Are you? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. Today’s question, what are some examples of like Introverted Sensing aspirational actually looks like? An interesting question. Given that I have Introverted Sensing inferior, I guess it would make a lot of sense that I would be the best person to answer this question. But, honestly, so also with Chris Taylor, he would have plenty to share on the subject in terms of what Introverted Sensing aspirational actually looks like.

What are some examples of it? I mean, let’s, let’s examine, let’s examine first like, what Introverted Sensing actually looks like, as a function like what does it do? What’s its purpose? What’s its point. So, it’s ultimately the function that represents legacy the most, it’s also the most concrete function of all of the eight functions. It is the past it is memory. It’s basically the sum of every any one person’s total experience of themselves whether or not they can actually remember it or not.

It’s like their hard drive that’s within their soul, or within their mind that keeps track of all the information that they’ve accrued throughout their life. That is ultimately Introverted Sensing. And there’s some skills, some personal mental skills that come as a result of having Introverted Sensing and your top four functions. And for example, that would be the skill of endurance, fortitude, stamina, perseverance, grit, being able to just bury your teeth, gnashing your teeth, and keep moving forward, no matter what it’s also akin to self discipline, is the discipline function is the function with which a person can draw discipline from.

And, and it is also what a person needs to have a sense of what they should do. It’s also where their sense of duty comes from. This is why in the military, the majority of the volunteers for the military are introverted sensors, a lot of SI users, si users are very good at following orders, because they just want to be told what to do. Instead of you know, exercising their freedom of choice, which is what an NI user wants to do.

Especially jealous and a user that sees what other people doing and then they want to do, what they want to do with those people are doing as well. Or they want to see what other people they are doing or doing so that they can like, come up with options are available choices for them. So, as ultimately what infrared sensing looks like, but interpreted sensing in an aspirational form, whoo. Well, that’s basically everything that we just talked about, except 10x.

Basically 10 ext, as in like, it’s, it’s like super mega powerful, powerful, but will burn out eventually. It’s like, it’s like your Introverted Sensing function, you know, just being regular, you know, it’s like, it’s like Goku with his black hair very capable. But then all of a sudden it goes aspirational boat, and boom, you got like green eyes with yellow hair and a flaming aura because you just got Super Saiyan. Basically, that’s introverted, sensing, aspirational.

And basically, it gives you the ability to endure a lot more suffering than what you were doing previously. It means that you’re reaching the highest heights of personal strength, and you’re able to get through any situation and you’re able to overcome any obstacle, climb any mountain basically, which is fantastic. Also to have the discipline it also ends up integrated sensing aspirational also leads to the highest amount of self control, available to any human being that is introverted, sensing, aspirational, the ultimate form of self control. Pretty awesome.

Most people don’t even realize that that’s the case. But yeah, I haven’t you ever noticed Introverted Sensing inferiors they have a lot of self control. They lead with self control. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to let go of self control.

And then once they do well, the amount of violence that follows through extroverted sensing demon is insane, and difficult to deal with. It’s a huge problem actually. It’s one of the reasons why I take martial arts, too. to further develop my sense of self discipline and further develop my sense of self control, so that if I do get into a combat situation, or in a street fight, I’m not at risk of going too far, and killing my opponent.

This is why I have to practice self control. That’s ultimately wage for it’s sensing aspirational is for honing and utilizing one’s self control, or their self discipline to the max. So what are some examples of it? Well, for example, like, throughout my life, like I have women that like offer themselves up to me, you know, they they offer they offer me like, like a sexual relationship, you know, they can be kind of easy about it and whatnot. And like, sometimes they think they can even like, control me, through sexuality, whatever, but I just have the self discipline, just be like, Yeah, whatever.

Like, yeah, it’s like, it’s like, yeah, I end up having this attitude, where it’s like, hey, yeah, you’re hot. That’s cool. You know, you got a nice ass, that’s great. But that doesn’t mean I actually liked you.

Doesn’t mean you’re likeable person, doesn’t mean you’re actually capable at keeping up a conversation with me, doesn’t mean you’re interesting. It doesn’t mean that I see you as somebody that I could, like, potentially grow old with who would be actually be capable of taking care of me, my old age doesn’t mean any of that. It’s so interesting, because there’s so many men out there who are like, Oh, look at that girl, she’s smoking hot, you know? And, and I’m just like, Yeah, but you don’t even know her. And you don’t even know if you like her.

But you want to like consider being in a relationship with her just because she’s got to find us. Wow. That’s, it’s pretty sad there, bro. But this is an extremely common thing among men, especially men in Western society.

Or person to have the self discipline and the self control to say no, to a woman who’s offering like sex, like, super quickly or right off the bat. Or even even if you’re in a relationship, let’s say you’re married to a woman, and she’s trying to like, potentially persuade you or take advantage of you or manipulate you in some way, using sexuality. And you’re just like, No, no thanks. And then all of a sudden, like, oh, man, they have no power, no power here, et cetera.

That can be really scary. It can be really scary, frugal, right? When faced with the man who has self discipline, the self discipline and the self control when it comes to honing himself in a sexual situation, right? Because I mean, hey, that must mean he might have other options, or hey, there might be some other girl that’s keeping him topped off. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, as possible. Or maybe he’s just a guy who’s just not interested in being controlled by what you think what what power you think you have between your legs, which is not much if not at all, any at all? Because you don’t? It’s so funny to me how many so how much so much women in my life, like think that? I’m interested in that? I think like they can control me in that area is hilarious to me.

And I’m just like, yeah, no, no, you can’t. No, you can’t. Just like, it’s like every week, like, it’s always say, some new girl, whatever. Just trying to obligate me send me naked photos of herself.

Like every week, it’s always just a new one every week. It’s like super normal. In fact, this week alone, it was three different girls who did it. And I’m just like, apparently, you’re just used to men out there who have no self control or self discipline whatsoever.

And then when it comes up, and then all sudden, you have some guy who’s just like, yeah, not interested in that, like, whatever. And then they’re like, Oh, you must be gated or and it’s just like, No, I don’t even know you. I don’t even know. I don’t even know if I like you.

Feeling you got going for you is like what your high you might be hot right now. Or maybe they might not even be hot. That happens to you. No, but you’re like you might be hot right now.

There’s really gonna be hot tomorrow. So why should I commit to you? Why should I even consider being with you? Why should I like unite myself with you? Yeah, no, not going to do that. I don’t even know you. I don’t even know if I like you.

And I probably don’t like you that much. Because you’re sending me photos of yourself which means to me you’re probably willing to do that just as quickly to like any other guy out there. And then you’re gonna get mad at me when I don’t respond the way that you expect me to respond like all the other Sims out there. You’re ridiculous.

Here’s the reality of situation girls. Like, I don’t have time for women that expect me to sit for them. I only have room for women in my life that simple for me. That’s it.

You ain’t sipping for me. I don’t have time for you. I got so much other crap going on in my Life I got so much other things more important in my life. I don’t care.

So if you ain’t sipping for me get out. Just stop. Don’t even bother. Don’t even bother getting signed in my DMs don’t even bother trying to call me Don’t even bother, like try to email me or like, if you ain’t sipping viewings, submitting, get out, like I ain’t got time, I got time for that.

And that’s ultimately the way extroverted sensing aspirational is. That’s ultimately what self control and self discipline is all about. You’re just keenly aware of what should and should not get your attention. Okay? If it’s so easy for you to give up your attention to women or to anything for that matter, then your attention is not really that valuable.

My attention is super valuable. I got a lot of people that work for me, I got, you know, multiple businesses I have, like, my time is taken up, I’m conducting a family. I’m a father to three children. You know, I got responsibilities, I got things that are more important than some rando on the internet sending me naked photos herself expecting that to elicit some kind of response from me a response that she would expect a response that you know, that men would be sipping for and it’s like, okay, fine, you know, if you got if you got Sims out there, and that’s what you’re into, go ahead and go go after those men.

It’s all good. But you think you’re gonna like get with me? Because you do that? Yeah, no, not interested. So interesting, because how quickly they forget. You know, one of the biggest weaknesses of Introverted Sensing inferior.

We’re easily obligated. You can find this out in season 21, episode seven, or eight, which is how to social engineer en teepees. Were talking about Introverted Sensing inferior, struggling, we’re struggling with Stockholm Syndrome, right. So like, and then like some some girl sends me naked photos of herself and whatnot.

And like, Oh, great. Looks like I’m being obligated here. Looks like they’re trying to like manipulate me into giving me more attention, because they’re giving that to me or whatever. It’s like some kind of weird covert contract that has like, strings attached.

And I’m just like, why? And of course, they think that’s valuable. As I am valuable, hey, valuable. For me that’s common. It’s super common, any valuable, they need special.

So what makes you different than the other girls? See what I’m saying? Like, it’s just what makes you different? Sorry, like, are you gonna SIP after me? Are you gonna fuck it? Like, are you gonna submit? Like, what are you gonna do? You know, that’s the reality. That’s what separates the women from the girls, you know, at least chases perspective, you know what I’m saying? So many women out there, they just don’t get it. They don’t get it because they don’t have daddies in their life, to explain it to them. Or they were rebellious from their daddies and decided not to listen to Daddy.

So dads are trying to tell them this. Now, all of a sudden, they go through life, having these big body counts these huge notch counts thinking like, they’re actually valuable when they’re not. Well, they don’t even realize they’re just cheeping themselves and cheap, cheap, and women everywhere, because of their behavior. It’s just funny to me how I don’t understand how women aren’t like, you know, like being more, you know, they just enable each other with this behavior.

Instead of like actually going out of their way to hold each other accountable. It’s ridiculous to me. What happened is mature feminine. Oh, well, that’s right.

The mature feminine is the immature feminine, where it’s just this race to the bottom. And so few women out there realize that a woman of virtue is the woman who has Who is the woman who has high value, she is the one who gets the ring. She is the one who gets the commitment. She is the one who gets the high value, man.

Not the rest of y’all. Not the rest of y’all sliding in the DMS and whatnot. Now, you takes a lot of self discipline to resist that, especially when it’s rated sensing inferior is most easily obligated at the Introverted Sensing functions. And it’s really, really obligated when it comes to like, for example, receiving naked photos from a woman because it creates unfair loyalty, unfair loyalty, loyalty that these women didn’t actually earn.

And so he waited. Sensing aspirational, has to be aware of when and who to be loyal to. But they don’t know. They don’t know.

Who are they supposed to be loyal to? Right? Well, that’s up to them. That’s up to them to figure out and they had to figure out but guess what, they’re not going to figure that out unless they’ve been around the block unless they’ve suffered the consequences of giving their attention to the wrong person, place or We’re thick. Like me, I gave the my attention to the church once that screwed me screw me out of five grand screwed me out of the respect of my now ex wife screwed me out of a lot, because I put my attention in the wrong place. People.

Yeah, nature and sensing inferior and it goes aspirational. You have to understand what you’re putting your attention on to versus what not to put your attention on to. Because attention and effort are your treasure. They’re your treasure.

Why? Because Introverted Sensing aspirational. The one action, the best example of what it looks like, is that of self sacrifice. I had to sacrifice every single day, right for my family. For my children.

I’ve had to sacrifice for the women in my life. I’ve had to sacrifice for my businesses, I’ve had to sacrifice for the people that work for me, I continue to add to sacrifice for the eagle hacker community on a consistent basis, right? All the sacrifice that says For instance, aspirational. And because I’m expected to make this sacrifice, even potentially, to giving up my life because it is written, There is no greater love than when a man gives up his life for his beloved. Right? So if I’m expected to sacrifice my life for that situation, as a result, I’m not interested and just giving my attention to just anyone.

You see what I’m saying? What’s the point? What’s the point? You see? So if you’ve been all introverted, sensing, aspirational, recognize that your lot in life is self sacrifice. So you better be making sure that you’re sacrificing your effort, your time and your attention for the right cause for the right thing for the right people for the right places for the right thing. Something that’s truly actually valuable. And not just some internet hoe, who sends you naked photos of herself expecting you to be loyal to her like she has some bimbo.

It’s like yeah, wow, you really want to unite yourself with that woman? The wayward woman, according to Proverbs, chapters, one through six, is that really your lot in life is that you really want Wow, what a loser. Because that’s what a sample is right? A loser. How about you don’t sit back for those girls. And if ain’t sipping after you, because they want your treasure, your treasure being your time, your resources, your attention, your effort, that’s your treasure, right.

Tomasi talks about how and rational male volume Money talks about how you know women don’t care about your relationship investment. Here’s the thing, folks. A woman can’t be a woman in my life, unless she does care about my relationship investment because as soon as she doesn’t care about my relationship investment, as soon as she doesn’t treat my effort, like the treasure that it is, and she doesn’t treat it like it’s sacred, like it’s most important thing to her in her life. She can’t be in my life anymore.

That’s a fact. So recognize, that’s the truth. That’s the truth. Especially if you’re Introverted Sensing inferior, you better be living your life that way.

Or else you’ll have everything taken away from you for it is written, do not put up surety for another which means for example, don’t cosign on a loan for another person, right? Well, don’t cosign with your time, attention, resources, effort, on, you know, some cheap bembo a woman who actually you know, imagines to herself delusionally how important she is because she has graced you and your DMS with naked photos of herself. And I’m just using that as a loose example. Okay? Same thing goes with any woman who’s like giving you that kind of attention or whatever. They say, Hey, if you’re that easy with me, then you’re that easy.

Other people don’t fall in the trap of like, Oh, I’m just all that, you know. And because I’m all that, I get to do that. Hey, don’t touch me. Yeah, you did.

Don’t touch me. You still made contact bro. Funny. But here’s a cool and hilarious but don’t touch me people that violate other people’s personal space is ridiculous.

It’s entirely ridiculous. Just like what the hell? It’s like, okay. Yeah. It’s my sad man to come out right now.

Why? Like, come on, man. Some teenage kid don’t know he’s doing whatever. Anyway, folks. That’s how I’d answer that question.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next episode.

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