Season 15, Episode 12 Transcript



00:02 Hey guys, it’s CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life doing another episode for season 15 Except it’s like episode 13 And this particular episode I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. And this is like technically a reshoot, and I never reshoot but for some reason the GoPro decided to turn itself on, or turn itself off on me like last night and I have no idea why it’s probably because I recently updated it not have to actually check to make sure that the auto turn off setting is not back on regardless. Be that as it may, we’re gonna give this another go. So we went into this episode for a long time.

The reason why is it because everyone understands like my disdain, my absolute disdain for the MBTI test and how the MBTI test is basically a complete and total utter failure. Why is that? Well, it’s because you can’t get anything actually accurate out of it now, okay, every now and then be like, oh, yeah, I got accurate. It’s all true, man. I’m totally down for this.

I took the test. It was dead on accurate no matter what, like, okay, yeah, sure. There’s got to be some positive things in there. I mean, they are a business, right? And then that means technically, they would have to actually have a product that’s worth selling, which means that we’d have to work sometimes.

But what about the rest of us? What about the rest of us who consistently get Miss types from the MBTI tests on a regular basis? Then all sudden, you got Mr. CS Joseph doing his episode season two, episode one about how much he hates the MBTI test. But this particular episode, we’re gonna be talking about why I don’t like the test, and how the test actually works in such a way where it’s continually and continuously giving and consistently giving Miss typings to people. And we just did an mistyping lecture for the season season 15.

So this is a bonus episode for season 15. Specifically, to talk about why the letter dichotomy system of the MBTI is actually a complete and utter failure. And it is technically actually like, you know, fake news. So we’re all about fake news these days, it seems, you know, us millennials, and Gen Z is all about the fake news.

And the MBTI is absolutely no exception. Because that as a test, it really is fake news. So why is that? Well, because the letter dichotomies, there’s a lot of problems with the tests, we’ve talked about the problems before, people are consistently. They don’t understand like the definitions of the terms within the questions themselves.

They don’t understand. Let’s see the letter dichotomies like what are the meanings behind the actual letters themselves. They also don’t really know themselves, or they could lack introspection, which is something that is gained by person as a result of maturing, but immature people have like way less introspection, and then as a result, it’s like, okay, that means we’re as lots of human error prone to taking the MBTI tests. And then when we’re like, oh, yeah, Myers Briggs Type indicators, the dopest is actually not because what is it, it’s a test.

And people who are prone to human error, take the tasks, which gives them bad errors. This is why as awesome as Dario Nardi is, he can’t just administer the MBTI tests before doing his neuroscience experiments, right? If he is relying on the test itself, for his neuroscience experiments, specifically to identify somebody’s type, then the results of experiments are going to be inaccurate, because what about all the people who missed typed? Don’t you see the problem here? How about we actually get some accuracy around here? Oh, yeah, accuracy would be nice. That’s why we have the type grid and then the type grid, which is the dopest. The Type grid itself will be upgraded very soon, it already covers interaction styles and temperaments.

And then it’s going to eventually cover cognitive axes and quadros we’ll have those added to the Type grid documents so that you guys can follow along, we’re also going to put that in the mobile app to make it even easier on everybody. But the point is, is that you will have a system so that when you come into contact with somebody within 30 seconds of like knowing somebody right off the bat, you know for sure what type they are, you instantly know what cognitive functions they have and then because of that, you know all of their pressure points for positive and negative as a result, you have the opportunity to optimize your interaction with that fellow human being right. Oh, and also you understand yourself as his understanding yourself you can also optimize interactions with yourself and with other people because you actually understand what your needs are emotional needs for example, sexual needs for example, professional needs for example, how you interact with the world basically having that information and the in the in the you know, in the in your palm, you know what I’m saying? Like, like on a smartphone, having that information like right there would definitely serve you pretty well and you might actually get somewhere in life for once you know what I’m saying? This is why knowing this information is absolutely crucial. It’s absolutely required.

So just keep that in Mind, like, seriously, keep that in mind? Wow, like my pants keep falling off because I’ve lost a lot of weight recently, new diet. So I think it’s gonna be like a very permanent diet, actually. But anyway, that’s not relevant to this discussion, we’re talking about dichotomies. So the MBTI test, prone to human error prone to errors prone to test taker bias, actually, I’ve noticed that a lot of the tests out there, especially on the internet, who claim to be MBTI tests, a lot of people score INTJ.

And you know what, guess what, I’m one of those people, I scored INTJ, even though I’m actually a teepee. In second time, I took the test, I scored an INFJ. And then the third and fourth time to test it was INTJ. I’m all over the place.

You see what I’m saying? Again, that’s errors. That’s very error prone. And that’s not how it works, right. The problem is the MBTI test itself.

I mean, other than the fact that it’s just a test, and like there’s like, that’s it. It’s just a test. That’s it. It’s just a test there.

The MBTI is not union analytical psychology, it is not cognitive functions. It is not for sides, the mind is not anything except just a test. That’s it. That’s all it is just a test.

There is nothing else just to test. All right. This is a test of the emergency broadcast alert system. Yeah, exactly.

It’s just a test that is the MBTI. So now that we know that it’s just a test, let’s understand something. It is not built to detect cognitive functions. And that is where the inaccuracy lies.

That’s where it becomes a problem, right? This is why we need to stay away from the test. Instead, it focuses on something called Letter dichotomies. These are the letters themselves. See it when See, so that’s why you got people you know, certain YouTubers out there that like to consistently trash the work that we’re doing here at CSJ.

All while, you know, deciding it’s a really good idea to just kind of, you know, sit in front of a I don’t know a bedsheet while smoking pot. And I mean, obviously, they have all the credibility in the world. So I mean, let’s, let’s, let’s continue to listen to their letter dichotomy. Point of View here.

Yeah, no, because seriously, all these people do is like a wound guys. You know, that guy, he’s obviously really introverted. He’s always alone by himself all the time, you know. And he’s obviously very sensing.

He’s so present and so earthy, you know, and, you know, he’s always spending his time needle with his nose and books, you know, when reading things. So he’s obviously a thinker. And then it’s like, Alan, he’s sound judgmental. So he’s obviously a judging type.

So he’s an ISTJ. When in reality is that person is actually an ISTP. Because they have ti hero, which is a judging function, right? You see what I’m saying? And and because of TI hero being a judging function, they they the test or the letter dichotomy system would automatically say ISTJ, when in reality, they’re an ISTP. Wow, right.

Or even go further than that. Look at me, I took tests, I got the INTJ result. But that’s the my shadow. But I was also very shadow focused that time when I was stuck in my shadow was not my true ego.

My true ego is an EN TP and I did not become the ESTP completely all the way until I was able to get outside to get my head outside of those those sources of abuse and source of trauma, which is like basically around 26 years old, because I finally was able to get into my ego when I turned 26. Literally 26 I’ll tell you exactly what happened. It was in Leavenworth, Washington, I was on vacation at the time with some friends. And it literally just hit me it just like boom, wow, I’m actually an intp.

And that was a very painful, transformative process to go through after I had to organize my entire life, from the purpose from the perspective of an INTJ come to realize that I absolutely was not an INTJ. It took my mentor and my INFJ mentor just pointed out to me like, yeah, bro, you’re not an INTJ. Look at you. You’re the most extroverted person at the table.

Because we went out to eat at one of my favorite Thai food restaurants. And sure enough, he was absolutely right. 09:16 He was absolutely right. I had, I had no idea.

It was earth shattering. I basically mentally lost everything. I had to completely rebuild my entire persona from scratch and relearn everything completely. It was absolutely earth shattering.

And I had to unlearn what I had learned when it came to anything MBTI or personality type. Because up until that point, I was what you would call an MBTI expert, and not really an expert on Union analytical psychology. I was so focused on the test and so focused on the lettering dichotomies, that’s all my mind would even allow myself to go to a consistent problem, not something I’d recommend. So be aware of this So this is this is an issue.

So how do we, how are we? How are we aware of this? Right? So what do we do in this situation? Well, let’s talk about the cognitive functions. Let’s let’s let’s actually define the cognitive functions in a way that makes sense so that we can actually then look at the letter dichotomies, and then try to make sense as to what actually happens to give some specific examples of specific types as to why the dichotomy system of the MBTI test is fundamentally flawed. Okay, so we’re going to do that with Mr. red pen.

And we’re going to get right down to it. So we have extroverted sensing, which is port II, which has died in the last day of filming attempt, for some reason, has just been resurrected. Yes. So extroverted sensing.

So about physics is all about being present. Right? It’s it’s living in the present moment. That’s where they are in time, right? Then you have Introverted intuition, which is willpower, what a person desires, what their passion is, right? What is it they specifically want? What is the best future for them? What is the best path forward for them, that they can literally get their way through? Like, honestly, if you were to watch the scene about Introverted intuition in a movie, watch Bradley Cooper’s limitless, that scene where he takes that with it where his girlfriend takes the NZ T drug. And she’s about to be assaulted by, by these two men chasing after and then and then he tells her like, just take the drug take drugs, you’ll be able to think your way through any through through all of it.

And then she takes it and then she’s able to literally think her way all the way out to get away from the bad guys. And that’s because it’s Introverted intuition, it’s able to find the best path forward. That’s what it does. Okay.

So it’s for intuition. It’s also about one’s own personal future, one’s own personal consciousness, essentially. And then as a result of having that personal, personal unconscious, they’re able to basically see into the future like a sniper rifle really far out in the future. introverted, sensing a little bit different.

It’s where a person exists in the past. It’s also their long term memory access. When someone has an introverted sensor, they can remember literally everything the higher Introverted Sensing they have, the more they can remember basically, like an SI hero from like an ISTJ or an ISFJ. Good luck telling them something didn’t happen, because guess what they would know that.

Or you could go back to extroverted sensing again, it’s short term memory access. It’s like RAM. So if Introverted Sensing is your hard drive, and extroverted sensing is like random access memory, new information comes in, pull pushes the old information out, is that information written in the Introverted Sensing harddrive? Well, if that hard drive space is really small, because it’s in their unconscious or the shadow, it’s not really going to be going anywhere, is it? And then the mind has to really think okay, well, what’s important for me to write and store and Introverted Sensing and what’s not? I’ll just have to rediscover it again with extroverted sensing. That’s literally how it works.

Oh, yeah. And that was a difference between discovery and gosh, I forgot what that thing was. Because like I literally found out my PETRONAS yesterday on Pottermore. And it’s the Black Swan and I like totally, absolutely agree with that.

Also, I’m in slithering. I mean, you probably already knew that though. The point is expert intuition. metaphysics, right? metaphysics is the future it is fate.

That is what it is. Fate, everyone’s fate, everyone’s collective future, it is the great what if it is where our race is going, I have expert intuition hero. This gives me the ability to see into other realities. And I could see all possible infinite futures 360 degrees around me.

And I can get literally time travel my mind. I’m like literally channeling Alexander when I say that, but like, I’m literally time traveling. In my mind, I’m going into all these different futures and constantly looking with my crystal ball, my mental crystal ball, all the different possible futures as to what’s going to happen. And so I could try to pick the ideal ones, and then make decisions based on my personal experience, or having input from other people, such that I could actually make each of those features more likely to come true.

This is literally how enps work as expert intuition. The thing is, though, while I can see all infinite features and see the my own fate and everyone else’s fate combined simultaneously, the range is limited. I’m not able to see as far right? And the reason for that is because expert intuition is attached Introverted Sensing the more experience I have, all that has happened before will be able to happen again, the more experience I have, the more into the future, I can see. The problem is, is that Introverted Intuition still can see way, way, way, way, way farther, but they can only see one future at a time, whereas expert intuition could see all everything.

So it’s the difference between a sniper rifle and a shotgun, essentially. And then we have Introverted Thinking which is logic it’s all about If This Then That If This Then That. If that’s true, then that’s true. If that’s true, then that’s false.

That’s false, then that’s true. If that’s false, then that’s true, etc. And it’s literally just this line of 100 thoughts at a table in your going true, false, true, false, true, false, true, false, true, false, true false and you have all your thoughts separated false and all your other thoughts separate and true, and then you make it this isn’t right, te a little bit different? T is 10 of those tables with 10 thoughts per table, essentially. And they’re all going to fall simultaneously.

And then it’s majority rules out majority of the thoughts said of true up, that’s the decision we’re going for that is rationale, it is known as beliefs or belief systems, rational thinking systems thinking it is input, whereas Ti is output, okay, Ti is output Very good. Then we have input, awesome, then we have, or no, actually Ti is process my bad process, Fe is output. 15:39 And an FYI, is feedback. Awesome.

So just to give you an idea of how the decision making functions work, there’s 15:48 also a similar model for the perception functions. But we’re not going to be talking about that until like season 17, or season 18 is going to be the dopest. I can’t wait to share it with you. But first, we got to get through these bonus episodes, because we have all this extra information that’s been requested by the audience.

So that such that when it’s provided, you guys will have it, you’re happy, you’re good. And then we can actually set a very nice foundation for us going into the subsequent seasons that we’re going to be getting into, it’s gonna be awesome. So now we have extroverted feeling, it’s always ethics, it’s all about making people feel good man, you know, or morals? If it feels good, do it, man. No, no, that’s not what I mean, morals is all about having moral principles.

It’s all about what an individual feels is a good or bad thing. Whereas extroverted feeling is about what the collective what people in general would feel is a good or bad thing. And that’s kind of like how extroverted sensing is like what people in general how people in general would react to that. That’s why like intimate, like, STPs, are very sensitive to certain acts of affection, because they’re like, Whoa, dude, you’re like, totally creepy being like super mega affectionate like that.

Because in their minds, people in general, would react badly to that, it’s not necessarily that they themselves would react to it, it’s just like, they would consider that people in general would react to that with their expert sensing. And so they, they don’t go for that, right. The same thing is different, you know, with Extraverted Feeling, you know, it’s all about what people in general feel is a good or bad thing, essentially. So just something to be aware of.

So these are the cognitive functions. And there’s something to note about the cognitive functions. All right, something that we probably should have talked about a lot more but we haven’t really done so yet. But let’s take a look.

Okay. So extroverted sensing is a guess what? It’s a p function for P for perceiving it is a perceiving function, right? And then we have entered intuition guess what, that’s also a P, and then Introverted Sensing also, a P and expert intuition also P. All of these are perception functions, right? Wait a minute, doesn’t the MBTI have Jays and peas. Oh, okay.

Wait, am I judging, perceiving, okay. Now, that’s probably how they do it. Right. That’s probably how they do it.

Okay. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, it’s not. And then we have judging functions. Yay.

All the rest of the functions are judging functions. So we have a bunch of P functions, bunch of J functions. Okay. Very nice.

So now that we know all of this right here, now, are you guys starting to see why the MBTI is an absolute total failure, and it’s literally fake news. We should probably paid not any attention to it whatsoever, other than the fact that it could only be used for ballparking. Yeah, okay. Fair enough.

Well, let’s look at a little bit different over here. And I’m so glad I moved that bookshelf, because I have so much more room to walk now. Yeah. And it actually is going to be a lot more convenient to use in the studio, if I do say so myself.

Also, like, I need more art, please send me more art. I need art. And I love art. I’ll put it all over the place.

So more art, and that’s dope. So anyway, welcome to The MBTI lettering dichotomy system, and it’s like, oh, and I Okay, that guy’s obviously extroverted. So he’s an E, Oh, that guy is obviously introverted. So he is an eye, you know what I’m saying? And then sensing is like, Oh, he’s very sensitive.

So he’s an S and the oh, he’s very intuitive. So he’s an N, you know, and then thinking and feeling and perceiving and judging. And that’s literally what people do. They just look at their fellow human beings and they’re just like, well, he seems extroverted.

Oh, he seems intuitive. He seems feeling he seems judging. So he’s obviously an ENFJ. When they’re probably an INFP in their shadow, or maybe they’re just an ENFP because they have F fi parent.

You see what I’m saying? The letter dichotomies are so terrible. Don’t do it. So let’s look at an example. We’re talking about judging and perceiving so much.

So let’s talk about a specific example. Okay. INFP and INFJ. I’ve talked about this before, in in my lecture, how do you inf J’s compare to inf peas.

Okay. So let’s take a look. Did you know that INFJ has ni hero right? Did you know that INFP has F fi hero? Okay, well, let’s take a look at that. Let’s reference that.

And I hero Oh, it’s 19:51 a perceiving function. Okay, FYI, here. Oh, it’s a J function. Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, this is a p function. But why are they a J? Why? In a minute, this is a J function, but why are they a P? Can you not see already? Can you not see already how it is, I mean, someone like probably just now delivered something to me. So that was kind of odd. But whatever it is what it is, I could have just like opened the door and like brought them in and be like, Hey, you’re on like camera right now.

And then Oh, thank 20:17 you very much, sir. And have a good day. But I’m definitely not going to do that. Yeah, no, not comfortable.

Anyway, INFP it is FY hero is all about decision making. It’s all about how they feel about everything. They’re classifying everything in their life between what is a good thing and what is a bad thing and then developing their own moral principles as a result, right? But for some reason, they’re a pay, right? Or look at INFJ. Right? You know, and I hear it was a perceiving function yet they’re considered a J type.

Okay, so what’s wrong? That’s because introverts, introverts have this problem, right? Okay. Yes. Now, okay. All the audience is literally at this point saying, Well, what about Socionics? Because in Socionics, their lettering system doesn’t have to deal with this crap.

Like, yes, you’re right. Socionics does not have to deal with the fact that these letters are incorrect. And they actually fix that. Thank you.

Socionics. You know, what, yes, go ahead and study Socionics. In fact, definitely get on the Socionics bandwagon, well, before you ever get to MBTI. In fact, actually, how about you just ignore MBTI and just go straight to Socionics, you’d be doing yourself a favor, you know what I’m saying? Like, seriously, do it that way.

And not this way. You’re, I’m saying, but here’s the issue MBTI Types, they get lots and lots of good search engine optimization. So I mean, I remember businessman at the end the day, so I’m definitely going to be like, you know, using those letters, because I like SEO and also at the same time, it’s what people are generally used to already. So that also gives me the opportunity to create cool debunking lectures like this, you know, so I can actually, you know, trash the fact that the MBTI is literally worthless, except it’s only useful for you know, ballparking, etc.

But fair enough. So INFP INFJ, you can see right here how this is very flawed, and that consistently happens among introverts is TPS for example is TJs is T j’s are considered their J type. But Introverted Sensing is their hero, which means they it’s a perceiving hero, whether they’re still considered J, or you have ISTP with ti hero, ti hero is a J function, but they’re still considered a p type, right? It’s wrong. It’s different.

And the MBTI test is consistently testing these people, especially introverts, because extroverts don’t necessarily have this J versus p problem, because extroverts The MBTI is aware of that and it’s okay. But when it comes to introverts, the rules are a little bit different, because a te hero is automatically an ETJ by default, so they have their JSON or peas not mix up for the extroverts, but for the introverts, it’s completely mixed up. And that’s why if you’re an introvert, you’re more likely 25% More likely, why 25% Because you have an actual for total options here for the letters. And I think, you know, one out of four is technically 25%.

And it was actually pretty easy. Just come out of it, come up with that statistic completely right out of my rear, if you know what I’m saying. But the point is, just realize that if you’re an introvert, you have a 25% increased chance of getting a miss type as Zopo taking the MBTI type, just because you’re an introvert. Okay, so that’s already a huge problem.

So okay, that just reduced the MBTI test by 75% effectiveness. If you you have a 5050 chance of having said a 25% reduction in effectiveness for the test. Great. I too want to go spend $2,000 When getting certified with the MBTI so I can administer that flawed test.

Yes, it makes me like super happy and excited. And then also very nervous and concerned for my future. Because why would I make an investment like that? Anyway? And then thinking and feeling? Same thing, big issue. Look at these two types.

We have the E and F j. Okay. And then you have the E n f p. Okay.

ENFJ ENFP. Okay, yeah, the J’s appeals are good. But what about the F part thinking and feeling? Does you know that the ENFJ is technically a TI user. It’s a TI user as ti inferior ti inferior is a J function, and it’s very internal.

So it is a source function because it’s an introverted function. But then you have ENFP, which has an N, which is an F fi user, right? F Fi is a decision making function. Okay, so wait a minute, why? Why is the ENFP the ENFJ? Or why isn’t? Why isn’t se en TJ right? Because they are using ti because TE is not a source of TI right? You see what I’m saying? So why is that? Again, it leads to miss types. This is why people all the time end up having you know, their absentees mixed together or their Jays and peas mix together, which leads to miss Titan when they take the test.

It is a problem. Okay, or we have sensing versus intuition. This one’s really, really interesting because I don’t know how many times I’ve seen inf J’s specifically what other type does it as well? I’ve seen Oh yeah, en te J’s en TJ is an ES TJ is that’s a big one. So and TJ, and then es TJ, these two types often get confused to each other between sensing and intuition.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen because of how external you know, because extroverted sensing, especially se child, because it’s optimistic, it’s like way out there it is. So in your face, it is such an in your face function, right. And because it is an in your face function, it’s very out there and it makes it so much easier for the MBTI test to detect because it’s so out there. So and TJ is often miss type as es TJ is right? I mean, that is technically Why did that lecture, you know, how do es TJ is compared to en ti J’s, because people are consistently having that problem.

They’re taking that test and then realizing oh, my results, these are my results. And they come here to this YouTube channel. They’re like, Oh, that doesn’t sound like me when they’re watching season three, who are the en TJs? That doesn’t sound like me, or who are the ESTJ is that doesn’t sound like me. So what am I gonna do? Well, maybe you should probably like do more research and then they do.

And then they find how do ESTJ is compared to INTJs. And they realize all along, they’re actually the INTJ. And the test did not tell them that wow, completely different way of looking at it. And while they probably were building a wife on the fact that they thought they already ISTJ for like years, right? It’s a very painful experience a very painful situation to be in I know because I used to be there I used to do that that happened to me.

And then oh yeah, extroverted versus introverted. This is also super, super common and TP intp test or you go back to INFJ. Give me a mixed up with ENFJ very, very common, very, very common tests, test results. Why is that think about it.

The intp is the most introverted of the extroverts hands down. The reason is is because of is FJ subconscious is FJ subconscious is extremely behind the scenes, it is the most behind the scenes of the of the background types, basically in that interaction style. And like for example, if I’m in a social gathering or social situation, if I’m uncomfortable, I’m going to be just behind the scenes, I’m not going to engage with anybody, I’m assuming full responding and people come up to me, I don’t want to have anything to do with anybody. I don’t feel comfortable to engage.

So it’s not going to happen until finally I either start making people uncomfortable because I’m not engaging, or I’m just going to straight up, leave and go elsewhere or go home because why bother. I’ve just completely wasted my time. I don’t know how much time I have literally wasted on extraversion in my life doing this consistently over and over and over again because I’m always uncomfortable social situations. And that is just one example as to why the NTP is so introverted.

Here’s another example why the NTP is so intuitive. We are started types and in order for us to actually get anything done, we have to force ourselves and lock everything else out in our lives so that we can get into our ni Nemesis to actually focus and get some work done. That’s kind of like what I’m doing right now with this lecture reshoot, lol. But that’s the point I’m trying to make.

That’s what it’s all about. That’s what it means. We can be like, introverted, and when someone knows that about themselves, and how introverted they may be, they start taking this test and they start answering yes to more interesting questions. And they end up scoring as an intp.

Instead of an E and TV, even though that’s inaccurate. They’re just not aware of the four sides of the mind. Oh, wait, another problem with the MBTI test. It’s not aware of the four sides of the mind.

Wow. Okay, hashtag waste of time, right? ballparking ballparking only, you know, where you can look at it this way. Nf j’s and INFJs does, you know the INFJ is the most extroverted of the introverts. They’re always down for a party, they’re always down for giving a good experience.

They’re always down for being a mixologist and mixing all the drinks and handling like the bar at a party or whatever, you know what I’m saying they’re always down for being the life of the party, because their ESTP subconscious just gets out there and wants to take charge of the party wants to take charge. And given the experience, it wants to make other people loyal to them and wants to make other people stronger, wants to improve. Everyone wants to be the center of the attention as much as it can. And then also it has the ENFP shadow in the ENFP shot.

I was like, Hey, look at me. I got zany charm, I’ll give you what you want, bro, you should think highly of me, bro. It’s all good. I got you, you know, you combine that ENFP and that ESTP.

At the same time, when they’re transitioning, and they’re different sides of their mind, guess what? They’re going to come off an extrovert and if they’re really used to that party like behavior that INFJs can typically get into, especially in their college years. When they’re taking the test. They’re going to answer yes to more of the extroverted questions. And then they’re going to score an ENFJ Oh, Miss type, 29:42 it’s not actually accurate.

Anyway, the point is guys, do not waste your time with the MBTI test. It is just a test and guess what it is not that accurate? It is not it is not as accurate. Why not? Because when we look at our demo graphics within our own discord, right? Our own discord, our own demographics, we have been keeping track of what types people claim they are. And we found out that the mishaps are even worse.

I originally said eight out of 10 accuracy on certain of these tests. No, no, no, it’s way worse way worse, it may be four out of 10 accurate, because we just do not know we do not know any of these things. So like, what do you do to solve the problem? Well, you can do what what you should be doing, which is going to see us Joseph that life right now, you put in your email, you get very nice, type grid. And then after you read the type grids, and you watch season two and season 15, playlist, you know how to use type grid, and then as your adult, every time you come into contact with somebody, you instantly know what type they are.

Ah, so DOP. Yeah, it is so dope. And especially like when we upgraded, then we thought on the mobile app, it’s gonna get even better. Yeah.

But the point is, that is what is necessary. That is what is needed. We just need to focus on becoming as accurate as possible. It’s just for ballparking people, and it could ballpark you and your shadow, it could ballpark you and your subconscious could ballpark you with one of the three or four one of the four letters wrong, maybe even two letters wrong.

In some cases, which we have seen. It’s just for ballparking, do not rely on the MBTI test for your personality type results. instead rely on the Type grid, because then you’re like going to be accurate. It just, it’s so much easier to just take a test and then get a result and be happy with it and start building your life around that result.

No, no, no, no, no, no, I understand that the Type grid is a little bit difficult. Guys, I know it’s a little bit harder. I know it requires more effort to utilize, I get it, I absolutely get it. And I understand and it requires a lot of study.

But once you’ve mastered it, and once you get to the point where you’re so good at that, that within 30 seconds of meeting somebody for the first time, you instantly know what type they are, you know what side of their minds, they have, you know, where their cognitive functions, you know, their pressure points, and you can optimize that interaction with that person, even if they are incompatible with you, you have the ability to do this. Why would you not do this? Why would you not have a better life? As a result? Why would you not increase the quality of your life as a result of taking those responsibility? You know, those you don’t take responsibility and actually learning the stuff because guess what, guys, this is a skill that everyone needs to know. Right? So learn it, it will serve you well, I promise, do not rely on the so called experts of MBTI or even Socionics. For that matter, to tell you what your type is.

It’s it’s something that you need to find out yourself. I am here to empower you, this audience to get the tools that you need to do accurately on your own without utilizing a test without checking your brain at the door without you you know, doing an appeal to authority. The test is an authority and its authority that’s been around for 15 or 20 or 50 years and obviously they know what they’re talking about. No, they don’t.

That’s like saying doctors nowadays know what they’re talking about when they’re when their medical school is still based on science from the 1970s. Like, do you really want to play that appeal authority logical fallacy game with me when it comes to doctors? Yeah, no, I’ve had my life put in danger more so by doctors than most people. So like, take that take what doctors say with a grain of salt. And as much as you should be taking what the MBTI says with a grain of salt.

Hell take what I say with a grain of salt. We could use some more cynicism and critical thinking around here. Maybe we’d have a better society. Yeah, that’d be nice.

That’d be really nice. Anyway, learn the Type grid and then get a better quality of life know yourself no others do not rely on this letter dichotomy system this failed system for ballparking and get some accuracy in your life. That way you’re able to have the highest quality life and optimize every single one of your human interactions. If you found this lecture useful, helpful educational enlightening, please subscribe the channel here on YouTube and also on the podcast.

If you’d like to support us at the CSJ community we do have a patreon now, so go ahead and check out our Patreon if you want to get to our private lectures that’s gold tier and above specifically, we’re gonna be adding some additional things to the perks as well if you need coaching we you can go to CS Joseph dot life click coaching and then yeah, you can be coached by me one on one sessions I could also do couples as well. If you want to get to your questions answered on the q&a live streams click on Discord The link is below. Get on Discord and put your questions in the q&a session where we changing up how we do questions to make it easier for people to ask their questions. Instead of having the Patreon questions just dominate everything, we’re only do like, you know limit people to like one a week etc or at least one per stream etc.

One to two per stream. If you want to meet me in person, you can come to our bay area, psychology meetup. That link is also below in the video description as well. So anyway, guys, good luck on your journey.

Make sure that you are avoiding the letter dichotomies. system and focusing more so on cognitive functions as well as the type grid so that you can have the absolute best personality type result. And that way people like Tai Lopez will stop telling us you know how terrible union analytical psychology is and start praising hexaco tests for some reason. I have no idea why he does that.

But apparently he does. So yeah, just something for all to be aware of. Thanks for watching, and I’m now off to Orlando. See you soon.

Have a good day.

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