Sexist clip posted? | Jungian Sexuality | CS Joseph


Sexist clip posted? | Jungian Sexuality | CS Joseph


Hey, what’s up ego hackers? This is CS Joseph and I decided to go live due to a pretty rough controversy within the CSJ community. And earlier this week, very controversial Instagram post went out. And naturally, a lot of people got upset, although it wasn’t just posted to Instagram as posted also on Facebook and Tech Talk and most of our other socials. And it was ultimately a big blunder on our part, you know, to release something like that, because I watched it.

And I’m like, wow, I mean, if I had no idea what this community was about, or even who CS Joseph was, I’d be like, That guy is a sexist, misogynistic prick, basically. So it was pretty embarrassing, it was insanely embarrassing, and I am embarrassed that such a post was put out. And ultimately, it was unintentional, and completely taken out of context. And as many of you are aware that, you know, when situations like this actually happen, I like to go live and talk to the community, have a little bit of a forum about what happened and explain what happened, and then also provide clarification and answer potential questions, I do actually have a host of huge host of questions that I’ll be going over as part of the stream.

That being said, for those of you who are angry and upset about the whole situation, I totally get it. I understand. I would be too if I was in your shoes. And for those of you who took the time to defend the community to defend me throughout that, including people like Thomas beggin, who was one name, I would like to thank also Robert Potts, Christian Secchia, and some others out there who have gone out of their way to try to provide additional clarification on my behalf as to what happened.

I really appreciate you guys very much. And thank you, thank you for doing the work when it comes to fighting the social media post or comment war that just kind of boom exploded in everyone’s face. So that was that was pretty interesting. But like I said, you know, I totally get it.

Because even even I would have reacted that way. Because people making comments like, oh, CS Joseph, he treats women like cars, they’re just objects, you know, he’s just objectifying women. I’m like, No, I’m not not not in the way that, you know, the typical feminist would react, you know, did that situation, but it’s not like they would know any different because that 62nd Post didn’t exactly provide the entire context anyway, which is understandable. And that happens sometimes.

And sometimes these posting blunders are just, you know, part of life. And you just kind of got to move on apologize and explain the community what actually happened. So that’s what I’m going to do right now. So, so yeah, what happened? Anyway, we’ve been experimenting with a new type of social media approach, we’ve been taking, like highlights from various pieces of content, and, you know, cutting them in little pieces, and adding subtitles and whatnot, because I found out recently that 70% of all videos watched on social media are washed without sound, and that kind of freaked me out.

So I decided to, you know, kind of expand that approach. And we did, we did expand it. And we did that, although, we’re not so good at it yet. And a lot of the timestamps that we had collected are to a, you know, people who check that out, which that also includes me, so I’m definitely to blame here.

I’m not blaming other people, it’s actually mostly my fault, let’s be honest. Well, the wrong thing was released and completely out of context. And then I ended up reacting to my own video like, wow, that guy’s a sexist pig. So clearly, definitely not the message that we’re trying to convey to the community or ultimately the worldwide web, etc.

But you know, it happens and so, anyway, I first would like to begin with an apology to those of you who have been offended by that post, I totally understand and I would have been offended as well. I get it. I there. So yeah, there you have it.

So opening up with that. But I would like to actually provide the context of that post and actually go in a little bit deeper in terms of what it really means and what should have been on that social media post so that people actually understand where I’m coming from and what my actual position is, instead of just reacting immediately with overreactions, which I don’t blame them because there wasn’t enough input or proper input, because people are, you know, typically, in general, they like to rush to judgment, but I can’t blame them this particular case, but we didn’t exactly provide all of the information, right. So I will now provide the information. But the the particular statements that people had problem with me saying in that post, was that me saying that women are sex objects, basically.

And it didn’t actually talk about how women see men as success objects, or any of the other side of the point, because if you look at the original video, that was added within the context, and obviously, we still have this problem with my super long form videos here on YouTube, because it’s like, okay, yeah, do I really want to sit around and listen to chase talk about random things for an hour and a half? Why can’t I just like figure it out, and very seldomly, people are not going to watch the whole thing. And then as a result of that, they’re just going to rush to judgment, leave a dirty comment, move on this is kind of typical, right. But at least they have the opportunity to watch the entire video, when it comes to social media, they don’t have that opportunity. It’s just 60 seconds of something taken out of context, which doesn’t help at all doesn’t help anybody.

And, again, is not what we’re trying to convey. But But I would like to go a little bit deeper in terms of clarifying what that post was intended to do what it was supposed to do, instead of like what it actually did, so that at least we can all be on the same page. And if anyone complains about it in the future, any audience member who cares can point them to this particular video, this particular stream, so that we can allay their concerns, if not, people are already rushing to judgment about me anyway. And they’re not going to take the time to watch the entire video or the entire context to begin with.

And they’re just going to make their own judgment about me, you know, being sexist, anyway, because it sounds sexist. But that doesn’t mean it actually is sexist. So, you know, and besides a messy DM, and I’m not very good at making first impressions, as Jacob has said, you know, here in the chat, but regardless, I need to do my due diligence and take full responsibility here. And that includes providing the proper clarification.

So let’s do that right now. So throughout season 31, there has been a an overall theme, and that theme is that people need to stop judging each other based on what they say, also stop judging them based on their intentions, right? That doesn’t really help anyway, I honestly I think it’s kind of more in the realm of God or God, the Creator or whatever deity or you know, whatever you believe in, or Transcendentalism, I don’t know how you could be a Buddhist, I don’t know, you could be a Muslim, I don’t know. But some kind of higher power, 08:47 you can just maintain that it’s that higher power is to judge humanity based on you know, a condition of what person’s heart or what their intentions are, etcetera. And the intention itself is actually the main issue.

I think, I think that would be, I think that would be important right to understand. So what’s left for humanity is to judge each other based on each other’s actions. The problem is, is that actions are not always so easy to see. Because we have overt actions.

And we have covert actions, we have actions that we do consciously, we have actions that we take subconsciously, unconsciously, even the super ego, you can even go even deeper to the actions that are related to animal instinct, like the fact that you know, sometimes you just have to sit on the toilet and relieve yourself, you know what I’m saying? So these kinds of things happen. And it’s really important to judge people by their actions, not necessarily their words and intentions because that’s what we as human beings can actually do. And I’d also say that this is especially important when it comes to relationships between men and women, or even women and women alike for lesbian relation. This probably goes double for lesbian relationships.

Because women, it’s hard, it’s especially difficult to judge them by their words, because you can’t really take them at their word. So think about it in terms of like Pareto principle. And it’s not saying I’m not saying that women are liars, either, but I’ve said this a million times, but Pareto Principle eight out of 10 times, you can take a man out his word, eight out of 10 times, you can’t take a woman at her word. Regardless, though, it doesn’t matter.

Because at the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to judge people based on their actions. For those of you that have just issued have issue with what I’ve just said right now about not being able to take women at their word, it’s because they changed their mind constantly. I mean, their hormones are different moment by moment. They have ups and downs throughout the day, throughout a three day cycle, a one week cycle, two weeks cycle, four weeks cycle, quarterly cycle, yearly cycle, and their life changes and their preferences change, depending on what’s going on in their life and their environment all the time.

It’s because they are the survival gender and the survival sex, they’re the ones who have to adapt the most to ensure natural selection, and ensure the health and longevity of our race. And that’s really up to women, it’s not really up to men, because men biologically are the disposable sex, it’s not really up to us. But that’s why you know, because they have a tendency to change their mind, it’s why you have to judge women by their actions more than their words. But regardless, it’s still best to judge people by their actions anyway, even if they are a man, because they have that two out of 10 chance or that one out of five chance, where they’re not really going to, you know, follow on follow through with their word.

So, as a best practice, I judge people by their actions. And that’s what I’m doing, when it comes to making statements like, you know, women being sex objects and men being success objects. Sure, I’ll admit that I’m quoting people like Myron Gaines, who, who have made, you know, that statement, and he’s an African American podcaster, and has had made some very good points. He’s also an EN TP like me.

So him and I share a lot of similar perspectives. Granted, that’s true, it’s a thing. But the thing is, though, is that to add some additional context to the whole sex objects versus success object things, if you’re going to judge people, by their actions, you could say it more like this, you know, men see women in general, as sex objects through their actions, just like women see men in general as success objects through their actions, and it’s through their actions, you can actually see how, by and large, this is a biological behavior, actually, a psychological behavior. Ultimately, it starts it starts the biology ends with psychology, you know, whether or not a man or a woman is doing this consciously to the other gender isn’t true.

The thing is, though, within the Instagram post, it comes off as if I’m saying that, you know, human beings are doing this consciously. And the reality of the situation is, we’re not doing it consciously. Not so much. I mean, okay, granted, there are some people out there who do it consciously, that’s fine.

But most people out there are not doing it consciously. And this is why you have people making the argument not all men are like that, or not all women are like that. No problem. I can accept that.

No, Walt. But at the end of the day, it’s done subconsciously, unconsciously not and it’s more covert instead of overt. And you can see this with their actions, right? And so how, how is it possible that men in general see women as sex objects with their actions, or women in general, see men as success objects with their actions? How’s that possible? Well, it’s it like, you know, like I said, it’s unconscious, it’s subconscious. It could be spoken unspoken, just because you aren’t actively thinking it does not mean you don’t do it.

Okay. Get through it. You all do it. Every single person.

Audience, not audience y’all do this. It’s a fact. Now, here’s why this observation is accurate, dude. Like, for example, the following analogy, you know, men are to money as women are to makeup.

Okay? So, here’s another example. Men reject women more than women reject men, you know, and they’re not even necessarily conscious of it. Just like how a man can look at a woman and know within three to five seconds if he would want to have sex with her or if she’s somebody who is worthy of him to reproduce with that happens in three to five seconds. And it’s instant.

And it’s not exactly something that’s conscious, it just happens. He instantly knows that. But that right there is an example. And that’s, that’s even been proven in studies that right there is an example of a man treating a woman, like a sex object, not overtly, not consciously, but that’s what he’s doing.

And men in general, guess what are typically more likely to give the attractive women or the aesthetically pleasing women more attention more of their time, more of their desire than women who aren’t. And that’s a form of projection. And this is how I can claim that men reject women more than men, way more. And men just know, within seconds, they instantly know within seconds, and that’s their form.

That’s their aspect of natural selection that they they psychologically, you know, provide, alright, women, sometimes, you know, it could take them for six hours I’ve seen I’ve heard 12 hours to decide if they want to be physically intimate with a man, it takes a lot longer, because they want to get to know Him. They need to see how successful he is and whether or not he’s going to be able to provide you know, provisioning and parenting and protection, et cetera, for her potential offspring. Whether or not she’s consciously aware of her wanting offspring or not, it doesn’t matter. Here’s another way, here’s another take at it.

Women often don’t want to be with a man who makes less money than them, or a man who’s shorter than them, etcetera. Women date up. And it’s no, everyone knows that women day up. And because women day up, that’s another example of how they are unconsciously or covertly treating men like success objects.

That’s a fact. That’s a thing. Okay. So, anyway, just these small analogies, you know, prove what I’m saying that men in general treat women like sex objects, in with their with their actions.

And women in general treat men like success objects, with their actions. Why does a woman bother to look beautiful? You know that it’s so funny. And you listen to feminists talk about? Well, I just do it for myself. And I’m like, No, you don’t.

It’s biologically pre programmed and yourself to preen yourself and to make yourself look good, because you’re biologically predisposed to feel bad about yourself, if you don’t. So for you to deny, that means you’re just denying biology. And that doesn’t really help. That’s not really useful.

In fact, that’s kind of ignorant if you think about it. So it’s a thing. Um, the point is, is that, you know, I’m right. 18:02 Whether or not you can accept it or not.

When you look at people’s actions, men in general treat women like sex objects. That’s a fact. And women in general treat men like success objects, you can’t get away from it. It’s a fact it is the truth.

I’m sorry. Not sorry. Like, that’s a thing. And that was ultimately what the Instagram post was supposed to be conveying to people.

But apparently, some critical sentences were missed on that posting, and it turned into a foo bar. Because it was really effed up beyond all repair. And, you know, it turned into a controversial Firestorm which, you know, it’s kind of normal for the CSJ community. Let’s, let’s be honest, it’s very normal.

But yeah, like, that’s a thing, and it sucks. And I’m sorry about that. So, um, so yeah, it wasn’t the original intent. And I wanted to provide that clarification.

So you guys know that it was the original intent. And besides, you know, speaking of that speaking and speaking of the post in general, I think it’s I think it’s wise if we actually delete it, I didn’t want to delete it right away because so many people were hurt and I didn’t want to take away their voice and you know, caused me not to be heard, and it’s also 19:40 let’s see. Let’s see. One second.

Once again, hold on. Okay, I don’t know why this is gonna work in here, let’s say I lost the camera there we go anyway, I wanted people to have the chance to get their voice because so many people were angry. And it was also nice to see, you know, which people 20:38 within the community which people within the community were, you know, willing to defend me and, and really care about the community and the overall message. And that was really fantastic to, to be able to have you know, that that opportunity, basically.

And also to, you know, provide some immediate clarification, you know, from myself to a lot of the people that were upset within, like the comments, threads that went down, etc. 21:22 So, yeah, so that being said, we’re going to delete that post, basically, right now, I think everyone’s had a chance to chime in on if anyone else would like to chime in on it, please leave a comment below, you know, for this video, and we’ll be happy to address any of their concerns and put any additional clarification. So um it’s funny, because like, I often get accused of, of deleting posts, and I don’t like if anything, I just banned people off the channel. They’re just outright disrespectful.

But if you’re being respectful, I’m not going to delete your post, so or ban us. So just don’t worry about like, comment, censorship. It’s fine. Like, we’ve always had that policy with people.

And we’ve always told people about that policy ahead of time. So yeah. So yeah, that’s the thing. Um, now, with that being said, I do have some questions from the community that I will be addressing now.

So let’s actually, so let’s actually go on into Facebook, and read a post that was put out by Wendy gates earlier today. I think she got a little frustrated, I’m not sure because we had to stop commenting on this specific post, within the CSJ Facebook group. And that was because I was going to making this video etc. So I’m actually going to read her post to you.

And then I’ll be answering those questions directly right now. So when he gates, quote, saw this on Instagram, and this was my take, but correct me if I’m wrong, because I don’t want to make assumptions. That’s very awesome perspective and very humble of her to do and I really appreciate her patience. Both men and women objectify the opposite sex.

Women are sex objects and men are success objects. Yes. Everyone objectifies everybody. And it just kind of bothers me how, like people, especially in Western society, are not willing to admit that admit how everyone is objectifying everybody.

And it’s not necessarily that they don’t really have the choice when considering biology and psychology. They just do it anyway, et cetera. So yeah, I agree. The video labels women as subsonic as sex objects, and they should be test driven so the man can determine if she’s healthy enough to have and care for his children, which are his legacy.

That’s not entirely accurate to the intents of the post. But that is basically what how the post comes off. So fair enough. Question one.

What does test drive mean? He needs to have sex with her first before buying the vehicle aka committing to providing to her. Okay. Well, the answer that question is yes and no, it’s actually depends on certain situations. Do I recommend men commit to a woman? Yes, if she’s a virgin or has less than two sexual partners and he intends to have children with her.

And that scenario, then I would say yes commit. If she’s got more than three partners. Well, statistically, she’s more than likely to divorce him and then his relationship equity or his investment to the A relationship gets completely thrown out the window 80% of all divorce in Western society, especially the United States of America is actually initiated by women. So it’s actually extremely risky to get married for men, and that’s why I don’t really advise them to get married.

Although if they do want to get married anyway, I told them, okay, well, if you do get divorced, you’re going to lose half everything else, and you’re looking at alimony, and you’re also looking at, you know, child support, etc. And it’d be pretty vicious. And even sometimes, even if the woman doesn’t want to sue for child support, well, guess what? The state will sue you anyway. Because this is basically in effect, the state admitting that they don’t trust women to make the right choice, because that’s basically the state admitting what I said to earlier.

You know, you gotta judge women by their actions, and not necessarily take them by their word, et cetera, you know, and that’s, that’s, that’s literally a law that supports my position on that. So, so no, a man does not need to have sex with her first, if she has an extremely low body count. And, and, you know, she’s sexy and humble, which is ultimately the ideal woman, and she’s more ideal with the less partners she has. And that’s just kind of how men see it, you know, due to like our evolutionary or our, you know, like, we haven’t been able to determine paternity for the longest time, we want to make sure that the children were investing in our hours, basically, because most men don’t want to be raising other women’s children from other men, essentially, because a woman fears being sexually assaulted, but a man fears being coddled and most of all being cooked.

So that’s, that’s, that’s why. And then she goes on, he needs to have that sexual experience first to see what she’s like before he makes any guarantee of provision likely leaving the woman screwed over, in more ways than one is that the mature masculine? No, he doesn’t necessarily need to have that sexual experience. First. However, you know, if if she’s had a lot of partners, I would say so I mean, because I don’t really teach men to start committing to women and having like this is in the men’s group, committing to women and even having children until their late 30s.

Anyway, and I tell I tell men to ultimately have a roster of women with which they can get their sexual needs met, especially with post childbearing age, women who are single, which is extremely common nowadays. And that comes from Benjamin Franklin’s A Treatise on how to get a mistress, it’s also a sexual aspect of the matron archetype, According to Robert Moore, and Douglas Gillette’s work. And this is why I’ve had sexual relationships with women who are like 17 years older than me, 11 years older than me seven years older than me, and certain situations, and that was specifically due to that, and to take advantage of the matron archetypes, sexual energy, and how that benefits of young man etc. But in the meantime, you know, if men are able to attract women of their own age or younger, to not really commit to a woman until their late 30s, and even then committing is dangerous, especially in Western society.

In Middle Eastern society, it’s not as dangerous and in Eastern society, it is becoming dangerous. So it’s there’s very few places left on the earth where the you know, that’s, you know, still problem, et cetera. Yeah, so. And creeper Kingdom says in the audience chat, 1/3 of men on the birth certificate is not the father according to paternity test statistics.

That’s pretty scary. And I didn’t know that hopefully, I wonder if that’s true. So excuse me if I’m wrong, but that comes off fuckboys. To me, I mean, yeah, I get that it comes off that way.

But the thing is, is that like, you know, women don’t really understand you know, how to manage their own value. And I have a video coming out tomorrow that we’re actually it’s dedicated to my daughter and some of the things that I would hope the mature, feminine would teach women and I go in very deep on this. Because men were born with out value, we have to spend our lives creating value. We have like no biological value, whereas women have all of the biological value when they’re born.

And then they have to work for the rest of their life to preserve their value. Women preserve their value, men have to create value for themselves, etc. So you got to look at it from that person. spective.

So, physically appealing breasts don’t outperform what’s considered unappealing breasts in regards to breastfeeding. Okay, you can make that argument. But that’s not technically true, actually, because there’s a higher volume production and healthier breasts. And also, physically unappealing breasts are more likely to be breasts that end up creating breast cancer and actually becoming a burden to the man later due to the cost and the time and the heartache of that situation.

So that’s not exactly, you know, entirely ideal, okay? Women need to be held accountable for taking care of themselves, basically, as soon as they have their first period. And that’s when that tutelage that the mature feminine. And the matrons are supposed to be conferring upon their fellow women, especially teaching them who has a high value man and who was not. And basically letting them know that, hey, if you’re sexy, humble and a virgin, you are the most ideal of the ideal woman out there, and you can have any man you want, preferably the highest value, man, and you could probably even convince him to have a monogamous relationship with you, because society is turning into a poly society.

The betas out there will end up having polyamory and the alphas out there will end up having polygamy. And that’s in our future. 31:23 I’m telling you, that’s like that will be normal within two to five years normal. It’s mostly normal.

Now just think about the polyamorous sexuality network out of Seattle and read some of those articles. It’s kind of terrifying if you think about it. Okay. Can he not determine her health before having sex? Yes, a man can determine her health before having sex.

Yes. Isn’t there a risk to a woman getting too high of a body count? If a guy sleeps with her and pissed off then making her a hoe not wanted? Absolutely. It is. And therefore she would have to be willing to say no, that’s the thing.

But women don’t say no, because the mature feminine is not there to hold women accountable and cause them to be motivated and incentivized to say no, that’s the issue. That’s the problem. And their true feminism doing that because the mature masculine isn’t around doing the rite of passage, forcing men to put self above tribe. Because when they do that they have higher expectations and higher standards of themselves and women in their life, which would then encourage the mature feminine to compensate because the mature feminine is starting to realize that all of the women are getting rejected constantly.

And because there’s so many spinsters everywhere. Oh crap, maybe we should like do something about that you are saying? So. Now, I would like to I would like to talk about something because most people when I talk about this piece would say Okay, Mr. CS, Joseph, you’re being a hypocrite.

You teach men to have a roster of women before they commit to a woman. And you’re gonna teach women to be as pure as possible and like, yes, yes, that’s exactly correct. That’s exactly what I teach. Because at the end of the day, a woman reserves the right to change your mind, she also reserves the right to choose, and she can choose, and until women collectively are choosing to be more pure and choosing purity collectively, it’s not really going to happen.

And then, you know, virtuously, you know, they’ll have to be virtuous in that regard. But if one woman gets herself away cheaply, that makes all the other women ultimately cheap, because that one is giving herself away cheaply. And this is something that women really, really struggle with that concept is so hard for them to accept. But you know, when you consider things like 33:51 when you accept when when you accept, gosh, what’s the term? You know, when, you know, when the mature and the mature masculine is out there having higher standards, you know, it’s all of a sudden the mature feminine is going to accept commitment, but they’re expect commitment, but they’re not going to get commitment, because men are not going to commit to the impure women basically.

And it’s going to realize that and it’s going in one generation will take one generation to self correct, but it will correct as soon as men have that perspective. And then men aren’t, you know, going to have that, you know, fuckboys behavior that Wendy here is talking about, because they’re not getting any without commitment. Right. And that’s, that’s the issue.

You know, that’s, that’s ultimately what is required, you know, so let’s see here. And then number two, if it’s okay even encouraged to test drive women as sex objects, that’s not what I was trying to say I’m not encouraging people to test drive, I’m literally saying why. So when he’s like looking at the how I’m trying to say, Why Why do men care about sex, they care about sex, because, like, when you’re having sex, it’s like, oh, I am bathing in your beauty. And your beauty basically determines, to me biologically, psychologically, how healthy you are, as a woman, everything’s gotta be in working order in some capacity.

Because if it’s not in working order, then you shouldn’t be the mother of my children. And, you know, if I, if I am desiring to have sex with you, and if I am having sex with you, then naturally that means you fit the bill. If I’m committed to you, if I’m not committed to you, then you don’t fit the bill, then you won’t be a mother of my child who really shouldn’t be basically. And this is why I also encourage men to control the birth at all times.

And to use condoms and to not leave condoms behind. You know, because some women out there impregnate themselves with used condoms in an effort to consolidate on men. Most people don’t believe me, but the 2002 National Basketball Association announcement and court case says differently. So, so, so no, I’m not encouraging test driving, although I know the post comes off though, with the female equivalent, why women like sex video shot by female CSJ say men are success objects, I need to know his income and his net worth before I can have children are thin, so I can guarantee his financial health and determine if he’s a good father, technically, yes.

It depends on the life phase of a woman. If she is 26 to 36. In that range, she generally women prefer more beta provisioning than alpha traits. But if you’re asking this question, and you’re ages 18 to 26, not necessarily.

So that’s different. And then also, that’s also different 36 to 42. And then you get and they after that, they get back on the hype train for wanting, you know, to know that positive net worth, et cetera, reminds me the time of this like extremely old fat old archaeology professor, marrying a 20 year old student who was a student in his class, etc. They divorced many years later.

But yeah, like he was one of those rich and powerful University guys, etc. And just basically proving my point, etc. Okay. Yeah, but you know, financial health usually indicates the mindset of a man and could indicate that he is a good father.

Definitely. I mean, think about it, like, you know, if a man makes $350,000 a year or more like what kind of mindset does he have compared to the man who makes $50,000 a year? And can you as a woman actually handle that man? It’s funny because Kevin Samuels was asking that if his female audience members just this last week, and a lot of them didn’t even have answers for him. If you’re not watching Kevin Samuels, I highly recommend you watch Kevin Samuels. regardless of your gender, please check that out.

Okay, is the other side of the coin right? No, the other side of the coin is not right. When do you because there is no such thing as gender equality. Its gender complementarity. It’s not equal.

Okay. It’s not equal. A lot of people can’t accept that. But why would you want to accept that kind of reminds me of like Ali Wong, the INTJ comedian, woman, she’s fantastic.

I love her work. And Ally one goes in. And she’s like, gosh, you know, when those feminists came in, like, you know, girls, we had a good you know, our job was having no job. But then the feminists came in and now we have to have a job.

This sucks. Life sucks. You know? And I was like, wow, that’s something crazy to say at a comedy club. That’s, that’s crazy.

So if one gender objectification is encouraged, and shouldn’t the other also be true. Actually, all gender objectification are encouraged. Everyone encourages it. Everybody.

Women enable each other to encourage it. Men encourage each other all the time. Why else? Do you think men’s health and women’s health magazines even exist? Have you guys seen those magazines? Come on? Like, that’s the thing. Why does pornography exist? And then by the same token, Why do romance novels exist? That’s just women’s porn.

You see what I’m saying? Like, there’s so much more, okay? Pornography is instant gratification, you know, for men because they’re super fast at that. And then you have delayed gratification sexuality through the female pornography known as romance novels. It’s the, the the result is still the same gender objectification is encouraged by culture. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, it doesn’t matter.

This is a thing, you can’t get away from it. You can decide to not participate in it. And protect yourself and make yourself more pure as a woman and hope your daughter is more pure. And then teach your daughter to be able to decide who a high value man is.

And tell your son to have standards for him having a high value woman in his life, so that when he ends up having children, he doesn’t end up abandoning the children because all of a sudden he had sex with and had a child with a low value woman that he can’t stand anymore. That’s not appropriate. Right? So that’s how we fix our society, because the society is on fire because of fatherlessness, fix fatherlessness. And then all of a sudden the criticism comes back in the home.

And then all of a sudden, we won’t have an entitled generation anymore. And we’ll be able to Course Director society. But of course, if we don’t do that, we’re going to lose our society anyway. And I go into more detail about this on tomorrow’s episode that I’ll be releasing about noon Pacific Time, or new or no noon Eastern time, I think.

Well, I’ll be going into that because I’ll be doing season seven, or season 31 Episode 7.5 basically as a follow up to the last episode. So yeah. It’s definitely thing. Okay.

All right, cool. One second here. Good old surf. Surf is in the house tonight.

Surf and I go way back. So yeah. All right. Yeah.

So anyway, in general, final points here. I apologize for the blunder of that post. And that Instagram post, it was taken out of context, it was irresponsible of us to post that apologize to anyone offended. And if you’d like to share your thoughts and feelings, please leave a comment below.

That’d be great. And then we’ll definitely continue the discussion here. The posts have been deleted. So no worries.

And I’ll be happy to answer any questions. And I also provided clarification and proof stating that all men in general treat women like sex objects. Even unconsciously, they don’t all do it consciously. They even do it unconsciously, it doesn’t matter.

It’s pretty covert. And guess what all women treat men like success objects. They don’t necessarily have to do it consciously or not. Because their actions prove that they do.

The actions of both genders prove objectification. And you can’t get away from that. Y’all objectify each other. And that’s a fact.

Everyone does. Our race is a lot more shallow than you realize. But it’s that shallowness, that continues the health and safety and survival of our race. 43:38 It’s what natural selection is.

And if your feelings are hurt, as a result of that, you might be buying into too much affiliative narratives. Because think about it this way, the affiliative or do the right thing versus the pragmatic, do what works, that pragmatic is closer to natural selection than the affiliative. The affiliative is basically a buffer from natural selection, if you think about it, not saying anyone is more superior than the other. But I’m showing you the consequences of these two different ideologies or worldviews as it were.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for continuing to be members of our community. And thank you for sharing your voice and your concerns as a result of that post going out again, I apologize to anyone and everyone that was offended and those who may not yet be offended, but will be offended in the future.

And so yeah, awesome. With that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight. Or at least tomorrow. Like

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