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INTP, ENTP, INFP, ENFP superego examples! CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question what do xNxPs look like in their superego? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


You welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, Samuel Nicodemus intp. And I’m going to be discussing today exactly question, what do NPS look like in their super egos. Before I get into the topic, I’m just going to let you guys know that I will be spoiling the following movies.

Fight Club, Batman, The Dark Knight to Daredevil TV series, and John Wick two. If you have not seen those movies, and you’re concerned about spoilers, go ahead and watch those then come back to this. We’re first going to start off with Fight Club. Now the narrator, if any and TV and he’s kind of like this, like nerdy ish office job guy.

You know, he’s kind of like pushed around by a boss. He doesn’t like he had like his thoughts and opinions, but he doesn’t say them because he’s like, nervous about like perceptions of other people. And generally, just like, I don’t want to express the amount of nervousness he is he feel like he spends his time looking through like Ikea manuals, and just getting like really excited. And to be fair, I enjoy me a good desk.

But he’s like having fun with tables and it’s like, Man, what a loser. And eventually, the narrator meets up with this guy named Tyler Durden. And they sort of have these like, you know, adventures after the narrator’s house burns down and they just like, started fighting each other in a parking lot just because like, Tyler Durden was like, hey, I want to see what you can do. And, you know, that sort of led to the fun fights on Saturdays that eventually gathered a group.

They eventually moved underground, while not underground, in a basement and had like people will fight club hosting events and then eventually led to terrorist organizations that at the end of the movie, bunch of banks blew up. Everything is already set to zero. So Tyler Durden is an ESFP ESTP kind of hybrid ish type of thing. Basically, the role of him in the movie is that he is the narrator’s super ego.

You know, of course, there’s some ti blending in there because you know, the narrator is an ESTP. But functionally, the Tyler Durden Evany SSP. And that movie is kind of a example of what it’s like kind of having your super ego, it’s like, you have like this secondary person in you that’s not super active, that you know, becomes active, and you don’t know what it’s thinking but you go along with it. You know, assuming that you embrace the demon function, and they know power burning things down.

You guys remember the Joker quote, or they just the man wants to see the world burn. Yeah, the Joker is also an intp with Z ISFP super ego hanging out. And one thing that I’d like to add with the Joker as well is that there’s like the temple influences. But you haven’t read up on temples yet, I highly recommend that.

But the Joker one he ever talks about, like, I’m going to teach you a lesson in that regard. The fun part about that is that there’s a temple influence in there because the NTP egos like the heart Temple, which is based on passion. Then you have the sub conscience which is the body temple for any NTP, which is based on like legacy and creation. Then you have their unconscious which is based on character, characters of other people characters of themselves.

And then the mind temple, the ESP side of the intp mind. That’s the mind temple. So it’s kind of fun. The I’m going to teach you a lesson simultaneously like that.

Yeah, it’s education. Not wholesome, but it’s an education as well as like the expert sensing because generally that I’m going to teach you a lesson is given experience. A knife very slowly through the chest Yeah, it’s pretty. But all these super ego, they’re fun and everything but what happened fun, it’s like in real life Um, well, did you know Hitler was an intp? Yeah, that that guy wanted to see the world burn, it was kind of his intention.

And the Jordan Peterson video, Hitler was more evil than you could possibly have thought that’s kind of where I’m getting my perspective from the like, he didn’t run, like the Nazis in a way that meant he intended to win the war, because it’s like he losing the war. And he can totally convert, you know, the, the Jewish people yet captive into ways to funnel the war. But basically, at the very end, he was just like, let’s get rid of as many as possible, you know, kind of showed he didn’t really intend to win. It’s just like, he just wanted to create chaos.

And he certainly did. You know, 6 million Jews die. They’re like 20 million refugees. But that’s enough for the en TPS, we’re now going to get into the intp issb super ego.

Like me, kingpin from the Marvel Daredevil TV series, is an intp his dad was abusive. The best way to describe his dad was he was abusive, but like in the like, man up type of way, but you know, not about like, keeping one emotions concealed until you can properly manage them or whatever. It’s just like, hey, there’s little kid that you’re fighting kickin, while he’s unconscious on the ground, and that kind of stuff. But the one that really got kingpin to snap into his ISFP super ego was his dad would frequently beat his mom after he lost the political election.

And he made little Kingpin, like, sit look at the wall and just like hear his mom screaming, like screaming from pain, and he eventually had enough of it, he his extroverted, feeling inferior, was just tired of hearing. You know, all that stuff, knowing his mom’s going through that suffering. You know, he’s like, I’m not gonna let you Mr. Dad, confirm what’s good and wrong, I’ll I’ll determine what’s good and wrong.

You know, I’ll I’ll be the judge, jury, and especially executioner, when, you know, he picked up a hammer, and killed his dad was bobbing and Brian the back of the head. And, you know, after his dad fell, he proceeded to keep hitting him with the hammer, just to let out some of that anger that you’ve built up over the years. But I think that another pretty common way for fid men to come out is just through general apathy. I was part of a church for a little while after high school because that was kind of like I my extroverted, feeling inferior kind of needed some sense of like community and that kind of stuff.

And that was ended up with me being at a Pentecostal church. And you know, that was fun for a while. They called me the funniest person, because I was the only person that actually tried to think dark humor a little bit. But, yeah, that was fun for a while, I like the community projects.

And I eventually had some clashes with like, the preacher. And he, he really wanted me to convert my family, like, you know, talking about the religion and bring them to church. But I’m not the kind of guy to push anything. I don’t like obligating people.

And you know, I made my rounds to, you know, the family members. My brother is a ESTP anarchist person, I was not going to try to convince him. My dad was part of the church for like, 30 years, I didn’t think I was going to convince him at all. And then my mom and my sister I talked to about a couple times, but I never really wanted to do the 18 T salesman thing, or it’s like, hey, try the product every time I see them, because I was eventually gonna get shut out because, like, I, if I if someone tells me to try to do something that I don’t want to do, repeatedly, I just go away.

And that’s kind of like, projecting that onto them. Like and then eventually my pastor was, you know, he had a gun on me and it’s like, Hey, your your family’s still not here. You’re still by yourself. And he eventually one day was just like, Dude, you need to bring your entire family here.

Like, you should have had them here by now. And I was just like, Excuse me, and you know, after that service, I just never came back. I wasn’t a door slam because the door slam brings a lot of attention. I just closed the door silent.

leaves behind me, and no one knows where I want none of them. So that’s kind of that FIDM and apathy, walking away. And yeah, I got quite hedonistic after that. And I’m, quite frankly, not fully recovered from that hedonism.

But I think that’s the thing that really set me in stone as unconscious focused, probably for the next decade or so. Before we get into the NSPS, going into their super egos, I’d like to let you guys know about an upcoming course from CS Joseph, Are you dating material? And that will be exciting, because I know the general answer, but I think that the course will help me improve myself for the dating market. And I think it can help you guys too, if you think you guys are struggling at it, or you just want some general improvement and refinement, or what to look out for and other people that might even be more important aspect. So keep an eye out for it.

I’ll let you guys know when it comes out. Another real life example is Conor McGregor. He is an ENFP. And he is a wrathful.

Man. Conor McGregor has a tendency when he is doing these, like live shows, like MMA q&a type of things, where he gets really Rayji with the other people that is doing it, like you know, if he, the crowd is booing him to like, throw like water bottles, not even his own water bottles, just like after he throws his he’ll take other people’s water bottles, and I’d be like, Dude, that’s my water. And like, the biggest one that stands out to me, is one he, it was Floyd Mayweather, like when they were fighting and doing those conference things together. He’d like, absolutely roast the heck out of him just being like, Dude, you don’t even know how to read.

And, yeah, it’s very funny to watch him, you know, get up in people’s faces like this like to want to go. But like, there’s kind of an element to functionality was the super ego because they wouldn’t be there if it didn’t serve a purpose. But ENFPs when they’re going into their super egos, they’re like trying to like build character, and other people kind of like an ESTP would except it’s a lot more painful and mean, but it gets the job done. He’s generally when a person goes to the super ego, it’s like the egos aren’t doing a good enough job at it.

And extroverted sensing demon in general also is about building up other people. It’s just the ENFP. One is like more concerned about it. And that’s what’s more about while the intp extrovert sensing team, and it’s more about like, making stuff burn, and if it builds character in the process, why not? Like one clip in the movie with Tyler Durden I really liked was when he was talking to the psych cashier kid, basically, it was gonna blow up this convenience store, and he pulled out the cashier kit.

And, you know, he had the, you know, the kid on the ground on his knees, and had a gun to the back of his head. And he was like, What do you want to do with your life and you’ve like, been in school for stuff. And, you know, Tyler Durden like, you know, what do you want to do? And that kid was like, I want to be a veterinarian. And Tyler Durden was like, You got six weeks to further your veterinarian goals.

And, you know, you let the kid go. And he was like, I’ll, I’ll be back to your address in six weeks. If I don’t see any progress, you’re dead. And I assume that really built a sense of discipline and or willpower.

In that kid for many years. I probably would get more motivated with that. Not wishing it on me in any way, shape, or form, but hey, it gets the job done. By Conor McGregor threat, even though it’s mostly just used to fuel out his general anger, it does, it does have a tendency to build up character within other people.

And then, last but not least INFP is going into their ISTP super ego. So we have John Wick from John Wick two in the first movie John Wick. He lost his wife and he’s just kind of like this mercenary at button like sort of Machiavellian sense where the environment is a bunch of people dressed really nicely, that are willing to kill each other any second if the bounty of high enough but they within certain circles So we call those, I don’t remember exactly what they’re called, but I’m just going to call it sacred ground, because that’s just the general concept of it. Who cares about specifics, the sacred ground is just like, you can’t kill anyone here.

You know, even if you just show up here while you’re fighting, you’re done. So that’s fun. But that’s like the big rule of that mercenary group. The second big rule is if you make a blood pact with someone, you have to fulfill the blood pact.

And it’s basically just like a physical covert contract where it’s like, more kind of covert contract implies the person starting to favor but basically, does blood pack, you’re asking this person for a favor, and this person will fulfill their end of it. And then the person that did the favor for the person that has the blood will ask a favor of that person. And that person after that deed is done, we’ll put their blood into this, like physical amulet. And then you’re both free to go.

But John Wick took one of those in the first movie, and the second movie has to fill that with a guy named Antonio. And Antonio wants his sister dead. Because he’s envious he wants is the art gallery that his sister inherited. And, yeah, he’s gonna get it one way or another.

So John Wick is tasked to kill his sister. And after the sister dies, he wants to be free. But Antonio kind of being two faced, he’s like, Well, what kind of brother am I if I just let my sister die. And while now John, Luke has a $7 million dollar bounty on his head, which, I’d be a little offended if I was like, the great John Wick, because he’s like, you know, the best at the job.

You know, but like the, in the throughout the movie, they’re talking about how he killed the dude with a pencil. And quite frankly, it was so big outside of the movie we’re talking about, you know, how he killed a dude with a pencil because it was a meme. But John Wick, you know, the best guy in the business, only $7 million actors get paid more for movies than that, but you know, it’s fine. $7 million, is enough to convince a bunch of people on the streets to go after him, on his way back to the hub area to fulfill its contract that it’s like four people were fighting him, actually five.

But he had, you know, he’s just like, I’m tired of this, I want to retire. He wanted to be done with it, he got dragged back into it because of a blood deal. And eventually, he’s like, I’m gonna kill Antonio, myself, for basically just revenge and San Antonio, he managed to get back into the safety area of the sacred ground where John Wick literally can’t do anything. And Antonio, it’s like, I can be here as long as I want.

And basically, the head of this mercenary group was just like, John would go away, calm down, and John would triple affiliative. You know, you start complying with the rules as T inferior, and all that status that he has, isn’t doing much for him, you know, all these rules and regulations keep track of, yeah, he, he’s just done with it. He’s gonna do what he thinks. And he thinks that Antonio should be dead and he shoots him right in the forehead, like the biggest in the face that can be done for this mercenary group.

So John Wick now is going to begin the third movie. He’s ostracized. And there are so many people after him now, but that’s fine. Because he doesn’t mind going, you know, pragmatic.

He doesn’t mind that. He wanted to finish the job with its finisher side of the mind. And he did. So I hope that gives you guys a glance into how MPs are and they’re super egos.

Basically, it’s a lot of burning things down with fire or ammunition or hammers, like just word of advice. Don’t don’t activate that side of the mind and other people. And I’ll catch you guys on the next episode of the podcast. Stay tuned for the dating material course and I’ll see you guys later.



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