Sidestepping INTJ Loyalty Checks | CS Joseph Responds


Sidestepping INTJ Loyalty Checks. CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how do I avoid INTJ loyalty checks presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to CSUSM podcast. I’m your host, Sam wise. And today I’m bringing the alkaline question, what do INTJ loyalty checks look like. And I’m also going to give advice on how to avoid the loyalty check, or at the very least gets forgiven during the loyalty check.

We’ve been very good at that was my INTJ best friend. So let’s start with the cognitive axis of an INTJ. Introverted Intuition hero is very passionate, and desired, like desiring. And for them, they’ve want stuff.

And when ni hero decides that it wants something, it’s almost impossible for them to let go. When they can’t get what they want, you know, you’ll hear stories about like some crazy exes, I want to get back together, whereas they’re like, Oh, I’m stalking you. And I’m going to sleep on your porch until you let me in. No.

But so they tend to do these loyalty checks or extroverted sensing inferior, they will, more or less test to see if you’re going to be loyal and stick around or not. They don’t have as big of an issue as optimistic check extrovert sensors with loyalty checks. But they can still definitely have some issues like that I mentioned earlier, they tend to be a lot more covert, like not direct and tactful, as opposed to their SP counterparts that are a little bit more overt. an extrovert sensing dominant would probably give you a harder time like actually bad experiences, CSV will stick around, well, you know, like N J’s, they’ll tend to just do it a little more, suddenly, you might not even notice, it could just be a couple snide comments, it could be asking for a number of favors to see, okay, this person willing to help me even in a darker time, I might be going through that kind of thing.

But loyalty checks are really only given to the people that are chosen by, you know, an eye hero. That’s sad, because I have never been loyalty checked by Kyle, my INTJ best friend, but we can easily avoid or at the very least be forgiven of the loyalty checks by giving the NI hero what they want the most. As an expert sensing inferior, just give them attention to the little bit every now and then just refresh their battery. And just be like, okay, he’s still around.

That’s awesome. And yes as IDM and is willing to wait around for that attention once you’ve given it to them that you have your history of doing it. And it’s like, consistent, but not happening all the time. And yes, I will be giving plenty of examples, but with my INTJ friend, so I mentioned in the silver pair video that you know what the silver pair relationships look like that.

My best friend and I we have a relationship or I’m basically a stray cat of a friend. I talked to him about once ish a month. Usually I send them a meme or there’s like, a game announcement that we talk about. And like we like hanging out about once a quarter.

I’m too far in my INTJ side of the mind, we hang out about every three months. There we go. And this is a thing that NTPs do all the time to their INTJ is, you know, like, Yes, I give him the tiniest little sliver of attention. And he’s mine and I wrapped him around my fingers.

He can’t leave because once the, you know, moves around, I pulled the leash and he comes back and it’s like, you know, I’m a mastermind, right? No, because I had no idea that’s what the thing. I just did what I do. Like this is really what goes on my head whenever I’m like interacting with my friend every month ish. It’s like, like, Okay, I’m gonna give you guys and look into basically a year ish friendship of me and Kyle, basically there’s like, Oh, I’ll send him a meme of something video game related.

And he’ll make a response to it like, oh, man, that’s funny. And then we kind of like have a casual conversation that goes on for like, two or four. I say something, he says some things. And then probably by about a month later, there’s like a Nintendo Direct there tend to be like about two of them a year.

Yeah. And you know, we’ll go like crazy with that, you know, neither of us are working, we’ll jump in discord and, you know, do a little live stream of it. And just go and do some bantering around, do a little bit of desecration on some really dumb games that are out and you know, get super excited for like, Mario soccer. And you know, we’ll play that at some point together, and that’ll be a lot of fun.

And then it’s like, okay, about a month ish later, maybe one of those cool games comes up, because that’s kind of the connection with that. And it’s like, man, Kyle, did you try out this game yet? And he’s like, Yeah, dude, that was super sick. And then, you know, maybe about a month, he later passes. And then it’s like, man, we should hang out at some point.

And it’s like, yeah, I think that’d be great. And, you know, I kind of delay that because you know, going up, it’s tiring. And then you’ll he’ll message about a month later. It’s like, so we hang in, and I was like, oh, yeah, man, I forgot about Yeah.

Okay. We’ll do it on Thursday. Because I’m open then. And then it’s like, you know, maybe I’m gonna wait about a week ish or two until he opens up.

And then you know, we actually do it at that point. And then probably by that another Nintendo Direct happens. And then it’s like, oh, man, yeah, it was really sick game. And, you know, where’s the details for Zelda Breath of the Wild, too.

And then it happens. And it’s super exciting. Velda tiers of the kingdom. And it’s like, yeah, I’m pre ordering it.

I know what I’m doing. mid May, whatever the May 12. May 14, I don’t remember. But I plan on no lifing.

When that happens, both of us, but like separately, both of us, but like, we’ll talk about it. And then maybe it will turn you know, something different in like three weeks, like maybe they’re like a TV show recommendation, or like we talked about going shopping? Or maybe I say hey, why don’t you check out CS Joseph dot life slash coaching, where you can get yourself verified and see about your personality type. So you have an idea of where you can grow in life where you can stop some of your pitfalls, or alleviate them and get a better understanding of yourself so that you can go on and do what you need to do. And so fulfill yourself.

So go to CS, Joseph dot life slash coaching, and get yourself a session today. And then, you know, like, he probably drew something that’s really cool. And I’m like, wow, that’s really cool. Because he has like a very comic book art style.

He really loves Marvel, probably more than Nintendo actually. But that’s a very hard thing to judge that he very much enjoys both of them. And, you know, that’s super cool. And then I’ll probably show him something I did.

And, you know, we talked about that. And then, you know, probably another month happened. And something interesting happened. Like, the most recent thing that we were talking about, was the you know, the Mario movie came out.

And, you know, I just started off by sending him a meme of it. Its funny GIF of Mario getting punched by Donkey Kong from the trailer that came out. But it has like the ragdoll sounds of HalfLife too, I think it was it was one of those Valve games, but I got six count of six cry laughing emojis from him. So he probably like, chuckled.

And, you know, Brian, by the end of the year, we’re gonna hang out before the holidays, and like, maybe it’s been one more meme. And you know, congratulations, a wonderful 2022. So, yes, we NTPs we are oblivious to the fact that we do this. Because, you know, we’re pretty systematic.

We’re just going about it, but NF peas do because they have that interest orientation that they’re like, Okay, you know, they try to do the Win Win mentality. And they’re like, Okay, this is all that I need to do. That’s good. I will do that.

Now, I know that if you pry add these up, it’s not exactly a month like 12 interactions, but it kind of is just like, every three weeks, four weeks Build, I’ll just call it a month. The point is I’m not doing really anything that intense and half of these interactions really just go on for 15 minutes. But I have an INTJ wrapped around my fingers, like some crazy mastermind, and I don’t even know it I forgot to say goodbye to you guys. Have a good day.

Thank you for watching the podcast and take care


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