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Discover your personality type free: CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an ISTP stop worrying about credentials Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to theists. Joseph podcast. I’m your host, Sam boys. You got to keep calling me fam.

But we got to distinguish another Sam in the CSJ. Circle. So, Patti, I’m Sam live. And today, I’m presenting you the Ikelite question, how can ISTP stop worrying about credentials and degrees? First starters, you should read the first three chapters of the unchained male by Caleb Jones.

Basically, those topics are around the five traits of an alpha male 2.0 and needed an update, don’t worry about the first edition, how to accomplish happiness in the long term, as well as how society programs you and how to get over that. And I’m sure after you read those three chapters, you’ll be like, Wow, this is a good book, I’ll keep reading it. But those three are pretty essential for you as an ISTP. And the other thing, and also kind of the summary of this video is, you’re the jack of all trades.

Don’t worry too much about specialization. Why? I’ll get into it, by iscp, that are worried about not having the right credentials, or the right degree or the right qualification, they’re very worried about not being experts in their field. And it prevents them from doing stuff. And a lot of these are silly.

Like, this is Extraverted Thinking Nemesis talking. And the Nemesis function is designed to stir the hero into action, because it’s aware of the demon function a bit more. So it’s trying to kick the hero in its pants. It’s like, Hey, listen, you’re having a lot of fun.

You know, you’re Spider Man. you’re swinging around the city for for a Glee old time. And it’s like, no, you need to train for the bigger threat that’s coming. It’s like training to be a petty villain.

It’s like, yeah, I’m really difficult now. But things get harder from here, man. And I will help you out with that. But that’s enough of the superhero analogies, we get the idea of how the Nemesis works that yeah, it’s going to try to get the hero into action.

And usually that will translate to Oh, get x credential. You know, get yourself more experienced in this field, which is, you know, thing that is up there concern about, you know, what the credit function being hypercritical towards themselves and other people. But here’s the thing was the Nemesis is that, yeah, it’s trying to get the hero, you know, to do action, but they’re the idea that you can point out a problem. But you don’t have to accept the solution to it.

That, you know, the, you know, the Nemesis like okay, ti hero, you’re super smart go out and, you know, verify the stuff get your qualification, but it’s like, you know, there’s a lot of ways to verify things without the qualification. You know, ti hero is very prideful. I can attest to that. And it’s not willing to listen to people and say, Hey, your qualifications, your credentials, they’re really not that important man.

And I, man, I had a hard time with accepting this too. Like, it’s only recently that I’ve done it, you know, I, I’m okay with the factory job that I have. And I always want to do entrepreneurial stuff, my business kind of like, there’s an AI Craig is kind of getting me a little bit where it’s like, it’s not an exact one. But it’s one of those things where it’s like, I’m willing to do the Jordan Peterson, you align yourself to the star, then you have to readjust and then you know, your adjustments get smaller and smaller, smaller, that’s what I’m trying to do.

And I was getting frustrated with college where it’s like, I’m putting a lot of effort into stuff that I legit do not care about. That’s preventing me from doing the stuff that I want to do. And I dropped out recently, and while we’ll see how that goes, but, you know, other ti heroes, yeah, like, you got this man. Your credentials don’t mean shit.

What like, what really matters more is people that you know, and matter, the effort that you put in that kind of stuff. And, you know, not everyone’s gonna listen to that. And some people will be okay. As a result of that.

Others won’t be others will take my advice would be okay. Others won’t take my advice and not be okay. It’s one of those things where it’s like, there’s just a lot of routes. Pick the one that you want to go on.

And that’s really what it comes down to is an a child. You know, there’s hoping that because, you know, if it does what it wants, you know, it’s willing to To take the action take some risks like most ISTPs really don’t take a whole lot of risks because their ti Nemesis is really crippling to them that it’s like, well, I don’t have the experience, I don’t have the expertise, the credential that they just kind of sit around and don’t do a lot of stuff, you know, smoke weed, play video games, it’s just like, it’s sad. For the most part, I mean, like dancing against those and temperance, but I felt like you do like, not a great thing to shame. But I do have a story for an ISTP that I think has done this.

Well, I think he missed the general point. But I still think it serves as a great example of how si critic can help you out with your te nemesis. But before we get into that, ego hacking by text, we have an upcoming course that’s coming out on Black Friday. It’s about how to type people through text and email, any messages written out by a person, you can read those, you can piece them out what cognitive functions, what like traits on the Type grid they are.

And you can social engineer them through your own writing. And you can get your point across far better, far more efficiently with little hassle. Preorders will start this week with a one time major discount. So go ahead, get it now i’ll leave a link.

And back to my dad. So my dad is an ISTP. He is prideful, and abstinent. He’s pretty accommodating with me.

But I’d say overall, he’s often and but he had a deck building company. And that went under, because of his business partner. But he needed to get a job of some kind of feed us. And he ended up being a thaw operator, and lead the company that I’m currently working for and the one that he promoted into, but he was just a saw operator.

And they the guy who had run out of work, and they just like chat, and talk and whatever. And he just kind of hated being bored. And quite frankly, he’s antisocial. But it’s okay, I do the same thing to where he’s like, Well, I gotta do something.

And he ended up, like, being friendly enough with the welders that he learned how to weld and he got promoted into that. And he was one of the best welders and he was a level headed guy, for the most part, you know, expert sensing rage comes out, but you know, that’s fine. But he was promoted into being a team lead by the guy in charge. And, you know, he’ll lead the mill room and the welder room.

And, you know, he’s currently making like, I think it’s $33 An hour and some change. But that’s like, crazy good for my area. I mean, like, you know, if you want to go higher, you know, you can, oh, lawyers and bankers and stuff like that, but like, you know, that’s like IT guy salary and stuff like that. Definitely way more than a teacher.

But you know, he was willing to put in the work. And he kind of missed the point, because he’s still kind of like, you know, really pushing on like college degrees and stuff like that. You know, it’s like, oh, man, if I had a college degree, it’s like, you just kind of prove that you don’t exactly need one. Like, you don’t even respect the people in desk jobs anyway.

You want that lifestyle. Don’t get, but put in the work. That’s the first thing. You need a good grasp on your SI critic, to just put in the effort.

And the other thing that helps is become a teacher have a skill, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, or have the experience for it. You know, most people don’t care if you have experience because you want to know what’s more important. People don’t want to learn by themselves, like they’re almost afraid to. And you know, they are really concerned about credentials.

It’s their loss, really, you know, are they really going to do it by themselves? Who knows, but I trust me there are people that will appreciate it. You know, like, I have a hard time thinking of stuff that my dad has taught me but he doesn’t have skills in but like, you know, I asked him for help with Like a lot of the tools and stuff because I do work with wood as a hobby and you know, I don’t have a good grasp on like, physical tools, I kind of do like G code stuff with a CNC machine, and that type of thing, but, you know, he’ll help me out with like saws and stuff like that, and, you know, teach me how to run those. But he was, in my robotics days in high school, he was like a welder, like, fairly new, I think you only did it for like, two months or something like that. And he went over to my school as like a volunteer for welding any kind of like, helped teach, like my, my peers how to do welding.

And that was cool. I really appreciate that, that was a really good time for him. While he was still doing some kind of teaching stuff, but you know, I graduated, and I think he lost interest after that, because hey, it’s not as good. And that’s fair.

That’s secret to teaching. Well, you’re gonna have some kind of imposter syndrome going on, but you just kind of have to roll with the punches, you know, with your expert sensing where you’re living with in the moment, you know, you’re gonna get your TI Nemesis is gonna be like, Oh, you don’t have the experience to do this. You don’t have the credentials and stuff like that. But you’ll eventually get the appreciation from the people, ideally, at least, to get yourself going through.

And teaching is your best way of learning. So in many ways, you have to do the teaching, if you really want to learn, you know, and if that’s the case that you want it, then you’re going to find the path through, even if that means bypassing the imposter syndrome. And the best way to describe how you know teaching is a way for you to learn is through Frank Abigail’s one chapter ahead, mindset. Frank, Abigail was like, he posed as a lot of job, like, he posed it, like a CIA agent, he posed as a flight person.

And at one point, he was teaching sociology, and one of the professors or students, someone was, like, you never taught this before, how do you know what you’re doing for teaching, and he’s just like, I just read one chapter ahead of everyone else. And that’s what you need to do. You need to be prepared, you know, you got to your preparation, your due diligence, you know, put the effort in to do your research. I mean, there’s ti in there, but you know, you also have your SI, you know, you study up, and you’re basically just getting the information.

So you can teach other people that information. And that’s how the Frank Abigaille method works. And you can turn that te Nemesis into a blessing, you know, you could turn it into your ally. Because you know, when you put your work in, you’re gonna be going through every in and out and, you know, become one with your process so much that you don’t worry as much because you just get the thing done.

And you know, your SI credit combined with a TI nemesis, it’ll make you successful. Five, also making you successful. If having some reading on entrepreneurship, if that’s kind of the route you’re going or you’re may find use of it within business or interacting in professional settings. The entrepreneurship 16 If you go to CS Joseph dot life slash reading, you can get access to a free trial of Audible and you can get access to some books for free, just prior to your trial period.

And just go to town, learn some stuff. Go out and be successful man. And with that, I’ll see you guys in the next podcast. Take care


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