ISTP Women Need To Do This To Confirm Male Intent | CS Joseph Responds 


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte monthly member question how can an ISTP woman confirm what a male’s intent is and not just gaslighting her? 


Hey what’s up yo hackers, welcome to the show. This is the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, today’s acolyte question, How can an ISTP woman determine the difference between being gaslighted or manipulated by other people? Or if they actually care about her interests, right? So I’m going to answer this question in the context of men, because this acolyte member went so far as to share her, her gender, being that she is an ISTP woman, and is asking this particular question. So because she shared her gender, I’m going to assume that this is from the perspective of men in her life, basically.

So how to know if a man is gaslighting you or if he actually has your best interest in mind, especially when it comes to a sexual relationship. Right? So that’s the context from which I’m going to be answering this particular question, which I think is very necessary, especially given an ISTP as an archetype of the are part of the four most masculine archetypes from the perspective of women as we know it. And, yeah, so that’s, that’s the thing, like, oftentimes people don’t understand how personality type actually can basically set up people, you know, for failure when it comes to masculine or feminine behavior. Obviously, men prefer feminine women, women prefer masculine men, because sexuality at the end of the day, also known as masculine versus feminine energy, ultimately, Trump’s personality type also just human nature, which also Trump’s your Octo gram, also known as human nurture, okay, so it’s like a tiered system sexuality first.

So, masculine feminine energy, followed by personality type, also known as human nature, followed by your Octa Graham at the lowest level, which is known as human nurture, right. And all of these things basically matter from that perspective. Lot of people are just entirely unaware of that, and unaware of how that works. So it’s important to educate people.

As you know, the purpose of this channel and the purpose of ego hackers. The purpose of this movement is to remove fatherlessness from society comes from the Malikai chapter four, verses five and six, which basically states to turn the hearts of fathers to their sons, and the hearts of sons of fathers, which also means to bring back masculinity. And if we bring back masculinity will bring back femininity, by default, because we’re men lead women follow. And that is the true answer behind this question.

But while that may be the why, or even potentially the what we’re not really discussing the how this is one of the biggest problems I have with red pill books that discuss what and why. But what they don’t do is discuss the how they just don’t get it. And that’s very frustrating. It’s very frustrating.

It’s very normal. And it’s kind of terrible. And so ISTP women, ESTP women, INTJ women and E and TJ women oftentimes get the short end of the stick. And statistically, out of all the 16 types, these four types of women are the most likely to end up alone, most likely end up as spinsters, most likely to be dog moms and cat Moms be 40 years old without any children without any family, because they are just innately masculine as a result of their personality type.

So they actually have to work really, really hard in their life to learn what is to be feminine, versus other types like ISFJs or INFPs, for example, or even ENTPs to appoint these types are just feminine by default, because it’s actually baked in by default within their nature within their, within their personality types. So I actually feel really bad for the masculine way masculine types. You know, because like, for example, I’m a feminine type. I’m an ENTP.

So NTP men, we’re actually pretty feminine, we are conditioned to be feminine. This is why like in our culture, you know, we always talk about how women are conditioned on what to expect from men, but they don’t know how to treat them. And it’s especially true for the masculine types of women. Versus on the other side, the feminine men have it really hard because women or men are conditioned on how to treat women but they are not conditioned on how are taught what to expect for women.

So the feminine types for men are really, really behind. And then the masculine types for women are also really behind. And they all share this huge struggle. And it’s a big problem, a huge problem.

Because these types, especially in Western society, and often alone, unhappy, confused, and otherwise just entirely frustrated about literally everything within their lives in terms of how they participate within this culture. When it comes to sexual relationships. Oftentimes, they feel like that they’re just behind everyone else, or being left behind. And it can, it leads to a bunch of non committal relationships, women not being willing to commit to the feminine, naturally feminine types of men, and men not willing to commit to the masculine types of women.

So what ends up happening is that these types have to be educated properly. Now, here’s the thing, here’s, here’s the rub. If you are in one of these groups, like this ISTP woman, for example, guess what, because your masculinity or your femininity, whichever one is ultimately going to be a learned behavior. It has higher quality, it has higher quality, which means you actually, as a masculine woman, have the opportunity to become the most feminine out of everyone, the reason why comes from a verse in the Bible.

He who is first will be last and he who is last will be first. Basically, what this means is that you know how we start out in our life is not how we end up in our life. So if you start out super masculine, you’re going to end up hyper feminine. If you start out hyper feminine, especially as a man, you’re gonna end up hyper masculine.

And I used to be insanely, insanely feminine. And then all of a sudden, I learned masculinity. And then as a result, I often find myself far more masculine than most men I’ve ever met. Well, guess what you too as an ISTP woman can actually have that.

But you gotta understand, like how this actually works. And it can end up becoming like a huge problem over time. But you can get in the way of that problem by making sure that you are properly educated. Now, since you’re an ISTP, woman, you’re part of the mind Temple, which is all about learning and education.

So really, if you’re having problems in your life, it’s literally just a lack of education. You need to get educated on how to be feminine, because your feminine energy ends up becoming the measure or the litmus test from which you can utilize to tell. For example, if a man is manipulating you or taking advantage, you are potentially gaslighting you versus men who actually do have your interest at heart. It’s very simple.

And all you have to do is learn how to use your feminine energy, right? Well, here’s how you do it. It’s all about expression. And ISTP women have the hardest time expressing because they have Introverted Feeling demon, which makes it very hard for them to actually be in tune with their feelings, and actually find themselves valuable enough, worthy enough to actually be able to express certain feminine things to men in their lives. The things that a woman needs to learn how to express is needs.

Emotions, also known as feelings, which has made it hard for an FYI demon, desires, right, and problems, being willing to be vulnerable enough to express those four things. vulnerability, also known as humility, is the source of beauty without vulnerability. If a woman is not being vulnerable, she is being ugly, she is disgusting, she is not worth basically committing to. And it’s so funny to be how these masculine women, especially ISTP, women, blame men in general for having problems for their problems and the lack of commitment in their life.

But the reality of the situation is, is that they’re not decodable a man cannot devote to a woman who behaves like they do by default. So they actually have to learn how to become feminine, they have to learn it, and it takes them a long time. The thing is, is that they don’t have the mature feminine there. They don’t have grandmothers, they don’t have mothers that have great grandmothers, and or other other women in their life to actually help them become feminine.

Why not? Well, because it’s a dog eat dog world. Women by nature, are naturally competitive. And this causes a lot of problems, like a huge amount of problems because women aren’t really it’s not in their best interest to help other women become more feminine because then that means they would actually lose out in the sexual marketplace and they will be creating competition, which can be a serious problem. That’s one of the reasons why the mature feminine in general is actually broken.

Because ISTP women for example, are not getting improperly trained by other women how to be feminine because no one wants to train them because that would be basically creating more competition. This is why oftentimes, I have to train men, especially in coaching, especially in the men’s group, especially on our Discord forward slash ego hackers to get on our Discord. If you haven’t been there already, we got we’re about to break 1800 people and everyone is super hyperactive on that Discord server. But the reality of the situation is, is that without that training, they’re set up for failure, they’re not going to be successful.

And again, I have to train men to teach women how to be feminine, which is really exhausting, because it’s not really a man’s job to teach a woman how to be feminine. But all of the women are so pragmatic together. And due to competition, they don’t want another woman to be more feminine than them. So they don’t really it’s not really a woman’s best interest in this globalized sexual marketplace, to actually, you know, do that for their fellow sisters.

The Sisterhood is dead, basically, the sisterhood only exists to see like each woman what they can get out of it. And then once they get what they want, then they just move on. And it’s really horrible. This is why you know, we have you know, somewhat of a women’s group basically on Discord.

And we have Stephanie who is an INFJ, who is running it, she is our community matron, basically. And as community matron, you can just DM her on Discord and have a conversation, tell her what your situation is. And she will help you learn how to become more feminine, which is awesome, absolutely awesome to have that opportunity. And I’m glad Stephanie is on the team doing that on a regular basis.

So, as a result of that, as a result of that, like we as men basically have to lead and we have to actually teach women how to be feminine. And again it comes down to expression proof of femininity is being is expression, telling a man your needs, emotions, desires and your problems without trying to solve it without trying to get a specific outcome out of a man. If you directly tell a man what you want from him, you are being emasculating. And that’s a problem.

Do not be emasculated. You, as a woman need to learn, especially as an ISTP. Woman, you pride yourself on being able to solve problems and pride yourself to be able to solve your own problems. You just have to recognize something about yourself, you won’t be able to solve your own problems, you’ve been trying to solve the problem of a man’s devotion and the problem of a man’s commandment your life for so long, but you’ve never really gotten anywhere.

Which basically means as a woman, your ability to problem solve as an ISTP is diminished, but they make up for it. And the perception area. However, men suck at perception, but they have really good decision making. So that’s what men bring the table they bring decision making in a woman’s life, whereas the woman brings proper perception in a man’s life.

An example of proper perception be brought to a man is that all of a sudden, that woman is making sure the man’s fingernails doesn’t have dirt underneath them anymore. Because she’s using her perception. Men have dirt under their fingernails, because they lack that perception, they lack how they’re coming off, they just kind of just don’t care about it. Because from their perspective, men are just problem solvers.

They’re decision makers. They’re not aware of that perception. This is why men in general are oblivious, because they lack that female feminine perception, right. So really an ISTP woman’s job is to bring her perception functions to the table and use that to benefit her man and not bring her problem solving to the table.

She has to allow herself to trust a man’s ability to solve problems. And then as a result of that, as a result of that problem solving, she has to express and just say, Hey, I have this problem right now. Or hey, I don’t like this Or hey, I don’t feel good about this, which is super hard for an ISTP woman to do because of fit demon. And for in order for the FYI, demon ISTP woman to get to that point, they have to get they have to reach some level of self acceptance to actually feel worthy enough to express problems to other men instead of seeing themselves as unworthy because they’re not able to solve their own problems.

But by virtue of them being a woman, they’re not able to solve their own problems Contrary to popular belief within this westernized culture. The big problem, the major issue. So as a result of that, we need to be aware of that when it comes to women. So anytime a woman basically is stating an outcome or trying to solve a problem or solve your problem, basically, or anytime she’s stating the exact, you know, like based on those outcomes, she’s being emasculating and men will not devote men will not commit to a woman who’s being emasculating and an ISTP woman has like probably the highest chance maybe the ESTP woman has the As trans STP women have the highest chance of being emasculating to men, so I STP women are often entirely alone in their lives.

It’s really sad. So feminine expression, being willing to be vulnerable. Trust your man, such that you express what you need, how you feel, what you want, right what your problems are, and let him solve the problems, let him be the hero, because that’s not emasculating. But as soon as you start saying, exactly, you know the outcome you’re looking for, then you’re being masculine.

As soon as you start solving problems with trying to teach him, then you’re being emasculating. That’s a big issue. Don’t do that. Don’t allow yourself to get to that point.

And it’s hard because I used to be women are triple direct, constantly trying to lead men constantly trying to direct men all the time. And it’s so emasculating men don’t want to have anything to do that. We grew up in a culture that’s teaching these women to be strong, independent women. But the reality of the situation is independence in its self is a masculine trait.

Okay, not a feminine trait, which means you ISTP women are just gross to men, by default, because you’re trying to be independent, instead of dependent, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to be dependent to a man, then he will commit to you, he can’t help but commit to you, because you’re different. In my life, you know, knowing and getting super close to certain ISTP women in my life throughout my life, like, they’re just not comfortable. They’re just not, they’re just not, they’re not worthy of my devotion, because of how emasculating they are. They’re always constantly trying to solve their own problems making their own unilateral decisions, without my input or without submitting to my decisions, submitting to me solving their problems submitting to, you know, to expressing their needs, they go, I can meet my own needs, and it’s like, that’s gross.

I’m not committing to that. So basically, those ISTP women are just reducing themselves to just a pump and dump because a man will have sex with you. Because if you treat yourself like crap, by not be allowing yourself to be worthy enough, or have enough self acceptance to be worthy enough to express these feminine things to a man, you’re not gonna get anywhere with this man, ever. Here’s the thing, if you are being vulnerable, and this is the answer the question right here, let’s say you as an ISTP.

Woman, you are being vulnerable. Let’s say you are expressing your needs, let’s say you actually got to the point of maturity in your life, are you able to express how you feel, I don’t like this, or I don’t feel good about this, right? And actually say that directly to a man, or you’re expressing your desires for men, or maybe you’re stating your problems to a man. And if a man does not do anything, and if he treats you like your feelings are a burden, or if he treats those four areas as a burden. That’s how you know he should not be in your life.

That’s how you know he’s just manipulating you. That’s how you know he is not a man, he is actually a boy. And you should cut him out and move out to move on to another man. Basically, that’s the rub.

That’s what you should be doing as an ISTP. Woman. And it said, practice your humility. Another thing I used to be women are pragmatic, all about that independence, right? Well, you got to learn how to be affiliative.

You have affiliative size, you have an ENFJ side, you have an ESTJ side use them. Which means you have to learn how to ask permission from your man every time. Every time you’re gonna text your man, you asked him, Hey, can I tell you something? Hey, can I give you some advice? Hey, can we talk right now? Hey, you have to ask your man for literally every single thing in your life. That is called being permissive.

And ISTP women really struggle with being permissive? Because they think that they already know the answer. How many times? Do they think that they know the answer? And it never really actually is an answer. And that’s proven by the fact that the majority of them, the vast majority of them, maybe eight out of 10 of them are alone, or are never actually getting commitment from a man in their life. They oftentimes feel like mothers and feel like they’re mothering men in their life.

Why? Well, because they’re put themselves in a position where they’re trying to lead their man, which is also emasculating and a big problem. I don’t recommend it. So that’s how you tell. That’s how you know a man has his best interests in heart, in his heart, your best interest in heart when you’re femininely permissively expressing those four things? And if he decides to shit on you, or makes you think that or if you think that those four things needs emotions, desires and problems are just burdens to him.

He is not being masculine. He is actually being a loser. He is actually being a boy cut. him out of your life.

He’s just using you using it for sex just using you, using your favorites he’s never actually going to commit to you. So this comes from the books written by Zach Rody are OED Zach roadie za K. He wrote, don’t let her lead he wrote irresistibly feminine, he wrote, worthy woman and he also wrote, show him your heart, read these books understand what they say, do exactly what they say because they’re basically like instruction manuals. Get it done.

Go practice it on your father first or any other man in your life, basically, and then start noticing the difference. See how men start treating you differently. That is how you be feminine, get educated, educate yourself and do it properly. So anyway, folks that answers that question.

Thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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