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Do INFPs Dreams Kill Everyone Elses? CS Joseph responds to the Question How can INFPs turn their dreams into reality?


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. Today’s episode another great question for INFPs. Pretty excited about this question. And the question is how can inf peas bring their dreams into reality? I’ve had the have had the pleasure of watching Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series on Netflix recently.

And the Sandman, also known as Lord Morpheus dream of the endless dream of the endless he is an INFP. Much like the author Neil Gaiman, you can kind of see how Neil Gaiman, the author has poured himself into this character within this fantastic fiction that he’s created through graphic novels. And now it’s a Netflix show. It’s it’s absolutely incredible.

It’s absolutely astounding. And I am very pleased to have the opportunity to watch it. It’s a great it’s a really great show. It’s funny, because the first few episodes and spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen the show yet, and you want to see it, now it’d be the time to turn off his video and go watch it and then come back to this video after the fact.

But the main character, Morpheus, who was like the personification of dreams, he has this Ruby, it’s kind of like his Philosopher’s Stone, that allows him to make dreams come true. Which is what any INFP truly, truly desires out of life. The ability to make dreams come true. amazing, astounding.

And how that Ruby is used in the show is absolutely fascinating. There’s just one episode where a human gets a hold of this Ruby, and then starts using this Ruby, where his dream is to basically cause people to stop lying. This person was heavily abused by people in his life, and they’re constantly lying to him all the time. And he wanted to use Morpheus as Ruby, his Philosopher’s Stone, to basically take the lies away from the world.

And then he actually ends up doing this and then the people that he’s experimenting on with the Ruby, well, they all end up killing themselves in the process. And Morpheus is point, it’s like, it’s not about lies. It’s about dreams. If you take humanity’s dreams away from them, then they have nothing to live for.

And then the reality of humanity is that without dreams, that all destroy themselves and each other. It’s what happens when humanity has nothing to live for. Which is true. And inf peas are no different.

They need something to live for. Their cognitive origin is the origin of authority. They often have feelings of powerlessness, powerlessness, within this world powerlessness within this dark reality that they live in. They see how unjust how unfair, or how reality is completely that they experience themselves is completely not to their liking.

They reject reality. So they oftentimes leave reality and go within themselves into their dream world. Where they become these amazing artists and create entire worlds within themselves within their mind and their mind’s eye, their mind’s eye becomes this Philosopher’s Stone. And they wish desperately that they could use their mind’s eye to take anything that they dream up and turn those dreams into reality so that they could have a better life so that they could have a better reality.

Instead of the dark, torturous nature, painful nature of the reality that we live in here on the earth as humanity. They desperately want this ability and that’s why they are seeking authority. That’s why they’re seeking power in their life because if they have authority if they have power or then they can compel reality and command reality around them shaped reality around them to make reality, something better something worth living in, and something worth living for, ultimately. And this is heavily explained by the INFP Neil Gaiman, within his fiction about the Sandman, if you’re not familiar with the graphic novels, I highly recommend you pick them up or check them out.

And if you’re not willing to read, then definitely watch the Netflix series known as the Sandman. It is it is exquisite, and it the first 10 episodes, first five episodes is book one. And the next five episodes after that is book two. There’s like, supposedly 16 of them 16 In the graphic novels out there.

Not entirely sure. But from their perspective, you know, the perspective of inf, peas, et cetera. That’s what they ultimately that’s why they crave power. That’s why they crave authority to be able to shape the reality of their lives.

Turn it into something worth living for and worth living in. That’s why feelings of powerlessness. absolutely destroy inf peas consistently, to the point where they can’t even function, they can even get out of bed and be bedridden by their feelings of powerlessness. So ultimately, why they become slothful? Because it’s like, why bother putting any effort into anything? If I don’t have the power, to change my circumstances, if I don’t have the power, to live a life that I actually want to live with their ni critic, and I critic is actually aware of what it wants psychologically.

But the thing is, though, and I critic often wants too much, and INFP is realized they don’t have the power, or the authority to get what they want in their life. Which is why they desperately desire to make their dreams come to reality. So how, how is it possible, an INFP can bring their dreams into reality? How is it possible? Well, it’s really through power and authority. The problem is, though, is that when they get power and authority of people are aware of their need for power and authority.

People get scared and they will take away their power from them accused them of being power hungry, accused them of being problems. It really sucks. thing as though, like there’s there’s definitely some problems with inf peas having power. You know, a lot of politicians out there are NF peas and politicians that are making decisions for the rest of us because the power and authority that they’ve gained for themselves, but they also have extroverted sensing trickster, because inf peas are really only aware of their own suffering, and oftentimes project that suffering onto other people.

And they assume, with their ti demon that everyone else is suffering in the exact same way they are, when that’s not true at all. They’re also completely unaware of other people in this life, who may not have power and authority, but are able to get by just fine within this reality. And when they exert their power and authority sometimes on other human beings, they’re actually increasing the suffering of other people in the process, right? Because you got to understand, like, you know, love is a thing because of special treatment, right? You know, if life is fair, there should only be death, because death is the only fair thing about life. Other than the fact that life is unfair, love is unfair.

If you love something, you’re giving it special treatment, you are being unfair. Oftentimes, INFP is because they’re NS and NS often have a worldview that is related to communism, for example. They end up making everybody miserable and nobody happy. And they end up using their power and authority that way, and that’s why oftentimes their power and authority is stripped away from them.

They so instead, they have to end up creating a major philosophy, or principles, high moral principles, and utilize those moral principles to improve the lives of other people. If those people decide to adopt them. They’re to become a beacon of wisdom and a beacon of morality a beacon of philosophy, a beacon of principles. But people have to choose to adopt them.

Where INFJs go wrong is when they force other human beings to use their and use their own power and authority to force other human beings to adopt them because inf peas have this selfish belief, because they’re projecting their own pain, their own suffering onto other people, where they assume everyone else’s suffering the same way they are. They elect themselves the judge, they elect themselves, the decider for everyone. And that’s not true, especially when considering they have extroverted feeling Nemesis and extroverted sensing trickster. They’re just not aware of what other people value.

They more worry that other people’s values are compromised and not good enough. And at the same time, they also are worried that people are they’re also unaware of other people’s suffering, what their actual suffering is. And that’s, that’s not good. It’s not helpful.

And that’s where inf peas can go wrong. The differences though, is that in order for them to really bring their dreams into reality, how they pull that off, they just need power, they need the power to do so. But all too often I see INFP is literally selling their soul to the devil for power and authority making that Faustian deal that Faustian contract, and then compelling other human beings against their will. Because apparently, the TI demon knows better.

For the INFP perspective. That’s not good either. But it really comes down to how much power and authority do they have, the more authority they have, the more they can bring their dreams into reality. The problem is, though, it’s what they don’t understand.

As well, they can share their dreams, other people. Their dreams are not necessarily right for everyone. And that’s what Morpheus is less than was to the man that took his philosopher’s stone that took his Ruby that makes dreams come true. If you take dreams away from humanity, no one has anything to live for.

But worse than that, the hidden message there is if you impose your dream onto humanity, you are in effect, taking away their dream. And that will lead to destruction, utter destruction, destruction of themselves, destruction of the people closest to them. In the end, it will always lead to death, every time, every single time. This is one of the ways that INFPs can bring death into the world by imposing their dreams onto other people, because their dreams oftentimes, because those people didn’t dream those dreams.

But when they impose their dreams onto others, they end up they end up becoming a nightmare to other human beings. But let’s talk about an example. A good example of why an INFP in history, made his dreams a reality and saved so many people. His name is Joseph.

He was seen as often as weak by his brothers, often as a person who has a high sense of self importance, a very entitled, selfish person. But he had such high moral fiber that he was highly regarded and highly respected by his father. And this made his brothers jealous and envious of him to the point where they literally sold him into slavery. And this INFP became a slave No, and stripped whatever power and authority he had amongst his family, left him for dead, and then sold him into slavery, and ended up being a slave in Egypt.

And then, he gained the ability, a God given ability to interpret other people’s dreams because he’s constantly dreaming himself, constantly dreaming himself when he rots in prison, dreaming of a better day, and then he was eventually able to interpret the dreams accurately of Pharaoh. And that won him honor to the point where he became the highest in all of the Kingdom of Egypt, just under just under Pharaoh and because of a warning, a warning that he saw Coming with his expert intuition, a great famine was going to come to the land, he was able to prevent the annihilation in the desolation of all of Egypt. Egypt owes Joseph, huge gratitude, because it was Joseph, who taught them, hey, you should probably use next seven years of Great Harvest, to prepare for the seven years of famine after that, for a total of 14 years. And Pharaoh listened to him.

And because Pharaoh decided to listen to him, Egypt was ultimately saved. As an example, of dreams being made into the reality, and the principles and the high moral fiber of an INFP. Being able to provide warning, using someone else’s dream, basically, and using it to create a better future for all the people and prevent suffering, the suffering of everyone, everyone going hungry, and then ultimately dying due to the famine, to due to due to the famine. But it wasn’t just Egyptians that benefited.

Many people would come around the world to buy, barter, and get some of the food that Egypt had basically saved up and many, many other cultures who are suffering from the famine also, were able to survive, they are able to survive that famine as well. Thanks to Joseph. He did not impose his dream on other people. In fact, it wasn’t even his dream at all.

He used someone else’s dream, someone else’s dream, and he used his power and authority that was given to him to prevent a catastrophe based on someone else’s dream. So ultimately, an INFP can use power and authority Yes, to make their dreams come true. But what would happen if an INFP would use their power and authority to make the dreams of others come true? Well, many nations, many tribes, many people, they had a future, they were saved, because he made someone else’s dream come into reality with his power and authority. So remember, folks, that’s what it’s all about.

That’s how that’s the power of dreams. That’s ultimately the lesson that Neil Gaiman, as he uses his expert intuition, parent, to extract these principles, these truths from the collective unconscious, and deliver it to us on a silver platter within his fictional stories of the Sandman, basically, for Joseph was the Sandman of his time. You INFPs, must learn how to use your Philosopher’s Stone to do the same. Stop using your power and authority to just make your dreams come true.

Use your power and authority to make everyone’s dream come true. But you have to be willing to put in the effort to go find out exactly what it is, instead of just being entitled to your own dream. Everyone else’s dreams matter because like Lord Morpheus would say, if you take away humanity’s dreams, then they have nothing left, and then their natural state where they are dreamless. They’ll just kill themselves.

They’ll just harm themselves. No harm everyone around them. They have no future. So in order to protect the future in order to guarantee that there is a future for humanity, the INFP needs to realize it’s not just about their dreams, it’s not about projecting their dreams onto other people it’s not they have to understand that their dream is not more important than anyone else’s dream for that is the hubris of TI demon.

Ti demon must learn how to humble itself and become angelic and realize that everyone’s dreams have value. And it is up to the INFP to use their power and authority to make everyone’s dreams come true for all dreams are valid. All dreams can unlock the future for the rest of humanity. Thanks for watching and listening folks.

And I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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