Is CS Joseph and the EgoHacker Community a Cult? | CS Joseph


Is CS Joseph and the EgoHacker Community a Cult? | CS Joseph


Are you noting while going to see us justice podcast I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s today’s episode, why is the ego hacker community judged as a cult? Fascinating. It’s not a cult. It’s a culture.

Actually. It’s a culture of people who go out of their way to fulfill our mission which is to obliterate and absolutely destroy and remove fatherlessness from the face of the earth because we maintain that fatherlessness is ultimately the one thing that is plaguing the human race, and that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Earth as prophesied by the prophet Malikai and Malika chapter four verses five and six. And then the last days I will send my prophet Elijah to you, He will turn the hearts of fathers to their sons of the hearts of sons to their fathers, or else I will strike the lands the entire Earth with a decree of utter destruction. This is done in the same way.

When Adam was not being masculine. And because he was not being masculine, the Earth was cursed curses the ground because of you and by the sweat of your brow will eat of it by the rest for the rest of your life and then you will die. Sad. The fatherlessness, fatherlessness is the result of the mature feminine and not being around fatherlessness is the result of the mature masculine being not being around.

And this is ultimately the vision and the purpose of the ego hacker community where we utilize concepts like Union analytical psychology and four sides dynamics to know and navigate the four sides of the mind using the Type grid to understand human nature using the Okta gram to understand human nurture. So that we can promote personal understanding of ourselves so that we can accept ourselves finally, so we can respect ourselves, understand ourselves and ultimately love ourselves, such that after we have been able to do so then we can begin to love our neighbor, because we’re able to understand our neighbor, respect our neighbor, interface with our neighbor, love our neighbor as the result. It’s just a culture folks. A call implies that you can’t leave it after you join it.

That’s a colt. People come and go from this community all the time they come they get their answers, and then they leave that’s natural. I don’t feel bad about it, it’s fine. And oftentimes they come they get the answers.

And those answers are not what they were looking for. Because those answers directly challenge their ego investments, talking about you, I ENFPs. Talking about you ENFPs talking about you ESFPs talking about you ISFPs. If my parents and FYI heroes have that problem the most.

It’s not to say if my child doesn’t have that problem, either. If I optimistically, really care about the ego investments more than anyone, but the thing is, is that as soon as ego investments are challenged, they leave. But then after they go through life, and they realized that the answers that they got when they were in the community were correct. And then they end up returning to the community, albeit very apologetic for the things that they have said happens all the time.

INFP show up, they get pissed. They leave for six months to come back. Okay, Chase, yeah, you were right. Okay, fair enough.

But no one forced them to stay. No one forced them to stay. We’re just a culture. We’re a culture online.

And we are a culture here. Here in this town. There’s more ego hackers move out here, as more people within the community, get involved, locally, locally with the community and give back help with families, local churches, or even small community groups in various places. And that’s the thing.

It’s normal. It happens all the time. It’s just ultimately what what we’re all about. But it’s just by it.

But but the reason why it’s judged by coal, I mean, come on, think about it. It’s judged as a coal because of canceled culture. Just look up CS Joseph on Reddit. See all the hatred.

It’s so funny because the more the more hatred people have. For me, the more people entered the community because people will start reading about CS Joseph and how evil he is and how he’s this big cult leader, whatever. And then, people read about it on personality database. They read about it on Reddit, they read about it all over the place.

They read about it on Quora even And then as a result of doing that, on Quora, and all these other online locations, Twitter even discord even. They’re like, Hey, I gotta go check this guy out, see how much of an asshole he is. And then they come to the YouTube channel or start listening on the podcast. And then they realize this guy says Joseph was actually correct all along, and that those people don’t know what they’re talking about.

And then they end up becoming ego hackers. think that’s hilarious. So yes, please, please keep telling people we’re a cult. Please keep spewing out all this negativity.

It only makes us stronger. Any attention you give us it makes us stronger, it makes us grow. And we grow our culture, a culture where we have truly masculine men where we are building men with our men’s group, for example, to ultimately become high value men, the most high value men and culture most high value men in the world. I mean, even Chris Taylor went so far as to say that if anyone does not know union analytical psychology, they do not know foresights dynamics.

They will be left behind in the gene pool, you’ll be left behind. Not having this knowledge will put you at a severe disadvantage in life. And those of us ego hackers who do have this information who do live our lives by these principles by this praxeology of young and analytical psychology, of promoting self understanding and understanding of your neighbor. Ultimately, to remove fatherlessness will be the highest quality people who walk the earth.

Within our men’s group, we’re promoting masculinity we’re promoting masculine frame. You know, we learned from the red pill that it was necessary to have masculine frame. My biggest problem with the red pill is the red pill doesn’t even teach you how to have frame doesn’t at all just tells you why and what what and why. doesn’t tell you how to get the hell you have to learn that from Zach Rody.

He wrote, don’t let her lead which all men should read. And then he wrote irresistibly feminine, worthy woman and show him your heart. Those three books. Every woman out there should read.

But hey, if you’re a man, you need to read those books too. Because you need to take responsibility and have the frame. Ultimately that foundation for your relationships in your life. Because why is fatherlessness? A big problem? What is the number one reason behind fatherlessness? Well, it’s the problem.

The problem is is that women are not taught how to treat men, they are taught what to expect from men but not taught how to treat them. In the same way that men are taught how to treat women, but they are not taught how what to expect from women basically. And because of that men can’t even have masculine frame. So we teach the men in our community to have masculine frame, we teach them about fitness, we teach them about survival, we encourage them to get combat training, to understand weapons, survival techniques, ultimately, how to become better men.

For the women, we do the same, we teach them how to be more feminine. We teach them how to be beautiful, we teach them how to be healthy, we teach them how to be mothers, we teach them how to stop competing with fellow women, but help their fellow women. Right. And ultimately, we teach everyone how to enjoy life.

And to not let anyone out there, take that away from them and take that opportunity away from them. But hey, you want to label us a coat? Be my guest, be my guest. People that label us a cult are just afraid. They’re afraid of our culture.

They’re afraid of what this culture will mean. They’re afraid that this culture one day, and I tell you the truth, this culture one day will become a nation and that nation will wield power, power on the earth. A nation, a nation that is hidden within all nations. Not unlike the Jews.

But this nation will exist. And this nation, hell bent on removing fatherlessness hell bent on bringing back masculinity and femininity. hell bent on becoming the highest value man hell bent on becoming the highest value women hell bent on loving their neighbors as themselves by Hey, you know we’re a cold. We don’t expect everyone to join.

We don’t expect everyone to stay. Come as you are. Come as you need. Get What You Need leave.

It’s okay. Participate in the community, participate in our culture. That’s okay. You’re welcome to do so.

And you’re also welcome to leave. I’m not going to stop you. You have absolute freedom of choice. But while you’re out there judging and allowing your ego investments To get in the way of your life and make you more miserable, and inhibit you from having really good relationships with people in your life, inhibiting you from being able to love your neighbor as yourself, which means you’d also have to love yourself first in order to love your neighbor.

Because for example, if you don’t know what your personality type is, if you don’t know what you’re Okta Graham is your nurture. If you don’t know your nature, and you don’t know your nurture, you’re not gonna be able to know anyone else’s nature, you’re not going to be know anyone else’s nurture, which means, you know, you’ll be expecting everyone else to treat you a certain way because you know who you are. But then you don’t know who they are, you’re not gonna be able to treat them that way. So it’s impossible for you to love your neighbors yourself.

So you’d have to have this knowledge. And so while we, the ego, hackers are getting better and better and better every single day, well, the rest of you in the world are falling behind. And that’s fine, go ahead, fall behind. It just means we’re going to win, it just means you’re not going to be able to compete with us.

You’ll never be able to compete with us, never. There’s nothing you can do about it. So you get to make the choice. I’m not here to take your freedom away.

I have expert intuition hero, I’m here to give you choices. I am here to give you freedom. I am not here to take away your freedom. I am here to give you a vision.

And I’m here to give you a better future, for it is written. For I know the plans that I have for you, to not harm you, to prosper you, and to give you a future and a hope. And this is how I live my life. I may not do it in that affiliative churchy way that you all expect.

I do in a very pragmatic, independent way. Where were even through pragmatism, I can increase your welfare, I can prosper you, I can not harm you. I can give you a future and a hope. For it is also written.

If the people lack vision, they will perish. And that’s all the ego hacker community is a vision, a vision for the people for a better future and a better tomorrow. It’s a model where the earth is not cursed with a decree of utter destruction. Because if you were to ask me right now, Chase, do you think we have a future? Do you think your children have a future? I would say no.

But because the ego hacker community exists because of our culture, our culture that is permeating the planet right now, a culture that is ultimately becoming the salt of the earth. This culture is the only reason that we do have a future folks. You could tell me, I sound like Jim Jones, you can tell me I sound like some cult leader, whatever, I don’t care. I am a leader.

And I’m a leader of a culture. And I’m leading by example. working very hard every single day to be as masculine as possible, and be an example of masculinity, to the women in my life, but also to the men in my life, even more so. And to and most of all, my children, and the children of the ego hacker community.

And throughout the last five years, there have been children born to the ego hacker community, and these children are the future and these children are the ones who will have a future because this culture exists. Let the haters hate. Let them all hate us. We challenge our ego investments, let them cancel us.

The more they cancel us, the more they hate us. The more they talk mess about us behind our backs. The more power we gain. The more people they bring to us.

The more polarizing we are because we know the truth, because we see a better tomorrow and a better future and a better way to live life. The more the hungrier of us will come and they will be fed. And they’ll have a better future. Because unlike everybody else in the world, this aimless world that we live in.

We have a vision and they don’t, they will perish and we won’t. And that’s a fact. So don’t be afraid. That’s why we’re developing this course coming out just around the corner called ego hacking your fear, it’s going to be made available.

We’re going to take pre orders on it this week. It’s gonna be great. It’s going to be the biggest course we’ve ever done over 25 maybe up to 35 hours of video content. Everybody is represented all the 16 types is represented when we’re talking about cognitive origins.

The master classroom is going really deep into the Okta gram as well as the new form of the octo grid and Somebody touring the Arctic great for everyone. You’re gonna learn new forms of ego hacking, ego hacking people’s nurture, not just their nature. And it’s gonna be absolutely fantastic. Where you’re able to ego hack yourself, and give yourself a better future but then evokes your ego hack other people and give them a better future people in your lives people in your immediate family, people you go to work with people at your church, people in your community, people who are in your family, any any human being any person has in your life, will be able to benefit from this.

Then as a result, you know, we’re the light of the world. We’re not these, we’re not going to, you know, put that light underneath a basket and be snuffed out. Because every time someone says anything negative about us, it just fans the flames and fans, the flames. You know, the one day there’ll be day where I’m no longer here.

But the vision will live on. already taken steps to that end, the vision will live on the science will continue, the psychology will continue the promotion of masculinity, the promotion of femininity will continue. We will have the absolute best relationships out of everyone who walks the earth will have the best future out of everyone who walks the earth, and we will have the best chance at happiness out of everyone on the earth. And anyone who just hates us, well, they’re just envious of us.

They’re just jealous of us. Because their ego investments are getting in the way their sacred cows are getting in the way of their own happiness. And that’s who we are to them just to challenge a challenge to their thinking. So no, the ego hacker community is not a cult.

It is just a culture. A culture where anyone can freely participate. And anyone can freely leave. Hopefully they take the lessons with them that they have learned and have a better life and a better welfare as a result.

Hopefully, because of our culture. fatherlessness will finally be removed from the face of the earth. And at last, we will have a future a future not just for ourselves, but a future for our children. There’s no greater purpose than this.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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