Season 31, Episode 9 Is there hope for men of low value? | Jungian Sexuality | CS Joseph

Is there hope for men of low value? | Jungian Sexuality | CS Joseph


What’s up? Yo, hackers? This is CS justice. Welcome to CS just a podcast. This is season 31 episode. I guess technically nine, technically episode nine.

And the title is, is there hope for men of low value? And yes, just there is hope. That’s my answer. But why? And how? How is there hope? It’s kind of interesting because I know a lot of people within the community has been like, okay, you’ve defined with this to be a high value, man, you decide for this to be a high value woman. But what about those of us that are low value and low value women is there hope.

00:58 I can say for a fact that there’s based on current, you know, feminist society, there’s a lot less hope for women than there is for men. That’s, but there’s still hope. There’s still hope for both genders. Within this trying times history that we’re dealing with when it comes to intersexual dynamics and the like.

And the next episode after this, we’re going to be looking at, you know, what hope is there for women. But what’s really important for women’s episode is why they have hope. That’s the most important part, actually. And I think that as a result of that, I think that they will come to a larger appreciation for men in general, and men’s nature and men’s behavior.

Because while they technically have less hope, for their gender, their hope is more likely to occur, it’s more likely to happen than it is for men. In our current society. There’s a lot more hope for men, but in order for men to realize it, it’s actually a lot more difficult for men in Western society, whereas there’s a lot less hope for women, but it’s easier for them to realize that help. I wonder if that makes sense for you, folks? I don’t know if it does or not.

But we’ll see. We’ll see. You guys are just gonna have to hold out for the next episode. But I’ve been getting questions from the audience consistently.

Talking about like, Okay, Mr. CS, Joseph, tell me, like, we have the definition as a high value. Men and women, obviously, I’m low value, because I don’t meet that standard. So FC, what do which is an EVE Online lingo.

But what the hell do I do when I’m in that situation? Like, what do you recommend for that? So and this is me responding to those questions. And there’s a tons of other questions. It’s interesting, because I keep pushing out some of the main content pieces of this lecture series, specifically because I keep having a lot of questions coming in. I know Cynthia Payne recently just posted a really big comment, and I don’t remember which episode it was, but I will be making a video specifically to address her comments.

And to move forward. And also shout out to Cynthia for having the courage to post what she has been posting. It’s been excellent and also admitting within her posts, areas of you know, understanding that she’s gained as a result of watching his videos. I for 1am, very appreciative that she does this.

So thank you for that. Well, someone’s dinner nice is just randomly on the street here. Kind of odd. So anyway, you guys get to enjoy CS Joseph.

Lecturing with in the middle of the night on the street, like I like to do with a little bit of rum and coke, like rum and coke. Except without a coke. I don’t I don’t drink Coke, because it’s not healthy at all. I use a different different source honestly.

So anyway, So men end up having a lot of struggles in Western society, but overall, they have a lot more hope. And if you’re a low value man, and I mean, for the sake of the audience, let’s define a low value man. A low value man is a man who believes he has to earn women. A low value man is a man who is completely reliant upon society.

That means reliant upon a monetary system reliant on the fact that there’s food in the grocery store, like he doesn’t have the skill to kill an animal or skin an animal or make meat etc, or, you know, from an animal doesn’t have the skill, trap, sound skill, fish, etc. He doesn’t have the ability to provide for himself or anyone else. A low value man consumes more than he produces. Low value man is fat or obese.

That’s a low value man for sure. Low value man is unhealthy, low value man neglects themselves and take care of himself, etc. It’s also an example of a low value man. Low value man does not have the ability to change his life circumstances on a whim.

And that was really hard for me to come to terms with but I do know that as a result of reading, a lot of Tomasi his books and some other books from other people, including Mark Manson, and also W anten. And there’s a few others out there, obviously, Roush but oh, yeah, Christopher Cantwell. But a man having the ability to change his circumstances on a whim is a serious, serious thing. And I didn’t really come to appreciate that or what that meant, actually, until I read the book is surgence by Frank Viola.

And that book is, well it’s a huge consternation or let’s just say, Kosh, would you call it admonishments or indictment of the Christian church, we’ll say, are the people in the Christian church? I’m always down for Christian indictments because I’m a fan of Christians these days. I find Christians to be the number one group on the earth that destroys masculinity. Hands down. I don’t care what church you go for.

I don’t care if you follow. Pastor Mark Driscoll, the former pastor of Mars Hill. Yeah, he’s got an amazing men’s program. But let me tell you something.

His men’s program sucks. I know I used to be part of it. Now he’s in like, Scottsdale, Arizona, whatnot. Pretty cool dude for an ESFJ.

You got it. You got lucky. Marin, his golden pair. They wrote the book real marriage together, which is something I recommend women read, because it actually defines how to respect a man in a relationship pretty well.

I do recommend that book. Especially because Grace Driscoll has ISFP wives actually helped co write it. And she wrote that chapter, chapter four. I remember.

It actually kind of reveals some aspect of respect that a lot of women are not aware of. But anyway, low value men, they’re everywhere. They’re the majority. Because the reality situation is only 10 to 20% of the men are screwing all the girls out there, while the other eight out of 10 men are not having any sex at all, and living unfulfilled lives and continue to serve society.

For no reward, you’re not gaining anything from it. It’s quite frankly, it’s pathetic. They’re pathetic against them. I find them synthetic, I find them gross people honestly.

Wish they’d have the balls to stand up for what’s right. But you know, if they’re not going to do that, because they have a lot to lose, you know? So interesting how, you know, the men who are the real men out there. They’re the ones who have the least to lose. Because they realize that by having masculinity alone, they can have anything and everything that they want on a whim at any moment.

Because policy grows on trees for these men. It grows on trees, that allows them to have this attitude of I’m not going to chase women I get to replace them. You know, that’s important, super important have that attitude, being able to leverage competition, anxiety and something known as dread game and Moment towards women. That way, doesn’t matter if you’re married, you always get hot spider monkey sex at all times, because ultimately your wife is afraid of losing you the high value man.

Awesome, as it should be, as it should be. Because a humble woman knows just how replaceable she is. And that’s how you can tell a humble woman from non humble woman. But overall, you men are everywhere low value men are a huge problem.

And it continues to be a problem over and over. And over to the point where we can’t even escape it at times. And it’s kind of annoying, honestly, it’s it’s really, really annoying. 10:50 Because, you know, when, when we had the rite of passage, there, you know, there was a time where society required the rite of passage, because it needed real men to pull it forward.

But now, it’s turned all men into nothing more than cattle, little just cattle, that’s all they are just cattle, everyone’s cattle. And, you know, because there’s such a high volume of cattle, there’s no reason to make that cattle has any other higher quality than the rest. Don’t believe me, you can look up Cass Sunstein complete live system, about how anyone who is not an infant or super young child, or elderly, they get all the benefits, kind of creates a system that favors the people who are not super young, or you know, not children and not the elderly. And so that they’re supported by society in the rest of society is not, which increases, you know, death rates amongst children and also elderly as a result, because from the complete life system point of view, they’re not benefiting the most.

And Cass Sunstein was Obama’s regulatory czar. That worked under Obama, during the Obama administration. Really fantastic fellow, Samantha Power is his wife, she is a disgusting person, quite honestly, don’t like her at all. Not a thing.

She’s literally that school teacher who thinks he knows more about your silver and how to parent your children. And, you know, then you do basically, that’s that’s literally who she lives. And I don’t like her either. But both of these people have, you know, helped shape society, especially under UN agenda 21 to a point where, you know, society is constructed in such a way where people end up having shorter lifespans more many more chances of getting sick or getting cancer or ultimately dying.

And it’s just, it’s just really sad. It’s just really, really sad to me. And part of this design is to also make it so Western society is not good for men, because men are the cheap, disposable sex. And that can be a problem.

And it’s especially bad for feminine types, you know, the Crusader men out there, especially the Crusader men. Now, granted, I know that people think you know, INFJs are more feminine on paper than intp is yes, that’s technically true. But naturally speaking in terms of society, intp is actually way more feminine than INFJs. That’s a fact.

So you have to look at it from a neutral standpoint, what is the actual outcome? Who ends up you know, getting more screwed because at least an INFP values themselves and at least an INFP, is interest based, so they’re not always going to let other people put one over on them, whereas an intp would, which makes the intp technically more feminine in the eyes of society. So they are technically more feminine in my eyes as a result, because I’m just looking at the outcomes, folks. I’m not looking at type in terms of what’s on paper. Okay.

So keep that in mind. Keep that very much in mind. You guys need to understand that. So beyond that was a low mount value man to do? Well, you guys got a lot more hope.

Women don’t have as much hope. Although women end up with little hope they do have they end up cashing out on that hope way more often than men do. That’s for sure. Men have a lot more hope, but they don’t really cash out on it very much.

But let’s talk about the first reason as to why men have a lot of hope. The reason is, is because a man’s prime is in his late 30s See a woman’s prime is 20 to 26. That’s her prime, that’s her most fertile years. But a man’s prime 36 to 42.

That’s a man’s prime. That’s the most attractive man, on a scale of one to 10, he’s like, eight 910. During those years, that’s awesome. You know, women, they’re like a three, in those years, baby for at most, in those years, during 20 to 26.

They’re eight, nine or 10 terms of what we colloquially call sexual market value. Low value is high value women versus low value, high value men. Age has lot to do with it. Because men are not born value, so they have to create value.

So it takes a lot longer to create value. This is why society often says that, you know, men don’t develop as fast as women, obviously. But, you know, when we men can’t attract women, our own age, when we’re 20 to 26. ourselves, guess what, you will be able to attract those women, when you’re in your late 30s.

Because those women when they’re 20 to 26, guess who they screw in, they’re screwing men in their prime, or they’re screwing the alphas that are their own age one of the two. But if you’re not alpha, or if you’re not the ideal man, which some people would claim as the sigma male, I don’t know if that’s true. I still take issue a little bit with these very subjective tiles of Alpha Beta Sigma crap, honestly. But it’s the best thing we got.

So I use them, you know, but I’m not that. I’m really not that interested in using them. But the sigma male basically is a man who is able to satisfy both the alpha and beta traits aspects of a woman’s hypergamy. Okay, so he is the ultimate ideal, man.

Okay. He is the ideal man. He is the less than 1% of the population of men 20 19% or 20% 21% of men out there are alphas and the rest are just betas, ultimately. But if you’re beta, if you’re low value, man, is there hope for me? Yes, there is.

Because if you are, for example, a beta man, if you are like a crusader, man was your beta, let’s be honest, your beta, you still have the opportunity to have to learn your alpha traits, just like alpha males have to learn their Beta traits, because ultimately, the path for manhood is to ultimately become the sigma male, as it were, to become the ideal man. Now, when we had a lot right of passages for men, all men via rite of passage via the mature masculine, the cult of the mature masculine, all men, regardless of type had the opportunity to become the ideal man to become the sigma male, every one of them. But we don’t have that nowadays. And you have the STPs and NT J men, for example, where alpha behavior is normal for them.

It’s completely normal and natural to them. So they’re the ones who ends up. So then plus the sigma is they end up screwing all the girls while the rest of us suffer, and darkness, the silence in servitude to the world system. Sir, to that I resent servitude that I’m quite bitter, for, I really hate it.

I hate that servitude. And that servitude begins right at birth, especially when we assign that social security number for example, or where everything in the society is centered around money. We’re taught about how important money is and how to seek out money. Imagine a man likely a sigma, for example, who could live off of nature alone and not require anything from society? Imagine if men collectively were taught those skills, for example, post rite of passage.

Interesting. Those men would not ever allow society to dictate to them who the how to live their lives, right? Of course. Well, the point is, low value, men have hope, I hope because as a man gets older, he has way more opportunity. This is why I tell younger man to screw much older women take advantage of the matron archetype.

And then when they get older, commit or screw, whatever you want. A roster of women, whatever you want, younger girls, when you’re in your prime. So you basically you switch, you know, so there’s still hope for you. You know, even if you’re apart even if you’re past your prime, that’s all right.

It’s technically alright. Let me give you some examples as to why that’s all right. My father in law he’s 62 Now And he is bathing in a 39 year old, awesome. close friend of mine.

He’s 50 years old. He is bathing in the 30 year old right now. Awesome. I mean, my wife is 10 years younger than me, for example, you know? Yep.

Definitely liking the fact that her and I have a committed relationship, and I am not in a committed relationship with my INTJ ex who is now 40 years old. Wow. Even though she lied to me and claimed that she was 28 years old. Yeah.

That’s, I mean, just goes to show her character 20:45 or Well, lack of it, right. That’s so funny. She sent me this fake cease and desist order through email. I wanted to respond back and say, pathetic, but whatever.

I, you can’t stop someone from exercising their right to freedom of speech, right? As I’ve heard, you know, little scare tactics, like work. Who cares? Like, it’s just, it’s just ridiculous. People you know, how about just have self respect and take your hits, and don’t let your feelings get hurt? You know, because it’s pretty obvious feelings get hurt, when they shouldn’t be hurt. You know, it’s all the adults here.

You know, you reap what you sow, right? That goes for me more than anybody else in my life. Trust me. I know how that works. I know how it is.

You reap what you sow. If you don’t want to solve blowback in your life, well treat people with respect in it. You know, might not happen anyway. So, thing is, is that like, it’s not too late for you? I like I know a 36 year old man like he’s like, Oh crap.

I’m like super beta. But I’m like, bro, you could change yourself, you know? I’m like your prime is right ahead of you your best years your life or Hey, you. You could have the opportunity to screw 2026 year olds and you’ve never had that opportunity your whole life whole life said to you, you got to just be focused on creating value. You have to be in that state of continuous improvement, right? Continuous improvement.

That’s what matters. That is what is key. But no, you know, continuous improvement is everything. Some examples of continuous improvement.

You are for example, planning your calories and your macros protein, fat carbohydrates on your My Fitness Pal every single day. Right? And you are lifting two to four times a week and you have your leg day you have your upper body day, it’s pretty obvious. You don’t have to do that. What are you doing? I recommend Greg O.

Gallagher, Kino body system k i n o body Kino body start with aggressive fat loss for the first three months, first 12 weeks and see where you go. If you may need to do that for six months or 24 weeks, you may need to do that for 24 weeks. And then after that, do the warrior shredding program after that. And then after that do the Greek god program where you’re shredding and six months Greek god is six months.

And then after 1.5 years, as long as you follow it to the tee within reason of course because sometimes you might find yourself overtraining for where you’re able to do. For example, I overtrained and I’m in maintenance calories right now. Resting etc. And still lifting.

I’m only lifting twice a week right now, just to keep my muscle maintained. And then after that. And then I’m also doing martial arts training on top of that as well. And I’m getting at least 10,000 steps a day.

But the point is, is that you need to be creating health value for yourself. You need to make sure that eating only organic and non GMO foods at all times. Organic technically has non GMO in it and that’s cool. If you can’t find organic food then you can settle for non GMO but that’s it.

Period in the story. No BPaaS you gotta seriously find out all these foods that are screwing with you don’t know make sure you’re watching Thomas de Lauer on YouTube. Make sure you’re watching Dr. Eric Berg B E RG on YouTube.

Constantly. Get your health where it needs to be. Okay. In terms of lifting and understanding that Jeff nippert is a good source, Greg O.

Gallagher is a good source as well, that one guy that competes with Thomas de Lauer. He’s an African American fellow fantastic dude, I just can’t remember his name to save my life. I don’t know why. But he’s got a fitness channel on YouTube as well.

He actually has some collaborations with Tom Solara, which was interesting. But it’ll help you get your fitness up off the ground fitness is also part of developing the warrior archetype. We talked about King warrior magician lover is super important. Now the way that you as a man can create value is to produce more than you consume.

Do not go to college and get a degree. That is literally a stupid idea. If you were in college now, I encourage you to drop out now, save the money. Stop doing that and go get certified.

Go get certified in something and then get a job certification. A lot of people don’t know that you can make 32 bucks an hour right now with an A plus certification with It’s not that hard. Okay. There are things that can happen, right? Get apprenticeships learn a trade men do this create value, produce more than you consume? Get your own place.

There is you have no effing excuse to not be employed and not have a job right now. There’s no excuse. Literally no excuse. What do you do with Get off your ass? Yeah, I get that Halo Infinite is about to release.

I get that, you know, we’re on patch 9.1 for World of Warcraft Shadowlands right now, I get that Innistrad midnight hunt for Magic the Gathering is coming out. In two weeks from the time of this filming. I understand that there’s all these things going on right Borderlands three, like, I don’t care. Maybe that’s a little bit older.

But the bottom line is, is that you need to stop committing idolatry and stop like, you know, worshipping your pornography, which is just some stupid spot gaps are the real thing. Okay. Like, it’s not hard to create value. Women have to preserve their value, because airborne value, but men are not born with value.

So they have to learn how to create value. And you have to be willing as men to accept the fact that women will consciously subconsciously or unconsciously treat you like a success object. They will objectify you women objectify, constantly, just like we objectify women constantly. As a result of that, I expect you to make sure that you are fulfilling your male burden of performance.

God given male burden of performance book a Genesis cursed is the ground because of you. And by the sweat of your brow you will eat of it the rest of your life and the ground will produce thorns and thistles and obstacles for you. And then when it’s all over, you will die. Okay.

That’s known as the male burden porn performance where God Almighty is basically expecting you as a man to prove to him every single day of your life. Your masculinity. Why? Because Adam your father, your Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, great. Grandfather.

was probably like, 400 more greats in there. Maybe a few 1000 greats in there. I don’t know. But that dude, well, he got cooked and he didn’t.

He didn’t reject his woman like he should have because he got cooked. So based on that, based on that, um, you know, you gotta be like, not like Adam, you know. Super important. Don’t be like Adam.

Put yourself above the tribe. Recognize that your tribe, your family, your friends, your community, your church, your city, state. Also, the state your country, United States or Canada, Mexico, wherever you are in Western society. They’re not going to be there for you.

You have to get to the point man where you accept that you are the only person in your entire life who will actually be there for you. Nivea or dad will be there for you now even your mom and your mom is there for you right now. And And you’re 18 or above, she there resents you, or she will resent you very soon, because you’re nothing more than a burden to her. Don’t be a burden, have your own life.

Recognize that it’s your job to have your life the solar system, and you are the son of the solar system, and you do not orbit anyone, everyone orbits you create value, 30:24 be valuable. There’s hope for you. Yes, I know that you’re in a society that doesn’t like men very much, you’re in a society that is afraid of masculinity. Reasonable why is because they don’t want another Hitler on their hands, because Hitler was the most egregious form of masculinity, and ultimately, National Socialism and the Nazis, etc.

The Germans of the 1930s in the 1940s, or were the worst form of collective masculinity to exist on the earth. And because of that, the rest of society or the world system is afraid of that coming back. And that’s why they go out of their way to stifle masculinity. As we’ve discussed earlier, within season 31.

And you I don’t care if you’re a crusader type, I don’t care if you’re wayfare, Templar, I don’t care, you have to make sure that you take control of your masculinity, you have to understand that you are the most important person in your life. I posted on Facebook earlier today where I said, hey, guess what, you know, you know, I am more important than society, like a lot of people posted on my Facebook and got all pissed off at that I posted that. And then I’m like, Look, I’m more important than society. But guess what, sir, you may individual is always more important in society.

Because if men collectively or masculine men, and then if men gets so pissed off at society, because they realize they have nothing to lose, because society has stolen everything from them. Because society has conditioned men to thinking that they have to earn women and orbit women in order to get laid, for example, those men will become ultimately masculine via learned behavior as crusaders men should do technically. And then as a result of that, those men will challenge society. And no one wants to lose their power.

Once a person has power, the next thing they do is go out of their way to not lose it. And society is no different. This is why society must stifle masculinity at all costs. Masculinity itself is the enemy of society, and society will fall at the feet of masculinity.

And it knows this. Remember the triple constraints? Cheap faster, right? Or business terms? Timeline, budget and specifications? Cheap faster, right? Pick two. If you want it cheap and right, well, it’s not going to be fast. If you want it cheap and fast.

Well, it ain’t gonna be right. If you want it fast and right, well, it ain’t gonna be cheap, cheap, faster, right? Pick two men are cheap. Women are right. Society is fast.

And men. While we may be cheap, we are the trump card to society, not women. No, we are. We are.

And I encourage you men out there to understand that if you collectively take control of your masculinity, and do as Glenn Beck says, quote, I’m a man and I demand to be treated like one. A real man, a masculine man, for example. Not that I like going back because I don’t I take huge issue with something he did a few years ago. But that’s another story.

But his statement there is still correct. As a result, it’s really important that you men out there, go out of your way to assert your masculinity and not serve at the feet of society or serve at the feet of the world system. You could even create a new society. If you wanted.

You. You would. You could do this by creating a new political party if you wanted it pretty easy to do it, especially now. You can easily take over, you know, there’s so many seats at local municipalities, City Hall counties, school board, so many seats where people are running unopposed.

Think about how easy it would be if a massive man came in there and just took over. They’d all be crushed, and society will be crushed under the weight of masculinity. This is why masculine men need to ultimately form a new culture, a new nation, as it were. A nation that challenges the status quo.

I would like in this nation, to the kingdom of heaven, for it is written, The kingdom of God is in your midst. What that means is that the kingdom of God is here, you just have to choose to be a part of it. And I’m not talking about being a Christian or being a religious person, I don’t care about that. I’m talking about you being a masculine man, and taking full responsibility for your masculinity, such that you are making a conscious decision every single day of your life to actually turn yourself into a high value, man.

And you can you can have that in your life. You can have that you’re going to have to anyway, society is going to turn you betas into these bunch of cuts, because polyamory is around the corner, where you have polyamory like don’t believe me, men, you should read the book, the ethical slut. It’s on Audible right now. Where are these women are claiming about how great it is to have be polyamorous cetera? No, no, no polyamory is proof of beta hood, you have beta to polyamory.

That’s the reality situation, only a sigma male would have a harem. For example, you know, because polygamy is the way of the sigma, right? monogamy. Monogamy isn’t really around anymore. If you think monogamy is a thing, you’re probably just someone who’s in search and search is not good for you anyway, because search is just something that exists to destroy masculinity, because Church itself serves the world system, which is lame.

And if you’re a church going person, you need to read insurgents by Frank Viola ASAP, because that’s ultimately ridiculous. I hope to have him actually as a guest on the show in the near future where we can discuss these issues. I understand the implications. You know, if you’re a low value, man, need to work on yourself gain skills, you as a man need to get to a point where you have the ability to live and potentially live comfortably or live happily, without ever having money in your life, to the point where you could actually escaped the wild and be content in the wild if you had to, and not participate in society.

Because you’re that strong, you’re that capable. Imagine the kind of success object you would be to women in your life, you could have any woman you want, if you had that kind of skill, that kind of capability. Any woman because you just have the ability to change your life circumstances on a whim. Amazing, right? Or you have the ability to produce more than you consume, right? You have the ability to challenge the fabric and the foundation of society itself.

You have the ability to strike fear in your enemies with the greatest enemy be, ultimately, society because it is society that conditions you into thinking that you need to earn women, when women are not attracted to men who think that they need to be earned. Because real women, women of beauty, women have humility. Those sexy, humble virgins, for example, those women know that real men would never bow down to society. But of course, so many men do back down to society, kind of like King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

He creates this, he takes all the gold of the locale, Nelson crisis idol, this huge statue, and he forces everybody to bow down to this statue and to worship it. And if you don’t do it, you’ll be thrown into the fiery furnace and then Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Guess what? They’re not going to put up with bodily autonomy violations, right? And then they choose to not bow down before the idle. And then they get thrown into the fiery furnace, but then a fourth person shows up in the fiery furnace with them, and they’re protected and they don’t get burned.

That my friends is an example of true masculinity. Are you willing to lay down your life for your masculinity see That’s the difference between a high value and a low value man, right there. So men, do you really want to have a good life? 40:09 Do you want to be that 50 year old being in that 30 year old? Do you want to be that 61 year old bang in that 39 year old, you really can have that you can. Because you know, as the older a man gets the younger woman, he can attract not the same for women, women just have to accept the fact that the older she gets, the older a man she can attract.

That’s reality. So, based on that, you have to understand, you know, these, these issues are consistently a problem. But nobody knows that. Nobody understands that.

Because, you know, why wouldn’t society ever want you to become wise? Why? Because you being wise, means that you would learn the secrets of masculinity, and who learned the secrets of masculinity, then you would in effect, be dangerous, because you would challenge the system, the very foundation and fabric of society itself. Because masculine man has the power to subjugate society, and make and bend society to their will, because they are the ones who ultimately are pulling society along. I tell you the truth, unless there are more masculine men, then society will continue to subjugate us, society will violate everything there is in terms of manhood, in terms of our lives, doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you’re an American under the Constitution, United States, it does not matter.

Any nation, any government, any body, or authority upon the earth, that does not matter. For it is written we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but by powers and principalities, or authorities of this world. That’s reality. That’s what’s really going on.

That’s where the conflict is. Men, we wrestle against the main authority known as society, society exists to destroy our masculinity, and not to increase it or make it better or help us or give us a rite of passage that we need so desperately, no, we have to be there for each other as what the cult of mature masculine actually is for the once you become a man. And once you understand these things, we had your rite of passage, in your play self above tribe, once you realize all these things, you will never allow the tribe aka society, get in the way of you living your life, just like it is in the Declaration of Independence. We find these truths to be self evident.

Because it is self evident, for example, as Benjamin Franklin says, in the Declaration of Independence, you know, that you know, all men are equal endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These things are the gifts given to a masculine man, if you want these gifts, if you want to keep these gifts, then you must assert your masculinity or risk for fitting them in you must do this. So yes, there is a lot of hope for you, as a low value, man, there’s a lot of hope. But you have to be willing to stand up against the juggernaut of your family, of your community, your church, your city, your state, your country, your society, and ultimately, the world system.

Because if you’re not willing to do this, you’re not a man. Because you have to put yourself above everyone else. And as soon as you do, guess what? That’s when women finally are sexually attracted to you. Because that’s reality for where men lead women follow.

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In this episode of season 31, can we definitely go into huge depth? For the ladies in the next episode? Talking about oh crap, I realized that I’m a low value woman. What do I do? And is there hope for me? Short answer is yes. Not much. But guess what? Even though there’s not much hope women are able to capitalize on that little hope, way more than the a lot of hope that men are able to capitalize on because at least women don’t have to face society, like Mountain Dew.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. See you guys. Probably tomorrow night later.


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