Si User Optimistic and Pessimistic Pain Tolerance | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question about Si user optimistic and pessimistic pain tolerance.


Hey what’s up ego hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph and answering more acolyte questions. Coming from downtown quarter lane, Idaho this evening.

It’s a beautiful night, very exquisite place. This place is near and dear to my heart. I just I just love it here. And the people are so nice and all of them are armed to the teeth.

And everyone is just so polite because of it, you know, whereas you go to California and just like you’re always constantly looking over your shoulder, no matter wherever you go. Especially like, if you’re a woman, I don’t envy that. Don’t me that whatsoever. So, today’s question is a great question.

The Acolytes have really stepped up their question asking these days and I’m very happy for it. And I’m very happy to have this particular question, which is, how does Introverted Sensing handle pain but specifically, how does Introverted Sensing optimistic versus pessimistic handle pain? What a great question. I’m so happy and I get to share some interesting stories from my life because I’m an Introverted Sensing pessimistic and some stories from other people that I know who are experiencing optimistic we can kind of just learn together as we answer this question. So yeah.

Throughout my life, I’ve had people including my father, including a lot of ESTPs in my life, all tell me that I am I posi that I am weak that you know, and that is my si inferior pretty hard being you know, if you ever want to piss off an OSI inferior, you just tell them how weak they are, and even prove to them and prove it in front of others. How weak they are. Just expose the weaknesses to everyone. That’s how you really piss off an SI inferior such that their expert sensing demon will come out and probably punch you in the face.

Especially a wrathful si inferior like an ENFP that would really suck. suck to be them at least. So yeah. Got my got my new Carhartt jacket here got my new new gloves, which are fingerless gloves, that mitten hybrid thing.

And my cigar I’m good to go super made comfy on this park bench, even though it’s actually street bench, but whatever. Who cares same diff, right? So yeah, pain, pain. You know, during my childhood, I was often demonized and dried for being overly sensitive and not being able to take pain. Whereas now in my adulthood, that’s all I do.

I just take on more pain, more burden, more stress more this more that I’m a lot stronger than I used to be. I’ve been through a lot I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’ve you know, struggled with my dad pressuring me to be good at education because he’s mine temple. And for some reason he thinks education is the most important thing in the world.

And it is it is the most important thing. And it really is it’s super important. And mine Temple is not wrong from that perspective. But public schools an absolute waste of time.

Children can learn more watching YouTube than they can ever learn from anything in school. School is nothing more than obedience training that’s not actually useful anymore. And young people actually know it. Young people also don’t like the idea of, you know, this whole thing where they’re being forced to go to school, go to college, get a job, be a slave and a peon the rest of your life, allow the elites as well as the government to extract as much value as they can out of you.

All the while being set up for failure in your relationships. So you never actually achieve happiness within this Babylonian and based society. This Babylonian society that even the people live in Central America and South America literally refer to Los Estados Unidos as they’ll grind Babylonia or LeBron, is it LeBron? LeBron bologna? Yeah. So the great the great Babylon, because of how stupid our society is and how worthless our society is.

I loathe our society. I hope it changes. That’s why I do my work here is ultimately to change society. If I can just be that one little voice that cries out, cries out in the desert, the desert that is this Babylonian society.

Hopefully somebody will listen. Hopefully somebody will seek it out and actually learn to change it. As much as John the Baptist and EMTP, was also the voice that was crying out in the desert. So also, am I fulfilling that role right now for the society, and ultimately, the ego hacker community, the ego hacker community, that will not allow the society to basically take their lives and put them in this bullshit form of slavery that we call living.

Because it’s not living. If anything, we’re just trying to survive, and no one is thriving. Nobody. Nobody, nobody, nobody’s thriving.

And it just hurts my heart when I look at my children and the pain that they’re going out to suffer. And I end up taking on a lot more pain, pain for other people so that they can have a future. Not unlike luthan rail in that show. And or if you guys haven’t watched andorre Yet, in on Disney plus, you may not be like into Star Wars or whatever.

But seriously, it is an amazing show. It is an absolutely amazing show. It’s about freedom fighters. It’s about the beginning grassroots movement of the Rebel Alliance, and how they’re starting to rebel against their Babylonian society known as the Galactic Empire, and what it represents and what it’s doing, and the pain, the pain that they all suffer, and what they have to deal with.

I feel you know, to listen to luthan, who is an INTJ and his speech that he gave, I think he gave an episode 10 or 11 Talking to a spy that works for him spy by the name of Lonnie. Spoiler alert, I don’t care. I really don’t care. Some guy driving by taking a photo of me Oh, my God.

That’s why I live in this town. Because like not very many people actually know MCs, Joseph, like very few people do. And it’s really nice. One of the reasons I left California is because I was constantly being stalked or stalked in some capacity and, and harassed about my work.

It’s kind of sucks, but for the reasons why I am getting combat trained and trained in uses of weapons and things like that, just to be able to protect myself and protect my family who I love dearly, as well as protect my bros and their families. You know, it’s like, you know, I was explaining, as you know, I always explained this, you know, to women in my life, but like I explained recently, like, look, you know, don’t don’t disrespect the men in my life, because they all know that I’m willing to lay my life down for them. I’m willing to lay my life down for them, and their women and their family. And because they know that I’m willing to do that for them, they absolutely would be willing to do the same for me.

So you know, you as a woman, you better show them the proper respect. I do not suffer my bros being disrespected by women throughout my life. Like is it just No, no, no, no, no, no, I will not suffer that. I will not handle that.

Like no, they will be respectful no matter what. which, let’s be honest, is super hard to find in a woman in this Babylonian society. So anyway, back to the subject of pain. I was always basically just shat on by people in my life, about like, how I’m weak all the time.

I always avoid pain, everything but now like in my life, I seek out pain. This is very important concept. The first will be last and the last will be first. So in the first of my life, I avoided pain in the last of my life, which is now because I’m just now starting my prime as a man, which officially starts technically on my birthday next month.

And now I handle pain. I handle pain. I handle stress pretty well even though I’m probably the most stressed out person I know. But still, I can handle it.

I’ve I’ve had I’ve had you know, I’ve passed kidney stones and felt that pain. I’ve dealt with ulcers also, like a lot of ulcers, H. Pylori gastritis. Some egregiously painful things.

It’s funny because Railgun took me to hospital one time when I was having one of these episodes. And over this h pylori situation when all I really needed was just activated charcoal and bismuth and that would have solved the problem but I was ignorant in those days, the beginning of our relationship and and which, which kind of which sucks to how ignorant I was but, like there I was, you know, strapped to a hospital bed and you know, tears going down my eyes, but I didn’t even notice I was crying and she’s like, wow, you’re crying right now and I’m like I am. I didn’t even notice. This isn’t so much pain.

But I was so like, I so low is being set told that I’m weak, like, you know, eventually like, because earlier in my 20s when I go to the hospital for the same condition that was recurrent, which is Helicobacter pylori, overgrowth, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, basically, it’s one of the reasons why I’m mostly keto in order to keep that condition under control. And it’s a really horrible condition that most people have you know, I, I actually got labeled a pill seeker at one point in time, you know, I got, you know, oh, he’s just in here to get a shot of morphine, you know, always in here just to get painkillers like Dilaudid whatnot. So what I started doing is I started refusing painkillers. Then I just became so numb to the pain as an SI pessimistic that I didn’t even notice.

Because I was so used to it, I didn’t even notice the high amount of pain I was actually in. And that’s what si pessimistic can deal with SI pessimistic especially later in life can absolutely deal with pain. So I optimistic earlier in life can absolutely deal with pain. However, as si optimistic get older, you know, the first will be last and the last will be first.

And this concept is all throughout union analytical psychology. It’s because it takes a while for people to develop the other sides of their mind, right. And by developing the other sides of my mind, I’m slowly developing even though I really suck at it, my ISFJ subconscious, which it has an optimistic Introverted Sensing function, and I’m able to take a lot more pain as a result of using my ISFJ subconscious, right. That’s what it is.

That’s what it does. Okay. And so, I was super sensitive and avoidant of pain early in life, but later in my life, as my subconscious grows, I become very accepting of pain and I can handle a lot more versus an ISFJ. The older they get in their development ENTP subconscious, they can’t deal with pain as much and they become more avoidant of pain whereas earlier in the life they weren’t as avoidance in pain.

So this is basically how it works. The answer is si pessimistic si optimistic both of them can handle pain and handle pain very well. But where are they at in their life? The older and si pessimistic is and that’s si parent types ESTJ, ESFJ, and ENTP and ENFP. Those types can handle pain, the older they are, whereas ISFJ ISTJ INTP, an INFP.

The older they get, the less they can handle pain, right? That’s literally how it works. So yeah. It’s so funny, because like, I had an intp co worker who was pretty young, and he was actually being physically abused by his wife in his own home, she would beat him. She was an ESFJ.

And that was the you know, and at first, you know, for a while he could take it as he got older, he just couldn’t deal with it anymore. He couldn’t deal with it at all. Not that anyone should. And he became so sensitive to pain that he just be like he overreacted, overreact constantly.

It’s like that that dog who has been beaten their whole life, and then you’re trying to pet the dog, but they assume that you’re going to beat them too. And then that dog just just hates you just sits there and just as like, screaming and trying to get away from you, maybe biting you or whatever because of just how abused that they have been. Right. So the older an SI pessimistic gets, the more abuse they can take.

The older an SI optimistic takes, the less abuse they can take. And that’s just the reality of the situation. That is entirely the reality of how pain works with Introverted Sensing. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening and we’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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