Should INTPs Learn Pick Up? | CS Joseph Responds


Should INTPs learn pick up artistry? CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question should INTPs master PUA? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to CS Joseph to podcast. I’m your host families. And today that like question is should intp? Master Pua? Let’s find out. For those of you that might not know what Pua is Pua it stands for pickup artists, should they be mastered at pickup artists? Well, short answer is no.

So first of all, what would make an intp think that they should become Pickup Artists Well, in particular, has to do with just being a crusader male in the way that masculinity is desired. In this day and age, we have beta traits, by default due to our general nature, provisioning, protecting, and disparate parental investment. And those things are great. And especially with an evolutionary context, because right now we’re at a time where women do not need men with beta traits.

Humans have evolved, so that they can have beta traits for the sake of the survival of the human race. So beta traits actually to be more attractive than alpha traits. You know, that’s kind of where you see, like, funny, we still have it to an extent these days, but back then, you know, it didn’t matter if you were pretty boy or not, I was just like, that person, the wealthy person will provide grandchildren. I ship them.

Fast forward to the modern era, women now are able to provide for their own beta traits, so that those are not as desired and men anymore, you know, provisioning. You know, women can make their own money, and they have their own jobs. I mean, there’s still room for you know, the pay pick system, but, uh, yeah, I don’t fancy that one either. Protection, you know, milady doesn’t need protection from a man it’s, you know, society provides them with the protection that they need, you know, local police and security cameras and all that kind of stuff.

In you know, parental investment, you know, society now a child support system instead of a child rearing system. You know, with child support, men don’t need to be involved as much, which is unfortunate. You know, all of this is adding up to women no longer are attracted Aveda traits and men because they can provide them for themselves. And will you know, opposites attract that kind of idea.

By 2030 50% of working age, women will be alone, childless, and the dude that wants kids that’s rough. And it doesn’t help being an intp either. Because, yeah, it’s hard for us to get laid is due to several factors within our cognitive functions just not adding up well. We have Fe inferior so we have a fear of not being accepted.

And that can turn us away from taking risks which pay that risk aversion that’s ni critic as well as extroverted sensing trickster lacking and dominant demeanor which I can assure you I don’t assert dominance is weird submissions. So yeah, that’s just my stat sheet isn’t looking pleasant. And quite frankly, if you’re an intp you’re really aren’t either. Like most men intp has turned to pick up art for help pick up books the you know from mystery to Neil Strauss, though used to be the gold standard for being a pickup artist.

But in more recent times, we have the rational male which I have right on my table looks like a Bible because it sort of is but you know, the rational male and the manosphere are now the gold standard within the community for pickup partying but you know, it’s not perfected yet we can get to like a platinum break once we get young again, analytical psychology involved that will be like really good. But the unfortunate truth is pickup arts are really only for extroverts sensors let’s dive further. Thanks for accepting performance cold approach pickups are for expert sensitive it’s because it’s about setting up for performance. And it’s all about putting on a show which as much as I would love to believe I’m good at putting on a show ya know and even then it’s not a reliable thing for extroverted sensing trickster there really any insurance sensor because you know, the energy fades behind it because we have to go to a different side of the line in order to form and that the performance Wayne shows over and helps us Got it.

Alright. So extroverted sensing is a short term strategy. Maybe good for a few. Now, that’s not to say that they don’t have their use of entirely, I mean, you might be able to get some short term relationships, you might be able to get a one night stand.

But it’s a short term strategy, stuff like substance. But what if you want a long term relationship that you can fill the foundation off of? Well, as an SI, Eva, I’ve got news for you. But before I get into that ego hacking by text, we have an upcoming course that will be available on Black Friday, the course teaches you how to type people via their texts, or emails or any written system that they have, you know, a little bit of a note from a boss instructing you Hey, that type of stuff, Amazon boxes, we got that too, of course, also teaches you how to social engineer via text messages, you know, rephrase your words, so that certain cognitive functions, just click? Yep. So if that sounds interesting, we’ll have our preorder starting this week for a huge one time discount.

All right, back to the show. Okay, so are you ready for your pickup artistry alternative? h a d, human attraction dynamics is a far superior form. For picking up women as a method a user, si users have Extraverted intuition, which means with SI effort, put into the right things over time, they become more magnetic, and thus more attractive to women, we become desirable. And, you know, we become desirable to those that we’re actually compatible with.

So basically, human attraction dynamics, it’s just be a good person. And just a reminder, for the asexual compatibility for you as an intp, the affection relationship, or the golden pair, that was the ENTJ, the companion, or the pedo. Guy, that’s the ENFJ, the natural or the bronze pair. That’s the ESFP, the intrigue, which is based with the ESTP the respect relationship, or the silver pair, I have a video on that if you want to look more into that.

That’s what the INTJ the truth relationship, or the Benefactor relationship of the INFJ refinement, the ESTP, or kindred, the ISTP. Since SL users had to put way more work into themselves as men compared to users who have just masculine traits naturally, I thought either than the longer become more attractive than extrovert sensors. Which means women would weigh more often to this year with si ne users instead of an FE user, which is awesome. So part of the picking up chicks is you don’t even have to walk over and get them they just come to you.

You know, assuming that you put the effort into what you’re doing and that you’re desirable. You know, they come to you. And it’s like, awesome, because I saw users when we have no life experience. And we go for women, I always come off as cringy and creepy.

Trust me. I was trying to forget Bye, but that’s okay. Because it’s life experience. So summary of human attractive dynamics is be an interesting person actually.

So the conclusion intp should avoid pickup artists at all costs. Not to say that I don’t recommend the rational male because they think it has a lot of good dynamics like how soul mate is a myth but as far as like you know, trying to use the tactics of how I’m going to perform this and that to attract a woman Yeah, no, stop, stop, please stop. Anyway, and I intp men what you should be doing is building the treasure within yourself. Because most women are compatible with Wayfarer women then you know they’re treasure hunters they want to go deep into the sea that view and be like Oh, come to blues awesome.

So that can literally mean make money actual the balloons but you know having a six pack helps just being generally fit. I mean, I’ve lost about 40 pounds since June. You know the vest used to not fit me but budget barely fit but now I’ve got like quite a bit of room and fits pretty good. You know, having a lot of friends.

That helps a lot. You know, definitely because you know when you’re in a group with someone else that brings attention to you because naturally you’re just going to be in the background. So having friends definitely helps. I’m very glad I can mooch off my ESTP brother and having hobbies and exploring more you know, you know that could be a craft like right now I’m doing metal casting which I wish it was going better but hey, if was easy everyone would be doing it.

You know, that could be like doing coaching. Just something interesting that makes you fascinating that you can talk about because as an NFL user, you need to be telling stories and fascinating ones at that. But to be a high value man as an intp, or an SI user in general, but especially as an intp need to leverage human attraction dynamics. It is the key because quite frankly, pick up already good for you is not going to do well for you.

But if you want some books that aren’t pick up, partying oriented for extrovert sensors, I recommend Dr. Robert Glover man i i love this book so much no more Mr. Nice Guy. It’s gonna help you out a lot.

It really helped me out with changing my perspective. Like next book you read, it’s gotta be this if you haven’t read it yet, but dating essentials for men and also a really good book by him. I highly recommend that. All right.

I’m gonna head out. Thank you guys so much for watching. Take care.


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