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Welcome to C. S. Joseph Responds, I’m your host Chase, here to answer your questions on any topic, Jungian analytical psychology, or the Four Sides of the Mind, also known as Four Sides Dynamics. Today’s question is, excuse me. Is EJ Arendee an ISTP or ESTP? The source of today’s question is Quora, and we’re gonna take a look. Here’s a picture of EJ Arendee, and, the Quora Question Details Bot, on August 8th, 2017, says, “He’s believed to be an ESTP, he though reminds me of people I consider ISTP. He had a popular MBTI and Socionics YouTube channel.” Yes he did, actually, Mr EJ Arendee had a very popular channel. And, I actually didn’t really know about him until I had some contact with an INTJ woman from Australia, who actually told me about him, and told me his story, et cetera. But a little while later, I started, I got the opportunity to actually watch some of his videos, because, a lot of his videos escaped into obscurity because he basically took down his YouTube channel, and all of his content with it. Luckily, a few people made some archives about some of EJ Arendee’s content, and reposted it to YouTube, but, oftentimes he’d actually ask them to take it down, and he did, and it’s a, in some cases, you know, so, not a lot of his content is actually available, but some of his pieces are out there on the internet still, if you can actually find them. What’s interesting about EJ Arendee is that he took a similar approach that I do, when combining aspects of MBTI and aspects of Socionics together, to create one grand narrative to explain Jungian analytical psychology. He predated a lot of the MBTI YouTubers within, or the MBTI blogosphere, and, there are people out there who, you know, either largely reject the teachings of EJ Arendee or, vehemently support him with a heart and core cult following. I actually maintain that my mentor, my INFJ mentor specifically, and maybe my ESTP mentor, I’m not entirely sure. But they know each other, so it’s a good chance that they shared information, but, in terms of EJ Arendee, I actually think my INFJ mentor studied EJ Arendee extensively, and a lot on top of Dr Linda Berens, Stephen Montgomery, Keirsey, Plato, et cetera. Mark Hunziker, Dr John Beebe, et cetera. All these different sources that are within my own bibliography, as to where I talk about Jungian analytical psychology from. My mentor also read the same books, but I believe a lot of my mentor’s approaches actually originally came from EJ Arendee. And, which is fantastic. So one of the reasons why I maintain that EJ Arendee himself, is, probably, one of the absolute best typologists, in the history of the world, but a lot of people disagree with me on that, but that doesn’t matter. I think he’s one of the best, and I think that my mentors had a profound respect for him, especially since it’s easily, you could easily tell that a lot of their work is actually based on some of EJ Arendee’s influence, and thus, I am also influenced through EJ Arendee. And this INTJ woman from Australia made that very clear to me, in a Discord conversation, she’s like, “Everything you’re talking about is super, super similar to EJ Arendee.” And I’m like, “Really?” And I watched a few of his videos, and I was like, “Wow. Yeah, actually, it is pretty similar.” And I looked at the time frame, I also looked at some old emails, and some conversations that I had with my mentors, and I come to realize that, EJ Arendee was talking about the same things, at the same exact time that they were talking about things. So I suspect that he had a profound influence on their work, and thus a profound influence on my work. Now, before we actually answer the question here, because, guess what? He’s not an ISTP, and he’s not an ESTP as this question is asking. EJ Arendee is neither of those types. So, let’s actually talk about why that is and talk a little bit about EJ Arendee specifically, to the best of my knowledge as to what happened. He had his MBTI, Socionics related YouTube channel, was extremely popular. He was seen as like the defacto source material out there, except for maybe like Dave SuperPowers, et cetera, which is, Dave SuperPowers is who Frank James actually sources, or cites, as his main source of information. Which is funny to me, because Frank James is actually an INFP, he’s not actually an INFJ, which is really frustrating, but, you know, he maintains that Dave Superpowers is the defacto MBTI leader, in terms of the psychology et cetera, in the MBTI blogosphere today. I disagree. But, regardless of that, EJ Arendee either predated Dave Superpowers, or he started out around the same time Dave Superpowers did as well. So it’s kinda interesting to see how that works. Now, someone may have to fact-check me on that one because I’m not entirely sure what the particular dates, I just look at the dates of my mentors when it was going on, many many many years ago, which I think was in, which I think was in about 2011? And 2012, when I started studying under, yeah I think it was 2011 when I started studying under my ESTP mentor, basically for Jungian analytical psychology. But anyway, so EJ Arendee kind of had an identity crisis, during the time that he was presenting his information and his knowledge and research for Jungian analytical psychology, to YouTube, basically. And I remember the specific video where he starts basically having a freak-out during the video, where he’s like, “Oh, I’m an ESTP,” he’s always claimed he’s an ESTP. But then he’s like, “Oh, I’m turning into an INFJ, I don’t know what to do.” And he starts freaking out, and then eventually, he comes to accept that he was an INFJ all along. And he’s one of the very few people who have publicly come out to admit that they were actually wrong about their own type. And that was extremely painful experience for Mr Arendee, when this happened. I actually tried to reach out to him recently, but he has zero desire whatsoever to speak to me, ’cause I’ve always, always wanted to interview him, and I’ve always wanted to know if he’s ever had contact with my mentors, et cetera, whatsoever, but, I really don’t know. It would be nice, it would be pretty cool if that was the case. But, I have no idea. Now, but his little identity crisis, where he realized he was not actually an ESTP but then realized that he was an INFJ, and, by the way, I agree with this, he’s direct, he’s responding, he’s movement, hashtag progression, basically, according to the type grid. So he is a finisher type, so I could see why someone might think he’s an ISTP because an ISTP shares the same cognitive functions as an INFJ, introverted intuition, extroverted sensing, extroverted feeling, introverted thinking. Okay yeah, that makes a lot of sense. However, he is very abstract, always focused on the what if. He’s not very concrete. And he is very affiliative, which means he’s focused on doing the right thing, whereas an ISTP is very pragmatic, they just do what works. He looks like he’s a pragmatic, he dresses like a pragmatic, but he’s actually affiliative, he’s very focused on doing this. And he’s affiliative because he’s all about how other people feel, and the social dynamics, and he also carries a performance anxiety about him. And, he also has something called Te Trickster, which is something INFJs have, which is where they can start believing just about anything, and they can end up using the wrong input in their heads, and then thus they’re not really verifying against very much, because they use the wrong input. This creates an echo chamber within their minds. This is an echo chamber within their heads which actually leads to ignorance, and EJ Arendee, like all INFJs, are weak to this phenomenon, if they’re not careful. And so, this became a big issue for him. Now I have a theory, my theory is that he got involved with a girl, who was a hard-core, bible-believing, born-again Christian, whose church or family believed that his, or she herself believed that, his knowledge of the MBTI, Socionics and Carl Jung, were actually, you know, hashtag of the devil. I mean, we can go like, cue all the waterboy memes right now. “Foosball is of the devil!” And because of that, EJ Arendee believed her. And, in order to be in a relationship with her, an intimate relationship with this woman, he would have to adopt the belief system of this woman. Which is actually very common of INFJs, to adopt their lover’s belief systems. It’s very common. It may not happen at first, but over time, they eventually get broken down, and they end up taking on, and mirroring, the belief system of their lovers, basically, and take on it. And I think that’s what happened to EJ Arendee. And then he had this existential crisis, he had this spiritual or religious crisis, and he basically was forced to be in a position of, “I either have to make a decision between my woman, or my YouTube channel.” Again, this is just a theory, guys, I don’t know the actual reason why he took down his YouTube channel, but, people have said, and I have read some of his comments where, it was all about his approach to Christianity, because he maintains that Christianity, and Jungian analytical psychology are mutually exclusive. Which I absolutely reject, I think that’s ridiculous. I think they are not mutually exclusive in a lot of ways. Yes, Jung was an occultist. Yes, Jung was very anti-Jesus, anti-Christianity, in a lot of ways. However, however, the thing is though, is that, if Jungian analytical psychology is true, then technically that would mean God created it, right? And we’re just observing a phenomenon in that regard, and if that’s the case, then why does EJ Arendee have to complain about that, because, and take his YouTube channel down when other people around him are being ignorant. It’s not necessarily his fault, right. So, and I reached out to him, I asked him for an interview, but he told me no. I don’t often ask people to interview with me on my channel, it’s very, very rare when it happens. I think I’ve probably maybe done it like six times ever. And, I would definitely love the honor of interviewing J, in the future. But, regardless, I mean, it’s nice to have the opportunity to continue his work, because like I said, my theory is also that my mentors, a lot of my mentors’ work were heavily influenced by him, specifically, so. So yeah, when I saw this question on Quora, I was like, “Yeah, I have to answer that.” So anyway, is EJ Arendee an ISTP or an ESTP? The answer is no, he is actually an INFJ. And in fact, one of his videos confirmed that, and he explained why, and I agree with all of his conclusions within that video, if you can actually find it, good luck. So, anyway, if you’d like a chance at your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me, or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, because, I mean I’ll answer those questions, become a Silver Patron at csjoseph.life/patreon, and post your question on our private Q&A Discord channel, where I’m answering all of your questions during a private live stream each month. Please also make sure to like and subscribe to support the channel, we’d really appreciate that. And, with all that being said folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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