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Sexual Compatibility (Or Face the Consequences!) CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question should a person avoid a sexual relationship with those they are sexually incompatible with?


Hey what’s up? Hackers? Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. Tonight’s episode is it’s a very odd, odd question. And I, to be fair, I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to answer this question, because the implications behind this question are? Well, it’s a rough question. It’s a it’s kind of staggering with what? What results can be as a result? You know, like how I answer it, it can be taken wrong.

So I’ll try to provide as much context and clarification as possible. Because this question could be, you know, how its answered could end up being like, entirely destructive, you know? So the question is, Should I have sexual relations with incompatible types? What a question. And this question just raises a bunch of questions in my head, like, Why is this person asking this? But I mean, because it like, I mean, like, to the untrained eye, it’s kind of like, okay, well, does this person have an attitude of like, I mean, do they have a lot of sexual options? are? Are they settling? Are they trying not to settle? Like, what’s their angle here? What’s their interest, I don’t know what their interest is. You know, from a systematic standpoint, it’s very hard to even you know, really gain enough attraction with someone who is not sexually compatible with you, like, say, an SE user, the SE user, or an SI user to an SI user.

And even then, it’s usually just going to end up being nothing more than a fling. And honestly, like, when people who have the same perception functions in their top four functions within their ego stack, than the ego side of their mind, they usually only end up together because they’ve been conditioned in some way, like, like, if they’re members of a church, and like, really, really deep into some kind of organized religion, it’s very common for organized religion, right. And that, that can be like a huge, huge problem. So the organized religion thing, like, it’s very common for young people to grow up with other kids, like, they’d be playmates and the church and whatnot, they come of age, they’re naturally sexually attracted those people.

And these are the people like getting getting married at 1819 20 years old, right? before they’re even reached drinking age within the United States of America. This is very common, and oftentimes those people are marrying their highest professional compatibility, which still has very high camaraderie, no sexual compatibility whatsoever, or they’re married their polar opposite, that would be like me marrying an ISFJ as my polar opposite, or my highest professional compatibility, me marrying an ISTJ. Right. And usually, those relationships are, are because of like some other natural component that’s getting in the way, like the church or organized religion.

That’s just the best example that I’ve seen it. But also, that’s not to say it’s the only example. I mean, sometimes people meet on MMO RPGs. Like, for example, my uncle, he’s an intp.

And he met some girl on mo RPG, on his off time, he works at Best Buy’s worked at Best Buy a long time. And he met her and then they got married in the game, and then they got married, you know, outside of the game. But she’s an ISTJ. They have like no sexual compatibility whatsoever.

And their relationship is a complete and utter disaster. And she’s also like the first woman he’s ever been with as well. So he doesn’t know any different as an intp. He really just doesn’t know.

And that ends up causing a lot of problems, a ton of problems. But it happens, these things kind of happens. And it usually happens to si users who entirely lack experience. Or it happens to se users who are lonely, like just lonely and looking for anything, some kind of connection.

And it’s usually like when a Templar ends up getting with a wayfare. But it’s mostly the the Templar was being lonely, especially especially it’s like an ESTP or an INFJ. Templar. They’re the two Templars so the SE users there are at highest risk of getting with another se user because they’re like the loneliest of all the types and they crave that connection.

They crave it so much, you know. And it ends up blowing up in their face, but it’s all very short lived. It’s all very short term. And like I said, You know, in the bedroom, it’s like, you’re having two painters without a canvas, trying to paint each other.

And they’re both having to take on like, they’re both they’re both tops, and they’re trying to force the other person to like, be on the bottom, etc. Lots of action, very explosive. But no one actually really leaves satisfied, because they’re both trying to harvest sexual reactions from the other person. And they’re not able to get it, you know.

versus, you know, the other alternative is when two si users get together, you have a blank canvas with a blank canvas, but no painter, what are they going to do, like rub up against each other. It’s like the epitome of the most boring sexual relationship you could imagine. And the SI users are ultimately left unsatisfied, if they have prior sexual experience, if they do not have prior sexual experience. And like, say they were virgins, they were both virgins when they got started, which is usually typical, in a church, or organized religion situation, very typical there.

Well, what ends up happening, that’s all they know. And they end up having a long term relationship as a result, because their Introverted Sensing knows no different, they have nothing, no experience with which to compare it right. And that ends up causing a lot of problems as well. Because eventually, like, the woman will naturally reached development phase.

And then when she hits development phase, it’s very likely statistically likely that she will initiate divorce. And then she’ll get with an SE user for the first time. And she’d be like, well, where’s this my whole life, you see what I’m saying? It could be a serious problem, or the man can be really unfulfilled, especially like, for example, he is an INFJ, or an intp, or an intp, not getting any satisfaction. So then there’s a chance that he would end up cheating during that relationship, which could also lead to divorce as well.

But there’s a lot of problems that come as a result of 200 sensing users getting together. And it really happens at a base level. Because they lack Introverted Sensing sexual experience, their lack of sexual experience, their sexual naivete is what actually facilitates that relationship. But again, looking at the X rated sensors, when two sc users get there, it’s usually for a short term fling.

And it’s because they’re both needy, and both lonely, essentially. And you don’t really often see Wayfair on Wayfair. It’s extremely rare. I mean, the most common Wayfair on Wayfarer relationship that I’ve seen, sexual relationship that I’ve seen is like ISFP, and en TJ.

But even in that short lived and like the one that I know, that still together to this day, they have an agreement in their marriage, and they have children together. They have an agreement in our marriage to see other people as long as like, they get permission from the other person ahead of time. And that person and that person that they’re seeing is properly vetted. That’s the arrangement they end up having.

And that’s the range dirty arrangement they have to have in order for them to you and facilitate their marriage. Could you really live life like that? Is that really what you want? You know, so it just leads to sexual unfulfillment. And if there is sexual unfulfillment, the relationship is going to break down in some way. And I would venture to guess that, too.

So users in a long term relationship have children. In order to protect their marriage, they have to have sexual relations with people outside of their marriage. It’s so ridiculous. You know, so these are the two different sets of consequences that come as a result of Peeping having a people having sexual relations with people they are not sexually compatible with, you know.

That’s a huge problem. Throughout my life, like I’ve had iossef J’s I’ve had is TJs si heroes. Because I’ve never been able to attract an SI parent, or an SI child. Or an SI inferior, although there might be like, maybe an SI inferior every now and then I did go on a few dates with ENFPs in the past, but it’s all extremely short lived.

We like okay, yeah, well, there’s no chemistry. You know, there’s no connection or there’s no justification for this, or there’s no satisfaction, you know, talking about origins, right? So, we just decided, like, yeah, no, this is not going to work and we moved on. We moved on, quickly, moved on quickly, because it’s like there’s just no way. There’s no way this is gonna work.

And people naturally are attracted to people who they have sexual compatibility with. It’s kind of how our biology protects us psychologically from those situations because our natural proclivities as a result of our type, with our own sexual tastes or sexual desires, and what we need in a relationship to have sexual full filament, that’s about that. Without that sexual fulfillment, it’s not really going anywhere. Now granted, that’s not to say that an se en se user, or an SI en si user could have highest emotional compatibility, that’s possible.

Like, say, for example, an intp getting with an ISTJ. There’s highest emotional compatibility there. But, again, they just use each other’s each other’s emotional tampons. And they could never really take any grievance or anything to the bedroom and bang it out.

And like, okay, you know, we got this sexual release, we’re good now. No, don’t worry about it. Like, that’s not even, that’s not even on the table anymore. It’s not even there.

It’s not even available. So like, why bother? You know what I’m saying? Anyway, all in all, my recommendation is the following. Do not, do not have a sexual relationship with people that you’re not sexually compatible with. In the long run.

It’s just not worth it. Now, if you’re a person who has the morals or ethics where it’s acceptable for you to have a fling, okay, yeah, sure. Just make sure the other person understands it’s a fling, and it’s just a flag, and it’s not anything long term. Use protection.

Don’t have children in that situation, because that would be literally absolute hell, for you and them, and the child in question that would be hell, why would you bring home that situation. So be careful folks. Be really, really careful. Understand the consequences of these relationships, you’re better off having sexual compatibility, and need to work hard to make sure that you have high sexual compatibility, and whatever sexual relationship you’re in.

Because as much as people like to think that they can use barriers like discord, or Facebook, messenger, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, to get that emotional connection, at the end of the day, sexual chemistry rules all and it’s not a relationship unless sexuality is involved. If sexuality is ultimately ignored, then it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen at all. Not at least not long term.

So and then what ends up happening is like on these people’s hearts, you know, within this relationship, scars, like wounds will form eventually, and then scars will form and then they’ll have to act out. They’ll always have to act out in every which way, and acting out how they act out. Well, there’s a lot of different ways they act out. Like it’s very, very common for them to act out.

And like I said, they’ll act out with like si users will act out with cheating or initiating divorce. So users will act out by like, having agreements to get their sexual needs met by other people to be able to harvest those sexual reactions that they’re looking for from other si users who are not even in their relationship. Trust me, that’s not a life you actually want. And oftentimes, these relationships form as adults of trauma, trauma bonds, right? Is that really a foundation that you want to build your relationship on? Is that really the foundation that you want to have children over? The answer that is really no, no, you don’t.

So anyway, thanks for watching and listening, folks. I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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