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INTJs, skill is not what’s holding you back. CS Joseph responds to an Acolyte question about what INTJs are actually good at.


Are you? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast, today’s episode, where I guess tonight’s episode because we’re at twilight right now is what are things that INTJ is are actually good? At least that’s what the question was. And I always find this question to be hilarious, because it’s one of the most common INTJ questions. Yeah, you know, the INTJ archetype, you know, these members of the ego hacker community. These are the types that because they’re triple movements, triple progression, meaning they’re all about speed, trying to get us to get things done as fast as possible.

And add on top of it the FYI, child optimistic entitlement, as well as the NI hero expectation, expectation of certainty. These are the types out of the 16 types that go out of their way to watch content specific to them, they only watch the INTJ episodes, and then they move on kind of like a virus consuming and then moving on and leaving destruction in their wake. So not to say that a lot of other types don’t do that within the ego Agra community, but INTJ is tend to do it the most. When I ever get questions like this, it’s like, well, wait a minute.

Aren’t you supposed to be behaving like a typical INTJ and watching all of the INTJ content? Because if you actually did spend the time to watch all of the INTJ content, then you would already know the answer to this question, especially after reviewing some of the older content that is relating to INTJ. JS. Because the reality of the situation is that the INTJ. And this is like a big asterisk, because like, I’ll say the answer, but it’s not the whole story.

INTJs are basically good at literally anything and everything. They’re the one type that I would label jack of all trades master of all, which basically means they can gain mastery in just about any skill. And out of all of the 16 types, the INTJ is the one type that has the capability to do this. Regardless of whatever situation you’re in whatever need is there, whatever wants is there, whatever goal they have in mind, at the end of the day, if there is a skill that they lack, that is getting in the way, from them getting what they actually want out of life, or in life, it doesn’t matter because they’ll master it, they’ll master it very quickly.

And they can gain skills, and mastery and skills faster than any of the other 16 types. It doesn’t matter what their gender is, it doesn’t matter what their background is, it doesn’t even matter what their nurture is. This is basically the entire primary function, if not the life purpose of the INTJ, which is mastering any skill. However, it’s huge caveat, huge caveat.

INTJ is because of extroverted sensing, inferior, combined with cognitive orbit down to their Introverted Sensing demon, if they do not use those new skills that they have gained, and have ultimately mastered, if they do not use those skills, and practice them on a consistent basis. When consistency Starks lacking, then they will entirely lose their skill. So they will lose mastery just as quickly as they have gained mastery. And this really ends up presenting a problem.

So one of the reasons why, you know, when INTJ comes up to you, and they just you know, as much as they would always deny that they don’t care about credentials or et cetera, they always end up having conversations with you and telling you about their accomplishments telling you about their achievements telling you about what credentials they have, if they’re certified here, or what their degree is there. And it’s it’s ultimately annoying, I find it ridiculous. Especially like when you’re talking to like a middle aged INTJ or, or an elderly INTJ. And they start talking about themselves and trying to like, you know, make themselves feel special in front of you and puffing themselves up even though they don’t believe that that’s what they’re doing.

Because this is mostly as a result of Extraverted Feeling Trickster is that same Extraverted Feeling trickster that makes them claim, you know, in the comments on this YouTube channel and the podcast. I don’t care about credentials, actually. You really, really do. That’s how you come off to literally everyone in your life.

Whether or not you’re aware of it or not, and you’re not aware of it because you have no social awareness. None. Your Fe Trickster is there and it is inhibiting you from knowing exactly what is socially appropriate and what is not socially appropriate. That’s why i NT J’s have to use their expert feeling mastery, and be like Rollo Tomassi and write a bunch of rational male books in hopes that you finally get to volume five, and actually start learning social skills as a man, social skills being the ultimate skill that any INTJ man or a woman should actually learn.

If you’re a woman and an INTJ, and looking to learn social skills, similarly to what is presented by Rollo Tomassi and rational male volume five, then I highly recommend you read get the guy by Matthew Hussey instead. Just saying, by the way, if you’re a feminine type like myself, also read get the guy by Matthew Hussey a just reverse, you know the genders in the book and actually treat yourself like a member of the female audience with which that book was intended. And you might actually learn something about social skills. Just saying, but it really comes down to like, like social skills, social skills, being the one skill that INTJ has have the hardest time in mastering, and it takes their entire life to master social skills.

And as much as like, for example, Rollo Tomassi has and he had presented it so within his magnum opus, his current magnum opus, most people think it’s rational male volume one, but I maintain his rational male volume five, anyway, use it or lose it. That is the bane of the INTJ existence. Yes, you can pick up any skill, yes, you can master any skill. But if you do not keep that skill, by practicing that skill, you will lose that skill.

And they always talk about their degrees, always talking about the credentials, and they’re like, Well, wait a minute. You got your degree, what, 20 years ago? Are you even using it? They’re like, Well, no, well, guess what, you could automatically assume that that INTJ does not actually have that skill anymore. And it’s so funny, they like to show off that weeks, they’re trying to get you to revere them, because what they seek out of life is reverence, which is also known as deep respect. And they figure if they have the accolades of respect, you know, like a Bugatti, or a corner office or a boat, or, you know, a nice Armani suit.

It The list goes on, or being a boss, babe with four different businesses, etc. It’s just like, Yeah, whatever. I don’t care, that’s not going to cause me to show you deep respect. How about you know, the content of your character? How about you being a moral person? How about you actually being submissive, submissive enough to actually show other people respect so that they will return respect back to you in kind? What about that? Huh? What about that? Oh, oh.

So that’s really what it comes down to? So to answer the question, what are INTJ is actually good at anything and everything, except social skills, but literally anything and everything so long as they are devoted to as long as they’re committed to it, as long as they consistently keep motivated to practice the skill or anything, then they’re basically automatically going to be good at it by default. Okay. You know, I’m sure this question was like, Well, you know, a career related question be like, Oh, can you point me to something other than data science, you know, you know, for a career is probably a very career related question. To which I just have to answer like, look, just pick something, pick something you like, you will mastery, get over your ni hero need for certainty, and be willing to walk the journey.

That is after all, but Matthew Hussey is saying to INTJ women in his book, get the guy. He’s like, appreciate the journey stop being so focused on the outcome that nothing actually happens. And it’s so funny to me how and I heroes are constantly choosing outcome on the Bucha test at Bucha dot app UD J dot a PP go to that website, if you haven’t already, take the test. If you don’t like the current type yourself mode, do the type others mode to get access to the to the mode, you know, where you have, like all the different you know, we have access to the type grade and use the interactive type grade.

But But still, like, you guys get so stuck on certainty that you end up going nowhere. And that’s why you always never know where to start. Because you don’t want to bother starting something unless you’re certain to get what you want. That’s not how life works.

And that’s actually a sign of immaturity in an INTJ it’s really disgusting. Stop doing it. INTJ is, it’s not about that. It’s really not about that, okay? Just pick something you like.

And if you stop liking it, that’s okay. Just stop thinking that you have to have a degree, you really don’t have to have a degree. I was actually giving advice to an intp. The other day he asked me about, you know what he should do for his career.

And I’m like, go into information technology. He’s like, Well, I don’t have an IT degree. And I’m like, go to CBT Pay the $60 a month, go take their certification training, learn a plus, first get the a plus cert, then the network plus cert then the Linux plus cert so we have your foundation and then start Learning Microsoft Azure or Amazon, AWS, and then you are instantly hireable, you are even hireable with the a plus certification Geek Squad will pick you up, or how you can be making 20 plus dollars an hour at Amazon doing their help desk with an A plus certification.

No one cares about your degrees, especially INTJ women out there who are so easily sold on the idea of having a degree because most feminism, no work experience. Certifications usually have work experience along with them going and volunteering at a company as an intern to get experience to get something on your resume. That is how you start a great career. You don’t need $140,000 and inflated debt in order to be successful life degrees are just accolades for you to attempt to get reverence, hoping that your reverence will get you by at the job interview, when the reality situation, that’s not what’s actually going to get you by it’s whether or not you actually know what you’re doing.

Who cares if you have a badge of honor that says that claims that you know what you’re doing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you actually know anything. Besides, especially from like an information technology perspective, you know, schools teaching it and whatnot, those schools, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re like 1520 years behind in technology when it comes to teaching proper IT skills. They’re just barely now teaching virtualization and containerization, which is post virtualization has been out for almost a decade.

If Well, it’s actually been out way longer than that, but used commonly in IT infrastructure for over a decade. So maybe, maybe it would be a good idea for you to actually stay relevant. And just get the certifications, see what I’m saying. But the point is, like, look what our INTJ is actually good at, yeah, they’re really great at spreadsheets, they’re really great at data and managing data.

Sure. But it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, an INTJ is good at anything, and everything just depends if they want to stay good at it. It just depends if they actually like it.

And it’s okay. If you’re like in your 20s or in your teens trying to figure out your career, try new things, take risks, let go of the bullshit cert need for certainty and need certainty. No, it’s a lie. It’s actually a lie.

Just go there, figure it out, walk the journey, don’t care about the outcome. Eventually, you will get there. Eventually you will get to the outcome. It’s kind of like the Israelites, right after they got out of Egypt by Moses, Moses, getting them out of Egypt.

They’re wandering in the desert. They’re like, oh, let’s just go to the promised land now, even though God commanded to go in a different direction. And like, when you look at how they traveled around the map, they’re like all over the place on the map until finally they get to the promised land. Right? When they could have just gone straight to the Promised Land.

Well, they did. And there’s a big problem there. You see what I’m saying? Like, it’s not, that’s just not how life works, you have to be willing to walk the journey to get the outcome you’re actually looking for. And sometimes the journey is not really necessarily looking like what the outcome is.

But you know, your auntie j’s are super shallow, and you love to judge books by their cover, including degrees, including books, including credentials, including careers, when you should just devote yourself to mastering any skill that you like, at that time. If you don’t like it anymore. That’s okay. Give it up.

Move on to the next thing, especially if you’re young. Just do it. Gary Vaynerchuk says this all the time, you’re young, you have no excuse, go try anything go fail. Seriously, stop being so afraid of failure.

That’s the only reason why you want certainty. So much of your introvert intuition is because you’re so free to failure. And it’s disgusting. Because you’re dragging down everyone else with you.

Because you’re fear failure. Just get out of the house and try something you might like, if you don’t like it, move on to something else, there’s still time, there’s still hope. And no one can get to success faster than you anyway, because you’re the fastest of all the types. So it doesn’t matter.

Who cares about the outcome. Just try it, get out there and do it. You have the capacity to master any skill. And you can pick up new skills super quick, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s say you work on it for a while. But then you want to be a bartender, awesome, great. Within 90 days, you could be an expert bartender or even sooner, especially if you buy the book known as the aviary. Study it entirely practice at home, and then do it in an actual bar setting.

Wow, I mean, shoot you buy that book and then go volunteer as a barback to learn everything there is in running a bar and then eventually get hired on as a barback. And then the bartender will notice that you actually have skill because you have been practicing and actually ask you to assist them and making drinks and then eventually you become a junior bartender than an actual bartender. No degree required. No official training required.

No credential required, okay? That’s literally how life works. Not this bullshit, you know, thing that you learn at Yale or Columbia, or Stanford or Harvard, it doesn’t matter. Those are nothing but brands. That’s all just you just been sold.

You’ve been taken advantage. Just because you’ve been sold, just chase your interests, and it’s okay. If you have a million career changes as an INTJ you master skills so quickly, it doesn’t even matter. So grow up, get out there, start taking risks, I promise you, it will be worth it.

Anyway folks, with all that being said, See you guys in the next episode

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