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I’ve had too many negative experiences with it. JS any advice? Before I can answer please consider subscribing the channel so I too can have a fly land on my head and make me the internet sensation. I was born to be at the alert bell so you get notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up you hackers? Welcome to the CSJ podcast.

IMCs hood ciff here to respond to your questions on any topic union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind. And the source of today’s question. It’s actually different. No, really, it is.

It’s different, I promise because it’s from Reddit. So we’re on Reddit. Weird, especially with all the burning effigies about me but hey, I decided to mix it up because core questions kind of went downhill in quality for a little bit trying to clean up my spreadsheet on there and then I’m going to get back to him but I decided I’m gonna do some a little bit of Reddit because why not? Answering other people’s questions with or without their permission is an EN TPS dream, of course. So PLAs TM asks I’ve had two negative experiences with it j’s and the advice they’re claiming to be an INFJ when asking this question quote, not all it Jays as one of my closest friend is an INTJ and I’ve certainly met plenty of great it jays, how do they know? However, I’ve Wait, I have way too many purely negative experiences of the INTJ specifically, more so than other personality types.

I Gee, I wonder why. Speaking from my experiences, not the type is a hole that would make me know better than what I’m about to explain. They’re usually super stubborn, stuck up individuals who are wrong about everything and seem to think they’re God’s perfect gift who are always right and above all creation. Are you considering talking about FYI child God Complex this moment? Wait a minute, are you an INFJ? Have you checked yourself for TI child God Complex? I don’t know.

I don’t know it the it could be a thing. Maybe maybe that’s not the problem. I don’t know. There’s probably a floating question mark over my head right now.

Maybe there isn’t. I don’t know. They turn every single conversation into an argument for seemingly no reason it’s kind of more of a TI parent argument. I think you’re probably projecting it Jays on Miss tight etps Just Just saying.

Even those they are clearly weren’t part of in the first place rants ended. The healthy ones show general stubbornness and difficulty taking into consideration information which conflicts with their own ideas, what introverted feelers are having subjective beliefs because Introverted Feeling is far more subjective than Introverted Thinking but Introverted Feeling is far more objective than extroverted feeling? Wait a minute. So, FYI is the objective function of the fit ie access with Te being subjective, but when compared to TI Fe and ti being the objective function of the TI Fe access with Fe being the subjective function? Ti is still subjective when compared to FYI Wait a minute. How dare you talk about this on Reddit? How dare you? This is incorrect.

No, wait a minute, it is correct. As an INFJ Oh, I love it. When they do that. The healthy ones show general stubbornness and difficulty taking into consideration information which conflicts with their own ideas, but that usually chalks up to them taking valuable time to consider it instead of outright rejecting it.

And being a straight douchebag. Are you sure you’re not talking about ti parents? I am a TI parent. And I guarantee you if I ever came into contact with you, you would refer to me as a straight douchebag. At least I’m a straight one.

Anyway, as an INFJ that too, and by the way, I’m not against gay people. So like, don’t freak out when I say something like that, like seriously guys know, like, and also people think like, I believe that homosexuality is a sin. No, not really. The word in the New Testament is our Sunoco through it, which actually means men who share many beds.

It’s a mistranslation. Hashtag do your research. Anyway, as an INFJ that to describe the difference between healthy and unhealthy INFJs Oh, so you’re you’re aware of your own innate Layton to Templar hypocrisy? This is a good poster. I should probably want to read more.

And I’ve been both within my lifetime. Thank you for the humility good, sir. I appreciate it. Also, let me clarify that over half of these experiences have been in the gaming community Oh, wow.

Wait a minute. Okay. Maybe they are talking about it J’s because it J’s especially INTJ. So they’re se inferior.

Good. So super competitive in the gaming community. Of course, that would make a lot of sense. Right.

Well, Wait a minute, what about ISTJ is FJ can be as they can be competitive but not as much as an INFJ. And of course INFJ would be or an INTJ. And of course an INTJ will be complaining about how competitive an INTJ are because no one’s more competitive than an INFJ quite frankly. Which is known for the vast amount of mentally unhealthy people.

Okay. Are you really telling the gaming community that they’re mentally unhealthy? I guess I’m mentally unhealthy because I play games apparently. Thank you te trickster for that over encompassing label. I’m sure you would be amazing to have political office away.

That’s usually why INFJs don’t have political office because te trickster with these crazy labels then how offensive they can come off and alienating people from the little pulpit that they preach from as they’re trying to run for office. Right. And I guess that’s why we’re stuck with all these philosopher types. Like es TJ is an INFP is an office instead.

Because you know, they look more presidential. Right? Thank you, Mike Pence for your ES TJ presents. Good sir. Anyway.

I’m aware that in these Okay, so yeah, okay. Yeah. But the ones I’ve had the displeasure of interacted with, tended to rubbed me the wrong way unlike other types and are consistently impossibly stubborn and arrogant. Have you met INFJ? Gamers? Are you sure you should be saying this? I don’t get it.

Is there some dynamic that just clashes between INFJs? And it JC Oh, yes, there is? How does their opinion forming process work? And how could it be flawed in an unhealthy it j’s are INTJ is more generally more prone to arrogance? Or is being unhealthy, more easily lead and do tendencies towards narcissism? Why would one world the INFJ the wrong way in a conversation while there’s a lot to unpack there. And if I was an INTJ, I’d be insanely offended by this post. Because Holy smokes, thank you for invalidating my entire existence as a human being plus TM, I don’t recommend you having these presuppositions moving forward about it J’s, because quite frankly, you’ve basically just alienated all of them. Now, let me explain why.

First of all, why do it J’s have a problem with INFJs, it’s because INFJs have ti child. And that means they’re very childish and innocent in their logic, and then they’re thinking, so an extroverted thinking parent from an INTJ, looks down on INFJs naturally, and sees them as childish. That’s literally what’s going on. They literally see INFJ as you plasmodium are seen as childish to it jays, and therefore naturally through their human nature, not their nurture, nature, it is natural for them to label you and treat you like a child because in their eyes, you behave like a child.

So they’re going to treat you that way. And they’re going to discriminate against you as such, right? Until, of course, you know, an INTJ with Te parent learns that there’s a such thing as a TI child, and then they’re not going to through human nurture in that learning, they’re not going to discriminate towards you anyway. But the here’s the bottom line people if you’re in a friendship or around or in a relationship or in a family with somebody whose parent function is the extroverted variant of your introverted variant child function, and vice versa, you will be seen as someone who is childish and you will be treated by them as if you are childish and that’s what’s happening but apparently you know, this INFJ doesn’t understand that concept and is just quick to label it Jays for being narcissistic for that. And I can understand where they’re coming to this this conclusion that it Jays are narcissists, because if they have FYI, child God Complex, that kind of sound like that, they kind of look like they’re narcissistic.

So I can completely understand where they’re coming from, from that point of view. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being narcissistic. They just value themselves so much that they forget to actually go out of the way to value others and show gratitude sometimes because they’re not aware of what’s socially acceptable so it’s kind of like they have the short end of the stick so stop blaming it Jays for being narcissistic, well, technically, they can with FYI, child god complex, but it’s not necessarily their fault. They have Extraverted Feeling trickster, they are unaware of social norms.

So stop judging them with your Fe parent. They’re judging you as childish with your thinking, but then you’re judging them as bad people as narcissists with your te trickster, because you’re incapable of labeling things properly, because they have Fe trickster because they’re not as socially aware as you are as an INFJ. How do you not come off as entitled, when making that statement? PLAs TM Can you could you explain this to me, right? I mean, Come on. Like, I understand that your TI child needs to criticize people and please continue to criticize people.

But please understand the context with which you’re speaking here because this is really unfair to it jays, yes, you can call them narcissistic for when they’re dealing with their FYI, child God Complex, which can happen, although usually, it’s mostly on the INTJ side, I don’t really see much FYI, child God Complex, often with ISTJ is because ISTJ is are affiliative always trying to do the right thing. And they usually stay in their lane, and they’re not as competitive as INTJ is, it’s just that when you combine the competitiveness of extroverted sensing, inferior, trying to aspire and master any skill, and add that with their FY child, that’s how they come off as FY child God Complex. So maybe plasti M, your problem is actually with INTJ is and not ISTJ is, especially since statistically, you’re likely to have a sexual relationship with an ISTJ anyway, because they’re your super ego type. And you have some sexual and emotional compatibility, yes, they’ll still see you as childish.

But they’re affiliative. Like you. Whereas the INTJ is pragmatic, they’re just gonna be independent and do whatever they want, regardless of the rules, and they will only follow the rules if the rules suit them. Whereas the ISTJ is just going to follow the rules like you are because you an INFJ are a rule follower, right? Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? I hope somebody understands what I’m trying to say here.

How does their opinion forming process work? Well, that’s easy. They just research and because their te parent and Te hero, or you know, top two functions are te and they’re both te parent, they serve a people. So they serve a will other people around them are thinking and then they use their FY child to value what all their that data that they’ve just collected to determine a standard of some kind, and they live their life by that standard. And that’s how their opinion forming process works.

And that’s very healthy. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like you have a healthy opinion because you have te trickster and opinions come from extroverted thinking, and it’s your greatest weakness. So I would suggest you watch out before you suggest your opinion because te trickster opinions alienate people because you’re not aware of what other people are already thinking.

And chances are you’re sharing an opinion that people around you already have which either makes you come off as super boring, or no one wants to stick around for that or it makes you come off as fake or insensitive because it’s like why aren’t you already aware of what they’re thinking right? But you’re judging it Jays right here for not being aware of how other people feel like you are? Hypocrite much. This is why I complain about Templar struggling with hypocrisy. You might want to watch season 17 Right? A season 17 episode where where I talk about temporal archetypes the beta quadra, please watch that episode and season 70 Do yourself a favor I think is like episode eight, if I remember correctly. And yet your next question here.

How and could it be flawed and unhealthy it Jays Yeah, it can be flawed if their survey process is flawed if they’re not following some semblance of the scientific method. But usually, the data that they’re collecting should give them enough information to be able to form an opinion. And that’s a standard or principle as a result. It just depends on how much effort they put into it.

But that doesn’t make an INTJ unhealthy it could just mean that they’re being lazy. And an ISTJ is more likely to be lazy than an INTJ. And it’s not that the INTJ is lazy. It’s just that the INTJ doesn’t even know what to do.

They don’t even know where to start. So stop judging them for that. It’s not fair. Like seriously stop.

It’s not fair. Our itj is generally more prone to arrogance. Well, yeah, if they have si child god complex, but I’m sure in my in my opinion, I think ti child God Complex is far more arrogant than and fi child complex. Like seriously, you might want to you might want to check yourself in that area.

Or does being unhealthy more easily lead into tendencies towards narcissism again with a narcissism stop? No, no, no, no, people need to stop automatically labeling FYI, child as narcissistic. It’s sick and wrong. Stop doing that. That’s literally child abuse to those people stop abusing their child, like stop.

Why would one rub an INFJ the wrong way in conversation? Probably when someone is not listening to you probably want someone wants to abandon you in the conversation because you’re alienating them and they don’t want to stick around. And probably someone is trying to go out of their way to take away your freedom of choice because they realize how irresponsible you are by having freedom to begin with. And they’re telling others around you how they don’t value what you think. And they never consider coming to you and asking you for advice because they’re afraid of being alienated.

I think I think that’s how I would answer that question. So please plasti him Get educated. And there’s plenty of resources here on this channel. So you can stop making these mistakes.

And I have full confidence in your ability as an INFJ to change for the better. And for everyone else’s benefit, especially the INTJ is in your life, which there’s a good chance they’re actually etps and you’re Miss typing them. And to make sure that you stop Miss typing people, I highly recommend going to CS joseph.ly forward slash discover and taking my personality test as well as distributing it to your friends, and helping them work through the test so that you can come up with the appropriate answers as to which type they actually are. Also, make sure to read the instructions so you don’t find yourself in a really bad situation during the assessment.

That being said, Folks, if you’d like your question answered on this channel, please post it on Quora, tag me, etc. I’m actually going to get like an official Reddit account where I’ll be downloaded into oblivion, but I don’t care just comes with the territory since I hate my guts on Reddit. And then also at the same time, if you want deep dive premium lectures, cash giveaways, and other really cool stuff relating to the science that focus on public personal growth, career development, parenting and sexuality. Go to CS joseph.ly forward slash members and grab yourself a journeyman membership.

We like changed all of the membership tiers and they’re completely different and they’re a lot more simple and we basically just shunted everything at a $29 price point and saved you guys a lot of hassle and confusion. I hope you guys check that out and enjoy that. So anyway, with all that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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