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Welcome to CS justice response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind, also known as for size dynamics. Today’s question is, is it possible that an INTJ behaves like an ESFP when they are drunk? And the source of today’s question is Quora? So let’s take a look at the question. Here it is.

And it seems not an official request. But and is it possible that an INTJ behaves like an ENFP? And no one else was answered? So fair enough, I’ll give the standard CSJ crack at this question. Let’s get to the bottom of this. So every one of the 16 types of the 60 personalities has actually four individual types inside their heads at all time.

So if you’re an INTJ, you’re an INTJ ego, but you have an ESFP subconscious, as well as an NTP, unconscious, and an ISFJ, super ego. These are the four sides of the mind. And like literally four different human beings, four different personas living in your head at all times. We have proof of this, for example, when people get into a situation, and they’re trying to make a decision about something and they’re like, Okay, I want to do this, but another side of me is like, maybe I want to do it this way.

And then another side of me is like, Well, what about this, you know, so it creates a form of indecision, because the four sides of the mind are disintegrated, and they may be opposing or opposition with each other, etc. And that’s generally how, you know how we say it’s kind of like having a an angel or a demon sitting on your shoulders, talking your ears, right, that’s the entire that’s the whole premise behind it, basically. So those are the four sides of the mind. And when using mind altering substances, including stimulants, or depressants, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, or any drug there, of etc, even even, like hallucinogens, etc, it doesn’t matter whatever mind altering substances can cause something known as cognitive transition.

Cognitive transition, is when somebody basically changes from their ego, in this case, an INTJ ego into a different side of their mind, and they become a completely different type for a temporary period of time. If you want to learn more about cognitive transitions, please watch season 22 and season 17 playlist on my other YouTube channel, you can find this YouTube channel by going to the main channel page of this YouTube channel is going to feature channels and clicking the CS Joseph button, which will bring you to our other channel and then you can just go to the playlist check out season 17 and season 22. I actually just recently released the season 22 episode for INTJ A’s. And I think that would be an excellent place for anyone to start to better understand the four sides of the mind.

That being said, when someone uses a mind altering substance, it can cause cognitive transition. Now again, mind altering substances also include psychotropic drugs like Ritalin, or even even things like Ativan, for example, anything anything like that, that is treats ATD or ADHD, even though for the most part, I usually think those conditions are not as real as people think. I’m sure I’m sure if those problems actually truly exist. But at the same time, I also think they’re heavily abused and most people who are diagnosed with a DD and ADHD are not actually do not actually have those issues to begin with.

And it’s often the case it’s because the definition of ATD or ADHD is often as you know, observed behavior from some of the specific 16 types. INTJ is can be no different in some cases, especially if they’re very impulsive. ESF peas are often targeted unfairly, and are drugged in schools and education system to help them with their intention span, as if they’re lacking in attention span. But the reality situation is ESFPs generally just lack attention span, and are actually trying to get the attention of other people and the action and you know, the academic area, you know, academia stacked against them, etc.

Well, when it comes to an INTJ, using mind altering substances, it can manifest in a level in various different ways. So for example, assuming that there’s no caffeine in the system that there’s no psychotropic drugs for treating ATD or ADHD or anything else for that matter, or maybe antidepressants, etc. Those count as well. A stimulant will put somebody in their subconscious side of their mind and in which case, a stimulant for an INTJ would put them in their ESFP subconscious and a depressant would actually put someone in their unconscious brain them closer to their ENTP, shadow or unconscious for the INTJ.

Now this question says, Is it possible that an INTJ behaves like an ISFP? When they’re drunk? Quite frankly, the answer that question is not really, if they’re if they’re just drunk, and there’s no other mind altering substances presence, because if you actually mix caffeine, with alcohol, they can actually go back and forth between their ESFP subconscious and their ENTP shadow consistently, depending on how much caffeine and how much alcohol is in their system. We don’t know how exactly and we don’t have the ability to conduct the studies quite yet. But as we are gathering resources here for the CSJ community, we will be conducting our own studies in the future to try to verify some of these theories, etc. But the point is, it’s known that stimulants put people in their subconscious, and depressants put them in their unconscious.

So when an INTJ is drunk, they actually behave more like an ENTP. And that’s why they’re there drove their jokes are not so concrete, they’re more of what if they’re very abstract, they can also get very satirical, very, very satirical, almost coming to a point almost coming from a point of fool philosophically satirical and very roguish, even more rebellious than they were as a regular INTJ. And they become very, very rebellious with their ENTP shadow, very satirical, right. And they also go out of the way to be as desirable as possible.

And they can even come off as really, really caring. Whereas before, they weren’t really coming off as caring, all of a sudden, they start caring about your feelings, and you’re like, Well, wait a minute, he doesn’t usually care about my feelings, why I really liked him better that way, you know what I’m saying, which is really not a good way to treat an INTJ. I don’t recommend that because when they’re not that just a setting up for like a relationship with an INTJ, where you want them to be drunk all the time. Or if you guys have a good relationship, because you might be a type that’s more compatible with the NTP side of their mindset, their INTJ main ego, which is what they’re in the majority of the time, I don’t recommend that.

So based on that, it’s really important to understand that they’re basically mostly intp. And they may have a little bit more self discipline, actions they take are just to make themselves look more desirable to other people, they seem a little bit more certain in their desirability, they can also get a lot more bold, in their ENTP. If, if, if they believe themselves to be really super desirable, they may go start asking out the opposite sex, for dates, etc, while drunk and but also they can get really, really uncomfortable if they do not believe that they’re desirable in that moment and go the opposite direction as well and go super mega behind the scenes, and be really, really uncomfortable when typically, they’d be super comfortable in that social situation. Now, if you give them a stimulant, however, that puts them on their ESFP subconscious, and then all of a sudden, they’re going to break out dance moves that you never knew that they had.

Right? So there’s a lot of differences there. And of course, they could be drunk in that moment. But they’re also if they’re really high on caffeine, you can maybe have a mixture of this satirical dance artist on your hand, and it’s like, Wow, where did this even come from? This is like a really interesting experience, you know. So mind altering substances can definitely easily unlock the other sides of the mind.

But it can actually usually end up being a negative experience in the end, because it’s the quick way just as Gene Wilder said, playing Willy Wonka and Willy Wonka, the chocolate, chocolate factory. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. So based on that, it’s the quick way. And with it being the quick way, it’s more of a chaotic transition instead of an orderly transition, which ends up leading the INTJ more likely to commit unhealthy behaviors instead of healthy ones.

But then again, that’s the same with everybody as we know it. So yeah. Is it possible that an INTJ behaves like an ENFP when they’re drunk, not really, they typically present as an ENTP, when they are drunk, but if you start adding in stimulants, they could probably get more get closer to the ESFP side of their mind. Or if they’re primarily stimulated with a little bit alcohol, then they’re probably more in their ESFP site.

It’s just that when I when an INTJ is stimulated, they become hilarious. They’re just absolutely like they there. They become this huge showman and a fantastic performer. And they can still have some of that hilarious on that jokes, but they get super satirical and can even give in to a lot of paranoid delusions, also, that when it gets really negative when they are drunk, their paranoia can be really heightened.

And oftentimes, I’ve seen many INTJ is accused other lovers of cheating on them when they’re being drunk for Example. Even though lovers would never do that, and they’d like some of those loyal people you’d ever meet. So, just a lot of different ways that drunkenness can manifest with an INTJ. And it’s no different than any other type.

Everyone can also, you know, over time manifest a lot of different behaviors on mind altering substances. But again, typically when it comes to cognitive transition, or using mind altering substances, typically, probably most of the time manifests in negative or unhealthy behaviors as a result. So, anyway, if you’d like a chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a Silver member at CS joseph.ly.

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That’d be awesome. We’d really appreciate that. Anyway, thanks for watching and all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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