SD|UF INFP in a Tech Career? | CS Joseph Responds


SD|UF INFP in a Tech Career? CS Joseph Responds to an Acolyte question about an INFP who has a subconscious developed, unconscious focused Octagram and a career in technology.


Are you? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. Today’s question What can an INFP SDU F do in a tech career that would be successful? What an interesting question. I loathe really loathe career based questions sometimes however, this one’s a bit more of a challenge because this is talking about a subconscious developed unconscious focused INFP which is a little bit different. And I like I like different questions like this, so I’m gonna roll with it.

So, what is a subconscious developed unconscious focused INFP look like first before we can actually answer this question. This comes from Octa gram. If you guys don’t know Octa gram is make sure you go to CS forward slash blog or CS forward slash content or something find the blog posts written by John Bodeen recently about the temple wheels and anything that he wrote Akram hell just go to our WordPress site, and then search search Octa gram Octa, gram Octa gram Okay, search the octa gram what is the octa Graham the octa gram is basically the Go hacker communities version of the Enneagram except the problem with the Enneagram is that Enneagram attempts to mix nature with nurture. So what we did is we removed the nature component out of the Enneagram and then we have the Octagon word is nurture only because from for science dynamics union analytical psychology perspective.

Person the 16 types by themselves aren’t enough to explain human nature, especially when you consider cognitive origins. And and also the thing that we talked about known as the Rosetta Stone, which is some amazing dough pass thing that we have in the ego hacking by text masterclass. It is absolutely revolutionary. It’s called the origin pathways.

You guys really need to get the masterclass it’s like two and a half hours long. And it shows you how you can do some insane, deep, very deep Mind Control techniques from an ego hacking perspective, as a result of using the Rosetta Stone, which is just as powerful. And just as groundbreaking as the type grade is itself right. To the point where you could actually use cognitive origins alone to type people.

Because basically, all you have first step is identify a person’s cognitive origin, which reduces them down to their dyad, which means you’ve just eliminated 14 and 16 types. And the next question you ask is that okay, well, are they producing their cognitive origin? Or are they consuming their cognitive origin, which one and then that will determine which of the two remaining types there are and boom, you’ve just typed someone with just cognitive origins. You don’t even need to use the Type grid at that point. It’s absolutely incredible.

It’s incredible. What can happen you know using that, so go learn about the Rosetta Stone go to ego hacking by Get the course if you don’t have it already, and then upgrade your course to the master class. Or if you already do have the course go to CS forward slash portal go to the ego hacking by text area and then click the you know not a member button get into get get it there or open up a support ticket by emailing support at CS Joseph dot life or open a support ticket on [email protected] forward slash ego hackers hashtag sales pitch over right. So what does an SD U F INFP look like? We have to answer that question before we can actually talk about careers.

So subconscious developed. INFP is all about credulity. They are very credulous. These are the people who kind of just take people at their word, they take authorities at the word not just anyone at the word but authorities, people with credibility.

And credulous people desire to gain credibility for themselves, because they believe that the more credibility they have, right, then they will gain their cognitive origin of authority that will gain power, right? The more credible they are, the more power they have. That’s kind of how they see themselves. The thing is, is that they respect authorities and credible sources the most because they themselves want to become a credible source to be respected as such, and that is subconscious development for an INFP. Right.

But unconscious focus, sadly, is that they’re very close to their deadly sin of sloth. So this is a very slothful INFP is credulous sloth, right? So this means they have a tendency of potentially being super ignorant Aren’t because they just assume authorities are correct and they’re hoping one day people will assume they’re correct as an authority. A really good example of this would be the Medical Medium. The Medical Medium, he is very credulous and credulous inf peas are insanely good at research, right? Very good research, we is all about collecting credible sources, right.

And the Medical Medium himself is an INFP. He is also a fraud. Okay, I just want to say that he is a fraud. So he’s borrowing the authority, that perceived authority of the so called Spirit he’s talking to, because he’s actually very credulous and then claiming that his deep rooted research is some divinely inspired thing, in order to increase his credibility so that he can gain authority, when in reality, the Medical Medium is just lying to you all.

However, his research is actually so good. That guess what he’s right. The majority of the time, I would say he’s right, 80% of the time when it comes to the medical so called medical advice, or medical tips or whatever that he has in his books written by him, right. And I think it’s like Anthony, Anthony, something, you know, of course, John Brison is going to watch this video.

He’s gonna call me and tell me that I’m full of shit for even making that claim by saying 80% So fair enough. Fair enough, John, okay. Yeah, you might be right might be way less than 80%. Okay, fair enough.

That might be hyperbolic. You know, but I am an intp. Sometimes. So just, you know, get the bear with me.

I admit it. Okay. I’ll admit it. And he’s very slothful.

This Anthony guy, this metal comedian. He’s very slothful, because instead of just actually going the hard road of developing his credibility and putting in all the effort into his research. He got very lazy and just wants to rely on the so called Spirit that doesn’t actually exist that he talks about, and you and borrows that credibility. He’s being very slothful, right.

So that to that, too, is an issue, too, is a problem. I need to it’s cold, very cold, very cold to be to be podcasting in freezing weather, but you know, hey, I’m going to do it. So. But yeah, that’s ultimately what an SD UF INFP actually looks like the Medical Medium.

He is a perfect example of a st UF INFP so what can an INFP do in a tech career? Honestly, in a tech career, it’s all about design, design, doing all of the research and looking at the credible resources and understanding standards and rules the rules of design like that book don’t make me think you should probably read that when it comes to design. But I have noticed throughout my travels and in my life and I had an opportunity to work for a fat shop at one point in time, but like some of the absolute best INFP designers that I’ve ever seen are actually subconscious developed unconscious focused inf peas and they’re absolutely incredible. I really sat in an office one time but there’s one guy and he was like he’s a master and absolute master at AutoCAD right? He like an amazing AutoCAD designer and he would design railings basically. And they would all AutoCAD it up but it all great.

It was just it was incredible or he designed things for CNC machines, that kind of thing. But the bottom line is because given how artistic INFP is absolutely can be and because of expert intuition parent combines Introverted Feeling hero and being able to weigh things out. And the knowledge of the rules. They’re stored up knowledge with Introverted Sensing child and extroverted thinking aspirational and SD us an SD UF INFP is amazing, utterly amazing at design, especially when it comes to AutoCAD or programming CNC machines basically providing the input to the CNC machine for it to build something and its process and then give a desired output basically, it is absolutely incredible what these people are able to accomplish from a design perspective.

So if you’re going into a tech career as an SD us as an SD U F. Okta, Graham INFP, make sure that you are focusing on design of some kind, right? This could be web design. This could be AutoCAD related design. This could be designing things that go into CNC machines, which still could require AutoCAD you could also learn SolidWorks, you know, but understand AutoCAD, understand SolidWorks understand, basically all the fundamental principles of design, and I promise you, you will have something utterly amazing like I have.

It’s funny because I was actually asked one time, you know, to interview potential designers for an injection molding firm at one point in time, and I actually recommended them hiring an SD us an SD UF INFP based on that they did hire the guy And he’s been there for many years and been very successful. Right? So again, it’s all about design, why design, it’s because design is a long process, it has to be accurate. And you know, inf peas are very outcome focused, right? They’re all about outcome, it is their, their interaction style, also known as their expression, right their expression style, it is all about outcome, right or control outcome. Because they have to have a desired outcome with expert intuition parent in order to have the output be accurate so that the fab shop can create something accurately or something that’s being injection molded, is going to actually be accurate when it comes out.

So that it is measured, you know, so it fits whatever else, they got whatever frames they have, I mean, we did this one time doing injection molding of gun magazines actually magazines, a ar 15 magazines, and it had to fit the receiver, the lower receiver of an AR 15 to receive a magazine and had to fit in the mag well, just perfectly right. And we needed an SD UF INFP in order to design that accurately so that we could do it from an injection molding perspective and actually create those magazines, right. And they have the patience and the precision of Ni critic in order to actually make it happen. And they have even more patients because they’re slothful, right, slothful INFJs have insane patience.

That’s a huge advantage. Okay, so anyway, this is just one example. When is it well designed ultimately, it is designed designed as the motif design is the overall theme when it comes to an SD UF INFP having a successful tech career. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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