, you know, it’s easy for, you know, God and His Son to to forgive those that choose him, you know, and turn those people into his bride. But it’s a whole other thing when his bride forgives those that harmed her, basically, and we are feminine reasons why we’re naturally solipsistic. But why is the metaphysics go right from the metaphysical analysis of the various mythos of Judeo Christian as well as Islamic mythology. But the point is, is that ultimately, in the end, you know, there’s always hope for humanity, there’s always hope.

And that’s the thing that literally destroys the darkness and the cold of hell itself. When you can literally just be there and realize that that there is still hope there is still hope and you can say I am hope, because there is still hope. And I’m quoting Morpheus, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman when I say I am hope. I don’t have any choice of having hope.

I find it very interesting now. Even Railgun just accused me just this week of always being a glass half empty person, yet she can’t even see or is entirely blind to just how much of an optimist I am for the very, very, very far future when it comes to our race and the fate of our race. Well, that’s the thing expert intuition demon can’t see out that far. They could barely see past its own nose.

So it is what it is. I don’t blame her. She’s concrete. You know, she doesn’t understand that my glass half full approach extends into the abstract not in the concrete, whereas I am glass half empty within the concrete.

She’s glass half full within the concrete but she’s glass half empty into the abstract into the long term fate. Which would make sense because she’s assessing everyone for the prospective what their character is, and trying to figure out if those people should be forgiven, whether or not because Here’s the thing, she wants to be forgiven. And if other people aren’t being forgiven, it scares her because then she won’t be forgiven. And there’s nothing more than an ESTP wants more than the world because of their ENFP super ego is to be forgiven themselves.

But if they’re not forgiven it ends up from their perspective. It’s like a why even live life? This is one of the reasons why ESTP is and INFJs are so entirely suicidal. What’s the point? In connecting with other people? I can’t be intimate with anyone because I am unworthy. I am unworthy because I am not forgiven.

I am unworthy BS, because there are people out there who are better than me. And it’s so funny to watch the ESTP is an INFJ is just imagine themselves that ENFPs and ISTJ. ‘s are by default, better people than them. And then they allow those people to be sources of forgiveness for them so that those people forgive themselves.

Oh, good, man. Yeah, no problem. So if people forgive them forgive themselves. They end up you know, having a lot of problems.

It’s like, oh, yeah, then me as ESTP or the INFJ. I could I could borrow that forgiveness, right, I could borrow it. And that’s not exactly accurate. It’s really not.

It’s just that’s just not how the world works. But that’s how they see it. And their point of view is valid. I’m not saying it’s invalid.

But whether or not that’s actually reality. It’s so funny, because expert intuition is the god function of the soul temple. It is, it is the macro origin function of the soul temple. And it’s entirely abstract.

And yet you have the most concrete all the types sitting in the soul Temple, which is the ESTP. So external, and so in the moment, that they’re not even aware of these crazy consequences. In fact, they’re choose to not be aware of these consequences. So from that point of view, it’s just like, Oh, my God, what the hell, yeah, you are forgiven.

That’s the thing, though, they have to be on this path of trying to learn how to forgive themselves instead of relying on other people as sources of forgiveness, especially when the people who should be forgiving them are the people who spend that forgiveness on themselves instead of on the people who need it the most. And then there are people like me out there who have to pick up the slack, and provide that forgiveness to the ESTP is and the INF J’s on their behalf, which is really exhausting. Especially since as much forgiveness as you throw down the black hole that is an INFJ or an ESTP. They still need more, and it is constant.

You can get a little bit of a look and do my kindred relationship with my ESTP woman. She struggles in this area. And she needs constant forgiveness, so that she can live with herself so she can actually feel worthy. And I do.

I do forgive her. And I love her. I love her dearly, in spite of her failures, in spite of the pain that she has in her life, in spite of the abuse that she has suffered in her life, to the point where she will mirror that abuse, and bring it into the lives of other people. She just can’t help it.

Until she learns how to forgive herself instead of relying on external sources of forgiveness. That is what has to happen. Therefore, folks, the people who suck at forgiving other people are the people who need it the most ESTPs and inf J’s. The people who are the greatest sources of forgiveness is TJs.

And ENFPs oftentimes are so selfish and so entitled, they just spend it on themselves instead of providing it to other people, which would be a great comfort. So instead, the world just ends up not changing. And we all just end up becoming that much more miserable. So folks, I challenge you.

Go out there and forgive other people. Don’t rely on other people for that forgiveness. Learn how to forgive yourself while you still can, so that you can forgive others. Because without forgiveness, I tell you the truth.

We have no future as a race. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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