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CS Joseph responds to the monthly member acolyte question how can i as an entp protect the people i care about from my introverted feeling trickster?


Hey what’s up ego hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, today’s acolyte question, how can I as an intp archetype, protect the people that I care about and protect the people that I love from my Introverted Feeling trickster? What a great question. Very awesome question very happy about this question.

So let’s just get down into it down and dirty with Introverted Feeling trickster. It’s revealing trickster. What it basically does is that it causes ENTPs. And this also accounts this also applies to ESTPs, by the way.

But what extroverted feeling trickster does is that it causes these etps to become a moral people, they are very amoral, they lack morals entirely. The reason why is because from their perspective, anything can be a good thing. Anything can be a bad thing. It’s it’s it’s all subjective, what is good and what is bad is just subjective.

What really matters is just the facts, just the facts. And this is how it works psychologically speaking, right? So introverted, feeling trickster ends up being that problem and ends up being that main issue, for a lot of people are just, like, completely taken aback by it because of how pragmatic ETPs are. And in my opinion, this is their source of their pregnancy ism is Introverted Feeling trickster. Because as much as they’re very ethical people, they don’t have guiding principles in their life.

And due to the lack of these guiding principles, due to the lack of these guiding principles, they never they end up self sabotaging themselves all the time, or they actually end up bringing down other people in their lives in the process, which is pretty sad. It is very sad. It’s a problem. should watch out for Introverted Feeling trickster.

You know, we we ended up like going beyond just committing social faux pas, like an INTJ would have Extraverted Feeling trickster, with Introverted Feeling trickster, we are intentionally breaking the social rules, or even the rules in general, we’re actually breaking the rules like with our expert thinking critic, because it’s like, what’s the point in following the rules that we don’t even understand the principles behind the specific rules. It’s not about social norms, it’s about expert thinking rules, my bad so and they get to break those rules. And they’ll break those rules consistently. And that is a big issue, a major issue.

So watch out for that. Watch out for this standard. rule breaking that these FYI tricksters have and when they break rules, they have a tendency to create negative consequences for other people in their lives. Such that those other people end up suffering along the way.

Suffering they end up suffering a lot. Right. And that ends up becoming a major, major issue. So yeah.

Major, major issue so anyway, folks, that’s the problem with Eph I trickster and how do you how do you go out of your way to protect other people in your life from Introverted Feeling trickster and this is basically where Introverted Feeling trickster needs to become a master. And it’s all about principles. The problem is is that Introverted Feeling trickster cannot adopt it cannot create its own principles, it cannot really discover its own principles. They have to learn how to use ti parent and FE child as guidance functions, to basically learn the principles of other people and then a choose to adopt those principles of other people on a regular basis.

They have to choose to adopt principles. So, major issue, really big issue, choosing to adopt principles. Big deal, right? So when it comes to adoption of those principles, then they are more successful in life and they’re not bringing down other people. The problem is, is that what they don’t know is which principles to adopt.

I for one with in my own personal experiences, knee and teepee. I recently adopted the principles known as dokubo, also known as the way of the ronin, or the way of walking alone. And I have decided to set out my life and follow each of the principles of dokubo which is Japanese stoicism to a point. Yes, I still have to read the Aguirre I know I will read that, but I really am enjoying Miyamoto Musashi is Docomo and implemented the principles in my life, for which I am excited.

really thankful, very thankful for. So yeah. So another another another set of principles that I’ve also discovered in my life and adopted were Bruce Lee’s philosophy, the philosophy or the Dow, the way of Jeet Kune dough. And there’s a book that categorizes all this and curates it together a book called The Warrior Within by John Liddell, which is also a really good book.

And I highly, highly recommend that specific book for anti peace as well. Other good books out there for ESTP is like the manual by W anten. And even though it’s seen as a pickup artists book, it really just should impact every ESTP out there in a positive way. So that’s, that’s a really big deal, as well.

So major, major issue. So yeah, anyway, folks, it’s important. It’s a problem. You got to make sure that you have your Introverted Feeling trickster under control, and entirely understood.

It’s a really, really big deal. Really big deal. Try to handle it, see if you can, it’s all about adopting principles. And then eventually, as a result of adopting those principles, you’ll have Introverted Feeling mastery.

Surely when it comes down to it’s that it’s that amazing, it’s that good. Right? So, Doc, those principles, find those principles. And if you don’t know, go to other ePHI users seriously ask them what their principles are, ask them what their standards are, and why they have the standards, and what are the principles behind those standards. So you can learn principles as well.

You can’t just do it on your own. I mean, if you’re reading books or researching, you’re still technically going to other people, because they wrote it. But you need to do the same thing. From your point of view, you need to do the same thing.

And you know, it is, it is what it is. Go to FY users, find out the truth, find out what they’re all about and why they’re all about it, find out what those specific principles are. Because once you do, you will be able to adopt principles and try them out yourself. ESTP and ENTPs need to learn how to experiment with principles to see if the rules created or the standards created from those principles actually have any value.

And actually try it out for the ENTP that is called the method actor of process and the method actor of systems, where we try on new things and new ideas, kind of like a second skin to see if it works. And if it does, then we parse it out and parse out that second skin over time, which is absolutely incredible, if you think about it, that we’re able to do this. However, oftentimes when we’re trying out these principles, it can really have a tendency to bother other people. Because it’s like we’re changing too much wearing a mask.

When reality is we’re just doing a bunch of self discovery and soul searching. This is literally how etps soul search. That’s the point. That’s how it works.

So anyway, I’ve hammered this home. Thanks for watching and listening. And I’ll see you guys on the next episode.

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