Is Fi Trickster Easier to Develop for an Unconscious Focused ENTP? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question is Fi trickster easier to develop for an unconscious focused ENTP?


Hey what’s up ego, hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, I’m happy to announce that Chris Taylor should be joining us as a co host for a little bit here on the, on the channel, and should be answering some questions as well as doing a little bit additional content. And hopefully that works out and I’ll be happy to have him along with us.

And yeah, I’m just super excited about that opportunity. So hopefully we’ll see more of Chris in the near future. Just fair warning, though, like, I don’t want anyone to just like have this attitude of you know, hey, let’s uh you know, oh, you know, Chris was CSJ want to be you know, he’s filming just like the way Chase does and like, well, of course he is because like, he kind of should, right. He really should.

Second let me make sure my There we go. It helps and you turn on the lighting right, you know. Anyway, so yeah. Welcome to the show.

Today’s episode we’re gonna be discussing Introverted Feeling trickster. And how can an NTP especially if they’re unconscious focused, develop their Introverted Feeling trickster? Which is a funny question because I have to ask, do you mean unconscious developed or unconscious focused? Because according to the Okta Graham there’s a there’s a completely different way of going about doing that and I’m not entirely sure how that works. So yeah, not really. So hopefully, hopefully that that can be a thing.

Once I let me fix my mittens here really love these gloves Railgun hooked me up with them and they’re They’re excellent. Makes filming outdoors especially in the freezing cold a lot easier. I like filming outdoors the best that way. I just seemed a little bit more natural and I don’t like being cooped up inside and me as an expert allows me to at least gain the energy of the downtown ambiance when when necessary, so why not? So I’m one of the few en TPS out there who’s had the opportunity to actually develop FYI trickster in some capacity.

That’s not to say that you know, as a trickster function, it is still a blind spot, it is still something that bites me in the ass on a regular basis. However, due to the way that I was brought up, and also due to the abuse in my life, I literally have had no choice but to develop my Introverted Feeling trickster. And while that was an extremely painful process, I’m not entirely sure it would be just as painful for other people to do it, but I’ve had to do it. And I would like to at least explain why I’ve had to develop my Introverted Feeling trickster.

So it’s comes from a concept known as soft locking and soft locking is something we discussed in the December 2022. Cutting Edge episode in the journeyman members area. If you haven’t seen that yet, you’re really the see that because soft locking is one of the most important concepts I have ever taught. This community, it is absolutely critical.

Like even if you just get like a journeyman membership for just one month Benj as much content as you can, but at a minimum, there’s like a couple of episodes that you just have to get in for that month. I mean, you know, I mean, to date, like, say it takes about a person about nine weeks on average, I think to bench all of the journeyman content to get through like every episode that we have there, but if you just get it for just one month and then cancel it and then redo it, at least go so far as to watch the December 2022 Cutting Edge episode that talks about soft lock thing that episode is a prerequisite to it’s a prerequisite to the master class, the ego hacking by text masterclass, which we just did earlier this week. And that masterclass, if it hasn’t blown your socks off. I don’t know what will I mean, if the Type grid didn’t blow your socks off what we’re referring to as origin pathways and the way that we have Bit laid out, which which I’m, you know, jokingly calling the Rosetta Stone, you know, but it’s really just origin pathways basically, which kind of shows you a little map of neural pathways, you know, from a cognitive function perspective, in order to understand the amazing Quantum Leap of young and analytical psychology and foresights dynamics that the Rosetta Stone is, you need to understand soft locking.

And soft locking, ultimately, is the process by which someone is basically develops a function. Now, I’m not talking about like, you know, cognitive focus here, because remember, if you’re part of the part of the CSJ community, if you’re part of ego, hackers, then you understand that these kinds of concepts we changed or non that are our nomenclature, I what I would use to say is cognitive focus, I’m actually calling it cognitive development. Cognitive focus is something else, right? And this, this is all about the octo gram and you know, interpreting aka gram, there’s some there’s some different ways to do it. But basically, the premises and I’ve explained this at length, especially in the masterclass but Okta, gram, just in general, if you want to have like a just a basic understanding of it, it’s like, Okay, which of your poles are you close to drew closer to your shadow pole, or your aspiration pole on your temple wheel.

And you can learn more about that at CS, forward slash blog, forward slash content, one of the two. But you learn about the tempo wheels there. And then you check out the polls, basically, and your cognitive development, basically, which poll Are you closer to, but then your cognitive focus is actually whether or not you’re closer to your deadly sin, you’re living virtue, right. So that’s ultimately how you determine your Instagram.

And there’s a lot of different methods and techniques to actually do that. But the thing is, though, is that while cognitive development may be a little bit easier to detect, cognitive focus can actually change and it can change often, in some people, depending on what’s going on. I mean, I’ve even seen certain situations where a person’s cognitive focus actually changes like twice a day depending on like the people that they’re around. And that just goes to show how amazing our neuroplasticity is.

Because in front of some people, they’ll present their deadly sin just so they can fit in, but then when they’re around other people that present their living virtue, and, you know, ensure there’s a primary focus that they have, but it’s really situational, you know, because people are aware of who is accepting of them and who isn’t. And sometimes people are more accepting of a living version than a deadly sin, as well as vice versa. So managing judgments and expectations other people really comes down to, you know, how you’re presenting yourself and Octa gram can actually help expose that right? Well. Soft blocking however, soft blocking is just this thing that ends up happening, but basically, I’ll just give like a loose description of soft blocking and how it impacted me, you know, for developing my FYI trickster, because under the old nomenclature, I would say that I was unconscious focus, but what I’m really saying is I’m unconscious developed in my ocher I was UD UF, so I’m unconscious, developed unconscious focus, which means I’m very close to my super ego psychologically speaking, right? So verge developing Introverted Feeling trickster, I had my development forced upon me because I was being soft blocked into my super ego on a regular basis by both of my parents, right, especially my mother, right? So my mother has Extraverted Feeling parents and when it comes to you gotta understand is that when people are like parenting like parent parental relationships with children, right? And then you also have sexual relationships.

Parental relationships with children as well as sexual relationships with a sexual partner favors cognitive synchronicity also known as compatibility. male to male friendships or relationships favor compatibility. female to female relationships favor cognitive asynchronicity also known as camaraderie, okay, so you got to keep all these concepts like in mind when you’re when you’re considering this. So, so anyway, but in a parental relationship, a parental relationship, compatibility reigns supreme, so extroverted feeling parent is looking for my Introverted Feeling pessimistic function because the main core tenet The main rule of soft blocking and how that works is that in a cognitive synchronicity scenario, like a sexual relationship, or a parental relationship in a cognitive synchronicity perspective, okay.

When it comes to compatibility, a pessimistic function must always match up or link to another pessimistic function write a an optimistic function must always link to an optimistic function My mother has and I spent the majority of my childhood around my mother obviously as most children do, and And as most children do, and my mother with expert feeling parent was trying to find my Introverted Feeling pessimistic function The problem is I don’t have an Introverted Feeling pessimistic function, because my Introverted Feeling Trickster is an optimistic function right. So what would happen? Is it sir as ever Effie parent is literally drilling into my soul looking for an Introverted Feeling pessimistic function. So I would go all the way down into my shadow to attempt to present Introverted Feeling trickster to my mother but she wouldn’t have that because extroverted feeling parent can’t can’t handle an Introverted Feeling trickster it just can’t deal with it. So I ended up forcing that what ended up happening is that I would be cognitive transitioned twice I have cognitive transition to my unconscious and then I had cognitive transition directly from my unconscious into my super ego because my super ego has Introverted Feeling parent because it is an ESFP Okay.

And for the feeling parent is pessimistic it’s naturally pessimistic, right. So that pessimistic function will be presented to her and then she could deal with it the problem is you know, it’s a demon it’s it’s a demon it’s a super ego and she doesn’t really like that very much either. But the point is, is that because I was being because her Fe parent was drilling into my soul and trying and basically forcing me a child against my will to present Introverted Feeling pessimistic for her in the form of Introverted Feeling parent under my super ego, right, my ESFP super ego at that point in time I you know, that’s that’s what it would take to satisfy an extrovert feeling parent. In the process, though, that hyper develops Introverted Feeling trickster, it does.

So, this causes me to present FYI more often than a then you know, a typical intp. My Introverted Feeling Trickster is way more developed than a typical e intp. Right. So, that’s what ends up happening, right.

And this is ultimately the main one of the main reasons if not the main reason that I am a UD UF ENTP, ultimately, although I was UT. I was due to us throughout my childhood then I was UCSF after I got out and away from my parents and my way from my family. And then I’ve recently gone back into going into UT UF again, right. So, you know, and that’s, that’s one of the reasons why I could still be like, really super compassionate at times, because I still have remnants of my ISFJ subconscious, you know, from those days when I used to be super compassionate, because I might because I was subconscious focus in those days, right.

But something happened over the last couple of years. And I ended up becoming ut UF and that process was basically completed on October 17 2021, which is the day that my midlife crisis started as I was trying to deal with UT UF again, basically. And since then, I’ve reached a new level of self acceptance and isn’t bothered anymore and I’m actually perfectly fine with being ut UF. Although all I’ll admit, you know, sometimes end up getting super jealous of certain people, especially SDS, F ENTPs not really juggles, excuse me.

I’m envious, right? And that’s just the thing, right? It’s just normal. It’s just part of life, right? There’s just there’s not really much that can be done about that. So, from that perspective, right. There’s a lot of different ways to develop Introverted Feeling trickster, but really, it’s just for the most part for an intp because we’re Introverted Sensing or extroverted, Introverted Sensing inferior Extraverted Intuition hero.

We have a very high level of adaptability. We’re like water, right? And because we’re like water, it’s easy for us to adapt. We have really, really good neuroplasticity. And because that high level of neuroplasticity, really the only true way to develop our Introverted Feeling Trickster is through external sources is because you’re going to try to walk around in life because the default is you know, ultimately, the default goal that the brain has is to become SDS f no one wants to become ut UF from a Dr.

Graham perspective, no one wants that. It just happens. So because of external environmental factors, familial factors, nuclear family factors, right. That ends up causing me to develop my Introverted Feeling trickster and it’s as a result of being soft locked into my super ego for so long that my trickster has to become a parent and produce pessimistic FYI, basically for my mother, right.

And that’s ultimately the reason why I became unconscious developed in my childhood to begin with, because from an octave grand perspective, you are you’re, you basically are you develop your your cognitive element comes from your childhood, and then your cognitive focus basically comes from your adolescence, essentially, you know, so Oh, and, you know, that’s, that’s, that that ends up happening consistently. So as a result, I’m, I’m ut UF, you know, I’m UD basically from that experience. So that’s how it works. You know, that’s, that’s the main that’s the main thing.

That’s the main way to consider it. So, I mean, like, why would you try to develop your Introverted Feeling trickster just find people in your life that actually accept you from your Extraverted Feeling child, you know, you don’t want to go the same path that I’ve gone right. And then find those people that accept you. And then slowly over time, you’ll develop your Introverted Feeling trickster naturally, instead of a more violent way that I did from a US perspective because I was being soft blocked by my mother emotionally soft blocked by my mother into my ESFP super ego.

And it’s not her fault. I don’t blame her. Like it’s just it’s just a natural thing. A parent’s cognition definitely had reign supreme over a child’s cognition, right, their child’s cognition, because they’re the parent, right? So based on that, you know, from a development perspective, you know, I didn’t really have a choice but become unconscious developed because of the psyches that were available.

My nuclear family growing up, right. That’s ultimately what it means. And that’s kind of how it works. So, yeah.

Now if you actually willfully wants to develop your Introverted Feeling trickster quickly as an intp go spend a lot of time with people that would emotionally soft lock you into your super ego, to make your Introverted Feeling trickster become basically an Introverted Feeling parents for your ESFP super ego, although that could have really bad and dire consequences for your friendships and your relationships. So be super careful when you’re actually doing that. Okay. So that’s like, that’s like a thing that you should definitely watch out for.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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