S31, E10: Is there hope for low value women?


Hey, what’s up ego hackers, this is CS Joseph and Welcome to Season 31. Episode 10 Is there still hope for the low value woman. And this is part of our new lecture Season Season 31. It’s mostly human nurture with a little human nature.

But we are focusing on human sexuality so that people understand how sexually our sexuality actually works from a psychological standpoint between both of the genders and the inter gender dynamics because this is a cornerstone for our life. And we also need to understand the societal issues and societal pressures they’re up. Because like not understanding these things, we end up having really, really sad stories like the one I’m just about to read you. And this comes from a woman by the name of Felicia squats, not entirely sure if that’s her real name, probably not her real name, as she is posting in the CS Joseph Facebook group.

And I decided to do a couple of video responses as part of the episodes for season 31. Before I continue on with the rest of the content that we have planned for season 31 Because I think that a lot of people in the audience are having these burning questions on a regular basis. And I think it’s really important that we take this opportunity to answer these burning questions before we move on. That way, members of the audience end up feeling like they have their voice being properly represented, and having things clarified.

It was nice, for example, when Jeff Pruitt admitted that he was being overly judgmental towards me recently, as a result of season 31, but he reversed that position after the polygamy and polyamory clarification video just released this last week. So that is like, okay, maybe I did miss judge Chase, which is, you know, typical of everybody, like everyone just has to misjudge the EMTP because everyone wants to lead with judgment, making statements instead of actually bothering to ask questions. Chase, why did you say that? Chase? How did you come to that conclusion? Chase, you know, like, but I guess, you know, not everybody is an INTJ. Because naturally, an INTJ would be inclined to do that.

And not anyone else for some reason. But you know, Hey, welcome to life. Not everyone tonight. And TJ right.

We can’t all be enabled, right? So anyway, shout out to Felicia squats for having the courage to post this on the CS Joseph public group, and really leading in this area. This took a lot of courage to do. And I’m very happy that she went so far to do this. And I did a video response to another woman in the public group recently.

And that was Wendy gates. But today we’re going to be doing Felicia squats. So and let’s, let’s get into her post and kind of get an idea of how that how that’s gonna work for us right here. So, welcome to the post.

I just want to say thank you chase for responding to these posts, certainly. And now I’m responding to yours. I just watched the entirety of season 31, did you because I’ve put in a bunch of episodes since you posted this on the first, I’ve added at least one or two more episodes, and it is the sixth quote, I admit I engage in sexual activities at a very young age shortly after my father was taken away. Wow.

So like, instantly My heart is sunk. After reading this makes my Fe child feel really sad and whatnot. Because this is why I care so much about fatherlessness fathers exist to keep sons out of jail and women off of stripper poles. But clearly, you know, her father was taken away who knows what that means.

And then all of a sudden, boom, engaging in sexual activities at a very young age. That sucks. That sucks. And it’s pretty rough for her to admit to something like that, especially publicly, especially given her type, which we’re going to be going through in a second because it’s pretty embarrassing and pretty painful for someone like her to even be talking about.

Then she says I gave myself very cheaply. And the way Chase describes cheap women like myself, while she’s admitting that she’s cheap. Wow, that’s some humility. So just making such an admit and admission like that publicly, technically, would make her more beautiful than most women on the internet because she has that kind of humility.

But we’re going to be diving into the importance of humility, and how there is still some hope for the low value woman. Don’t forget, in the last episode, I said low value. Men have tons of hope, but very few of them actually capitalize on it. Low value, women have almost no hope.

Very, very little hope, but for some reason, they always are able to capitalize on it. So there is hope and we’re going to be discussing how and why as the main focus of this particular lecture, I gave myself very cheaply give myself away very cheaply. And the way Chase describes cheap women like myself is not worthy for a committed relationship or to even have children is something I’m struggling with. Oh, yes.

I’m sure most women who buy into the whole, you know, feminist mantra of I’m a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man, I got a career. Yeah, but you have no fulfillment in life. But hey, you know, if you want to make that decision, that’s okay. You can be a spinster, I’m not going to stop you, I’m completely fine with you being a cat mom, or dog mom, or a spinster, or making me money as I invest in companies that make cat and dog food.

It’s good times. But the reality of that situation is, is that like, I’m not here to tell you, you can’t be a career woman, go be a career woman. Just understand that having a career does not make you sexier to men. In fact, oftentimes, it’s more of a sign of masculine traits, which makes you less attractive to the higher value men, just so you know, you know, my wife, she does not really care that much about her career, she cares about being a wife and a mother that makes her way more sexier to me than the alternative.

And which is kind of funny, because I remember like, when she was about to give birth, like, I’m gonna go back to work, I’m gonna go back to work. And I’m like, really? Are you? Are you really gonna go back to her? I even talked to her about it yesterday. And she’s like, Yeah, that was really stupid of me. And I’m like, Oh, look, example about how you can’t take a woman at her word.

And you can only judge them by their actions. The thing is, is that women think that they can take themselves at their own word. No, you can’t remember women, you can’t take your own word. I know myself, I know everything about me.

And no one knows me better than no, no, no, you don’t. Especially if you’re an SE user woman, it’s even worse. Especially if you’re an SE user who doesn’t have Wi Fi. So if you’re a Templar woman, it’s even worse, worse.

I’m okay with that. You know, it’s like, it’s like that. It’s like that mean, congratulations, you played yourself. You know, it’s literally what just happened? You know? So yeah.

And then she says, I’m in that age group where I really do want to have children. Yeah, we’re going to talk about that in a minute. And my last partner ghosted me and I’m taking full on responsibility for my actions I’ve done in the past. Interesting that she’s all of a sudden interested in taking responsibility now, and not taking responsibility when she first had her first period, or leading up to like, Hey, maybe I should consider if I really want to be a wife and a mother, maybe I should probably, like, make sure that I have a baby before I’m 25.

Maybe, maybe, maybe that’s what my wife did. Good on her, right. 07:55 And, okay, I’m in that age group, where I really do want to have children and my last partner goes to me, and I’m taking full on responsibility for my actions I’ve done in the past, well, better late than never, everything I do is working towards that future of being a mother one day, you know, it’d be really nice if the mature feminine was around so that mothers and grandmothers were teaching daughters and granddaughters, to be prepared on how to be a wife, and how to be a mother, such that they are completely trained and understand how best to please a man before they even start dating. That would be nice, you know, fathers would have that expectation for their daughters.

Because fathers don’t ultimately want their daughters to be burdens to them. In the long run. It’s kind of like, that’s why it’s called, you know, marrying your daughter off, for example. And a father knows he, she ain’t gonna be marrying anyone, if she’s a fat long land monster, who doesn’t like is so focused on her career, and it’s like, okay, that’s nice.

You can’t even take care of yourself. And because you can’t take care of yourself, you ugly, I don’t care if you’re making $300,000 a year. You are what Kevin Samuels would call it degree Walker. And no one wants a degree Walker, man wants a woman that he can commit to, and have babies with.

And that’s reality. But no, that’s, that’s typically that’s anti culture. That’s anti culture. It’s so funny how a tradition is now the anti culture.

Tradition is the corpse of wisdom. But we’re gonna be exploring some of the wisdom behind how and why that works today, for your benefit for the benefit of the low value woman. So if you’re a low value woman watching and tuning in or listening, good on you, because you’re going to be educated today on how to let’s say capitalize on one little hope you actually have. Let’s capitalize on that.

All right. So everything I do is working towards that future being a mother one day but I’m highly discouraged now because do men really see me that way? So that’s an SE statement to me. then really see me that way? Yes. Yes.

And if a man doesn’t see you that way, he’s a low value, man. It’s so funny listening to women say, well, not all men are like that. And like, yeah, because there’s weak men out there, and you really want that high value, man, but you can’t have that high value, man, you can’t. So that’s a problem.

But we’re gonna talk about that there’s still hope. There’s still hope. Hang in there. I know this is kind of rough for you folks.

But just hang in there. There’s, we’re I’m leading up to stuff I’m always lead at some always build up to something, be patient. Or if you don’t want to watch the video and Just Judge me and move on. That’s okay.

I’ll be happy to ban you from the channel. Anyway, as a ni hero, once I really want something, I really focus on it. And it’s hard for me to let go. Yeah, of course, it’s one of the best, most favorite things about NJ women is that they can’t let go.

And you know, oftentimes, I haunt them for the rest of their lives. When I say crazy things here on YouTube. And they listen to me and they like now I can’t be true. And then it turns into a prophecy over their life, ultimately, a curse over their life that will eventually just show up.

And that is what it is. Well, I don’t know. Like who’s texting me right now. That is super annoying.

Open stops. So Okay, should I let go of ever wanting to become a mother? No, no, and I’ll explain why. I literally put it in my head. Since I was a child.

I was going to be married and have children by the time I’m 30 Oh, 30. Interesting. So this is likely a 29 year old woman who’s freaking out. But I’m very close, and still no results.

And I’m still alone. Is it because I’m cheap? Probably. But well, we’re gonna actually explain some of the mechanics psychologically as to what’s actually happening or should I just stay celibate and not give an F about men, you aren’t celibate? If you’re not a virgin, you’re not celibate, okay? And I’m so tired, especially if INTJ women like all of a sudden believing that they’re celibate, even though they’re not virgins, just because they haven’t had sex and for years because they’re shut ins, and they’re really afraid of going out in the world and performing reminds me of my ex girlfriend and how much of a liar she was. Because not only is she lying to me, she was also lying to herself constantly.

Gosh, this INTJ is INTJ is that ti critic when it’s like super unwise, they are all about lying to themselves. In fact, I need to make a note of that because that is the INTJ hypocrisy, which is going to be an amazing lecture if I do say so myself for the private member’s lectures at CS Joseph that life forward slash members become a journeyman you can watch that when it comes out. We just started this season and so far, it’s amazing. Oh, yes.

And the ESTP lecture is next and it’s going to be one of my favorites. So all right, let’s keep going. Okay, should I just stay so not give an F about men Good luck. Like I am feeling really down this is why I became extremely depressed last year because the fear of coming in my 30s and not getting what I want.

Well, that’s because you ignored your needs. Maybe you need to be watching the SI demon how to master your SI demon lecture. I asked you guys because tbh I had a therapist I talked to about this and how badly I want to commitment and children and they don’t help. I can’t even talk about it with my mom because she pushes feminism so much on me and seems my friends who are extremely career focused, well get better friends.

I’m just at the point of giving up all hope and letting that dream go. Especially just hearing what I think men have me think of me that way and I’m unworthy of being a wife and a mom. Well, you probably are. You probably are unworthy.

I mean based based on this post alone I would say Felicia is definitely unworthy of commitment. But there’s still hope and we’ll explain why and how and but first we got to lay down the groundwork here so we can finally get to solutions you know I’m sure many of you INTJ is who are watching this especially if DJs are just gonna be like oh well let’s let’s just skip to the end and get was irrelevant to me. Okay, yeah, sure. But we got to lay down the foundation first so that way it actually makes sense because if you don’t understand the why how are you ever going to execute the how so first things first.

Let’s actually go look at her Facebook and this is the publicly available Facebook that she has because we’re obviously not friends on Facebook and I am able to see things so let’s let’s let’s do see all photos and awesome okay, so definitely here it looks like she’s got lip injections for example going on the eyebrows got the lashes aka come umbrellas LOL, very extroverted sensing. And I would say this is more of an insecure lower extroverted sensing. So it definitely seems like an N J based on that for sure. Definitely an N J and J women are more the most likely to have the trifecta of the lashes, the eyebrows and the lip injections, etc.

And almost every INTJ woman I’ve ever dated, quite honestly, they do that. So we’re going to put down a point for abstract because she is over accentuating the extroverted sensing. We’re also going to put a point down for firing when because she is extroverted sensing as well. And she’s automatically an NJ woman.

And based on her statements within this post, talking about, is this how men really see me. Okay, that’s an SE statement. It’s also an SCTE statement. I talked to this therapist, which is an SE statement.

My mom because she pushes feminism pushing feminism that’s a te statement I talked about with my mom, it’s se te se te and same with my friends and that she’s comparing her mother to her friends. It’s a te statement who are extremely career focused. Okay, extremely career focused. That’s a te statement.

I’m giving up all hope that’s an NIT ni statement. I’m unworthy. That’s an FYI statement of being wife and a mom is another te statement. Based on that we can automatically infer that she is a spear and bow type.

So she is an NTJ woman, this is an NTJ woman who is posting these things, which is awesome. She’s also a fair and you got to understand like the emotional hits I mean, she’s even going to be you know, take chi is even taking an emotional hit because this video exists because I’m ultimately talking about her and her interaction and my tea and her tea is like oh crap, what are people gonna think about me and you know, and I’m so embarrassed and all this and it just and that Te is coming in and harming our FY etc or not harming but like making our FY feel bad, etc. So and this is what it is, but she had courage. She had a lot of courage.

She had that will a fire basically from an fire and wind standpoint to even make the post. Okay, but let’s continue. Let’s continue with the analysis. Okay, so moving around.

Same thing here, etcetera. can’t really tell so much if it’s initiating or responding. can’t really tell from the suppose definitely likes horses. Horses are awesome, especially if you can.

So she says the love of my life here. Does that mean she’s going to be a horse mom instead of a cat mom or a dog mom, if she’s looking at being a spinster, who knows there’s a chance of that, okay, that can be a thing seems very se but also somewhat professionally dressed etcetera, got little sparkles on our phone, more proof of being extroverted sensing, et cetera. 17:54 Always dolled up don’t need to take on so much makeup to be pretty sometimes dressing simple and having your hair nice and kept a little makeup can make a difference. Very well said I actually agree with her on this.

And then we had this guy kusina czar saying perfection. Maybe that is a beta male orbiter in her life. So yeah, who knows? Or maybe they’re actually together? I honestly don’t know. But yeah, overall, I think she kind of understands herself and understands the direction that she’s going definitely likes her horses, etc.

And wow, that’s an interesting post and horrible to look at. I don’t I don’t I don’t. Wow. Anyway, so yeah, overall, definitely an NTJ.

And given and given that, the direction of how she wrote this, I have to say that she is not outcome based. She is not outcome based because if she was outcome, she would have been able to execute more on Oh, it’s my childhood dream of being a mother etc. And when I was a child, I was going to be married and have children by the time I’m 30. Okay, so she would have made that happen if that was really a goal that she really wanted and and if she was outcome focused, she would have absolutely make that happen.

But this is not this is actually a progression statement overall. So as a result, she’s an INTJ. She’s an INTJ an INTJ women are at the highest risk of being the dog mom, cat mom, horse mom spinster woman who is childless and family in this family lists and manless and ultimately will die alone. Statistically, it happens to INTJ women the most and she contend feminism destroys INTJ women the most INTJ women are also the most likely to be strippers of all the types.

They’re also while I n f j’s are most likely to be prostitutes and en TJ is most likely to be pimps. Although I NT Jays can be like the go between the PAMP. And health recruiting girls at strip clubs for pet pimps and INTJ is often filled full fulfill that role on a consistent basis, something to be aware of. So we’re going to submit here, we’re going to put her name into the system, because at least my journal for later.

So we’re going to submit that there. So she is definitely an INTJ. So fair enough, we identified her type, so we now can understand her perspective. So let’s let’s call into attention.

I literally put my head since I was child, I was going to marry and have children by the time I’m 30. Okay. So statistically, most women are married at 29. And this is something that’s really lame that this happens is because women want to like they realize there’s something called the wall and the wall is is that by the time they 30, it’s like, Oh, crap, that’s like my expiration date.

Because after 30 years, a woman’s fertility goes down year after year by like 20%. And so it’s very, very dangerous for them. And so as a result of the concept of the wall, and their expiration date, which most women put about 30 years of age, and then you combine that with their hypergamy, which creates different life phases in their life, we ended up having this model, and this model is posted at the rational male.com. This is Rollo Tomassi, his twitter etc.

And we will be using this model to explain. So teenage years starting about 15. Right, this is when a woman should be educated on how best to please a man and a father should have that expectation of the women around his daughter in his life to teach her how best to be a wife and a mother ahead of time. Otherwise, you know, I’m sure he doesn’t want his daughter to be as miserable as this INTJ woman right now.

And the INTJ woman is the biggest, biggest victim, and they feel the most damage of feminist society more than any other woman. And if I have an INTJ daughter, you better you better know that I would never allow any of this to happen to my daughter ever, ever, ever. Like if I’m parenting an INTJ. Like, like, Felicia, you better damn know well, that she will know how to please a man, she will know how to be a wife, she will know how to take care of children, she will know how to be a mother before she’s even 18 years old.

I guarantee you. Because like I do with my seven year old daughter in mind, and she came over and she’s like, I don’t want to be a mother. Guess what I did? Hey, you’re in charge of taking care of your baby brother. You’re gonna feed them, you’re gonna hold them, you’re gonna change his diaper.

I made her do those things. I made sure that my wife instructed her stepdaughter on how to do those things and taught her those things. Do you know what’s even worse, let me tell you is worse. And I’m not saying this to be offensive towards my wife.

My wife is a masculine type like Felicia squats here. My wife has an ESTP. And I married her and whatnot. And all of a sudden she has a baby.

And we and she doesn’t even know she doesn’t even know how to change a diaper on a baby. And I, her husband and the father of her child had to teach her. That is a huge gross failure of all of the women and her parents in her life. If she doesn’t even know how to change a diaper.

That’s ridiculous. So So I highly encourage you know, with your daughters, make them understand entrepreneurship. And instead of going to Girl Scouts and selling cookies, make them create a babysitting business. Okay, some capacity, get them educated.

And if they’re really hyper masculine about it, well, it’s easier for NT J’s than STP women to have a babysitting business. So if you have one STP daughter, make sure that you have another daughter so that they can be sisters and potentially do it together. Because STPs, even though they’re like to talk the talk and be all independent and whatnot, guess what they’re built to be with affiliate of people and their golden pair, which means doing something like a business. They don’t want to really do it by themselves.

They’re kind of interdependent more and they’re interdependent than they’re willing to admit. Welcome to SPS. All ISPs have that problem. So get your masculine girls educated, ASAP.

ASAP, get them educated. I don’t care if you as a parent doubt that your daughter will ever be a mother. My father in law made it very clear to my wife as a little girl, that he believed that she would never be married and never have a child. Never be a mother because she was too masculine for that.

And then stead because of how masculine he was, he basically made her go down the feminine route because he didn’t want her to become a burden on him. And she he heavily emphasized abortion because he thought that she was going to become a teen mother is any critic basically made the assumption that my wife was going to become a teen mother, my wife, the most masculine of all the women out there. And we have Felicia year who is a masculine woman, although not as masculine as my wife, but masculine enough such that she is heavily victimized by society, Felicia is a victim here, by society by feminism To that end, and it’s really sad. really hurts my feelings, honestly.

So the point is, is that women, you got to make sure you have the mature feminine out there, and you’re educating each other because you INTJ is yeah, I’m all about my career. hurrah, hurrah. And then all of a sudden, it’s like, Oh, where did the time go? Oh, I spent all my fertile years on my career. And oh, you surround yourself with, with what you know, my friends who are extremely career focused, that’s not going to help.

What about your friends who are very wife focused very mother focus, I actually criticized my wife at one point in time for not having enough female friends that are actually feminine. And due to the lack of female friends who are feminine in her life, not only does she have less babysitting, availability and options, but then all of a sudden, my son suffers from that too, because he has less other babies with which he can socialize. He’s already six months old, he already can be socializing with other babies right now. But due to my wife’s masculinity, and her lack of relationships with other women, that’s actually causing psychological harm to our son due to the opportunity cost of him not being around fellow babies.

Right? And yeah, he’s 26:55 an INTJ. Yeah, he’s introverted. I get it. The thing is, though, it doesn’t matter.

Everyone needs to be exposed to other psyches and other psychologies on a consistent basis so that they can grow and become a more advanced person. The reason why men, for example, don’t actually become men, or at least start the process of becoming men until 28 years old, because that’s when their brain is finally had enough psychological exposure in their life to everybody else’s type. So that they can actually start developing their selves and their own type at that point in time. But in ancient times, they are exposed to so many people all the time that that was handled by the time they’re 15 years old.

This is why kids in utero exists, or by mitzvah. You see, we are literally in that nuclear family, for examples, literally inhibiting the growth of children. We can’t allow that to happen. And masculine women are the biggest victims of it.

And then children and masculine women continue to be victimized as a result of this bullshit. Felicia squats is no different. My wife is no different. They struggle in these areas.

And another and it’s especially hard for my wife to because she’s got Effie child. And if your child is optimistic, it really cares about being accepted by other people and accepted by other women. And she’s had to deal with the fact that when it comes to anything feminine in her life, especially when it comes to her all of her girl cousins, she’s got a lot of girl cousins, even her own mother, her father, her older sister, they’re like constantly like, Oh, you’re not feminine enough to be with us. So they don’t even accept her.

And so she becomes victimized, which is really sad. Very, very sad, as a result. So that’s an issue. That is an issue.

And people don’t even understand this, right? Now, granted, you know, my wife is growing constantly, and she’s learning these things. And it’s, you know, and me as her husband, I shouldn’t be the man, the guy who I shouldn’t be the person to teach her these things. But I’m all she has. So we got it.

We got to make it work in some capacity. You see what I’m saying? So that’s why, you know, she continues to learn and get better and understand yes, I’m a masculine woman. Yes, I need to get my Learn behavior and, and improve and chase after femininity, so that I can be a more feminine woman, for my husband and for my son. And she’s Jen.

she is and she’s doing quite well, especially compared to a lot of other women that I know who struggle in this area. Right. It’s as you could probably hear in the background, she’s playing with our son right now. So they’re, they’re having lots of fun.

I mean, back child was just like, you hold up the camera for him as my little INTJ son, he just start smiling. He loves being on camera he loves to perform in that regard. He also likes his alone time. He’s like, Okay, leave me alone.

He’ll like freak out. Like, I can’t even take him in public without going to like, if I go more than two stores, he’ll freak out. He needs his alone time. So it’s really interesting.

Although somehow we’ve been able to get away with taking them to the movies. I literally saw Shan Ji the other the other two days ago. I I brought my baby with me and we watched we watched the movie. He’s a little honoree, but we made it work didn’t annoy people.

Because INTJ they’re cool like that. So anyway, so a woman like Felicia, for example, is losing in so many areas, she’s losing because of her mom. She’s losing because of her friends. Okay.

And these people, the mature feminist destroyed, Felicia is a victim, and she’s a victim of feminism. And now, she’s really sad. She’s sad, because she watched CS Joseph talk about what constitutes a high value woman with constantly low volume. And so finally, when I, when I listened to, you know, when I listened to INTJ, women, I asked them, well, what makes you a high value woman? And they’re like, Oh, well, I have this degree.

And I make $300,000 a year, because she doesn’t have a job with her degree, she actually ends up having, you know, like, an only fans account, et cetera. And she’s also a stripper, etc. I make $400,000 a year. I’m not saying Felicia does.

I’m saying like INTJ women that I’ve coached in the past. And like that, it just, it breaks my heart, it breaks my heart every time and then I have to tell them like, that doesn’t make you sexier that makes you uglier. Those are masculine traits. Those are kind of turn offs to men.

You know, that’s good for you good for you that you have your career. But that ain’t good for me. You know, if I’m supposedly going to be a man that you expect to commit, yeah, no, that’s not going to work for me. It’s not gonna work at all.

It’s not gonna work for anyone. But let’s get back to this other point. I literally put in my head since I was child I was gonna be married and have children by the time I’m 30. Well, let’s let’s discuss why that is.

Okay. So these are the life phases of women, I talk about life phases of women consistently. And life phases of women need to be heavily understood. So we had the teen years, which really need to be about getting prepared for wife hood and motherhood.

And that needs to be the priority. You can have a career to women, but not as important as like, if you want to actually be happy in your life. Because you guys are gonna change your mind. But you’d be so freakin career focused, but they’re gonna end up like that female en TJ executive on generation wealth, if you haven’t watched generation wealth yet, there you go.

But due to hypergamy, which is a woman’s desire for alpha seed versus beta need, a woman ends it enters into the break phrase, and this happens at about 18 years old. And the break phase is from 18 to 20. They break up with all of their boyfriends, because they want to make themselves sexually available. Well, they’re not they’re consciously aware of it or not, doesn’t matter.

And they’re entering into their party years, which is their highest sexual market value, a woman will be at her sexiest from 20 to 2520 26, will ultimately 18 to 26, if you really want to know. And that’s her highest sexual market value, that’s when she gets the highest quality men highest value men. And those times, the thing is, is that feminism and society is causing women to spend all their years in secondary education, so they can get a worthless degree that caused them to get $300,000, which doesn’t make them any sexier at all. It actually is kind of off putting to men, actually, that they have these degrees.

Kevin Samuels calls them degree walkers, right? Men when men just don’t care. Men don’t care about your education in general, men don’t care about your education. They don’t care about how much money you make. And if a man does, he is a low value, man.

He is a beta man. And then all of a sudden, they hit 2627. And a woman has what’s called Epiphany phase. Oh, shit, my looks cannot compete with younger women.

So their sexual market value is going to reduce over time. And they are not as in high demand. Because men want youthful, sexy, humble women. And the highest value out of those are the virgins, the virgins.

Okay. And then you have an epiphany phase. Oh, crap. I’m running out of time.

I probably should have gotten married in my party years because I can’t compete anymore. And an epiphany phase a woman ends up especially in Western society, having sex with a lot of dudes, just to see who she could get with. For example, let’s talk about my ex my ex my ENFJ ex. She was a virgin until she was 30.

Basically, she was hardcore Christian woman. She was a virgin, etc. And then something snapped. Oh crap.

I’m at 30 I’m expired. I’m not going to be able to have a child. What am I going to do? And then she literally goes for an epiphany phase in like the worst possible way and has sex with like, at least a dozen men instantly within like a four to six week period, boom. She just she just has sex with anything and everything basically to see engage her and see what she can still get for herself, because she’s freaking out because 30 is coming.

Because Oh crap, I have this competition anxiety because my looks can’t compete for the younger girls anymore. I can’t compete. And that’s literally what’s happening Felicia right here. She can’t compete.

That’s the problem. You know, is this. But I’m too highly discouraged. Because do men really see me that way? Well, yeah, men can’t help seeing you that way.

Because men are targeting women who are in the party years. Women who are in the party years are who men commit to notice. I married a 22 year old. Okay, I married a 22 year old, I’m in my 30s I married a 22 year old men want those women who are 20 or 18 to 26.

All right, that’s how it goes. That’s what men want. You don’t like it? It’s not our fault. You should have you should have spent your earlier years, your teen years getting ready.

Your parents should have taught you these things. You should have had the mature feminine backing you up and training you on how to please a man how to be a wife how to be a mother? Do you realize that my wife’s father literally prevented her from taking home economics classes. She actually had the desire as a little girl to take home economics classes in school. And her dad said no, wow, what a failure.

What a failure. She actually sought out the feminine at such a young age, 36:50 but her own father sabotaged her, and what that’s translated into problems in every other area of her life, because she’s struggled on this thing of the femininity. That’s how a father can set up his daughter because of his beta male blue pill conditioning in terms of feminism, because he also sees her as a tomboy, who is incapable of being a mother, who’s incapable of being a wife, et cetera. And he has, in effect, set up his daughter for failure.

Now, luckily, she’s married to someone who is not interested in allowing her to fail and is constantly helping her and giving her resources even though it shouldn’t be my responsibility. Ah, but that’s the key. And that’s part of the hope limit half more on that later, we got to keep going through this, going through this model real quick, so that we understand what’s actually happening. And then transition phase the transition to I’m 30 now and all women statistically and you can look this up on Census Bureau statistics get married at 29.

Because they want to at least be able to say in their life that I’m married in my 20s. Yay. Even though they should be married way back here for some reason. But they always want to go over here and they finally find some guy that Oh, at least you know, I can get this man now.

My looks can get me this. So then they ended up committing this guy who is guess what a beta male. He is not the alphas that she enjoyed from 18 to 26. He is a beta male, he is a low value, man.

And she gets married to him. And they have babies, basically, babies are more likely to have birth defects in this area. And by the time she’s 35, her ability to produce children is not really that great. Now, there’s people like well, I know a woman who was 42 years old who had a baby.

Yeah, it happens. But it’s a very, it’s a huge outlier. It’s high risk for things like Down syndrome, autism, et cetera. A lot of personality disorders, a lot of psychological disorders are their health defects, health disorders for the child, and it ends up creating a lot of burdens, especially financial burden on the parents, men know this.

And men are all about relationship equity. And as a result, men don’t want to invest in a woman who’s already lost the majority for eggs anyway. And her eggs are much lower quality based on that age. So age really, really matters.

But women already know that because they make statements like this saying, since I was a child, I was going to be married and have children by the time I’m 30. So basically, based on that, you know, dream and it is a dream because she calls it a dream. You know, should I should I abandon this dream? Let it let that dream go? Right. Am I at the point of giving up all hope, right? Yeah.

Yeah, see, that’s the problem. So right here, Felicia squats. She’s an epiphany, a transition phase. She’s likely 29 years old likely she might be 28 But she’s in that phase.

Oh crap. My looks can’t compete with younger woman. I wasted my time I focused on the wrong thing. And I gave myself away cheap Please, not only do I have, you know, potentially a degree or an education, etc, and had been career focused, but I’m also I got a lot of sexual mileage on my body, and oh crap, I’m a cheap woman.

She literally admitted this publicly that she is a cheap woman. Props to her kudos to her ever having that courage to do. So. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for doing this, Felicia, thank you for having the courage.

That’s awesome. Because it’s really necessary to teach people what is actually happening here. But we’re gonna go further on this, and then provide solutions, especially you Felicia solutions, I want to give you some solutions to help you with this issue, and how you can capitalize on what little hope you have. But let’s let’s let’s keep looking at as to how, or why women have such little, then all of a sudden, they hit Security phase, which is all about that beta male phase, you know, and then all of a sudden, they hit 3536.

And then boom, development phase happens. The development phase is basically something that’s spelled out in the book. Gosh, would Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. And that’s basically when a woman is, you know, at first, she was really, really interested in those alphas getting that alpha cock, you know, getting that alpha seed going after the men who puts off above tried, who are physically fit to carry themselves, etc.

And then you know, oh, crap, I need to get married, but I can’t attract those, those higher value men anymore. So I can only attract a lower value, man, they get married to a lower value, man, they say I do they make the marriage vows. And then all of a sudden, they betray those men when they go into development phase. And they initiate divorce, because 80% of divorce is initiated by women now, and they are initiated by women, et cetera.

And they’re going back into development phase. And then they use their man’s money to buy themselves a new pair of kids, they go back to the gym, try to lose body fat, instead of trying to get their looks back that they likely lost because you know, they got married. And then because they got married, frequency of sex went down, quality of sex went down, et cetera, they let their body go, they’re probably a land monster by the time they’re 3536 37. And they’re like, Oh, crap, I need to put myself back on the market.

Because my beta man won’t change, you won’t become the alpha that I used to screw on a regular basis in my party years. I need him to turn into an alpha, but they realize they can’t cause a beta to turn an alpha because a woman cannot make a beta into an alpha. Only men can. Only the cult of the mature masculine can do that.

Not a woman. And then she gets frustrated. So she initiates divorce, uses his money to get yourself a new pair of tickets and get into a finer asset, she puts herself back on the market trying to go after the alphas again. And then eventually, she realizes a few of them are probably able to get a few of those alphas, but then she realizes she can’t get them anymore.

And then she goes back into trying to develop herself trying to do everything she can to preserve her value to get the alphas then, by the time she’s between 45 and 50, she finally gives up and then she’s just, she’ll just take anyone for the rest of her life, basically, because her sexual market value is like a one or a two out of 10 at that point, or one or one and a half or point five, it’s so low, etc. Sexual market value for a woman is like a nine to a 10 out of 10. From 18 to 26. If you’re a woman and you’re obese, and you’re 18 to 26, wow, you’re screwed.

Wow, you screwed, you might want to fix that. Because you’re you’ve just wasted your best years, you wasted your opportunity to get a high value, man. Now, if you want to learn how to fix that, I’ve already provided solutions on how to do that on the episode who women should submit to and here in season 31, to the season 31 playlist, and watch that video as I give some tips on how to solve that problem very quickly. Okay, because if you’re in your party years and you’re obese, that’s gonna be a problem.

So that you can fix it super quick, take the transformation process probably take about a year. So you have to spend one of your party years on that transformation process. But I suggest to get that going. If you actually all sudden prioritize being a wife or a mother and you actually do want a high value, man.

Otherwise, you’re not going to get one you’re gonna have to settle for beta because let me tell you, women who are 45 Plus, they’re going to be settling for a beta. And because you’re obese in your party years, you’re gonna be settling for beta a lot sooner. That’s a huge problem for you. You might want to look into that.

But you know, no one else has the guts on it to tell you including you know, people in your family about you know, whether or not you should actually do something about that. It’s pretty, pretty sad. So yeah, as Tomasi calls it, making up for missing out pretty sad. Pretty, pretty, pretty sad, entirely sad.

So here’s the issue. And these are the life phases of women. So I want to say a few things about the life phases, women also. Because of hypergamy, women are always trying to find the ideal man, the ideal man is a man who produces beta traits, beta security traits, like parentage protection, provisioning, okay, the three P’s of beta male behavior, they also want a man with alpha traits put self above tribe doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions, and he can handle himself, he is able to change his life circumstances on a whim, he is 100%, independent, even independent societies such that if society collapsed, he’d still be okay.

Because he’s that skilled. Okay, that is the ultimate man that is the highest value man who literally can walk away from life and be just fine. If you want to go on sabbatical for a year in the woods, he can, for example, right? That’s the highest value man. 46:09 And being able to alpha and beta traits, the same and the problem is, is 46:15 that less than 1%, maybe point two 5%, or point five, a half a percent, are men who are beta and alpha mixed together, that is the ideal man.

I like to call them sigma males. I don’t know if that’s accurate, though. Some people disagree with me. But those would effectively be the sigma male.

And then you have the alphas. The problem is, is that alphas are really irresponsible, and they’ll have sex with you. And then they’ll just move on to the next one. And they’re not really down for commitment, betas or commitment, but they’re pretty weak, they don’t have really good fitness, they don’t take care of themselves, they’re really only values that they can make money.

And that’s about it. Now, based on women’s hypergamy, for example, and this includes Felicia squats, and because of how sick cyclical women are, because they’re cyclical with their period, they’re cyclical on a day to day basis, weekly basis, or hormones go up and down, it changes consistently changes during pregnancy changes after birth, it just it changes when they stop breastfeeding. Everything about their life is cyclical. And these are the cycles that goes up and then it goes down, it goes up and then it goes down and it stays down for the rest of your life.

It’s all about sick the cycle. So this is their menstrual cycle, almost except it’s their menstrual cycle of life, at certain phases of their life. They desire different types of men, and this is why they always like to make the argument not all men are like that. Like yeah, but if you’re talking if you’re saying that while you’re in epiphany phase or transition phases, security phase, you desire beta men more.

It’s funny, I was actually talking to an INTJ on the phone two nights ago. And she tells me like, oh, yeah, you know, I will admit that, you know, when I was 30, I was more interested in having a baby. And you know, I ended up marrying a beta. She admitted it, she admitted there, her part hypergamy was there.

And she admitted to being sexually involved with alphas before being with her beta male husband, she admitted it hypergamy is a thing. And this is what hypergamy looks like. This is the result of hypergamy. Okay, men need to understand women need to understand this too, so they can make better decisions.

And if women if you don’t want to worry about your epiphany phase, you better have your epiphany phase, in your teen years, you better realize that you know what Mother Nature has given you Father Time will destroy. And then as a result of that, you’re going to age and your sexuality, your sexual market value is going to plummet, because women are born with value. Okay? Like all you have to do is show up, you just show up in your relationship by virtue of having a vagina, congratulations. But men, men have to work a lot harder.

Because men have to create value, women have to preserve value. So you should be working to preserve your value. The second you bleed for the first time, you need to start preserving your value. That’s it.

The second half of your period for the first time, I need to be working on preserving my value. I need to be learning how to potentially please a man I need to be learning how to be wife I need to be learning how to be a mother. And if you like now Now Mr. Sands Johnson if you can’t say that about women, you can’t do that at all.

It’s bullshit. You know, like, what if she wants to be a career woman? Fine. Go be a career woman. I’m okay with it.

Just recognize that you will be alone. If you want to be alone. That’s fine. But given how cyclical your life is going to be based on this model, that’s going to change and all sudden you won’t want to be alone anymore.

The problem is, you’ll be in here when you figure it out when your fertility is gone. Congratulations, you played yourself. And that’s a huge problem. You don’t want to play yourselves Okay, this is why in patriarchy, arranged marriage exists, because arranged marriage, the men know that their daughters minds change constantly throughout their lives.

And that’s why men would choose the men for their daughters. Big because their daughter would just fall in love randomly with some guy and he and it’d be an absolute loser and she was committed, and she’d have a terrible life. And he wouldn’t want that for her daughter. Arranged marriages exists existed to deal with the fact that women changed their mind so much again, this is why you can’t take a woman’s word.

You can’t take a woman out of Word, you can only you can only judge her by her actions. That’s reality, folks need to be there for your daughters. I’m not saying arranged marriages, okay? I’m saying that’s why it existed. Okay.

So if you’re not going to have arranged marriage to solve this problem, then I suggest you educate your daughters and your girls about how to do this properly. Because if not, you’re going to lose, you’re gonna end up like Felicia squats. Poor kid. She’s screwed.

So, we’ve officially identified the problem. This is why this is happening. This is why she’s saying, I admit, I engage in sexual activities at a very young age, I gave myself away very cheaply. And the way Chase describes cheap women like myself is not really for a committed relationship or even have children is something I’m struggling with.

Yeah. Because a high value man will not commit to a woman who has high mileage, we care about paternity. That’s how it is. Because a high value man, that includes an alpha and a sigma, male man will not raise another man’s children, they will not do it, a beta male will.

And if you’re, if you’re a mom of a child, and you’re in a relationship with with a man who is not the father, your child is a beta, just by virtue of that. That’s it. Because the like, will that man’s much stronger than than alpha is no, okay, sure, that’s fine. But you’ll still have the develop phase development phase.

And you’ll still regret the alphas of the past. Just like me being on the phone with the INTJ woman a couple of nights back where she admitted to me that she’s regretting the alphas of her past. She talked to me about this en teepees she used to be with and how she still pines for him to this day. 52:30 Wow.

I wonder if my NJ exes are pining for me. 52:36 Oh, you bet they are. And that’s it, they get sweet justice. If you don’t want to be a victim of justice, then I suggest you invest more in your daughters.

So this is why women have very little hope. If you are a high, or if you’re a low value woman, you have very little hope. Because your hypergamy will take you into these phases. This is biology, folks, this is not an ideology.

This is reality. And this is your future. This is your life. Okay, and you need to be ready for it.

Ideally, you want to know what ideal is, let me tell you what the ideal is for this system. If you’re not going to have arranged marriage, let me tell you the ideal. You are a virgin, you go out of your way to make yourself as sexy as possible. You also admit to yourself that there will always be a another woman on the planet who is more prettier than you.

Always there will always be someone prettier, you know, because people are having babies constantly. And there’s new women entering into their party years, every single day. And there’s women exiting their party years, every single day, which means you have to be willing to admit to yourself that there’s always going to be someone sexier than you. Can you do that? You kind of need some humility to do that.

Oh, that’s right. Mr. CS Joseph says humility is the key to beauty. And beauty is what really sets apart the women from the girls.

What really sets apart who is marriageable and who isn’t. Okay, so you need to humble yourself. And I suggest you humble yourself when you’re a tween 10 to 12. When you first start bleeding, most people think that women start bleeding at 14 but now due to the extra estrogens the toxic environment of Western society, it’s happening much sooner to the point where the average the average age of sexual activity in children is actually nine to 10 years old.

Or nine to 11 It’s It’s insanity. Where are the fathers? Where are the fathers? This is bullshit. This is bullshit needs to change. The nuclear family is a weakness.

The nuclear family folks Oh ultimately has become a cancer on our race and our society. Don’t believe me? You’re seeing the result of it right here. It’s right here 55:17 it was written. For that I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you.

And to give you a future and a hope. You low value women, they much hope for you very much hope for Felicia squats. There just isn’t. But what little hope you have.

There is something what little hope you have, you can capitalize on. You can capture it, you can actually make it happen. What is that? What is that little hope? I’ll tell you what it is. If you are paying attention to a previous episode.

If you’re paying attention to a previous episode in Season 31, you’ll come to realize something that I talked about regarding men. See, women are born with solipsism. It’s what makes women more entitled than men overall. But men are born with something, something called masculine idealism.

And because of masculine idealism, there’s always hope. There’s always hope for a woman, always masculine idealism. Here’s an example of it. It is written Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church, He who gave Himself up for her.

Right. Here’s another example. Book of Hosea. You guys know the book of Hosea.

Hosea was an intp prophet, a literal intp. And God commanded him to go get a wife, he commanded him to go marry Gomer. Gomer was an INFJ woman, she was a prostitute. The absolute lowest value woman on the planet, a literal prostitute.

And the man of God, the big Prophet, the head honcho, the zenith of society was commanded by God to go marry a whore. And Hosea obeyed. And Hosea went and married her. He fell in love with her children with her, he loved her.

But like all Templars, she doubted. She doubted whether or not he actually loved her. She always found his silence as a form of disapproval. Because, you know, he’s an NTP.

He’s also has behind the scenes behind the scenes, not unlike an intp, who also has a behind the scenes subconscious. And as a result of this, behind the scenes subconscious, or his behind the scenes ego, he didn’t really say much. So she automatically assumed that he was displeased with her. And she felt like she didn’t measure up.

She wasn’t valuable enough, and that she wasn’t good enough for him. It was bad enough that she’d already had screwed over 1000s of men at that point in time. So what she did was, is she left him because she felt so guilty. She felt unworthy, or FYI critic was eating her alive.

Where it was like, she just felt so worthless and so useless, especially to the man of God, especially the greatest man in society. So she left them. She went right back to her pimp, and she went back out on the streets says why people like Myron Gaines talking about how low value women, she’s for the streets. Yeah, yeah, they are for the streets.

It’s why fathers are so important. Keep those girls off the streets. Keep those girls off the stripper poles. Keep those girls from being prostitutes.

You really want that for your daughter? No. The problem is if you have men in jail because the fathers are gone, they aren’t there around. They’re not around to prevent their daughters from being on the streets. It is written, There is no greater love than when a man gives up his life for his beloved.

Gomer was back on the streets. Hosea would see his wife on the streets, having sex with other men constantly getting paid for it being cooked all the time. But he loved her because masculine idealism so he worked his ass off he saved up one Two years wages, one year’s wages. And he took that one year’s wages and he went to her pimp and bought her from the pimp one year’s wages.

He bought his wife, he literally bought his wife, because he loved her, because of his masculine idealism. Because he loved her, that God damn much. And finally, because of that act, because of her husband’s suffering, because everything that he did for her, she finally accepted that he actually does love her. And that he was worth it to her, she was worth it to him.

Amazing, powerful love story. Read it read the book of Hosea, you also get to see God’s pain, because his woman, Israel is behaving just like Gomer. And that’s why he commanded Hosea to get with Gomer because Gomer, Hosea, his wife was just like Israel, God’s woman, then there are no different in behavior. And God wanted somebody else to feel his pain.

So Jose, I felt his pain. And they became pain brothers, essentially, as a demonstration, but it also ended up being a true example too, there is no greater love than when a man gives up his life for his beloved because of the story, and because of masculine idealism in men, which is given to them by birth, which is what the rite of passage is meant to do, so that they don’t become consumed by their masculine idealism. Because you can see how save me up one year as wages to buy your horse a wife back, could definitely seem like a real beta move could definitely seem like a really non manly thing to do, right? Sometimes, men just can’t deny that inborn, innate masculine idealism. And that ladies, right there is why even if you are a low value woman, you still have hope.

This is why Felicia squats, you still have hope, because the masculine idealism. Furthermore, if you low value, women stay out of male space, stay out of things for men that are typically for men. And if you allow masculine men to be masculine, or allow men to be men, and you respect that the codes of the mature masculine will increase, and the call to mature masculine will enforce those rites of passages upon men. And the codes of mature masculine will develop those men so that they don’t not betas, not always, so that each and every one of those men can become Cygnus even beyond and above the alphas because a man based on his type is born beta, or he is born alpha, and they spend the rest of their life learning the other side.

But once they have achieved it, they’re able to be graduating to the sigma both boot camp and that’s what the cult the mature masculine is for, so that you can actually have the ideal man. But if you’re violating male space all the time for using feminism to destroy men, the mature masculine will never come back and bring and make it so that all men are ultimately the ideal man. Potentially, of course. Stop getting in the way of that.

You see. So if you want hope, let the men be let the men be men. And make sure that you’re going out of your way to be women. Because it is not womanly to have a career and be some independent woman who don’t need no man.

Yeah, I’m sure you don’t need no man. That’s fine. But, you know, the hottest girls out there, the youngest girls out there, the humblest girls out there, the sexiest girls out there. They don’t even care about feminism.

Because they’re getting all the Alpha COC. They’re getting all the segments and you’re not. Isn’t it interesting that the ones that care about feminism and supposedly gender equality and all these, you know, all this bullshit are the ones who are the low value women. That’s the thing.

So there is hope. There is hope for you. Let the men be men. Now some more practical solutions.

If you are a low value woman 1:05:07 let me give you a list of steps as to what to do. And I’ll use Felicia here as an example. specific example. So Felicia, you’re likely 2829 years old.

Oh, crap. So first things first, you need to work on getting healthier. You need to prove that you can take care of yourself, grow out your hair more, make sure it’s healthy, do keratin treatments all the time. Stop with the lip injections.

The men who are actually most that are your golden pair are really grossed out by lip injections. Stop it, like it’s assigned very just usually doesn’t go for it. And if you think that they’re going for it, they’re just tolerating it and not really telling you. Because your se inferior is so hard to take the truth, so just don’t do it.

Please. I am very biased when I say that though, but then again, you know, I’m an NTP. I am your golden pair. So take care of yourself, take care of your aesthetic.

You know, if you don’t have a flat tummy, get one. Without plastic surgery, you can easily earn one go to Kino body, get the get the booty package, do aggressive fat loss first, do that program first, and get yourself to about 20% body fat. There’s people in the community say that I’m wrong for saying that it should be 24% etc. But those studies in those stats are kind of wrong in Victoria’s Secret models are about 17 and a half percent body fat.

And I’m sure most of them don’t even have periods. So target around 20%, body fat, etc. Make sure you have good hip to waist ratio and do what you can in that area as well. So you can attract proper men.

Also, like Humble yourself, take home economics classes as soon as possible. Takes a lot of humility to go to the gym. Do Greg Gallagher’s routines for women etc. There’s a couple of different female programs he asked for sale at Kino body.com, I suggest you get the one that fits you the most use Legion athletics macronutrient calculator to calculate your macros, use my fitness pal premium to keep track of your food every single day.

So you can guarantee that you’re losing fat until you get to where you want to be. And then you just eat at maintenance calories for the rest of your life. And you’re good to go. And you’re basically frozen at that size and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Congratulations. Okay, home economics classes, so you can learn how to be a good wife and ultimately, a good homemaker eventually takes a lot of humility to do that, to go out humanely for any woman, especially a masculine woman to do that. Just like it takes a lot of humility for a woman to go to the gym and be judged by other women. They’re Humble yourself.

Okay? Super important. Okay. after that. I mean, obviously, you’re not a virgin anymore, but I would recommend not having sex with any man whatsoever.

Without getting commitment, you’re just gonna have to accept that you may not get the highest value, man. The highest value man is gonna go for the younger ones. The young, sexy, humble virgins, those are the that is the ideal woman to the highest value, man. Go for it.

Also, like additional hope for women, men, when they get into the late 30s. They understand who they are. They are making decent money. They’re taking care of themselves.

They’ve suffered a lot in life and they’re really really creating value. It is the zenith of their life it is their prime 36 to 42 is a are 43 is a man’s prime. That is his prime. Okay? And those men like if you’re like, if you’re like with the beta man, whatnot, well guess what? He’s gonna learn those Alpha traits if you’re patient, right? Most women aren’t patient and they’re just going to divorce them.

Because those men have gotten there. Some of them don’t get there. Some of them don’t learn their Alpha traits like a certain one that I know right now it was an intp and struggling in this area. He’s 42 But still thing so there is still hope for them to turn it to it.

But that will only happen if you respect male space and allow them to be masculine allow the cult of mature masculine to change them. Super important. So keep that in mind. And back to Felician recognize that no man cares about whether or not you make any money.

That’s not sexy to us. You haven’t you taken care of yourself how to finance good hip to waist ratio. That’s what’s sexy. You being humble, that’s what sexy that’s also what sets you apart from other women because they bitches you know, you having lip injections is kind of intimidating and also makes you come off like you’re stuck up, for example, you know, I’m just using live exam, you know, lip injections as an example.

It’s not necessary. Remember, men are to money as women are to makeup. And I saw that on your profile that you posted, for example about how, you know, I don’t need to like be all caked on why not? That’s true. Like for me, I never want a woman wear foundation.

It’s gross. It’s gross to si inferior. Why would you do that to your golden pair? I mean, when in my life, like my wife, you know, she does. She literally just does just her lashes.

You know, she did her eyebrows recently. I was like, no, please, God go back to the natural stuff. Think about this way women? Like, how is how can you be so arrogant as to think that you can improve upon God’s creation? Have you ever thought of that, you know, if you don’t want your breasts to sag, make sure your hormones are optimized by eating right and having not using chemicals that harm your hormones, doing upper body workouts to keep your chest strong. So you’re not getting saggy.

When you’re older. For example, just take care of yourself. It’s not that hard, just requires all humility. If you have humility, even if your body count is gigantic, you’ll still be around men whose masculine idealism cannot resist a humble woman.

And they would be willing to commit to you. So go in that direction. Also, Felicia, given that you’re an INTJ, I’ll tell you the highest concentration of NTPs out there and where to find them. Now, I don’t know if there’ll be high quality and TPS.

I don’t know if there’ll be alpha NTPs or sigma NTPs. But they are they’re in high concentration. Literally go to Magic the Gathering. card shops, and go on commander night or standard night is two nights a week.

Basically, buy yourself a challenge deck, learn how to play the game, and then play it. And I guarantee you eventually if you go from shop to shop to shop, and I’m sure there’s multiple shops where they don’t want to compete with each other and they have standard and commander on different nights of the week. You could potentially go to a shop every night and a week and scope out what NTPs are available. For some reason that game match the gathering.

Like attracts and TPS like flies to a Zapper. Because it’s an NTP game that they just love. And also, if you’re going to do that INTJ girls like I recommend you learn how to play black. That’s probably the color that would probably get you more interested in like you’d be more interested in if not black than red, or both.

So anyway, folks, while there’s less hope for women in this situation, we explored why they can still capitalize on it because ultimately, masculine idealism and masculine idealism, is why it is written. Love your wife as Christ loved the church, He who gave Himself up for her, or there is no greater love than when a man is willing to give up his life for his beloved. Because he’s also written for I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and to give you a future, and they hope. This is why ladies, you always have hope.

Even if you’re low value. Just go through the steps, go through the work, do everything you can to preserve your value. Have faith. It’s hard for an SI demon like Felicia to have faith, but have faith, there is a chance there is a tomorrow there is a future and a hope.

But unless you position yourself for greatness, you won’t realize it. So, luckily, there’s still finally Shane 35 where it’d be really, really bad. Coming to this realization now and humbling yourself right now to get these answers is hella valuable. So please hear my words, folks.

Use Felicia as honest example, as something that you could utilize to turn from your wicked ways. Repent from your degree walking career ism, and focus on what men actually care about. Men don’t want a woman with a career least the highest value men don’t. And if they say otherwise, they’re too high value man.

You should be looking at men in those terms from now on. And you should be looking at yourself in those terms from now on. taking full responsibility. It is written, Be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can test and approve what God’s will is his good pleasing and perfect will we already know But God’s will is because we know that he has plans for you to prosper you and give you a future and a hope.

Right? 1:15:07 He has plans for you plants such that that if the man of God at the zenith at the top dog, all of human society, the prophet of God, Hosea himself, would work hard for a year to get you a year’s wages to buy his wife back from the pimp, and still keep her after all of that. That’s the masculine idealism that is been instilled in every single man in this world. That’s why God is a masculine God, because He doesn’t let go at the end of the day. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching found this lecture useful, helpful, educational, enlightening, please leave a comment below.

I’ll be happy to read your comments. Please leave a like while you’re at it. Also subscribe to the channel so we can get like 100,000 subs, I hope you’re enjoying season 31 Because it’s an extremely painful season is an extremely necessary one. Everyone’s got to wake up to the reality, polyamory and polygamy are coming.

I suggest you guys go out of your way. You know, the only people that will be immune to polyamory and polygamy ultimately, would be that hot, young, sexy, humble virgin. Who is with the Sigma male, right? There’s a chance for monogamy and commitment there. But every passing day, we get closer and closer to our poly future.

If you ladies don’t act now, and if you men don’t act now. All those little dreams that you had as a little child just like Felicia. They may be lost and gone with the wind. And I don’t want that for your future.

We got to bring back the fathers. We got to turn back the hearts of sons, their fathers and the hearts of fathers to their sons while we still can before we lose everything. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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