Hey everybody. Welcome back to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, Samuel Nicodemus. Today I am presenting the tackle a question for you guys.

What is the silver pair relationship, the silver pair relationship is one of eight sexually compatible relationships. sexual compatibility doesn’t necessarily have to be about sex. But now let’s face it, this is why we’re here. But these actual compatible relationships are based on perception functions complementing each other.

Like me, as an introverted sensor, I want to get an experience. And extroverted sensors want to give an experience. These extrovert sensors are my eight compatible types are, for every variant of expert sensing, there are eight different versions of them, and I’m sexually compatible with them. And if you’re an extrovert sensor, and you’re compatible with the eight inch current sensors, out of the eight sexual compatible relationships a person can have, there are four of them that CSJ recommends for the long term.

One of them being the silver pair. The other three are the golden pair, the bronze pair, and the pedagogue pair, he brings up those ones more often these days, but the silver is still a very strong contender. And actually, if anything else is only good for the long term, there is no fling relationship to that. It’s just not a thing.

It will not work. Well. No one night stands for these people. You’ve been warned.

Okay. Okay. But the silver pair relationship is based on respect. That is why it’s really not a fling relationship.

It’s you guys go for a long time. I don’t think long time necessarily has to be for life. But it’s got to be serious. Let’s put it that way.

Before I explain what it means to have respect and some of the silver pair relationship. Just want to take a moment to say, if you ever wanted your questions via YouTube video, their podcast episodes, I recommend looking into the acolyte membership within the CS Josephs community. If you go to HTTPS theists, Joseph dot life slash members, you get yourself a journeyman membership, upgrade that to an Acolyte. And you’re eligible to ask questions once a month, that can become YouTube videos or podcast episodes.

And hey, if your journey member already, like myself, just click on the acolyte membership, and you can upgrade from there. Now what is the silver pair has to do with respect? Well, generally, people that are interested in their silver parents have been disrespected for most of their life. You know, generally, it could be like, you have an interest in something like that. And your parents are like, no.

You know, are you probably like, potentially bullied in school and you’re just like, I just want to be respected. And generally, that’s what draws these two together, they want respect from one another. So what does it mean for these types to have respect for each other? Like, what’s the cognitive accuracies doing in that? Well, it’s the pessimistic functions, being in awe of the hero functions. And being like, you, you hero, I mean, you know, unless the hero is flying around the city, and burning buildings, you know, they’ll they’ll tie it back.

But for the most part, you know, they’ll let the hero fly around and the heroes like, thanks. And similar idea for the child. In my life. I dated an ISTP woman in like eighth grade, maybe it was seven.

And I also had, like, fifth grade relationship with an extroverted sensing optimistic woman, but I’m not sure. Beyond that. I just noticed she initiated the relationship and I’m like, okay, cool, girlfriend. I guess I need one of those.

But I do have a silver pair in my life. And that is my best friend Kyle. I died, Kyle and INTJ, he is definitely pragmatic. And I think he has extroverted sensing inferior.

But what it kind of means for the pessimistic functions to look up to the optimistic is that his te looked up to my TI my ne looks up to it. And I is as he looks up to my Si, and my Fe looks up to his FYI. I’ll start up from the top, going down to the bottom. He the NI hero and I’m an expert intuition parent.

And he wants stuff. And you know, he has like the stuff that he wants to do. And my extrovert intuition is like, Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, we could do that.

Like recently, like three months ago, maybe it wasn’t that reason, but we decided or he presented the idea of like, he wanted to play a game called nightfall where it is a multiplayer game about knights with guns. And your goal is to be the last two survivors so you can marry each other, and it’s very odd $1 end game, but, you know, he wanted to play it. And I was like, that’s definitely a possibility. And it was a really good experience, I had a lot of fun, we had a lot of fun.

And he was his ti parent. Like, we enjoy games, I don’t know if that was obvious or not. But when Velda tear through the kingdom gets trailers released, the people the Breath of the Wild, he will go through videos and watch theories and stuff like that. And he’ll did gather all this information was TD, getting a bunch of input, and he’ll give me input.

And my TI hero will like to say what I think and he likes the stuff that I say. And I’m like, this is nice, the other cool conversations we’re having. And I would also say, on the other end at TI hero, he loves my problem solving abilities. Like, anytime he had like technology problems, I’m the first guy he goes to, like he was trying to do live streams, you know, he couldn’t get the software to work.

So you know, I helped him out. And similar thing when he got his drawing tablet, he couldn’t get the the driver has to work. So you know, the pen wouldn’t register the tablet so he could draw. So I gave him a hand with that.

And he was very much like Thank you, Mr. Hero. And I was like, No problem citizens. I think we all feel a bit more in awe of each other Nith from our more lower level function, like I envy it’s kind of have like a stray cat mentality, when it comes to friendships where they kind of show up once every three, four or five months.

And, you know, it’s like, oh, my gosh, it’s stray cats back with a great, let’s catch up. And quite frankly, all we really only do is catch up. But you know, that’s okay. Because that’s just the relationship we have, you know, he respects that I am doing my own projects.

And, you know, I respect he’s doing his thing. He’s usually playing on Discord with his Playstation friends playing CSGO and other first person shooter games. And, you know, sometimes I join them, he invites me, and it’s kind of fun. But for the most part, I am just doing my own thing, and he’s doing his own thing.

And we get together every once in a while, like, we’re actually going to hang out tomorrow. But even with the scarcity of our friendship and hanging out, he still paints me as his best friend. And I always found that kind of odd, because, you know, he’ll hang out with the other people. And it’s discord for, you know, like three times a week.

And I’m just like, Why? Why am I even your best friend, man. And he’s just like, You’ve been my friend the longest. And it’s an odd thing for me to think about. But you know, that’s just kind of how expert, something goes that it values loyalty, and value that I’ve been around for multiple stages of his life.

We were friends since seventh grade. And, you know, that’s really awesome. And quite frankly, I’d have a hard time saying I was best friends with anyone else. You know, like, I hang out on the theists, Joseph discord a lot.

Go to that if you haven’t yet. And, you know, like, I don’t know if these people are real. But you know, I really do enjoy my real life friend, I value his Introverted Feeling, and then extroverted feeling inferior. You know, I’m very nervous about social norms and trying to make sure I comply with them.

But, you know, it’s just, it’s amazing. Like, the kindness that can come out from an introverted feeler like, you know, like, they aren’t confirmed what’s, like, socially acceptable, they just kind of do what feels right. And, you know, that can be bad sometimes. But then when it’s good.

Like, I remember it being a birthday in seventh grade. And, you know, I wished him a happy birthday. And I don’t remember if I got him a gift or not, but he really wanted to give me something. And it was an odd thing.

You know, like, the social norms, literally, I give you something, not you give me something. And, you know, he gave me a copy of Pokemon Black on the DS. And it’s a really good game, by the way. I think it’s one of the peak Pokemon games, especially in story, but, you know, I was just like, Dude, this is really awesome.

Like, why? And he was like, I just like giving and, you know, it’s my birthday, and I want to, I want to give, and I was just like, Dude, it’s one of my most valued games that I own. You know, like, during college, like were early stages of college, I couldn’t get a loan player like really needed to pay for the first semester. And you know, I sold off a good number of games. I I basically sold off all my Pokemon games except for Pokemon Black.

And, you know, and I never will. I mean, I got most of the Pokemon games back, don’t get me wrong, but you know, this copy is far more valuable than every other copy, period. But and that’s just me with my silver pair, there’s, you know, multiple combinations of you know the silver pairs like if you’re an INFJ you’re gonna have an INFP silver pair ESF J ESFP. And they have similar dynamics where the parents function of admiring the hero and the inferior admiring the child.

And that’s just how that relationship works. And it’s just like me to you, I respect it. Thank you guys so much for watching this. You’re considering the accolade membership.

You know where to go. And I’ll be seeing you guys on Discord. Take care.

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