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Please enjoy the public release of this Episode from Season 18 Cognitive Mechanics.The First Axis Earth and Water


Hey guys, it’s CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life do another episode for season 18. This is season 18 Episode Five, what is the first cognitive axis, also known as extroverted intuition plus Introverted Sensing. So, the particular format for this particular lecture is a live lecture, which means I’m going to deliver the lecture and at the end of the episode, there will be a q&a session for all of the members that we have joining us. Live lectures are available to silver tier and above.

And so like if you guys want to like get in on being a Silver member, all you have to do is to go to CS, forward slash members sign up as silver, which it’s going to be changed to initiate in the near future, gold is also changing to apprentice as well. And we’re basically changing our nomenclature on the memberships very soon. But this is the live lecture. And if you want to be able to have an opportunity to get in on this q&a, also get in on the lecture, and while I’m delivering it live, become a Silver member, and you’re good to go.

Also, a couple of things. No, I don’t really actually use lecture notes, like ever. But what I do have is notes that tells me what the next episode is, I’m supposed to be filming, I basically have everything memorized by heart, for the most part, although with the parenting lectures, I am having to do a little bit more research and provide that research on to, you know, for the sake of season 23. And so there have been a few lecture series in the past, I’ve had to do additional research, and one of those was like season 21, season 17 for absolute shore.

Season Four, six and 13 as well, are heavily research based, especially season 13. All of the Queen archetype is like basically, like, oh, drama, you know what I’m saying? But regardless, yeah, definitely, um, I generally just don’t use notes or anything like that, I just kind of go with it. And because I have it all, for the most part memorized, but every now and then I need to like, consult a source and whatnot. And season 18, we’ll get to that point, especially when I talk about the INIA gram and modes, basically, which will be towards the end of season 18.

So if you guys, you know, stay like strapped in. For that, I know that I’ve held off on talking about the INIA gram for a long time, there is reason for that, I just wanted to read one more book on the subject just to make sure that you know, for verification purposes that I’m like on the right track with it, and then I’ll be presenting my approach to the INIA gram, where actually has value and where it doesn’t have value, which is how it seems now basically, it doesn’t really have that much value. We’ll be discussing some other things related to Enneagram. So but anyway, these next four episodes talking about the cognitive axes, these next four episodes are really, really important, you can kind of think that the next four episodes, next five episodes, we’re going beyond that is basically a return to season five, except with a lot more information surrounding you know, cognitive access and how it works.

And this will be especially important for people because these lectures, we’re actually going to be talking about very sentences, very various sentence structures that could be utilized. And then you could even use this to look at people’s text messages and be like, Oh, they’re obviously using these functions based on how they’re talking to me, et cetera. So these next couple of lectures are pretty important. And kind of outline how you could actually translate written words directly into cognitive functions using cognitive access analysis.

I have not really gone into much detail about cognitive access analysis. And it’s in while we do have it, you know, actually, you know, in the ultimate messaging formula, we have it in our beta test right now. Our cognitive access analysis is actually there. But most people don’t really you know, understand that so.

Let me let me actually make an adjustment here. And then okay, yeah. I use the wrong Nam. Wait, you’re for this so awesome.

There we go. So, yes, Enneagram is nurture. You’re not wrong about that anthrax. Yes, it is nurtured.

But we are going to be using it to show how it affects nature. So it actually has some component of value to what we’re trying to do. So yeah. Anyway, let’s get on to the lecture guys.

I’m gonna be sharing my screen here for this 05:35 and there goes my phone All right. Awesome. All right. So what is the first cognitive axis? It’s known as earthen water.

So why why is it the first one the first one the reason? Why is this because if you guys remember earlier, within earlier within season 18, right, we talked a lot about input process, and then output and then feedback, okay. And every single thing within our cognition actually follows this this system this loop, basically, input process output feedback, it’s like an A robbery is almost it’s just kind of in general how it works. Now, the first one within that is Extraverted intuition and then process is Introverted intuition and then the output is extroverted sensing and then the feedback is Introverted Sensing. So, the first cognitive axis is actually these two and they providing these two components of this loop essentially, because this is a loop and the reason why it’s the first cognitive axis is because nothing in existence could exist without extroverted intuition.

Extraverted Intuition is largely attached to this right here, also known as Yin energy, okay. It is Yin energy, whereas, Introverted Sensing is a concrete experience. So this is actually Yan energy. Okay? And, you know, so this is literally, you know, Extraverted Intuition.

You know, that’s, that’s, that’s the substance. It’s Yin energy. It’s, it’s pure chaos. Expert, intuition is pure chaos, it is unlimited, unfettered, uninhibited.

possibilities, right. And the only thing that could challenge that is, obviously, you know, introverted intuition, introverted intuition, what the individual is choosing based on the total potential for choosing right. So here’s another way of looking at it as well. Yin energy is also known as it’s also known as potential energy, potential energy.

Okay. So if you guys know from like a physics standpoint, you have kinetic energy and you have potential energy, kinetic energy is extroverted sensing. Potential energy is extroverted intuition. Okay.

So expert intuition. From that standpoint, it’s all like, okay, hey, what is possible? What if this happens? What if that happens? What What if chaos occurs? Right? So and then you actually have to apply it this way potential energy, but then there’s an even better way of looking at potential energy and that is Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law. Now, a lot of people think Murphy’s Law means you know, all what, what bad can happen will happen.

That’s not actually Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law is really what can happen, will happen, right? What can happen will happen, introverted, sensing is more of it’s already happened. It happened, you know, whereas, what’s its post kinetic energy? It’s after kinetic energy, its post kinetic energy. And that’s why it’s basically young energy even though kinetic energy is still young energy as well.

To a point well, no, it’s it’s also it could technically begin because the reaction the effect is not always known. So it’s expert sensing can still be considered an aspect of yin energy with Introverted Intuition being Yeah, young energy as well as Introverted Sensing being on energy as well. But yes, expert intuition is absolute pure, unfettered chaos. And 09:46 and then it needs to be set into an order and it’s only set into an order, you know, by Introverted Intuition by some external force and external force exerting its will up On the void, that is Extraverted Intuition.

Do we actually get kinetic energy exerting will? Okay? This is why most people tell me I’m crazy for saying that Introverted Intuition is willpower based. I was on Kendrick UEE show yesterday a guy who claims who’s an ENFP he’s really actually an ES FP. And he started telling me the definition of introverted intuition versus Introverted Sensing, according to objective personality system and Dave superpowers, but those definitions are completely backwards. And this is why they’re backwards.

They’re backwards, because you know, order does not come from chaos. Okay, this is back to season 17. First four episodes, order does not determine chaos order determines outcome, okay, order is not birthed from chaos. And for an intuition is, is in its own external force, outside of extra intuition.

Willpower is something that is outside of the potential energy. And when it exerts its own will, upon the potential energy, then it becomes it transforms into kinetic energy into your intuition to expert sensing, right. That’s how that system works. But from an extroverted intuition standpoint, you know, it’s, it’s completely different.

It’s leaving everything open, everything open. And of course, you have to see the universe as an open system, an open loop system, not not a like a closed loop system per se. But the Yin on energy is kept at bay by the yang energy and the yang energy is Introverted Intuition. Right.

Okay. That’s how the universe is held together. Also, this is basic Taoism, if you haven’t read the Tao Te Ching, what are you doing? It’s an excellent read. It’s part of my spiritual belief system.

I have three aspects of my spiritual belief system. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, because he didn’t lie to anybody. And I think he’s the only person out there who’s not actually lying. I follow Taoism and take it very seriously.

And I also follow catechism, which is something from the altered carbon books if you guys know what Cal ism is. So those things those make up my personal belief system. And, you know, but again, it’s all about exerting willpower upon the pre existing chaos. Order did not come from chaos.

So if you think about it this way, like God is an omnipotent being that exists adjacent to chaos, he did not come from chaos, he did not chaotically mutate This is why I think macroevolution is bullshit, because it’s like, it’s just physically it’s just not physics. I mean, natural selection, genetic mutation for the sake of natural selection, and biodiversity. That’s microevolution. And, of course, I absolutely agree with that.

But you know, in terms of macro evolution, no, it doesn’t make sense. So, you know, based on that, I have to refute that because you know, if God exists as this omnipotent being he’s existing adjacent to the chaos and he’s exerting HIS WILL upon the chaos in order to bring about life and creation and all that etcetera. And I get like so many people like Ah, Mr. Sands, Johnson, if you’re such a creation as primary around like, guys, I don’t care about creationism versus Evolution, I really don’t give a damn, I don’t I don’t I it’s just that I through deductive reasoning have figured out that intelligent design is far more plausible than then than not intelligent design, then spontaneous mutation, I’m sorry.

Like, there’s really, if our mind if our minds will be far more chaotic, and far more subject to the expert intuition, we literally have these mutant people on the planet who have who have like constant psychoses and tons of problems on a regular basis, and they would be a significant amount of our population, maybe up to a third or more, you know, if that was really the case. You know, if we really had chaotic cognition in that regard, otherwise, no, we still follow the same system. The Type grid is a system, that type grid is absolute, that type grid is truth. And we can’t get away from that.

And based on that, I have no choice but to believe that intelligent design is actually you know, closer to the truth than spontaneous mutation as put forward by macroevolution. This is one of the reasons why. So and you know, if you’re just looking at it from a basic Dalit standpoint, when you’re looking at DNA, energy and young energy, it makes a lot of sense. And that’s where expert intuition comes from.

Now, what element what element does expert intuition you know, what elements have attached to let’s the element of water right? Water has unlimited potential water you have that you can’t have life without water, water is absolutely critical to any form of life whatsoever. So it makes sense that you know, it’s it’s the first it’s the first in the sequence. and it is the input, it’s input for all of the universe, it is the default state for the universe, the default state is chaos, right. And that’s why everything is in a state of decay or a state of entropy.

Because everything is going back in this feedback loop. It’s like an A robber. It’s like feedback loop trying to give back to Expert intuition, the state of all potential energy, everything else, after the will has been exerted upon the universe and something’s created, it then starts to decay, as it’s going through this input process output feedback loop. Okay, as everything’s decaying.

And it brings, it takes that kinetic energy, and then it decays right back into potential energy again. So it creates this endless Robertus life cycle between the yin and yang on a consistent basis, and it’s no different with our psyches, it’s no different, okay. And this actually comes out towards our, you know, our speech and how we behave, you know, from a, from a situation, water and you can’t destroy water. I mean, you know, so, so young and young, that was and whatnot, the philosophy of Bruce Lee, I take the blog, the philosophy of Bruce Lee the best I mean, the Tao of G KUNDO, as well as all of his other philosophies.

He’s knee and teepee, expert intuition hero, fantastic fellow has full mastery of what yin and yang energy is, but in his books, especially part of his philosophy, and especially according the book, The Warrior Within my John Liddell, and I recommend you guys check that out. If you’re into Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee realizes that, in order to win fights, you need to be like water. But of course, in order to win life, you need to be like water, water can’t be destroyed, you can’t destroy it, it’s impossible. You could change that shape.

You can move it, you can displace it, you can evaporate it, but it will always come back. And eventually it will erode its way through any substance over time, and it will find a path forward, it will flow. And that’s the my expert intuition. It’s aware of infinite, introverted intuition possibilities, infinite paths, it’s aware of infinite paths.

And those paths, they flow out like water in all directions, even even the ripples and water is literally a physical manifestation what expert intuition actually as expert intuition is water. It is the water element, right. And that’s why people who are n e users, if you’ve noticed, especially high end users of like NPS, if you put NPS near still water, they calm they get really calm. It actually helps them focus when they’re around water.

If you guys ever noticed that? Yeah, because our cognitive functions have elemental affinities attached to them. Okay, so the elements that our brains are closest to, we are at the most piece or, or at the most joy, or at the most fun or the most delighted when we’re using those elements, right. That’s just how it is. Come on.

Who hasn’t known the INTJ as like the greatest Pyromancer you’ve ever met, like they love them, their fireworks, you know what I’m saying? Let’s be honest, introverted, like even even INFJs. To when given the opportunity, when they’re going to provide a firework show, for example, they take fire very seriously, they love fire. Same thing with an eye child, they love fire as well. ISPs, they love fireworks.

In fact, my eyes see because and I’ve never seen someone so in love with fireworks in my life. He literally keeps spare meds and cherry bombs on his person, oftentimes, and every now and then they’ll just throw one off and boom, and there goes your ears, you know what I’m saying? That’s how I dealt with it as a child, you know? And it’s stuff like that, you know, it’s anything happens, you know, so keep that in mind. So, yeah, fire can’t beat water, although it can hold it at bay for a little bit. You know, so it’s, it’s, you know, it’s there it is.

But the point is, you know, like, when you’re looking at, you know, the four elements, there is a lot of elemental affinities out there. And we’re gonna be talking about the elemental affinities as we go through these lectures. Okay. So, but Murphy’s Law is literally expert intuition, what can happen will happen.

Okay, well, Murphy’s Law. There’s another way of looking at it this way. From a quantum physics point of view. There’s a quantum physics approach.

And here’s the quantum physics approach. And it’s like a observation. 19:46 Observation of probability equals increased chance probably ability will occur increased chance said probability will occur. Okay 20:10 Okay, so this is really interesting okay so this is actually the Introverted Intuition side or at least extrovert expert intuition contains multiple Introverted intuition to it right.

So, I’m gonna, I’m gonna draw, I’m gonna draw like you know the single point of origin, okay? Which would be right here, intuitive sensing, okay. And then it’s got unlimited paths going from the single point of origin and all of these little paths are introverted intuition choices, little tiny, introverted intuition choices, okay. Really be buddies. And I and I, and I, and I, and I, and I and I, and I and I, but the entire thing the entire thing is contained within expert intuition.

Expert intuition. entire thing, this is what this is, this is the components of extrovert intuition. It takes an Introverted Sensing single point of origin with unlimited Introverted Intuition choices that are available to an individual, and then someone being aware of a person’s choices as a result of their own personal experience. This is what introvert or extrovert intuition actually looks like.

That’s, that’s all it is. That’s literally what it looks like. And, you know, it’s super important. You know, so as results, and introverted sensor, who is also an expert, intuitive, they can see other people’s ni choices.

That’s literally how it works. And this is why, you know, expert intuition wants to basically another word for saying it’s desirability. People who have an E want to be desired by other people, especially in a sexual situation, we have to see like, when chaos or Yin energy or expert intuition is impacted by willpower, expert intuition, that impact is literally the exact same thing as like copulation in a sexual encounter. Basically, it’s the same.

It’s it’s literally insemination. Okay. That’s the whole point of young energy. That’s the whole point of the masculine energy Yin energy expert intuition is the feminine energy.

Okay. And when extrovert intuition, basically, you know, exerts itself upon that energy. You know, that’s why the symbol for expert intuition is like that symbol in that game, in grass, with the enlightened, et cetera. And the symbol for the aliens is the symbol.

Well, what is that symbol? Guess what? It’s an obelisk? What does the opposite symbol mean? It’s a giant penis, folks. That’s what it is. And it’s all about exerting one’s willpower through yang energy onto the yin energy of the void, to create life, okay. That’s why the obelisk also represents the generative force.

Okay, granted, I don’t like talking about Satan, satanic symbolism oftentimes in my lectures, but that’s just the reality. I mean, this is like the entire Freemason lore, which I’ve studied heavily. And I’ve had the opportunity for high degree Freemasons, to express to me exactly how their belief system actually works. There’s nothing Christian about it.

But it’s so energy, how they understand these basic dynamics of how the universe works, but you don’t actually hear it really talked about very much, you know, inside churches or anything else, et cetera. The closest you can get to it is Taoism, which is probably one of the reasons why I highly valued Taoism. But again, the obelisk is a giant penis, that’s what it is. And it’s all about exerting one’s willpower onto the universe and exerting in you know, that young energy upon the yin energy in order to hold that Yin energy back to keep the feminine in check, because the feminine will just go everywhere in one direction.

We see this on a regular basis through the feminine sexual strategy, which is known as hypergamy. The feminine sexual strategy is constantly trying to optimize you know, its relationships with the young with the masculine, trying to optimize to get the best possible masculine so the so the feminine, wants to provide the highest amount of challenge right to the masculine Like, it wants to have that challenge met by the highest masculine that possibly can. This is some of the basic aspects of hypergamy, also known as the feminine sexual strategy. Sadly, today, we live in a society where open hypergamy is actually being, you know, practice on a regular basis, because men’s ability to keep the yin energy in check is no longer societal, you know, it’s not not no longer, you know, basically accepted or conditioned by society.

It’s just it is what it is, right? So, the thing is, is that yeah, and thank you for bringing that up. 3x or 3x, added a point about quantum theory. And she says, quote, one of the artists predictions of quantum theory that a system can’t change, while you’re watching, it has been confirmed in experiments, the researchers demonstrated that they’re able to suppress quantum tunneling merely by observing the atoms. And yes, observation is the key.

So that’s the thing about people who have expert intuition, you know, they’re able to provide a form of observation upon possibility upon the great What if all any users do this, it’s just some of them have higher any than other which gives them higher awareness of that. So, as as a result, you know, we have to, you know, make sure that you know, people come to an awareness of the system, if you observe a probability you will increase the likelihood that will occur. So, if you look at these little Introverted Intuition spokes, within this Introverted Sensing point of origin, the past basically, you have, and basically the first cognitive axis earthen water it is in a Robertus, like it is in a raw virus. So, it’s one of the reasons why the CSJ logo itself isn’t a Robertus.

If you actually look at the logo, it’s an Robertus. So, keep that in mind. So, based on that, you know, it’s important, and yet energy your Energy wants to be desired by the masculine it wants to be, it wants to provide challenge to the masculine in order to coax or CO cat, the masculine into chasing after it basically, answer your intuition is the masculine, it’s the chaser, and the N E is the Chasey. This is why any users in relationships need to be desired.

Okay? That’s how that works. So at any user, if they observe a probability, they actually can make it more likely to occur that that probability will happen. This is why NTPs are the best liars of all the types specifically. The reason why is this because using logic, they can see with their extroverted intuition how they could tell a lie, but then they also have the ability to observe that lie as a possibility that it could possibly be made in the truth.

And because they’ve observed that lie as a plausible possibility, or a probability that it could become true. The NTP then has the ability to actually make that lie become true. And then as results the person in which they are lying and deceiving has no clue that the lie even took place because the NTP was able to turn it and transmute it into verifiable truth later. This is why Auntie peas are the best liars of all the types.

As my former NTP mentor taught me, this guy, I’ll call him Digi, we worked in some clandestine related activities for a while involving social engineering is a government contractor for the US government he works on. He does security, social engineering, and the like, fantastic hacker fellow and whatnot. But for him specifically, he taught me you know, Chase, like the best liars, the ones that you can make come true, right? And if you can’t do that, and you usually can, but if you’re not if you’re paying attention, you really can and that’s and we’re gonna get to that in a second. Then you just mix your your lies with some truths or half truths, so people can’t tell the difference between when you’re lying or not.

But that’s, that’s literally how it is. 29:17 Correct. Darrell Briscoe because of TI trickster ENFPs do it too, but they never follow it up to the truth whereas an ESTP using logic and their self discipline, they can follow it up and make the lie actually come true. Which makes them the absolute best liars of all the types a hands down.

But look at it this way. We’re going to switch now over to Introverted Sensing. Introverted Sensing is really really interesting because while it is memory, it is experience as well. It is the past another aspect it’s also self discipline.

Another aspect of Introverted Sensing is attention. Attention This is why extroverted sensors, especially expert sensing, women, are often competing for the attention of men. This is why they’re really really so insanely hurt if their man is giving his attention to another woman for anyone else, because her Yin energy, her feminine energy, wants to monopolize his attention as much as possible. So it expert sensors go into the Introverted Sensing man and trying really hard to get his attention and turn it sensors are responsible for providing attention in relationships.

Extroverted sensors, which are kinetic energy based, our response, are responsible for seeking attention. They are attention seekers, whereas expert intuition, they are desire seekers. It’s different, okay, it’s their desire secrets. i It’s so funny.

I was reading a lot of the comments recently, based on the recent Facebook group review drama. And people are like, oh, you know, he’s just seeking attention. I’m like, No, I don’t care about attention at all. Like, I don’t give a damn, I don’t care about it.

So it’s not really like, it’s really, it’s not really going to go on, it’s going to work, you know. So, but again, like Introverted Sensing provides attention, expert sensing seeks attention into an intuition provides desire, and expert intuition is looking for that desire, it’s seeking that desire, okay? So it’s really important to know these systems, when you’re having that extroverted sensing, you know, because it is the earth element. Essentially, Introverted Sensing is able to provide the past and you remember he talking about, you know, all that has happened before will happen again, right, all that has happened before will happen again, this is the endless cycle of the universe, all this happened before will happen again, this system, if you notice right here, this is actually in a Robertus with the Introverted Sensing experience as a single point of origin. And one of that expert intuition is aware of all of the inter intuition possible choices and spokes, etc.

And this is turning on an axis with one another, creating a wheel. It’s like a wheel of time. That’s right, Robert Jordan plug for the wind. But the point is, it’s literally a wheel.

This is actually the engine of the universe, or at least one of the wheels of the engine, the universe, like a gear almost. The other gear is the next axis. And we’ll talk about that later. But this is like the first one and this is the it is the first one in the sequence.

All that has happened before Introverted Sensing will happen again, extrovert intuition, that’s a sentence. That’s literally what that means, okay. So, water, water a roads Earth, Earth provides challenge to water. But for a short time, again, this is why the young energy or anything solid in the universe is in a state of entropy.

It is in a state of decay, okay? So Introverted Sensing memory can only last a certain while to keep the water in check. The Earth can only keep the water in check for so long, right? Et cetera. You know, an Earth is produced by you know, the extroverted, extroverted sensing as a result of the Introverted Intuition. Introverted Intuition is the fire and it’s the magma and then it is pushed out over into the earth through extroverted sensing and then it cools and it becomes Introverted Sensing which keeps the oceans at bay you see what I’m saying folks? Does that like satellite makes sense? You know so that’s kind of like that’s this is I’m sorry, this is like physics Okay, in our minds are directly attached to they work in the same way our personalities were the same way.

You guys have to realize, you know, going back from a biblical example, in the book of Genesis that you know, For dust you are and dust you will return human beings, you know, are made out of earth and water, human beings, our minds everything, we are a part of this universe, we are apart, physically apart, every aspect about us is all about, you know, we have such a huge connection to the earth, that no one else would have that connection to the earth as much as we have the similar connection to the rest of universe because our minds are still structured in the same way as the universe, our brains. The universe itself is the collective unconscious, essentially the collective everything, but our brains have its own One collective and everything within its own self, all possible potential energy is contained within our brains. And all things are possible through, you know, the human mind essentially, don’t believe me? And then for all you people out there who are very biblical, it’s like no, only all things are possible for those who believe you know what it’s all about Jesus Christ and like, yeah, sure it is, but at the same time, Genesis chapter 11, verse six says that all things are possible with mankind to and just mankind, nothing will be impossible for them. God said it get over it.

Okay. According to the book of Genesis. So, why is this necessary? Well, you know, from a science standpoint, like, it’s important to understand that, you know, we have this internal Rodrigues this, this machine that’s moving as it goes, okay? So and Introverted Sensing is, it’s like someone’s fortitude, their experiences, their passes their memory, it’s their ability to endure, just like the earth endures the oceans, and now the oceans beat against the earth constantly, right? All the time, right? It’s constantly and it’s an example of yen versus yawn, it’s literally go to a beach says Yin versus Yan. And that’s why, you know, most people love going to the beach, because they’re able to have full access to their entire elemental affinities all in one location.

This is why the beach is literally the greatest place on the earth, it really is, everyone loves going to the beach, if you don’t love going into the beach, you probably should take care of yourself a little bit more, and then go to the beach, and actually find true enjoyment because it literally has the entire class of elements all in one place. All in one place. The challenge, the acceptance, the endurance, the fortitude, the memories, the memories of all the broken rocks that have been there for eons, it’s all there. You know, and it’s, you guys have to like, understand, you know, where that comes from, you know, so understand that, right? It’s, it’s really, really important.

This is why human beings naturally like the beach, because their perception functions are all represented at the beach, and their elemental affinities are all represented at the beach. You know, psychologically speaking, this is why they like the beach, you know, so the beach allows a person to have the closest relationship with the environment and the earth. And it’s just, it’s just that that’s just reality. Of course, the you can have similar experiences like that elsewhere.

But collectively, as human beings, that’s where we go. And that’s where we are, and we end up you know, having that experience with the elements all in one location. You know, you get to like witness the watercycle right before your eyes, you know what I’m saying? But that’s what this is. This is like the internal mental watercycle.

Okay. So let’s look at before we get into how to identify 38:11 the first cognitive axis, give some examples. Let’s actually, let’s actually move around here. So, all right.

Okay. All right. So then from here so I, let’s, let’s use, let’s start, let’s start in one direction and start with expert intuition first, okay. 38:47 So, I see a possibility, okay, I see what’s possible.

And this creates an option, or options, or a choice. Okay, an option or options or choice, okay. And what I ended up doing is that, you know, once an expert intuition, it’s like, Hey, do you want that? Right? You might want to do this, you know, you might want, right. You might want to do this.

Consider this option, you know, an AI expert intuition users, they produce choices for other people, doesn’t mean they take those same choices. They produce choices for others, okay, that’s the whole point of expert intuition. That is the chaos that is the potential energy expert intuition is aware of potential energy. It is aware of all possibilities.

It’s aware of all possible futures. Okay, you guys ever read dune? extrovert intuition is prescients You know it prescients Is it prescient is the ability to see into the future and know all possible choices, and all possible options, all possible desires, someone could have, right? All possible choices that they could make. And you know which choices will be dangerous, and which choices would be good and less risky. Extra intuition is also known as consequences.

Okay? It knows the consequences. It’s also aware of effects. While it is also the cause cause and effect, it’s aware of consequences is why ESPYS who have no extra intuition, do not know the consequences of their actions. That’s why they’re jailed more than any other types.

Because they don’t mentally know the consequences of their actions. Because they’re not going to know the consequences until it’s after it’s already happened. Or while it’s happening, that like, Oh, crap, I got a family members and ESFP who went to jail because he took out a gun one time and started shooting people. And he’s like, Thank God, I didn’t kill anyone.

I just, you know, went you know, you went to jail for assault and battery, but luckily didn’t kill anyone. And he was very thankful. And then he got out of jail, and he’s good to go. You’re I’m saying fantastic fellow cool.

ESFP. No idea, the consequences of his actions. And then he understood the consequences actions when it happened, and then he never did it again. Okay.

So not a lack of awareness of consequences expert intuition, people. They’re all about awareness of consequences. They understand what all the options are, they understand what all the choices are. And it’s their job to provide choices for other people.

And that’s super important. Okay. So, so again, keep that in mind. So, yeah, please read Frank Herbert.

Like I probably one of the best examples of expert intuition is provided by Frank Herbert in his book, Doom, he talks about precedents and he talks about the quizlets hot rock, or he talks about, you know, Moonlight Zeb, also known as Paula tradies, etc. Luckily, the dune is being completely remade as a movie and supposedly releasing this Christmas barring COVID, of course. So keep that in mind. That is a thing.

But outside of that, like really check that out. Another really good example of extra intuition in book form, is the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, also known as Big Magic, Big Magic is probably like the greatest book I’ve ever read that explains exactly how extroverted intuition works in the Collective Unconscious is also the best explanation of yin energy outside of John littles. Study on the Warrior Within also known as Bruce Lee’s philosophy, okay. Because expert intuition, so Introverted Sensing however, it’s the firm, it’s it’s very firm.

And you know, here’s the thing like, for me, in order to be able to see the future to have like foresight to really understand the total options. Can you make them stop? Barking, thank you. For him in order to see all of those in order for me as an expert, intuitive to actually see all the options. You know, this is why like any users, when they’re like first starting out, and they lack life experience, they cannot help and this is one of those annoying things about them.

My dad complained all the time, and I remember doing as a little kid, they are an unlimited source of conjecture. They are an unlimited source of speculation. Okay. And guess what? It is in accurate AF.

And I spelled inaccurate, inaccurate, as like it is. It’s like a waste, you know, but this is what expert intuition looks like. And it’s absolute weakest form because they lack life experience. Expert intuition is worthless, basically, it’s completely worthless because expert intuition, it’s still part of this loop input process output feedback, it needs to have feedback from the past, in order for it to understand where it’s going, it still requires a point of origin and space time, etc.

And, like, it’s, like, that’s just kind of how it is, you know, you have to you have to understand that, you know, conjecture and speculation is what ends up happening all the time from an end user, you know, every now and then I’m even at risk of over conjecturing and an offering speculation without you know, having as much verification. And as much as I could verify my conjecture Trying to speculations it’s not really going to be very fruitful for me anyway, if I don’t have the life experience to back it up. However, you can empower your expert intuition. This is why it’s on an axis because remember, it spins on a wheel, etc.

You literally have, you know, you literally have an E, and then you have LSI and they are spinning on an axis with each other. Right? What affects one affects the other essentially, and Introverted Sensing, but Introverted Sensing in order for me to actually truly be able to predict the future in order for me to actually truly have prescients I need to be able to have life experience. Okay. Why else? Do you think I share so much anecdotes with the people? Because I’m able to see what’s going to happen to all of you because I’ve experienced it myself.

I can look into your futures, I can look into your fate. You know, guess what? prescients is awareness of fate. Okay. That’s it.

That is that’s literally what that is. Okay, for some reason I lost the, the feed. I don’t know why. That’s odd.

But it still says it’s live. Okay. But that’s really annoying. Wow, I can’t see the chat anymore.

And I don’t have enough life experience here. To go back into the chat and actually see the chat. This is really frustrating. Wow.

Okay. I have no idea. I accidentally hit something and it just like, took all of you guys away. I’m gonna keep lecturing and finish this up.

And then we’re going to try to get you back. So we at least have that. So weird. Anyway.

So actually, intuition spins on axis with Introverted Sensing, Introverted Sensing becomes that point of origin. So if I am able to have an experience a life experience, a life experience, yeah, thank you, bro. for that. I appreciate that.

47:27 If I have a life experience, this means I can predict that same life experience happening and other people. Basically, that’s literally what it is. This is how this cognitive axis works. If I hadn’t experienced before, where something happened to me in life, right? Then that means I can predict if and when other people will have that same experience.

And that gives me precedents, that gives me the ability to predict that gives me the ability to know their fate. Because I knew I had an experience, which is like my older fate, my previous faith, which is now an experience, it’s no longer fate, et cetera. It’s a previous experience that I’ve had. Okay.

Because that’s a previous experience I had, I can predict that experiencing happening to all y’all. I definitely can. And this allows me to see into your future and see into your fate. So like this little, so I had this experience, and I could see the all these choices that you have.

And all these choices are your fate. These choices also include a little bit of my fate, because I still I’ve ventured intuition nemesis, which is still contained within the ecosystem of my extroverted intuition. Okay, it’s still contained there. Right? So I can even use my expert intuition to see what choices may even be available for myself.

But there’s still choices that are available to everyone in general, it’s not necessarily it’s the best choice for myself. That’s Introverted Intuition. Okay. It’s completely different.

So this is why I ended up you know, taking a shotgun approach to life. Oftentimes, like when I’m applying for a job, I get my LinkedIn profile to all star status. And then I apply to like 60 Plus jobs, where as an intern intuition user will search for which job that they want the most, and then and then they will just apply for just that one. Good luck in this world.

Good luck. So it’s a shotgun approach. It’s also why NTPs when they’re playing first person shooters, they prefer shotguns. Whereas Auntie J’s end up preferring sniper rifles.

Very simple, okay. It’s very intuition. Users love them to have snipers. Extra intuition users love them their spray and pray they love them their shotguns, okay, that’s literally how it works.

Okay. So yes, you can literally type people based on their guns that they use when they’re playing Halo. Yes, you can. So, again, your own personal experience gives you the ability To use your conjecture and your speculation, which is a form of prescients, use your presence to be aware of other people’s fates.

And because you’re aware of other people’s choices and options, as a water and II user from the earth experience that you had as the point of origin within spacetime, basically, because that’s what you’re sort of sensing is the past. And that memory is decaying, by the way. And because that experience is decaying over time, your ability to see in the future decays with it. So you have to do is keep renewing new life experiences constantly, as an SI user, to keep your ability to predict and see into other futures and see into their choices, provide them options, see into their fate, see the consequences of actions and make yourself desirable.

If you do all those things, to keep your n e strong, you have to add in more life experiences, because the life experiences that you have, the older it goes, the more stale they get, they get stale, they decay, your life experiences are still also subject to entropy. And shredded sensing is subject to entropy, which can cause your conjecture and your speculation to come in. Instead of having prescients and able to see in the future. The more life experiences you give yourself, the more you can see in other people’s futures.

And when you can see their choices when you can see their options. Guess what, you can limit their choices, you can limit their options, you can actually change their fate forever. It actually gives you the ability to control other people’s futures and their fates. That’s amazing.

People often think Introverted intuition can still get through expert intuition. Yeah, it can for a time. But extrovert intuition. And Introverted Sensing will outlast them.

Because ni se users fire and wind users they burn out. Si users can outlast them they can endure an extrovert intuition will be always there to erode the Introverted Intuition user. Sorry, guys, that’s just how it works. Because guess what the yin energy eventually prevails against the young energy.

So the young energy has to continue to exert its force of will upon all of reality, in order to keep the chaos at bay. That’s how this works. Okay. So this is literally how, you know our minds work from an elemental ability from a universe level from a reality point of view from all of it.

And if you want to be the best si n e user in your life, you need to empower your expert intuition by getting as much life experience in as you can and shove it down your throat. I have a bucket list. I actually actively work on my own bucket list. I learned how to longboard recently, I’m longboarding like crazy.

Why? Because I’m going to use those neural pathways that I developed for longboarding and transfer them over to snowboarding this winter. So I’m gonna be snowboarding at some of the best ski resorts ever. Because I’ve never done it and it’s always been on my bucket list. And I continue to improve myself by getting for myself new life experience.

Okay, this is absolutely imperative for people to understand. Okay. So, now let’s look at some examples of earthen water. Si N E people in our sentences in our in like how we talk, okay.

So I’m gonna just gonna put this here and then just gonna go through these red letters so it’s easier to see. Alright, so So, here’s one worked for me. It will work for you. Okay, so users love that because then ask the user this.

So if you look at it this way, this is an SI This is the SI piece of the sentence. 54:17 Okay, and then this is the and E. Actually Hold on. I like completely screwed that up.

Yes. So the SI part of the sentence. This is the 54:37 and E part of the sentence. Okay.

Worked for me it will work for you. Okay, you see what I’m saying? Si and E. It will work for you. It will.

It will. Okay, it’s an external wills I will it’s like work for you. It will for you. It will for you external extroverted.

It will intuition Share an extrovert intuition, it will work for you. Right now, at 54 minutes and 40 seconds within this lecture. This right here is the concrete evidence that I am correct about the true definitions of the functions versus everybody else in the entire world with their bullshit definitions that are constantly causing all this strife and chaos, et cetera. This is reality.

This is how it actually works. This means what we’re doing within this community means we are correct. Everyone else is not correct, because they don’t understand the fundamentals of how the functions even come out. Even in our speech.

It’s really annoying and I can’t stand it. Okay. It’s like really annoying. So going beyond that worked for me, 56:01 it will work for you or hold on to that.

So okay, um okay 56:18 okay. So I put in a Okay, so, I put a lot of effort Wow into into this speech. So they will want to hear it, okay. So again as the anti Peace this is the SI PS.

Okay. Pretty simple, right? I put in a lot of effort into the speech, okay. Si, you know, like sweat equity. Si, right? So they will want to hear it, people will desire to hear it right? Or look at this.

Here’s another way of looking at this. 57:24 You know, students she will definitely want me because I work out every day okay, so I will work out because I work out every day. That’s Introverted Sensing. Okay, she will definitely want me that is expert intuition.

See what I’m saying guys are very speech patterns. Literally show cognitive axis. Okay. And if you look at everything from physics, from how the universe works, unit, your equilibrium all of this, every aspect of our minds, really is boiled down to just these basics.

You can literally see how our consciousness is literally a mirror of the rest of everything that we have within our lives. And it’s just you got to realize that this is just the norm here. 58:41 This is literally the norm. Okay.

Okay, so Okay, so let’s, let’s, let’s do some more. Here’s a good one. Here’s a good one. Here’s what I actually says all the time, bro.

You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to do that. This is me providing a warning to somebody bro. You don’t want to do that.

59:18 Because when it happened to me, I got screwed. I got screwed. Okay. I got screwed.

That’s the SI. When it happened to me. Okay. Also Si, bro.

And this is like an initiation. This is a this is an initiation of some time, right? And I’m initiating. You don’t want to do that. That’s extrovert intuition.

Okay, bro. You don’t Want to do that? Because when it happened to me, I got screwed. As Introverted Sensing throw, you don’t want to have sex with that woman. Like, you know, because she’s obviously and you know, insert all these colorful metaphors or bro, you don’t want to get that job because I work there.

You don’t want to have that. Or a I used to work at Dairy Queen, and it was a shit show, you’re not going to want to work there another example. Okay. Right? Or look at it this way from a positive side be like 1:00:40 you like from positive side like Oh, yeah.

I loved eating there. I love eating there. You will want to eat there too. You will want 1:01:01 to eat there as well.

Order the meatloaf. This is actually something that happened to Railgun. And I, it was an intp guy. And he literally told us to order the meatloaf and I’ll be honest with you, I would never order meatloaf at a restaurant that he told me to.

And I did. And it was delicious. It was amazing. You know, so I loved eating there.

Introverted Sensing, okay, you will want to eat there as well. This is expert intuition. But he’s being informative, or the meatloaf says technically Introverted Sensing from his point of view, but it’s producing an extroverted sensing effect because he’s remembering that he enjoyed the meatloaf, but because of human nurture, it’s producing se nature. And formatively, se nurturer and foreign really, when he’s telling me, unfortunately, that I should get the meatloaf too, because he had it.

Okay. Again, this is how sentences work with si n e. Okay? Understand that, it’s really hard to turn this into an algorithm doable, but hard, because you have to consider nature versus nurture. And there’s a whole bunch of other things that go along with it.

But guys, this is the basic infrastructure. You look at their sentences. This is how when I’m doing the live stream, I’m typing famous people, I listen to their words. And I’m able to identify cognitive axis and identify functions.

Because here’s the thing, when you’re trying to type somebody are using the Type grid. And if you and cognitive axis analysis, you look at their sentences and just break down their sentences into which axis is it this sentence. And once you know which functions are at play, if you identify successfully one function, the other function would have to be present somewhere in the paragraph, or within the same sentence itself, it would have to be accompanied, sometimes those functions are silent, because sometimes people get informative, and what they’re implying that sort of the missing function is through implication, and the reason why it’s hard to turn this into an algorithm because of informative people. Because when they speak, oftentimes, the other function is missing, because it’s actually being implied through a sentence that is internalized, that is implied but not actually explicitly said.

Okay, literally how this works, okay. So you, if you practice, you can type people rather than direct or informative and understand and see which cognitive axis is coming out of their mouths. And then as even what how they’re what they’re wearing, even their visual typing features. It’s all connected the cognitive axis, and once you identify one function, you automatically know what the other function is.

If you identify Introverted Sensing, you know, they’re in any user automatically, which means you just eliminated half of the types on a Type grid. That’s cognitive axis analysis, this is how this works, okay. Anyway. So, what is the first cognitive axis? It is earth and water Si plus N E.

This is literally how entered intuition or how expert intuition works. Singapore point of origin with unlimited possibilities. And people who have expert intuition are prescient, they literally can see in the future, the higher the extrovert intuition they have, the more into the future possibilities they can see. However, until they get more life experience, it’s not accurate.

But what As they do have life experience and more life experience and most people, their expert intuition, their ability to see into the future and your future and affect your fate and change your choices and change your options, limit your options, give you more options, change your fate change your future forever, the more they can, the more experience they have. Don’t forget this. You cannot Outlast an SI N E user, you can’t if they have life experience. So the more experience they have, the more they can do that.

The thing is, though, si ne users oftentimes are trying to produce choices for your benefit. Give you a better life. For example, bro, you don’t want to do that. Because when it happened to me, I got screwed.

That’s an example of me helping somebody and providing warning. This is why si users, especially s J’s provide warnings to other people, because they’ve had bad experiences. And extroverted sensing wants to be safe. It’s all about safe.

And it’s really sensing wants comfort, it wants safe. It wants to be able to be left alone, because it’s just a rock and a rock just wants to be left alone. Okay. That’s literally how it works, folks.

All right. That’s the end of this lecture. We’re going to be now begin the q&a session while I try to figure out how to bring up the frickin chat because I don’t have the chat here. And I have no idea why.

So let me let me adjust my camera here. Okay, guys out here. Let me just this here. All right.

And then guys, cameras adjusted. And now I am somehow got to figure out how to get the live chat back because I can’t see it. Analytics, viewer Activity Stream health. Apparently, there’s a merchandise button which I don’t care about.

But for some reason. I can’t see it if the edit button. No, the edit button is not helping. Okay, I’m, this is really frustrating.

Okay, Google. How to get live chat back from YouTube studio during a live stream. Hashtag embarrassing. Yeah, I pull my phone up and tell him read you the questions.

Okay. Yeah, you could do that. All right. Um, let’s see here.

Let’s get hold on. I don’t even have the share link for some reason. Like it took, like, it changed that entire interface on me. Like, I don’t even have the share link anymore.

It’s really annoying. Let’s see here. Uh, sure, like, a hold on, expand me, you know, that’s not it. Maybe if I zoom out? No, that’s not gonna work.

One second. Okay. Here we go. I asked members of the team to get me the stream link so that I can actually see the frickin chat.

From my phone. I think that’s the best way to go about doing this. Yeah, but it’s a private live. Alright, cool.

I got the link. Thank you, and got my phone out for this. And going to this. Thank you for the idea.

That was very helpful. All right. And then I’m going to open this up and go down. Awesome.

All right. Cool. Yeah, good thing. I can’t see your comments.

Thanks, Candace. Like seriously, thanks. Right. Okay.

All right. So where’s the dog? The dog is where he belongs in his crate. That’s where he belongs because he’s gonna be there for a year at least until he comes down. He destroyed my deck recently.

So not fun. He’s not to be trusted for right now. He’s like 18 months old. Yeah.

Any users start out immature because of speculation. That’s what I’m talking about. Like wow. so interesting how se users just laser in on, you know the buzzwords.

So there is no difference between speculation and paranoia. They’re technically the same thing. The difference is that paranoia is a far more pessimistic viewpoint of speculation. To answer that question.

All right. Go ahead and throw in the questions, guys, now that I can actually see what’s in here. And no, I didn’t Google it. I use Duck Duck go like a sensible human being.

Come on. Yeah. All right. So Michelle way.

She asks, What so no q&a After all this? No, that’s not my forte. Like just ask, it’s fine. His chaos is impenetrable. Okay.

Any questions? Guys, I’m here. I’m ready. I’m able to see the live chat. So all right, we got a question.

We actually have a question. What was your question? Same users make any users more dangerous by giving them more 1:11:02 experience? Yes, they do. But then that creates more choices for the SE user later, which they really like. Yeah, it’s a balance for shared experiences.

All right. Abby Lynn asks, Can you make little worksheets with more examples of sentences broken down like that? Or for the nerds? Can you make worksheets with the answers in the back so we can practice? Yes, those worksheets already exist, you go to CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal, you go to the ultimate messaging formula, and you get the ultimate messaging formula. And it has all of that, you know, the ultimate messaging formula is based on something similar to what I have presented in this first lecture. Okay.

All right. So cool. Stuart, as beaches appeal to any si users and ni se users equally, absolutely, it does. If not, what locations appeal to ni se users.

Anywhere where there’s a lot of wind, anywhere where there’s a lot of heat, basically, heat and wind, which is present at beaches, especially at sunny beaches, the sunny or beach here in sunny year beach, the better basically, for ni se. And I se users also like going to the beach because they get to show off, especially if they have an attractive body because their expert sensing gets off on that, you know, I’m saying and introverted sensors like it because they get to receive that experience of the SE user showing off their body, their nice beach body at the beach, you see what I’m saying? It’s all part of that. So you can do that. And then, let’s see.

Candace says, so I’m like an ocean with water streaming out every possibility, but all can connect back to the source. Yeah, basically, and the source is like your experiences in the past. It’s not it’s not. It’s something that’s complimentary.

It’s not necessarily like, you know, you know, it’s more of a cause and effect like Introverted Sensing in the past this memory, cause this past effect that I had to deal with this memory had this effect. And then as a result of that, I had to, you know, I dealt with the consequences of that effect. Now, I know the consequences of that effect of that past choice, so then I’m able to predict it later. Right? emailed anthrax says, Is it easy for inter intuition dominance, to achieve decent forms of extrovert intuition? No, not really.

It’s, it’s not you can develop your expert intuition by using it in a more mature manner instead of an image for a manner. That’s really and Okay, Michelle, wait OMG worksheets, if I can just figure out this, I need to practice times 10,000. Okay, Marky Mark, how do you set solid boundaries with ni child ISFP, who won’t respect boundaries, you tell them that you either actually abandon them or tell them that you will abandon them? Because it’s like, Why should I be loyal to someone like you, because freedom of choice just makes me uncomfortable and puts me at risk all the time. You know, I’m saying you have to show them what the consequence of their choice will be.

And then when they make that choice, you carry it out with impunity? Basically, that’s how you deal with that. And that’s how you enforce boundaries in that area. Okay. Sam, blank and Thorin kind of ironic how si ne users love to give great advice, but but then don’t learn from other people’s mistakes got to make their own.

That’s correct. That’s one of the issues about introverted sensors is that they can only really learn from them or their own mistakes and especially if it’s an SI plus Fe user if they’re Crusaders, but have to learn everything through trial and error. And si te user at least the si te is the philosophers can read about other people’s experiences and through research. They can also trial and error through the research and technically learn through people’s mistakes a little bit, but they still have to learn to their own they still have an aspect of trial and error, but trial and error is Far worse groups the Crusader types absolutely worse.

Darrow Briscoe How can an SE child explain to an SI hero that some experiences are not worth having? Even though she really wants to experience things that can be very overwhelming? Okay, well the thing is, though, is that the SI here at like sometimes like, think about this way, human beings in total were told to not touch the hot stove. What a human beings do we touch the hot stove, therefore we got punished. You know, I’m saying like, soon as Eve decided to have sex with the serpent in the Garden of Eden because that’s what the forbidden fruit is, folks, it’s sexual intercourse. As soon as she decided to have sex, well, her eyes were opened kind of like how you know, when someone’s no longer a virgin and their eyes are open, you see what I’m saying? So that entire that’s it that entire point of view, right? And then based on that, you know, everything changed.

And then she started asking herself, well, you know, what, if Adam gets a new wife, I can’t stand the thought of another woman making him more happy than I could. So I have to get him in to do this with me. So that she convinces him to have sex with her and he loses his virginity as well. But you know, not even Adam had the opportunity to take his wife his own wife’s virginity.

Funny how that works. You know what I’m saying? But like that this is just that’s just an example, you know, like, people are going to make their own decisions, regardless of how much influence or will that you, you put on other people, expert intuition, you’re, when you’re in any user, you’re not using necessarily willpower per se, you’re using an exerting your will on somebody else, you’re actually just influencing them, right? And you’re basically playing a giant, Zanna toast Gambit with life. So what you have to do with this si user is like, Okay, you have to punish them, you have to take away their creature comforts, you have to create actual consequences that you can enforce. If they’re too old for that, then it’s too late.

You probably should have thought of that a long time ago, but you probably didn’t know. So it’s not exactly your fault, right? As if you’re talking about a child, Darryl, and you’re raising a child, I highly recommend reading volume three of the rational male known as positive masculinity. Chapter One is an amazing chapter. It’s got like eight parts to it on how to parent properly.

It’s especially critical that men read that book. Of course, I think all men should read all three of those books anyway. But that book really delves into masculine parenting, and really can seriously help not only that, it may even help you improve your own relationship with your own father as well in the process. So consider that.

Um, so. Yeah. Okay, so what and ESF J and INTJ make a good couple. Yes.

And why are you asking that? You’ve asked that before? I think the answer is yes, it’s a bronze pair. And also that has nothing to do with this lecture. I think so. So yeah.

Oh, it’s your girlfriend. She’s 22. I mean, yeah, Darrell, especially since she’s 22 and your girlfriend. And if you’re in like a monogamous non exclusive relationship, you need to read those books, because honestly, that will teach you everything you need from a natural standpoint and how to solve that problem.

Otherwise, you could just straight up tell her look, I’m not gonna want you anymore. If you’re gonna behave like that. That’ll go right for Inferior function. She’ll probably hate you for that.

She may even break up you up for that. But the point is, is that you just got to tell her look, I’m not going to want anyone who does that. That’s just that simple. As you saying I don’t want and I anyone to do that.

Extroverted sensing. You see, and you basically tell I look, I’m not going to want you anymore, but this would have been more appropriate for you know, what 1:19:02 is the second cognitive axis? So, okay. The trilogy just arrived today. Well, good luck, Barb.

I don’t I don’t recommend women read those books, but good luck. 1:19:17 Okay, so Marky Mark Yeah, NTPs tend to respect free thinking and ti inferior can get te parent to buy at times. That’s true. But the problem with ti inferior dude is that ti inferior is trying so hard to get everyone else to listen to it.

It won’t listen to anyone else. I’ll be honest, folks, ti inferiors are the most closed minded of all of the types. As much as I can complain about ti parent or TI hero being stubborn AF like STPs even NTPs that get super super stubborn, but nobody is more closed minded than a TI inferior. You know what I’m saying? So just just keep that in mind.

That’s why ti parent is necessary to pull out the whip on ti inferior To get ti inferior to where it needs to be. That’s one of the reasons why the bronze pair works. Um, email anthrax, are there any suggested mental exercises for ni users to improve their expert intuition? Yes, recognize that just because something is possible doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. People with low N E oftentimes assume, even though people with low ne completely get in the face of any users and complain about their conjecture and complain about their speculation, complain about the fact that this any user doesn’t have enough life experience to provide proper predictions.

Still, though, there’s hypocrites because the SE users with low extroverted intuition still assume that something that just because something bad can happen, it will happen. And then they act accordingly. It’s the most annoying hypocritical thing in the world, and I hate it. I absolutely hate it.

It is cringe. It’s super cringe. My father used to do this to me all the time as a child all the time. In fact, a lot of that Templars in my life, including my aunts, including both of my STP cousins, and I have three STP cousins, they all did it to me.

It’s so annoying, and it is so cringe. And I just have to get away from them when they’re doing that it’s really terrible. So basically, don’t make assumptions with your expert intuition. realize, okay, yeah, it could happen doesn’t mean it’s going to, you know, an any user doesn’t have that problem.

But if you make the assumption and assume it’s going to because just because something can happen, doesn’t mean it’s going to and if you start making decisions and behaving as if it is going to you’re being paranoid and you’re being a bad person, basically. Don’t do that. Okay. Yes, paranoia.

A healthy paranoia can be there, but a healthy paranoia is still subject to verification. A healthy paranoia is still subject to trust. You see what I’m saying guys? As ti inferior is they’re closed minded. When they aspire though, and they do like, you know, ti royalty or TI king or queen, etcetera.

They can be extremely open minded because no one cannot listen and ti inferior when they’re aspirational. But sorry, they’re there until they get to that point. They’re close minded people. How often does si parent come off as ni parent? Because of absolute duty with good atonement to any child? How could SC come into play with ni parent in this case versus a child? Si parent? I have no idea what you’re asking during? Can you break that down in a different way? Like I have no idea.

Come have come off. I don’t. I don’t know what you’re saying. Marky Mark.

I’ve noticed ti inferior can get hit really hard. When even if you’re playfully bantering with ti critic, and then you wonder why they’re sensitive. I don’t know what it’s like to be them though. So Michelle way says so when I always expect the worst.

And then and then whatever. But then whatever happens, I’m okay with it. That’s wrong. I generally expect the worst even things out.

expecting the worst is not evening things out expecting the worst is creating a self fulfilling prophecy via the law of attraction. And yes, both law of attraction. While it’s usually considered an occultic teaching, it’s actually in the Bible. So get off my back for all the people out there who like to point that out.

But the point is, is that like, you’re literally engaging in the law of attraction, and you’re creating self fulfilling prophecies, because you expect the worst. That is the definition of extrovert intuition nemesis, expert intuition critic, not so much any trickster because they’re just kind of like so unaware. And they think they actually know. And it absolutely is for any demon, probably the most.

So you can’t, you can’t do that. You can’t expect the worst. It’s wrong. You’re technically projecting things and other people, and they will react to your projections.

And then because you’re projecting that experience the expert sensing onto those si users around you, this is why the meme exists. Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn, you can actually go too far. You can and then you’ll be abandoned, and it’ll be your fault. And then guess what? That person will end up being in relationship with somebody else.

And then all of a sudden, it’s like, oh, and then you start accusing them for that, oh, maybe you didn’t want me this whole time? Maybe you weren’t really loyal to me this whole time. And it’s like, actually, you were the one that pushed me away. But you’re too arrogant and closed minded and conceited to actually understand that you see INFJs have this problem all the time. It It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of them.

This is why INFJ women also of all the types, exercise open hypergamy more than anybody else. They do it INFJ women ESTP women are second in line to them. When that happens with ISTP women and ENFJ women like Templar Templar women really struggled in this area. But it’s especially bad at the INFJ they’re the absolute worst.

And I actually had it happen personally to me when that self fulfilling prophecy came around. And also that I come to find out because she got so insecure as INFJ woman has in relationship with she actually started having a sexual relationship with her ex husband and a college professor at a major Washington University and had a lesbian relationship on the side while she was in a relationship with me all at the same time, because she was too insecure. Because she expected the worst. Well guess what? She created the worst because she expected the worst.

Basic Law of Attraction, guys, you can’t do that. So, okay, during its back, awesome. Thank you, bro. Okay, so si parent can be so driven, that it seems like it’s ni parent.

Yes, it can. It’s like because it’s because like, I know some si parents that like they race cars, they jump off bridges. They do BASE jumping. They do skydiving? Yeah, for sure.

Okay, so made worse by the fact that any child can get pretty metaphysical. How do you spot that? Well, you have to see, are they being concrete? Are they being abstract, you also have to see if they’re being affiliative right. You also have to like you use the temperaments in the interaction styles to go from there, you got to use the other aspects of the Type grid to check your cognitive axis work. While use can get accurate if you understood if you truly understand cognitive axis, you can have absolute accuracy with typing people through cognitive axis and analysis.

It is possible, but at most, you’ll only be able to eliminate it down to their Quadra at most, this is why you still have to rely on interaction styles, temperaments, and and Quadra analysis potentially, in essence, you don’t necessarily need quadra, if you focus on cognitive axis first, because cognitive axis will reveal quadra, but you can’t break it down from there. So in order to break it down from the quadra, from between so if you’re looking at si parents, right, you’re still at two Cuadras because you have an ESF J, which is Crusader quadra, you have an ES TJ, which is a philosopher Quadra. So you need to do the other side of the axis, you have to look at the decision making functions to find out okay, is this person a philosopher Quadra? And then once you know if they’re philosopher quadra, you got to break it down further, which means you have to start going into interaction styles and temperaments to break it down from there. That’s the whole process.

You cannot rely on any one of these things to actually get you the correct answer. You have to use the other vectors on the Type grid is the type grid is literally an abacus, okay, with all these different vectors with potentially unlimited vectors to use the Type grid because the Type grid is is truth. And based on that, you can you know, you can you can handle it from there. You know, you can you can identify their type.

So just don’t just rely on cognitive axis, you have to use other things. Does that make sense? Sir? Yes, Michelle, if you if it is your fault, if you have no friends, if you want friends, you have to show yourself friendly, you have to initiate with people. All you have to do is call up one of your friends or somebody who could be a friend or talk to someone be like, hey, I want to go do this. You should come with me.

It’s all you have to say. I want to go do this. You should come with me. Or what is the ultimate pickup line for an N E and si user for the first cognitive axis? What’s the ultimate pickup line? Guys? 1:28:54 What is it? What is the ultimate pickup line? I’ll show you I’ll bring up my screen for you right now.

You know if you’re going to initiate with someone as an SI N E user, here’s how you do it. Tony Stark style. We’re gonna be channeling Tony Stark for this an EN TP Okay. Robert Downey Jr.

style right. Here’s the ultimate pickup line. This is a pickup line that I would use as an si ne user right? Here it is. Alright, so I am going to get gelato Do you want to come with me? There you go.

The ultimate pickup line. It doesn’t have to be about gelato guys, that’s not the point. I’m going to go get gelato because you’re stating what you’re doing right now. You’re stating.

I’m going to do this. I’m doing this So I can actually simplify it because because when you’re saying going to get people can rely on that sounds like Introverted intuition you have to understand that when you’re saying I want I want could also be construed as Introverted Sensing. So you could say it this way. I am getting because you’re sure so there’s surety there.

I am getting gelato. Okay. I am getting that’s surety. Okay.

And so what it’s sensing surety, because to you, it’s like, this is what I am going to taste this the experience I’m seeking. That’s what I’m going to get. I am getting this. Do you want to come with me? Okay, this is an E.

Okay. This is how you as an si ne user, pick up people. This is literally how you ask them out. Okay, I’m going to go do this.

I’m going to have this experience for myself. Do you want to come with me that as asking an NI user? Do you want to come with and have the shared experience with me? Right? Okay. That’s the SI N E version. However, most people don’t understand that.

This is why I tell any users don’t ask people out, let them show interest first, because you’re gonna come off as creepy. Especially if you’re an EMP, you’re the creepiest mother of efforts out there, myself included. I am creepy AF. And that’s just a fact.

So what I have to do is just make myself desirable and provide social proof so that other people desire me. And it’s not just in relationships. It’s an anything that I do even like business related stuff. I can’t talk to someone randomly on the street and like, invite them to do something.

Anyway, it’s all about invitation. Okay? That invitation is literally the best pickup line for anything. You provide invitation. Okay, so as an SI user, you state what you are doing.

And then you ask them if they want to join you. As an SC and I user, you state what you want to do, but haven’t done it yet. And you tell them that you should come with me. You don’t give them the choice.

You just say you should come with me. Right? It’s like you’re ordering them around. Guess what? That’s exactly how Railgun asked me out. It was awesome.

It was fantastic. She had me right away hook line and sinker. I was all in. You don’t I’m saying? And I when I say all lane.

I mean I was I was all in it. Her pickup line is like, hey, because I’m like, wow, I really want. I really want Greek food right now. And she’s like, and I was complaining about parking earlier and trying to like find parking because we were in downtown SAC and parking sucks.

At least parking is better in downtown Sacramento to other places. Let me tell you like San Francisco, but like, you know, and her pickup line to me was a I know where there’s great food and parking. You know, let’s go where you should come with me. That was her pickup line.

That was it. Worked. You see what I’m saying? You guys see how simple this is? Cognition is a thing. Okay, that’s literally how this works.

You just got to learn them. Okay, somewhere else. Yeah, well, I mean, she did have free candies spray spray painted on the side of her Toyota so and free Wi Fi was on the other side of the vehicle. Yeah, and I got it.

So yeah. Yeah, apparently they want gelato. Okay, so Michelle way, there’s this one girl that barked back at me. Why do you always ask me questions? I had no answer.

She was mean, I’ve never had anyone want to go out. You have to state what you want to do. And if it’s fun enough, you tell people what they should go and they’re like, Okay, no, you know, but That’s literally how you do it. And that’s your pickup line.

You can use these pickup lines for sexual relationships. You can use these pickup lines for friendships, it doesn’t matter business even it doesn’t matter guys, you could do it. So yeah. Could it be sorbet? Yes, it can be sorbet Barbara Okay, Sam blanket that was my question answered about encouraging anxious si to leave their comfort zone.

I lost the stream for a bit. It was not answered Sam. So answer it now. Yes, encouraging anxious si elite a comfort zone is absolutely critical, especially for si inferiors more than anybody else.

Okay. And that’s one of the benefits of my marriage to Railgun because we do things that put me outside of my comfort zone all the time. Like for example, I didn’t I would have been really scared to like and would have never have gone rolling or scrolling ever. And then I learned it because she’s like, I want to go learn this.

You should come with me and like okay, so I did like this my heart rate up 24/7 To me, but does that Yeah, exactly, but we made it work and it was great INFJs are direct Yes. 1:35:10 So, way to go Railgun free candy would be creepy AF if you were a dude. 1:35:19 Yeah, fair enough. Email anthrax.

I think the force is a form of N E influencing and I should I tell field theory. I mean go talked about that field theory guy on YouTube. That guy’s pretty cool. How about Halo top for keto Chase.

Okay, that’s fair enough. Hey, I lost 10 pounds on keto recently. It’s been great. keto cookies.

I want not those cookies. No, I want something that you can make you cook better so I have the full realm of situations. Thanks, CSJ. I’m learning so much from it.

I have no problem. These questions are sorbet sick. Okay, okay. What Okay, whatever.

All right. Um, fair enough. Well, I don’t even have the end stream button. This is fine.

This is little pretend we’re out. No, no, it’s not. I’m not. I’m not.

I think one time you said My husband was a teepee. I think he’s ESTP has that was an INFJ. I’m sure he’s not an ESTP. I look at ENT TP for him and en teepees are kind of the hardest people to type TPS always ended up with.

Yeah, NTP is always an INFJ is Romaine. Do you think ESF J could help you develop F fi trickster? They’re so demanding for FYI, it’s draining. Not my ESF J Sr. No, it actually makes it worse.

So I have to go away. No thanks. Which type is much more likely to get social anxiety? ISTPs and IMT peas. Let’s keep it on the topic of this lecture guys.

Okay. Okay, um, and survey we were talking about gelato and dessert stuff. Costco has keto ice cream bars. I work sales at Costco.

Yes, I have them in my freezer, and I have them all the time. But I don’t want that right now. I miss cookies, you know. So? Yeah, the cookies aren’t process so.

Okay. Well, it looks like run out of questions, guys. I think that’s it for the stream and the dog is barking again. So we’re gonna have to take him out.

Oh, okay. He wants his INFJ girlfriend. He’s Chinese engineer, very quiet. Look it up.

blows up. Sometimes rare. Probably an intp. Check that too, but it sounds like an NTP Michelle.

And yeah, I gotta take the dog out. Is there a way for ni to influence any? Absolutely. But that’s for the next lecture, bro. Absolutely.

There is. There, is there a way for Nia to influence any? Yes. Wow. Yes, there is.

I do need real food. Yeah, well, I had et. Yeah, well Kidoz not for everybody. So endomorphs benefit from keto ectomorphs benefit from veganism.

And you see an ectomorph doing keto they’ll start to get fat and a mezzo morth benefits from Malkina body AFLW basically, but it’s really just you eat 40 to 50% protein and the rest of your macronutrients for the day is split down the middle between carbohydrates and fat and you do intermittent fasting still, even though you’re not on keto 2% of the population is like mezzo when does CS Joseph dosha start soon, very soon. Have a good night Chase. All right, cool. Well, thank you all.

I hope you enjoyed this lecture. And I’ll see you guys next month. For the next one. We’ll be discussing what is the second cognitive axis which will be introverted intuition expert sensing axis.

So I’ll see you guys very much and thank you for everything and I’ll talk to you guys later. Now, how to turn this off. I have no idea like anybody can get cancer from putting on too much weight and in fact, I’m worse

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