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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how do i help my child become subconscious developed without sheltering them? Presented by Chris Taylor, aka Raka


Welcome to the CSS podcast. I am your host for this episode, Chris Taylor, also known as Raka, bringing you another acolyte question today. Now, today’s question is, as a parent, how do I help my child become sub developed without sheltering them? This is a fantastic question. But unfortunately for what I think you’re trying to get out of it, I feel like it’s the wrong question to be asking.

There’s an idea that, you know, we’ve always talked about sub conscious developed, people tend to be more happy and unconscious, develop, people tend to be more mature. Now, if you haven’t seen my video, kind of talking about these two factors, definitely go check that out. Because I do have a specific video talking about these two things and what happiness versus maturity actually means from the standpoint of, of octave Graham, and of development, because it’s not quite so simple as Oh, you know, some people are just happier. And shadow people are just mature.

So what I think that every parent wants when they’re raising their children is for their children to be as happy and prosperous as possible. Oftentimes, we don’t want our children to go through hardships earlier than they have to we, we here mature, and, you know, we initially think, Oh, well, you know, I don’t want my child to grow up too fast. I want them to be able to enjoy their time as a kid, and be happy and be worryfree. But the fact of the matter is, even if this was true cut and dry, Saab was happy and Chateau was mature.

The thing is, there isn’t a lot that you can consciously do. That’s going to prevent entirely them from developing on one of these two paths or not. And hopefully, by the end of the video, you understand that, even if you could, it’s not necessarily the route you’d want to take. It’s kind of like you, you think you want something and you get there.

And it’s not what you expected it to be. So let’s let’s talk about, again, what like, what do we mean when we say happy, mature? Well, I’ll go over it a little bit here. But when it comes to subconscious developed, we tend to look at people who are subconscious developed as having a little more energy to deal with life’s problems. The fact of the matter is, people that are existing in their ego or in their subconscious are utilizing the top half of the mind the half of the mind, where they’re already spending time naturally, with the type that they were born into.

Whereas with Shadow developed shadow focus people, they’re reaching outside of their ego, and developing the lower half of the functions and going outside of what is typically natural for them. People that are doing that, obviously, it’s like working a muscle, you’re going to tire yourself out it’s exercise. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What causes somebody to be shadow focused, or sub focused or shadow or sudden developed in the first place, is, let’s take a look at subconscious focused or ego.

What this basically means is they’re able to spend more time in their ego functions as a whole environment, that is what causes the shift between these two. So when you are enabled to spend more time in your ego, what this means is that your ego functions are more accepted in your environment. Now, this could this. What this means is that wherever the child is spending more time, or has a higher value towards whether that’s parent, friends, school, you know their social group as a whole.

Whether or not those ego functions are accepted is going to more determine whether or not they’re ego focused or shadow focused. If those functions if they end up finding that their shadow functions are more widely accepted in their social groups, or by their parents, then they’re likely going to spend more time at that side of the mind. mean, sheltering is a factor. But when you shelter, then we’re strictly looking at.

Okay, what is this mean? This means that you’re making yourself their primary interaction point. sheltering them, can actually still make them shadow developed if you’re not compatible with their ego functions, if you are compatible with their ego function, so altering will likely develop their subconscious. In a vacuum. Now, there’s a lot of other factors, what your actual relationship to your child is, is going to play a big role in this, it’s not just as simple as oh, we’re compatible together.

And so if they’re on their only, you know, interaction, then obviously, they’re going to develop subconscious. That is where it would lead, if you guys had in a perfectly ideal relationship, and there was no problems they did not as hard as this is to accept if they do not reject your interactions with them. Because even if you’re compatible with your child, if you’re sheltering them, and you’re their primary source of socialization, and they have an issue, there’s an issue between you and them, they’re probably going to go to their Chateau as a means of rebelling and pushing away. Now, this obviously, is going to depend on age groups.

When it comes to children, they go through several different phases of interaction with their parents as they grow older. You know, obviously, when they’re born, and they’re young, toddlers, babies, they rely on you for everything. As they get older, this becomes less and less so. So the next age group is, you know, we’ll say between, for the end of toddler beginning of childhood, between four and the start of adolescence.

And we’ll say just for the sake of argument, like 1112 years old, right, that phase, typically speaking, is the phase that they are most connected with their parents. And this is where you have the most influence with your child. Now, depending on how this phase of your relationship with them goes, is going to set the stage for the next phase, which is adolescents, where they are, where everything in their body and their biology is trying to tell them to step away from you as the parent and start becoming a young adult. And so in this phase, depending on what your relationship with them was in the prior phase, this phase is going to go a few different ways.

But typically speaking, if that prior phase was Rocky, they don’t feel like they can trust you, they don’t feel like they can come to you. This is where they’re going to branch out and their friend groups are going to become far more big of an influence than you are in their life. And regardless of what your relationship with them is, prior phase, this is still going to happen. It’s just to what extent do you still play a role? Now this is all to essentially say that the you are never going to be the entirety of the influence on your child.

The peak is you know that four to 12 year old range, but even then they’re still likely going to have friends. And also, whether or not you shelter them is kind of a wild card too. I will say that, typically speaking, sheltering is going to cause a lot more of a rocky relationship with them when they start to get into adolescence. But it’s not the primary driving factor.

Now, the next point is do you actually even want to make sure that they are subconscious developed, overshadowed developed in the first place or unconscious developed in the first place? It kind of depends. So, what essentially happens when somebody is subconscious developed or subconscious focused? is yes, they tend to be a little happier. They’re operating with more energy in the four functions that they were basically born into. And they are overcoming their primary anxiety or the fear associated with their development into the subconscious.

So that Inferior function has been Coming stronger. This is the point where, you know, I shamelessly plug that we are coming out with a course with Chase and John Bodeen, called ego hacking your fear. It is very relevant to this and sub development. So make sure you guys check that out.

So with subconscious development, they’re operating in those four top functions in the ego stack, and you’re gonna have a lot more energy. But what’s the downside of this, the downside is that, eventually life is going to throw a curveball that your ego functions are not equipped to deal with. Sometimes your shadow functions won’t be either. But I digress.

More often than not, if your ego functions don’t handle something your shadow functions can at least make do because between the two of them, you have all eight functions of cognition, just with different attitudes and the functions. So what you’re essentially doing is in the long run, if your subconscious developed, you’re going to hit a snag, that is going to be far more impactful on your life, potentially in a negative way, sometimes in a positive way. But what you’re doing is specializing in one thing, and having less of a net to cover your bases. On the flip side of things, with your shadow developed people, they’re going to be less energetic, they’re accounting for more functions on a regular basis, then your subconscious developed person is.

And so they’re going to be more mentally drained in a one to one comparison. Okay. It also means though, that they are not as specialized with either set of functions. So it really comes down to this jack of all trades, master of none kind of situation, in a sense.

So realistically, then, with all of that said, what, what is our role as a parent in Okta, gram in typology and understanding our children’s types? Well, it’s just that it’s understanding it is. The idea is to understand what their Okta gram is, so that you can better understand the pitfalls that they may reach, and so that you can better assist them as they’re growing into adulthood. It is our responsibility as parents to understand our children, but also to accept that they while we are responsible for them, while we are responsible for their safety, their health and well being especially up until adulthood, we also have to recognize that they are growing into an autonomous adult eventually. So what we should be doing is working towards assisting them to be self sufficient, so that when they become an adult, they are able to handle life’s problems as adequately as they can.

Every human’s going to go through problems, you can’t save them from the problems of the world. The best we can do is teach them. Okay, well, when things go wrong, here’s how we figure that out. So the idea, in my opinion, is, don’t try to force a specific doctor and mentor your children.

Because no matter what you think, is the ideal side of the mind for them. Life’s going to challenge them regardless, life is going to kick them regardless of whether or not they are sub or shadow developed. Instead, try to understand your children try to understand the pitfalls that are going to come with their their type and their Okta gram so that you can better help them when they run into challenges that they are not able to handle on their own. Anyway, I hope you guys found this episode useful, helpful, insightful, please leave a comment if you have any questions down below.

I do try to at least read through all the comments. I try to answer as many questions as I can. And with all that said, we’ll catch you guys on the next video. Have a good night.


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